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SmackDown! taping in Philly


by: Chris Gaughan


First Union Center
Philadelphia, PA


I live near philly and i went to smackdown and in jan they are coming here again for raw which i can't wait to go to

Here's the shit really poorly written b/c I am tired its late and I have school and work till 11 tommorow so I give it to you with spelling errors etc.

SmackDown: Al Snow and Mankind are new tag champs

mankind is admired by the hos

no steph mcmahon

d-lo beats test but the ref fucks up with the posse watching

hardys beat too cool but its some damn good shit with too cool grabbing some of terri to piss off the boys

mankind runs into the acolytes and things are funny but fast

mankind goes to stipclubs etc to party while al snow acts like an idiot telling the story of how he won over and over again just to get beaten up by val venis who then hits on the hos

big show and boss man kind of fight for two seconds but some hot model chick near my seats distracted me out the ass so I vaguely saw the match but I think she has something to do with the WWF

jericho fights the god father (wait to you see what the hos try to do) but thanks to stevie richards dressed up as a ho godfather wins

richards says he admires chyna in an interview but chyna and miss kitty were not there

no womans champ either

no new action/adventure superstar either

no anvil

jim ross tries to explain why he said did mcmahon hit shane on purpose to austin rock torrie/kane and then to mcmahon who excepts his appology

edge fights the bulldog with the posse headbangers and christian getting involved for a whacked ass brawl (edge and christian came out right where I was sitting which was cool (big jim was there too but didn't answer my rantings of how cool he was)

That weak curt angle video again

dx tries to claim v.mcmahon is a new member and vince makes funny comments saying he'd rather be in the KKK or even worse the WCW than in DX than makes the next match and in the back he looks for austin but austin shuts the door in his face

DX fights shane austin rock and kane in a survivor series match with mcmahon hitting austin by mistake and as the show goes of the air they all seem to be leaving the ring but there austin comes back and so does HHH and then austin beats him up and then mcmahon runs from austin

Heat: My boys Kaientai (taka and funaki) fight against the dudleys with the dudleys winning with a nice 3-d

Val Venis beats christian

Acolytes and Mideon and Vicera fight to a double DQ (this match sucks)

Micheal Cole leaves misteriously in the middle of the show but magically reappears without coming down the ramp for smackdown

steve blackman kicks the shit out of a jobber

dark matches: Kurt Angle beats up a jobber

Gillberg barely beats a jobber actually hitting the jackhammer

Inferno kid (basically a jobber himself) beats up a jobber

This is the same message I sent my one good friend thats why its so fucked up but I figure you might appreciate this. I'll tell you honestly I can actually write in complete sentences but this was really rushed b/c of how tired I am

So I hope you like this hook-up and I am sure I forgot to mention some shit (and of course they can edit the show to fuck with some things) so I'll e-mail you later (this show was really good live but taped it might not cut the mustard as hogan would say)


And in another email...

Bob Backland was at smackdown selling shirts etc and coming down throught the crowd a lot

The main event was good (but I was shaddy about it so here's a better breakdown)

First came shane then kane then the rock who never really got the mic all night then austin

DX came out and it was on

Vince was also at ringside

All hell broke loose and the first one eliminated was kane and then a little later bye bye shane

from there no more road dogg thanks to the rock bottom and then no more x-pac

billy went bye bye thanks to rock but with a little help from the assman say bye bye to rock leaving austin and HHH

Then with everything out of control again (though the wrestlers left for the most part after they lost) vince got the belt went to hit HHH missed and hit austin and then thats where what I wrote before comes in to play



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