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OVW for the week ended 01.12.2002

I Get Letters Too - drops some knowledge: "Any reason you refer to Kenny Bolin as Kenny Boland?" Answer: Because I suck as a recapper!!! A quick check of confirms the spelling, and further reminds me that my hearing ain't what it used to be . . .

Last Week - The Redd Dogg (Thanks!!!) debuted to assist Shelton Benjamin avoid a double beatdown from the Disciples of Synn (Damian & Payne - Jeezus how many of these names have I BUTCHERED by being lazy and not checking the damn site!!!). The Damaja (Had that one right dammit!) told the new OVW Southern Tag Team Champs, the Lords of the Ring ("Mr. Wrestling" Nick Dinsmore & "The Ironman" Rob Conway) to go screw and that he's no longer part of "Team OVW." The Lords of the Ring then proceeded to beat Bolin Services (Sean O'Haire and Mr. Black) when the two bodyguards of the Prototype couldn't work together as a cohesive unit. The Revolution (Big Bad John & "Smooth" Johnny Spade) squashed David Flair & Mark Jindrak. There was dissention among the referee corps as Senior OVW Official Jack Briscoe reprimanded Ray Ramsey for a bad call the week previous and fined an obviously pissed off Ramsey $200. Flash Flanagan defeated "The Machine" Doug Basham in the main event, but was attacked by the returning Bull Buchanan after the match.

Let the bod . . . wait, before the bodies hit that floor we are met with pre-taped comments from the returning Scotty Sabre. He was hurt in a match over a year ago with Leviathan that cost him his health and his WWF Developmental Deal, so tonight he wants his REVENGE.

Opening Revenge Match: Scotty Sabre vs. [The Demon of the Deep & the Guardian of the Gates of Hell] OVW Heavyweight Champion, Leviathan (w/Synn - who's wearing pants thank goodness) in a non-title match. As the two competitors lock up, we see Tough Enough winner Nidia sitting in the front row. Leviathan controls early and James E. Cornette gives us a history lesson on Sabre. He was once one half of the OVW Southern Tag Team Champions the "Payne Thrillers" with Payne before he became a Disciple of Synn. Sabre attempts a flying cross body block off the 2nd rope, but Leviathan grabs him in mid-air and puts his knee to Sabre's back. Sabre tries to use the ropes to launch himself again, but Leviathan again catches him and gives him a spinebuster. The Demon kicks Sabre down in the corner and generally does whatever he wants to him. Cornette wonders aloud if Sabre was ready for the improvements that Leviathan has made over the last year. Leviathan goes for an elbow drop, but Sabre is able to move out of the way and give Leviathan a couple of standing drop kicks. Bulldog off the 2nd rope and Sabre goes for a moonsaults, but Leviathan moves out of the way, recovers, and then powerbombs Sabre for the 3 count.

Winner: Leviathan via pinfall at 4:15

David Flair vs. the Damaja - Pre-match, the 24 year-old "phenom" of OVW takes the mic and says everyone has been asking him if he's sorry for what he said to Dinsmore & Conway last week. He says "Hell No" (complete with Stone Cold exposition), and says that he wants to get on that WWF gravy train like his former buddies, and he figures the best way to do that, is to kick Ric Flair's son's punk ass. No respect towards Flair to start until he does a fireman's carry and an armdrag on him. Flair then offers the hand of respect, which the Damaja quickly slaps. Another attempt at a lockup, but Flair goes behind and takes Damaja out again. Once again, the hand of respect is offered, and the Damaja takes it, shakes it, and then pulls Flair in so he can kick him in the gut. He still can't take control as Flair performs a standing dropkick that sends Damaja into the ropes. Damaja is able to come out, get Flair up and perform a hot shot (which looks like the stun gun to me), moves him back to the middle of the ring and gets a two count. Lou Thesz press on Flair for another two count. Flair makes the underdog comeback, but telegraphs a move, which allows the Damaja to put his Brain Damage move (Sky-High?) on him. Instead of making a cover, Damaja heads out of the ring and grabs a chair to really punish Flair. He attempts another Brain Damage of Flair on the chair, but referee Nick Dumeyer (find me a spelling on THAT one) kind of pulls the chair out of the way. Brain Damage on Dumeyer and a couple of security guards and the Damaja mouths off to the camera.

Winner: David Flair via DQ at 3:20

When we return, "The Machine" Doug Basham and Queen Victoria of the Revolution are at ringside. Victoria has a clipboard and is taking notes as Basham pantomimes the improvements he will begin to make to the ring equipment after the legal battle has ended and he is part owner of OVW.

Recap of last week's match between Shelton Benjamin and Payne, the subsequent 2-on-1 beatdown by Payne and Damian, and the save made by Redd Dogg.

The Disciples of Synn (Damian & Payne w/Synn and Connie Swayle) vs. Shelton Benjamin and the Redd Dogg. All four men in the ring to start, and Dogg drops Damian over the top rope, but referee Ray Ramsey didn't see it, so no disqualification (hmmm). Benjamin does a drop toehold on Payne and then the Dogg does his Junk Yard Dog impression and headbutts him out of the ring. Damian brought back in over the rope by Benjamin and is also headbutted by the Dogg. Dogg and Damian head out to the floor, so Benjamin and Payne get back in. Ramsey goes to lecture Dogg & Damian and gets distracted by Connie Swayle, which allows Synn to throw one of her boots in to Payne who uses it to clock the Dogg when he comes back in the ring. We finally get some order in the ring and both teams trade moves for a while. Things begin to break down again, and Benjamin tries to clothesline Payne, but misses and hits referee Ray Ramsey, knocking him out of the ring. Nidia tends to Ramsey (whom she's gotten close with during her brief stay in OVW) on the floor as Senior OVW Official Robert Briscoe comes out from the lockerroom. Do-si-do by Benjamin and Dogg so Shelton clotheslines Damian out of the ring, and Dogg powerslams Payne in the middle for the win as counted by Briscoe. Ramsey recovers and waves it off giving the Disciples the win since Benjamin clocked him out of the ring by accident. The heels take out their frustrations on Dogg and Benjamin until Flash Flanagan and Trailer Park Trash make the save.

Winners: The Disciples of Synn via DQ at 6:35

Interview: Bolin Services. Cornette stands in the ring with "King" Kenny Bolin, Sean O'Haire, Mr. Black and Jerome Crony. Bolin says all their problems are behind them and he is in complete control and everything is just fine. O'Haire begs to differ and says he'll kick Black's ass if he screws up again. Black says that he made a deal that he wouldn't break Sean's neck in 3 different places as long as O'Haire kept his jacked up muscle-bound ass out of his way. The two men almost come to blows, which brings out the Prototype to break things up. He says "all right campers, pack up the canteens and put away the tents, because the jamboree is over." He says he has the most important match of his career tomorrow night at in a non-title match against Leviathan, and if, no when he wins, he will get his title shot, and when he wins that, those two goons will be the most important men in OVW because they will have to protect him from all the people that will want a piece of the champ. He tells O'Haire that he's huge and has "more cuts than a dull razor", but he also has a disease. He say it's the worst case of "I'm so freakin' dumb I can't even remember my name" he's ever seen, but its okay, its okay. Mr. Black has been guffawing off to the side, so the Prototype tells him that he wouldn't want to talk behind his back because it would take him a week to get back there. He wants him to get in better shape so that when he lays around the house, he's not laying around the house (ho ho, ha ha, hee hee), but again, it's allright, its okay. He says he needs them to co-exist if he's going to win the title. Bolin half-heartedly backs Prototype up, sensing he's somehow just lost control of his stable somehow. Cornette is loving it.

Prototype (w/"King" Kenny Bolin) vs. Mark Jindrak. As the match begins we see The Machine and Queen Victoria at the concession stand, again pantomiming changes that will be made. Funny stuff. Jindrak takes control over the Perfect man early with a dropkick and an armdrag. Lateral press gets Jindrak a two-count from referee Donna Derring. Big dropkick attempt, but Prototype holds the ropes and allows Jindrak to crash to the mat. Prototype quickly takes over and begins to work Mark over. Jindrak makes the comeback and puts some of his great offense on Prototype with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Jindrak attempts a chicken wing into an atomic drop, but Prototype counters, and begins to recover. Jindrak goes for the Stinger Splash, but Prototype moves out of the way and sidewalk slams Mark for the 3 count and the win. Good back and forth action in that one completely glossed over by my recrap. Prototype is going to be a big star in the next couple of years. I have no doubt.

When we return, Flash and Trash have joined Dean Hill and James E. at the announce position. They're both pissed at Bull Buchanan for beating the crap out of them last week. Instead of beating themselves up over who gets Bull first, they flipped a coin and Flash gets him at the house show tomorrow night and Trash gets him for next week's television taping.

OVW Southern Tag-Team title match: The Lords of the Ring ("Mr. Wrestling" Nick Dinsmore & "Ironman" Rob Conway) vs. the Revolution (Big Bad John and "Smooth" Johnny Spade). Spade and Conway start out. Conway with a lateral press and an armwringer on Spade. Dinsmore is tagged in for more of the same. Conway tagged back in, and Spade backs him up in the corner where Big Bad John removes Conway's sunglasses, puts them on himself, but gets punched for being so arrogant as to remove the man's shades (That's the stuff I recrap, not the actual wrestling moves, sorry). Conway takes John to his corner so he and Dinsmore can work him over, and step out of the way as Spade tries to help out, but ends up splashing his own partner by mistake. The LotR's then send the big and bad one into Spade, knocking him out of the ring. Dinsmore begins using the ropes to slingshot himself out of harm's way, but gets hit on the back by Spade and spinebustered by Big Bad John. John then goes and knocks Conway off the apron with a big right. Heels begin to double-team Dinsmore since Conway can't make the save. Dinsmore is able to hang on and eventually make the hot tag to Conway as the rest of the Revolution (Basham and Victoria) make their way from the concession stand to ringside. All four men in the ring and Spade warms up the band for his superkick. Conway catches the boot and they end up in the ropes where Queen Victoria mistakenly breaks her clipboard over Spade's head leading to the pin and the champs retain.

Winners: Conway & Dinsmore via pinfall at 5:22

Post-match, all four members of the Revolution beat the hell out of the Lords of the Ring. The Damaja runs out, takes off his jacket, and just watches his one-time friends get the hell beat out of them, and the show ends.

Conclusion: Another decent show this week, and I'm looking forward to next week's Leviathan D'Lo Brown match!! I'm also hoping there will be clips of Leviathan and Prototype's match from the house show tomorrow night, as that should be a great matchup of OVW's current hot properties. I'm sure we'll eventually get that one on tv, and for the title, so I can be patient.

By the way, next week's report might be a little late or even missing, since I'll be getting back from Vegas around the time the show comes on. Hopefully my tape works and I get everything on tape I need over the next week, including OVW. Also, hopefully, I'm much richer by then too. You'll know in a week.

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