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by: Jason Amos


Conseco Fieldhouse
Indianapolis, IN


I attended Monday Nitro from Indianapolis on 8.11.99. I'm sending you my thoughts on the show before I read your Nitro recap (just so I'm not swayed by your opinions or anything like that.)

First of all, the new Conseco Fieldhouse is really a nice arena. Nitro was only the 3rd event (1st televised) from the new arena and you could tell that it was really a nice building.

Before the door opened a couple of radio stations set up booths outside to pump up the crowd. They were rival stations so people had to pick which one they were loyal to and chant that station's call letters when the other went on the air. Brian Knobbs came out for an interview with 93.1 WNAP. I couldn't hear anything that he said, but most people ignored him.

After the doors opened we got inside and after a few minutes Knobbs came walking into the arena through the main entrance. My brother and I walked over and shook his hand, but nobody else knew who he was or cared so we were the only people who went near him. He was complaining that he was lost and obviously didn't mean to go through the main entrance, but I think he was more embarrassed that the crowd didn't care about him. And on a side note, my brother said he thought Knobbs' hand stunk.

Right before they went on the air, we saw Booker T talking on a cell phone (we were on the floor and were in the next to last row. We were behind the announce table and right in front of the rear entrance/exit for the wrestlers.) and Doug Dillenger came walking out and hugged some woman.

I thought the actual show sucked pretty bad. The matches were WAY too short for my tastes. I predicted that Nash would be the ref and that he was trying to be The Grand Wizard. I also predicted that Goldberg was one of those security garuds. I just didn't like the show that much. I had a much better time at the little local show I attended the night before.

After the show I ran into one of the wrestlers that was on the local show from the night before, JH Hogg. He said that he liked the show. In case you are intersted in trivia I learned that the JH and his brother, JD, are actually the sons of Lucious Johnny Valiant and nephews of Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant.

After the show we hung out near the wrestlers' exit. DJ Rann came out to give autographs. I asked which section REALLY was the rowdiest and he gave the PC answer of "I think it was the whole darn building." Ralphus was wearing a security gaurd outfit and went down to the wrestlers' area. Bret Hart drove out and ran a red light so his car wouldn't get mobbed by the 3 or 4 small children chasing him.

That's about all I saw/observed.

Jason Amos

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