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OVW for the week ended 02.16.2002

Last Week - The Lords of the Ring ("Mr. Wrestling" Nick Dinsmore and "Ironman" Rob Conway) lost a 30-minute iron man match and their OVW Southern Tag Team Titles to The Revolution ("The Machine" Doug Basham and the Damaga), and that's about it.

Opening Match: Mark Jindrak vs. OVW Heavyweight Champion [The Demon of the Deep & The Guardian of the Gates of Hell] Leviathan (w/Synn). Lockup to start, and Jindrak is pushed back into the corner. Leviathan charges, but eats boot. Jindrak charges, but eats clothesline. Leviathan attempts a slam, but Jindrak floats over and pushes the Demon into the ropes. Leviathan holds on, sending Jindrak tumbling over. As he gets up, Leviathan charges with a big boot to the face. Ouch. Mark gets his shoulder up at two. Leviathan goes for another clothesline, but Jindrak drops down, grabs the ropes, and sends Leviathan plunging to the floor. Jindrak throws the champ back in and sets him up in the corner. He then jumps over Leviathan, snap-choking him on the ropes (I'm sure there's an "official" name for that move, but damned if I know it). Boot to the champ's gut, a facebuster, and a messed-up DDT. I think Leviathan is winded and didn't go down like he was supposed to. Headlock by Jindrak, but Leviathan gets up, powers out, and attempts a chokeslam, however Jindrak elbows him in the head repeatedly to break it up and get a standing dropkick. Jindrak continues to push his advantage, but gets caught in a spinebuster. Both men slow to recover and when they do, they trade punches until Leviathan gains the upper hand. Jindrak is sent into the corner and Leviathan follows to spear him in the back, but Mark uses the ropes to jump over the Demon. Jindrak attempts to clothesline Leviathan, but the Guardian springs back out of the corner and spears Jindrak out of his boots. Demon-bomb with authority for the 3 count.

Winner: Leviathan via pinfall at 4:21.

Interview - Bolin Services: We're shown footage of Mr. Black's attempt at softening up Leviathan for the Prototype a few weeks ago. That non-title match ended with failed interference from Jerome Crony and a missed nightstick shot from Mr. Black. James E. Cornette stands in the ring and asks if Kenny Bolin wants to tell the night's first lie. Bolin [the son of Liberace and Jackie Gleason] says that Mr. Black made Bolin Services look like a bunch of idiots, fools, and goofs. As punishment, Mr. Black must now carry Sean O'Haire's bags. Jerome Crony doesn't escape scrutiny either. Since he was useless in interfering in the match, he must now carry the Prototype's bags. Both men whine as Cornette laughs, and then announces that Prototype has gotten his wish and will challenge Leviathan for the OVW Heavyweight belt next week. Prototype knows that Cornette had to make the decision not for the fans, but for the ratings. Cornette agrees, and says that yes, it does have a positive effect on ratings when an underdog comes in to challenge the reigning champion. Prototype takes exception to being called an underdog, and says that James E. is "all up in his ice cream, and doesn't even know the flavor." Prototype says that someone used to talk about beating the man to be the man, and while he's not trying to impress Ric Flair, he is trying to impress Vince McMahon, so to prepare for next week's battle, he decides he will beat David Flair so bad tonight that his father Ric will put him up for adoption and adopt the Prototype as his son instead. Funny stuff.

Promo - Disciples of Synn: This was cut post-double-dog collar match from a couple of weeks ago. Synn screams and says "she doesn't care if it takes a hundred goddamn years" they will get even with Shelton Benjamin and the Redd Dogg. Payne also says that they will get those son of a bitches and they will pay for Damien's wounds with their own blood. Connie Swail rubs Damien's blood-stained head with a towel in the background.

Bolin Services (Sean O'Haire & Mr. Black) (w/Jerome Crony) vs. Shelton Benjamin & Redd Dogg. Dogg and Mr. Black lockup to start and the Dogg shows off his speed against Black's "girth." O'Haire wants the tag to show Black how to use speed and non-girth to catch somebody. Black, knowing he is already winded, obliges. They do a quick wrestling sequence, which sees the Dogg come out on top and drop an elbow into O'Haire's sternum. Wristlock and then a headlock on O'Haire, but he powers out. Sean challenges the Dogg to do his worst, so Dogg uses the ropes to propel himself into O'Haire, but gets shoulderblocked down to the mat. They then trade leapfrogs and the Dogg armdrags O'Haire to the mat. Benjamin is tagged in and it's a double hiptoss for O'Haire and then Mr. Black. Wow. That's a lot of beef to hiptoss. Advantage is short-lived as O'Haire takes control of Benjamin and tags Black back in. Awesome sequence begins that sees both men miss punches, Benjamin try a kick to the breadbasket (a lot of bread in there too), get spun around and lift his other leg for a Tajiri-like kick to Black's face. Shelton really is quick as a cat. Black kicks out at two. Dogg tagged back in and Crony gets up on the apron. He grabs Redd Dogg as Junior OVW Official Ray Ramsey pulls Benjamin back to his corner. Mr. Black goes for a big roundhouse right, but Dogg ducks. O'Haire has seen enough and jumps into the ring and immediately clotheslines Dogg out of his boots. Over the shoulder backbreaker, but Dogg is able to kick out at two. O'Haire pummels Dogg in the corner and attempts a shoulder to the gut, but Dogg leapfrogs it, and belly-to-belly suplexes Sean over. Dogg tags in Benjamin who takes it to both heels. Benjamin goes to the tope rope and flips over, knocking O'Haire down, but Mr. Black breaks up the count. Redd Dogg comes back in and starts to pound Mr. Black in the corner, distracting Ramsey. Meanwhile, Shelton Benjamin has gotten a russian legsweep on O'Haire and has the leg hooked for a three count, so Jerome Crony climbs to the top rope. When he tries the frog splash, Benjamin moves, and Crony hits O'Haire instead, keeping him down long enough for Ramsey to pay attention to the legal men and count three. Post-match, O'Haire recovers and chases Crony back to the dressing room.

Winners: Shelton Benjamin & Redd Dogg via pinfall at 5:02.

Special Look - Nidia: We see footage of the Tough Enough coronation from last year. Since I actually saw the MTV special earlier in the afternoon recapping TE season one, I'm not overly excited to see it. Hey, at least it was short. Then the OVW website is pimped. Check it out sometime. They've got some neat bios on all the wrasslers there.

Whoa. How far down the celebrity ladder can you fall Joannie? She'll be appearing at the Carl Casper's Custom Auto Show at the Louisville Fairgrounds in a few weeks. That's pretty far.

When we return from commercials, we see footage of last week's AWESOME Iron Man Match between the Lords of the Ring and the Revolution. As a result of their childish tantrums and rivalry, Senior OVW Official Robert Briscoe and Junior OVW Official Ray Ramsey have both been fined and suspended for a week. Briscoe is off this week and Ramsey next week.

Interview - new OVW Southern Tag Team Champions, the Revolution ("The Machine" Doug Basham and the Damaga): As has been the case, the Revolution arrives to the "sweet" sounds of Puddle of Mudd's "Control." Basham says it's all about control, and they now control the tag team belts, and after the court battle is over, they will control 25% of OVW as well. He says that the Lords want a rematch, and they can have one, when the Revolution is good and ready to give them one. Damaga is so excited that he will soon be an executive, he might actually go out and buy a tie. He's also excited by Queen Victoria as apparently she's the Revolution's doorknob, because everyone gets a turn. Suddenly, Big Bad John hits the ring. He's pissed that Doug didn't ask him to be his tag partner and went outside the Revolution to bring in the Damaga. BBJ says that as long as the Revolution stays out of his way, he'll stay out of theirs. Basham holds Damaga back and says they'll remember this when they are in control.

The [Perfect Man] the Prototype (w/"King" Kenny Bolin) vs. David Flair. Lockup to start and Prototype gets the arrogant headlock. He just has the biggest smirk on his face while wrenching poor David's head in his vice-like grip. David pushes out and both men begin propelling themselves around using the ropes. David leapfrogs Prototype, and attempts a hiptoss, which is countered by the Prototype's own hiptoss. Full scoop slam and an elbow to the sternum is attempted, but Flair moves and Prototype hits the no-selling mat instead. As he attempts to get up, Flair blasts Prototype with a right sending him back down to the mat once again. Now the Prototype begs off and backs into the corner, realizing that young master Flair is indeed improving and it might take a little more cheating than usual to beat him. Case in point: Prototype pantomimes for the test of strength, but of course, kicks David in the gut for falling victim to such an obvious ploy. Another scoop slam is attempted, but Flair floats over, pushes Prototype into the ropes, and clotheslines the number one contender as he hung on and tried to elbow Flair on the way back. Beautiful dropkick and an armdrag takeover by Flair. Prototype is able to power up and push David back into the corner for some chops. Flair reverses and shows how chops are done. He sends Prototype into the opposite corner and charges, but Prototype sidesteps it, and gets a belly to back suplex on Flair. Kick to the back of the head and then a euro uppercut sends Flair back into the corner. Prototype then slings David around into the corner using his own momentum a few times. Flair slumps down to the mat. Prototype picks him up, slings him into the ropes and clotheslines him. Into the ropes once more, but David gets a crossbody off the attempt. Prototype quickly regains control and shoulderblocks David into the turnbuckle. David sent to the opposite turnbuckle for another shoulderblock. A third attempt ends in disaster when Prototype sends David back again into the turnbuckle, but falls victim to a victory roll and a three count as David Flair has his first televised win in OVW! Jim Cornette and Dean Hill have conniptions on the outside, the crowd goes crazy and the Prototype and Kenny Bolin throw a fit in the middle of the ring. The announcers wonder how this will affect the Prototype going into his match against Leviathan next week.

Winner: David Flair, yes, David Flair via pinfall at 4:03.

When we return from commercial, we're shown footage of the street fight between Bull Buchanan and Flash Flanagan from a couple of weeks ago that ended with Flash splitting Bull's head open with a can of Schlitz Malt Liquor, courtesy of Trailer Park Trash.

Evil Video - Bull Buchanan. As we have seen in weeks past, we cut to video footage and hear Bull's monotone voiceover. The camera pans down to some mail on a table as Bull says you can learn a lot about a man from the mail he gets. For instance, Trailer Park Trash is poisoning his mind with pornography (since he apparently subscribes to High Society {I always preferred Club magazine myself}) and doesn't pay his bills as evidenced by a note from a creditor. Trash's mail shows that he's a family man since he got a letter from his granddad. Bull reads the letter for us. Apparently, Flash's grandmother has passed away and the funeral is this Tuesday. His granddad knows that she would want him to be there and this letter should get to him in plenty of time for him to attend. Bull says that it's too bad that today is Tuesday and he guesses that the funeral went just fine without Flash. Nyah hah hah hah ha.

Disciples of Synn (Damien & Payne) (w/Synn) vs. ad break.

Disciples of Synn (Damien & Payne) (w/Synn) vs. [the man who is from everywhere because his home is mobile] Trailer Park Trash and [the man who loves to steal the show] Flash Flanagan. Cornette mentions that Connie Swail is conspicuous by her absence and that she threw up and ran out of the locker room after having to attend to Damien's wounds from the dog-collar match with the Redd Dogg and Shelton Benjamin a few weeks ago. Flash and Payne start out and trade headlocks in the corner. Payne Killer is avoided and a lightning quick snap suplex is performed by Flash. Springboard legdrop by Flash gets two. TPT tagged in and a double elbow to the sternum knocks Payne down. Trash scoop slams Payne and heads to the ropes, but Synn holds onto his leg, so he heads out of the ring and decks her. As Trash gets back in, Payne has recovered enough to kick him and sling him into the ropes, but TPT gets a cross body on Payne sending him into his own corner to tag in Damien. TPT drop toeholds Damien and gets a wristlock. Damien mule kicks Trash to break the hold, and atomic drops him. Payne tagged back in and he stomps a mudhole in TPT and does walk it dry. Irish whip into the corner and Damien tagged back in for a double elbow from the heels. Flash tries to interfere, but gets ousted by Ray Ramsey who's working almost every match tonight to make up for Briscoe being out. Trash is able to belly to back suplex Damien and both men are down. Damien groggily goes to a neutral corner for a tag, realizes no one is there and heads for his real corner. Payne is tagged in and goes to beat on TPT some more, but he quickly crawls around Payne, thru Damien's legs, back thru Payne's legs and into his corner to make the hot tag to Flash who dropkicks both Disciples. At this point, Bull Buchanan comes to ringside and waves the letter to Flash from his grandfather to get his attention. Flash goes to the top rope and instead of nailing his opponent, gets Bull instead. Bull is able to recover and whip Flash into the concrete load bearing pole on the outside of the ring and push him back in so Payne can pin him. Ramsey had been distracted from the shenanigans on the outside trying to get Damien out of the ring. Post-match, Shelton Benjamin and the Redd Dogg make the save and beat the crap out of the Disciples as the show ends.

Winners: Disciples of Synn via pinfall at 5:35.

Conclusion: Excellent show this week. They totally surprised me with David Flair's win over the Prototype. I was expecting a huge squash to build interest in next week's match with Leviathan. They built interest, just in a better way than I expected. Sooner or later, Sean O'Haire is going to pop a vein and destroy Black and Crony, and a nice match in the main event. Just so many things clicking on all cylinders as usual. Glad I get to see these. Hopefully you'll join me next week for the big match between Prototype and Leviathan that has been building for more than a month.

No Way Out Predictions: Tag Team Turmoil - The Hardyz, just to set up a big match at WMX8. Spazz vs. T & T - Spazz, just because I like the idea I've heard about the Outsiders lawn darting both of these guys into the side of a truck at some point. Regal vs. Edge - Edge who will move on to bigger and better things, while Regal moves to the commentary table via Good 'Ol's foreshadowing in his Ross Report this week. RVD vs. Goldust - Goldust. Back to Good 'Ol's Ross Report, he sees this situation continuing, so I think Dustin will win and force RVD to face him again down the road. Rock vs. Undertaker - Rock will win to gain revenge for the tombstone on the limo, which was awesome. HHH vs. Angle - HHH continues his comeback from May to the WMX8 main event against Y2J who will beat Austin with interference. Not sure how the nWo will figure into things and how soon it will be before they double cross Vince, but I'm interested to see where they go with things. I've actually enjoyed the last few weeks of WWF TV, Smackdown from this past week, notwithstanding (matches were WAAAAYYY to short, and Stone Cold's promo was WAAAAAYYYY too long), and look forward to watching Sunday and Monday night to see what they've got cooked up for us.

Thanks for reading.

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