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/20 April 1998

WCW Nitro




Let us take you back to last night - just after Spring Stampede went off the air, Hollywood Hogan and the Disciple punk Kevin Nash and Randy Savage - and Scott Norton makes the save (!?) - Norton: "It's back in the NWO where it belongs!" Hogan: "That's my belt!" Wow, and I didn't even have to pay $30 to see that exclusive footage.

LIVE 20.4.98 from the World Arena in Colorado Springs, CO it's WCW Monday Nitro! Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Larry Zbyzsko.

Tony lets us know that Raven, who defeated Diamond Dallas Page for the US Heavyweight Championship, will take on Goldberg tonight, as promised last Thursday on THUNDER! Mike and Tony talk about trouble in the NWO while Larry plays to the crowd.

With the scent of Voodoo Chili wafting through the air, You Know Who walks to the ring, accompanied by the (white and alive) Eazy-E and the Booty Disciple. Hey, where WAS Bischoff last night? With Flair? Bischoff feels nothing but love for Hogan, but he can't stand what happened last night. Hogan: "Everybody know that Hollywood is 4 life...everybody knows the NWOslashWCW world title belt is mine...Savage, you're the scum of hell (?) - you and your Big Sexy Girlfriend swerved and curved, and made all these NWO-ites sick..." well, the gist is Hogan's barring the doors and calling out Savage for a title shot. Crowd has a decent "Hogan Sucks" chant going. Hogan proclaims that the NWO has finally split, presumably with Savage and Nash not being on the side Hogan's on. Tonight we find out who follows Hollywood, and who might "be dumb enough to follow the two losers - Nash and Macho." Hogan promises that the Disciple will give Nash the Apocalypse if he tries to interfere in his business. Hogan says "too sweet" and the crowd is too busy chanting to talk along.

Let's go to the back and see Goldberg get fired up for his US Title shot. This is actually less exciting than it sounds.

WCW Monday Nitro is brought to you by Valvoline!

The Treacherous Three talk about the split in the NWO. Tenay promises that this will be "an historic Monday night." Schiavone singles out Norton while asking who's on who's side?

With the NWO theme blaring, out limps new World Heavyweight Champion Randy Savage. Larry accuses Tony of being too happy when he says that, which causes Tony to get defensive and reaffirm his status as #1 Sting mark. Anyway, Savage "didn't come hear to gloat - I came here to fight! There's only one coward in this building that's shaking in his boots, and he's from Hollywood, California - and he's in a LOT of trouble now! The worst kept secret in the world is that I hate Hollywood Hulk Hogan in life, in death, in life, in death, I don't lie you at all brother, and it's not the fact that I'm the NWO champion, it's that you're not, that's the bomb brother! At the beginning, you had a lot of people snowed...but I've found someone with some guts, someone that doesn't care about battling against all odds. A lot of people think that my main objective was to lead the NWO , oh no it wasn't Hogan...your world is coming to an end real soon, this is only a beginning! You were the real man with the Viper, brother, and you can run over me with a Viper, the Roadway truck, or point the Apollo 13 at me...but NOTHING would keep me from wrestling you tonight. I'm gonna shock the world right now. This is live television, and I can say ANYTHING that I want. Ted Turner can't stop me, Hollywood Hogan can't stop me, Eric Bischoff can't stop me, the Disciple can't stop me, and the big Macho Man in the sky can't stop me now. I'm gonna put the world in a state of shock. I say that I'm gonna introduce to you right now - the NEW leader of the NWO - Big Sexy Kevin Nash, ooh yeah!" Gee whiz, Randy, that's BRUTAL. Cue the music, Cue Nash, who comes to the ring in a warmup suit. I'll take this time to notice that the belt doesn' t have a nameplate - maybe Savage's reign IS temporary...hmmm... ok, Nash is out: "Hollywood Hogan, last night Step One: the end of your career. You no longer can call the NWO yours, BROTHER. Tonight, Macho Man will make it final, when he beats you on Nitro in the middle of the ring! And if that creep wanna be biker buddy of yours decides to stick his nose in our business, he gets jackknifed! And if that Ken Doll Eric Bischoff decides to stick HIS nose in our business, remember Baltimore, weather man - I stuck you once, and I can't wait to stick you again! Hogan, you wondered who was driving a stake through your heart, well buddy buy, you're looking at 'em!"

"Baltimore" refers to the time Nash powerbombed then-WCW Bischoff through a table. I wish we had a replay of that, but we don't.

Tony plugs the Encore presentation of Spring Stampede. Mike says that Nitro has turned huge. The Raven/Goldberg match is hyped some more. The Savage/Hogan match is hyped. For a refreshing change, we cut to a Raven interview - wisely, this is taped where fans can't get to Raven. Raven vows to not be #75.

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I think it bears mentioning that WCW seems to have turned to the WWF's Neilsen-winning formula - NO WRESTLING AT ALL IN THE FIRST FREAKIN' HALF HOUR. Of course, with a three hour show, I'm kind of willing to let that go - for now. But in case I get pissed off later, y'all are prepared for it so you don't have to send me those "you don't even LIKE wrestling" emails (har har).

Hey look, it's the Nitro Girls! Well, four of them anyway. Don't forget to mail in your Nitro Party Tapes!

Mean Gene Okerlund has a Rocky Mountain High. I wish he's do his John Denver impersonation and crash and burn. Oh, sorry, John Denver fans. Anyway, for only $1.69, you can spend a minute listening to the WCW Hotline. The rumour mill is grinding, you know. He goes on to interview...NO ONE.

KONNAN (with Vincenzo) v. GENTLEMAN CHRIS ADAMS - I *believe* this is Adams' (no relation to Brian) Nitro debut. Dueling armdrags and somersault escapes, Konnan accuses Adams of pulling his hair (ha!) Adams takes down Konnan again, and he complains again. Commentators talk about Goldberg. Adams with a nice dropkick and Konnan goes outside. Lockup, and Konnan cheats, going to the eyes. Somersault into lariat by Konnan. Posing to the crowd. Kick to the gut, snapmare and the dropkick he does on a sitting opponenet. Arm bar by Konnan, Adams doesn't give up. Arm drag, but Adams punches out, gets a nice - gut wrench DDT? - for 1. Adams with punches and a cradle for 2. Adams with an elbow and - whoops, a miss, and he goes outside. Konnan brings him back in, hits his DDT and Tequila Sunrise for the submission. (3:36) Back to Worldwide land for you, Adams!

Let's go to the back and watch Goldberg get fired up for his US Title shot.

Hey look, it's the Nitro Girls! All seven of them, too!

This week's Nitro Party winner is the Clemson Hillside Jam. Umm, wait, didn't *WCW* throw this party? Can't you hear Hacksaw Jim Duggan in the background? How cheap.

BARBARIAN (with Jimmy Hart) v. WAYNE BLOOM - hey look, Barbarian and Hart still have jobs! And Bloom has been demoted to Nitro jobber (meaning he doesn't even get an entrance). Rather than talk about this match, Tony lets us know when every encore airing of Spring Stampede is. Bloom DOES get one shot in, but it's on Jimmy Hart - too bad. (1:14) The Castrol GTX Torture Test of the Week is appropriately enough, a replay of Barbarian's big kick to the head for the pin. Wow. I almost didn't survive that Torture Test.

Another Raven interview. "Who's next? Who's next? Goldberg...I'M next!"

WCW is coming to Columbia for THUNDER!, Asheville, Florence, and Charlotte (WE WANT FLAIR!) THUNDER! is on Wednesday, by the way.

CHRIS MONDAY JERICHO (with Iaukea's "mahimahi", a portrait of Dean Malenko and a tripod) v. JUVENTUD GUERRERA (without mask) for the Cruiserweight title - Jericho sets up "a Malenko shrine" and updates us by saying that Malenko's definitely retired, but he has an upcoming job interview at Harry's Burgers in Tampa. Juvi is all over Jericho, culminating in a big 'rana. Jericho tries to leave the ring but Juvi gets him and applies the chinlock. Jericho gets out but gets chopped (wooo!) As Guerrera tries for another rana, Jericho turns it into a Stun Gun. Jericho with repeated forearms, Guerrera with chops (wooo!) and Jericho takes him down again. Guerrera to the apron, Jericho jumps to the top rope and MISSES on a dive to the outside. Guerrera with a dive onto Jericho. Guerrera puts him back in and hits a springboard legdrop for 2. Guerrera with a cool DDT for 2. Standing switch. Jericho suplexes Guerrera onto his feet, Guerrera tries for another rana but Jericho reverses it into the Liontamer. Of course, Guerrera "never surrenders" so it's up to referee "Blind" Charles Robinson to determine when Juvi's passed out (KO 3:42). Jericho cries afterward "My God, I've killed Juvi!"

Let's go to the back and watch Goldberg get fired up for his US Title shot.

If you want to be like Raven, why not Buy the Shirt? Maybe then you can teach him the difference between "Quote" and "Quoth."

It's hour number two! Let's take you to Michael Buffer! Huh?

Oh, I get it. It's five minutes to the hour so we better have this title bout JUST before RAW comes on. Say, that's pretty smart...I guess. "For the first of two times tonight, lllllllet'sgetreadytorumblllllllllle!"

RAVEN v. (bill "74-0") GOLDBERG for the United States Heavyweight Championship - No fans were harmed during Raven's ring entrance. Goldberg is noticably tired from an hour of pacing back and forth, hitting himself for the benefit of the camera. Buffer says that Goldberg's Hailing From and Weight are unknown, which is actually bullshit but good for a dramatic introduction, I guess. Isn't it interesting that WCW's big ratings grabber is an Austin clone? Raven starts with a wannabe spear, reverse, Raven with a dropkick and they're both outside. Goldberg reverses and Raven hits the retaining barrier. Goldberg whips him into another barrier. It's Raven's rules by the way. Goldberg with a DDT into a leglock. Raven to the ropes. Goldberg with a reverse kick, which the commentators think is a brand new move from him. Whatever. Goldberg follows Raven out, but Raven has a chair- finally turning the tide. Both mean back in. Raven with the drop toehold into the chair for 2. Raven with another chair shot and a chinlock. Tony says the forbidden word "Bill." Big "Goldberg" chant. Goldberg stnds up and gets out of the chinlock. Raven with a short clothesline, and Goldberg wakes up. Raven with punches, and Goldberg hits a spear. Cue the flock. Kidman and Sick Boy do nothing and quickly go out. The New Guy (Horace Boulder?) uses a stop sign but it has no effect on Goldberg. Reese comes in and Goldberg suplexes HIM. Meanwhile, Raven is trying to leave - but the fans stop him and crowd surf/throw him back in (work! work!) Goldberg hits the spear again. Bodyslam on the stop sign (not a jackhammer, even though they called it that). 1, 2, 3!!! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new United States Champion. (4:57) Replay of the suplex of Reese, the spear of Raven, the lightning fast jackhammer, and the pin. Goldberg's tongue is bleeding again, but I bet he doesn't care.

Starburst Fruit Chews Pin On A Map Road Report - why does Mean Gene Okerlund let us know that they'll be in Columbia on Wednesday, and not mention that it'll be THUNDER! ?

Let us take you back to Moments Ago where Goldberg pins Raven again to become US Champeen. This is one of the biggest moments ever. Even Tenay is using superlatives.

Hey look, it's the Nitro Girls! And they're wearing their "slut" outfits!

LA PARKA (with Chair) v. ULTIMO DRAGON - La Parka does his dance and is met with - actually, not much of a response at all. Arm drag by Arm Dragon. Dueling Armdrags. Mexican Arm Drag by Dragon. Flip by Dragon. La Parka with a big slap. La Parka misses a splash, Dragon misses a splash. Whip, Dragon with a kick. La Parka with a kick. This match is a lot better than my descriptions! La Parka with a big plancha off the top to the floor! Both men sit on the mats for a while. La Parka takes Dragon to the ringpost and back in for 2. La Parka with a vicious kick to the sitting Dragon for 2. La Parka with a reverse chinlock, and Dragon with a funny facial expression. Whip into the corner but La Parka hits a boot. La Lariat. 1, 2, no. Both men up. Snap suplex by La Parka for 2, which causes an argument with La Parka and referee "Blind" Mark Curtis. La Parka with a slam, a strut, and a climb of the ropes. Of course, he took to long and got two boots in the mush. Dragon with quick ducks and kicks. Cue Eddie and Chavo Guerrero who are "sneaking" to the ring. Dragon is hitting his trademark LOUD kicks. Eddie FINALLY gets Chavo to ringside. While Eddie distracts Curtis, Chavo hits Dragon, who was trying a superplex but went down instead. La Parka hits the "flying body attack" (which I would instead call a COOL corkscrew moonsault thingy) and gets the pin (4:52).

Let us take you back to last night, and some "still photos" of last night's main event, where Kevin Nash gave Sting a jackknife powerbomb while the ref was out, placed Savage on top, and Savage got the 1, 2, 3 for the World Title.

Bobby Heenan replaces Larry Zbyzsko at the commentator's table.

CHRIS BENOIT v. CURTRICK HENNIGRUDE. Curt has FINALLY gotten some black tights. Predictably, Rick takes Tenay's headset and refuses to take sides in the Hogan/Savage+Nash battle. Benoit goes straight for the wounded knee of Hennig and calls out Rude, who is more than happy to leave for ringside (thank God). Benoit continues on the knee. Hennig does his trademark "feet in the air" spot. FINALLY a move from Hennig, who throws Benoit outside, where Rude hits a suplex on the railing and throws him back in. Hennig is limping all over the place. Hennigplex - NO! Crippler crossface! Rude comes in (DQ 2:34) and demolishes Benoit. Who should come out to make the save but...Booker T. Rude and Hennig are chased away, Hennig not even using the wounded leg now. I wonder if he injured it further...? Benoit follows T and tells him to stay out of his business. Suddenly, they're trading blows! But we have to go to a break.

The WCW Power Plant is the Harvard...oh, never mind.

Let us take you back to more still photos from last night's main event.

Mean Gene Okerlund brings out Rowdy Roddy Piper and I consider getting a snack. Piper announces that the Hogan/Savage match will have some stipulations - no DQ, no run-ins, one fall to a finish. Piper promises the best World Title fight ever...I haven't said it yet tonight, but I can SMELL the screwjob! Piper promises that Hogan will be his after the match, too. OK. I think Piper broke his string of at least one homosexual reference per Mean Gene encounter with this interview, though.

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Oh, look, TNT is replaying "Assault on Devil's Island" again Tuesday night. I wonder why nobody's mentioned that during Nitro (har, har).

Let us take you back to the still photos - Randy Savage is once agan the WCW Heavyweight Champion of the World. I could also swear they already showed these photos.

(van) HAMMER v. (perry) SATURN - Didn't I see this match LAST week? This week is more interesting, I guess - because they fight on the outside before going to the ring (about 45 seconds). Tony tells us that the Savage/Hogan match may be the biggest ever. Oh yeah, there's a match going on. Hammer with a powerslam. To the corner, punches and kicks by Hammer. Saturn hangs on after a slam and turns it over, ramming Hammer's head into the mat. To the corner, big kicks by Saturn. Tony takes a break from talking about the NWO to call one move. Saturn: "Whatareyalookin'at?" Saturn with a whip into the ropes, Hammer ducks the clothesline and delivers a spinebuster (or as Tony would [and did] say, "a sidewalk slam.") Saturn with a clothesline over the top and both men are outside. Whip into the barricade. Saturn follows but misses. They take turns dropping each other on the barricades. I have ton wonder why referee "Blind" Nick Patrick doesn't just count 'em out. Hammer to the STEEL steps. Tony calls one more move. Patrick FINALLY gets back in the ring and puts on a count. Surprise, surprise, neither man makes an attempt to get near the ring. (DCOR 4:07) While the fight goes on, the commentators talk about Goldberg. Let's take an ad break!

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Let us take you back to the still photos. Again. Savage...Hogan...Zzzz...

FIREWORKS! We must be near that third hour! Tony, Mike and Bobby talk. Bobby says: "Tony, quit flipping a dead horse!" and I couldn't agree more. Tony goes on to say he's never called a bigger match than tonight's upcoming Hogan/Savage match.

PUBLIC ENEMY v. SUPERSTAR SCOTT STEINER & BUFF BAGWELL - all of a sudden, Steiner and Bagwell have a brief posedown issue, oh boy I can't wait for THAT feud to be slowly teased for nine months. What's this, tag team action in WCW? Bagwell poses. Johnny Grunge decides to dance instead. Hiplock by Bagwell, and a pose, and Bagwell does a Grunge dance, too. Lockup, Bagwell takes him down and poses again. Grunge has had enough and punches away, whip and a backbreaker. Arm drag, tag to Rocco Rock. Arm drag but Bagwell pokes the eyes and makes the tag. Rock with a leapfrog, but Steiner with a knee to the gut and a big press slam. Kick to the gut, multiple forearms. Rock gets a sleeper out of nowhere! Steiner powers out and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Pose from Steiner. Whip into the corner and Rock goes down HARD. Another whip, Steiner eats an elbow though. Atomic drop by Rock, swinging neckbreaker. Tag to Grunge, whip, reverse into Bagwell kick. Steiner with a suplex. Tag to Buff, blatant chokehold. Buff does his "argue with the ref" bit. Buff back on Grunge for another 4 count. Another choke. Tag to Steiner. Tony: "We're seeing great wrestling!" yeah, those chokes are excellent. Steiner ties Grunge in the corner and applies another questionable hold for 4. Steiner to the outside for another choke. Tag to Buff. Grunge gets a second wind and whips Bagwell, who reverses and hits a short clothesline. Tag to Steiner who gives Rock a shot while Grunge goes outside for a doubleteam. Grunge is places in the table while Steiner grabs a chair. They were going to break his head open like a cantaloupe, but Rock chairs Steiner to prevent it. Thrown back in, Grunge makes the tag and Rocco Rock is a veritable house on fire! But instead of a double noggin knocker, they both reverse and take Rock down. Grunge has come back, though, with a double bulldog. Grunge places Buff on the table, but before Rock and Grunge can go through Buff, he moves. The table breaks. Rock thrown back in for the Steiner recliner, no wait, Buff wants to hit the Buff blockbuster. Steiner actually complies because they have to drag this out for nine months, you see. Buff Blockbuster for 1, 2, 3. (7:10) Of course, if you want to set up ISSUES, it would help if you had seen the tag team wrestle more than, say, ONCE, before. Arrgh. Of course Tony plays it up like there's no tomorrow, and who knows, as often as we see tag team action in WCW, he just might be right.

Hey, look, it's the Nitro Girls! They're rated TV-14. Funny thing is, when they wear the camoflauge, I can't see their legs....

PSYCHOSIS v. BOOKER T for the World Television Title - Tony: "I was in the middle of a tirade about the biggest match ever..." It's funny how when they keep hyping the main event, they keep saying "no run-ins" as if that had a snowball's chance in hell of happening. Hey, has anybody seen Randy Anderson lately, just out of curiosity? They hype the time limit for THIS match, which makes me wonder if maybe the time limit will come into play. Tony calls Bobby "turnbuckle breath." Meanwhile, Booker T and Psychosis are actually HAVING A MATCH. I pick up the action at two minutes in after a clothesline has sent Psychosis to the outside. Big slam on the mat and a threat to Benoit from Mr. T. Back in, Psychosis takes charge, kicking and stomping. Into the corner, and back in with a head to the turnbuckle. Whip, reverse, Booker T runs into the kick, though. Dropkick to the knees. Psychosis to the top and a corkscrew kick (or "spinning body attack") - Psychosis tries for a surfboard but Booker T stands up. Psychosis with a chop. Trying a slide, Psychosis (accidentally?) clips T. To the apron with another chinlock. Booker T gets up and whips Psychosis into the ropes. Big blow and Psychosis goes down. Sidewalk slam ("side sauto") by Booker T. Kneedrop misses. Psychosis again dropkicks the knee. Psychosis goes outside and whips the knee into the ringpost, twice. Psychosis comes back in to a chorus of boos. Takedown. Draping his leg across the bottom rope, Psychosis lands on the knee again. 2 count. Back to the headlock. Commentators talk about DDP. (Huh?) Into the ropes, Booker T catches him and delivers the ("sidewalk slam") spinebuster. Whip, duck, big clothesline. T with the whip, and the pancake, the breakdance, and the Harlem sidekick. Up to the top rope, Booker T hits the missile dropkick for 1, 2, 3. (7:52) I'm impressed - I was sure they were going to do the time limit draw, even though I couldn't figure how it would fit into a Booker T/Chris Benoit angle. Come to think of it, wasn't this match LONGER than the first T/Benoit time limit draw?

BRIAN ADAMS (with Vincenzo) v. THE NARCISSIST - Big lockup which lasts like forever. Adams takes control with pounding and headbutts. Luger with a big hiptoss but Adams comes back with a throat shot. Luger ducks and hits a big atomic drop. Luger to the middle rope for the big ten punch count along but it stops at two. Luger nosells Adams' attack and instead hits a big clothesline, another big clothesline, a third big clothesline which puts Adams on the outside. Luger goes out but Adams hits him in the abs on the way down. Luger takes Adams' head to the big steel steps. Luger's back in. Big suplex back in. Luger with a big splash to Adams' knees. Adams with a kick and another. Stomp, stomp, stomp, Adams with an impressive press slam into a gutbuster. 1, 2, no! Backbreaker - 1, 2, no! Adams jaws with the ref and Luger reverses a suplex attempt with a big neckbreaker. Adams punch is blocked, Luger with big punches, a big reverse elbow. Vincent distracts Luger, and Adams regains control until the big reverse into a big slam. Vincent actually comes in the ring, big mistake. Luger puts Vincent in the big rack. Konnan comes in from nowhere, and ALSO gets put in a big rack. Adams hits him from behind. Whip, Luger ducks the foot to the face, hits the big Ace Hardware elbow and gets ... A PIN? LUGER? A PIN? Wow, there's something you don't see every day. I wonder why he didn't rack him...not that I'm complaining. (4:58)

The commentators talk about the footage they showed at the beginning of the show, the NWO split, the so-incredibly-big-it's- bigger-than-anything-ever-ever Hogan/Savage match tonight. Heenan says Hogan's got a plan and something big is going to happen. Tenay says this is a PPV-caliber event and a lot of questions will be answered tonight. Yeah, right. And then they take ... an ad break?!? I guess they learned THIS from the WWF, too.

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Spot prediction: Michael Buffer will make ONE introduction, then we'll take an ad break.

"Lllllllllllllet'sgetreadytorumbllllllllllllllllllllllllle!" Hogan comes out first, as the challenger should. Hogan promises that if Nash gets involved, there's an Apocalypse waiting for him. Hogan grabs a "HOGAN RULES THE NWO" poster, apparently, not knowing that the back of said poster has "BENOIT TO THE WWF" written on it. Ha! Hogan grabs the mic and calls out Savage. He tries "too sweet" again and the crowd semi-picks up on it. I see now that my spot prediction, sadly, has come true. However, this turns out to be the last ad break of the night. Another homage to the WWF!

When we come back, Savage is coming to the ring - without Miss Elizabeth (I wonder if anyone will pick up on this on the show? Answer: No) Again, Savage has won this belt before, couldn't they find a "RANDY SAVAGE" name plate to put on the belt, even if it's only for one night? I mean, come's things like this that keep me from being able to not know right off the bat how the story ends, dammit!

RANDY SAVAGE v. HOLLYWOOD HOGAN for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship - your referee is Nick Patrick. Hogan tells Disciple that if ANYONE from the New World Order makes an appearance, to take care of them. Macho isn't limping too much at the start here. First contact after 1:10. Savage knocks Hogan down. Hogan complains of a hair pull.Lockup, to the corner, Hogan with a knee to the gut, repeat, punch, repeat, repeat, punch, Savage goes down. Savage fights back but Hogan's to the eyes and raking the back. Hogan with repeated punches and the badmouth. Rake of the face and more badmouth from Hogan. Hogan's bobbing and dancing, punch. Elbow to the head. Hogan with a choke for 4, and we all forget it's no-DQ. Hogan with a foot to the face. Disciple with a choke for good measure. Savage makes a lunge at the Disciple. Hogan with a back suplex (a WRESTLING move!). 1, 2, kickout. Hogan with a chop (wooo!) and another. Hogan plays to the crowd. Stepontheface. Hogan throws Savage outside and the Disciple takes Savage to the railing. Hogan goes out and grabs a chair. Two big chairshots (well, one big one and one weird one). Hogan breaks the count and comes back out. Punch, punch, butt to the gut (haven't seen that one before). Rolled back in and Savage blocks a head to the turnbuckle. Savages comes back with punches and a sledge. Hogan begs off but Savage kicks him, but "hurts his knee" in the process. Cue Savage limp(tm). To the corner. Hogan takes the knee and puts it over the middle rope, and attacks it. The Disciple adds to the knee attack. Hogan kicks the knee. Savage gets up but receives more kicks for his troubles. "Macho" chant fires up. Savage comes back with some punches. Hogan with a kick, Savage with a low blow. Hogan throws Savage out and follows. Hogan removes his belt - it's time for the whippin' portion of the match. Back in the ring, Hogan chokes Savage with his belt. Hogan pushes Patrick out of the way - yeah, THAT'S what you do with a no DQ match! Bodyslam by Hogan. Hogan tries for the leg drop - and misses! Hogan removes his belt again and Savage takes it! Whip! Whip! Whip! Savage with a scoop slam and he's climbing the ropes! HE HITS THE BIG ELBOW! But dammit, he landed on his knee and can't cover. Both men are down. Both men back up, and Hogan's back to kicking the bad knee. Hogan with the spinning toe hold (wow, Hogan's arsneal is ALWAYS increasing). Hogan with the figure four! You know, if Hogan were Flair and Disciple were Mr. Perfect, we'd have a 1992 episode of "Prime Time Wrestling" here - that's how Flair won his second WWF title. But who would play Razor Ramon? Savage makes it to the ropes and the hold is eventually broken. Savage is up! He's choking Hogan. Patrick tries twice to break up the hold and twice Savage pushes him away. Finally, Disciple comes in and gives Patrick the Stone Cold Apocalypse. Disciple breaks up the hold and he and Hogan doubleteam Savage. They take turns whipping Savage's bad knee into the STEEL ringpost. Disciple brings in the World Title and delivers an Apocalypse on the belt. That's enough! Nash runs out. (no run-ins?) Bischoff runs out (no run-ins?) and grabs Nash's leg. Tripleteam on Nash. Hogan goes to hit Nash with the belt but Nash ducks and the Disciple eats it instead. Nash puts Hogan in the powerbomb position, but Bischoff gives him some martial arts kicks, Nash drops Hogan and decks Bischoff. THEN he picks up Hogan and delivers the jackknife (!). Placing Savage on top of Hogan, Nash tries to roust Patrick for a pinfall count. Out comes...BRET HART? He nails Nash with the Title belt (!) and pulls Hogan on top of Savage (?!!??!?). Patrick is up... 1, 2, 3!!!!!!! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new World Heavyweight Champion! (15:36) Roddy Piper comes out and tries to get an answer from Hart - why did he just do what he just did? Hart turns his back and when Piper presses the issue, Hart DECKS Piper! And then...his mouth curls upward into a sneering grin... Tony: "Oh my GOD! Can you believe this? That spineless, back-turning, back-stabbing Bret Hart has come to the aid of Hollywood Hogan, who's the new World Champion. THUNDER! is Wednesday - we'll try to sort it out." FADE OUT.


I don't get it.

I just don't get it.

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