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/4 August 1999
Championship Pro Wrestling


Reported by: Patrick McNeill


Championship Pro Wrestling returned to the Tri-County Fairgrounds in Petersburg, West Virginia on Wednesday night as part of the annual Tri-County Fair. An estimated crowd of 350 gathered around the grandstand area to witness CPW's first outdoor event in almost two years. Referee for the event: Patrick Lawson. Deputized ring announcer and sound guy: "Buck" Rodgers. Timekeeper at the bell: Me.

Our event opens as one-half of the CPW Tag Team Champions DOC HOLLYWOOD makes his way to the interview area. Doc announces that due to an injury to his partner, SWITCHBLADE, he is alone tonight, and asks for a singles match with a member of The House of Kane. This brings HoK members MOHAMMED KANE, COMBAT KID and manager SPIKE CALLAHAN out to ringside. For some reasons, these three are wearing black cowboy hats this evening. The trio inform Doc that if he can't find a partner, he will have to face the House of Kane by himself. They circle around Hollywood, but "ROCK 'N ROLL KID" BOB KELLER and BRUISER GRAHAM charge out to even up the sides. Keller proposes a six-man tag with himself, Hollywood and Graham against the HoK. Mohammed and his charges head back toward the dressing room. Doc leads the crowd in a chant of "chicken" until Kane returns and accepts the challenge, to the horror of Combat and Spike.

Our opening match pits young gun "AMERICAN" MIKE BROWN against 6'8" rookie "THE BIG JOHNSON" BRIAN JOHNSON. Johnson uses his power to bull Brown into the corner and Nash him with some elbows, but the quicker Brown wears the big man down before Johnson leverages him out to the floor. Brown escapes, reenters the ring and hits the top-rope axhandle to the face of Johnson on the outside. Brown then hits rolling snap suplexes, a belly-to-belly suplex, and a top rope splash for the three count. Winner: Mike Brown, by pinfall, in 7:37.

Next came CPW Commissioner MAJOR MAYHEM against SHORTY SMALLS. The backstory here is that Smalls demanded better competition on the CPW message board, and the challenge was answered by the boss man himself. The Major gets off to a good start, but is hit with a low blow by Shorty. Shorty begins to work over the leg that was injured at the last CPW show, keeping the Major off his feet. Mayhem eventually battled back, sidestepping a charge by Smalls and finishing him with a superkick. Bothe men appeared to be shaken up after the match, as Smalls was limping and Major was having obvious difficulty putting weight on his left leg. Winner: Major Mayhem, by pinfall, in 9:14

Six-man tag team action was next, as "Rock 'n Roll Kid" Bob Keller, Doc Hollywood and Bruiser Graham met "The Icon" Mohammed Kane, "CK1" The Combat Kid and Spike Callahan. Combat tried to fire up the crowd by posing on the second rope, only to have his pants pulled down by Keller. The House of Kane managed to trap Doc Hollywood in the ring for most of the matchup, but Hollywood eventually made the tag, and a Pier 6 brawl broke out. CPW Champion "SEXY" SHANE SHADOWS ran to ringside and knocked Bob Keller out with Combat Kid's Singapore cane while referee Lawson was trying to separate Hollywood and Kane. Shadows then rolled Combat Kid onto Keller for the three count. Winners: The House of Kane, by pinfall, in 14:49.

Finally, the CPW Title was on the line as the soothing strains of "I love it Loud" by Kiss brought CPW Champion "3-S" Sexy Shane Shadows and Spike Callahan back to ringside. The duo were greeted with a loud chant of "Cheat-ers" as Shane, sporting his new cowboy hat, talked about his greatness. He was interrupted by the distinctive Manhattan Transfer entrance music of "THE BOOGIE-WOOGIE MAN" JIMMY VALIANT. Valiant soon chased off Callahan, but Shadows used a foreign object to gain the advantage. Shadows tried a variety of submission holds on Boogie, but the WWF Hall of Famer refused to submit. Valiant battled back to his feet, and reversed a sleeper hold by Shadows into his own dreaded sleeper hold. The House of Kane ran in to attack Valiant, forcing referee Patrick Lawson to disqualify Shane. Winner: Jimmy Valiant, by disqualification, in 10:34.

As Mohammed Kane and friends continued to pound on Valiant, Rock 'n Roll Kid, Doc Hollywood and Bruiser Graham ran in to protect the Boogie-Woogie Man. The rest of the locker room then emptied out and the battle royal begin, featuring all of the wrestlers on the show. Bob Keller dominated the early portion of the match, but was eventually eliminated by Shadows. The final two participants were Shane Shadows and Jimmy Valiant. Shadows had an opportunity to eliminate the Boogie-Woogie Man, but instead chose to dish out more punishment. Bob Keller returned to ringside and hit Shane with the CPW Title Belt, allowing Valiant to throw Shadows over the top for the victory. All of the other fan favorites came out from the back to celebrate with Jimmy Valiant. Winner: Jimmy Valiant, in 8:52.

There will be more news on upcoming CPW events early next week.

Pat McNeill
Webmaster-CPW Online

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