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OVW for the week ended 11.17.2001

Last Week - Things were left unsettled between Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown, The Suicide Blondes cheated and shocked the Minnesota Stretching Crew becoming the new Southern Tag Team Champs, The Prototype beat former tag-team partner Rico Constantino with a little help from Kenny Boland, and the Machine retained the OVW heavyweight championship against Bull Buchanan with some assistance from The Revolution and confusion between Trailer Park Trash and Flash Flanagan.

Stuff nobody cares about: Shaun Alexander is my hero. Not only is he from Kentucky, Not only does he play for my beloved Seahawks, but his three touchdowns against the hated rump Raiders gave me a key fantasy league victory against the guy still a little ahead of me in the standings last week. I can overlook the played at Alabama instead of UK thing. And of course, I knew UK would end up finding a way to lose against Tennessee yesterday. They're snake-bit. Western KY will have a great basketball season, will lose one game nobody expects them to lose, will fall off national radar, but will make the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tourney come March. Of course, UK will be at least in the Final 4 and win it all, or that's what my money says.

With all the focus on the Undertaker over the last couple of days, Mr. Obvious expects him to do something screwy at Survivor Series. Maybe it freshens up his character for the smarks and will last until his retirement at WrestleMania. Maybe not. Neat seeing the flashback to the Hogan match on Excess last night. I still like 'Taker, but man, could he go in the old days, eh? Tombstone Piledriver? What's that? ;-)

Of course, they might have shown that clip also to foreshadow involvement by the Man. Whoooooooo.

Cue Drowning Pool with "Bodies" and we are welcomed to the Davis "Arena" by James E. Cornette and Dean Hill.

Opening Match: Randy Orton vs. Leviathan (w/Syn)

They lockup to start and Orton takes control after a blind charge. Orton looks a little like Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire combined and is a 3rd Generation grappler. Orton takes control early with a standing drop kick and goes for a full-nelson slam, his finishing manoevre, but Leviathan reverses and performs the slam on Orton instead. The Demon of the Deep throws him around for a little bit and goes for the chokeslam, but Orton kicks him in the gut, so Leviathan just knocks him down and feeds him some more squash. The gutsy Orton kicks out at 2, so Leviathan starts to rag doll him. Orton's not a small man, but Leviathan is just that strong. Scoop Slam, but nobody home for the big elbow. Flying cross-body by Orton but Leviathan throws him off before the count of 3. No squash left in the garden, so Powerbomb with authority finishes if for the Guardian of the Gates of Hell.

Winner - Leviathan with Powerbomb at 4:27

Footage of last week's screwjob of Rico Constantino by Boland and the Prototype is shown. Constantino and the Prototype were the Southern Tag Team champs before losing them to the Stretching Crew at the RAW tapings in Louisville a few weeks ago due to botched interference by Boland. Boland and Prototype blamed Rico for the loss since he took the pinfall, and last week's match was made. Post-match, Rico challenged Prototype and Boland to a handicap match for tonight. Rico said that he would wipe the fat off Boland's ass. Ewwww.

Interview - Kenny Boland. Boland whines that he's a manager and is known for his brains not his brawn and shouldn't be forced to wrestle. He was just in the hospital today and is sick, with a cold and a temperature of 103, so he shouldn't have to participate in the match. Cornette says that since Rico is still contractually obligated to Boland, Rico drew up a contract that states if Boland will release him from his stable, Boland won't have to participate in the match. Upon hearing that, Boland has a change of his "big Christian heart," and signs without reading the fine print, which James E. helpfully narrates after Boland has signed. The fine print states that the loser of the match, be it Rico, Prototype or Boland, must leave OVW. Boland tries to rip up the contract, but is dragged away by Dean Hill as Cornette takes a swipe at 'im. Great old-school segment there.

Loser Leaves OVW Handicap Match - "Role Model" Rico Constantino vs. the Prototype and "King" Kenny Boland.

Cornette is aghast that Boland is listed at 185lbs. He's 325 easy folks. I love cheap heat stuff like that. Boland forces Prototype to start out, and Rico controls early with some martial arts and kickboxing-type moves. Prototype goes to tag Boland who refuses. The Perfect Man returns to the center of the ring for more punishment and quite a few scoop slams. Pinfall attempt for Rico but Prototype kicks out at two. Rico then goes and puts a few cheap shots in on Boland which allows the 'Type to take over. Rico gets beat down and NOW Boland wants in. Boland mess up some stuff, which allows Rico to gain control and put the beats on Boland. This offensive barrage sends Boland flailing back into his corner so the Prototype can be tagged back in. Prototype slams Rico and tags Boland back in. Boland goes for his "move" the "Porky's Elbow" (as dubbed by Cornette). Rico gets up before the flab is delivered and takes Prototype and Boland out. This brings out the rest of Boland Services to ringside. Crony is up on the apron and is ringtossed in by Constantino. DQ not called for by referee Robert Briscoe since Rico brought him in. As the referee tries to get Crony out of the ring, Mr. Black holds Rico up for a roundhouse right from the Prototype. Rico ducks out of the way and Mr. Black is knocked off the apron. Rico schoolboys the 'Type but only gets two. Prototype slings Rico into the ropes, leapfrogs him and Rico slams into Boland who has been wandering around the ring doing nothing. Rico is staggered back from Boland's bulk and right into a side slam from the Prototype. Boland starts to pass out from the collision, and lands on top of Rico for the win! According to rumors, Rico is actually getting the call-up to the bigs.

Winners and still in OVW The Prototype and Kenny Boland by pinfall at 5:10

Interview - the Suicide Blondes (Jason Lee & Derrick King w/Sistah Sharmel). Sharmel states that despite what Cornette and the fans say, they did not cheat to gain the Southern Tag Team Titles last week. She says is was a "Secret Wrestling Move" by her baby cousin Derrick King that gave them the win. The Blondes don't care who wins the #1 contenders match between the former champs the Minnesota Stretching Crew and the Disciples of Syn because they are Family and will prevail. The match is NEXT!

#1 Contender's Match - The Disciples of Syn (Damien &Pain w/Syn and Connie Swayle) vs. the Minnesota Stretching Crew (Brock Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin).

Syn says that "It's November and Syn is in." If anything bad happens tonight, it's not their fault. In more foreshadowing, Dean Hill says this will be a "barn-burner." Brock and Pain lock up. Lesnar powers out, shoulder tackles Pain and puts some amateur wrestling moves on 'im (Lesnar was an NCAA champ at Minnesota). Shelton Benjamin gets tagged in and uses a lot of armdrag takeovers on Damien to retain control. Sunset flip on Pain by Benjamin, but he kicks out. Lesnar tagged back in. He goes for the gorilla press slam on Pain, but Damien comes in while the ref is trying to get Benjamin out of the ring and kicks Lesnar's leg out from under his leg and the Disciples take control. Brock is too damn big and strong to play victim for too long. Hot tag to Benjamin and it breaks loose. While the ref is distracted, Swayle comes in and gets Lesnar's attention by throwing some weak "girl" punches to his back. He picks her up and throws her into Damien, which allows Syn to come up from behind and throw a fireball in Lesnar's face!!!! The Disciples beat down Benjamin and try to cover him for the win while Lesnar covers his face in the corner. The match's referee was about to count the win, but (Senior, I guess) referee Robert Briscoe comes and in and throws out the match since he saw the fireball thrown by Syn. The lockerroom faces (H20 Rob Watterman and David Flair) come out to chase the Disciples away and we go to commercial.

Winners - No contest, DQ at 5:42

When we come back we see the reaction of the Crew in the lockerroom. Brock rocks a lot and keeps the towel to his face. Benjamin kicks the wall a lot. An ambulance has been called.

Chris Michaels and "Sexy" Sean Casey vs. The Damaga and "Mr. Wrestling" Nick Dinsmore.

Damaga and Michaels lock up to start. Match is being refereed by Donna Daring, who has been out of action for 3 months with a broken wrist. Sunset flip by Damaga reversed by Michaels. Damaga kicks out and tags in Dinsmore. Michaels tags in Casey who immediately gets bulldogged. Casey whips Dinsmore and Michaels pulls down the top rope, which should have sent Dinsmore over. It didn't, so Dinsmore sells like it wrenched his back instead. Nice save. Dinsmore takes some double-team punishment for a while and makes the hot tag to the Damaga. Spinning headscissors on Casey and goes for the Brain Damage, but Michaels saves. All 4 men in the ring and I have no idea who is legal anymore. I guess it doesn't matter as Dinsmore and Damaga put their finishers on Michaels and Casey at the same time for the 3-count.

Winners - Nick Dinsmore and the Damaga via stereo pinfalls at 4:06

When we come back, footage of the inconclusive match between Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown from last week is shown. Mark Henry joins Cornette and Hill at the announce table and verbally punks out D'Lo. He says that D'Lo will get the "whoopin, and beatin' and losin' of his life."

Footage of last week's main event is shown. This set up the #1 contender's match between Flash Flanagan and Trailer Park Trash for the Machine's OVW Heavyweight Title. That match was at St. Therese this past Tuesday night and no footage is shown. I can only guess that Flash won, since he's coming out to face the Machine NEXT!

OVW Heavyweight Title Match - Flash Flanagan vs. OVW Champion "The Machine" Doug Basham (w/Victoria)

When we come back Flash is already in the ring and attacking Basham. Flash doesn't play by the rules y'see. He is truly the "man who loves to steal the show." This match has been 4 months in the making and Flash is a house of fire. Machine gains control and puts the Tojo Yammamoto chops (I saw Tojo do these years before I even knew there was a Ric Flair, not that his aren't better) to Flash. Flash reverses and returns the favour. Sitout powerbomb by Machine on Flash. Machine rams Flash's shoulder into the turnbuckle. He tries for it a second time but Flash blocks. Machine still gets a two-count. Machine works Flash's shoulder and arm some more before getting another two-count. Cornette relays the history of Basham and Flanagan's feud. Basham is the nephew of the founder of OVW Danny Davis and was his first and best student, until "Mr. Wrestling" Nick Dinsmore came on the scene and stole the spotlight. Basham then told his Uncle to go to hell and left the OVW training camp. He put on a mask and came back as the Machine. He worked his way up to an OVW title match with Flanagan where he won, and put Flash out of action with a devastating piledriver. Even tho the doctors say he shouldn't be back in the ring for at least a year, Flanagan wants REVENGE, so there. Machine continues to work the arm/shoulder of the challenger. Bull Buchanan suddenly materializes at ringside with a steel chair. He's just watching for now. Flash makes the comeback and flips the Machine over but his arm is hurt and he can't capitalize. The Revolution (Big Bad John and Johnny Spade) decide to come out as the Flash hits his move, the Whiplash on the Machine, but are held at bay by Bull and his steel chair. Since Bull is pre-occupied with the Revolution, Victoria is able to pull the referee out before he can count three. While the ref is out, Machine pulls some brass knuckles out of his leather pants. This brings out Trailer Park Trash who sucker punches the Machine and then Flash for good measure. TPT then goes out to help Bull with the Revolution. Somehow Basham gets his arm over Flash while they're both on the mat and the ref counts the pin. In the aftermath, Bull and TPT end up fighting until they get chaired by Flash. The show ends with Flash in defeat but keeping his heat via the chair.

Winner and still OVW Heavyweight Champion - The Machine by pinfall at 7:10.

Conclusion: AWESOME show this week!!! Great match between Rico and Prototype/Boland. Good luck to Rico in the WWF or the Alliance. Good old-school Memphis fireball action in the tag-team match, and even a good cluster in the main event. As usual, I'm looking forward to next week. Apparently, there's no St. Therese or television taping this week, so I don't know if next week will be recaps of past action or what. I guess we'll see then won't we? Won't we??

Thanks for reading.

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