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OVW for the week ended 02.09.2002

Last Time - Mr. Black lost a non-title match to OVW heavyweight champion Leviathan. A press conference was held announcing that OVW would hold a series of events at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom thrillpark over the Spring & Summer. The OVW Southern Tag Team Champions, The Lords of the Ring ("Mr. Wrestling" Nick Dinsmore and "Ironman" Rob Conway) demanded a 30-minute iron man match against The Revolution ("The Machine" Doug Basham and the Damaga). Basham and Damaga said they would accept only if it was no-DQ and if either of the champs pussed out and couldn't make it, the belts would be forfeited to them. The Prototype beat the returning Ron "H2O" Waterman with help from the very distracting Kenny Bolin. As retaliation for causing his car accident, Flash Flanagan beat Bull Buchanan in a street fight by opening a can of whoop ass beer on his head via Trailer Park Trash. Nidia was interviewed over recently putting herself in harm's way where the Disciples of Synn are concerned. Referee Ray Ramsey requested refereeing duties in the iron man match next week, which angered Senior OVW Official Robert Briscoe. The Disciples of Synn beat the Redd Dogg and Shelton Benjamin in a bloody, brutal, double dog-collar match when Synn and Connie Swail got involved.

After the bodies hit the floor, we go immediately to James E. Cornette who is standing in the middle of the ring to talk up the Iron Man Match between The Lords of the Ring and the Revolution.

We immediately hit the commercial and when we return, we're shown clips of how the match came about. Conway loses a match to the Prototype and is beaten down by Bolin Services, so Dinsmore and the Damaga make the save. In the melee, Prototype levels Damaga with a chair and gives him a concussion. Because of that concussion, Damaga was unable to participate in the championship match later, so Conway took his place as the Lords of the Ring was formed when they won the OVW Southern Tag Team titles from the Suicide Blondes (Jason Lee and Derrick King who haven't been seen since). Cornette tries to fire Doug Basham, but he simply shows James E. a copy of his contract that says that he has the option to purchase 25% of OVW for $25,000, which his uncle, OVW owner, Danny Davis says will never happen. The Damaga interrupts the champs first interview and talks about his frustration at having been left out. A quick clip of Damaga putting his brain damage move on David Flair is shown, then we go to another commercial.

When we return we see the Damaga make an apparent save after the Lords are beaten down in the ring by Sean Casey and Chris Michaels, only to cement his heel turn by pasting the Lords with a STEEL chair. Basham then threatens Cornette and Davis with a civil suit unless he and any member of his Revolution get an OVW Southern Tag Team Title shot. Cornette agreed, but Davis didn't. In that match, Basham debuted his newest member of the Revolution, the Damaga. The Revolution won the match via DQ when Rob Conway used the chain the Revolution brought into the ring to knock the Machine down. Post-match, the Lords were then beaten down by the entire Revolution, and we go to another commercial break.

When we return, the Lords were so pissed about the Damaga and demoralized over losing by DQ, they wanted a rematch and wanted it to be a 30-minute Ironman match. Machine and Damaga agreed, only if it was no DQ. All parties ended up in a brawl in the ring, and during the fracas, OVW referee Donna Derring was brain damaged in the middle of the ring, which leads us to:

Opening Match (finally!): The Revolution ("The Machine" Doug Basham and the Damaga [w/Queen Victoria]) vs. ad break.

Opening Match (This time fer shure!) OVW Southern Tag Team Championship: The Revolution ("The Machine" Doug Basham and the Damaga [w/Queen Victoria]) vs. The Lords of the Ring ("Mr. Wrestling" Nick Dinsmore and the "Ironman" Rob Conway) in a 30-Minute, No-Disqualification, Iron Man Match. Well, after all those clips, there's only 30 minutes left in the show, so I guess this IS it for the week. Dinsmore and Basham tease a lockup to start, but Machine heads back to his corner and the Damaga comes in to offer some advice. Conway joins Dinsmore in the ring as the Revolution want to shake hands in a show of sportsmanship before the action starts. Dinsmore and Conway appear apprehensive, but then appear to reciprocate only to give the Damaga and the Machine a neckbreaker and a german suplex respectively, and take the first fall immediately (1:11)!! Wow. That was pretty cool. Champs are up 1 to 0. Revolution bail to the outside of the ring, but the Lords chase them back in. Cornette says that there is no rest period between falls. Champs double team Basham in the ring and the Damaga has to break up a pinfall attempt. Double clothesline by Conway then a double cross-body by Dinsmore leave the heels laying, but no pinfall is attempted. Dinsmore puts Damaga in a chinlock, and Cornette mentions that Revolution member "Smooth" Johnny Spade has been suspended from OVW for attacking Dinsmore in a nightclub earlier in the week, so he shouldn't be a factor. Damaga gets out and sends Dinsmore into the ropes to be cheapshotted by the Machine with a knee to his back. As Dinsmore turns around to knock Basham off the ring apron, Damaga punches him from behind. Damaga sends Dinsmore into the ropes, but he is able grab the Damaga's legs to block a dropkick and then catapult him into the Machine, once again knocking him off the ring apron. Small package gets two. The other member of the Revolution, Big Bad John (who apparently, used to play for the New Orleans Saints according to Dr. Tom Pritchard via E.C. Ostermeyer's Byte This Reports) has been barred from the Davis Arena so he shouldn't be a factor either. Referee Donna Derring, who was brain damaged by the Damaga last week is recovering nicely from her concussion and should be back next week. Dinsmore tags in Conway, whips Damaga into the ropes, drop toeholds him over, and Conway puts an elbow to the base of his skull. Lateral press for a two count. Conway and Damaga fight over a chinlock, and they end up in the heel corner, where the Machine is tagged in. Machine stomps a mudhole in Conway, but before walking it dry, he heads to taunt Nick Dinsmore, bringing referee [Senior OVW Official] Robert Briscoe with him. Damaga gets back in and continues to punish Conway in the corner while the ref is distracted. Machine clotheslines Conway down and a lateral press gets two. Machine whips Conway into the ropes, but as both men begin to use the ropes to launch themselves around, Dinsmore makes a blind tag and surprises the Machine as Conway slides out of the ring to pull the Damaga to the floor. Dinsmore does the superkick on Machine, but it only gets two. Dinsmore then works over the Machine's right arm. Machine gives Dinsmore a knife-edge chop in the corner, which Cornette says sounded like a rifle shot. Cornette also explains that Briscoe is the referee in this match, and not Ray Ramsey, because he IS the Senior OVW Official. Well there ya go. Damaga whips Dinsmore into the corner and puts Nick in the Crippler Crossface. Dinsmore is able to power out and put Basham in the crossface as well. Tag to Conway and they quickly doubleteam Basham so Conway can try another pin attempt, but the save is made by the Damaga. Conway sort of messes up a crucifix, but is still able to get Basham into a pinning position. Cornette says Basham had it scouted, and that's why he was able to get out so quickly. Okay. Basham tags in Damaga and Conway tags in Dinsmore, and we hit the chinlock. Damaga reverses and puts Dinsmore in a chinlock. Ten minutes gone, and the Lords are still up one fall to none.

Dinsmore flips Damaga over and goes to the top rope for a missile dropkick but before a cover can be attempted, the Machine hits the ring and punches out Dinsmore. Damaga goes back to the chinlock. Dinsmore tries to get out, but as he pushes the Damaga off, Machine makes a blind tag and the heels do the double goozle on Dinsmore, knock Conway off the apron and even things up with a pinfall (11:22). Machine starts to work Dinsmore's leg. Tag is made to Damaga as we take a commercial break. When we return, the Machine is working over Dinsmore's leg in the middle of the ring. Dinsmore uses the ropes to launch himself, but Machine moves out of the way and Dinsmore's bad leg gets tied up in the opposite ropes as he tried to land on the apron instead of the floor. Conway tries to unhook his partner, but referee Robert Briscoe sends him back. While Briscoe is getting Conway out of the ring, the Damaga punches the trapped Dinsmore from the outside. Conway runs around and takes it to the Damaga on the outside of the ring. Briscoe tries to get the non-legal men back to their respective corners while Dinsmore tries to free himself. As he gets free, the Machine kicks him down to the floor and then pounds his knee into the concrete. Dinsmore beats the count back into the ring and Machine immediately tries to pin Nick, but only gets two. Damaga is tagged in, pounds Dinsmore's knee into the mat, and gets another two count. Cornette puts over how the heels are systematically working over Dinsmore's leg. Leg submission move by Damaga, but Dinsmore reaches the ropes. Damaga tries to drag Dinsmore to his corner, but Nick holds on to the ropes. Damaga simply lets Dinsmore fall and attempts another pinfall, but only gets two. Now the Damaga does drag Dinsmore over enough to where he can tag in the Machine. Legwhip on Dinsmore and another two count. Machine is getting frustrated. Enziguri by Dinsmore but both he and Machine are down. Both men struggle to get up and make the tag. As Dinsmore nears his corner, Machine waves in Damaga, which distracts referee Robert Briscoe who misses Dinsmore's tag on Conway. Briscoe makes Conway leave as the heels double team Dinsmore some more. We hit the leglock as Basham continues to work over Dinsmore's leg. Another pinfall attempt only gets two. Dinsmore tries to crawl to his corner, but Machine arrogantly puts boot to face. Scoop slam and Machine goes to the top rope for a diving headbutt. Dinsmore is able to roll out of the way just in time and struggles to the corner. However, in his grogginess, he didn't realize it was a neutral corner. Machine tags in Damaga as Dinsmore lunges and makes the hot tag to Conway who takes out the Machine and Damaga with a DDT and a standing dropkick, respectively. Damaga gets caught up in the ropes as Conway tries to sky high the Machine. Queen Victoria quickly frees Damaga who is able to punch Conway from behind and brain damage him. However, it only gets two. Damaga is now frustrated and tags the Machine. Damaga holds Conway out as the Machine hits the diving headbutt Veg-O-Matic off the top rope and gets a three count (20:02). Machine tags Damaga back in and they continue to work Conway over as we go to our last commercial break. Revolution is up 2 to 1.

When we return, the Damaga has Conway in a bearhug in the middle of the ring. Conway pushed back into the corner and Machine is tagged in to continue the bearhug. Conway elbows Machine in the side of the head and pushes him back to escape, but Machine was accidentally pushed into Dinsmore, knocking him off the ring apron, so when Conway goes thru Machine's legs to get the tag, there's nobody home. Conway is irish whipped into the heel corner, and the Damaga holds his legs up as the Machine baseball slides into his head. Dinsmore tries to rush the ring, distracting referee Robert Briscoe from counting the pinfall attempt going on in the heel corner. Damaga tagged back in and pounds Conway down for a two count. Another Veg-O-Matic is attempted, but Conway elbows the Damaga's head as Dinsmore buckles the ropes crotching the Machine in the corner. Conway heads up and hurricanranas Machine off the top to the middle of the ring for a three count (25:45) so we're all even again. Damaga recovers and charges Conway but misses, allowing him to make the tag to Dinsmore who knocks the Damaga all over the ring before performing a sitout powerbomb on him. Damaga rolls out as Machine recovers. He groggily backs into Dinsmore who tries to german suplex him, but Machine recovers and is able to send Dinsmore out thru the second rope to the floor. While the Machine distracts Briscoe, the Damaga sends Dinsmore into the ring post, backdrops, and then chokes him with his foot on the outside of the ring. Dinsmore shoved back in the ring, and puts his boot on the rope to stop a quick pinfall attempt by the Machine. Damaga tagged in for a double vertical suplex on Dinsmore, but Conway stumbles in to break up the count. Damaga pushes Dinsmore's face into Machine's boot in the corner as Dean Hill announces we have one minute remaining. Machine tagged back in and jackknifes Dinsmore, but again, only gets two. Damaga tagged back in and the heels once again double team Dinsmore, punk out Conway on the apron, but only get a two count off a face plant. Scoop slam on Dinsmore and the Machine comes off the top rope with a forearm to his head, but again, only gets two as time expires (29:24 - counting commercial breaks as time of the match. We've seen about 23 minutes of it) with both teams having two pinfalls each.

Cornette says that there MUST be a winner, so we're going into overtime. Sudden Death as the next pinfall wins. After the tired and exasperated men realize they have no choice, Machine stomps a mudhole in Dinsmore in the corner. Machine picks him up, sends him into the ropes, but misses a high elbow as Dinsmore sails over and into referee Robert Briscoe. Damaga comes in while the ref is down, but Conway comes in to counter. Meanwhile, referee Ray Ramsey has sprinted in from the locker room and has taken charge of the match. Neckbreaker on Damaga by Conway but Machine breaks up the count. Dinsmore recovers and takes Machine out on the floor with him as Conway goes for another 'rana on Damaga in the corner. Robert Briscoe is back in and is taking umbrage with Ramsey coming in to officiate. Meanwhile, Queen Victoria lowblows Conway in the corner blocking his 'rana attempt on Damaga. Brain damage off the tope rope and both referees count the pinfall!! (1:12) The Revolution quickly leaves the ring with the belts, and Cornette whines about what has just transpired. Dinsmore gets in both referee's faces, and the crowd chants "hit the ref." Cornette doesn't know which one deserves it more. Dinsmore punks out Ramsey to the cheers of the crowd. Briscoe goes to shake Dinsmore's hand, but gets a knuckle sammich instead to more cheers from the crowd.

Winners and new OVW Southern Tag Team Champions: The Revolution, the Machine Doug Basham, and the Damaga, via pinfall at 1:12 of overtime in a 30-minute Ironman match.

Conclusion: I was initially a little disappointed with all the clips at the beginning of the show, but that was an awesome match and well worth it. I have no idea what is coming up next week match-wise, but I would imagine that we'll see some fallout from this match, as well as the Prototype. Once again, I'll be there. Will you??

P.S. - As if I don't gain new respect for CRZ week by week doing this, realizing the amount of time and effort he puts into his recaps, this one was the capper. With nothing else going on, I HAD to describe the match almost move-for-move this week, and this one match took me more time to recrap than whole shows most weeks. Hopefully I did a decent job.

Thanks for reading.

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