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/24 May 1999

WCW Nitro




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Three bells toll.

Another three seconds of black screen

WCW logo

TV-PG-DV logo, closed captioned logo as we see a clip of Rick & Scott Steiner attacking Sting & Goldberg from Slamboree, followed by a clip of Rick talking smack from last week's Nitro, followed by Sting answering the opening challenge, Scott joining his brother at ringside - Lex Luger joining Sting IN the ring...and...

"LAST WEEK" - Ric Flair reiterates that he's president, Eric Bischoff issues apologies to Roddy Piper, Nash tells Savage if he wants the belt he can pry it out of his dead hands, Rick Steiner repeats the previous clip montage, so does Luger, Savage runs rougshod over Konnan, Nash, and (courtesy THUNDER!) Rey Mysterio, Kidman, Buff Bagwell, and Nick Patrick.

Nitro opening

As Raven and Saturn arrive, Bam Bam Bigelow talks a little trash, then reveals that he got himself a tag team partner - and it's Diamond Dallas Page, who quickly joins Bigelow in an attack, leaving them laying.

Hey, look! It's the Nitro Girls!

We're LIVE 25.5.99 from the BI-LO Center in Greenville, SC for WCW Monday Nitro, broadcast on TNT. FIREWORKS!

Your hosts are TONY SCHIAVONE and BOBBY HEENAN. "Before we talk about tonight's action, and what we have for you - as you know, World Championship Wrestling is saddened and shocked at the recent tragic death of Owen Hart. At this time, on behalf of all of us, all the wrestling fans, all the promoters and the wrestlers of World Championship Wrestling, our thoughts and prayers are with his brother Bret Hart and their family at this time. Ladies and gentlemen, tonight on this program, Rowdy Roddy Piper is going to come out and he will confront the Macho Man Randy Savage on what happened..."

Tonight, Hollywood Hogan returns. An in-depth look at Eric Bischoff. Buff Bagwell vs. Rick Steiner for the TV title.

CHAVO GUERRERO JR. (no entrance) v. VAN HAMMER (no entrance) - We immediately start by going straight to a match - Hammer is no longer far out, wearing a studded leather jacket and matching hat over ordinary black tights. Standard big man/little man matchup sees Hammer try the power moves, and Chavo try to outquick his larger opponent. Hammer scores the pin with a powerbomb (3:03) and then as his "far out" music plays, says to the camera "Nobody wants to see peace - you want to see violence! Then I'll give it to you..."

Here's a Special Video Look at Randy Savage

WCW this week visits Augusta, Savannah, N. Charleston for THUNDER!, Tupelo, and Mobile

Terry "Hulk" Hogan - Carl Weathers - "Assault on Death Mountain" - World Premiere Tuesday 8 June at 8pm.

This portion of WCW Monday Nitro brought to you by Valvoline

DJ RAN is all up in my area with the Nitro Girls and the rowdy fans

GENE O. works tonight! Interview with DISCO INFERNO who sports two black eyes and a butterfly over his right eye. Disco runs down Savage's "travelin' show of pimps and ho's." Disco says he could have given Savage all of Nash's numbers, but instead Savage chose to take out some of the best young talent in this company. Why would he want to do that? Is he threatened by the young up and comers? Just as this interview ends, THE CAT & SONNY ONOO walk to the ring. Onoo says he's tired of the crybaby, and Cat says he's sick of hearing Disco cry in the ring - he makes him sick. "All you guys in WCW are a bunch of punks - shut up already!" "You know, why don't you just get the hell out of here already." Big pop. Cat says the people want to see him dance, while Disco says the people want to see him get away. Cat says he's about to call his momma, and a fight ensues. Disco has the upper hand until Onoo grabs the legs as he comes off the ropes. Cat with the karate moves, then beating him with his shoe. Referee NICK PATRICK is out to try to stop things but meets with little success - in fact, Cat throws him out of the ring. JOHNNY BOONE & SCOTT DICKENSON come out and finally get the two men separated. Disco is covered with a towel so we can't see his face. "Now, does anybody else want some?" Big-time heat for the Cat as he continues to run down the crowd.

Cut to the NWO Black'n'white dressing room, who are watching the festivities with great amusement. They call to Scott Norton and tell him that Cat's calling him out AGAIN. Norton, who was in the middle of shaving, believes his four stablemates and trundles off to the ring.

CAT (with Sonny Onoo) v. SCOTT NORTON - Norton gets a huge face pop. Clothesline, clothesline, backhand chop, Cat rolls outside. Tony correctly notes this is the third time we've seen these two. Cat takes the mic and says he failed to register his hands as registered weapons, so he can't fight tonight. Norton follows Onoo & Cat out to the back, then takes a different turn at the end of the aisle. (No contest)

WCW hotline shill

Backstage, Mike Tenay knocks on the President's door, then walks in

Here's a Special Video Look at Kevin Nash

Ric Flair and Arn Anderson talk to El Dandy - "YOU are the future!" Flair's going to make him the biggest Latin star in the world, and the way for him to get there is to wrestle his son, and take a dive. Dandy agrees. As he walks off, Buddy Lee Parker accosts the Horsemen, saying that Flair hasn't followed through on THEIR deal of last week. Flair asks what the big deal is - he DID get Parker that Gold's Gym membership. Flair calls himself "president of the world." Anderson calls Parker "Toad" and says he can brush with greatness tonight - he gets a shot at Chris Benoit. "Guarantee you one thing - Sarge is not taking a dive ever again ... he's gonna know he's been in a fight." Ric turns to the camera and tells them to turn it off.

Gene O. brings out MIKE TENAY, who announces that the Executive Committee received a personal request from Kevin Nash to grant a match to Randy Savage - and that request was granted. It's signed and delivered for the Great American Bash with the title on the line.

Gene O. invites THE MAN to get his response as the commentators question Dandy's understanding of English. "Young lady - your mother rode Space Mountain 20 years ago, girl - woooo - and you might get to ride tonight." Flair rants and raves about Tenay's announcement, then asks a fat boy to keep his mouth shut. Savage is a punk - Charles Robinson is in the hospital, and he's going to make his elbowdrop illegal. "Bischoff - Bischoff - you and Piper tell your story walkin' - I am the one - WOOOO - and only President of WCW - and nobody in blue jeans, Nike tennis shoes, is gonna EVER take my job, my position, or my place, woooo...." Gene asks about the backstage conversations, and Flair says he's making it possible for future stars to climb the ladder at a faster pace. Flair completely loses his voice in the process.

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Hank Nothhaft sighting during these commercials

EL DANDY v. DAVID SAMMARTINO - ERR, FLAIR (with Torrie, The Man, and Arn Anderson) - Tony announces that the Tonight Show match has been cancelled - and we may see Kevin Nash before the night's over. Torrie is clad in a pink bikini top, pink skin-tight pants, and feather boa. David wears black jeans. Dandy down with a shove. Off the ropes, shoulderblock. Criss cross, clothesline from Flair. Dandy with a drop toehold (in slow motion) and a kick. Dropkick misses. Kick from Flair, off the ropes, back bodydrop. Kick, vertical suplex. 1, 2, kickout. Clothesline misses, open-handed slap from Dandy. Ric comes in to protest, but referee "Blind" Scott Dickenson blocks his way. While they talk, Anderson comes in and demolishes Dandy with a kick and a spinebuster. Flair puts on the figure four and Dandy gives it up. (1:25) While the spinebuster got a big pop, David got ... less of a reaction.

Gene O. brings out BUFF IS THE STUFF, who reiterates what Disco said about Savage being scared of the young performers. Then tonight's television title matchup is hyped.

Graphic for this matchup has Steiner with the TV belt in his teeth

Highlights of WCW's presentation at a recent Electronics show for their "WCW Mayhem" videogame - including Sting dropping from the ceiling and Bret Hart wielding a chair

WCW Slam Society promo

Here's a Special Video Look at Eric Bischoff's six years in WCW - "should we believe this man?" Last week's interview clip, then clips from 1994 to today - Hogan signed, Savage signed, the "Collision in Korea," Monday Nitro's debut, ratings dominance over RAW, Hall's entrance, Nash's entrance, the powerbomb through the stage, Hogan turning on WCW to form the NWO, Piper's signing, Piper exposing Bischoff as an NWO stooge, Bischoff's power trip (including Randy Anderson's termination and tag team title strip of the Steiners), Schiller's suspension of Bischoff, Hart's signing and subsequent denial of NWO membership, Bischoff's match with Zbyszko, NWO Late Night, the match with Leno, Flair's legal battle, that match and rematch with Flair, Bischoff's string of odd jobs, Flair's loss of his mental faculties, Bischoff's accompaniment of Hogan into his surgery, and "his two decisions at Slamboree that shocked the world," leading to another clip from last week's interview. Bischoff: "Judge me by what I do, not by what I say - that's all I ask." This clip runs from 55:44 into the show until 1:03:09 into the show.

JUVENTUD GUERRERA, VILLANO V, DAMIAN 666, PSICOSIS, LASH LeROUX, JOHNNY SWINGER, EVAN KARAGIAS, HALLOWEEN, BLITZKRIEG, KAZ HAYASHIRYU, KIDMAN & PRINCE IAUKEA in a Cruiserweight Battle Royal - winner gets a title shot - Guerrera slips on the ramp. Blitzkrieg is thrown over the rope by LeRoux, but he skins the cat and takes LeRoux out with a headscissors, falling to the floor himself. About 3.5 minutes with no other eliminations. Kidman clotheslines Prince Iaukea out at close to five minutes. JAMES HART brings HUGH MORRUS to the ring. At first all the Cruiserweights gang up on him, but Morrus takes Damien out - Johnny Swinger thrown over the top rope - Psychosis in a press slam possition and taken outside the ring. Ciclope out - Johnny Boone out - Kaz Hayashi press slammed into people on the outside - Evan Karagias thrown out - Juventud threatens Morrus, but thinks better of it and slides out between the ropes - leaving the sole man left in the ring, Kidman to strike. Morrus quickly takes care of Kidman with power moves as the crowd boos. Here comes a powerbomb - which, unusually, works. Hart in to hold the legs as Morrus comes off with No Laughing Matter. Hart asks for another one, but before we can get a second moonsault REY MYSTERIO JR. is out to quickly dispense with Jimmy Hart, then dropkick the climbing Morrus out of the ring. A Cruiserweight battle royal has never been successfully completed except during that one PPV... (No contest? About 8:00)

Hey, look! It's the Nitro Girls!

Let Us Take You Back to Last Week where Savage demands a title shot, then runs roughshod over Piper.

Gene O. interviews ROWDY RODDY PIPER, who promises a reality check for the Greenville fans. Piper calls out Savage, and his music plays - but it's MISS MADNESS '99, GORGEOUS GEORGE & MADUSA who walk out instead. Piper: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Silicon Valley! Tell me, are those parts interchangable?" George says Savage is being honoured tonight somewhere that he isn't. Piper tells George she's too young to be hangin' with Savage, then says he doesn't hit women, but he's close. Before this comes to anything, THE MAN runs out and it's on between Piper and Flair. Piper has the upperhand until DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE & BAM BAM BIGELOW come in and take down Piper from behind. Flair with low blows, then they hold him to the mat for Bigelow's top rope headbutt. Page: "Hey Nature Boy! Now YOU owe ME." Flair: "Whatever your heart desires, DDP. Name it!" Page asks for a world tag team title match at the Great American Bash. Flair makes it so. Flair goes outside and further berates Piper, firing one of the men who came out to help, and kicking another. Flair says to Piper "it's you and me at the Great American Bash!"

Graphic: "Hollywood Hogan Returns" - later tonight

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Backstage, Arn Anderson, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko talk about Ric Flair. Malenko: "Arn, Arn - save your breath. You know, I don't care if there's a camera here, I don't care if everybody in the building - I don't care if everybody at home - anybody in the world is listening to what I have to say. You know, it's just come to a point now where I'm just fed up. It's not like I come in the building and they use me in the right capacity anyway, you know, I'm just tired of it. You know, we come here, been here for three years now, all we've done is wrestle and prove ourself, and this company just buries us all the time - you know, it's not just me, it's not just Chris, there's twenty or thirty other guys in the dressing room--" Benoit: "You know, when Bischoff was there, he didn't dangle the golden carrot in front of us, that carrot was platinum. What'd we get? Nothin'. What'd you tell us? Wait 'til Flair's gets stroke, wait 'til Flair's gets stroke, wait 'til Flair's gets stroke. Flair's got stroke - Flair is for Flair. And we found that out the hard way." Anderston: "You guys got it all wrong." Malenko: "No, everybody in this company is for themselves. It's almost like you have to have a driver's license here saying you're 45 years old to get a push - to go to the top." Anderson: "Lemme smooth this out - will you just trust me to smooth this out?" Malenko: "No, there's no smoothing anything out." Benoit: "How many times are we gonna hear that?" Anderson: "You don't hear it from me. I've NEVER said that." Malenko: "Chris, you know what it is? You gotta take care of yourself, I gotta take care of myself, and the 20, 30 other guys back there - they gotta take care of themselves, 'cause the only way we're gonna move in this company is do it our own way. And tonight, who do you got, Buddy Lee Parker? Eight minutes, ten minutes, whatever you do, you take your time. What are they gonna do, fire us?" They walk off. Anderson: "Make an example out of him! (under his breath) How'd I get in the middle of all this stuff?"

Here's a Special Video Look at Sting and Lex Luger - going back, way back. Clips of each man winning the NWA title, and their team winning the tag titles (omitting Lex's coin roll shot on Harlem Heat), their growing mistrust, NWO Sting, Sting's farewell speech and subsequent rafter dwelling, Sting's re-emergence, both men joining the NWO Wolfpack, and last week's once again reunion.

Clips from last weekend's Nitro Grill Grand Opening party from Las Vegas. Special Guest Kevin Eubanks encourages us to tune in to the Tonight Show Monday to see some great wrestling.

The Great American Bash is Sunday, 13 June on pay-per-view

Back in the locker room, Gene O. has caught up with Roddy Piper, who is having his ribs taped - he received a reality check of his own, but the night is still young. DDP stands for "Don't Dis Piper." He challenges Flair, Bigelow and Page to a 6-man with him and two partners he'll call "Phantom" and "Menace."

COMING UP graphic: Bagwell vs. Steiner

WCW/NWO Superstar Series videotape ad: Goldberg and Diamond Dallas Page

WCW and Tommy Boy records have a "new, hip relationship" and next week there'll be a big announcement about WCW and Tommy Boy. CURT HENNIG joins the commentary team and asks Tony to turn him on. Hennig said last week he came out and destroyed Konnan, and turns this into an attack on rap music. "I see one more car jumpin' up and down, and I see one of these Konnan - ah - ah - wannabe's around here playing this rap music, what is it, if you say two words that rhyme, you're a rapper? Let me see if I can think up with a song real quick here - 'I'm'a rap, I'm a sap, 'cause it's the crap!' Haha! Boombaboomboom baboomboombaboom. Whatever happened to a good old Hank Williams or Mark Chestnutt or Merle Haggard or Willie Nelson song?" Hennig is not only the greatest athlete, he's a great singer and dancer as well.

Here's a Special Video Look at the Tommy Boy records fete from two weeks ago, in Miami - I presume a Tommy Boy exec: "it's the first time in wrestling, in it's long history - it's going to merge with music..." Raven says he was always an Afrika Bambataa ("Bambitaw") fan. Lots of quotes from Bischoff - he wants to bring music into the world of wrestling "in a much bigger, broader way." "It's never been done." "Tommy Boy has their finger on the pulse." "Nothing's better than kicking ass to music."

BUDDY LEE PARKER v. CHRIS BENOIT (with Dean Malenko) - As Sgt. Parker walks to the ring, we Take You Back to Last Week where Flair made the deal with Parker to put his son over - a deal on which Flair has apparently reneged. Benoit wears a black armband, which Hennig makes special note of as "a sign of respect." Tony also makes note of it. Parker starts out with a lot of fire and offense, but Benoit quickly takes control and works him over. Flying headbutt, Crippler crossface, and Sarge taps. (3:38) Malenko asks the camera to listen to the reaction - "listen - that means that there are Crippler fans out there - that's what people want to see - guys like Dean Malenko. Guys like Chris Benoit." Castrol GTX provides replays.

WCW Hotline shill

NEXT: the TV title bout

WORLD TV TITLE MATCH - RICK WOOF WOOF (with Superstah Scott Steiner) v. BUFF IS THE STUFF - Steiner comes out to "Theme from Wolfpack." Scott Steiner grabs the mic and asks the crowd to bow down to the US Heavyweight Champion and "the US Television Champion," but most importantly, to bow down to the greatest tag team that ever lived. Rick finally came around to Scott's line of thinking because WCW sucks. The Commissioner runs around in the dress - the President is in the psychiatric ward getting shock treatment - so Rick's in the NWO black'n'red. Rick gets the mic and tells "Buffy" to stop crying about his neck - that's the first thing he's going for tonight. Bagwell is fresh meat. "You don't like me? Bite me!" Bagwell rushes the ring, and Scott attacks from behind. Referee "Blind" Johnny Boone gets Scott out of the ring and starts the match. Rick quickly takes control. Bagwell comes back with a swinging neckbreaker and a bulldog - coming off the ropes, Scott grabs the legs. Rick gets the upper hand and drapes him on the top turnbuckle. Rick works the back and Buff falls outside, where Scott waits. Head to the STEEL steps. Rick goes outside and takes Buff's neck to the barricade. Buff laid across the apron and Steiner pounds on the neck. Neck across the bottom rope, more pounding. Off the ropes, Steinerline. Elbow drop across the neck. 1, 2, no. Rick grabs Boone by the shirt. Bagwell's chin grabbed, and a pounding on the neck again. Taken outside, Rick removes the pads from the floor. Piledriver on the floor! Calling over Scott, Rick lays Bagwell on the apron and asks Scott to hold him while he climbs to the top. Boone decides to call for the bell (DQ 4:49) as the sound of an engine fills the arena. Rick fails to get the move off, as we cut to a shot of the Sting monster truck. Some guy obviously wearing a Sting mask is driving, but the commentators act as if it is Sting - it's THE NARCISSIST. The truck completely blocks the aisle. We look in the ring and (THIS IS) STING is in the centre of the ring, with baseball bat in tow. The Steiners are trapped - we take an ad break.

WCW MasterCard ad.

"Assault on Death Mountain" ad

Konnan "Str8 up G'z 4-ever" T-shirt ad

Hey, look! It's the Nitro Girls!

Hennig attacks K-Dawg selling T-shirts as well as DJ Ran spinning records backwards. "Whatever happened to good old country R&B?" "Tequila Sunrise" starts up over the PA and Hennig appropriately blows his stack. KONNAN walks to the commentary table and a fracas breaks out. It moves to the ring and Hennig stomps repeatedly on Konnan. Off the ropes, Konna with his somersault clothesline, off the ropes, back kick, face to the mat. Hennig rolls outside. Konnan following him out. Elbow, punch, whip into the railing. Hennig tries to get out, but Konnan follows him with a high knee and repeated rights. Kick. As they brawl to the back, we take an ad break.

HUGH MORRUS is in the ring when we come back with JAMES HART. Mike Tenay is dispatched to the ring to find out what they want. Hart demands that Rey Mysterio Jr. hit the ring. Morrus says it's the same guys and the same matches Monday, Thursday, Saturday - "I thought I'd mix it up a bit! And Rey Mysterio, it starts with YOU!" Rey appears, and sprints to the ring...

HUGH MORRUS (with James Hart) v. REY NOT A MYSTERIO JR. - Rey with a quebrada, but Hugh Morrus catches him - before he can do anything, Rey shakes off and pushes him into the turnbuckle. Kick, right, right, whip into the opposite corner is reversed, Rey up - springs off the bottom rope with a headscissors takedown. Rey still on him - springboard guillotine legdrop to the back of the head. Punches, Hart grabs the legs as Mysterio comes off the ropes - Morrus with an elbowdrop and a kick. Chop, whip into the opposite corner - splash to the back. Whip into the opposite corner - avalanche splash hits. Morrus poses to the crowd, who boos. Powerbomb coming up - and it hits. Hart with a chair - Hart in the ring - and the chair is placed on top and below his head - Morrus up for No Laughing Matter - KONNAN is out and telling him not to do it. While they argue, KIDMAN rushes the ring, gets under Morrus and powerbombs him out of the corner. Kidman stomps away on Morrus while Rey sets up Hart for a clothesline from Kidman. Konnan whips Rey into a broncobuster on Morrus. Then Rey and Konnan stomp on Morrus, and hold him down for a shooting star press from Kidman. "Tequila Sunrise" plays again. (No match)

Clip from Spring Stampede, where Diamond Dallas Page put on the ringpost figure four, causing Hollywood Hogan's knee to "snap" promo

Tony introduces some scenes from "Assault on Death Mountain" - the next Nitro Original Movie to premiere on TNT. Heenan calls Hogan the "wrestler of the Century."

Gene O. says he's been waiting two months for this interview and welcomes "Hulk" Hogan! YOU KNOW WHO is on crutches and enters to "Theme from Wolfpack" clad in black'n'red. "Well you know something, brother, Mean Gene that is, the wheel gets a little better each and every day, dude, but I didn't come here to talk about no stinkin' movie career, brother." He congratulates Kevin Nash for winning the "NWO slash WCW title." "I've had a lot of time to sit back in front of my big screen TV and watch a lot of rasslin', brother...what I've seen on the tube, brother, I don't like lately. A lot of things going down in the wrestling business - all the way from the Triple X Porno wrestling on the other stations right back to what's going on in my very own company - I don't like it, brother." Hogan says he's the master behind the curtains - the master with the politics, with the stroke. "You see Goldberg out here, but you don't see Goldberg back there. You see Piper out here..." When he comes back, he's "gonna make a statement, and I'm gonna change this stinkin' business, because I got wrestling in my blood, and I'm in this business 4 life brother!"

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BIG POOCHIE walks to the ring carrying the World Heavyweight Championship Belt. He talks of Savage and the Great American Bash main event - and promises to polish the belt for a very long time. Before that sentence is finished, Savage's music starts up again and out come SAVAGE'S THREE CHICKS - George AGAIN on crutches. "I really enjoyed watching her wrestle, but quite frankly, I think Big Sexy would rather see her box." Madusa with a slap - or attempted slap - Nash holds her arm, Mona goes for the legs and George waffles him with the crutch - Nash gets up and turns to face her - and Madusa comes up from behind with a Golotta. Stiletto heels come off Madusa and she climbs on his back. As Nash gets set to take her over and down, RANDY SAVAGE rushes into the ring, procures the title belt, and takes out Nash with a shot to the head. Savage again takes the lipstick and paints Nash's face. Crowd chants "Goldberg" and we quickly go to ad break.

"Mortal Kombat" is next

This portion of WCW Monday Nitro is brought to you by Krispy M&M's

THE MAN (with Arn Anderson & Asya) and DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE & BAM BAM BIGELOW (with separate entrance) v. ROWDY RODDY PIPER & ? & ? - I predict Benoit & Malenko. Asya is wearing American Flag hot pants and lifts. Piper comes out with taped ribs and black armband over the bicep. As he starts to walk down the aisle, we take an ad break.

When we come back, "Theme from IV Horsemen" plays and out walk CHRIS BENOIT & DEAN MALENKO. Arn and Ric are happy to see them, thinking that they're out to help Ric tonight. Arn gives the pep talk and Ric waves them over - but they slowly back up and stand aside Piper to a huge ovation. Tony says "Piper has taken the Horsemen away from Ric Flair!" Billy Silverman calls for the bell...Benoit walks up to Flair and demands that they start the match. A fan rushes the ring but thinks better of it when Piper comes at him and is quickly herded by security. The bell sounds again as Arn gives a look of disbelief. Malenko and Page stand in the ring - Malenko shrugs and points to Flair. Page tags Flair, who offers a hand - Malenko won't shake - instead he tags Benoit. Lockup, to the corner - Flair backs off and gives a "woooo!" Lockup, to the corner, knife-edge chop, chop, Benoit turns it around and his two chops of his own, a third, whip into the opposite corner, back bodydrop from Benoit. Clothesline when he gets up. Page lunges for Benoit and tries a clothesline - Benoit ducks and hits one of his own. Bigelow meets the same fate. Flair stood up in Piper's corner - Benoit with a kick, and a chop - whip into the opposite corner - Flair flip falls short, Ric rolls outside - Page clotheslined and HE doesn't fall out, but rolls outside - Bigelow get clotheslined and clotheslined again - going over the top rope. Flair tries to take off, but Benoit catches up with him and chops away. Flair sprints back into the ring and begs off - but hits an eyepoke. Benoit blocks a punch and hits a right - off the ropes, Bigelow from behind, Benoit punches away but Flair is on him with a chop. Tag to Page, stomping away, tag to Bigelow - taken to the corner, Page kicks, in the corner hard again, Bigelow with an avalanche and an elbowdrop for 2. Tag to Page as everyone stands for an unknown reason. Page and Bigelow pushing Benoit into the corner hard again. Flair tagged in. Flair asks Silverman to check Piper, then hits a Golotta when his back is turned. Off the ropes, hiptoss attempt is reversed into a backslide for 2 - Page makes the save. Flair with the belly-to-back suplex. Tag to Page. Page stomps on him and demands he get up. Tag to Bigelow, who scales to the top. Headbutt misses - dropkick from Benoit, tag to Piper. Piper with a slapfest on all three men. The crowd rises again and RAVEN & SENSATIONAL PERRY SATURN rush the ring (DQ 5:52) and clear Page and Bigelow out. Piper has Flair in the sleeper, but Asya is in with a double axehandle on Piper to break it up. Flair pokes Piper in the eyes and goes to the top rope - Piper shakes it off and beals him, then puts him in the figure four - Benoit putting the badmouth on Flair, and now stomping away on him. Crowd boos tentatively. Flair goes out of the ring while Benoit and Piper pose in the ring.

Backstage, we see Page laid out with a crutch broken across his back. "Yo, Page! Paybacks are hell, brother! And that's just the beginning!" He spits on him and limps off.

I'll be "back" next week...

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