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Did I miss the WCW logo or did they not show it?

TV-14-DL - THE CEO is in the ring, ROAD WARRIOR ANIMAL on the apron and KEVIN NASH in the aisle - apparently we are joining in progress? Flair invites Nash into the ring, along with the close captioned logo. Nash asks Animal to step aside - but he lunges at him instead - block, right, into the barricade. He's left laying as Nash slowly makes his wy into the ring. Nash steps over the top rope as Flair begs off. Knee to Flair - and a big choke - foot on the neck. Nash says Flair may be the boss around here, but he is not his...well, we don't hear the end of that sentence - backstage, Mike Sanders meets the limo and tells Steiner, Jarrett et al that Flair needs him. Back to the ring - Nash is tired of Flair calling the shots, so he's gonna do it instead. Right hand. Flair: "Nooooooo!" Into the opposite corner, right hand. Nash says he's going to embarrass him. "I'm going to strip you naked on national television." Flair tries some chops - no effect. Nash rips up the jacket - right, right, off comes the shirt (with a little help from Flair on the cuffs) - right, off come the pants - Flair wears Florida Gator boxers? "You know, this started off kinda funny - it's gettin' real pathetic." Well he's half right. "I think it's time for the Killer to put a period on the end of this sentence." Down come the straps - just in time, the siren hits and TEAM FLAIR runs out. "You better get back, boys - or I break his neck." Bagwell holds back Steiner - Jarrett and Luger decide to stay back as well. "Penzer, get them a microphone, I wanna hear what these girls have to say." "Let him go, Nash - let him go, we're coming in there. Don't break his neck or I'll break yours." "I don't think you're in much of a position to negotiate right now, Steiner." "Come on, Nash - let him go!" "Or what?" "Or what, we're gonna come in there and kick your ass." Nash continues standing on his neck. "Flair - before this goes any further, looks to me like we got some demands we need to negotiate - you feel like negotiatin' tonight, Flair?" "Ahhhh - yeahhhhh" "Well I brought a negotiator with me tonight..." Hit the music, Team Flair turns to face the Nitrovision but THE CAT & MZ. JONEZ are out through the crowd from the other side. "Hey! Hey jackasses - I'm over here." Cat calls Nash a bad boy - "is that any way to treat your grandpa?" Cat says he's in charge tonight. SuperBrawl Revenge is 13 days away, says the graphic. Nash throws another right. Cat says if he kills Flair, *he'll* be in charge, and he'll send 'em all home. Cat says he's going to book the whole show tonight. "We know when the Cat book the show, there's a lotta surprises out there for all you fans." He asks the boss if he can take charge - Flair says something incoherent - he's in Nash's head vice. Cat says "Big Poppa Dump" five or six times, telling him he's booked in three matches tonight....because he's a three-time karate champion. Hudson: "That makes sense." He asks Flair if that's okay - Flair mumbles in the affirmative. Cat says his first match is against four cruiserweights (aw shit). His second match will be against Diamond Dallas Page. And finally, this third match will be a title match - against Kevin Nash. But that's not all - if he loses, Flair must resign at midnight. Is it a match? Flair tries to say "no" but switches to "yes" after Nash starts the choke. Cat says Nash can even have a mystery partner in his match tonight - anybody he wants. Crowd chants "cold beer" for some reason. Cat says Steiner is "losin' his hair - and he lost his mind." After Nash wins the title and Flair loses his job, he'll be in charge. Somebody can call his momma! "Looks to me like the Cat has spoken."

"Pretender 2001" is NEXT!

When we come back, Flair is being helped out of the ring by his men. Steiner and Midajah hang



back for the first match...oh, by the way, you can buy his shirt at

WHITE THUNDER (with Midajah, already in the ring) v. JUNG DRAGONS (without Leia Meow - she was fired) and KNOBLE & KARAGIAS - I guess Jamie-san's patched it up with his old team, eh? How smug you were when you wrote me. "Oh, but they *signed* Daniels and Modest! Things are getting better and you're WRONG. They're going to get it *right* this time - the cruiserweights will be *protected.*" How SMUG you were. Listen, do you think I'm HAPPY that I'm right? Do think I LIKE the fact that I can call WCW demolishing the credibility of their light heavyweight division a mile and a week away? Hell, ANYBODY can do it at this point. But somebody is convinced that this is the way to book it - sure, the World Heavyweight champion has *no problem* tossing around four cruiserweights - what they're doing in the same ring to begin with....hell with it. It's a waste of my time. Blockbuster superplex on Yang to put him down - 1, 2, Steiner tells referee "Born To Do It" Scott James to stop counting - he's not done throwing around cruiserweights yet. I can see the letters now. "If it were Tazz suplexing the hell out of four men, you'd need an extra large roll of toilet paper to contain your excitement." No, that wouldn't make any sense either. "You know, the WWF Light Heavyweight division sucks, too." I'm not even *talking* about the WWF - if you can't defend WCW actions without bringing the WWF into it, you don't really have any business trying to defend WCW in the first place. Triple stack Steiner Recliner on Karagias, Kaz and Knoble - wow, Steiner involved with a KKK, who'da thunk it. Everybody waves their arms frantically to give up. (3:02) Here's some replays. Up yours.

This week, graphics take half the screen and clips take up the other half. TONIGHT: Whoops, switched to LATER: Scott Steiner vs. Kevin Nash & Mystery Partner"

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In the office, Flair dresses. Somehow, Flair blames Sanders for all his woes.

Meanwhile, Page and Brian Adams visit Cat, Nash and Jones. Nash asks Adams who he wants tonight - Adams asksk for Totally Buffed or Animal - Cat says he'll start him at the bottom and books him with Buff. Words for Page, words for Nash....moving on

GENE O. works tonight! Rick Steiner has a US title shot tonight with the Franchise - Steiner said this match was scheduled for the PPV, but he told the Cat it's time to get some gold on their side, so they're having the match tonight. He'll win the belt - you want some, you don't like me.

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Boy, this show just FLIES when I don't care about it...



Gene O. stands with Brian Adams - Bryan Clarke was injured last week on Thunder at the hands of Animal - or his chair, even. "You know what - my partner didn't go to the hospital - no, he went home, he sewed it up himself, and he laughed the whole time. The mistake was, boys, you didn't get the job done, and now the WCW attorneys - or should I say Ric Flair's attorneys - are saying my partner's banned from the building for his own safety. The fact of the matter is, you guys are scared. And you should be scared. 'Cause Bagwell, tonight, it's you and me. I'm not bringing a lead pipe to the ring, I'm not bringing a steel chair to the ring, all's I'm bringing are these - and I promise that this is all I need to get the job done."

Flair, Luger, Bagwell and Animal react to the interview. Clarke is down for three weeks thanks to the homerun king - Adams by himself should be no problem. Luger suggests a Totally Buffed/Kronik match for SuperBrawl - and no substitutions if Clarke can't make it. Flair digs it, and books the match.

FRANCHISE (with Let Us Take You Back One Week) v. RICK WOOF WOOF for the United States Heavyweight championship - last week, Steiner got the pin in a nontitle match. THIS week, Franchise has a cast on his right arm. "Cut the music! Listen up, you Tupelo, southern fried redneck hicks!" "'Ey Franchise, why don't you shut your stinkin' mouth!" Steiner's entrance cuts short the G-rated spiel. NBA All-Star Weekend starts Saturday! Steiner asks referee "Blind" Jamie Tucker to check the cast...and amazingly, he does it! Nothing found. Sign in crowd: "Shut up and Wrestle" - ah ha ha. Lockup, to the corner...if he's trying to hit him with the cast, that's a bad camera angle. Anyway, Steiner goes out after something connects - Franchise after him, raking the face, head to the commentary table, ripping at the face. Head to the apron. Everybody back in - standing on the neck. Franchise outside - Steiner whipped into the safety rail. Franchise has a chair, poking at him with the edge of the chair - Steiner ducks the swing, but Franchise gets him the second try. Tucker manages to grab it as he runs at him again - Steiner with a right. Right. Into the safety rail, right. Steiner grabs the chair - Tucker out to take it from him. Franchise back in the ring, Steiner after him, snapmares him over, knee between the shoudlerblades and pulling on the face. Right hand. Franchise rolls out again. Steiner puts him in the safety rail. Oh this match is so slow - I'm guess that's a legit arm break for Franchise? Franchise's head rammed into the belt on the commentary table. Franchise rolled back in - Steiner between the ropes, Franchise crotching him as he comes in. Filthy Animals jersey only $40 at! Rolling neck snap. Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp - Steiner back with a right, right, right, Franchise rakes the eyes. Into the ropes, reversed, head down, Franchise...puts him in the ropes again. Steiner turns a leapfrog attempt into a powerslam. Steinerline. Belly-to-belly suplex. Going up for the bulldog...but he ends up running smack dab into the cast. Franchiser!! Franchise does some mouthing off and/or gives him time to recover - 1, 2, JOHNNY ACE! Does he have any more finishers Steiner could kick out of? Franchise decides to argue with Tucker instead of follow it up - Steiner up from behind - Franchise with a gutshot - Steiner blocks the suplex attempt - swing is ducked - back elbow by Franchise - off the ropes...Steiner catches him - Franchise raking the face to break the bearhug - Franchise off the ropes - Spiccoli driver - 1, 2, 3. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new United States heavyweight champion. (5:59) These guys are *still* gonna wrestle at SuperBrawl Revenge? I guess people who actually buy pay-per-views *are* idiots. "Ric Flair - number three - you know how it goes - you want me? You want some? Come get some. You don't like me?" Replay of the Spiccoli Driver.

TONIGHT: Scott Steiner vs. Diamond Dallas Page!

LATER: Scott Steiner vs. Kevin Nash & Mystery Partner

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When we come back, Flair talks to Chavo Guerrero Jr. Unfortunately, he talks so low that I can't hear him. Spying something on the monitor, Flair goes ballistic - this is something he has to take care of now - sorry, Chavo

Aww, it's DUSTIN RHODES coming to ringside - Let Us Take You Back to Last Week where ECW's Dusty Rhodes ruined Tex Slazenger's chances of ever making it to WWF television - why put up a funny imitation when the real thing is still hamming it up on the other station? "Tupelooooooooooooooooooo! Woooo is it good to be back or what? Slick Ric - sittin' all back there, let me tell you something right now, boy - not by a long shot am I finished stompin' your behind. You can bet your butt on that. (giant pause) Want me to stomp a mudhole in Ric Flair tonight? Everybody wants that, don't they, tonight. Ric Flair, like Dust, like the Rhodes name - you - will always and never forget the name of Dustin Rhodes, you can bet on that." "Are you paying attention? Rhodes! Hey! Look out, son, don't you know who's running this joint? Look at the screen! It's the Nature Boy Ric Flair - CEO - and this is MY WCW! Don't you get it? You'll never work here! Is your head as fat as your old man's? I'm the CEO! This is my WCW! You're fired, you're gone! Woooo you'll never work here!" "What you talkin' about, huh? Why don't you come down here and say that?" Flair tells the director to cut his mic, and directs security to the ring. "I don't wanna see him anymore!" So they cut to commercial with Rhodes standing there looking goofy.

When we come back, "Moments Ago," Doug Dillinja and security took Dustin Rhodes away - he turned to the camera to say something....but the tape stopped right there. Apparently, Flair ordered that footage stopped as well. Dustin wasn't getting another second of TV time!

Here's a look at handsome DAVID PENZER standing in the ring to fill in.

DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE HAS REALLY CRAPPY MUSIC (with Let Us Take You Back to 2 weeks ago - and last week) v. MESH HEAD MUSH MOUTH (with Midajah & NBA All-Star Weekend starts Saturday!) in a nontitle match - Page comes out through the crowd, 'cause he's a suckup. Two things to say - first of all, if his title is REALLY important to him, Steiner should just drop down and let Page pin him in 0:03 - then he'll be fresh for the title match. Of course, he should have done that in the first match as well, but that's not the way we deal with cruiserweights here in WCW. Which leads to my second question: what will it say when/if Page meets with more success against Steiner than did four cruiserweights? Here we go. Steiner poses, Page shoves, Page with "Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine," again, again, discus lariat puts him down. Into the ropes, reversed, Page pretends Midajah hooked his ankle (she was five feet away) and there's a Steinerline. Steiner catches Page's clothesline but he turns it into a uranage for 2. Clothesline takes both men to the outside. Page stomp, stomp, stomp, stomps away. Into the safety rail is reversed and Page hits hard. Steiner drops him on another safety rail. Head to the apron is blocked, elbow by Page, head to the apron, rolled back in - Page up top...Midajah crotches him by pulling the top rope. Steiner puts Page on his shoulder and runs him very very slowly, to the opposite corner. Tree of Woe - Steiner outside to crank the neck. Back inside - stomp. Into the ropes, Page tries a sunset flip - Steiner punches him. Knees on the shoudlers - 1, 2, Page reverses - 1, 2, no. Atomic drop by Steiner - backbreaker across the knee, 1, 2, no. Steiner argues the count with referee "Blind" Billy Silverman. Field goal kick by Steiner. Into the ropes, Steinerline. Kiss the bicep, drop the elbow - 1, 2, no it's pushups time. Steiner's mouth is bleeding (the bicep kiss left some as well) - quick, pull back to the rafters! Steiner blocks a punch, knee to the gut, shoved back in the corner, kick, kick, right, right, chop, forearm shiver, standing on the neck. Crowd allegedly chanting "DDP" - Steiner hits the double bicep, then kisses the other bicep, leaving a bloody mark. Page pulls himself up - Steiner in the corner, right, left, right, into the opposite corner...but running into the boot. Steiner with the belly-to-belly suplex - 1, 2, no! Steiner decides to forearm Silverman out of the ring, kicking him to the floor. Page spins him around - Steiner shoves out of the Diamond Cutter attempt, Page off the ropes ducks under the clothesline, floatover into the Diamond Cutter...but there's no ref. Page



outside to roust Silveman...who calls for the bell. (relaxed DQ 4:24) Hmm, how smart is it to have the match end JUST as the competition starts? Page goes back out over the rail to "celebrate with the fans." Just as his music starts, "a fan" attacks him...but that's no fan, that's KANYON! JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET joins in the stompdown until SECURITY gets them separated. A woozy Page is helped to the back - meanwhile, back in the ring, Midajah is trying to help Steiner shake HIS cobwebs. Play *his* music! Here's a replay.

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Poor Kanyon - everybody changes the channel and he comes out a minute later.

When we come back, Steiner, Nash, Adams, Cat & Jones are trying to help out Page and the TV-14-DL ratings box. Nash says something...I think, about his match tonight, which will make everything better. The trainer goes to work on Page...

Meanwhile, Jarrett & Kanyon pile into a limiousine and drive off.

EL NINO v. CHAVO GUERRERO JNR (with Let Us Take You Back to Last Week) in a nontitle match - Apprently, Ric Flair went down to Mexico with Chavo's father and scouted this guy for opposition tonight. Nino is a guy in a mask and black body suit. Hey, maybe it's Raven's girlfriend! Probably not. Nino goes outside to look at the title belt - this prompts Guerrero to go out and berate David Penzer for letting someone else touch the belt. Here we go. Nino does a little airplane imitation - Guerrero is annoyed. Filthy Animals jersey graphic - hmmm. Lockup, side headlock by Guerrero, into the ropes, shoulderblock by Guerrero. Commentators try to put over the luchadores - good luck. Kick by Chavo, head to the buckle, kick, kick, kick, standing on the neck. Another boot run across the head. Into the opposite, back to the first corner sternum first. Death suplex. 1, 2, kickout., Nino goes behind, ducks a clothesline - springboard crossbody - is caught. Backbreaker by the champ - 1, 2, no. Chavo mounts him and throws several right crosses. Chop. Into the ropes, slides under, Chavo drops down, Nino hangs onto the ropes, Chavo runs at him, dumped on the apron - forearm by Nino puts Chavo on the floor. Nino with a pescado! Nino plays airplane and does a lap around the ring. Whip into the safety rail is reversed, and Nino sails over, landing in the front row. Guerrero suplexes him back over the rail - to the floor. Rolled back inside...Chavo going up top. Nino up - crotching him on top. Look mommy I'm a plane once again - climbing up, slips off the ropes, springs back up a second time, snaps off a Frankensteiner - 1, 2, Guerrero kicks out. Into the ropes, reversed, tilt-a-whirl but Nino lands on his feet - tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on the champ. Chavo up quickly - gets up the boot to stomp the charge. Tossed out of the ring yet again - Guerrero follows. European uppercut. Knife-edge chop. Rolled back in the ring - hooks the leg - 2. Guerrero to a headlock. Crowd comes alive for the masked his feet (and trying to do the airplane, too) - elbow, elbowed out, off the ropes, Guerrero buries a knee in the gut. Lateral press - 2. Nino sent into the ropes, somersaulting off - Chavo has him up - he rolls over and down for 2. Guerrero with a big clothesline. Into the ropes, Nino tries a quebreada but Chavo catches him on his shoulder...running to the corner, but Nino breaks free and shoves him into the corner. Nino off the ropes with a flying headscissors. Hammerlock by Nino, to a rollup for 2. Chavo with a double sledge to Nino. Over the ropes, no, Nino with a Mysterio-like spin in the ropes - ducks a clothesline, body scissors into a bulldog. On the apron, springboard legdrop, floatover - 1, 2, 3! (6:42) The mask and shirt are doffed to reveal it's really RAYMOND STEREO. The music guy astutely plays the Filthy Animals music and not El Nino music. An angry Chavo charges into a drop toehold...and broncobuster. Rey does one more airplane for us...then walks off. "What a swerve that was!" Yeah, I liked the part where he got his ass completely kicked for several minutes but managed to win anyway, because it made so much sense. Castrol Motor Oily provides a




replay. Mysterio makes the "I want da belt" hand motion.

LATER: Scott Steiner vs. Kevin Nash & Mystery Partner! I think there's more clips of Ric Flair here than the participants in the match - hey, you don't think HE'S the...naah.

See WCW live while you still can! Friday tix go on sale for Johnson City, Knoxville for Nitro, and Sunday catch WCW in Baton Rouge! Next Monday Nitro hits Biloxi!

Close captioning where available type in by George Foreman for Meineke! The NBA All-Star Weekend begins Saturday, by the way.

LANCE STORM & AWESOME MIKE AWESOME (without Major Gunns - she was fired) are out. "If I can be serious for a minute - the question on everybody's mind is is Ric Flair gonna still be the boss come midnight tonight? Well let me remind you that Flair has the full support of Team Canada...and Cat, some SuperBrawl, WCW is gonna have its first Canadian commission. Mark my words, Cat, 'cause I'm from Calgary,....Alberta, Canada - I was born to wrestle and bred to win. All rise for the playing of the Canadian national anthem!" Instead of the anthem, however, we see Cat & Ms. Jones on the Nitrovision. Cat says nobody wants to hear that crap, and goes on to say they're gonna work hard tonight - then introduces their opponents...

LANCE STORM & AWESOME MIKE AWESOME v. CHUCK PALUMBO & SEAN O'HAIRE in a nontitle match - Awesome and O'Haire start - Awesome with a gutshot, right, into the ropes, they collide but nobody moves. Shoving match. Slaps and chops and traded. Fourth go-round now - no advantage. Gutshot by Awesome, right, right, into the ropes, reversed, Awesome catches him in a German suplex, then clotheslines him outside. He's gonna leap - no-hands tope onto O'Haire! Awesome back on the apron - Palumbo with a no-hands springboard dropkick onto Awesome! Storm springs off with a missile dropkick onto Palumbo - stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. Must be one o' them lucha rules matches. 13 days until the PPV, thanks Mr. Graphics. Storm puts Palumbo into the ropes, nice dropkick. 1, 2, kickout. Side headlock by Storm, Palumbo powers out, criss-cross, tag, Palumbo drops down and O'Haire flattens Storm with a clothesline. Stomp, stomp, European uppercut. Arm wringer, crowd chants "USA" with no faces to cheer for. Storm trying to power out - O'Haire with the kneelift. Storm manges a jawbreaker to turn it around - until O'Haire comes off with a right. Right, right, tag, to the buckle, double arm wringer takedown. Palumbo hooks the leg - out at 1. Cover, 2. Palumbo with a kick. Right hand. Another right. Storm pokes the eyes, right, into the ropes, reversed, powerslam by Palumbo. 1, 2, nope. Storm surprises with an inside cradle, but gets 2. Straight right by Palumbo. Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, Scott Hudson says "soupbone" (hi Scott), taunting Awesome to draw over referee "Blind" Scott James so they can BOTH get to stompin'. O'Haire stays in - working the body - right, left, right, right, vertical suplex coming up - no, Storm lands on his feet and rolls him up for 2. Another big right hand by O'Haire. Into the corner, tag, right hand. Head to the buckle, right, into the opposite corner, boot up by Storm, leg lariat, tag to Awesome! Up top - body press off the top - 1, 2, O'Haire saves. Right, into the ropes is reversed, Palumbo hits the hot shot. Tag to O'Haire, Beverly Brothers leapfrog butt to the back. O'Haire stomps away - right, left, right, into the opposite corner, Awesome stairsteps up the ropes with no hands and hits the back elbow. Right, stomp, climbing up top - AWESOME SPLASH!! 1, 2, Palumbo in to make the save. Storm comes in and hits a flying forearm smash that puts Palumbo to the ropes, then outside. Awesome says that's it - going for the Awesome Bomb on O'Haire, but O'Haire shifts his weight and lands on his feet. After slipping, he tries a spinning heel kick but Awesome ducks it - there's a death suplex on O'Haire. Palumbo in - HE hits a death suplex on Awesome. Storm in - SUPERKICK on Palumbo! O'Haire over with a spinning roundhouse kick on Storm that puts him down. They take opposite corners now - Awesome on Palumbo, O'Haire on Storm - O'Haire working the body, whip out, reversed, do si do, Storm up and over, back kick by O'Haire that apparently blinds him. Palumbo whips Awesome into Storm, who instinctively rolls him into the Canadian Maple Leaf - O'Haire is content to sit on the top turnbuckle and let the magic happen. ELIX SKIPPER runs out to tell Storm he's got the wrong guy - Palumbo clotheslines Storm onto Skipper once he lets go - Jungle Kick for Awesome, O'Haire ready for the Seantonbomb - that should be it. O'Haire covers - 1, 2, 3. (7:39) Amazingly, both men were legal. Probably the only good thing to come out of this show tonight. I leave it to you to decide whether it was worth sitting through the rest of the show just for this one match.

Backstage, Mark Jindrak gets steamed - "ooh! They're so lucky!" Shawn Stasiak tells him not to worry about it - they know where the real talent lies, and they're in for a nasty surprise at SuperBrawl Revenge.

LATER: Scott Steiner vs. Kevin Nash & Mystery Partner



WCW Magazine ad - interestingly, *every* women in the "Women of WCW" bit has been fired

BUFF DADDY BAGWELL v. BRIAN ADAMS (Kids wanna ROCK!) - Now I'll give you a Brian Adams interview transcription, but I think expecting play-by-play on *this* match is probably just a little too unrealistic an expectation to carry. Let's just jump to the outside interference, shall we? Can you believe we had to sit through five minutes of this first? Anyway, as THE NARCISSIST comes out, he's surprised by BRYAN CLARKE and *they* get to fighting on the outside - mostly Clarke doing the fighting. Adams kicks out after a "Kobashi DDT" (Hudson). ROAD WARRIOR ANIMAL is out to turn the tide on Clarke. Adams hits the full nelson uranage on Bagwell, but the bell rings before he can cover. (Draw 5:44 ["10:00"]) Now, normally I'd complain about the inaccurate timing, but let's face it: another four minutes of these two would have killed us all. As referee "Blind" Mickie J. explains it to Adams ("See, you said you'd never do the job, so..."), Luger hits the ring and surprises him with a big forearm in the back, big double sledge, big stomping away. Animal continues stomping on Clarke on the outside. Luger signalling for the Rack and...with a little help from Bagwell...does indeed put Adams in the Rack. Bagwell goes ahead and punches Adams in the head while he's in it. Play Luger's music! Replay of Animal running Clark shoulder-first into the STEEL steps - don't know if we saw that "live."

Speaking of Buff, he carries the power of the WCW MasterCard.



Did we mention that close captioning where available is sponsored by Meineke? We did? Well, let's mention it again!

Flair tells Steiner he's worried about losing his job. Steiner points to his bicep, and somehow everything becomes right. No interference, says Flair.

Gene O. talks to Adams one more time. Oh, okay. "That's no surprise to me, Gene - you see guys, you just don't get it, do you. You can do whatever you want to can keep beatin' us down, but all you're doin' is makin' us stronger. We're gonna keep comin' and comin', and gettin' worse and worse, just like a bad dream. Hey Luger, you think you can come out and save your partner, you gotta watch his back? Why don't you really step up to the plate and face me at Thunder? Oh yeah, and go ahead and bring Buffy with you, because you're gonna need somebody to zip up the body bag when I'm done with you. Hold on, Gene, I gotta go check on my partner - I think he's hurt."

NEXT: Kevin Nash is WALKING! WHO is his mystery partner? WHO?

Meanwhile, Scott Steiner and Midajah are WALKING!

SuperBrawl Revenge ad

THIS portion of WCW Monday Nitro is brought to you by 1-800-COL-LECT!

MESH HEAD MUSH MOUTH (with Midajah & Earlier Tonight & Scott Steiner T-shirt ad) v. KEVIN NASH & ? - the crowd wants Goldberg, the smarky smarks want Scott Hall. I have a feeling, as Nash takes to the mic, that they'll all be disappointed. (I personally am holding out for SAVIO VEGA!) "you know, Steiner, you're probably wondering who I picked as my special partner tonight. If you had any idea what the - what the line looked like, the guys that wanted to get a piece of you...but you know what, when I was kickin' it with K-Dogg back in the Wolfpac, we talked about familia, so tonight, my partner is familia - he's YOUR familia, I picked your brother, RICK." That's about par for the course, ah suppose. Rick starts the match? Knee by Scott, overhand forearm, to the corner, kick, kick, kick, right, right, chop, forearm to the back, chop, forearm, 13 days until the PPV. Belly-to-belly blocked, Rick hits a belly-to-belly of his own. Scott staggers into a Nash right...back to a Steinerline. Scott rolls out - Rick follows. Rick adjusts a cameraman's position and puts Scott into the safety rail. Big right hand. Nash is...watching. Scott reverses a whip into the guard rail and Rick goes over into the crowd. Scott grabs a chair...but Nash is over with a shot. Forearm. Steiner rolled in, Nash over the top rope to come in. Steiner begging off - Nash puts him in the corner, follow lariat. Right, right, right. Knee. Boot on the neck. Midajah on the apron, drawing over referee "Blind" Charles Robinson, giving Steiner the opportunity to hit the uppernut. Kick to the gut by Steiner - into the ropes, Steinerline. Kiss the bicep, drop the elbow. No cover - it's pushup time! Kick to the head. Spitting at Rick, but he stays on the apron. Steiner with a kick to Nash. Right hand. Rick leading cheers on the outside. Steiner with a surfboard, and a foot between the shoulderblades. Nash powering up...and back to his feet - Steiner tries to ram him into the turnbuckle, but Nash blocks it - back elbow, head to the buckle, again, and again. Right hand, right, into the ropes, head down, Steiner with a forearm in the back. Scoops him up...backbreaker across the knee - 1, 2, shoulder up by Nash. Pounding the back - into the ropes, reversed by Nash, Rick gets a shot in the back of his brother - Scott into a sidewalk slam. BOTH men are down. Rick leads cheers yet again - scoops up Steiner - snake eyes! Into the ropes, big boot. Down come the straps! Why is Rick in the ring? Just to tell him to powerbomb him down? We'll find out soon enough...truckstop drop! 1, 2...Rick drops the elbow. Scott covers - 1, 2, 3. Oh boy. (5:04) Credits are up - but Nash has the mic. I think he's saying he wants some more, because they're walking back to the ring. "I'm your huckleberry," says DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE. "You j-brones didn't finish the job *either!*" He's got a chair - he swings - and we fade out.

Does anybody care?

Does *anybody* care?

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