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Opening Credits

IT'S NWA Total Nonstop Action #10, coming to you LIVE from the Asylum in Nashville, TN 21.8.2 and everybody brought a sign!

First match, best of three series
A.J. STYLES (Atlanta, Georgia) v. JERRY LYNN (Minneapolis, Minnesota - 219 pounds) with falls counting anywhere

Styles tries to get the jump with a baseball slide, but Lynn avoids it, grabs Styles in a wheelbarrow and drops him on the barricade. Stomp, stomp, head to the safety rail, right, head to the camera stand, right, into the safety rail, clotheslined over. Wow, my sound is AWFUL tonight. Styles finally comes back with a Stunneralike with the safety rail. Superkick. Styles on the barrier - and dropping down with a splash - 1, 2, no! Elbow, chop, Lynn chops back, chop by Styles, Lynn, Styles. Head to the apron by Styles - chop, whip into another guard rail...runs in and Lynn gets the boot up - Styles blocks, right, right, right, runs at Lynn but he catches him and crotches him on the barrier. Lynn does a little traffic management with the front row fans, drags Styles over and rams his head into a chair on the floor. There's a cover - 1, 2, no. Coming up later besides two more from these guys, Brown vs. Killings for the championship, Lo-Ki vs. the SATs, and maybe they'll stop my ears from hurting by adjusting the levels! Right by Lynn, they're walking - Styles reverses, right, head to the bleachers rail, into another set of bleachers, forearm in the back, forearm, right, Lynn right, right, Lynn moving the crowd, right, into the rail is reversed and Lynn sails UNDER the rail and off the bleachers. Styles runs, vaults the rail and lands on Lynn! "Holy shit" chant is pretty much unwarranted - coverrrr - 2. Lynn run into a trash receptacle. Walking back to ringside, Lynn tossed over the guard rail. Lynn blocks, right, right, moves the crowd, Styles blocks the head to the rail and puts Lynn there. Styles jumps atop the railing - Lynn sweeps his leg and send Styles crashing onto the barricade. Suplex over the rail back onto the mats at ringside! Styles twitches OLD-SCHOOL styles but still manages to kick out at 2. Lynn puts Styles in the ring (THEY'RE IN THE RING!!) - suplex coming up - no, Styles down the back, forearm, right, quebrada, no, but Styles lands on his feet, standing switch, switched back, Lynn with a jawbreaker - 1, 2, no! Lynn pulls himself up by the ropes...and makes the international sign of the cradle piledriver. Styles brought up...but Styles follows through and gives Lynn a faceplant on the way back down! Cover...1, 2, foot on the rope. Styles wants a suplex - block - Lynn's attempt also blocked - Styles tries a slingshot suplex...but Lynn blocks THAT and hits a - well, it LOOKED like Lynn hit a slop drop but both men are STYLES is up first - cover, 1, 2, no. I'm confused! Styles elbow, elbow, elbow...runs at Lynn - Lynn spins him around but Styles manages to take Lynn over the top with him. Both men on the floor - Styles tries a cover on the floor, 1, 2, no! Styles with a chop, Lynn chops back, Styles, Lynn, Styles dropkick (Tenay says "enzuigiri" oh well) - scooped up on the ramp...and slammed. But Lynn is up - right, Styles right, Styles winds up for a discus punch but Lynn spears him down. Lynn takes him to the entryway - then runs Styles off the stage and into the side of the platform holding the dancer cage. Cover on the floor - 1, 2, no! Styles run back onto the stage - but Styles is up with a right, elbow, going for a piledriver but Lynn blocks and backdrops Styles on the stage. Lynn picking up Styles - CRADLE PILEDRIVER! 1, 2, 3! (9:55) ** If they can only manage one fall in ten minutes, can that iron man match REALLY have more than one decision? We'll see...I'm STILL suspicious that it'll actually go to a third match, heh heh.

Watch the dancing girl suck her lolly in the cage as the dates crawl by...
NWA Zero-One - 22-25 August - Gifu, Imabara, Fukuoka and Tokyo, Japan (WHAT - ZERO-ONE is NWA now?!? Is anyone in Japan even gonna SEE this?)
NWA Wildside - 23 August - Cornelia, GA
NWA East - 23 August - Connelsville, PA

Backstage, GOLDYLOCKS has Smokin' Chris Harris & Cowboy James Storm. Tonight they have the DEVASTATING team of Ron Harris & Prime Time Brian Lee. "Devastatin' nuttin, ma'am. You think them two buckaroos have ever mixed it up with a cowboy?" "Stop, stop! Stop the interview. I'm sorry - sorry, Goldy. What in the hell are you doin'?" "I'm doin' my interview." "Yeah...just for one night, please, just for one night, can we do without the whole John Wayne crap, the shootin' all, can we do without that just for one night? Have you thought for one second, Cowboy - have you thought for one second that the reason we haven't been on TNA for the past few weeks is because of this ridiculous gimmick? No? Ron Harris & Brian Lee, tonight - do you have any idea what we're up against?" "Well, well I sure do, 'cat. Because if you look at it, I have roped bigger steers than these two guys right here, and if you think of it, a cowboy's work is never....done." Lee and Harris have walked up in the meantime. "Ha! You gotta be SHITTIN' me - look, Ron, it's dress up day at the OK Corral. You know what it's like to have a size 16 boot lodged in the crack o' yer ass?" "SIXTEEN! You think a guy about your size'd at least have an eighteen, nineteen - maybe even twenty...but let me ask you something. Do you know what it feels like to be a gunslinger at high noon with the whole town ridin' on your stirrups?" "Harris, imagine bein' in a bar fight and all you got's Quickdraw McGraw backin' yo ass up. I'll tell you what, BUCKAROO--" "Whoa whoa whoa! You cannot say 'buckaroo' because you're not the Cowboy, okay? You cannot say 'buckaroo.'" "Almighty - Harris, I advise you to get a partner and get one quick." "Hey, hey..." "What?" "See them two guys right there?" "Yeah." "They are some rude....buckaroos. They are!" "I don't believe this shit..."

Tag team action

Ron Harris and Chris Harris are NOT related, as far as I know. (Neither are Brian Lee and Elix Skipper.) Tenay reminds us that Harris & Storm were one match away from the tag team titles - and the problem with reminding us of that is that it ALSO reminds us that nobody ever bothered to give them a makeup title shot. Don West reminds us that Harris & Storm are undefeated...which usually signals something ELSE, but let's watch. Oh, wait, one MORE thing before they tie up - about those tag team titles, held up last week by Bullet Bob Armstrong due to the double pin in the title match...they haven't decided what to do with them yet! Does this make sense to anybody who isn't writing this show? Tenay says this match is made all the more important due to that fact, but I can't imagine WHY, since they never seem to take anything like *matches* REMOTELY into account when crafting-- okay, enough negativity. Let's save some for this match! AH HA HA. Hmm, I remembered wrong - Ron's "SS" tattoo is on his LEFT arm, which would make Don's on his RIGHT. Anyway, it's Chainz - I mean, Lee...and Storm. Lockup, Lee shoves him away. We go again - side headlock by Lee, powered out by Storm, shoulderblock by Lee. We go AGAIN! Lockup, to the corner, right hand by Lee, right, right, into the opposite corner, Storm out of the way, right right right, goes into his tights and then flips off Lee (that must be a cowboy move of which I'm not aware), right, right, into the ropes is reversed, hip toss blocked, Storm off the ropes with a forearm - Harris in, duck by Storm, off the ropes with another forearm - Chris off the ropes with a double axehandle that puts Ron outside! Time for a confab on the outside...Harris (Chris) staying in as Lee finally comes back in. No, there's a tag to Harris (Ron). This'll be fun to call. Lockup, into the ropes, Armstrong wants the break - Chris reverses, whip into the ropes, armdrag, armdrag, Ron rolls outside and makes ringsiders scream. Stall stall stall. Ron back in - knee to Chris. Right hand in the corner, another right...and a right. I wonder what he'll try next - whip into the opposite corner, follow clothesline, back to the first corner, clothesline, back to the opposite corner, Chris decides to slip out - right, right right right right right right right - right for Lee as he tries to run the apron - backdrop for Ron as he comes off the ropes and he's outside. Now Storm is in - off the ropes and Harris boosts him into a splash on the pile! Right for Lee, right, Harris put back in for Harris - Chris right, right, into the ropes, reversed, tilt-a-whirl but Chris reverses into a headscissors. Storm feeds Lee to Harris - right, into the ropes is reversed, Harris ducks, Lee swings him up - piledriver!! 1, 2, Storm breaks it up. Tag to Ron Harris - into the ropes, double back elbow. Storm shoved to the floor - he tries to hit the ring but Armstrong puts him back in his corner while Lee holds Harris for Harris to punch him - right, right, right, right. Head to the buckle. Into the ropes, brought up - and down with a sidewalk slam. 1, 2, no! Tag to Lee - open stomp to the ribs. Headbutt by Lee. Fistdrop. Now applies the headlock. I guess we should be thankful they didn't introduce Ron in some gimmicky twin thing, right? Harris (Chris) finally back to his feet - elbow, elbow breaks it up - Lee put into the ropes and Harris hits the Austin press! Right, right, right - Lee with an uppernut to stop it. Tenay says Harris calls the Thesz Press the "Cat Attack" - oh come on. Harris tossed through the ropes and now it's time to make sure Armstrong doesn't see Ron clocking with a right hand on the floor. Lee out after him - another right hand. Harris rolled back in...tag to Harris (man, I'll never get tired of that). Lee steps on him and waits for Harris to add a stomp. Into the ropes, big boot. Tag out to Lee. Lee stands over him and makes a show for the fans. Lax cover gets 2. Right hand, into the opposite corner, boot up by Harris, running "bulldog" and both men are down. Lee crawls to Harris for the tag - HOT TAG TO STORM! Storm duck, right, right, right, right, right, right for Lee, right, right for Harris, right for Lee, all four men in as Harris punches Lee, puts him into the ropes, back body drop, Storm punching and kicking Harris - Harris and Storm double clothesline Lee out of the ring - camera completely misses whatever's going on in the ring as we stare at Lee on the outside - oh, I see, he's going to "scrap" with a "fan." Over the railing and onto the floor - right hand, right, right, right, right, right, Ron Harris stops everything to ask "what the hell are you doin'?" Harris off the top with a throat on the ropes, Harris bounces back into a rollup by Storm - 1, 2, 3! (8:58) *3/4 Harris outside to pull Lee off the "fan" - now they regroup and punk out Storm & Harris in the ring. H bomb for Harris - H bomb for Storm. Play THEIR music! Borash checks on the "fan" - whose right arm is twitcheing (nice touch). Hey, Borash and the "fan" have the same hairdo!

Your hosts are ASK MIKE TENAY & DON WEST DOT ORG - the absent Ed Ferrara is not mentioned, so you KNOW he's GONE, baby. This is actually not a bad move, as West has come a long way in a short time - a three man booth was superfluous at this point. Oh and by the way...West is wearing RED this week. They talk about tonight's upcoming matches - Killings/Brown, Styles/Lynn II, and a surprise for Jeff Jarrett! Sign behind them: KORNHEISER WAS FRAMED - he was? For WHAT? I'm ignoring the other sign about Goldylocks, Chocolate Man, and Spanking...

SONNY SIAKI (Memphis, Tennessee - 248 pounds) v. JIMMY YANG (with Jorge Estrada)
referee: Charles
Sign: "SONNY, SHOW ME YOUR SIAKI" Siaki tries to get the jump on Yang on the ramp, but he ducks, then connects with a spinning heel kick - then he and Estrada complete their pose! Classy. Gutshot, thrown off the ramp. Although ring announcer JEREMY BORASH clearly said "one fall," Tenay now says "two out of three falls" so WHO KNOWS? Yang over to the TNA Grrl cage, puts a move on her (she liked it!), then tightropes the barrier and...does nothing. Oh well. Forearm in the back, again, again, they're out to ringside now. Siaki whipped into the barricade, knee, dropped across another rail. Yang grabs a YANG TIME sign and shows it to Siaki. Siaki rolled in the ring - you know, the bell never DID ring - into the ropes, Yang dropkick, Yang gets 2. Head to the buckle, again...and again. Whip into the opposite corner is reversed, but Yang gets the elbow up. Yang with a head scissors...then drops back over the ropes for leverage! Yang springboards back into the ring with a nice dropkick - 1, 2, no! Yang applies the headlock and head vice. Siaki slowly back to his feet - elbow, elbow, elbows out - off the ropes...head down by Yang, Siaki drops down and uppercuts him. Tenay casually mentions Yang will be on the same All Japan card as Bill Goldberg. Isn't it great that all that stuff Yang did can be completely nullifed by one punch? Siaki with the insider removal of the jumpsuit - scoop...and snaps into a...variation of the cutter, I'd say - 1, 2, no. Into the ropes, Yang counters the backslide attempt with a neckbreaker, then quickly climbs up top for Yang Time - 1, 2, 3! (3:29) Hmm, I guess Borash is an idiot.

Segunda caida - Yang quickly moves back to his headscissors over the ropes - but THIS time, Siaki shoves him over and onto the floor! Siaki drops down and out, going after Yang - whip into the barricade, and over! Siaki grabs Yang and suplexes him back in over the guard rail. Yang put back into the ring - 1, 2, kickout. Into the ropes, gutshot by Siaki - off the ropes with the flipping neckbreaker. Leg is hooked - 1, 2, no! Siaki clamps on the headlock. Yang back to his feet - elbow, elbow, knee by Siaki - chop - chop - into the ropes, Yang ducks, Yang chops, chop, Siaki slides under and, holding the pumphandle, suplexes him over (pretty much). Leg is hooked - 1, 2, no. Yang shot into the corner. Let me predict the Russo finish: Estrada turns on Yang to join Siaki at the end of the third fall. Siaki with a boot to the neck. Kick, kick. Uppercut. Foot over the back of the neck for the rope choke. Snapmares him over - drops the leg - hooks the leg - gets 2. This fall has been all Siaki, just like the first fall has been all Yang. Siaki pulls back on the arms - crowd chants "Yang Time" and Yang tries to come alive for the crowd...back to his feet - reverses - backslide - 1, 2, no! Siaki right back on him with a lariat. Siaki goes back to the shortcut, standing on the neck for 4. Yang shot into the corner - boot up by Yang - comes off with a twisting leg lariat. Both men down - Yang up first - but Siaki ducks! Yang catches the leg, spun around, gutshot - suplex blocked by Siaki - Siaki into the Money Clip! 1, 2, 3! (+ 4:57)

Tercera caida - Siaki doesn't wait, grabbing Yang and drops down, giving him a shoulderbreaker. 1, 2, foot on the rope! Siaki puts Yang into the ropes, reversed, rolled up into a half crab by Yang! Siaki crawls...and makes it to the rope. Yang doesn't break until 3. Yang stomps, kicks the back of the knee, spinning toe hold...spins - drags him to the centre and now drops down with a leg scissors. Again, Siaki manages to grab the rope. Siaki back up with a clothesline but doesn't get all of it. Yang sat on top - Siaki with a right hand. Siaki climbs up - superplex!! But Yang is up! Runs at Siaki with what Tenay calls a "Shining Wizard" but I'm not sure. Hell, between Tenay and Tazz, EVERY knee is a Shining Wizard, right? Both men up at roughly the same time - Yang with "Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine," again, right, right, into the ropes, reversed by Siaki, Yang flips and twists out of a hiptoss attempt (made no sense but it LOOKED good), and clotheslines Siaki down! Clothesline! 1, 2, Siaki kicks out! Siaki put into the ropes, no, reversal, but Yang spins around and jumps into a back kick. Yang is slow to get up but manages to walk up Siaki for the backflip kick, then climbs up for a Ten Punch Count Along...but at five, Siaki pulls him out as if to go for a powerbomb - Yang drops back to try a Frankensteiner but Siaki stays on his feet...pulls Yang back up...and throws him over into Snake Eyes! And now Siaki is climbing to the top - Yang backs into the ropes and crotches him - forearm across the back - Yang climbing up as well - both men leap off and Yang hits a swinging neckbreaker on the way down! Everybody's out in the ring! Estrada tries to wake up Yang but he's out of it. Both men eventually make it to their feet at about the same time. Yang right, Siaki returns, Yang, Siaki, slugfest stops when Yang blocks the next blow and rolls up Siaki - 1, 2, NO! Estrada leaps to the apron to argue the count (uh oh) - go behind by Yang, standing switch, rollup (I think)...oof, ugly ugly but it ends up with Siaki on top of Yang, grabbing the rope, 1, 2, Yang clearly kicks out but Charles counts 3 anyway, and that's a really shitty ending to a pretty good match. (+ 5:42 - total time 14:08) ***1/2 *Immediately*, we hear a voice say "Cut the damn music! Cut the damn music! Cut the music! Dammit, I said cut the music!"

Of course, it's JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET. "Tenay, I'm talkin' to you but more importantly, I'm talkin' to Bullet Bob Armstrong. I don't give a damn WHO your surprise is, NOBODY'S gonna stop Jeff Jarrett tonight. Week after week the NWA screws me outta my title shot. Last week, they robbed the tag titles o' me. Well tonight, I'm goin' through Bullet Bob Armstrong, I'm goin' through the Bullet, I don't give a damn what--" At this point, BRIAN LAWLER flies in the applies the beatdown. After a bit, TNA SECURITY manages to separate these two...or tries, anyway. Crowd chants "Jerry's Kid" - well, that's confusing! GOLDYLOCKS hits the ring and tries to ask him just what did Jeff Jarrett to piss him off. Lawler swipes the mic. "Get out of the ring. GET OUT! You wanna know what Jeff Jarrett did? I'm about to tell the world what Jeff Jarrett did." Tenay: "Tell us! TELL US!!" Of course, just in the nick of time, SLASH emerges from underneath the ring and drops Lawler with a forearm. Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp...Scott Armstrong hits the ring - what, this is a MATCH?!

BRIAN LAWLER v. SLASH - Scoop...and dropped into a forearm across the chest into a slop drop. Draped across the top rope - Slash with a dropkick. Lawler put into the guardrail - right, chop, into the opposite railing. Cable choke. Forearm in the back, forearm. Tenay says Mitchell isn't happy with Malice's handshake last week and is "stirring it up" - translation: we couldn't pay him to be on camera THIS week, either. Presumably, Slash is breaking the count while we don't see him. Right hand - no, he was pulling the mats away from the floor earlier because now he's going for the piledriver on the exposed concrete - Lawler reverses with a backdrop! Lawler back in control - Slash meets the guardrail. Slash put back in the ring, Lawler joins him in the ring. Lawler flips off the crowd (I guess he's still a heel) and clotheslines Slash over the top to the floor. Up the ramp we go...Lawler right, right, bulldogs him on the ramp. Armstrong has clearly forgotten what comes after nine tonight. Slash rolled back into the ring. Lawler goes for the same chair we went for last week, knowing that same woman won't let him have one. Five *other* people offer Lawler a chair but he's only interested in that particular one. Finally, he spits his gum out at her. That's awesome. Lawler back to the ring. "He ain't gettin' mah CHAIUH!" Anyway, took way too long and Slash crotches him after an uppercut. Right hand, climbing up after him...on the top rope - pulling up Lawler - superplex! Slash crawls into the cover - 1, 2, kickout. Slash circles the air - has him up on the back - and here comes the helicopter slam! Slash covers - 1, 2, kickout! Into the ropes, Lawler evades the clothesline, off the ropes, floatover DDT - but instead of covers, looks to the crowd...and starts dancing. Slash catches a kick - but Lawler hits the enzuigiri. Lawler back to dancing! Lawler finally grabs Slash - but Slash punches him back. Going for the Slash & Burn (whatever THAT is) but Lawler's trick knee acts up. Lawler wants...who knows, Slash drops down and gives HIM an uppernut. Geez, count the nut shots tonight - what is this, WCW? Slash puts Lawler on top - chop - climbs up but Lawler punches, punches, punches him back to the mat - Tennessee Jam legdrop means that's his move - 1, 2, 3. (5:56) *1/2

Backstage, Jarrett and Bob Armstrong are arguing. All I heard was "Take me down if you can, boy - take me down if you can!"

NWA X CHAMPIONSHIP - SPANISH ANNOUNCE TEAM (challengers - Brooklyn, New York) v. LO-KI (champion - Brooklyn, New York) in an elimination match
referee: Charles
All four men stay in the ring for the staredown - it looks like three on one may start us off - Ki chops one Maximo, kicks the other, and then goes down as the numbers take over. Maximos holding Ki - Ki kicks Red, Jose tries a whip but Ki kicks Joel, then kicks Jose, kicks Joel's leg from behind into a kick on Red, taking him outside, drop toehold Joel onto Jose, kick Joel, kick, monkeys up for the KICK - Joel ducks but Jose's head takes it instead. Ki poses to the crowd, but isn't watching Red springboard into the ring, lands on his feet, then dropkicks Ki - rolls to the apron as Joel whips Red - back elbow! Wow, they've turned on each other early on, you'd think they'd eliminate the champ first. Joel splash in the corner, snapmares him over, off the ropes with a seated dropkick - 1, 2, no. Joel decides to tag out to Ki as he and Jose have moved to the corners. Double chop to the back, chop, into the ropes, back elbow, cover, 2. Lo-Ki staying in control - scoop...and a slam. Off the ropes, Muta elbow, 1, 2, no. Double chop. Into the ropes, Red ducks under, wants a Frankensteiner - Ki tries to reverse to the Crusher - Red down the back, shoves Ki into the buckle, walks up his back, for the kick to the head, cover, 1, no. Forearm in the back, forearm, tag to Jose - open shot to the back, right, right, into the opposite corner, reversed, boot up by Maximo - spinning DDT blocked and Ki shoves him into the corner - Ki with a chop (wooooo!), chop, into the opposite corner but Maximo scales the corner - tornado DDT DOES hit - 1, 2, no! Tag to Joel as Ki shoves Jose into the corner - free shot to the back - double gutshot, off the ropes with a double "bulldog," Joel covers, 1, 2, no. Chop, chop, off the ropes, clothesline, 1, 2, no. Maximo tries again - only gets 1. Ki with a kick to the head from his back. Forearm by Maximo. Into the ropes, Ki ducks, springs off the second rope with the Frankensteiner - koppou kick in the corner. Jose from behind with a forearm, forearm, chop, into the opposite corner is reversed and Ki koppou kicks Jose! He lands on Joel - Ki with the Tidal Crush to both heads! Ki backs up a bit too far, though, and Red tags himself in. Red Star Press on Joel - 1, 2, no. Stomp, stomp, stomp - chop, chop, into the opposite corner is reversed - and Ki tags himself BACK in. Joel scoops him up on his shoulders, though - and Jose climbs up with a double stomp down Ki's back. STILL in the fireman's carry, Red goes up - another graze off Ki's back but HE lands on Joel, giving him a Frankensteiner! Joel finally slams Ki - Red right, right, Joel knuckle lock, slap, slap, double knuckle lock, Red taken to his back but uses the boots on the chest and when they roll up, Red leaps onto Joel's shoulders..but before anything can happen out of this, Ki is off the ropes with a kick to Maximo's head and Red's legs - and Red crashes to the mat! EVERYBODY's down - I wonder who's legal? Ki takes a gutshot from Joel, who calls over Jose - Ki into the ropes, Jose hands him to Joel in a reverse wheelbarrow - Joel slams him over his head while Jose adds a neckbreaker - Tenay says that's the "Maximo Impact." Crowd is strangely silent for that one. Ki rolls to the apron as Red comes in - all three eye each other - Maximos run for Red, who ducks - Red boosted up and over BOTH men off the ropes, Joel tries a tilt-a-whirl after Jose shoves Red into his grasp, but Red counters and DDT's Joel! Jose's clothesline is ducked, Red with a spinning kick for Jose. Dropkick and Jose throws himself over the top after two tries. Red climbs to the top and aims for the man on the apron - Frankensteiner and Jose lands on Joel on the floor! Red apparently isn't done - camera completely misses it, though, as Lo-Ki manages a kick from the floor to Red as he is ready to bounce off the ropes! Ki back in the rope and continuing to work on Red - wants the Ki-Crusher...or perhaps not - instead, he runs to the rope and throws Ki onto the Maximos! Three men outside, "Lo-Ki" chant for the man left standing. Everybody up slowly as Ki climbs to the top - twisting moonsault onto the Maximos! Then Charles counts all four men out!!! Just kidding. Ki puts Joel in the ring and cover - 1, 2, kickout! Double chop. Joel tries a right, right, but Ki kicks him again. Runs at Maximo, Ki dumped on the apron, Maximo with a big kick and Ki hits the floor. As they brawl on the outside, Jose and Red hit the ring - Jose ducks under the kick on the whip reversal - double pumphandle - turns him inside out and down into a Blowout - 1, 2, Joel breaks it up! West rightfully asks why they'd bother to break up a pinfall attempt in an elimination match. Gutshot by Joel on his brother, whip, reversed, Joel with ANOTHER gutshot to reverse back - double underhook, over his shoulder, then down into a face slam - 1, 2, 3! Tenay says that's the Maximo Overdrive and who am I to argue - Jose's out. (9:07)

Joel covers Red - 1, 2, Ki kicks to break it up! Ki grabs Joel's hair, step kick, step kick, step kick, step kick, crowd going nuts as Ki pours it on - FOURTEEN step kicks in total - winds up...STEP KICK! Joel's out on his feet...Red waits for him to stop weaving, then springs off the top into a swinging DDT! Red quickly to the top - Infra-Red! 1, 2, 3! (10:05)

Ki grabs Red and they head to the corner - Red ducks a punch, ducks a punch, ducks a punch, leaps over a kick and puts the boot in Ki's chest, shoving him out - runs at Ki but he shoves him aside - Ki blocks, blocks, strikes, runs into a boot, Red going for I know now what but Ki has him down his back, runs into the corner a flips forward putting Red back-first into the top turnbuckle! Ki covers - 1, 2, shoulder up! "Amazing Red got it up, Mike!" Ki makes the internation sign of the Ki Crusher - grabs Red - has him up...climbing up the ropes (!) but Red punches out and lands on his feet - then jumps into a kick to the head. Red climbs up top - wants a top-rope Frankensteiner but Ki grabs him - has him in position for the Ki Crusher - KI CRUSHER OFF THE SECOND ROPE!! Ki grabs his back but manages to crawl over and hook a leg - 1, 2, 3! (12:03) ***1/2

NWA Main Event - 24 Aug - Columbia, TN NWA Virginia/VCW - 24 Aug - Norfolk, VA NWA East - 24 Aug - W. Newton, PA

Backstage, Goldy has The Truth. "My title? Differences? Differences between me and Monty Brown? Lemme tell you something, you little hussy, Monty Brown should be out here right now kissin' my black ass. Let me explain somethin' to ya. Abe Lincoln freed the slaves - you know what I've done? A hundred and fifty years later, *I* freed the African-American sports entertainers! Look how far I just came from! But you know what? Monty Brown should be out here thankin' me; better yet, he wants to come and take my title from me. Monty Brown, just like I said over and over again - black, white, brown, polka dot, I don't GIVE a damn! If you wanna come and take this title from me, you gonna hafta dammit kill me. You know what? *I* had a dream also, and in my dream, my FOOT was knockin' the dust off your stankin' sorry ass. Now I'll see you in my house - I'll see you in the asylum."

NOTED FITNESS MODEL APRIL HUNTER is in the crowd! She'll take on Bruce next week for his Miss TNA title - and the five grand!

Let's take a look at the graphic for tonight's title bout:
THE TRUTH - 6'0", 235 pounds, 5 years pro
MONTE BROWN - 6'2", 275 pounds, 3 years pro

Killings: First title defense
Brown: First title shot

Can Brown use power and size edge to his advantage?

Finishers: The Consequence vs. the Alpha Bomb

NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: THE ALPHA MALE MONTE BROWN (challenger - 275 pounds) v. RON "THE TRUTH" KILLINGS (champion - Charlotte, North Carolina)
referee: Armstrong
Graphics guys really want to spell it "Monte" this week - I'm gonna stick with "Monty" since that was good enough for both the Bills AND the Patriots. Here we go - staredown and both men are heavily into jaw jacking. Finally they lock up - Brown with the leverage and they head to the corner - but Killings takes it out just as quickly - Brown shoves him away and DOES a Killings dance - ooh! Brown drops to a knee and shows off his biceps. Killings slaps him. Brown punches him back! Killings isn't happy that we've already gone there, but he's ready to fire back with a closed fist of his own, Brown answers, Killings, Brown, Killings, Brown, Brown, Brown, chop, chop, into the opposite corner, running crossbody in the corner - left, left, dances, but Truth dodges the windup right, but Brown turns round and DOES find the right! Whip is reversed but Brown hits the shoulderblock - another shoulderblock - a THIRD shoulderblock off the ropes - hooks the leg, 1, 2, no. Forearm in the back and Brown's staying on him. Into the corner and Killings goes up and over to the apron - Brown runs at him and Killings lowers the bridge taking him outside! Killings - well, the camera's off of him, but I'd speculate that he spins, does the splits, spins up and now we catch up to him flying out of the ring with a plancha onto Brown! Killing is up first...right hand, whip into the STEEL steps. Armstrong is having no luck at all getting the action back into the ring. Killings stomp, stomp, stomp. Brown tries a gutshot, right, Killings rakes the face to maintain the advantage. Right hand by Killings, Brown fires back, Killings right, Brown chop, Killings slap, Brown chop, Killings with a knee, walks him round the ring and puts him facefirst onto the table! Killings on the table - brings up Brown onto the table as well, but Brown pops up - right hand, axehandle in the back, calls for the Alpha Bomb (!) - scoops up Killings...but he gouges his eyes JUST in time and escapes. Right hand and Brown heads to the floor - Killings out after him - gutshot, right hand, Brown right, Killings right, Killings to the face again. Whip out but Brown reverses and pulls Killings to him - BELLY-TO-BELLY OVERHEAD SUPLEX on the floor!! Armstrong is up to ten and both men are counted out! (Just kidding!) Armstrong checks on both men - apparently they can each continue. Brown over - stomp, stomp, stomp. "Buffalo sux" chant - ha ha. Brown threatens to whip Killings into the commentary table (sending the commentators into a panic) but ends up throwing him back into the ring - cover,! Brown stays in control - right hand puts Killings against the ropes. Brown with a chop, chop, into the ropes is reversed and Killings pulls Brown, falling back into an inverted Russian leg sweep. Killings up top - guillotine legdrop!! Killings is slow to cover but hooks the leg - 1, 2, NO! Killings applies the headlock. Brown tries to fight it off and the crowd fails to rally around him. Still, he's to his feet - elbow, elbow, elbows out, off the ropes, sunset flip - 1, 2, Killings claps his legs and breaks out. Off the ropes, Brown with an elbow. Stomp. Off the ropes, up and over, Killings up and spinning into a leg lariat! "I'm the hottest thang since grits!" Killings covers - 1, 2, Brown JUST gets the shoulder up! Killings tries the whip, Brown reverses, boot up by Killings - Brown ducks the clothesline but Killings is back with a boot. Wants a suplex but Brown blocks - another attempt, another block - Brown with a suplex of his own! Both men are down and Armstrong starts his "never'll get to" ten count. Brown rolls to his stomach at four - both men to their knees at six. Killings swings and Brown ducks - Brown right, right, right, into the ropes, scooped up...on the shoulder...running powerslam! Brown off the ropes - what a splash! 1, 2, Killings kicks out!! Killings sent into the corner, up and over on the charge, superfluous backflip, splits under a clothesline, Brown ducks a side kick, Killings with a gutshot to double over Brown, off the ropes with an axe kick! Rolls him over, hooks the leg - 1, 2, NO!! Killings can't put him away - scoops him up again, Brown down the back, spins Killings over, gutshot, scoop...going for the Alpha Bomb but Killings lands on his feet - gutshot, going for the Consequence but Brown shakes THAT off, drops down and Killings goes over, Brown catches him AGAIN in the fallaway slam position but this time Killings shifts his weight and drops Brown in a (very ugly) backslide, folds up Brown - 1, 2, 3. (10:12) **3/4 Man, I almost like matches like that more than spotfests - oops, don't tell anybody, I'll lose my cred. JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET is immediately in the ring with a chair - WHACK takes out Armstrong, WHACK to Brown's head, waiting for Killings to get up - but Killings strikes first with a gutshot! Jarrett drops the chair - right hand , Killings right, Jarrett, Killings, Jarrett, Killings, Jarrett, Killings, Jarrett, Killings, now BRIAN LAWLER is in and down goes Jarrett - right, right, right. Lawler picks him up and gives him another right. Brown is up...and content to watch. I guess all three of them hate Jarrett - Lawler asks Killings to pick up Jarrett. "NOBODY does what they did to me!" Swing...but Jarrett pulls Killings into the WHACK! Jarrett hightails it and finally TNA SECURITY comes out. Lawler has the chair - nope. Brown...does nothing! Wow! Let's go watch the dancing girl!

"Damn that [slash]!" yells Tenay. Hey, what'd my site do?
NWA Mississippi - 24 Aug - Greenville, MS
!BANG! TV taping - 24 Aug - Ocala, FL
NWA New England Super X Tournament - 24 Aug - Woonsocket, RI
NWA Virgina/VCW - 25 Aug - Newport News, VA

Goldy is backstage with Jerry Lynn. "That's right, Goldylocks. It's all gonna end tonight. Enough of the head games, enough of the locker room ribs. It's time to get serious, it's time to kick some ass. Sure, AJ has taken everything I've dished out so far, but I'll tell you what - there's one advantage to being a veteran, and that's knowledge - and when it's all said and done tonight, AJ Styles WILL respect me--" "AAAAAH!" Man, Goldy screams for the LITTLEST reasons - in this case, Styles jumping Lynn with five or six forearms - Lynn right, Styles right, right, through the curtain, to the barricade, knee...they decide to ring the bell and I guess we're on...

JERRY LYNN (1) v. AJ STYLES (0) with no disqualifications - Another knee by Styles - they walk out to the ramp - knee by Styles, whip into the apron is reversed, Styles leaps onto the apron - back kick for Lynn - moonsault off the apron but nobody's home, Styles lands on his feet...ducks a swing from Lynn, kick, chop, into the ring with Lynn and follows. Lynn right, gutshot, into the ropes is reversed, reversed back, Styles hooks the ropes, Lynn runs at him and Styles dumps him on the apron! Winner tonight gets Lo-Ki next week. Forearm by Lynn - throats him on the top rope. Lynn looks under the ring and finds a table. Table set up on the floor as the crowd chants "We want table!" Styles over from behind with a forearm in the back. Right hand, kick, Lynn tossed in. Styles repositions the table on the floor before going back in - shoulder through the ropes by Lynn - wants the sunset flip over the top rope into the table but Styles stays put on the apron...right, right, shoves him away - Lynn shoves away the table, Styles back kick, back in the ring, now springboards to the top rope - comes off - Lynn ain't there! Styles crashes on the floor and almost lands on the upturned table's leg. Lynn stomps. Head to the underside of the table. Styles put back in the ring and Lynn decides he'll set the table back up on the floor, just in case. Lynn decides to grab a chair while he's out there. Lynn back in the ring - Styles with a leg sweep and the chair lands on Lynn's face. Styles legdrops the chair! Styles has the chair and puts it between the top and middle rops in a corner. Styles with a stomp. Chop. Chop. Into the corner is reversed but Styles slides under the chair - ducks Lynn's swing, waistlock, back elbow by Lynn. Lynn with a gutshot, kick to the head, goes for the powerbomb but Lynn is up and over with a roll through - 1, no, Lynn drops Styles and then hits the WOW Catapult, sending Styles crashing into the chair! Lynn hooks the leg - 1, 2, no! Lynn with a running stomp. Right hand. Open-handed slap. Forearm to the chest. Into the opposite corner is reversed...Styles runs at him and gets dumped on the apron, Styles with "Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine," but tries the shoulder through the ropes - you KNOW you can't DO that to Jerry Lynn, as he leaps and comes down with a guillotine to the back of the neck! Both men down - Lynn up first, still in the ring, climbing up top and grabs Styles - right - going for a tornado DDT into the table but Styles stays planted on the apron, clothesline Lynn over the top back into the ring, then comes back in over the top with a twisting legdrop - 1, 2, Lynn's in the ropes. Styles stays on him - stomp. Chair placed in the middle of the ring, running kick, chop, into the ropes, reversed, Styles ducks, double clothesline and they both land on the chair! Well, geez, putting the chair there seems kinda DUMB in retrospect. Both men up slowly, both men with the chair in their grasp - Lynn pulls but Styles doesn't let go, so Lynn shoves the chair into Styles' abdomen - sunset flip by Lynn (chair STILL in his arms), 1, 2, Styles WHACKS Lynn to break it up. Styles tries to cover - 1, 2, Lynn shoots the shoulder up. Tenay identifies the ref as ANDREW THOMAS (thank you). Styles is up and has the chair...winds up - Lynn ducks, waits for Styles to spin around and dropkicks the chair into Styles' face! Leg is hooked - 1, 2, NO! Lynn is up first after a long while. Lynn stomps. Styles placed on top as Lynn adjusts the position of the chair in the ring - Lynn in a headlock - DDT's him onto the chair! Or tried to, anyway - we'll pretend he did (Tenay can't take that leap, God bless him). 1, 2, LYNN PULLS HIM UP!! Thumb cross throat and the crowd knows what's coming - they chant "Tay Bull." Styles placed up top on the corner close to the table - right hand, right, climbs up after him - Styles right, forearms in the back, right, right, right takes Lynn off the corner. Styles up top...trying to shake the cobwebs - too late, Lynn into the ropes and crotches Styles! Lynn right, repositions Styles' legs again - wants the top rope Frankensteiner through the table - AND GETS IT! WHOA that was really, REALLY ugly - Lynn barely managing to spike his head on the apron, Styles failing to cleanly land on the table. Styles isn't moving AT ALL. Lynn manages to pull himself up by the apron - Styles is JUST starting to move, now. Lynn grabs Styles and puts him back in the ring - leg is hooked - 1, 2, NO! Lynn has the chair again - placed on the mat - Styles placed on top, right, climbs up after him - Styles right, right, right, doubles him over - Styles over and back in the ring, wants a powerbomb - Lynn right, right, right, Lynn tries for a 'rana but Styles blocks, steps forward - STYLES CLASH ON THE CHAIR!! 1, 2, 3! (11:37) Within eight seconds, the "10:00" appears on the screen and we immediately move to the iron man rules contest...

Styles hooks the leg again - 1, 2, 3! (Styles - 1-0, 0:11)

Styles goes ahead and does it again - 1, 2, 3! (Styles 2-0, 0:19)

Styles hooks the leg - 1, 2, NO!! Crowd starts to chant "Jerry!" Styles pulls up Lynn and goes for a suplex - Lynn lands on his feet and reverses to a neckbreaker. 1, 2, Styles shoots his shoulder up! Lynn with the right hand. Right. Into the ropes...check that, into a sleeper - Styles shakes him off and applies his OWN sleeper. Lynn drops to a knee - will he give it up here already down two to nothing? Two minutes gone. Thomas checks in - arm falls once. Arm falls twice. Arm DOES NOT fall thrice! Lynn struggles back to his feet - elbow to the gut, elbow, tries to get out but Styles hangs onto the hair and Lynn goes down hard. Styles to a headlock - wise strategy given that he's up by two decisions. Three minutes gone. Lynn again fights back to his feet - elbow, elbow, elbow, flips Styles over but he lands on his feet - Styles going for a 'rana but Lynn stops him and tosses him over into a faceplant! Lynn covers - leg is hooked - 1, 2, 3! (Styles 2-1, 3:47)

Lynn covers again - 1, 2, NO! Four minutes have gone by. Lynn with a clothesline in the corner. Lynn pulls him out - gutshot doubles him over. Styles to a knee - Lynn picks him back up - wants a piledriver but Styles reverses to a back body drop. Running kick to the head by Styles. We're at the halfway point of this match. Styles with a chop. Forearm to the face. Whip into the opposite corner - Styles runs in but Lynn ain't home - Styles crotches himself on the top buckle! Lynn springs off the second rope with a spinning legdrop - 1, 2, NO! Scoop...and a slam by Lynn. Lynn gives the high sign and start the long climb - only four minutes left in the match! Styles up from behind with a forearm in the back! Styles up from under him - wants a Razor's Edge - no, throws him over his shoulder into a face-first drop! Styles covers - 1, 2, shoulders up but Thomas counts 3! (Styles 3-1, 6:27)

Tenay takes issue with the count, as well he should - that was pretty obvious. Three minutes to go - Styles tries to stay on him. Stomp. Chop, chop. Into the ropes, spinning heel kick - 1, 2, NO! THAT one should have been the pin. It's the fourth quarter now. Forearm by Styles. Right. Right. Lynn has to find a way and quick. Styles chops - we look on the stage to see that LO-KI has come out to watch...and brought a ladder with him as well. Two minutes to go...Lynn shot into the corner, going up and over but landing on Styles' shoulder - fighting his way into a reversal - PILEDRIVER!! HE KILLED HIM DEAD! 1, 2, 3! (Styles 3-2, 8:13)

OH but Lynn isn't able to put on the cover again! He picks up Styles for another piledriver - Styles fights it off - Lynn picks him up again - LYNN WITH THE STYLES CLASH! 1, 2, 3! (3-3, 8:58)

Lynn needs to try another cover...can't get it done! Lynn up - Styles into the ropes, no, reversed, Styles with a backslide, 1, 2, no! Lynn tries a sunset flip, 1, 2, reversed, 1, 2, reversed, 1, 2, reversed, 1, 2, wack wack wack, 1, 2, bridges up, Thomas motions that it's still 3-3 to the timekeeper and while his back is turned, Styles' trick knee acts up, rollup, 1, 2, NO!, down to ten seconds. Styles tries for the Styles Clash but Lynn fights it off - Styles drops Lynn down to his back - 1, 2, NO! That's it. (10:00) ****

Shouldn't they go to sudden death? I mean, doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose of over a half hour of wrestling if they're just gonna call it a draw? Ki hits the ring and helps both men up...then raises both their hands! THEN KICKS BOTH MEN IN THE HEAD!! Ahhhahahahaha. Is it any wonder the crowd chants "Lo-Ki?" Sure, it ain't workrate, but it's a MOMENT! Ki gets a mic passed to him on the way back up to the stage. "Gentlemen! If it's a title match you want, then it's a title match you will receive. The X Division is not about A.J. Styles - it is not about Jerry Lynn - the X Division is about the man that holds THIS [belt]. Next week, we play by MY rules. Next week - Triple - Ladder - Match. And once and for all, I will prove that it is not the size of the fighter, but the size of the fight he will bring. A.J. Styles, Jerry Lynn, and TNA...all you can do is be - ready." Play his music!

Don West hypes up next week's triple ladder match.

Backstage we go where Scott Armstrong is banging on a door and Goldylocks is intruding with mic in hand. "C'mon Dad, get outta there, just forget it, forget Jarrett, just forget it - get that outta my face please! Dad, come on, get outta there, you know he's in his p- I said get it outta my face - you know he is in his prime, twenty years ago I KNOW you would kick his ass, but this is today and it's now, he swings a chair like a baseball bat! Please don't do this!" "Dammit, Scott, I've got padding, I have got padding!" "He - he say 'padding?' Daddy, doesn't matter if you have padding, doesn't matter if you have a football helmet! It doesn't matter - what good is a football helmet if you get killed doing it, I said get outta here, this is family business, get outta here. Come on, Dad, please, don't do this, please!" "Hey listen, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do and I'm gonna do it!" "I know a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do but what I'm telling you is what good is a man if a man gets killed doing it? I said take a hike, young lady, NOW. Please don't do it - NOW - please don't do it, Dad, please..."

The music hits and out walks JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET. "Bullet! It's the end of the night - it's time for you to bring the surprise down to the ring so I can personally take the bow off it. Let's go Bullet, where's the surprise?" Out comes...A GUY DRESSED UP IN BULLET BOB ARMSTRONG'S SINGLET AND MASK. I'll guess Steve, 'cause it doesn't look like Brad - and I think Brian's still serving time. Of course, Jarrett thinks it's 62-year-old Bob. "It's you? You old man? You wore this outfit twenty years ago, you gotta be kiddin' me! The Bullet's makin' a comeback! The Bullet's makin' a comeback!" Jarrett out of the ring as he slaps hands with the fans - forearm in the back, right, right, to the guard rail, right, into the ring... "Hey old man! Listen up, old man! Twenty years ago, you'd'a maybe have given me a little bit (stomp) of run for my money, but not now, old man! (Stomp) You want me to unmask him? And show the whole world his old decrepit ass. (Stomp) But first, I'm gonna give him the Stroke." He picks him up but just before hitting the leg sweep, "Bullet" elbows Jarret in the gut, "Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine," right, right, into the ropes, chop, off the ropes and clotheslining Jarrett outside! West keeps calling him "Anderson" for some reason - ahh, somebody finally got into his headset. Of course, Jarrett is up to see BULLET BOB ARMSTRONG emerging from the entryway with chair in hand. Jarrett is SHOCKED! Who the hell is in the ring? Well, the credits are up, so you ain't finding out until next week! Knowing Russo, my guess is he'll actually turn out to be named "Padding."

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