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The Audit
OVW for the week ended 11.3.2001

If the esteemed Mr. Zimmerman actually decides to post this, I guess you will need some preparation to how I'll be handling things, as I'm new to the recapping game. This is to prepare you to click back and read something else from someone else if you're looking for a play-by-play recap of what went on in the week's matches. Most likely, it will be pretty scarce. I don't know all the names of moves, holds, etc. and I don't want to embarrass myself (any further) by trying. All I'm trying to do is let everybody know what their one-time favourite, never-liked him/her, or soon-to be favourite wrestlers are up to down in OVW. I'll also probably unintentionally break the record for longest run-on sentence at some point. I'm a CPA, not an author folks.

What I will do is let you know who went against who, who won, how they got it done, and any angle advancements or storylines that are going on. If there's a good line in an interview segment, I'll transcribe it; otherwise it will be paraphrasing all the way. For the most part, my findings will be positive because these people are doing something I could never, and would never be able to do. However, if something isn't entertaining, or a performer doesn't put on a particularly good show, that will probably be expressed in the nicest way possible.

For those of you who don't even know what OVW is, or have only heard it mentioned as a put-down as in "they should send him/her down to OVW," the letters actually stand for Ohio Valley Wrestling and it's essentially a "minor league" affiliate of the WWF. That means it's kind of like the local Bats AAA baseball team is for the Major League Cincinnati Reds. It's where the WWF sends developmental talent to train and learn their craft before they are ready for the "call up to the bigs." It's also where they send performers who have been hurt to work off their ring rust before coming back, or where they send people who they have no idea what to do with anymore and see if something develops.

Got all that? Sorry for the boring intro. At least I didn't go on and on and on about me and who I am (not too long, anyways). If I do this for a while, I'm sure that will come thru whether I want it to or not, so lets get rolling....

And we are on tape from the Davis "Arena" on Mechanic St. in Jeffersonville, Indiana or as the local television stations like to call the Louisville metropolitan area, "Kentuckiana" which in all fairness is better than "Indyucky" and this is Ohio Valley Wrestling. The arena looks more like a room reminiscent of the old Memphis studios with room for probably 100-150 people. The ring is up against a wall with advertisements of local business that sponsor OVW, and there is a big load-bearing pole on the opposite side of the ring that has OVW painted on two sides. The pole comes into play in some matches when someone slams their opponent into it outside of the ring. The whole atmosphere truly has an "Old School" feel to it. Tapings are Wednesday nights and it is shown locally on Saturday night at 11.

We begin with the new show intro that debuted last week and is set to the musical stylings of Drowning Pool's "Bodies." Good opening, but now that song is going to be in my head for the day. Your hosts are James E. Cornette and Dean Hill.

"Mr. Wrestling" Nick Dinsmore and "Iron Man" Rob Conway v. "The Machine" Doug Basham (w/Victoria and the "Smooth One" Johnny Spade) and Big Bad John from the Revolution. We start off with a hot tag-team matchup. Machine is the current OVW champion and just did a neat powerbomb to Conway from the ring apron to the floor. The big storyline right now is that Machine came in as a masked wrestler and wrangled an OVW championship match, which he won. It turns out he's really OVW founder Danny Davis' nephew and wants to humiliate OVW for some reason I don't know or can't remember right now. Cornette has vowed that as soon as he loses the belt to someone he will be fired. The former OVW champ, Flash Flannigan is running around pissed off because he can't get a shot at his belt and is "protecting" Machine by doing run-ins on all his matches so he can be the one to run the Machine out of OVW. In the midst of all this, Bull Buchanan was brought in by Cornette to take out Machine since he couldn't trust and/or control Flanagan. Bull couldn't beat Machine, went rouge and is no longer endorsed by Cornette. He did, however, steal the OVW belt out of Machine's home a few weeks ago. Machine still wears his black leather mask, although now that he has revealed himself, he's cut the back out so that his hair flairs out and I'm betting so he can get some damn air in there. Victoria is the one who used to be a "Ho" of the Godfather and is seriously jacked. I'm quite sure she could kick my ass without breaking a sweat. The Revolution control most of the match and if the babyfaces get in some offense, Victoria and Spade make sure it doesn't last long. Ooops, spoke too soon, superkick and rocket launcher by Dinsmore and Conway onto Big Bad John. Conway knocks himself and Machine to the outside where Victoria and Spade try to help out. Big John recovers and tries to powerbomb Dinsmore but he gets out of that and German Suplexes the 300lb man for the pin. Post match, the Revolution put the beats down on Dinsmore and Conway until the Damaga makes the save.

Winners: Dinsmore and Conway. Dinsmore - German Suplex on Big Bad John at 5:09

Interview: Boland Services - "King" Kenny Boland and the former Southern Heavyweight Champions "Role Model" Rico Constantino and the Prototype. Boland is pissed that his BS briefcase was used by the Minnesota Stretching Crew (Shelton Benjamin and Brock Lesnar) to beat his guys at the RAW taping this past Monday at Freedom Hall across the river in Louisville. Cornette speculates that if Boland hadn't brought the briefcase down to the match in the first place it wouldn't have figured into the outcome. Boland is like a cross between Jimmy Hart and Ronnie P. Gossett (or even Paul Bearer if you don't get the size reference). Rico espouses that they aren't big cheaters like the Stretching Crew and they'll win a return match. Prototype (who sounds like Billy Gunn but with better mic skills since he doesn't do the "Terminator" bit he did on that A&E or Discovery channel special he was on a while back) says Rico let BS down, and demands an apology. Rico thinks not. Prototype offers a handshake to settle things then of course, beats him down. Boland tries to pull them apart, but then has to make a decision and sides with the Prototype.

Leviathan, the Demon of the Deep (w/Syn) v. David Flair. Leviathan looks VERY much like Goldberg, although he's letting his hair grow back in just ever so slightly. Flair doesn't have the dye job anymore and gets beat EVERY week. He is trying and Jim Cornette puts over every week about how he came in the wrong way (Eric Bischoff) and now he's trying to do it the right way (Jim Cornette). Well that's how it comes across to me. They show clips of last week's GREAT matchup between Leviathan and Val Venis. Val, with the help of the Minnesota Stretching Crew and their finishers, had pinned Leviathan in a 6-man tag match two weeks ago, which was the first time he had been pinned in OVW apparently. Leviathan powerbomed the shit out of Venis twice, but he kept kicking out and sold being disoriented before being powerbombed one last time giving Leviathan the win. Best sell job of being disoriented I've seen in a long time. No Terry Funk here folks (not that I don't like that). Leviathan is accompanied by his handler, Syn. Just to give you an idea and to be as nice as possible, Syn is a slightly overweight woman with bright red hair who wears skirts a little too short and thigh high stockings (Of course, she ruins/improves the vibe by wearing leather pants tonight). Think the chubby chick you went to school with who had no business wearing mini-skirts, much less wearing them year-round. Flair busts out his big standing drop kick, but Leviathan shrugs it off. He is a demon, you know. Big powerbomb, but Syn wants Leviathan to hurt him more before the pin. 2nd powerbomb finishes.

Winner: Leviathan - 2 powerbombs at 3:11.

Interview - the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry. Cornette wants to ask him about D'Lo Brown. D'Lo came in a few weeks ago and was talking trash about Mark Henry's weight. He had heard Henry had lost a lot of weight down in OVW and wanted to see for himself. He didn't believe it, and had made fun of it for weeks. Henry had been on leave for the death of his mother and wasn't around to defend himself against the verbal barbs. Last week D'Lo brought out "Mark Henry" which was of course, an impostor complete with big bucket of KFC. The segment ended with Henry running in and taking out the impostor behind D'Lo's back, which led to the great old-school double take by D'Lo and a fist to his face. D'Lo gained the upper hand, however, and dropped some great frog splashes on Henry. Henry thanks Cornette and the fans for their support in his time of grieving. Henry says it was HE who carried D'Lo around in their WWF days, not the other way around, as D'Lo maintains. Henry says "Don't talk about it, be about it." Cornette sets up a match between them for next week.

Disciples of Syn (Damien and Pain) w/Syn and Connie Swale v. "Sexy" Sean Casey and Chris Michaels. Disciples say it should have been them on RAW against Rico and the "Homo"type. With BS apparently broken up, they declare themselves the #1 contenders for the Southern Tag Team Belts. They had lost a match last week against the Stretching Crew who got the shot on RAW (the dark match portion, anyway). Cornette announces that Rico and the Prototype will meet next week. Connie Swale is a skinny blonde who wears a little too much make-up and has a dog collar around her neck to which Syn holds the chain. The disciples control most of the match until Casey gets Damien to accidentally superkick Pain. Syn and Swale break up the pin attempt, which distracts the ref while the Disciples use Syn's cat'o nine tails to get the pin.

Winners - Disciples with help from Syn and Swale at 3:35

Recap of last week's Interview with Flash Flannigan where Cornette gives him a match against Bull Buchanan with the winner to face the Machine.

Flash Flanagan v. Bull Buchanan in an "Anything Goes" match. Flash jumps right thru the ropes and takes it right to Bull who is wearing a long chain around his neck rather than the Hawaiian shirt he had been wearing to the ring. Cornette and Hill ask us to hold on to our seats for this one. Bull actually does the hangman on Flash using the chain over his shoulder. Ouch. Flash uses the ropes to flip over Bull and kick him right in the fries. Double Ouch. Flash tries to set up a ladder against the wall next to one side of the ring (It's not exactly the Bingo Hall folks), but Bull recovers and puts a stop to that. Bull pulls a stick or something out of his boot and gouges Flash in the eye. I've watched segments of the show for a while, but only watched everything faithfully for a couple of months, and you just don't see this type of match on here much, which is probably a good thing. It makes the ultra-violence stand out when it actually does happen. No blood yet tho. Flash missed his whiplash move off the turnbuckle and landed right on the chair he brought into the ring. Suddenly, a masked man comes into the ring and nails Flash with a chair, and then reveals himself to be Trailer Park Trash the "Heart and Soul of OVW," who I thought was hurt and/or retired. Guess I was wrong. . . . again. This allows Bull to get the win and the match against the Machine for the OVW belt Bull already has in his possession next week.

Winner and #1 contender for the OVW championship - Bull Buchanan with a top-rope leg drop and help from TPT at 8:31.

Conclusion: Good show again this week. All of the angles are progressing along nicely, but slowly. It's a little unusual after dealing with WWF/WCW/ECW who build/built towards monthly PPV's and had issues put out there and settled quickly (in some cases). With no timetable for PPV or some other big show that I know of, there's time to have things play out at a nice pace and keep viewers coming back for more. However, it might be off-putting to newer fans that might be used to an issue being put out there and resolved in the same show sometimes these days. It works fine for me, however, and it's nice to see wrestling like I remember it when I was growing up, with some modern moves thrown in of course. If you can pick it up off satellite or find some tapes of it out there, I certainly recommend it. Hopefully, my recap has given you an idea of what goes on. Of course, any constructive feedback is encouraged. Thanks for reading.

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