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/7 August 1999

Memphis Power Hour


Guest columnist: Tom Stephenson


Hello, my name is Tom Stephenson, and I will be doing the weekly reports for Power Pro Wrestling's Power Hour. PPW is based in Memphis, Tennessee. If you want, you can reach me at I also have my own Kaz Hayashi Tribute Page, which can be found at Anyway, to the report.

Match #1: "Mr. Personality" Derrick King(w/C.B. Wyatt) vs. Brandon Baxter-King gets on the stick before the match and talks about how he wants the $5,000 bounty on Baxter. Baxter enters, and the two men brawl before a referee shows up and the match begins. King gets the offense early, but misses a top-rope move and Baxter gains the advantage. He hits a jawbreaker to the knee, and goes for the pin, but the lights go out before he can get three. When they come back on, Jim Cornette is in the ring attacking Baxter, which calls for a DQ win for Baxter. (1:18) The heels beat on Baxter until several faces come out and clear the ring.

Cornette is still at ringside as the show returns. He starts going on about how the talent is incompetent because no one has collected his bounty on the head of Brandon Baxter. Then, he starts talking smack about PPW Owner Randy Hales, saying that he can't run a company and that the wrestlers are working for chicken seed and grass. He also says Hales promised him 50% of the company. Hales comes out, and mentions that Cornette was fired from WCW, and that the WWF wouldn't take his ideas. They have an argument, and Cornette says that if Hales doesn't give him his promised 50%, he'll take 100%.

Match #2: "Sensational" Steve Bradley(YGC) vs. "Vicious" Vic Grimes(Young Guns Title match)-Bradley gets on the mic before the match and talks about his Heavyweight Title match with Kurt Angle tonight. Vic Grimes enters, and the match begins. Grimes attacks early and sends Bradley to the outside. Bradley reenters and hits a springboard moonsault to take the advantage. Grimes regains his advantage, though, and dominates Bradley until he misses a splash from the top rope. Bradley then proceeds to knock Grimes down and deliver three consecutive moonsaults, but he misses the third. Then, Grimes attempts a back suplex, but Bradley flips out, hooks him in an inverted facelock and hits a modified DDT for the win. (2:58)

Kevin Christian, the PPW matchmaker, enters and talks about Doug Gilbert, who has a match with a mystery opponent tonight. He says that he's got a man who's so crazy that he makes Gilbert look like a sane man. Gilbert enters while Christian goes on, and says that Christian has no friends, and doesn't know talent when he sees it. He gets in an argument with Christian that escalates into a fight, but Tracey Smothers blindsides Gilbert and brawls with him. In the midst of this, Wolfie D attempts to help Gilbert, but Kid Wikkid attacks him.

Corey Maclin brings out Stacy. At this point, the sound on my TV is drowned out by static, but apparently Stacy has the latest issue of WOW magazine with her, with a feature on her. Glenn Kulka comes out and talks smack, and eventually a match is signed between him and Jerry Lawler for tonight. I don't really know what he was talking about in the interview.

Match #3: Bulldog Raines vs. Kurt Angle(HC)(Heavyweight Title match)-This match is short-lived as Angle blocks a suplex attempt and retains his title with a Northern Lights suplex. (1:27)

Match #4: Kid Wikkid vs. Alex Arion-Wikkid walks out with the hubcap that he stole from Wolfie D. He talks smack for a while before getting in the ring to wrestle Arion, who's making his PPW debut. Arion has the early offense, but Wikkid leaves the ring and starts to get the advantage when he returns. He attempts a superplex, but it's blocked and Arion hits a Tornado DDT. Arion continues dominating Wikkid, hitting a splash for only a two-count. Eventually, Arion telegraphs a backdrop and Wikkid counters it by dropping him with a reverse neckbreaker for the win. (2:31) Afterwards, Wolfie D comes out and chases Kid Wikkid to the back. Then, he gets on the mic and talks smack for a little bit. (The sound is still drowned out by static, BTW.)

Match #5: Glenn Kulka & Mic Tierney vs. Doug Gilbert and Wolfie D.
Pre-match, Kevin Christian and Tracey Smothers are at ringside, and Gilbert comes out and brawls to the back with Smothers. Meanwhile, Kulka and Tierney double-team Wolfie in the ring. About a minute in, Gilbert comes back out and gets in Wolfie's corner. Tierney dominates the match, as he and Kulka tag out and beat on Wolfie. Wolfie eventually tries to make a tag, but gets cut off by Tierney. Tierney and Kulka eventually start double-teaming, but it backfires and Wolfie dropkicks both men before tagging Gilbert. Gilbert comes in a house afire, but Tracey Smothers quickly runs into the ring and attacks Gilbert, which calls for a DQ. (3:40) More men enter, and a brawl ensues as the show ends.

Tom Stephenson

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