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SmackDown! taping in Philly


by: Patrick Barker


First Union Center
Philadelphia, PA

Hey you cool webmasters... just got back from Smackdown! and Heat tapings... here's what went down:

Got there early and met the one, the only, Mr. BOB BACKLUND. He's running for something and taking $10 contributions for his campaign... you can get an autographed T-shirt or photo, so I put up ten bucks for the photo. Later talked to him at length... really cool guy. Whenever I'd bring up his five year title reign though, he just went back to politics... I don't think he's all that into wrestling anymore. Still, great guy.

Really pleasant surprise as my friend and I are right on the aisle seats... that was awesome. I'm the one with the Y2J shirt and big annoying neon green sign. Before the show, we said hi to Tony Chimel and Mike Chiota, who were both cool. During the course of the show, the same was true for Teddy Long and Chimel again afterwards, along with several wrestlers.

Started with dark matches

Kurt Angle defeated Steve Bradley with a modified belly-to-back suplex. I yelled that both men were my idol as they entered. No reaction yet.

Gillberg defeated Earthquake's bastard love child. Yes, Gillberg is back! Didn't catch the jobber's name, but he looked like a small Earthquake who stole his tights from Sir Mo. Gillberg with the Spear and Jackhammer for three. Crowd loved Gillberg. Still no reaction from either guy to my cheers.

Inferno Kid defeated Jimmy Cicero with a roll-up. Crowd was getting fed up with jobbers and let these two know it. Good match regardless, but both men ignored me.

Heat matches

Blackman made a jobber tap to an armbar. Afterwards I yelled at him, "What kind of jobber taps to an ARMBAR?" and got a dirty look.

Val Venis pinned Christian. Christian went for a superplex, got pushed off, and convieniently squirmed into position for the Money Shot. Afterwards, I yelled "You suck" at Val, and he pointed at me and yelled "YOU SUCK!" So I just kept yelling like an idiot. Really cool that he reacted.

(BTW- Everytime Jim Korderas walked by I'd call him Mr. Bean and I got lots of dirty looks from him. Also, Michael Cole ignored me when I called him a homo.)

Dudleys defeated Kaentai. Kaentai! Yes! Beauty of an Asai moonsault from Taka. Dudleys got huge heat both ways though, and the Philly crowd loved 3D, which won it for the brothers from different mothers.

Viscera and Mideon went to a DDQ with The Acolytes. Viscera splashed Bradshaw and had it won, so Faarooq cleaned house with a chair, and the ref DQ'd both teams for no reason. Also, I called Viscera "King Mabel" and he gave me a big thumbs up. Really cool. Hopefully it'll be on camera.

Smackdown! Tapings

Mankind and Al Snow defeated The Hollys to become the NEW tag team champions. Mankind with a Double Arm DDT on Hardcore (I think) for the win.

Backstage, Austin is mad at JR for something. It was too loud to hear.

Also backstage, Mankind and Al Snow celebrate with Edge, Christian, The Hardyz, The Blue Meanie and someone else. Al Snow pours milk on his head and Foley leaves happily.

D-Lo Brown pinned Test after faking injured and rolling Test up while the Posse stood there like idiots, which made Test point at them a lot. Afterwards Teddy Long and Jim Korderas helped D-Lo back, and I asked him if it was a "shoot". He looked at me, smiled, and winked. Then he grabbed his leg in pain. A memory that'll last forever.

Backstage, Foley encounters The Acolytes, who aren't happy with his win, but do nothing.

Rock is mad at JR too. Once again, too loud to hear why.

Hardys over Too Cool. Great match, ended with a Senton Bomb.

Mankind encounters the hos backstage and hilarity ensues! Well, not really.

Kane and Tori are mad at JR too. Did I miss something?

McMahon has arrived!

Edge beat Bulldog by DQ. Posse stopped the inevitable pin after a spear. Headbangers and Christian also got involved. While the Headbangers were on the ramp, they ignored every word I said, which was hard because I wouldn't shut up. Afterwards, Edge, Christian and The Headbangers all left to the side of the stage and I got to pat their backs.

McMahon is mad at Ross too. Good God, welcome to the shitlist JR.

Mankind is at a strip club. He almost sees a chick naked by accident, then actually enters the club.

DX in-ring interview. Nothing special until DX says that they have a new member... Vince McMahon! McMahon comes out and says that he'd rather join the KKK (Teddy Long then quit) or even, God forbid... Dubbya-See-Dubbya. Vince's mic breaks so HHH says something about a billion dollar company that can't even get a working mic. Anyway, Vinnie Mac thinks that a Survivor Series match is in order for tonight... DX vs. Austin/Rock/Kane/Shane. DX is upset.

Mankind goes to a peep show. It's funny on so many levels! Well, actually one, and that's being generous.

Godfather pinned Chris Jericho. Godfather told his hos to take off the "Just Say Ho" shirts when the countdown started. Jericho does his usual excellent mic work. The match was disappointing. Lionsault was the only good spot. After about two minutes, Stevie Richards comes out in a skirt and cut off top, enters the ring while the hos distract Tim White, and Stevie-kicks Y2J. Ho Train later and Godfather wins. Afterwards, the hos dance with Tim White.

Stevie does an interview backstage that I caught nothing of.

Vince and Shane are talking too.

Mankind's car is getting towed! Oh, how humorous!

Backstage, Al Snow is still pouring milk on himself, to an audience of only Meanie and someone else. It's not funny anymore, sayeth the Meanie. Val Venis enters and pounds away on Al Snow whil the other two just watch.

Bossman is WALKING!

Big Show is WALKING!

Vince talks to Tori. Sorry, couldn't hear much backstage.

Big Show and Big Bossman went to a no-contest. Prince Albert ran out and TBS choke-slammed everyone (officials)

Survivor Series: DX beat Rock/Austin/Shane/Kane. Kane got eliminated after a Fame-Asser and X-Factor. Shaen took an X-Factor too. 4-on-2. Stunner, B-Y-E, B-Y-E to the D-O-G-G. Rock Bottom, see ya X-Pac. Rock takes care of Ass, Pedigree for Rock, and the People's Champ and Mr. Ass are gone. HHH vs. Austin. Ref bump, Vince McMahon throws a chair in. HHH eats the chair, but McMahon "accidentally" clocks Austin, allowing for the HHH pin. I think it ended here.

Dark finish wasn't anything special. One Stunner, no beer. Good.

Overall a great experience, and when wrestlers take the time to acknowledge you it's great, even if it's to tell you that you suck.

Patrick Barker

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