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OVW for the week ended 02.02.2002

Last Time - I finally got caught up! "Who's Your Daddy?" Steve Bradley lost a match to Bull Buchanan. The Prototype beat "Mr. California," who was really the returning Rico Constantino with a mask on. Senior OVW Official Robert Briscoe furthered his issue with the officiating of Junior OVW Official Ray Ramsey. Sean O'Haire beat the hell out of David Flair while his 1st Lieutenant in Bolin Services, Mr. Black, challenged Leviathan to a non-title match to soften him up for the Prototype. Big Bad John of the Revolution and the Redd Dogg wrestled to a DQ and the Disciples of Synn came in to help beat Dogg and Shelton Benjamin down. The Dogg and Benjamin challenged the Disciples to a double dog collar match this week. OVW owner, Danny Davis once again reiterated that his nephew, "The Machine" Doug Basham, would not be able to enforce a clause written into his contract that he would be able to purchase 25% of OVW for $25,000. To further his issue with OVW, Basham introduced the newest member of the Revolution and his new tag team partner, the Damaga, who had been an OVW mainstay since the beginning. They beat the Southern Tag Team Champions the Lords of the Ring ("Mr. Wrestling" Nick Dinsmore and "Ironman" Rob Conway) by DQ in an awesome tag match. Post-match, the rest of the Revolution came down to kill the champs and leave them along with OVW bookmaker and play-by-play man, James E. Cornette laying in heaps in the ring.

Let the bodies hit the floor of the Davis "Arena" as Dean Hill and James E. Cornette welcome us to Ohio Valley Wrestling on WBKI Cable Channel 7.

Opening Match: Mr. Black (w/Jerome Crony) vs. [The demon of the deep & the guardian of the gates of hell] Leviathan, the OVW Heavyweight Champion (w/Synn [the daughter of the devil and the sister of the snake]) in a non-title match. Leviathan looks to have some new tattoos on his back. Leviathan pounds Mr. Black to start and works his left arm. Shoulder tackle and then an elbow drive into Black's chest. Lateral press and a count of two. Black is sent into the turnbuckle and the champ splashes him. Black stumbles to the center of the ring and the demon puts him in his full nelson slam, but can't cover since Jerome Crony has gotten up on the apron and gotten the attention of the champ. As Leviathan goes over and chokes Crony with the ropes, Mr. Black is able to recover and use his secret weapon, the uppernut. Doesn't stop Leviathan as both men trade blows in the center of the ring. Leviathan attempts to send Black into the ropes, but the 400-lb man is able to reverse and send Leviathan into the ropes and give him a sidewalk slam. Black pushes the demon into the corner and puts shoulder to gut repeatedly. Standing cobra clutch into a slam. Black then uses the ropes to choke Leviathan. The demon tries to come back with some rights and goes to the ropes for some power but Black is able to samoan drop the champ. Black goes to the top rope and splashes Leviathan in the middle of the ring, but the demon kicks out!! Black and myself are stunned. Crony slips Mr. Black's law enforcement baton to him, but again he can only get two. Leviathan has time to cover, spears Black and gets the three count.

Winner: Leviathan via pinfall at 4:04

Update: As seen on local newscasts this week, OVW will have a series of events at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom thrillpark this Spring and Summer. The first event will be the Spring Breakout, held Friday night April 5 at the new Batman stunt show arena. Then, beginning May 31, and every two weeks thru July will be the Super Summer Sizzler Series (say that fast 10 times . . . no, don't, stop, it's no good I suck). Season passes for the park are only $44.99 (which is a good deal).

Interview - The Lords of the Ring: We're shown footage of the ending to last week's Southern Tag Team Title Match which ended in a DQ and a massive old-school locker room clearing brawl which left the champs as well as James E. Cornette himself laying. Conway tells Dean Hill that he has been calling Cornette all week and wants the Revolution in a rematch. James E. has politely declined their request. Dinsmore says they're making their own power play and won't do it with lawsuits or threats of bodily harm, but if Cornette won't give them Basham and Damaga in a match, they'll go on strike and take the belts with them. Cornette doesn't want Basham to have any OVW belt, which would make it that much harder to fire him once his lawsuit to obtain 25% of the company fails. The Lords suggest a 30-minute Ironman Match and the most pinfalls in that time takes the belts. Cornette doesn't think Basham and Damaga can get more pinfalls than the Lords in 30 minutes so he agrees and the match will be next week. This brings out "The Machine" Doug Basham and the Damaga who whine about the Lords always getting their way. They have a few stipulations of their own. They want the match to be no-DQ, and if one of the champs wises up and doesn't show up for their beating, they forfeit the belts to the Revolution. Damaga gets all up in Dinsmore's area and asks him if he'll "puss out." Dinsmore gets all real and says "no, Daniel, I won't," and pushes the Damaga who hocks a lugie, Bret Hart style, right in Dinsmore's face. Dinsmore punches the Damaga and it's a preview of things to come as all four men begin beating each other in the ring. Dean Hill bails out and Queen Victoria makes the difference and allows the heels to take control of the situation. One-time OVW competitor and now referee Donna Derring is among the OVW officials out to separate the combatants, but she gets a brain damage for her troubles. She is left unmoving in the ring as the locker room faces come out to make the save, and we go to commercial.

When we return, the Lords of the ring and OVW officials are helping Donna Derring out of the ring so she can be rushed off to the hospital for some tests on her neck. Cornette says that now we can get to some SCHEDULED action as we go to an actual match:

Prototype (w/"King" Kenny Bolin and new "BS" briefcase) vs. Ron "H2O" Waterman. Ron is returning from an 8-week tour with the WWF and is a former Ultimate Fighting Champion. He looks like a slightly shorter, balding Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner. Waterman takes it to the Prototype early, so he bails into the ropes to gather himself before the cheating starts. Prototype asks for the test of strength. As they go to lock up the second hand, Prototype attempts to kick Waterman in the gut, but has it and himself thrown into the ropes. Standing dropkick and a backwards clothesline knock Prototype down to the mat. Lateral press and a two count. Cornette mentions that Waterman is also a black belt in jujitsu. Waterman slams Prototype and gets another two count from referee Ray Ramsey. Waterman gets his "Tapout" leg submission move in on the 'Type, who's able to grab the ropes and feign injury so he can recover. Ramsey backs Waterman off and when he goes back in to continue his advantage, Prototype is able to hotshot him off the ropes. Prototype does the blatant choke to Waterman on the mat, and Ramsey breaks it up. Another choke in the corner, and again Ramsey steps in. Slam, lateral press, and a two count for Prototype on Waterman. We hit the chinlock and Waterman powers out and powerslams Prototype. Series of rights and Waterman whips Prototype into the ropes and slams him again, and gets the anklelock. Of course, Kenny Bolin gets up on the apron at this point to get the attention of the easily distracted Ray Ramsey. Waterman heads over and gives Porky a knuckle sammich to much on, but falls victim to the Protoplex upon his return to the ring for the pin and 3 count.

Winner: Prototype via pinfall at 4:25

Video: Bull Buchanan. Much like when he videotaped himself stealing the OVW heavyweight championship belt out then-champion Doug Basham's home, Bull has sent OVW another eerie videotape. It's dark and Bull is apparently in the parking lot of a CVS pharmacy. We see a car pull up and its Flash Flanagan who gets out and goes inside. Not only is he a moron for going to CVS and not Walgreen's, he leaves his car unlocked. This allows Bull to go over, pop the hood of the car, and clip a "wire" inside the car. Apparently Bull was the cause of Flash's car accident last week that kept him out of action. No footage of the accident however.

Bull Buchanan vs. [The man who loves to steal the show] Flash Flanagan in a street-fight match. Rather than take the issue to the Police, Flash will take matters into his own hands in the ring I suppose. Flash throws powder in Bull's eyes and it's on. Flash gets Bull tied up in the ropes, so he brings in a chair and attempts to whack Bull with it, but Buchanan kicks Flash in the face. Bull sets up the chair in the ring, but is drop toeholded into it by Flash. Flash heads out and retrieves a ladder from under the ring and pummels Bull in the breadbasket with it. Bull recovers quickly and knocks Flash down with a big right. Bull charges, but Flash drops him on the outside of the ring. Bull is quickly back up and chokes Flash with the rope. Disoriented, Flash staggers near the ladder and Bull seesaws it into Flash's chin. Bulls sits Flash in the chair and then clotheslines him out of it. Flash is beat down in the corner and whipped into the ropes for a big elbow. Backbreaker and lateral press for a two count. Bull heads to the top rope and hits the non-yodeling legdrop, but it only gets two! Bull is frustrated and pulls some brass knucks out of the pocket of his pants. However, before he can make use of them, Flash's buddy Trailer Park Trash is out, and throws a can of beer to Flash who crushes it Bluto-style on Bull's forehead (Must have been a Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull) for the three count.

Winner: Flash Flanagan via pinfall at 3:40

When we return, we're shown footage of the match between Redd Dogg and Big Bad John of the Revolution, which ended with the Disciples coming out and beating the hell out of the Dogg and Shelton Benjamin. Tough Enough winner Nidia also got involved, powerslamming Synn and Connie Swail. We're then shown footage of Nidia's Tough Enough training, as well as comments about her made by Al Snow and Jackie (or "Miss Texas" as she was known in these parts).

Interview - Nidia: Cornette suggests that getting involved in other people's matches is not how she wants to start her career. Nidia just wanted to come down and watch the matches to reinforce her training and she just lost her patience with Synn and Connie Swail hurting her friend Ray Ramsey so she felt she had to get involved. Nidia realizes by messing with the Disciples and Synn that she has put herself in harm's way.

Interview - Ray Ramsey: Ray wants to be the referee in next week's Ironman match. He says that for once, Senior OVW Official Robert Briscoe, made the mistake and blew it in last weeks match when he didn't see the Revolution introduce the chain to the match and disqualified the Lords of the Ring for attempting to use it. This brings out Robert Briscoe himself, who admits that he did make a mistake last week, but he's miffed that Ramsey would come out and try to go over his head to Cornette. Ramsey says that if Briscoe is admitting to a mistake he wants to know if he will fine himself. Briscoe accuses Ramsey of insubordination. Ramsey says that if he wants to see insubordinate behaviour, then he can referee the dog collar match, because Ramsey is out of here.

The Disciples of Synn (Damien & Payne) (w/Synn and her slave, Connie Swail) vs. Redd Dogg and Shelton Benjamin in a double dog collar match. Shelton is collared to Damien and Dogg is collared to Payne and the faces take it to the heels to start. The Disciples are both whipped into clotheslines via the chain and then crotched with them. Both heels are busted open quickly and Dogg worsens Payne's wound by biting his forehead. Both faces continue their advantage by using the chains to choke the Disciples down in the corner. Disciples have literally gotten no offense in at this point. Double noggin-knocker on the Disciples. Payne didn't get hurt too bad since he's able to get up and use the chain to stun the Redd Dogg and then Shelton Benjamin to help Damien. Now the faces get choked out with the chains. Blood flows like wine from everyone's forehead now and there are spackles of it all over the ring. Payne returns the biting favour to the Dogg going at his forehead like it's raw meat. Cornette calls it a "Human Slaughterhouse." The Disciples go to opposite corners to do a move off the top rope, but the faces recover and give Damien and Payne shots to the gut to retake control of the match. Shelton hangs Damien over the rope, but Connie Swail is over to loosen the collar while Synn gets in and kicks Benjamin's family jewels from behind. Meanwhile Payne has dragged the Dogg into Senior OVW Official Robert Briscoe and the turnbuckle using the chain and is working him over. Synn continues to pummel Benjamin's backside with flabby rights until he turns around and uses the chain to punch, then choke her on the mat. Quite the disturbing visual there as Benjamin chokes Synn in her mini-skirt and thigh high fishnets and we get a view of her thankfully black panties and chalk-like skin. Ick. Damien returns to the ring with a chair and pastes Benjamin from behind with it. Dogg nails Payne out of the ring and is gloating while Robert Briscoe recovers and counts the three for the Disciples. Cornette calls it an upset. Dogg is pissed and takes out his frustrations on Damien as Dean Hill rings the shit out of the bell, as if someone would come out to save the Disciples from a much-deserved beating.

Winners: Disciples of Synn via pinfall at 6:00

Conclusion: A little too much filler with flashbacks and press conferences this week, but the in-ring action was very good, and a little on the hardcore side this week with the street fight and dog collar match. The ironman match next week should be incredible, if they actually do it, and don't have another "car accident" to postpone the match until a later date. Prototype continues to climb the ranks for a title shot, and the tension between referees should come to a head sometime soon, possibly next week in the ironman match if it happens. Once again, I'll be there. Will you??

Thanks for reading.

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