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Ohio Valley Wrestling by DrewDeuce





OVW for the week ended 09.07.2002 ("Fall Brawl")

Last Time - Well, we've had clip shows since 07.27.2002 as OVW prepared to re-locate the Danny Davis Arena across the river from Jeffersonville, Indiana to Louisville, Kentucky and James E. Cornette dealt with the passing of his mother. To get you up to somewhat up to speed, the current OVW Champion is Nova, and the OVW Southern Tag Team Champions are Redd Dogg & Shelton Benjamin. Rico is a 'face and, "Prototype" John Cena is a hated heel. Yup, that's about all ya need.

Stuff Nobody Cares About But You're Going To Hear Anyway: So I'm going to take in my first OVW show in person, and I figure why not the first show to be taped over in Louisville in their new digs? Show starts at 8, doors open at 7 so my brother and I get there at 6:15 and there's already a long line, which is cool. I always believe if you don't care enough to get there earlier than everyone else, then you don't deserve it, so we wait patiently to see if we showed up in enough time to make it in, thinking we didn't. They start letting people in a little after 7 and that's when the trouble began. People started to show up and realize that there was no way in hell they would get in, so what did they do? That's right, they found some friends they had further up in line and cut in with them. To make matters worse, there are employees from the local Dish Network provider (who is sponsoring tonight) showing up with all of their kids, close relatives, and assorted neighbors (yes, I'm exaggerating at this point), and they get to circumvent the line entirely and get in. Then "Mr. Wrestling" Nick Dinsmore comes out twice to pull friends, well wishers and glad-handers he knows out of line and get them in. Bottom line, my brother and I are 15 people from the door when the Fire Marshall shows up, and we know we've been screwed. The OVW staff stall for time, then bring out a cafeteria table and then the Big Bossman, Randy Orton and Rico Constantino (you probably know him better as just Rico), to sign autographs (with autographing material provided) and hand out tickets for the next taping on the 18th with promises that if we show up by 7, we'll get in.

I realize this was their first night in the new place, and they'll learn what their capacity is and what crowd they'll be able to fit in there, but hopefully in the future, they'll take the generic raffle tickets they gave us to get in on the 18th and pass out about 350 to the first people that show up and then give the rest to VIPs, etc. so that people don't waste their time standing around hoping to get in when they have no chance. That's what really got to me, was the 2+ hours wasted standing around for next to nothing. Oh well, we'll see what happens on the 18th.

Anyways, enough with the whiny bitching, on with the bodies.

Same opening sequence set to Drowning Pool's "Bodies," but we next see a shot of the crowd and then Jim Cornette who's standing in the middle of the ring. Jimmy welcomes us to the new Davis Arena and to OVW. He's excited about the new arena and thanks the WWE for their support. He then brings out Good 'Ol JR, Jim Ross himself who thanks the great fans in the Louisville area and says that in the future, any person wanting to wrestle at WrestleMania will have had to have wrestled in OVW first. Speaking of former OVW wrestlers who are WWE SuperStars, they disclose that Brock Lesnar hurt his elbow a couple of days ago in a match against the Undertaker and thus, won't be able to defend the WWE Heavyweight Title against the Machine tonight. This brings out the Revolution ("Machine" Doug Basham, the Damaja, "Smooth" Johnny Spade, Queen Victoria and her new assistant Tough Enough winner Jackie Gayda). They think that Jim Cornette and Jim Ross are scared that the Machine will win the title and the Revolution will show up on Raw, and that Brock Lesnar is just scared because Machine has been in OVW training with Lesnar and knows him better than anyone. This brings out Brock Lesnar himself who takes umbrage at being called a coward. Jim Cornette calms the Revolution down by saying that they have found a suitable replacement for Lesnar and there will be a battle to determine who the REAL best damn technical wrestler is as the "Canadian Crippler" Chris Benoit hits the ring to scoff at Machine's talents, and says that tonight Basham will face the Wolverine and the best damn technical wrestler.

Opening Match: Chris "Harvard" Nowinski vs. Charlie Haas. Harvard immediately counters the "crowd knows me because I'm a WWE SuperStar so I'll get a nice little face pop" by running down "Lewis-ville's" (people hate that here) local school system and the University of Lewis-ville in general wondering what kind of classes they offer there (His theory is cow milking and horse grooming). Charlie Haas takes the mic and says that he's only lived here two weeks, but he can tell Louisville's a great place to live (gee, thanks). Wrestling sequence to start, Nowinski misses a clothesline and a flying cross body block from Haas gets a quick two count. Haas backs Nowinski in the corner, and as referee Phil Fair separates the two for a break, Nowinski cheapshots Haas to taker over. Gutwrench into a suplex gets two. Harvard pounds on him for a little bit and then puts Haas into the ropes and begins choking him with them. Cornette channels Gordon Solie by saying Nowinski goes to Haas' breadbasket (yes, I'm old). Full nelson slam on Haas and Nowinski irish whips him into the corner, but Haas comes flying back out and spears Harvard. Haas recovers and uses the ropes to do another flying cross body block on Harvard and then a belly-to-belly suplex gets Haas' first two count of the match. Nowinski breaks Haas' hold, sends him into the ropes, but telegraphs an Undertaker boot, so Haas grabs the leg, ducks an enziguri attempt, crosses Nowinski's legs and folds him over into the Haas of Pain which looks like Jericho's old Liontamer but holding the legs down even further (as they're crossed) while laying on the mat. Ouch.

Winner: Charlie Hass via pinfall at 3:33.

The Damaja (w/Queen Victoria) vs. Randy Orton. Lockup to start, and both men trade wristlocks, headlocks, and takedowns. Damaja gets tired of all this, and just punches Orton down. Damaja puts Orton in a side headlock, Orton pushes Damaja off and into the ropes. Damaja shoulderblocks Orton down, jumps over and into the opposite ropes, but Orton has recovered and dropkicks Damaja down for the first two count of the match. Orton irish whips Damaja into the corner and then ducks his cross-body block attempt, Oklahoma side rolls him over, and gets another two count. Orton ducks a big punch, trips Damaja and slingshots him into the turnbuckle. Orton throws Damaja a big forearm and then throws him into the ropes, but Damaja holds on and drop toeholds Orton down, tries his own Oklahoma side roll, but Orton refuses to go over and grabs onto Damaja's neck and holds him down for another two count. The men fight for control and Damaja is able to get Orton off his feet and hotshot him into the top rope. Damaja then sends Orton to the floor as Victoria jumps up on the ring apron to get the attention of junior OVW Official Ray Ramsey. While Ramsey is distracted, Damaja hotshots Orton onto the steel crowd barriers. Back in the ring, the Damaja keeps Orton down by kicking him like a dog. Into the ropes to choke Orton, so as Ramsey admonishes Damaja for his actions, Victoria is free to punch Orton in the kisser. Another irish whip into the corner, but Orton straddles the corner HBK style, and Damaja rams himself into the pole. Orton floats over and schoolboys Damaja down for another two count. Damaja recovers quickly and pantomimes that he's going to give Orton the Brain Damage (sky-high), but Orton counters with a monkey flip. Orton ducks a splash and shoulder tackles Damaja down, gives him a flying forearm and slings him into the ropes for a big powerslam and yet another two count. Orton goes to the top rope and does a flying cross body block, but Damaja rolls thru holding onto Orton's tights for his own two count. Orton ducks another punch and grabs Damaja with his left arm and drops him into his hip for another two. Cornette and Dean Hill didn't know what that maneuver was either, and Cornette knows ALL the moves! Orton reverses a Damaja reversal into the ropes, trips him and attempts a wheelbarrow suplex, but Victoria has distracted junior OVW Official Ray Ramsey again, allowing Tough Enough 2 winner Jackie Gayda to get in the ring and lowblow Orton. One Brain Damage later, the match is over. After the match Jackie Gayda is quick to give Damaja a big hug, which is broken up by Victoria who gives Damaja a hug of her own. Jackie then raises Damaja's hand in triumph, and has that broken by Victoria who takes Damaja's hand. Sexual tension in the Revolution?

Winner: Damaja via pinfall at 5:13.

Interview: Bolin Services ("King" Kenny Bolin, "Prototype" John Cena, Sean O'Haire, and accountant Jerome Crony) - Cornette mentions that Bolin sure hasn't lost any weight in the last six weeks they've been off tv. Kenny says that he's actually been eating like a king as he traveled the country with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Moving on to current events, he asks Jim Cornette if he's ever heard of Emil DuPree(sp?). Cornette says he knows he was a famous French-Canadian wrestling promoter, and Bolin compliments him on doing his homework. Well, it seems that Emil has entrusted his son, the French-Canadian Phenom Renee, to Bolin to make him as big a star as he's done with all the stars of Bolin Services. To bring Bolin down off his high, Cornette says that six weeks ago on their last televised show, "King B" said that he would be on SmackDown! with Cena and begin his takeover of the WWE, but he has yet to see Bolin taking up the screen on Thursday nights. Bolin says that it's been John Cena's fault he hasn't been seen on Thursday yet. The first week, his airline reservations were cancelled, the next, it was his limo, and he wants to know what the deal is. Cena says it's simply a matter of Bolin not being in shape. Bolin says its no problem, and he can loose 10-15lbs easy, but Cena says nothing less than a 150lb loss will get him on SmackDown! Bolin says that he's not in the position he's in because of his physique, he's there because of his brain and his connections, but if that's what it takes, he'll loose the weight so he can be with his men in the WWE. Cena has had it at this point and says that the real reason Bolin isn't with him in the WWE is that he's not above taking a sucker for a ride. Much like Bolin has used people and crumpled them up and thrown them away when he was done with them, the Prototype used Bolin to get his start, and now that he's with the WWE, he doesn't need Bolin or his money anymore. To prove it, he's taken the $5,000 he pledged to get a title shot against Nova tonight out of his own pocket, and since he still needs a manager, he's secured the services of Sean O'Haire who has been granted a magical "one day managerial license." To ease Kenny's pain, Cena says that Golden Corral is having a special on all you can eat pork fat, and that he should head on over and get himself another chin. O'Haire leaves with Cena, telling Bolin not to worry, that he has his number and he'll give him a call. Cornette is almost orgasmic at this turn of events going against his longtime nemesis. Bolin says Cena will find out that he needs Bolin services a little more than he thinks.

Lance Cade vs. Rico Constantino - Lance Cade is apparently a protégé of Shawn Michaels and Cornette and Hill compare him to a young Barry Windham. Cade does sort of look the part, since he's wearing a cowboy hat, has long stringy blonde hair, and wears leather chaps over his wrestling tights. Rico enters to "Theme from Rocky," and Cornette tells his history of being a Las Vegas police officer who was shot three times, stabbed twice and hit with a car twice in the line of duty (jesus). He's been an American Gladiators champion and is a testament to hard work, dedication and perseverance (plus, he was nice while signing autographs for the people who didn't get in the door tonight). Lockup to start and both men trade wristlocks and armbars. Rico breaks a side headlock and rolls Cade up for the first two count of the match. Cade recovers quickly with a legsweep and gets a two count of his own. Both men back off, and we get to see referee Donna Derring model the newest OVW referee non-uniform (the men are wearing black pants and a black OVW t-shirt) of short shorts and a low-cut top that she's almost falling out of as she bends over to survey the action. Cornette echoes my thoughts by making the comment that "it's great to see her back, but better to see her front." Dean Hill, a married man, remains speechless. Cade offers the handshake of friendship, which Rico accepts and smartly ducks a slap, and then delivers one of his own. Cade recovers only to fall prey to a drop toehold and a side headlock. Cade tries to lift Rico up and out of the hold, but Rico holds on and rolls Cade over for a couple of boobs, I mean two count. Another side headlock, and again Cade picks up Rico who tries to use the ropes to push off for something, but Cade gets a belly to back suplex to break the hold. Cade irish whips Rico into the corner kicks him in the gut and performs a backbreaker on him for another two count. Cade goes for a full nelson slam, but Rico breaks out, goes behind does a sitout sky-high, rolls him over and gets another two count. Cade regains control with a quick right to the mush. He lariats Rico out of his boots and gets a vanity two count of his own (he held a leg with one hand and pantomimed a 1-2-oops with his other). Scoop slam and Cade goes to the top rope for a Savage elbow, but nobody home. Rico is a house afire as he slings Cade into the ropes, back drops him, and does a superkick to the chin as Cade recovers, but it only gets two. A frustrated Rico irish whips Cade into the corner, gives him a couple of savate kicks to the midsection, then an X-Pac-like ninja kick to the face, then gets another two count. Cade recovers and attempts to whip Rico into the ropes, but Rico holds on, kicks Cade in the gut, steps over his arm and kicks up with his left leg right into Cade's face. Rico calls for and gets Sudden Impact on Cade, but Cade gets his foot on the ropes at two. Cade bails to recover while Rico and Donna Derring discuss her ring attire (he is a stylist), but he decides he likes it, and grabs Cade by the hair to drag him back on the apron. Rico goes for a superplex but as he puts Cade over, Bolin Service's accountant, Jerome Crony has made his way to ringside and holds onto Rico's leg. Cade falls on top and gets the three. Crony makes the mistake of cowering below the ring, hoping he won't be noticed, but Rico comes up behind him, taps him on the shoulder, pulls him in the ring and gives him Sudden Impact (slings his opponent's left arm over his shoulder, then flips him) and strips him down to his "Austin Powers" Union Jack skivvies.

Winner: Damaja via pinfall at 4:51.

Interview: Bruce Sheff of High Powered Technical (and the father of at least 20 kids, or so you would believe by the number he circumvented the line with) who is the big sponsor for tonight's show. Before he can finish his Dish Network spiel, Synn and Se7en hit the ring for . . .

Se7en (w/Synn) & ??? vs. Mark Henry & Matt Morgan - The wicked witch of Kentuckiana wants Cornette's yapping cease. She says that they have a problem as the Discyples of Synn are signed to face the world's biggest tag team, and since there was a problem, she went out and got a problem solver, so Se7en's tag-team partner will be the "Solution" Travis Bane (I guess Damien and Payne are still hurt or were victims of the recent WWE Roster cut). Referee Phil Fair has trouble clearing the ring of beef so they can get just two men to start the match. Bane and Morgan leave Se7en and Henry in the ring to start this clash of titans. Lockup to start and Henry shoves Se7en back into the ropes. Se7en then calls for the test of strength with the World's Strongest Man (I thought that was Kurt Russell?), and Henry in his confident arrogance over his strength accepts which causes me not to have any sympathy for him when Synn's newest Discyple kicks him in his gut. Se7en tries to irish whip Henry, but he can't move his mass and Henry whips him into the corner and presses him into the air for a pancake. Se7en stumbles back into his corner and tags in Bane. As Henry studies the roadmap of tattoos on Bane's body, he misses locking up, but stops a punch and pushes Bane back into a neutral corner and crashes his full weight into him. He whips Bane into the opposite corner, but Bane moves, leaving Henry to crash into the turnbuckles. The Solution gets Fairs attention as Se7en takes the opportunity to cheapshot Henry. Bane then begins to work on Henry and goes to the second rope for a cross body clothesline that garners a two count. Henry absorbs some more punishment before recovering and shoulderblocking Bane down so he can make the tag to the former Tough Enough 2 contestant who's 7 foot, 330lbs, and Diesels over the top rope and into the action. Bane uses the ropes and tries a shoulder tackle, but Morgan doesn't move. He tries again with no success, so he dares Morgan to give it a go, which he does shoulderblocking Bane out of his boots. Another whip into the ropes as Morgan tags Henry back in so he can bearhug Bane into submission. This brings Synn up on the apron to distract Fair so Se7en can cheapshot Henry from behind and they double team him. Se7en gives Morgan an elbow in the corner and the new Discyples work over Henry in the corner. They send Henry into the ropes but he runs right thru a double clothesline attempt, and makes the tag to a fired up Morgan who clotheslines then scoop slams both men. Big boot to Se7en, but a recovered Bane breaks up the count. Henry comes in and sends Bane out, ducks a big right from Se7en, and atomic drops him into Morgan's hands for a chokeslam for 3. Synn, in her slit mini with garter hose showing, slaps Morgan and pays the price as she gets scoop slammed.

Winners: The world's largest tag team, Mark Henry & Matt Morgan via pinfall at 4:42.

Interview: Dr. Tom Pritchard - We see footage of Shelton Benjamin and Redd Dogg winning the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles from Trash & Flash (Flanagan) from their last television show before moving to the new arena. The Doc brings out the champs and we hear the musical phrase "Who Let the Dogs Out? about twenty more times that I ever care to again. Doc says that they've been very impressed and have come to offer a WWE contract. Both men are ecstatic until Pritchard reveals that the contract is only for Shelton Benjamin, and not the Redd Dogg (former WWE Women Champion Jazz's husband). Shelton is torn, and wonders if he can compete in both the WWE (full-time) and OVW (part-time). The Dogg wants to know who'll watch his back like he did Benjamin's after his former partner, Brock Lesnar, got hurt by the Discyples of Synn and was never seen again ;-) Shelton wants some time to think about it, and Pritchard says not to take too long because the longer he thinks about it, the bigger chance the opportunity might not be there when he does make up his mind. Redd Dogg wants to know what Shelton's decision is, but Shelton still says he needs to think about it, which sends the Redd Dogg off in a huff and Cornette into wondering why this announcement had to be made now.

Sean O'Haire vs. Mark Jindrak (The New Blood Explodes!!!!) - Both men circle the ring since they know each other so well and aren't sure where to attempt to attack. They settle for a lockup, and O'Haire pushes Jindrak back into a corner until referee Phil Fair forces a break. As they break, O'Haire bitchslaps Jindrak and backs up as Jindrak charges out of the corner and they lockup again with O'Haire putting a high leg to Jindrak's midsection. Forearm to the head and a scoopslam by O'Haire, but nobody home on his elbow drop, as Jindrak rolls, kips up and punches Sean before getting irish whipped into the ropes. Jindrak then ducks a clothesline, delivers two standing dropkicks, and armdrags O'Haire over into an armbar. O'Haire powers up and again pushes Jindrak back in the corner for a few punches. O'Haire's irish whip is reversed by Jindrak who slings O'Haire into the ropes and springing armdrags him off the second rope before missing a charge into the opposite corner and ending up on the top turnbuckle. O'Haire punches, then kicks Jindrak before performing a backbreaker on him in the middle of the ring for the match's first two count. O'Haire starts to work Jindrak's back with some kicks and stretches. Jindrak's first attempt to power up fails, but the second allows him to power out, use the ropes to launch his fist then his foot to O'Haire's face, before nailing him with a couple of clotheslines. O'Haire recovers enough to knock Jindrak of kilter with a kick to the face, but misses a spinning heel kick, and falls prey to a neckbreaker for the pin.

Winner: Mark Jindrak via pinfall at 3:21

OVW Southern Tag Team Titles: The Lords of the Ring ("Mr. Wrestling" Nick Dinsmore and "Ironman" Rob Conway) vs. the Redd Dogg & Shelton Benjamin - Little Nicky and Rob get a nice pop from the crowd (well, after pulling in about 15-20 of Little Nicky's handpicked latecomers, they should!), and I'm further tortured by "Who Let the Dogs Out?" again as the champs hit the ring. Shelton wants a hive five from Dogg before they get going, but Dogg just heads out to their corner and pantomimes "good luck." Collar and elbow lockup sayeth Dean Hill and both men back off before doing it again. On the second go-around, Shelton trips up Conway and both men back off before locking up again. Conway works a side-headlock before Benjamin sends him into the ropes and gets tackled by Conway and getting a two-count for the challengers. Shelton recovers and tries to take advantage of an irish whip reversal, but Conway has stayed in the middle of the ring leaving Shelton to drop down, spin around and fall victim to an armdrag. Shelton breaks the armbar, and backs into his corner where Redd Dogg accepts the tag. Nick works the crowd from the outside to get them clapping (what, pulling them in wasn't enough reason for them to be making noise? - okay, I'll stop now). Redd Dogg grabs Conway's arm and works it mercilessly. Conway is slung into the ropes and slides under the Dogg's legs, and kicks him before succumbing to a shoulder tackle as the tried to use the ropes to do the same to Redd Dogg. Dogg blocks a hiptoss and clothesline's Conway down for the champ's first two count. Conway, holding his arm, immediately runs to the corner to tag in Dinsmore to his manufactured pop (sorry, one more - beat his ass Dogg!). Lockup leads to Dinsmore rolling Dogg up for a quick two and then an armbar. Now Dinsmore begins to work the Dogg's arm like he did Conway's. As the Dogg tries everything to break out of the arm punishment, he inadvertently leaves himself open to be tied up in a texas cloverleaf, but is close enough to the ropes to grab them before any real damage is done. At this point, Trash & Flash (I thought Flanagan was cut from the developmental roster a few weeks back?) storm the announce position and express their displeasure at Danny Davis' personal choirboys, Dinsmore & Conway getting yet another shot at THEIR belts (Tell 'im Flash). Cornette says that it probably has something to do with them only having the belts in the first place because the Revolution brutally attacked the Lords on their way to the ring for that match earlier in the summer. Back in the ring, Shelton has Dinsmore rolled up for two. Dinsmore pushes Benjamin back into his corner where he tags in the Ironman to continue the beating. Shelton uses his quickness to regain control and drag Conway to his corner to tag in Redd Dogg. Redd Dogg just murders Conway's arm that he softened up earlier. Shelton tagged back in and an irish whip leads to Conway getting the exhausting DDT (where the face does a devastating move, but is so exhausted he can't make it to his corner immediately to make the hot tag). Both men on the mat, but Conway staggers to his feet and leaps across the ring to his corner for the hot tag to Dinsmore who atomic drops Benjamin. Dinsmore tries a german suplex, but Shelton blocks, but gets tossed to the floor while trying to turn things to his advantage. Dogg immediately gets in the ring, while Trash & Flash attack Benjamin on the floor until the Ironman makes the save. Dogg and Dinsmore collide in mid-air in the ring sending Dogg to the floor where he grabs a chair, returns and PASTES Dinsmore with it (ha) and gets the three. Redd Dogg grabs both belts and doesn't even check on Shelton on his way back to the locker room.

Winners: Redd Dogg & Shelton Benjamin via pinfall at 6:23

OVW Title - "Prototype" John Cena (w/Sean O'Haire) vs. Nova. Jim Ross has joined Cornette to call the next two matches. Cena's in his Green Bay Packer coloured trunks while Nova has ditched the pleather pants for a saucy velour pair of tights (and if you've never done or seen the velour sex dance at a New Duncan Imperial's show, you just don't know what you're missing). Nova takes the mic and says that since it appears that Prototype wants to make the match a handicap match with O'Haire at ringside, he's gone out and gotten a special enforcer to keep law and order, the Big Bossman! The men fight over a couple of lockups and Cena drags Nova down by his ponytail to taker over. Nova returns the favour by grabbing what he can of Cena's flattop to do the same. Cena charges into the corner, but Nova rolls out of the way, and trips Prototype up on his way back, and gets an oklahoma side roll for two. Nova leapfrogs Cena, slides under him and frankensteiners him over. Ross & Cornette trade clichés to describe Nova's quickness as he floats over a charging Cena and dropkicks him in the back, and then again into the turnbuckle before attempting another pin. Cornette suddenly wonders what would happen if Cena won and took the OVW title with him to SmackDown! and the Ross says this: (hey Flea!) "Well it would throw everything down here into chaos is what it would be, it would be chaotic, it would be catastrophic." Nova tries another float over out of an irish whip into the corner, but Cena's ready this time, catches Nova's legs and pushes him up into the air, so he'll crotch himself on the ropes. Nova breaks out of a pin and we go to commercial.

When we return, Prototype has just performed a (main event?) spinebuster and gets another two count. The kid from the Jersey Shore just won't quit, but keeps getting beaten down by Cena. Prototype holds Nova vertically for ten seconds as he flexes his other arm for the ladies, and suplexes Nova back down for another two count. Nova battles back and gets a couple of rollups for a couple of two counts. Cena then does a modified fisherman's suplex, but doesn't cover, instead missing a splash off the top rope. The Ross spouts more clichés as both men recover to trade rubber-legged punches to each other. Nova does the splits to duck a big right from Cena, gives Prototype a right of his own, and does a flying forearm off the ropes before performing an atomic drop and a series of savate kicks to knock the challenger down for two. Nova Missile in the corner and a bulldog out to the center of the ring for another two count. Nova very stupidly goes to the ropes near Sean O'Haire and gets his foot held until the Bossman makes the save. Senior OVW Official Robert Briscoe heads out of the ring to clear the peripherals while Nova has Cena in a sleeper. Cena chinbusters Nova to break the hold as Kenny Bolin waddles his way to ringside. Bolin gets in the ring and offers his assistance and his briefcase to Prototype who's holding Nova for the coup de grace. Of course, Nova is able to move, and Bolin hesitates slightly before BEANING Cena with the "BS" briefcase and rolling out of the ring so Nova can get the three count.

Winner: Nova via pinfall at 8:20 (aired at least)

We go immediately to: "Machine" Doug Basham (w/Queen Victoria) vs. "Canadian Crippler" Chris Benoit - Both men circle the ring before locking up. Briscoe tries to break it up, but Benoit does that himself by armdragging Basham over. Basham stalls for time before they lock up again. Armbar sequence, and as Basham scurries out and away, Benoit taunts him. Test of strength leads to more armbars and an elbow to Basham's face by Benoit as Machine lays in the corner for a little to regroup and complain to Briscoe about the elbow. Benoit further taunts Basham by getting in the mat wrestling position to see if that will coax Basham back into the action. ANOTHER lockup and Basham tries his own armbar, but gets flipped over and retreats to the corner again, where he kicks the turnbuckles in frustration. One more lockup and Benoit is able to hold on and really wrench Basham's arm this go-around. Basham backs Benoit in the corner so the ref calls for a break to the hammerlock, which allows Basham to elbow Benoit and take control of the match. Chop to Benoit's chest and an irish whip into the opposite corner, but Benoit recovers and armdrags Basham over before dropkicking Machine, sending him scurrying out of the ring to regroup again. (I suspect Basham has had to watch a lot of Lawler tapes while under Cornette's tutelage). Another lockup and Basham again gets frustrated over not being able to get the upper hand out of the lockup. One more try and Basham FINALLY gets a side headlock out of the exchange. Benoit pushes Basham into the ropes and gets shoulderblocked down, but is able to armdrag Basham over on the return. More arm punishment to set up the eventual crossface. The men counter each other's kicks and Benoit legwhips Basham down, sending him out of the ring again, but Benoit follows this time so Machine doesn't have time to recover. As they run around, Basham pushes Victoria into the ring to distract Briscoe, but it doesn't work out as he just gets suplexed by Benoit. Benoit makes the mistake of going to the ropes, and getting his leg grabbed by Victoria so Basham can put a snap neckbreaker on him. As Basham begins to work over Benoit, we take our final commercial break of the evening.

When we return, Basham is still somewhat in control and stomps a mudhole in Benoit in the corner, before choking him with the ropes. Basham is focusing on Benoit's neck trying to re-injure it. Benoit powers up, elbows Machine's midsection, and chops his chest so hard that sweat flies across the ring. The Crippler then uses the ropes, but falls prey to a leg lariat allowing Basham to get the first two count of the match. Basham continues to work the neck, trying to put Benoit out of action and build his own reputation. Benoit powers out again, gets an inverted atomic drop, but gets spun by a high knee coming out of the ropes. Basham tries for a quick pin while Benoit recovers, but it only gets two. Snap suplex leads to another two. Scoop slam for yet another two. Whip into the corner and a clothesline right on the back of Benoit's neck for a pin, but Benoit grabs the ropes. Basham goes for a suplex, but Benoit is able to roll him up and get his first two count of the match. Basham stomps the back of Benoit's neck and lays across his throat for another two count. Ross openly writes Benoit's career obituary as Machine manically continues to dole out punishment. Benoit stood up in the corner, fights back with the sweat flying chops, but Basham counters an whip into the ropes with a side russian legsweep. Basham goes to the top rope for his version of the diving headbutt, however Benoit moves just in time. Benoit recovers first, knocks Basham back down, slashes across his throat, gives Machine the double snot rocket, and goes to the top rope for the flying headbutt which connects!! Both men recover with Benoit blocking a couple of rights from the Machine, flaying his chest with a few more chops, and then sending him headfirst into opposite turnbuckles as Victoria climbs up on the ring apron. As she grabs the top rope, Benoit is able to use the ropes to snap Victoria into Basham. She gets up and slaps Briscoe as Benoit sends Basham's head into a third turnbuckle. Briscoe spears Victoria out of the ring as Benoit continues to rip the flesh from Basham's chest with those Tojo Yammamoto-like chops. The Damaja and Spade both hit the ring and receive punches from Benoit for their troubles. During the commotion Jackie Gayda sneaks up behind Benoit, but can't connect with a nutbuster as Benoit sends her out of the ring, while Dinsmore and Conway head out to keep the rest of the Revolution at bay. All the commotion has allowed Basham to recover and bash the back of Benoit's neck again before delivering a neckbreaker to boot. Now Basham slashes across his throat and goes to the top rope, but Brock Lesnar is out to use his good (left) arm to push Basham off and into the center of the ring. Benoit recovers and goes for a german suplex, but Basham, blocks, rolls thru, and eats a left from Lesnar thru the ropes. German suplex with a bridge by Benoit finishes it! Whew!

Winner: Canadian Crippler Chris Benoit at 15:36 (aired)

The Lords of the Ring raise Benoit and Lesnar's hands while Benoit drops to a knee and gives us that gap toothed smile that is breaking hearts and keyboards all over the 'net as we fade to black.

Conclusion: Just a fabulous show that re-establishes the momentum they had going before their little break. The only downside (personally) was that I wasn't there and only got to experience it on tv. Hopefully, I'll make it in on the 18th and see what it's like live. Great effort from everyone, and some fabulous blending of WWE talent in the mix to celebrate the opening of the new arena. I highly recommend tracking down this or any OVW tapes from the last year and seeing what I think has been consistently the best wrestling show in that span of time, and I hope my review did it justice.

Thanks for reading.

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