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by: Scott Jennings


Hey CRZ,

Long time listener, first time caller. Don't know if you have these yet, or care to use them, but something about being an Internet smark sharing taping results makes me a little giddy. So, here we go...

Dark Matches:

Jobber #1 beats Jobber #2. Jobber #1 had a flashier outfit, so I knew he would win.

Papi Chulo beats Superman Steve. Chulo was incredible... can't wait for him to show up on my TV.


Prince Albert beat Mark Henry. Henry went for his legdrop with Albert's neck draped over the second rope, and missed by about a foot or so, sending him reeling to the floor. Seemed odd. Back in they go, and Albert gets the win.

Kaientai beat the Headbangers. The 'Bangers hit the Stage Dive, but Taka hit a missle dropkick from the top with the ref distracted to score the heelish victory.

Gangel (w/ Luna and an impressive ring o' fire) over Blackman. Whooptie-doo.

Triple threat tag match: Acolytes over the Dudleys and Edge & Christian. Big pops for all three, leading to an ending as clean as you'd expect with these guys.


Moolah and Mae Young are in Thanksgiving costume and sitting behind the King and Michael Cole throughout. Mae's hitting the sauce pretty hard.

We start with the Oklahoma fight song, and out comes J.R. to kick the show off. He introduces our WWF Champion, and out comes the Big Show to pretend to give an interview. Before he can breakdown and cry again, we get the countdown, the pyro, and Jericho. And now I'm marking like crazy. Jericho cuts the usual but brilliant promo, and requests a no-DQ title match later in the show. Well, there's a ref already in the ring, Show asks for the bell, and we got us a match. Token offense for Jericho, we take it outside, and Show barely manages to Thesz press Jericho back into the ring over the top. Didn't look good. Out comes Bossman, and I'm about ready to die a happy man. They brawl in the ramp area, and out comes Chyna, who clocks Jericho with her cast and leaves him laying. Show comes back, it's a chokeslam and a 3-count. Well booked, I thought, and a great opener.

DX has a temporary restraining order on Vince, so he can't come within 50 feet of them tonight.

Your hero and mine, Kurt Angle, beat D'lo Brown quite cleanly. That puts himn at 5-0, if I'm counting correctly. I spent the duration of this match trying to get my "modified 3 I's" sign on camera, and I think I did. Fine, I'm a mark.

Throughout the night, they brought out tables and various Thanksgiving dinner entrees. See if you can guess the ending.

Hardcore championship match: Bossman beat Kane. Fight quickly headed over the boards and into the backstage area, where Viscera was up to no good with Tori, and the expected ending was pretty elementary.

European title match: Val Venis scores a DQ win over the Bulldog. LAME ending... Bulldog takes a closed-fist shot to Val's crotch as he ascended to the top rop, and the ref called for the bell. Nice "bullshit" chant.

Rock and Sock beat the Hollys to determine the #1 contender for the tag belts. And the push of the singles wrestlers in the tag division continues. Mick is out first to announce that the Rock is an ok guy after all, and then the Rock to cut a pretty funny promo. He points out the wide variety of pies laid out on the table. P-pumpkin pie, P-pecan pie, and a cream pie with "POONTANG" written on it. He offers Michael Cole his first taste of poontang pie, and it doesn't matter how it was. In come the Hollys, and, oh yeah, we're gonna have a match. Mick brawled with Hardcore on the outside, leaving the Rock to handle the Rock Bottom and People's Elbow on Crash. Quick match, but the crowd was deafening.

Godfather beat Al Snow, following the usual formula. He'll take the hoes, he'll attack Godfather, we got us a match. Ho train, pin, Korderas gets covered in hoes.

In a non-title "Gravy Boat" match, Jacqueline beat Ivory with Kitty as the special guest ref. After the match, Ivory goes nuts on Kitty, and our favorite blond EMT comes to save Kitty... Ivory wanted none of that, and rips the blond's shirt off, to a huge pop for some huge puppies.

New Age Outlaws beat the Hardys in a steel cage match for the tag titles... the rules seemed a bit screwy: there was a ref in there, and I think he tried to count a pinfall more than once, but the rules ended up being first-man-out, even if it wasn't the legal man. Anyway, a spectacular match, with some off-the-cage spots and a few "holy shit!" chants. Ref bump, Matt is accidentally thrown *OVER* the cage, X-Pac out to replace Matt and prevent Jeff from escaping, ref comes to in time to see Mr. Ass slink out the door. Incredible match.

In the main event, HHH and X-Pac beat Shane and Test. Formulaic match, DX run-in to give the DX victory. The 4 on 2 beatdown begins, then Vince shows up on the top of the ramp. That's probably 50 feet. Pedigree on Shane, Vince winces pretty well, and... in come the superstars! About 20 in all, rumble in the ring, and then Farooq grabs some pie... and the rest is history. About five minutes of food flying: whole turkeys, gravy, pies, salad, the works. Very impressive ending.

Hope this is useful, and thanks for all the work you do on your site. I love your recaps, and I think you do a great job.

Take it easy -

Scott Jennings

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