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WCW in Indianapolis


by: Fro


Conseco Fieldhouse
Indianapolis, IN

Alright, me and my cousin the JK Dawg rolled up and arrived about a hour before the event was supposed to start.

Nitro is LIVE and is the first non-sellout event at the brand-spanking-new Conseco Fieldhouse.

We park for $5 and walk. Some scalper (it's legal here in Indiana), walks up to me and says "Who needs tickets?". I respond back in true RSPW fashion "Jim Neidhart doesn't want tickets!" We then head into the Fieldhouse lobby, which rules. Conseco looks more like a fucking theme park then an arena, really nice. We look left at the "freight"-themed elevators and we see NASTY BOY BRIAN "The ICON of SUCK" KNOBBS heading up to one of the skyboxes. We get a few good laughs in at his expense as does everyone else in attendance.

We finally make our way in and see our seats. 14th row in the stands, which is probably only 6th row or so off the floor, actually. We were opposite the wCw spaceship, and there were some stupid little punk kids in front of us, and some smarts behind us who were talking about the AWA.

The event starts and Dave Penzer doesn't even run down the rules for us. A lot better production as far as trying to keep the crowd into it then the Nitro in Cincy I went to in February. DJ Ran played actual "cool" music and not rap, and him and Penzer played off each other during the commercials. Things just seemed a lot smoother, or maybe it was the crash booking, but the crowd was into things for the whole night. They had the majority of the backstage segments miced, as well, as opposed to none of them. Seemed as if everyone was pretty over.

Some guy behind me had the line of the night when they showed David Flair get hit with the limo. "OH MY GOD, THEY KILLED DAVID!"

Some little punk-ass kid two rows in front of us had his sign up REALLY high so even I couldn't see two rows behind him (I think he was standing on his seat). He was blocking the view for two little kids behind him AND me so I told him to put his fucking sign down. It was fairly annoying, especially because the dummy put his sign up all the times when the camera couldn't possibly be on him.

Notes of interest:

Some red hatted rednecks in the second row threw everything into the ring that you saw. Shane Douglas got pegged with a beer while doing commentary.

Medusa appeared in the skybox behind after her match. She signed autographs and took pictures with some little kids and then there was a line for her, so she left back into the skybox. I saw her up their later drinking a Heineken and grabbing some guy's ass in the box. JK and I speculated that Madusa was giving guys head in the box and other similar nonsense.

Dustintaker was standing on the ramp for the whole Nitro Girls' fight segment before he came down. His entrance ruled, although not quite as good as UT/Kane. I could only see his wires a couple times.

Luger and Sting's music rules live.

The building wasn't close to a sellout at all. The whole top tier opposite the camera was empty, as well as some other sections I'd estimate attendance at about 10,000-12,000 or so.

Some guy in the crowd had a blowup doll that he held up during the commercial break but it got taken away. Quite the markout moment.

They gave away some WCW Mayhem CDs, and while running down the tracks on the CD, didn't mention ICP. How quickly they forget. If I would have gotten one everyone would have had WCW Mayhem mp3s, but alas, it was not to be.

Norman Smi-LAY got a huge friggin' pop. I mean, I thought it was Goldberg coming out or something. Of course WCW had to screw it up instead of continuing his underdog push.

After the main event, nothing happened at all. Not even a spear. Hall and Nash left, Bret and Goldberg got their hands raised and they left.

Overall more entertaining than the last Nitro I went to on the whole. If they would have had one or two great matches I would have been satisfied, but things were too short and the lack of crusierweights now is quite annoying.

Biggest Pops

1. Goldberg
2. Outsiders
3. Bret Hart
4. Norman Smiley
5. Sting
6. Bagwell
7. Benoit's run-in on the Bret match (Benoit wasn't over during his match at all)
8. Filthy Animals
9. Dustintaker
10. Bam Bam Bigelow
11. Booker T

All of those guys got pretty big pops

Biggest Heat

1. Jarrett
2. Revolution
3. Creative Control
4. Luger
5. Disco
6. Sid

Not Over

1. Lash LeRoux
2. Brian Knobbs
3. Rick Steiner (Crowd just barked for him a bit)
4. Curt Hennig (Crowd was confused on whether to cheer for him or not)
5. Vampiro (Sorry Barnett)

Best Match:

Hart v.s. Saturn

Worst Match:

Sid v.s. Luger

One more thing, guess what song DJ Ran played that everyone sang along to?


I guess WCW missed the boat on this one, eh? I felt like I was in the ECW Arena or something.

Jeff "Fro" Wahlman

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