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by: FireCt620


Richmond, VA

How's it going CRZ! Just thought I would send you something from Smackdown since I didn't see anything up this morning. First, no sign of Mick Foley last night at all except for a lot of hipe about him being fired. In the Heat matches Edge and Christian took on Val Venis and D'Lo with it ending in a no contest after D'Lo hit Val on accident and they got into it with each other. GM Sexay lost out to one of the Headbangers. The Godfather beat Viscera after Gangrel came down after the Ho's for some reason. And I thought we actually saw D'Lo defeat Val for the strap, but the ref restarted the match after another one said Val's foot was on the rope.

On to Smackdown! Rakishi lost out to someone I cant quite remember. Al Snow lost a match to Jeff Hardy after Matt nailed him with a chair. Supposed leg injury here for Jeff. Chyna and Kitty, pardon me, the Kat came out to shed a little light on her efforts to help Jericho saying she was biding her time to beat his ass herself. The Match went ended in a somewhat confusing way after those two collided covering each other. Two refs counted a pinfall and raised both their hands in victory. Anyway neither got the strap so it appears to be vacant. May and Moolah had to wrestle the Hollys with the Hollys scoring the victory. BBRay fought Farooq but BBR got DQ'd after interference from his bro. The Rock fought Kane in the best match of the night and got the win in a no holds barred match. This was used to advance the Tori angle. Viscera and Jacki beat Gangrel and Luna with Luna being carted off on a stretcher. Test wrestled earlier with that nose guard thing against Prince Albert and the Bossman in a handicap match. A couple of botched efforts in this one including one where Test couldn't lift Albert for a slam. Test lost. The Big Show had to fight X-Pac in the finisher. HHH told XPac if he lost that he'd be fired too. The jist is that it ended up being another handicap match with each member of DX coming in one by one until they were all beating the hell out of show.

Not sure if I got them all but I tried. Some just weren't that memorable. Keep up the good work.Later.

after note for smackdown. Rakishi lost to Kurt Angle when Steve Blackman (who was supposed to be handcuffed to the ring) got a key somehow, hmmmmmm, and waffled the big man. Sorry for that late news.


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