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/2 October 2000

WCW Nitro




QUICK QUOTES: TWX 79.86 (- .26), AOL 55.25 (- .81), SPLN 13 7/8 (- 1/4, last year this time 29 5/16)

Thanks to WCW, I got a pair of media credentials to the show - I invited Joe along. He got free parking, I didn't. Boooo! Parking lot attendants are always confused by media credentials...

Kronik were signing autographs in the main lobby - for $10, you could have bought a lovely glossy photo of them and their logo, but the autographs were free!

The merchandise table was pretty devoid of actual things worth buying. Booker T FINALLY has a T-shirt, but in my opinion it kinda sucks. You'll see him come out in it later tonight.

I met up with JP, who emailed me beforehand asking me to find him. He told me that Hank, the Angry Drunken Dwarf was rumoured to be in the house - then he went on to assume that that meant he'd be winning the Cruiserweight championship tonight. I told him he was a sick, sick man - and then started to worry that just MAYBE he'd be right. I asked him to drop me an email before I sent in the report and you'll find it below.

The "WCW Mayhem" CD was playing when I came in - they were on Hulk Hogan's track (oy). I tried to figure out which volume of "WWF: The Music" they'd have to play at a RAW taping to be as out of date - I settled on "between Vol. 2 and Vol. 3." Possibly out of respect for the dead, they skipped over "I Hate Rap."

A guy named Mike somehow recognised me, and we had a pretty nice chat about WCW in general, and how we were suckers to be there. He also writes below.

So much time was eaten up that by the time the music stopped playing and DAVID PENZER came out, it was already ten to five, and by the time HE had finished up his "don't throw stuff" spiel, you could pretty much count on us *not* getting a dark match. This essentially meant that anybody who actually plunked down their $25 or $35 was paying to watch TV, 'cause you KNOW they didn't do anything *after* the show ended.

We walked over to the section opposite the cameras and saw the third and fourth row floor seats empty. Flashed the pass and asked, "Hey, can we sit there until the ticketholders show up?" "Yeah, go ahead." Well, THAT was easy. I later found out they filled these rows with people moved down from the upper section. They'd never even sold these seats!

The place was MAYBE a third full - all the people were bunched in camera range, all around the ring (only about five rows back on the side WITH the cameras, though) - and, opposite the camera, up to the top of the lower deck. The lights were NEVER up into the upper section, and with good reason - there were way too many empty seats for comfort.

Introduction to DJ RAN, who welcomed out THREE OF THE NITRO GRRLS, Chiquita, Syren, and .... another one. Sorry, I didn't recognise them. They did a nice TV-14 routine. Ran continued his hunt for the rowdiest section in the building for most of the night.

Our broadcast team was introduced. SCOTT HUDSON had a pretty funny bit where he stood up when TONY SCHIAVONE's name was called. Penzer called MARK MADDEN "the best looking fat man on TV" - he must not watch Spanish television or he'd know that honour *clearly* goes to Jorge Porcel.

And with that...we began




WCW logo

TV-14-DL - highlight package of last week's main event - close captioned logo

Backstage, Goldberg drove up on his chopper, got off, and started WALKING!

Opening Credits

NO PYRO BECAUSE IT IS EXPENSIVE - LIVE from the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA 2.10.2K it's Monday Nitro!

Immediately, KONNAN, RAYMOND STEREO & TYGRYSS are out with a ladder - and Disqo's duck. After asking where his dogs are at, Konnan says "I'm tired about hearing about this damn duck," and who can blame him? It's been A WHOLE TWO WEEKS!! So it looks like our Rey/Juvi matchup has been changed to

RAYMOND STEREO & KONNAN (with Tygryss) v. BOOGIE KNIGHTS in a ladder match - Oh, you didn't know Alex Wright was back? Joe didn't. "Hey, is that Alex Wright?" Wright, of course, returned last week on Thunder with a shaved head, so don't feel too bad if you missed it too. It's safe to say this isn't one of the most exciting ladder matches we've ever seen. In fact, they end up beating on *the ladder* so much that referee "Blind" Billy Silverman and Konnan have to help stand it up while Disco and Rey climb up and brawl on it. Rey has two pretty good moves in this match - a somersault over the ropes onto Wright on the floor, and a sweet sunset flip OVER the ladder, taking Disqo (or is he Disco again?) off the ladder to the mat. Wright takes Rey's feet out from under him and he drops his face on the ladder. Wright climbs up - Konnan gets under him and, with him on his shoulders, dumps him face-first onto Wright. Konnan up - and he's got it, as Mysterio headscissors Wright out of the ring. (4:30) Post-match, Wright takes a chair to both of the Animals as Disco retakes the duck - then waffles Konnan with it. Since, I was hoping for Rey/Juvi, I pretty much knew we'd just set the tone for the rest of the night...

David Flair brings a hooded figure out of his car - and they're WALKING!

During the Break, DJ Ran played...oh boy! "Party Up!" THE GREATEST SONG EVER!

Here's a look at our hosts. What'll happen to the title tonight?

Backstage, Russo reads a statement. Behind him, Jeremy Borash nods. Tonight, Russo will relinquish his WCW title, and tonight there'll be a match between the two top contenders for the title - Jarrett and Steiner. As for Goldberg, he proved his cowardice by taking advantage of an innocent victim. He's lucky assault charges weren't filed!



"Goldberg, you can learn something from Vince Russo. You can learn how to be a man." If he wasn't the bigger man that he is, he would have kicked his ass himself! This brings out COLD BEER to the ring. "Russo! I'm here, and I'm waitin', Vince. Y'know, you say that if you were a man, you were a bigger man, you'd come out here and kick me ass, and that you're beneath me. Fact is, you are beneath me, Vince, 'cause every morning when I read the paper, I see you in the damn toilet!" Did you see DJ Ran's setup before they remembered to dim the lights? Vince tells Goldberg he doesn't sweat him, and he's ready to go out there and tell him face-to-face what his plans are for him. I was wondering if he was just on tape this whole time. A long, long time passes...but the music *does* start up and out is VIC a "popemobile" - a low-rider truck with a plexiglas-enclosed setup in the bed (not airtight, unfortunately). The truck was set extra low so Goldberg can look much taller than it. Goldberg quickly demolishes the four R&B SECURITY men who came out with it - hmm, haven't seen THEM in a while - either the "B" now stands for "Borash," or they're trying to tell us something... Anyway, Russo tells him that his fate is in his hands. Goldberg says his *life* is in *his* hands. Russo says firing him is the easy way out. Goldberg says "you think I sweat you" a few times - he must have picked that up from Russo. Russo says that tonight, his streak begins again...if he gets one loss before racking up another 176-0 record, he's out of WCW. If he gets to 177, he'll get another WCW title shot. Russo tells Goldberg he doesn't consider him a main eventer anymore. Goldberg says he needs to think about that offer - then kicks in the (plastic - we noticed ahead of time) driver's seat window and grabs the keys. Jeremy Borash (who was driving) sprints away. Before Goldberg can do anything more menacing than wriggling the keys in his face, THEMONSTERMENG runs RIGHT BY ME - then gets pulled back - then runs RIGHT BY ME a second time, and punks out Goldberg from behind. Kick in the nads - Tongan Death Grip! Russo says he's the first opponent.

During the Break, they drive the truck away. Goldberg's theme plays again as he shakes it off. The Security guys FINALLY stir and help each other backstage. *And*, CHUCK ZITO comes out and joins the commentators. For some reason, he's lookin' *a lot* like Disco Inferno.

Moments Ago, Meng returned and did some stuff. Here's another angle.

Backstage, Russo tells Meng to go get 'im. Turning to Mike Sanders, he tells him that he reminds him "of a young me," and puts him in charge for the rest of the night as he takes off. Then, after HE leaves, Russo tells Borash to watch everything he does...and keep him in line.

WCW Magazine ad

Chuck Zito is introduced to the television audience - *not* as Mr. Mariana, unfortunately.

WCW WORLD HARDCORE TITLE - SGT. A-WALL with Let Us Take You Back to Thunder) v. RENO - This is the final match of the mini-tourney set up on Thunder. Zito adds nothing. BIG VITO provides the run-in, whacking Reno and allowing A-Wall to put him through a table for the pin, (2:30) but



the rest of the THRYLLRZ are out - Mike Sanders reverses the decision due to outside interference, and Reno is declared the Hardcore champion. Because outside interference is something you just can't have in a no-DQ match!

PAMELA PAULSHOCK reveals that the Cat just told her that HE thought Booker T exited the cage first, so tonight it'll be Booker T and Sting in the big title match. We didn't actually SEE Cat, mind you. Just...that's what Pamela said. Apparently, Cat didn't just see the hardcore title match...

During the break, DJ Ran welcomes out the three Nitro Grrls they could afford to fly out, and plays "Music." After their routine is over, he plays "California," becuase 2Pac will never die. LEX LUGER is escorted out to a seat in the lower section opposite the cameras, prompting a quick chant from the crowd - excited to see ANYBODY at this point.

Promotional consideration (not seen in the arena) paid for by Slim Jim (no Savage), Tootsie candies, America (ha!) Online, Geico, Geico (again), and the WCW Nitro trading card game

Backstage, Flair's prisoner tries to escape, but he's handcuffed to a coat rack. Flair promises that tonight he'll make a confession.

Next week, Nitro takes place from Australia! Feel it!

FRANCHISE (with Torrie Samuda) v. THAT 70'S MULLET - "Cut the music! Hey San Francisco, you can applaud now, because your ticket just paid for itself - you see, Torrie Wilson and the Franchise are still the first couple in sports entertainment today - not Kidman and Madusa, not Paisley and that Kwee-Wee, but Konnan - yo yo yo dog, let me speak on this! Odelay! Arrebalaraza! You jackass! You stuck your nose where it doesn't belong, big man. So at Halloween Havoc, if you want to spin with some twisted steel and sex appeal, well we're game! To tell you the truth, Torrie Wilson can't wait to show the world what she's got, hahaha! But you know something, tonight, we want a warmup on Nitro by going straight to the top! We want...Mike Awesome." Wilson takes the mic. We couldn't hear her at all in the building, but on TV she says "First of all...don't hate me because I'm beautiful. It's not my fault I'm just a better woman than all of you hoochie pigs in the back. You konw, it's taken a lot of work to look like this. But enough about me. Franchise, you know I love to see you in action. Let me have it." Awesome has a new entrance video, whee! Joe: "When's she taking that jacket off?" It's at this point that the camera finds Lex Luger in the crowd. Right after they take that shot, security escorts Luger backstage - you can watch the crowd watch him all the way back. Just as Awesome is ready to hit an Awesomebomb through a table, Torrie gets up on the apron - and unzips her jacket to reveal a flesh coloured bikini top. At least WE got a great view, since her back was to the camera. Awesome is distracted enough to fall into a Franchiser and get pinned. (1:36) There's a great shot of me here, but I'm busy trying to take pictures, so you can't see my face. TYGRYSS comes out post-match to semi-catfight, Franchise pulls her off, KONNAN comes out, and there we go. Look, there's Joe! And there's some guy trying to take a picture - and failing to get a good shot since the guy in front of him REALLY wants to be on TV!

Backstage, Jarrett and Steiner encourage Sanders to go straighten this main event situation out with the Cat. Nash walks into the picture and tells them "Sanders is with me - if he says it's under control, it's under control!" Jarrett: "Kevin, this coach thing...I dunno." Oh, and Borash is taking notes in the background.

Seeing this "Bull" ad reminds me that I've failed to note the "Watch Bull and win $100,000" logo a few times, and I've also missed the "27 Days Until Halloween Havoc" logo as well. Obviously, I'm half-assing it, as I've already SEEN this show.

DJ Ran plays "Bawitdaba" (or however you spell it) During the Break

Nash gives Sanders a pep talk.



I think it was supposed to be funny. Sanders goes behind Cat's door - and Borash is dismayed to find out that it's locked, and he can't get in after him.

Thunder starts a half hour late this week, thanks to NASCAR! (And probably later than that - those things take FOREVER)

Another look at our hosts. Tonight, Goldberg vs. Meng - once again, for the first time!

Let Us Take a Special Video Look at Meng - wow, look at all these people that aren't in WCW anymore. Hey, remember when they were gonna make this guy David Flair's bodyguard?

Pamela Paulshock stands with Meng. "Pam, downsizing and cutback is part of business. And now, they bring me here to wrestle Goldberg. I have no choice, this is my last chance. In order for me to stay with WCW, in order for me to keep my career here, is to destroy Goldberg. This is my life. must I may live."

During the Break, DJ Ran plays a song I should probably have recognised but didn't, and then plays "The Real Slim Shady." Somewhere in here, as well, Meng sneaks into the ring. It may have been while we were all watching Nitrovision for...

Promotional consideration paid for by Tootsie candies (again), Corn Nuts, America (again!) Online, Motel 6 7/8, and Tootsie candies (again again!)

Next Monday, Nitro from Australia! Hey Russo, remember when RAW was coming from three continents?

Backstage, Sanders exits the Cat's office. (WHERE IS CAT?) Nash and the Thrillers meet up with him. Sanders says he just negotiated a match that'll send ratings through the roof. Before telling us what it is, Sanders says that Goldberg's match is coming up, and he'll be SOL - "and here's a dumb catchphrase!"

THEMONSTERMENG (already in the ring) v. COLD BEER (entrance 1:34) - First pyro of the night goes to Goldberg. Let me do a quick check and figure out how many times Meng has beaten Goldberg...oh. None. Hey, look! I'm right there on the left, behind the big fat guy who keeps standing up! Thing is, Joe actually said "hey, let's move over four more seats and sit in the centre," but I told him I wanted to be on the aisle. Still, I *did* get to have Meng brush right by me, so I regret nothing. I WOULD like this guy to sit down, though. Oh, the match is over? Damn. (Jackhammer -> pin 0:42) Post-match, KRONI>| appear for no apparent reason and beat up Goldberg, culminating in High Times.

Backstage, Sanders tells Jarrett and Steiner that he's set up a tag match - Jarrett and Booker against Sting and Steiner - the winning team will fight for the title later tonight.

During the Break, Goldberg leaves to his music. Penzer tells us what Sanders just said, since we didn't really hear it, what with the excitement of having Kronik and Goldberg in the ring and all. DJ Ran cuts him off with "You Gotta Fight For Your Right to Party," kinda pissing him off in the process, as he apparently had something else vitally important to say. We never figured out what that was. Also, it was around this point that the "QUICK! TURN IT TO RAW" sign in the front row was confiscated and the bearers were accused of "making trouble." Oh, but their Jeff Jarrett sign was okay, though.

Thunder ad

When we come back (catching the end of DJ Ran's plea for us to "make some noise"), Flair is backstage with his gimp and the TV-14-DL ratings box. He offers him a glass of water, but changes his mind and dumps a bucket of water on him. If only this guy would speak up, we'd know who he was!

WCW Magazine ad #2




WHITE THUNDER (with Midajah) and (THIS IS) STING en parejas increible - winners will battle for the title - Steiner: "Now I've said it, I've proven it, there's only one genetic freak here. There's only one physical phenomena. And I am the supernatual. So Booker T, Jeff Jarrett, tonight, I'm gonna kick BOTH your asses." Saw the "QUICK TURN IT TO RAW" sign again, so it must have been pulled just after the start of the match...and in fact, you can see them pass it over to a waiting member of WCW Security next time we take the long shot. Jarrett and Sting will start. Jarrett poses, boo! Sting shouts, yay! Lockup, side headlock by Sting. It's already been a minute! Powering out, shoulderblock by Sting. Off the ropes, leapfrog, fistdrop by Sting. Right hand. Gutshot, off the ropes, face jam. Into the corner - Stinger splash! Going for the Scorpion Deathlock, but Jarrett pokes the eye. Thunder hype - *in the middle of a match??* Jarrett with a right, into the ropes, duck, double clothesline. Both men tag. Steiner with a point - and probably a racist comment. Steiner turns to our section and we duly razz him. We start up a "Booker T" chant, and (off-camera) T kinda eggs us on to continue it. Steiner leaves the ring and heads for Joe - I hold him back. Steiner back in the ring. Stall, stall, stall. Lockup, to the corner. Referee "Blind" Billy Silverman wants the clean break, but he doesn't get it as Steiner throws three elbows, three gutshots, chop, chop, forearm in the back, side headlock, T powers out, shoulderblock by Steiner. Back and forth, leapfrog, T with a Harlem sidekick! We chant for Booker T again. Steiner tags Sting. T wants to tag but Jarrett moves away and tells him to lock it up. And here they go. Sting wants the knuckle lock, but T slaps his hand away. Collar and elbow tieup now, side headlock by T, chain wrestling to...a side headlock. Hum. Sting powers out - shoulderblock by T. Off the ropes, up and over, going for a hiptoss, but T didn't see it and goes into the ropes instead, gutshot by Sting, right hand, hiptoss for real. Steiner, mouthing off on the apron, has some more heated words for Booker T - and then spits on him. T is ready to go for him, but Silverman (ha) holds him back. T takes a swipe, but Steiner hits the floor. Back to Sting, slapping away the knucklelock again, collar and elbow, Sting with a side headlock. To the corner. No clean break as Booker throws the right - that's a switch. Another right. Into the corner is reversed, but Booker puts up the back elbow. Big lariat. Right hand. Into the ropes, reversed, Steiner lowers the bridge and T goes out. Sting takes umbrage and decks his own partner. Sting outside and throating Booker on the safety rail. Meanwhile, Jarrett comes into the ring and starts stomping away on Steiner! Booker's head hits the commentary table. Steiner on Jarrett. T on the table. Jarrett pressed - and dropped. Shot for T as he comes back in as well. Scoop...and a backbreaker across the knee. Steiner isn't legal, yo. Into the ropes, Steinerline. Kiss the bicep, drop the elbow., Steiner isn't covering, he's doing pushups. Blockbuster suplex. Off the ropes...stomp. Off the ropes, another stomp. Steiner chops Booker T in the corner. Into the opposite corner, T up...and on the shoulder. Steiner rams his back into the turnbuckle. T breaks free before he can do it again, runs Steiner into the opposite turnbuckle, ducks a clothesline and throws a back elbow. Spinebuster! Tag to Jarrett! Uppercut, right, right, right, into the opposite corner, but Steiner puts up the boot. Belly-to-belly suplex. Steiner with a full nelson, but Jarrett's trick knee acts up. Tag to Sting! Clothesline! Clothesline! Clothesline takes him outside! Sting follows, gutshot, right, chop, right, Steiner over with a shot for Sting (huh?) and one for Jarrett. Booker with a shot for Steiner. Whip into the rail is reversed and Sting hits the rail. Inside the ring, Booker T hits a flying jalapeno on Steiner. Block, forearm by Steiner, forearm. Pickup, but T breaks free - gutshot, off the ropes, axe kick, breakdancing up, Harlem sidekick...hits Silverman AND Steiner. Meanwhile, Jarrett has the gee-tar and he's back in the ring. He's ready to clock Sting, but T stops him. Gutshot by Jarrett - swinging for *T*, but he ducks and Sting eats it instead. Steiner bowls over Booker T at the point that Silverman manages to shake it off JUST enough to count - 1, 2, 3. It's Booker T and Jeff Jarrett for the title. (10:43) This would turn out to be the best match of the night.

NEXT: Kevin Nash and the Natural Born Thrillers are WALKING!

Halloween Havoc ad - it's brought to you by EA's "WCW Backstage Assault," ya know




During the Break, DJ Ran played a little Prodigy, brought out the three Nitro Grrls, played something else I didn't recognise, and then played "I Love Rock and Roll." Must have been a long break! Also, Lex Luger was brought back to his camera-ready seat.

Moments Ago, Sting took El Kabong. Commentators want us to believe Steiner was trying to cover T at the same time. Hmmm.

WCW in Australia for the next two weeks! Then, the UK. Then...things should get VERY interesting...know what I mean?

WCW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: "PRIME TIME" ELIX SKIPPER v. MIKE SANDERS (with Kevin Nash & Natyryl Born Thryllyrz) - "That's right, baby, this is MY house! And I built this house! And I'm ticked off about two things. One, that so-called commissioner booked a match against me - Prime Time! The hundred and under kilo Canadian champion (huh?) and I hope he's ready to get his ass kicked tonight! And two, the thing that's pissed me off the most this week is that (shit that) happened last week, it's been under my skin, and for all you dumb Americans that don't know what I'm taking about, hit the B-roll!" Let Us Take You Back to Nitro where Nash shook Beetlejuice's hand and called him Elix. "Now I know all you dumb Americans are all about the jokes, but tonight is my turn, so Mike Sanders, on your way out here, bring that jolly green giant out witchoo, so I can kick both your asses at the same time!" Nash: "First off, if you think you had a bad week, I just spent 45 minutes in the back telling Beetlejuice how sorry I was for calling him YOU." Sanders: "Let me break it down like this. We're gonna have a match tonight - first stipulation, 'cause I am in charge, and since they're not at ringside - Team Canada, not at ringside, cannot interfere in this match. Second all, second of all, you have the powebomb before you get the pinfall. And third, since you want a handicap match, it will be me and Kevin against you, and believe me, we're mad as hell, and we're not gonna take this anymore." Hudson: "A great Peter Finch impersonation!" Sanders asks him to let him tie his boot, and while Skipper fixates on Sanders' shoe-tying ability, Nash pops him with the mic. "Start the match!"

WCW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: ELIX SKIPPER v. KEVIN NASH & MIKE SNDERS (with the rest of the Natyryl Born Thryllyrz) in a handicap powerbomb match - Now, just answer me this ONE question: WHO exactly are we supposed to root for in this match? Right. So, the crowd - at least, the section I'm in - concerns themselves with getting under the skin of the rest of the Thrillers. Somebody actually wings Johnny "the Bull" with a foam Goldberg - Johnny tries to get the guy thrown out, but is unsuccessful. We take another look at Lex Luger - but a guy with a sign quickly gets in front of him. Skipper works a comeback (I guess), but Nash clubs him from behind off a whip reversal. Sanders with a clothesline. Nash is in with the mic. "Nice shot, kid - ya know, week in week out I watch these young guys, they come out here trying to take a spot from an aged veteran like myself. One these kids do week in week out is they do all this top-rope stuff. Y'know, I don't know the last time I was in a bar fight, I don't know the last time I was in a bar fight, I knocked a guy down and then I jumped on the bar, and I decided to jump off and do something..." Of course, Skipper has climbed to the top during this speech - and there's a missile dropkick to Nash. Unfortunately, he's still a Canadian heel, so the crod goes mild. Another dropkick for Nash. Skipper works on Nash until Sanders hits him from behind. Skipper goes to town on *Sanders* until Nash hits him from behind. One more look at Luger before Security carts him backstage again. "The only other thing I don't the fact that this guy claims he's a Canadian - the only thing about him, he decided to go to Canada because he makes about thirty grand a year, which makes him a millionaire in Canada!" What the hell kinda segment IS this? Mercifully, there's a truckstop powerbomb by Nash - and a cover by Sanders. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new Cruiserweight champion. (3:10) I think I liked the old NBT music better than tonight's theme. Maybe the Prodigy sued them or something. So now the Thrillers have three titles. I expect this will work as well as it did for, say, *Lance Storm*. Speaking of which, Sanders fails to remove the Canada decal from the belt.

Backstage, Terry Taylor tells Goldberg he's booked for another

In the local spot, the WWF San Jose house show (Saturday!) gets hyped.

During the Break, the Thrillers' music kept playing for a while....then the HARRYS BROTHYRZ came out.

Close captioning sponsored by MEINEKE!

Backstage, Nash congratulates the Thryllyrz, then says he's going to take a quick shower. No sooner is he behind the door than Storm and Duggan try to take them all out. Refs and road agents work on breaking up the fracas...but the Thryllyrz are left laying.

HARRYS BROTHYRZ (already in the ring) v. COLD BEER - no pyro this time as Goldberg comes out in street clothes, removing his jacket on the way down.



Abbreviated entrance only gets (:43) Pounding by the Harrisses as he enters the ring, off the ropes, double clothesline by Goldberg. Big Ron speared - Big Ron pinned. Oy. (0:14) Heavy D is stupid enough to try a whip, gets speared, awkward jackhammer, pin. (0:37) Whew, this match was STILL has shorter than his entrance! Did you see Goldberg wince when referee "Blind" Mickie Jay tried to raise his right arm? You don't think he just hurt it AGAIN, do ya? That'd really put a spanner into this angle, as Goldberg's only 3-0. By the way, does anybody see Russo actually lasting for another 174 Goldberg matches? Well, yeah - as long as they get it done before they come back to the US!

Backstage, Sanders and the Thrillers try to talk to Kevin Nash - did they not want us to know there's a staircase behind that door? Why? Oh yeah, Borash is taking notes. God forbid I fail to notice THAT, right?

Meanwhile, Flair and his gimp are WALKING! We just may see them next!

Hey, look! TWO Sacramento Kings in this NBA on TBS and TNT promo!

During the Break, DJ Ran asks us "Who let the dogs out?" Repeatedly!

Thunder will start right after NASCAR - our commentators start to talk about David Flair, but David Penzer hands them a note from Mike Sanders - tonight's title match has now been deemed a "49ers match" - a box will hang from a pole in each corner - with weapons in three, and the title in the fourth.

Halloween Havoc ad

DAVID FLAIR brings out HIS GIMP. Flair does a bit of ranting and raving (watch "Bull" and win $100,000 - Tuesdays!) and then tells him that he'll remove his handcuffs if he tells everybody that he's the father of Stacey's child. The guy nods his head. Flair removes the handcuffs - idiot - and the guy pops up and removes his hood to reveal he's BUFF DADDY BAGWELL. Punch, punch, punch. Buff Blockbuster. Tony: "If you think this story is done, you're sadly mistaken!" If you thought this segment would prove ANYTHING, you were sadly mistaken!

During the Break, the poles are set up. Penzer tells the crowd what was on Mike Sander's note - crowd boos when the 49ers are mentioned - ha! It's more a Raiders/Giants/A's crowd that watches wrestling, you know. The Demons are NOT mentioned.

The Valvoline Max-Life Replay is of Buff Who's the Daddy.

Backstage, Buff Bagwell is WALKING! "I guess Buff does have the stuff - huh huh huh."

Here's a look at the ring and the boxes. We're just killing time here, I guess.

Next Monday, Nitro emanates plausibly live from Brisbane, Australia! And by "plausibly live," I mean "they're taping it Saturday, which is Friday here. Watch for spoilers!"

WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: "THE CHOSEN ONE" JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET (with Let Us Take You Back One Week) v. BOOKA T. in a 49'ers match - Jarrett's pyro is set up...and doesn't go off. Last week, Jarrett Kabong'd Beetlejuice. Hmm, why'd they show that? The Mark confuses Robin Givens with Robin Quivers...then goes on to intimate that all them black chicks look alike. Gosh, I think I'm offended! (Of course, I'm white...and a dude, so I have no right.) T is wearing his new shirt...



climbs a corner to pose, but fails to grab a box while he's up there. D'oh! T give his shirt to an old lady in the front row, and Jarrett goes outside to attack him. The old lady swats Jarrett with the shirt...or tries to, anyway. A suggestion that Jarrett beat down the old woman is muted out. Brawling around the ring we go...T into the rail. Jarrett's got a chair - chair in the gut. Now, WHY Jarrett puts T back in the ring instead of going for a box, I'll never know, but that's just what he does. Head to a buckle, whip into the opposite corner is reversed...and the box falls off the pole. Typical WCW. Jarrett clotheslines T following the reverse elbow and goes out for the box. Guess that's not the one with the title in it. Jarrett stomps on the box and pulls out...a blow-up doll. T right, right, right, right, right, right, right, off the ropes, back elbow. Uuuuuuuuh! Sidewalk slam. Hudson: "I didn't know Kimberly had an action figure!" Scoop...and a slam. T goes up for the second box, punches it open...and pulls out...a portrait of Scott Hall. T leaps off the second rope and breaks it over Jarrett. Kick, kick, Jarrett falls outside the ring. Go for the third box! And shockingly, he does. But Jarrett gets to T and brings him back down before he can grab it. Jarrett tosses T outside the ring, follows - and breaks one of the boxes over T's head. Throat-first on the rail. Another box broken. To the commentary table we go. Stomp, stomp, commentators suggest he go and get the box instead of fighting T on the table - trying to piledrive T, but he blocks it, throws an elbow, got HIM in position (Tony: "Somebody gonna die.") - and PILEDRIVES HIM ON THE TABLE! (Tony: "Holy Christmas!") Back in the ring, T goes up for the third box after consulting with the crowd. This box of Barry Windham's kitchen gloves! Oh, no, it's a *Coal Miner's Glove.* Jarrett trips up T and crotches him on a post - and one more, why not. Jarrett removes the glove from Booker's hand and puts it on. "Oh ho ho! Now *I* have the glove!" Off the ropes, loaded glove in the gut. Jarrett poses, because he's an idiot. Even the *commentators* are telling him to grab the box. Off the ropes, loaded glove to the gut, once again. Jarrett breaks the third box. I could have SWORN I saw a "SCAIA RULES" sign on the left of my screen while Jarrett was perched on the corner - was I just imaging that? Jarrett with the box - and breaks it over T's head. At this point, the security guards in front of me were very concerned with a guy with a "Mix 106.5" sign - I thought they were planning for another run-in, but no, it was just a sign police gig. Jarrett FINALLY goes for the box...but Booker manages to get behind him and wail away - head to the buckle. Into the ropes, dropkick MISSES as Jarrett holds on. Jarrett goes back to the glove - loaded uppercut. WHY is referee "Blind" Mark Johnson counting to ten? If there's a double countout, THE BOX IS STILL THERE!! Jarrett up at eight. Into the ropes, duck, duck, Jarrett with a sleeper. T reaches for the rope as Johnson checks. Johnson is ready to drop the arm three times. WHY? THE BOX IS STILL THERE!! IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!!!!! Of course, this being WCW and all, I'm wasting my time as it is. Go figure, the arm doesn't fall three times. Holy cats, The Mark actually asks why Johnson is checking on him! 27 Days until Halloween Havoc. T gets up, elbows out, off the ropes, sleeper by T! Jarrett quickly counters with a death suplex and they're both down again. Johnson starts counting to ten. I am BEGGING for a double countout here just to see what they DO about it. But Jarrett's up at eight - and he's got the glove on again. Climbing up to the corner without the box - but T catches him and delivers the Book End! Both men are down again. WHY IS JOHNSON COUNTING? Why am I the ONLY person bothered by this? T climbs up for the box - Jarrett is over to stop him. Gutshot, another kick, hooked for the Stroke, but T shoves him into the ropes, gutshot, off the ropes with the axe kick! T breakdances back up and nails the Harlem sidekick! T going for the box...and Jarrett makes it over AGAIN - and there's an uppernut. Off the ropes, reversal, Harlem sidekick is ducked and T crotches the top rope. Jarrett falls outside and looks for a weapon - but the gee-tar appears to be stuck - or moving? Jarrett goes back inside, just before Johnson counts him out (WHY??) - Jarrett puts T on his shoulders as he tries to climb the corner - and drops him with an electric chair. Jarrett decides to forget the guitar and just go get the box instead - well, it's about TIME. But, from under the ring emerges BEETLEJUICE, and he walks over to Jarrett and grabs his nuts! Oh, no, it's just a slow motion uppernut. There's another uppernut, and another, and another. Woo hoo hoo, crotch shots are FUNNY! STERN RULZ! T knocks Jarrett off the ropes with a superkick - and Beetlejuice flies off the apron with a clothesline to the floor. Guess them brothas gots ta stick togetha! T pulls off the box - and the belt falls to the floor. Oops. Penzer goes over and hands it to him and it's FINALLY over. Ladies and gentleman, we've just hit the reset button. (13:01) After the match, WHITE THUNDER comes out and gives T the lead pipe to the back - guess his white baseball bat wasn't available. Jarrett tosses Beetlejuice into the ring...and Steiner stretches him with the Recliner. Credits are up and we're out.

"You're watching BULL!"

After the match, Steiner dropped Beetlejuice and took off with Midajah, Jarrett took off, and Booker, after recovering, took a victory lap to slap hands on his way out. Penzer thanked us for attending, and we were out at 7.

Was it worth it? Hey, it's ALWAYS more fun live - and the crowd was happy with lots of Goldberg - but it sure looks like resetting all the belts is a sign of things to come...right after the international trip. Stay tuned.




AFTER THE FACT: Hey, if you don't want to take MY word for it, how about some impartial third parties?

First an on-site from Mark Halling, who I DIDN'T meet:

yeah, I know you were there but I like seeing my name "in print"

There was a huge line outside of the arena, but nowhere near a huge crowd. The Cow Palace, which is already a small arena, was less than half-full; 5,000 people max. It was good that so little people were there, though, because it allowed me to move up into row four right in line with the ring and the entryway. If you look, I'm on TV waving my JJ foam guitar quite a few times. Towards the end of the show a cameraman zoomed in on me with guitar and two fingers in the air but some drunk guy hoped in front of me and the cameraman moved on. Eh, what can ya do? The crowd was VERY dead all night. Only Steiner, Pamela, Nash and the little guy in the Superman suit garnished any heat.

New merchandise was a sweet looking Kronik shirt and a new Booker T-shirt. Both sold pretty poorly. The biggest merchandise seller was the JJ guitar.

I wandered backstage towards catering (there was a window looking in) and saw some interesting stuff. I saw Major Gunns (even though she wasn't on TV). I ran into Disco who ignored me. Tony Shivane walked by and told us he hoped we would enjoy the show. I saw Meng (kinda ruined that surprise), Fit Finaly, and Norman Smiley as well.

Kronik signed autographs (it was announced to be Rey Mysterio and Konnan)

Commercial breaks were long and plentiful. DJ Ran (to the joy of all I'm sure) played some "jams" during the breaks and three (the blonde, the = red head, and the black girl) Nitro Girls danced every now and then. This was my first TV taping and the commercial breaks get SOOOOO boring.

The ladder match got no heat (like all matches). I think it was very underdeveloped and could have been good if given time. Nothing special in the arena; the live show started with the TV one.

Everyone around me bet that the masked man was Buff just from looking at his arms. Another great swerve by Russo.

The Goldberg Russo segment was long and boring. Though it didn't seem like it (cause of all the breaks), it was the only real meaty interview segment of the night (which is good). G-berg was pretty hard to understand. Not like much was missed. Goldberg taunted on the entry way after his sports entertaining for the first of three times tonight. Russo said something about how the Mets were gonna kill the Giants (whatever) in a few days while they were trying to drive the truck backstage.

Chuck Zito came out to do commentary and probably would have been booed execpet that there were at least 25 Hell's Angels there so everyone thought it wise to keep quite.

Vito vs. Reno was confusing and got no heat. I had to get up (I was sitting in someone else's seat) and practically missed the whole match. The cane shots looked mighty stiff.

Pamela Paulshook was over, even before she made her announcement.

Douglas talked about Konnan or something and then went to work on Awesome. I tried an E-C-dub chant; nothing doing. Another dull match in the first hour. People were pretty pissed that the table wasn't used. Torrie wasn't over and, boy, how bad is she on the mic? Stick to an Elizabethan role.

Meng didn't get an intro. After he lodt he looked pretty pissed (like frustrated pissed) and then hoped the railing and walked out through the crowd. Whatever. Nobody understood what Kronik was doing and why.

They screwed up the audio so we didn't hear the above average top of the hour match. Penzer had to relate it to us. Only in WCW...

Sting's intro is tremendous live. The tag match was ok; a little slow. Midajah looks a lot older in person.

Elix Skipper was relatively ignored 'till he let a "shiznit" slip. Charles Robinson and Penzer both made a look like, what the hell did that rookie just say on live TV? Nash was over like rover. I thought the match was as good as could have been expected and Nash keeping with the interview was hilarious. I was the only one in the arena who cared that Sanders won the Cruiser strap. Well, me and Sanders I guess. The guy next to me threw something that hit Johnny the Bull at ringside; Johnny told security who then escorted them out. Good thing, they were booing JJ.

Ron and Don Harris came out without music. I called Don an overrated jobber and recieved some SCSA sign language. ). Both Harris Boys looked pissed about jobbing as well.

Like I said earlier, everyone knew it was Buff. No heat, no cry.

Penzer announced that the title match would be a 49er match to a chorus of boos. He then tried each Bay Area sports team to see which would get the best cheap heat. Giants won, follwed by the A's, and then the Forty-Whiners.

Booker giving the shirt to the old lady (who was not a plant, she was with her grandkids) was over huge. The main event was very good and got the best heat of the night. People went crazy for the Scott Hall pic and the table spot. A very loud Booker T chant was started. The only thing that sucked was the finish (a midget?) but the (probably drunk) crowd seemed to enjoy it. Like I said earlier, Scott Steiner is over big in the Bay Area (remember when he stretched DDP at a couple SuperBrawl's ago and got the big chant?). After the show, Booker slapped some hands and that was it.

Overall, the show wasn't great but I thought the main event was good enough to bring it to an average rating. Little heat and little attendance. Now is that SF's fault or WCW's? Me thinks Russo. Alright, later.

From JP: CRZ,

First of all let me apologize if I was a little abrupt after meeting you in the lobby, I thought that it would be great to talk wrestling with the funniest wrestling reporter on the internet, and regret I didn't have the chance to speak longer. You met my date and the more I spoke to you the idea of Nitro being completely horrible seemed more and more likely and I couldn't think of a worse way to start the evening than ignoring her. I was hoping that you would stop by later in the show, but no such luck. Anyway you mentioned something about an in-house report. I figured I would just send you some random thoughts about the show.

Ray and Konnan v. The Boogie Knights

I thought Ray carried the match...there really wasn't anything special shown by the other three in the ring. Alex Wright's style seems a little too plain to be an effective tag team wrestler. I always thought he was a decent singles wrestler though. My date asked me why they were fighting over a duck. Ithougth about explaining everything about the FA and Disquo's adoption of the duck but I thought wiser, feigned ignorance and replied "I dunno".

My main gripe about this match is that the "prize" hanging above the ladder is supposed to be just that. Whether its money or a title there should be some meaning behind the climb up the ladder. How much drama and suspense can there be when the combatants are fighting over a duck. Especially when the duck has been around for about a month, belongs to a wrestler that isn't over, and is spotlighted mainly on an internet talk show that nobody really listens to.

Ray was fun to watch though, even though he is nowhere near 100% healthy.

Russo/Goldberg promo

Was it just me or was the latter half of Russo's promo word for word Vince McMahon's vacating of the title speech? Russo seems like he's tanking it.

Goldberg didn't get the pop I thought he would get. The whole idea of Goldberg having to match the 176-0 streak is lame. But if Russo is on the way out it's pretty clever to set up a long range plan like that. I'm sure Goldberg likes this idea and would probably against changing it.

The Popemoblie was pretty funny but I thougth it was going to topple on the way into the ring.

AWOL v Reno

Yawn. Hardcore Title change on a DQ...R.I.P.

Franchise v. That 70's Guy

Torrie Wilson doesn't look all that great in person. Wow a match featuring two former ECW champions. Awesome actually throws himself into the turbuckles to gain momentum for his clotheslines. What? What a waste. I can't wait to hear Franchise's promos after he leaves WCW. And to think he was pissed at Flair for holding him back. Mike didn't do any of the things that make him "Awesome".

Meng v Goldberg

Wow Meng learned English just so the crowd could laugh at his surreal promo I actually couldn't hear the " I can live" because of the laughter in my section. 1st of 176 squashes. Magnum T.A. is booking Goldberg's matches now.


Match was actually pretty god at points. First signs of life in my section. Crowd actually wanted to cheer Steiner at first, but he took care of that. Reaction to Booker was pretty lukewarm which surprised me (hey, he didn't design that shirt, did he? If he did-BOO!!!) Long match for a Nitro...will this keep the viewers? I think to myself it wouldn't matter anyway since ATT still doesn't carry TNN in the city. Clever ending. Good psychology during the match...sorta. Not bad. I never studied star rating in mark school so I won't even try.

Skipper v. Nash/Sanders

Thanks to your recaps I actually refer to Nash as Big Poochie in public. Nash has to bring up those bar fights again. Does that mean he's shooting now? I swore I heard TV's switching channels in the middle of Nash's standup routine. I think this is supposed to elevate Skipper somehow? Maybe I just can't see it. The crowd was the type that would have allowed Lance Storm to get over. He never shows. I hate Big Poochie.

After the match a fan in the aisle is outraged that Scott Hall didn't show. HE was just standing there screaming that he wanted to see Hall. The Harrises enter the ring and are on the recieving end of the fan's ire for not being Scott Hall. Fan is dragged away by security.

Harrises v. Goldberg

Two wins notched up. I guess they realized that 176 is a really big number. Tommorrow at the Thunder Tapings Goldberg takes on the R and B Black Ninjas so he can be 103-0 by the time they hit Sidney. I don't think the crowd pop was quite what they wanted. The more I think about it this angle becomes interstring at around 170ish-0 and there's no reason to watch before then. My date asked if any of those three was that "Stone Cold" guy. I said no and she thought it was weird that they would have so many guys that look like him.

Note to David Flair: If you are going to humilate someone on national TV don't take the handcuffs off of him. The price of the ticket was worth not having to hear Tony Schiavone explain the logic behind that one. I guess Buff is the father. Uh-huh. Whatever.

The 49er match.

No pickaxes, no shovels, no celebrity athletes at ringside (which is strange now that I think about it) Booker wore his ugly-ass shirt to the ring. Man, that shirt sucks. Blue on blue? I was praying that the box thaty fell from the pole had the belt in it. I would have loved to see them work around that one. The Scott Hall bit was the most creative thing I've seen is on Nitro in a long long time. I wonder if Russo thought of that one? I wonder if that was enought for that Fan's Scott Hall jones. The OJ chant that started when Booker had the glove on was shameless and yes, I participated in it. I couldn't actually tell if the belt was actually in the last box. It looked like someone just threw Booker the belt. They should have Steiner as the absolute #1 heel and run with it. After the heat he drew all night he shouldn't be bunched up with Jarret and Nash or even try to get the anti-heel face pops. Just 100% ruthless heel. Didn't need Beetlejuice involved. Will this lead to Howard Stern on Nitro? I doubt it.

I never realized how much the commentators hurt Nitro. I didn't miss them a bit. The crowd wanted to get into it more than they actually did. Still a pretty raucous crowd at points. Not bad, not great, which is pretty good for a Nitro. Booker and Jarret were head and shoulders above anyone else on the card as far as effort and quality work is concerned. I liked the longer matches and I shudder to think what it was like attending a taping full of Franchise-Awesome type for three hours.

CRZ how the hell do you do comprehensive recaps three/four times a week? Hats off to ya.

And finally, from Mike Watts: Chris,

First off, thanks for taking the time to chat with me before the show about random stuff. Appreciate it, and appreciate the work (and obvious pain) it takes for you to do these reports (especially Nitro). Anyways, you asked me to send you an email with my thoughts about the recent Nitro at the Cow Palace. Here are some random points:

1. Get rid of the friggin' DJ. If I hear the phrase "If you want a camera in your area, MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!!!" one more time, I may shoot someone.

2. More Nitro Girl Baby. Yowza!!!!!

3. I had told you that they had bumped my seats up to the second row in front of the camera. All that means is that I was able to see the blown spots much better. Oy, I must have counted four or so...yikes!!

4. So how long before the announcers tell us that Goldberg's NEW 176 winning streak is growing rapidly. You'll see the number jump by the 20's and 30's in the next few weeks. Just like that stupid Sid count. Who was the brain child behind this?

5. So Buff Bagwell's the father? Anyone want to tell me why? How does that relate to ANY story continuation? Wait, I'm asking logical questions...there's NO SUCH THING as logic in the WCW.

As usual, I'm disappointed once again by WCW. The pain has to end soon, doesn't it....doesn't it? Sigh...

Thanks again for chatting with me briefly at the site.

Keep up the excellent work.

Thanks to all of you! See ya at THUNDER!

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