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The Audit
OVW for the week ended 11.10.2001

Last Week - Introductions were made, The Revolution lost a tag match to Dinsmore & Conway, Boland Services had issues, Leviathan squashed David Flair, Mark Henry talked trash, the Disciples of Syn beat Casey and Michaels, Bull Buchanan earned an OVW title shot against the Machine when Trailer Park Trash interfered in his anything goes match against Flash Flanagan, and no one cared apparently. Is anyone reading? Who knows? What will happen tonight? Taping results are already out on some other site, but I need to see for myself. I'm down, are you?

How much does VH-1 Classic Rule? Pink Floyd last weekend, 80's this weekend. Too cool.

Cue Drowning Pool with their tribute to the esteemed Guvna of Minnesota hitting the floor (he must be drunk), and we are welcomed to the Davis "Arena" by James E. Cornette and Dean Hill.

D'Lo Brown vs. Mark Henry

D'Lo listed at 245 and enters to his WWF theme. This man used to be like 340, which is what Mark Henry is listed at now. Mark Henry is still in his Sexual Chocolate tights and has some long dreds. He comes out to James Brown's "Papa's got a brand new Bag." These things are important, y'know? Henry controls early, Cornette puts over what great shape both guys are in, and he ain't lyin. Henry comes off the 2nd rope, but D'Lo moves and takes over. Lots of punches and an attempted hiptoss, but 245 can't hiptoss 340. Moonsault on Henry but he kicks out. Sky High but D'Lo is too hurt by the move to capitalize. Henry turns a big boot into a powerbomb. D'Lo tries to escape, but Mark pulls him back in. Another splash attempt off the 2nd rope by Henry but D'Lo moves and does bail this time. Mark goes back to the curtain, doesn't see D'Lo and runs back to the ring to at least take the match by countout.

Winner - Mark Henry by countout at 6:02

Interview - Trailer Park Trash. James E. wants to know "Why Trailer Park Trash, Why?" TPT says he wants Doug Basham (The Machine) just as bad as Flash Flanagan. Flanagan isn't the only one Machine put in the hospital and he wants REVENGE too. Cornette says that the winner of tonight's match between Bull Buchanan and Machine will face Flash next week. TPT says that's fine, and the doctors that say he can't wrestle anymore after his neck injury can kiss his ass because he wants Flash and then the Machine. Apparently, Flash didn't contact TPT while they were both out of action and in the hospital. TPT was also pissed that Flash wouldn't team up with him to take on the Revolution. Flash comes out and attacks. A gaggle of referees break it up and we go to commercials. These guys will be in a matchup on Tuesday night at their weekly "house show" at St. Therese's gym.

Southern Tag Team Title Match - The Suicide Blondes (Jason Lee & Derrick King) w/Sistah Sharmel (formerly Paisley) vs. the Minnesota Stretching Crew (Brock Lesnar & Shelton Benjamin)

Before we see that tho, footage of the Crew's win against Boland Services from the Raw in Louisville is shown. This furthers my belief that the OVW ring is just smaller than a typical WWF ring (duh). All of these guys are talented and I wouldn't be surprised to see at least 3 of them in the WWF or a WCW show (if there is one) in the next year or so. If things stay the way they are now with too many guys and not enough tv time, they'll probably be stuck here, however. I thought they were just going to show clips, but they're showing almost the whole match here. The Crew work over Boland Services with some good tag teamwork. Hot tag to Lesnar and it breaks loose. King gets up on the apron and throws his BS briefcase to Prototype. It gets superkicked into his face by Benjamin, however. Lesnar then belly to bellies Rico and a frog splash by Benjamin finshes it. The Fink announces the Crew as the new (2nd time) champs. That had to be cool for them. 5:10 aired.

Sister Sledge's "We are Family" brings out the Blondes. They're apparently cousins but King is African-American, Lee is not. Paisley, like Derrick King, has dyed her hair blonde since she's their cousin too (wink, wink). Limp Bizkit's Mission Impossible song brings out the Crew. Jason Lee starts out with Brock Lesnar and gets DESTROYED. He struggles back to his corner and tries to tag Derrick King who wants no part of the former NCAA champ. He finally gets in and tries a test of strength against the big man. Cornette questions the intelligence of that move. Lee comes back in for a double test of strength and an attempted double team, which is broken up by a double suplex from Lesnar on the Blondes. Brock is just crazy strong. Shelton Benjamin in for more dominance until Sistah Sharmel hangs on to his leg to give the Blondes the advantage. Hot tag to Lesnar who whips more ass. It breaks loose and Sharmel hits Lesnar with a loaded purse in the confusion to give the Blondes the win. Lesnar had King in a full nelson and was swinging him around like a child until the interference. The Blondes celebrate and collapse in the middle of the ring while the Crew just stands there in disbelief.

Winners and new Southern Tag Team Champions, Suicide Blondes with help from Sistah Sharmel's loaded purse at 4:43.

Tag Team Splitsville/Grude Match - The Prototype (w/"King" Kenny Boland) vs. "Role Model" Rico Constantino.

Cornette proclaims Boland Services to be awash in a sea of recriminations. Footage of the bitter breakup from last week is shown. Rico storms in during ring intros and Pearl Harbors the Prototype and baseball slides Boland. Prototype whipped into Boland, and an early pin attempt is unsuccessful. Prototype smoothes things over with Boland and gets his noggin knocked with Boland courtesy of the Role Model. Prototype takes control and puts Rico into the sleeper. Rico reverses into his own which the Prototype breaks up with a mule kick. Cornette puts over Rico's toughness. He was a Las Vegas police officer at one time and was shot twice in the line of duty ('nuff said). Rico uses some martial arts type moves and works Prototype into Sudden Impact but the Perfect Man's feet are under the ropes. Boland interferes and Prototype uses Rico's tights to gain the 3 count and the win.

Winner - The Prototype by pinfall at 5:50.

Rico joins Cornette and Hill at the announcer's position. He demands more REVENGE. He wants Prototype and Boland in a handicap match NEXT WEEK.

OVW Heavyweight Title Match - Bull Buchanan (in Hawaiian shirt and with the stolen OVW belt) vs. OVW Champion "The Machine" Doug Basham (w/Victoria)

Bull comes out to AC-DC's "Hell's Bells" and says it's all about SACRIFICE (I thought it was DESIRE. He's got some more learning to do before getting the call back up to the WWF apparently). He says he scarified his freedom to steal the OVW belt, and wants to know what Machine will sacrifice to take it back. Bull controls early, but Machine takes control with the heelish eye poke. Gotta love the eye poke. Machine starts to work Buchanan's knee and goes to get the belt. Dean Hill proclaims the Machine not ready and focused enough for the match since he's worried about Victoria and his belt. Despite these odds, however, Machine retains control and works Bull's knee some more. Basham has held the belt since June when he put Flash in the hospital. Cornette has thrown everyone at the Machine trying to get the belt off him so he can fire him. Big Show and Val Venis couldn't get the job done, and Bull is trying here. Bull catches fire, but is limping around due to the pain in his knee. Victoria distracts referee "Blind" Robert Briscoe while Bull has Machine covered for the apparent 3 count. Ref bump and the rest of the Revolution (Big Bad John and Smooth Johnny Spade) attack. In the confusion, Flash comes out and tries to steal the belt. Trailer Park Trash comes out and engages in a tug-of-war with Flash over the OVW belt. They take each other out, but leave the belt in the ring, which Machine uses to waffle Buchanan for the win.

Winner and still OVW Heavyweight Champion - The Machine by pinfall at 7:21.

Conclusion: Excellent show this week. Guess you should go to St. Therese to see a finish for the Mark Henry/D'Lo match. Everything else was great. Storylines were furthered and new twists were added. Like the surprise win for the Blondes. Next week's match between the Stretching Crew and the Disciples of Syn will now be a #1 contender's match. Rico vs. Prototype and Boland. I'll be there. Will you?

Thanks for reading.

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