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OVW for the week ended 01.19.2002

Last Time - I got educated as to the proper spelling of names. The returning Scotty Sabre lost in a revenge match against OVW Champion Leviathan. The Damaga cemented his heel turn by destroying David Flair and brain damaging a few security guards on a chair. "The Machine", Doug Basham and Queen Victoria surveyed the ring and the concession stand noting changes they would make once Basham received his 25% ownership in OVW. The Disciples of Synn got a DQ win over the Redd Dogg and Shelton Benjamin when referee Ray Ramsey was accidentally clotheslined, causing Senior OVW official Robert Briscoe to enter the fray and settle controversy surrounding Ramsey's officiating once again. Tough Enough Winner Nidia was in attendence and attended to her "pseudo uncle" Ramsey. We were witness to more dissention in the Bolin Services camp, but the Prototype exerted his will upon all members to ensure that he will continue to climb the ranks in OVW and get a title shot against Leviathan, and then he beat Mark Jindrak in a match. The OVW Southern Tag Team Champs the Lords of the Ring ("Mr. Wrestling" Nick Dinsmore and "Ironman" Rob Conway) retained their titles in a match with members of the Revolution (Big Bad John and "Smooth" Johnny Spade) when interference from Queen Victoria and Doug Basham went awry.

Let the bodies hit the floor and we start off with action as . . .

Opening Match: D'Lo Brown vs. [The Demon of the Deep & the Guardian of the Gates of Hell] Leviathan (w/Synn) for the OVW Championship. Pre-match, D'Lo says that he ran Mark Henry's fat ass out of OVW and after tonight not only will he be OVW Champion, Leviathan will be just another member of the Sky-Hi Club, and if Synn gets in his way he'll make her recognize just who the hell he is. Synn slaps the taste out of his mouf and it's own. Leviathan controls early until D'Lo can clip his leg. D'Lo begins to work the knee of the 6'7" 330 pound behemoth. More working of the knee by D'Lo with a modified indian deathlok. D'Lo slightly messes up a springboard moonsaults off the 2nd rope, and only gets two on the champ. Leviathan gets up, but that only allows D'Lo to get the sky-high, but only for two! Now Leviathan hulks up and clotheslines D'Lo almost out of his boots. Big backdrop, D'Lo slung into the ropes and a full-nelson powerslam only gets two for the champ. D'Lo back up and is able to slam the Demon. D'Lo goes for a double axehandle off the 2nd rope, but Leviathan spears him in midair and one Demonbobmb later, Leviathan retains.

Winner: Leviathan via pinfall at 5:15

Interview: Randy Orton. Orton has been home in St. Louis rehabbing an injury, but he's here tonight to make an announcement. James E. Cornette was on the phone earlier with Jim Ross and effective immediately, Randy Orton will be on tour with the WWF. Randy thanks Jim, the boys in the back and the OVW fans, without whom, he wouldn't have gotten where he is. This brings out the Prototype who's incredulous at Orton's opportunity, and bemoans the fact that he can't get respect around OVW and can't get his title shot against Leviathan. He wants Orton in a match tonight to prove his worth. Cornette says if Orton is game, they can cancel something and make the match happen. Orton tells the 'Type to join the army because tonight "he's going to need to be all he can be."

Promo: The Damaga. Via pre-taped comments, Damaga whines about being fined $500 for braindamaging some Security Guards last week. He says that if Dinsmore or Conway did it, they would probably have gotten bonuses, and that's pretty much it.

OVW Southern Tag Team Championship: The Lords of the Ring vs. "Sexy" Sean Casey and Chris Michaels. Dinsmore and Michaels have a wrestling sequence to start and Dinsmore begins to work Chris's arm before tagging in Conway. Dinsmore back in and a double backdrop on Michaels for a pinfall attempt, which is broken up by Casey. Casey then knocks Conway off the ring apron and helps Michaels recover so they can perform a double slingshot suplex on Dinsmore, which only gets two. More double teaming by the challengers leads to Dinsmore sliding under the legs of Casey and dropkicking him into Michaels. Hot tag to Conway who cleans house and then gives a spinebuster to Michaels. Casey back in and Conway knocks him back out. DDT on Michaels, but Casey is back in again. Do I need to tell you that Ray Ramsey is refereeing this match? It's a pier-four brawl that sees the champs knock Michaels and Casey to the mat, climb to the top rope, jump past each other in the air and onto either's opponent on the opposite side of the ring for the double pinfall! Post-match, the challengers quickly recover and beat down the champs until the Damaga hits the ring with a chair. Michaels and Casey vacate, which allows the Damaga to use the chair on Dinsmore and Conway as they begin to recover. Oooh, that dastardly thug wannabe.

Winners: Dinsmore & Conway via double pinfall at 3:48

Interview: Disciples of Synn. Before they get to the Dogg and Benjamin, Synn wants to address "Skank Enough" winner Nidia, who's once again sitting in the front row. She tells her not to try and get over on their time, stay out of their business, and try not to bite off more than she can chew, even though she's heard she can hold quite a bit in her mouth. Nidia tries to rush the ring, but is held back by her friend and kind-of uncle, referee Ray Ramsey. Payne tells Ramsey to get her back to her street corner before she loses it. Payne then talks trash about the two animals, the Redd Dogg and the cat-like Shelton Benjamin, which brings them out to clear house and show us an episode of "When pets attack."

Promo: Ray Ramsey. In pre-taped comments, Ramsey tries to explain his call in the Disiples/Dogg-Benjamin match last week. Apparently, Senior OVW official Robert Briscoe is the biggest glory(dog)hound (Hey Hyatte!!) in OVW.

Prototype (w/"King" Kenny Bolin) vs. [Third generation superstar] Randy Orton. I wonder if Orton will be fitted with his father's old cast for his WWF run? Lockup to start. Prototype talks trash and pushes Orton, who pushes back. Prototype kicks Orton in the midsection and launches himself at the new WWF Superstar but Orton uses Prototype's momentum to throw him outside the ring. Bolin [Porky, the Buffet Slayer] tries to protect the 'Type on the outside, but eats a right for his troubles. Orton throws the Perfect Man back in the ring, and Cornette mentions that nothing was settled in Prototype's non-title match at a house show last week against Leviathan due to interference from Synn and Bolin. Prototype is able to regain control and works on Orton in the corner with some shoulderblocks to the abdomen. Series of counter moves leads to a cross-body by Orton onto the Prototype. Prototype quickly recovers and sends Orton high in the air and crashing back down to the mat. Prototype sends Orton out to the floor, and while he's being admonished by Senior OVW official Robert Briscoe, Bolin kicks Orton and throws him back in the ring. Prototype throws Orton into the turnbuckle, and instead of the Flair Flip, Orton's head bounces off of it. Prototype grabs him and tries a sideslam, but Orton recovers, and makes a comback which leads to a two count. Orton then goes to the top rope for a cross body, but Prototype ducks under and puts the Protoplex on Orton for the win!

Winner: The Prototype via pinfall at 4:48

Interview: "The Machine" Doug Basham and Queen Victoria. Basham has called out Cornette to give him a preview of the civil suit he will be launching against James E. and his uncle Danny Davis personally for breach of contract and conspiracy to prevent Doug Basham from making a living. Cornette bemoans the litigation Basham has already filed against OVW to gain the 25% ownership foolishly promised by Danny Davis to Basham, his nephew, in a 7-year old contract. He theorizes that another suit could cost him and Danny Davis at least $10,000 apiece. Basham says that if Cornette gives him and any member of his Revolution a tag team title shot against the Lords of the Ring, he'll forego the suit. Cornette wants some time to think about it, but Basham ain't listening. James E. relents and says that since he has such confidence in Dinsmore and Conway, he'll give Basham his title shot, and he can use any member of his revolution, even that "hussy" Queen Victoria, who he theorizes has been on more laps than a napkin. However, Cornette states that this will be his ONLY shot, since he doesn't want Basham to have any position of power in the ring again.

Trailer Park Trash (w/"Flash" Flanagan) vs. Bull Buchanan. Bull has said he won't participate in this revenge match unless Flash is handcuffed to the ringpost, so he pulls out some leg shackles and referee Ray Ramsey locks 'im up. Damn, Bull has quite the package in his new ring attire. He's practically pointing at me. Big brawl to start and Trash unloads on Bull in the corner with some chops. Lateral press by Trash only gets two. Bull recovers, but misses a clothesline, which allows TPT to DDT Bull. Trash goes for a legdrop off the top rope, but Bull moves and begins to work over Trash in the corner. Bull swipes at Flash outside and begins to work on Trash's back by dropping it on his knee. Boot to Trash's face and Bull methodically works him over. Suddenly, there's a technical glitch and we see a freeze-frame of Flash standing on the rope looking like he's telling someone to get the hell outta dodge (the hell?). When we return, Trash is attempting a small package Bull, but it only gets two. Dean Hill apologizes for the mix-up, and we move on. A series of forearms by Trash on Bull, and Ramsey admonishes Trash for using a closed fist, which allows Bull to reach into his tights and pull out his Brass Regals (oh!). One power of the punch shot later, we have a winner, no wait, Senior OVW official Robert Briscoe is quickly out to stop Ramsey's count and inform him of the blatant cheating. Referee shoving match is won by Briscoe and he counts a schoolboy by Trash on Bull for the upset win. Bull is seriously pissed and he chokeslams Briscoe for his interference. Ramsey has unlocked Flash on the outside and NOW we get a moving shot of Flash telling Bull to get the hell outta dodge (weird, eh?)

Winner: Trailer Park Trash via pinfall at 5:30

Conclusion: Excellent show this week. Some great wrestling action, and some good verbal punk outs make me a happy guy. Should be a good tag match next week, and I'm sure we'll see Prototype continue his quest for a shot against Leviathan. Good slow burns all around.

Sorry this report was so late. I was burned out after all the work and play I did in Vega$ last week. Unfortunately, I came back a few dollars lighter. After catching up on all the WWF tv I missed when I was away, I was just able to finish last week's audit before football began today. I'll try to get the 11.26.02 [I think he means 01.26 ;-) - CRZ] audit done later this evening or early on this week so I'll be up to date by next Sunday morning. As always, thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy it, or at lest its informative.

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