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OKAY, HERE'S THE DEAL: I had pneumonia, bronchitis, and probably two or three brand new, other diseases nobody had ever heard of. So I spent pretty much all the time going all the way back to just after the SmackDown! taping in bed. I got some antibiotics a week ago, which work wonderfully except for the fact that I appear to suffer from almost every possible side effect of erythromycin - except jaundice. "At least I'm not jaundiced," I would say, but it hardly made things seem better. Anyway, the ery-tabs run out Friday morning, so I should be good to go JUST in time to catch my Saturday flight to SoCal, and hit the WOW PPV Sunday. I have second row seats, so it'll be sign time, daddy. Of course, it's also possible that this is the LAST thing I should be doing on a weekend after recovering from all this, but hey - how often do you get to see a first-ever WOW PPV? That's right.

So anyway, it's catchup time. Let's handle the old business first:

2000 IN QUOTES: It was about half done before I got sacked out. At this rate I'm inclined to scrap it, but if another crop of you want to volunteer (and not flake - this is key - flaking is BAD) to help compile, I'll certainly accept any help.

TERRI GOLD INTERVIEW: I never got my round tuit and blew three weeks not getting it set up. So....maybe I can get something out of the PPV to make up for it. If not, I'm sure she will still be around AFTER the PPV after I'm well, and we can try again.

RADIO RADIO: Shockingly, I *did* appear on WRJN's "In That Very Ring" last Friday and only coughed once. My voice was in *hideous* shape, but they thought I did fine, so I'll take their word for it.

TAPES: I have tapes out to everybody who requested them except FK (done but not mailed out) and JB (one done, one to go). Griff, I got your tape but haven't started yet. Anybody else who hasn't received a tape from me and should have, drop me a line and we can figure out where I screwed up. (Oh, and Matthias, your tape may still be on the way to Germany.)

EMAIL: I profoundly and humbly apologise to anybody who wrote me hoping I'd write back and then I didn't. At times, I was either online for only a few minutes a day, or not at all. Since I still don't have my DSL line fixed (and it's only been *five* months - up yours, Pac Bell) I'm just not online like I've been in the past. Write me again and I'll try to make it up to you. Those of you who were belligerent about it, on the other hand, can SUCK IT, and don't be surprised if I write you back all pissed off. I probably think I'm entitled or something.

SPECIAL REQUEST: If you have the most recent Worldwide on tape and can make screen captures, I'd really appreciate a special picture from the show. Let me know.

THANKS TO: Victor Alicea, once again - I can't remember if I've thanked him or not, so why the hell not do it again just to be safe? Because I LOVE this man. Really and truly.

BLATANT PLUG: I keep forgetting to tell you I have an EZboard over at - we've got over 200 registered members and another giant heap of lurkers AND we generally get along...or, at least, we can intelligently discuss our differences when we have them. Also, you can get the exciting, "insider" news straight from me about my latest symptoms and excuses for bringing the recaps up to seven days late! I like to think our WOW discussion is better than the WOW message boards, too, but keep that under your hat.

I'd say more about some of the people who emerged from the woodwork after hearing me dis WCW for bringing "more of the same" but I'm already running late and you've probably heard it all before...we got another week and another show! Go go go!




WCW logo - will Fusient change it? Will Bischoff nix a change?

TV-14-DL - Opening credits are slightly altered - figure out who was added and who was deleted and you'd have a pretty good idea about the future of this company. Hint: Where's Sting? Close captioned

PYRO AWAY - coming to you via tape delay from the Arena in Baltimore, MD 29.1.1 (and they're NOT live and they need to STOP saying they're live because they're LYING) and airing on Turner Network Television, this is WCW Monday Nitro! Believe it or not, wrestling isn't the biggest sport on people's minds tonight, but we'll find a way - whoa, they're letting us hear DAVID PENZER's ring introductions once again? It's about DAMN time...

"PRIME TIME" ELIX SKIPPER v. YANG (with Leia Meow) v. SHANNON MOORE v. JAMIE KNOBLE in a four corners match - Penzer announces a ten minute time limit as well, so WCW's gotten *two* points back from me right off the bat. Maybe somebody's listening? The trick will be if they actually have a fall in this match...or if they're just conveniently setting up a draw. I think they've finally decided to stop spelling Knoble's name "Jaime," too - boy this company has it *together*. Knoble and Yang start - WHEN FORMER JUNG DRAGONS COLLIDE! Lockup, side headlock by Knoble, powered out, shoulderblock by Knoble, off the ropes up and over, leapfrog by Yang, Knoble blocks, right, into the roeps, Yang over the back, go behind by Knoble, to the ropes, Yang holds on and Knoble rolls off - running at him, dumped on the apron - shoulder to the gut, reverse neckbreaker across the top rope puts Knoble out on the floor. Will he go for the dive? Well, the camera isn't gonna show us... Nope, Moore is in, but Yang snaps off a headscissors to take him outside. SuperBrawl Revenge is 20 days away - Skipper in, spin kick - into the ropes, reversed, Skipper decides to slinghost over the top rope into a corkscrew pescado - Moore in - body scissors by Yang off the ropes, Moore reverses to a small package...for 2! Yang pounds him - going for a powerbomb but Moore reverses to a Rocker Dropper - Knoble makes the save at 2. Moore put in the corner, up and over - no, piledriver reversal, Knoble up and over and hitting a German suplex - 1, 2, Skipper breaks up the bridge, right hand for Knoble, Knoble reverses, Skipper ducks the right, Knoble slips out of the suplex attempt - on Skipper's shoulders, hopping off but Skipper still has a hold on him - full nelson - dragon suplex!! Yang breaks at 2. Big lariat for Skipper by Yang. All four men still in the ring. Moore crotches Yang on the post, Skipper mauls him from behind, into the corner, Knoble has Skipper and hits a gourdbuster. All four men in line now - Moore runs at Skipper on all fours...and fails to spring off of him, blowing the spot. Yang forearms him down and tosses him. That'll show him! Let the trainwreck commence - Yan with a tope from the third rope to the floor. Skipper gets upended by Knoble over the top rope into the pile on the floor. The satellite blinks out here but Hudson calls a senton by Knoble...the crowd's chant seems to indicate otherwise. Yang hits a springboard Asai moonsault on Knoble. Back in the ring, Moore slams Skipper and goes up top...Yang back in to pop Moore one and prevent whatever it was. Yang steps in front of Moore, crosses his arms and throws him off the top rope over his shoulders and onto Skipper - covers BOTH of them - 1, 2, Knoble pulls out Yang (Tucker should have stll counted 3 with Moore pinning Skipper's shoulders) Knoble with a tombstone on Yang on the floor! Moore sat on the top rope...Skipper ready to walk the top rope (why?)...but Knoble shoves him to the floor. Moore hooks Knoble and signals for the tornado DDT, but Knoble completes the spin, landing Moore on the top turnbuckle. Knoble climbs aside him - Moore with shots to prevent him doing whatever he wants to do - is Moore going to hit the Rocker Dropper from the very top? I think so. 1, 2, 3. (4:58) Commentators can't decide between "Showstopper" or "Bottoms Up" so I'll keep calling it the Rocker Dropper, I guess. At this point, I'm supposed to say something about "psychology" or "transitions" but instead I'll say "at least Scott Steiner didn't come out to ruin it - baby steps." Those of you who would think of writing me to complain that I didn't give this match a glowing description of unearthly goodness while simultaneously going ga-ga for Rikishi and Haku teaming up are probably wasting your time. Will you remember ANYTHING about this match in a year? In THREE months? Next WEEK?

"Dark City" is NEXT!

THE CEO, clipboard in hand and ROAD WARRIOR ANIMAL at his side, hits the ring. "Woo! Y'all better stand to attention, 'cause if all I had to cheer for was the Baltimore Ravens and Ray Lewis, I'd rather throw up! Woooo! You gotta be the luckiest franchise in the history of the NFL. You know the saying, you got the money honey, I got the time, well if I had the time, I'd buy this one horse team just to throw 'em outta this league - wooo! Now, let's talk about WCW - mah - mah - mah - wooo! - WCW - and you, baby, you LIKE it, don't you honey. Let's talk about the Cat, number one. Cat, I know you're watching this show, you have become a detriment - I tried to help you Cat, I tried to show you the way of life a champion lives - you went south. Therefore, Cat..." ["You suck!" Quick, turn that crowd mic down!] "Therefore, Cat, there's gonna be a list of opponents a mile long. I'm gonna guarantee YOU that that commissionership is gonna change hands in a real short period of time. Wooo! Now, I got some bad news for ya - you know last Monday night, Big Sexy got lucky - he beat Buff. Then, then come to find out - Wednesday at Thunder, Diamond Dallas Page, Big Sexy,



they show up at the building half in the bag. That means they were celebrating that big victory so hard that they came to - NOBODY works for Ric Flair and takes a drink on the job! Once again, this is MY WCW. And if you wanna work here, you gotta show and be ready to go, just like your old lady's gonna have to do that, pal, all night long. So, I didn't wanna believe it, but let's take a look at the tape that'll show you what I'm talking about - Nash and Page laying down on the job. (Let Us Take You Back to Thunder - Nash and Page are laid out, actually) There. What is this? And they wanna work for me? For WCW? I gotta have boys - wooo! - that can get up and go! Here's the way it goes...Scott Steiner is our world champion and I'm gonna make sure he's got a worthy opponent, so here's the deal - Nash, you got one more opportunity to qualify for the main event at SuperBrawl - I got - wooo! - Big Poppa Pump. All you gotta do is beat Totally Buff - that's Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell, tonight, in a handicap match, in the main event. That's right, Big Sexy! All by yourself, handicap, against Totally Buff - Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell. That's all you gotta do. Any outside interference and the match is called off. (Nash watches a monitor backstage) Now - big surprise - the Nature Boy - wooo! - big surprise - here's the's the deal. I've got a contract because (Nash breaks the monitor - did he miss his cue?) I have brought to WCW another huge player. One of the big names, and I got him here tonight, and all he has to do tonight, later on is sign this contract - wooo! And he's part of MY WCW. Woooo! You, boy, your momma's gonna be goin' 'Woooo! Stop Nature Boy stop!' Woo!"

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This portion of WCW Monday Nitro is brought to you by Burger King - got the urge? (The urge to what?)

Your hosts are TONY SCHIAVONE & SCOTT HUDSON - another look at Nash & Page laid out in the locker room...but this time they show that it was Team Flair beating them up before the shot Flair showed. Tonight, Nash takes on Totally Buff for the right to compete in the main event.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett tells Ric Flair that he forgot to announce his match with Page tonight. Flair says he should wait until SuperBrawl. Jarrett says he's doing it tonight whether he wants to or not. "Don't mess up the game plan, Jeff!"

Meanwhile, a tech guy bumps into Midajah - giving Scott Steiner provocation to break his leg. That guy should SUE him! "Say hello to Sid for me!" Then Midajah spits on him. Well, at least he can swap spit with her...

CAT (with Mz. Jonez and Let Us Take You Back to Several Matches of the Cat's Of Late) v. ? - Cat dances in the ring, then asks for the music to be cut. Addressing the "old man," Cat tells Ric Flair that he can send all his chumps, but there's nobody back there who can keep him down. He may call his momma, too. Cat says anybody accompanying his opponent gets suspended for thirty days, so out walks SHAWN STASIAK with MARK JINDRAK in tow. Commentators are back to talking over Penzer...hey, that lasted long. Stasiak has three things to say to Cat - He doesn't need help whipping him, when he's done whipping him, his first act as commissioner is to book a tag team title match at SuperBrawl with them against Palumbo & O'Haire, and third...."never mind," and he shoves him one. "Whatcha gonna do now, man?" Nothing - his woman is gonna kick him instead. Cat with a kick for Jindrak, right, whipped into Stasiak and both men go over the top to the floor. Jindrak argues with referee Scott "Born to Do It" James while we look backstage, where Palumbo & O'Haire can't believe what he said. Back to the ring, where Stasiak and Cat are in - kick by Stasiak, into the ropes, kick by Cat, 2 count. Into the corner, dancing, running clothesline. Boss Man straddle with rodeo imitation - but runs into a jumping back elbow from Stasiak for 2. Stomp, stomp, head to the buckle, right, right, right, into the opposite corner, sidewalk slam, 1, 2, Cat kicks out. Through the ropes to the outside - Stasiak follows. Cat's head hits the table -



Cat steals a water and smites Stasiak with it. No effect - Stasiak scoops him up and puts his back in the ringpost. Rolled back in...Stasiak follows...scoop...and a slam. Stasiak on the second rope....but he eats a foot on the way down. Schoolboy...2. Stasiak clotheslines him down to turn it around again. Right, right, right, in the corner, right, into the ropes, tilt-a-whirl countered with a head scissors takeover (sorta) for 2! Stasiak with a right, right, into the ropes is reversed, head down, sunset flip attempt - that NEVER works - jiggy jig jig fist, breakin' elbowdrop, kick, Stasiak into the ropes, Cat trying the Feliner coming out but Stasiak has it scouted and drops it - big forearm to the mush by Stasisk. Cat with a karate thrust, Stasiak with a right, Cat with a right, thrust, right, right, into the corner is reversed, Samoan Drop by Stasiak (whoa!) and now he's going up top again - why not, didn't work LAST time...senton finds an empty pool. Cat up - Feliner - 1, 2, 3. (5:03) Wow, longer than the cruiserweight match, huh? Flair reacts unhappily backstage as Animal looks on.

COMING UP: Totally Buff takes on Kevin Nash! Lookit these clips of these people!

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When we come back (also known as "after a very long nap"), we see Wall sitting outside Chavo's dressing room. Hearing some sinster laughter, Wall perks up... but misses the oncoming case shoved by Hugh Morrus. You should have seen it coming - he should have known it was coming - hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! Morrus has got his Frank Gorshin DOWN, man! Morrus throws Wall THROUGH the door and takes off. Chavo checks on what just happened...but Morrus has already disappeared.

Meanwhile, Mike Sanders catches up to Crowbar and delivers the bad news - even with opportunity after opportunity, he's failed to impress the higher-ups. Fortunately for him, he's still got some stroke, so he pulled some strings and booked him in a match tonight. "So what's the big surprise - who's it tonight, Mike Sanders?" Sanders produces a Canadian flag. "Storm warning ahead for you, nutcase." Crowbar takes the flag, breaks the stick, and hands it back to Sanders.

Earlier Tonight, DDP had a very special book signing. He got about as many people as "Positively" Kanyon..well, maybe a few more. Anyway, as we watched the line form, a fracas ensued when an overexuberant fan tried to get ahead by cutting. Before it came to blows, Page got up from his seat to find out what was up. One of the guys went DOWN at the slightest touch from Page. "He hit me!" Page called over Doug Dillinja and they took the two guys away. More mind tricks for Page?

Meanwhile, a black Hummer pulls geez...a *Hummer*?

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When we come back, Chavo has found Totally Buff and complains about Hugh taking out the Wall. They tell him not to worry; they've found him another tag team partner. "Trust us!"

Meanwhile, GENE O. works tonight! Jeff Jarrett says that despite Flair's edict, he wants Page tonight - he'll be in the ring, and if Page is a man, he'll



meet him. So choke on that...

RAYMOND STEREO & KIDMAN (with Tygryss & Let Us Take You Back to Thunder & Filthy Animals jerseys available on v. CHAVO GUERRERO JNR & ? - Really, did you *want* the Wall in this match? Hell no! I predict Lash LeRoux because it makes no sense. Oh, hell, what was *I*'s ROAD WARRIOR ANIMAL, who comes out to Vince Russo's music (just kidding - it's different). Given the choice between Wall and Animal...hmm, that's a toughie. I *guess* it's an improvement. Anyway, Chavo's happy about the development. Hey, remember that cruiserweight opener? Psssssssssssssssssssssss..... Chavo says he'll be happy to start with Kidman. Chavo says he wants Mysterio...but what he *really* wants is for Kidman to look his partner's way so he can punk him out. Gutshot, into the ropes, Kidman slides under, ducks the clothesline, head scissors off the rope - dropkick! Mysterio with a free shot while we look at Animal (great camerawork, he said sarcastically) - Kidman knocks him down and makes the tag. Into the ropes, double gutshot, double sitout uranage. Mysterio on the apron - springboard guillotine (!) gets 2. Chavo comes back with a right, sternum first into the corner, Euro uppercut, into the opposite corner is reversed, Chavo up and over onto the shoulders...Mysterio pulls him out and lets him drop facefirst. Tag to Kidman - whipped into a baseball slide into the nuts. Mysterio with the broncobuster to add insult to injury. Referee "Blind" Mark Johnson puts Mysterio out as Kidman pulls Chavo out - into the corner again, but the boot is up. Gutshot, chop, European uppercut, into the opposite corner is reversed by Kidman, off the rope with the clothesline. Tag to Mysterio - over the ropes, doesn't land clean on the second rope, but recovers quickly to his the moonsault (well, hit the legs, anyway) for 2. Whip is reversed, Mysterio does the spin in the ropes, ducks a clothesline and hits a spinning heel kick. Chavo crawls to his corner quickly and tags. Mysterio runs at Animal...and falls as if hitting a brick wall. Into the ropes, Mysterio ducks, springboard, caught, thrown down. Clothesline for Kidman. Into the ropes, big boot for Kidman. Guerilla press slam for Kidman. Mysterio up...gutshot for Kidman, Mysterio slides down but Animal has him by the neck, pulling him back up between his legs...scooped up - Kidman with a dropkick to the pile, taking him down! Animal pops right back up. Double dropkick to the knees takes him down. Double stompin' - double dropkick to the head. Kidman off the top...into a powerslam. Mysterio tries a 'rana...and gets stuck. Animal has HIM caught...and there's a sitout powerbomb. Tag to Chavo, who is strutting...and maybe rightfully so. 1, 2, 3. (3:27)

Ric Flair is WALKING! And talking to the cameraman...

Meanwhile, the door of the Hummer is opening...

TONIGHT: Here's a clip from Earlier Tonight, setting up the Main Event!

When we come back, the music hits and THE CEO is out once again. A check of the clock reveals it's 55:30 into the show, so this will be what they try to hook us with. Flair still carries the clipboard with the contract on it. Schaivone asks us to please stay tuned, 'cause in just a few minutes, we'll find out who's in the Hummer. What, about four minutes? Hmmm. Won't be much of a surprise unless it's *Savio Vega*. "As I told you at the top of the show, this is MY WCW, and I'm gonna make it the #1 wrestling organisation in the world today (Tony: "Boy this is gonna be big" - yeah, keep selling it, big man) - one of the ways you do that is to keep bringing in big name talent - main - stream personalities, so as promised, tonight, the newest player to join Ric Flair's WCW is none other than the legendary DUSTIN RHODES." Well. There he is, at any rate. "How - good is this? I promise you one of the best - one of the best is here to sign up. Big Dust, I told you that if you would come to Baltimore tonight, I would make you a rich man. This is the *new* WCW - this is Ric Flair's WCW - I told you I had enough money in here to make you a rich man the rest of your life - all you gotta do, buddy, is sign that contract and show the wrestling world that you're on my team - that you're ready to be a main line player." "Well let me look at it for a minute, 'cause that jet you sent for me, that was real nice." "Hey! Hey! Hudson! Hudson! Gimme a pen." "Now don't get me wrong - the jet, the limo, all that stuff, that was nice, but this...can you turn around for me just one time - do you mind? Just do one of those Slick Ric spins - please." He complies. "You didn't think I'd forgotten how to do that, didya pal? You're part of the team, brother! You're gonna be wearin' Armani, alligator shoes, drivin' a Corvette, a Ferrari, whatever you want--" "What's wrong with these cowboy boots?" "There's nothing wrong - I like cowboy boots." "You know why I made you spin around like that?



I'm just sizing you up, 'cause I'm wondering if this is gonna fit where it belongs. Absolutely not. Not today, and not ever...take that and shove it because you SUCK." "You don't really think you grew up enough in the last couple years to tell Ric Flair he sucks, do you pal?" "Like pops...before, he did it, I'll do it too. You get too close to me and stick your big nose in my face I'll smack it right off." "I'm gonna count to five and forget I invited you out here, or brother, you put a hand on me and you'll be a dead man in Baltimore tonight." "Is that so." Rhodes grabs the lapels. "Oh man, whoa no oh no, I kn-- d- don't do this - don't - don't do this - don't do it - Dustin, let's talk - let's talk man, calm down, calm down." "What's wrong? Spit it out." "I can - I can make the bad -" "I'll take your head off right now - get down on your knees right now" "no no no - no no no" "like you did for my dad so many years ago!" "no - no no no" "Get down, come on! Huh!" "no no no - no no no no...there's somebody backstage gonna come out here right now and make you wish you'd never done that." The music hits and ROAD WARRIOR ANIMAL comes out. "Now..." They get to scrappin' - Flair up from behind, Rhodes gets in some short on HIS head, but Flair hits the uppernut - this doesn't seem to affect Rhodes but Animal gets him down anyway. Now in the corner - Animal kicking, Flair chopping - Rhodes fires back with rights, double noggin knocker, right for Animal, kick, kick, Flair hooks him from behind and holds him for a big kick. Flair makes sure Dustin sees him kick him in the nuts this time (or he does it for real) - *this* time Rhodes sells it. They stomp away on him for a while longer as the commentators tell us there's nobody to save him...but the music hits - oh lord, it's ECW's DUSTY RHODES come back to kill us all. Rhodes gets funkeh like a monkeh on Flair (and the TV-14-DL ratings box), who dutifully sells away on everything for him - Animal takes his turn as well. This must be an ECW crowd, 'cause they're all chanting "Dusty" instead of counting along with Dustin's Ten Punch Count Along - so Flair shoves him off at seven, and staggers guessed it...a bionic elbow. Dustin: "Come on, want some more? Let's go." "What are you doing out here tonight, dammit?" Flair tosses the microphone at Dusty - it messes. Flair messes up BILL APTER taking pix at ringside (none of which will make it to WrestleLine - thanks, Bill!) Oh boy, Dusty's gonna stand in council! "This ain't...about me. (Sure.) For eight or nine months, you've been grabbin' all your friends and your bosom buddies - you been holding back other athletes. I been settin - whatchoo gonna do, fire me, hell I don't even work here! Hey hey hey don't, don't go out, don't go out, don't go out. Most of all, you been sidesteppin' Dustin Rhodes, MOST OF ALL you been coming out here wishin' that you gonna be in charge - lemme tell you something, this people's butts that you been kissin', there's new owners, they ain't gonna be here no more, you know what I'm talkin' about? They ain't gonna be here! And lemme tell you something else, Nature Boy, when you talk about this building - when you talk about this ring, you're talkin' 'bout hollowed (hallowed?) ground. You're talkin' 'bout ground that I kicked your ass night after night after night after night. You talkin' about a new era - you're talkin' about young studs! You talkin' about dealing with the dealer, and lemme tell you why - lemme tell you and you listen to this, and tell your family this - from now on, from now on, hell's coming, and I'm coming with him, brother - you know what I'm talking about? Hey hey, whoa, lemme tell you, last but not least, Animal....all puffy...Animal's all puffed up. Animal's got all that ol' puffed up muscle - well, you come back in here, you gonna find out that this ol' fat boy from Austin, Texas will kick a little bit of YOUR booty, too - so you wanna fight? Hey, you guys wanna fight - well, you got one comin' and it's comin' tonight." They hit the ring...and promptly go down again. Quickly we cut away to

TONIGHT: Clips of Totally Buff and Nash by way of reminding us of our main event.

Can Nikita Koloff be far behind? I mean, with no Goldberg, it seems like it'd be the perfect time to bring him back...

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The 1-800-COL-LECT replay is of Dustin no-selling about five uppernuts...and Flair failing to no-sell a really old, fat elbow.

LANCE STORM (with Team Canada - except Oulette and Rougeau) v. CROWBAR (no relation - with Daffney) - "If I can be serious for a's a new day in WCW...thanks to the boss, Ric Flair. I am out here to tell Ric Flair that he has the full support of Team Canada - and for the rest o' ya, I'm gonna put on a Canadian wrestling clinic, like only I can. Because I'm from Calgary....Alberta, Canada - I was born to wrestle, and bred to win. All rise for the playing of the Canadian national anthem!" Anthem gets (:15) before Crowbar comes in without music to punk out Storm from behind - NO respect! Awesome and Skipper pounce on Crowbar...then hold him for a Storm superkick. I guess this is the ONLY time I can be glad we're still not calling him Devon Storm. Into the ropes, nice dropkick - 1, 2, no. Looks like referee "Blind" Billy Silverman just sent Awesome & Skipper to the back. 20 days until SuperBrawl, you know. Storm rubbing Crowbar's face into the mat. Into the corner, out to the opposite corner, (silly string away!) running clothesline, chop, chop, choke, chop. Crowbar reverses it - chop, chop, chop, right, into the opposite corner, reversal, boot up by Crowbar and it hits Storm in the face. Storm to the second rope - overhead head scissors (wow!) - clothesline, clothesline, chops his down. Crowbar in command...until the jawbreaker by Storm. Going for a powerbomb, but Crowbar lands on his feet. Chop by Crowbar. Whip is reversed into a knee, Storm snapmares him over, and drops the leg on the head.




Backbreaker across the knee - 1, 2, no. Storm to the headlock. Let's watch Major Gunns - hmm, yes. Crowbar back to his feet - elbow, elbow, kick by Storm, standing on the neck for 4. Daffney tries to lead a chant - I don't hear anybody else, but who could with her voice? Head to the buckle - down goes Crowbar again. Storm with a running leg lariat. Cover - 2. Stomp on the head - another - Storm goes for the head one more time. Crowbar tries a right, right, right, right, back on his feet - Storm forearms him down - choke on the second rope for 4. Pulling him back up by the hair - into the ropes, Crowbar flips out of a piledriver attempt into a gutwrench, spinning Storm up - leaning backward, landing on HIS feet - trying to muscle over Crowbar - he did, but *Crowbar* goes over and lands on his feet - and drops him with a Slop Drop. Isn't that his move (the Mindbender)? Both men slow to move - Crowbar tries a cover...and gets 2. Both men back up - Crowbar with "Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine," again, chop, chop, into the ropes, jumping back elbow, 1, 2, no. Crowbar with a headbutt! Into the ropes, reversed, Crowbar ducks and holds on - got him up - and down with a death suplex. Crowbar outside - slingshot back in for a crossbody. Quebrada - 1, 2, NO! Storm heads outside - Crowbar doesn't let that stop him, dropkicking him through the ropes. On the apron - LEAP OF FAITH! Rolled back in - that took a lot out of Crowbar as well. Storm manages a right through the ropes, and another. Head to the buckle - trying to bring him back in the hard way but Crowbar lands on his feet - standing switch, Storm manages a German suplex - 1, 2, shoulder up - holding on for a second one, rolling for a third, but Crowbar reverses to a forward roll for a 2 of his own. Crowbar with a Nothern Lights suplex - 1, 2, NO! Storm sat on top - standing kick, kick, axe handle to the chest - Crowbar up on top - going for a top-rope huracanrana...but Storm hooks the right leg and rides it to the mat - that's the Canadian Maple Leaf! Crowbar has to tap. GREAT match. (6:53) Why is Storm's right eye closed?

TONIGHT: More clips of the three men involved in our main event

See WCW live while you still can! Friday, tix on sale for Lake Charles! Next Monday Tupelo hosts Nitro! And SuperBrawl Revenge tickets in Nashville are "going fast!"

Close captioning where available manually typed in by George Foreman for MEINEKE!

Flair and Totally Buff congratulate Lance Storm, and ask him to wrestle the Cat at SuperBrawl. Storm takes the handshake. Jeff Jarrett walks by - *daring* him to top him - he's taking out Page TONIGHT.

Courtesy: Spelling Television, Inc. Here's some clips of Bagwell & Steiner on "Charmed." Q: Why no clips of Booker T? A: Racism

JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET is out. Let Us Take You Back to Last Week to show you what Jarrett's been doing. "Listen up all you Baltimore slapnuts. I'm out here for one reason and one reason only - and that's you, DDP, 'cause I want you in this ring right here, right now. I could care less what Ric Flair - the big top boss has to say, 'cause I'm not waiting for SuperBrawl - we're doing this right now. Page, if you're listening, come out here. PROVE ME WRONG, slapnuts." Did he just say....oh my. The crappy, crappy opening hits and out comes DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE, who comes out through the crowd, 'cause he's a suckup. But he's met by a phalanx of COPS & DOUG DILLINJA. "Do your job right now - arrest him for assault! You know what you did - you know *exactly* what you did, DDP. Arrest him! Assault and battery - arrest him! Tell him, tell him, tell these guys just what you told me." Jarrett's made his way out to the front row to find the kid from earlier in the show. "That'stheguyhehitmehehitmefornoreasonIdidn'tdoanythingtohimdon'tlethimdon'tleth imhitmeagain." Wow, what a bad actor. (I think that's the idea.) You think? "Now don't worry, I got your back. Arrest him, officers, get him outta here. Get that trailer park trash outta here - get him outta here. Hey DDP! I guess tonight we're gonna find out what kind of a - of a REAL man you are - tell Bubba I said hello. Ring the bell, ref - count to ten, award me the match. Referee "Blind" Scott James dutifully complies. Well, looks like Jarrett just got a victory over DDP before the PPV. FINALLY a match where he doesn't swing the guitar! (COR 0:17)

WCW Magazine ad - in case I didn't notice it last week, I'll note that the picture of Goldberg wearing the WCW Magazine T-shirt has been replaced with the old one of Miss Hancock - no, sorry, that's DDP



Moments Ago, During the Break, Ric Flair sucked up to the cops as they led Page into the back of the car. Flair also proclaims Double J a mastermind. Tony goes ahead and says "swerve" for our benefit.

FRANCHISE (with Let Us Take You Back to Last Week) v. RICK WOOF WOOF - "Cut the music! Baltimore, Maryland - I've said it a million times, I'll say it again tonight - as last night's Super Bowl proved, every so often the sun shines on a dog's rear end, too. I ain't here to talk about that second-rate lucky football team of yours, I'm here to talk to you, Cat. Now it seems you don't have the spauldings to take care of me you've signed for the Dog Faced Gremlin, Rick Steiner, to do your dirty work for you. Well I can pull some strings too, Cat. I went above your head to the CEO, the Nature Boy Ric Flair. He's made this a nontitle match - you see, he figured Ric Steiner hasn't done a stinkin' thing to deserve a title shot for my prestigious US belt. Sorry, Dog Face - tonight ain't a title match - just think of it as a clinic in how to get yourself Franchised, hahaha." Notice that Franchise can't say "ass" but Dusty Rhodes can? Wow, I thought Steiner wrestling was exclusive to Thunder, just like the Harrisses and Smiley. Franchise rolls out just in time for another Filthy Animals jersey graphic. Back in the ring with Franchise - kick, forearm, forearm, forearm, into the ropes, hiptoss takeover...Steiner responds with a spear and blows to the head. One more right ot the head. Rick manages to trip THREE times on his way back to his feet - knees to the head, kick, Franchise rolls out, Steiner follows. Into the safety rail. Boot to the face, right, back in as referee "Blind" Mickie J. hits 5. Franchise begs off - Steiner grabs him and throws a right. Scooped up on the shoulder - rammed jimmy first into the top turnbuckle. Steiner up for the bulldog - Franchise shoves J. in front - Steiner leaps over him, but gets caught by Franchise with an atomic drop. Standing dropkick. Stomp, stomp, kick, running rolling neck snap. Set up for the Indian deathlock and bridging back - not much effect, so he breaks it. Into the ropes, Steiner ducks a clothesline, catches the leapfrog and turns it into a powerslam. Steiner back in control - right, right, belly-to-belly, hey no fair, that's Franchise's move! Into the ropes, hmm no idea - we'll call it a miscommunication collision. Steiner hits another belly-to-belly suplex (how insulting!) for 2. Franchise back up with a kick, right, right, right, Steiner catches the kick, ducks the enzuigiri and goes for...the knee in the ass? No, apparently this is some kind of wacky submission move ONLY Rick Steiner can do - Douglas decides to spare him trying to figure it out and grabs the rope. Hudson offers an STF - maybe he meant "Steiner's Truly Fucked for attempting to put on this move." Franchise rolls out, Steiner follows, but takes an eyepoke. Into the safety rail. Steiner rolled back in. Don't forget Nash takes on Totally Buff! Feet on the ropes - Steiner kicks out at 2 anyway. Calling for the Pittsburgh Plunge - more of a fishermanplex than a fishermanbuster, though, so it shouldn't be THAT surprising when Steiner kicks out at 2. Steiner put in the corner - big boot as he comes out. Franchise has the chain...but there's a Steinerline before he can use it. Top rope bulldog and it's over. 1, 2, NO!!!!!!! Whoa, sorry Franchise - never meant to doubt you. Steiner got him on his shoulders - Spicolli Driver! 1, 2, 3! (5:39) Schiavone suggests renaming the Death Valley Driver the "Steiner Driver." Why, did a Steiner die? Tony: "A new move by Rick Steiner, he wins!" I'm sure Tony must have meant "a new move FOR Rick Steiner" because that other thing sounds INCREDIBLY patronising to wrestling fans who have definitely seen the move before. " down. Two things - you want some, come get some! You don't like me -" and he lets the crowd finish it. I'd say "way to make the US Champion look strong" but they *at least* let him kick out of the top-rope we'll call it a wash instead.



TOTALLY BUFF (with Let Us Take You Back to Last Week) v. AD BREAK - Coming out to Luger's music and dressed as Tony Banks (aka Trent Dilfer, according to Hudson) & Ray Lewis and carrying Ravens pennants, one gets the impression they're not terribly sincere about all the rah-rah. Bagwell: "Let's hear it for the world champ Baltimore Ravens! Yes! Yes! Baltimore Ravens, let's hear it one more time, yeah!" Who does WCW get to represent the team at the event? BENNIE THOMPSON, special teams coach. WOW! "You goin' to the parade tomorrow?" "Big parade, I can't wait - who's going to the parade?" "Well Buff, I hate to rain on your parade, wanted to do this, I know you got real excited about the Ravens' big win and everything yesterday, but...really they're not Baltimore's team, they're actually Cleveland's team." "What are you saying?" "Baltimore is a city of total, absolute losers - their team left - they're in Indianapolis now - they haven't won a Super Bowl in thirty years." "THIRTY YEARS?" "They stole the team from Cleveland in the middle of the night - I hate to break that to ya." "What got 'em here? What got 'em here? What got 'em here - tell 'em!" "If it wasn't for Ray Lewis, the man who wears this jesery, who one year ago was dressed in an orange jumpsuit...they have the worst offense in the league, they stole it from Cleveland, so basically, they absolutely suck so let's get rid of these. They get to ripping while Thompson...stands. "Now down to business - what the hell are you looking at? Get in here, big boy - I'll knock your teeth down your damn throat. Come on in here, big man!" Thompson hops the rail...and lets the security guy hold him back. "He doesn't want any of you, Buff. Let's get down to business! Now when Big Sexy took on the challenge tonight, do you realise that Totally Buffed eliminated the biggest monster professional wrestling has ever seen in Bill Goldberg? He's gone! Bill Goldberg - he's fired!" "FIRED!" "Fired!" "FIRED!" "He's gone!" "FIRED!" (Settle down, Beavis.) "So, Nash, what makes you think you have a chance against the Package and Buff? The bottom line is...oh we miss Goldberg too - Gold-berg." "GOLD-Stupid-Goldberg!" "So Nash, bring your big, tall, skinny butt down here, because I'm the Total Package..." "...and I'm Buff." "And that's why we're called Totally..." "...Buffed." And they share a laugh. What a waste of a segment.

HOOOOO! Kevin Nash is WALKING!

SuperBrawl Revenge ad

Let Us Take You Back to Last Week and show you how Kevin Nash won his way to the SuperBrawl main event...LAST week.

TOTALLY BUFFED v. KEVIN NASH in Nash's Qualifier for the SuperBrawl main event (again) - Nash pulls Bagwell outside and puts him in the post. Luger is trying to pose but Nash is in - "Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine," right, right, right, knee, Bagwell from beind with a shot - doubleteam in the corner. 20 Days Away, it is. They pose...then turn back around to take a double clothesline. Right hand for Bagwell, right for Luger, Luger tossed, right for Bagwell - choke...Luger back in with a big uppernut. Bagwell with a swinging neckbreaker. Luger drops a big elbow, Bagwell chokes - referee "Blind" Charles Robinson gets a shove after getting vocal about enforcing the count. Luger with a big death suplex. Motioning for the Rack while Bagwell throttles him. Bagwell ready to help him onto Luger's shoulders...but Nash elbows Bagwell, right for Luger, right for Bagwell, right for Luger, sidewalk slam for Bagwell, sidewalk slam for Luger, clotheslined Bagwell out, scoops up Luger for Snake Eyes. Knee to the face, in position for the truckstop powerbomb but as he hits it, Bagwell hits a simultaneous double underhook DDT on Robinson, taking HIM out. Leg is hooked...nobody counting. Hey! ACHTUNG ACHTUNG HIER IST ALEX WRIGHT has the stripes (of course, the ribs are wrapped *over* the shirt for the benefit of our storyline understanding) - 1, 2, ahhhh no. Nash looks up and gets up. Wright backs off. Bagwell with a double sledge, and now he *and* Wright work over Nash - who comes back and cleans house. Wright into the ropes, big boot. Bagwell with a gutshot, setting up for the DDT but Nash backdrops him. Into Luger, who hits the floor. Knee for Bagwell, down come the straps, truckstop drop for a second time - leg is hooked....CAT comes out in the zebra stripes - 1, 2, Wright pulls him out. Cat blocks a right, kick, into the safety rail, back in, 1, 2, 3. (3:50) "Hey yo. Looks to me like I'm on a little roll tonight. Might as well finish this right. Steiner...I know you're in the back. Let's do" Umm, there's no time left in this show. The music hits comes WHITE THUNDER...and the credits. See ya.

AFTER THE FACT: Yeah, you've already read Rick's spoiler report - now read mine! Courtesy Bob D. & Shannon C.: Hello CRZ,

We were at Nitro and Thunder tapings in Baltimore last night, and we just wanted to drop you a line. Before we get started, we enjoy your recaps and keep up the excellent work - your recaps are required reading Tuesday afternoon at the office.

Anyway, attendance for Nitro was about 6,000-7,000. Between the segments, DJ Ran and the Nitro Girls actually kept the crowd much more alive than during the wrestling segments. Biggest pops of the night went to Dusty Rhodes and "Big Lazy err... Sexy" Kevin Nash. Most heat went to Jeff Jarrett and anyone who badmouthed the Baltimore Ravens. After Nitro, the crowd seemed very happy. Oh but this is WCW. Onto the Thunder spoilers:

Opening match: Shane Helms vs. Billy Kidman (w/ Tygress)
Tygress is wearing a tight pink pants and a matching jacket much to our discontent, as her outfit on Nitro was quite tasty. The match dragged on quite a bit, and the crowd was getting restless. Good work by both men, but the crowd didn't seem to care. Shane pinned Kidman after finishing with the Sugar Smack or whatever they call it.

Interview: Scott Steiner w/ Midajah
I went to the bathroom here, and when I came back, Kronik came out to challenge Steiner. Luger and Bagwell attack them from behind as they're making their way down to the ring. Rick Steiner appears on the stage and before he can help out Kronik, Jeff Jarrett hits him from behind with a guitar shot.

Backstage: Steiner, Luger, Buff, Jarrett and Flair are all celebrating beating up Kronik and somehow Jarrett makes a reference that he'll be wrestling Rick Steiner later.

Ron Harris (w/ brother Don) vs. Lash Leroux
Referee takes a marker and writes an X on Ron's hand to distinguish them. Of course, the match ends when the other Harris writes an X on his own hand, and they they switch places. The other Harris brother hits Leroux with a spinebuster for the pin. Very little fan interest also, and this match was a few minutes too long also.

Interview: Palumbo and O'haire. Blah blah blah, my interest was waning severly at this point.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Norman Smiley
Smiley spends most of the match looking around for Glacier. The match ends with BBB hitting the Greetings from Asbury Park. Glacier comes down after Norman is pinned and greets the fans and poses in the ring a while. Thankfully, no one is taking Glacier seriously so this was actually a funny bit.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Rick Steiner
Match ends when the ref goes down and Shane Douglas comes out with a chain on his fist. He misses hitting Rick Steiner and hits Jarrett instead. Steiner hits Douglas and gets the pin on Jarrett.

Kwee Wee vs. some jobber
Penzer never even announces the jobber, so the crowd chants at him "Y2J". I think he looks like Test, but anyways, Kwee Wee does his whole spiel on how we wants respect and wants to be on Flair's team. Kwee Wee hits a pile driver and gets the pin. The matches are getting shorter now, as more fans are leaving and no one cares anymore.

Mamalukes vs. Palumbo and O'haire
At this point, the fans in front of us sarcastically mark out for Palumbo and we join in. The arena is silent at this point, so our chants for Palumbo should be quite audible. Look for a large 3-board Palumbo sign about five rows up directly behind the far left ring post. Match ends with Palumbo hitting a superkick folllowed by a Sean-ton bomb on Big Vito I think. After the match, Stasiak and Jindrak come out and threaten Chuck and Sean, and there's a mess in the ring afterwards. Chuck tried to get the stick from O'haire to acknowledge his only six fans in the country, but I guess it wasn't part of the script. Who would ever believe Chuck has fans to begin with...

Konnan vs. Reno
Konnan gets the crowd somewhat alive with his catchphrases in the beginning, but the fans go back to sleep after. Konnan gets Reno with the Tequila Sunrise for the win.

Finally, Luger and Bagwell vs. Kronik
Bagwell takes the mike and says "If I hear one boring chant, we're leaving". We'll be sure to stay out of your way are we're leaving too, Buff. A reasonably good match with all four men working solidly. Road Warrior Animal comes out through the crowd and hits Clark with a nasty chairshot. Bagwell pins Adams for the win, but I was paying attention to Clark as he was down for quite a while. Trainers come out and help Clark out as he's bleeding from the back of his head.

Well, Thunder was the worst piece of garbage I've ever actually paid to see. If I left after Nitro, I'd give it a slight thumbs up, but WTF is Bischoff thinking for Thunder. WCW needs a face back soon like Booker T, Sting, or Goldberg. Dusty Rhodes was good for night, but he won't receive huge pops anywhere else after the novelty dies down. Where's the Shockmaster right now? But that's just my opinion. Hope these spoilers help.

From two faithful NWA/WCW fans--
Bob D. and Shannon C.

To sit through some of that, you'd HAVE to be faithful. Thanks for writing, even if I *am* 24 hours late!

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