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/28 September 1998





One World Leader Attitude - WWF!

TV-PG-V! "Master Plan" montage is played - this opened up last night's pay-per-view and is a McMahon soundbitefest in the spirit of "Mr. McMahon's Utopia." I *still* don't know what MLK and FDR and JFK have to do with VKM.

With the sound of breaking glass, out comes the man the people paid to see - no, wait, it's VINCENT K., flanked by Detroit's finest, the Musketeers, the Commish, and Stone Cold's title belt draped over McMahon's shoulder. LIVE from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI 28.9.98, it's WWF RAW! Ross wastes no time saying the Vince "screwed" Austin out of the title last night at Break Down. "Well, I thought you might be a little upset with me...but time heals all wounds. However, the next time that I say I *guarantee* you something, I bet you listen to me. And you know what? That's all I ever wanted from Stone Cold Steve Austin - I simply wanted him to listen to me and take diretion. We could have done this the easy way, Austin, oh but no - we had to do it YOUR way - we had to do it the HARD way. However now I'm proud to say we're doing things the Vince McMahon way. And as such, Austin, unlike the last time that you lost the WWF Championship, let me assure you there WILL BE NO REMATCH. Let me repeat that, THERE WILL BE NO REMATCH. However, in a magaminous gesture, Stone Cold Steve Austin, to show you that I - I - what are you saying? ["Austin" chant] To show you, Austin, that I don't carry a grudge, tonight we will celebrate your career, Austin - I will deem - I will DECREE tonight 'Stone Cold Steve Austin Night.' Matter of fact, Mr. Austin, we have some choice individuals, that, I believe a professional welcoming committee is here to welcome you [cut to a shot of more cops at the back entrance] to make certain that indeed, you have easy access to and from this facility. However, that's not the only reason for a celebration tonight. There's another. Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, in this very ring, we will crown a NEW World Wrestling Federation Champion. And that new WWF Champion will be presented the *official* World Wrestling Federation Championship belt - not this one across my broad shoulder, oh no, you see, this is a Championship belt that Stone Cold Steve Austin had made for himself - look at it, with the skull on it. [Our first REAL good look at the belt] There's only one place that this Championship belt is going, and that's above my fireplace, on my mantle, in one of my homes. It'll be placed there, with all my other awards and trophies. So what about it, Stone Cold? Will you join us tonight, for your own celebration? Will you, Austin, join us as we present the official WWF Championship belt to the NEW World Wrestling Federation Champion? We anxiously await your response, in the meantime, Commissioner, if you would. The Commissioner is placing Stone Cold Steve Austin's belt around the svelt owner of the WWF himself - the svelte waist of Vince McMahon. I thank you very much, I hope you enjoy the evening. Thank you very much. And he climbs the ropes and raises his arms high. This may also be the first time the belt has actually been snapped around a waist - didn't Austin always just drape it over his shoulder?

Tonight: European title match - X-Pac vs. Val Venis! A tag team confrontation for the belts - Outlaws vs. Southern Justice! Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, who provide commentary. We take another look at the "welcoming committee" waiting outside for Austin. Also later, we'll hear from the King about Jim Carrey.

NEW AGE OUTLAWS v. SOUTHERN JUSTICE (with Jedoublef Jadoubleredoublet and DON'T P*** ME OFF guitar) for the WWF Tag Team Championship - Dog's gotten enough of his voice back to do the spiel - *and I couldn't be happier.* We take an ad break right after "Suck it."

WWF War Zone for the Nintendo ad.

Lawler: "Well let me just say this, like SCSA is not here yet, well, Jim Carry's not here yet either, and I thought maybe he'd be here in person tonight to listen to what I had to say about him, so until he IS here in person, I'm gonna save my comments - I will just say that what HAS been reported so far is far from the truth - if I HAD savagely attacked Jim Carrey, he would still be in the hospital today. I'll save whatever else I've gotta say until Jim Carrey is here in person."

Let's Take You Back to Breakdown last night, where Jarrett whacked a guitar over X-Pac, causing "splinters in his eye." Riiiiight. Gunn and Cantebury start, big shoulderblock by Mark, leapfrog, sunset flip attempt is countered by lifting Gunn forward and dropping him on his face. 1, 2, Dog makes the save. Stomp, kick, tag. Knight with the punch, headbutt, and tag. Gunn leapfrog, duck, knee to the gut for 2. Arm wringer, Cantebury with eyepoke to break it. Tag to Knight. Gunn with a kick and a neckbreaker. 1, 2, kickout. Ross praises Gunn for all his double-duty lately, which should set your spider sense tingling. Tag to James for the standard wobbly kneedrop, immediately followed by the standard face-in-peril tour for James. James grabs the rope to avoid the 3. Knight misses an elbow in the corner, then ducks between the legs to make the tag. Ross says "best pure athlete in the WWF" again - hmmm. Gunn is a house afire. A little early in this match for this, isn't it? Standard Rocker dropper by Gunn. Jarrett throws in the guitar but referee "Blind" Mike Chioda manages to see it and divert it from Southern Justice. Meanwhile, Gunn has Knight set up for a Jackknife, but James has grabbed the guitar and WHACKS it across the back of Knight in plain sight of the ref (DQ 3:00). Gunn is less than thrilled that James managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of apparent victory and has the shoving to back it up. X-PAC comes out and tries to make peace, and Gunn shoves him aside, oops, in the eye. Gunn is still hot. CHYNA pushes TRIPLE H out in a wheelchair - Helmsley tries to grab Gunn's arm as he walks by, but Gunn tears away. Chyna stops him, but Gunn pushes HER aside as well and walks out. Well, where's THIS going? I guess it depends how well those "DOWN HERE" T-shirts are selling.

Break Down Encore is Tuesday! Buy it if you have money to burn!

'nother shot of the arena and the cops and the stuff.

MICHAEL KING COLE stands next to a door - apparently, DX are shouting a lot behind that door.

DAN SEVERN (with NWA Championship belt and Ultimate Ultimate belt, and mouthpiece) v. WHINY NUGGET OWEN HART in a Submission match - Severn shakes the hand of the Red Wings present in the front row - oh yeah, there's some Red Wings in the front row. Clip from SummerSlam shows Severn walking out on Owen as he loses the Lion's Den match. Severn mocks Owen by pretending to throw the towel as he didn't do in the Lion's Den match, ALMOST showing an actual personality emerge! Owen rushes and falls into a belly-to-belly suplex. A double leg takedown ends up with both men in the ropes. Owen with a double leg of his own. Palm thrusts from Owen. Big "Nuh-git" chant. Severn gets out of a chinlock with an overhead takeover. Suplex from Severn. Running powerslam! Owen fights away and hits the spinning heel kick. Belly-to-belly from Owen. Whip into the ropes, Severn catches him and puts on the Dragon sleeper. Owen FLIPS to get out of it, and puts him in the piledriver a la Austin. Severn spits out the mouthpiece and immediately says he can't move - hmm, just like Austin. Match is stopped (no contest, about 2:20) while Severn repeatedly says "I can't." We cut to an ad break quickly.

Stri-Dex and Triple H - Snap into it!

When we come back, the collar is on and the gurney is being wheeled to the ambulance. By now, you're wondering if this is a work or not. Well, look at the replay - Dan's got his head tucked in as they fall, and his hair's extra poofy tonight. In other words, a work, but a VERY well done one. Can Owen 3:16 be back? Can Owen get his ass out of the Nation? Stay tuned!

10-10-321 brings you JUDGEMENT DAY! Only three weeks away!

(THE MAN THEY CALL) VADER (with Commissioner Slaughter) v. AL SNOW (with Head) - Of course, Slaughter's in Vader's corner because he's got a thing with Al Snow - clips from last week's War Zone show Snow winning his boot camp match with Slaughter to gain reinstatement, followed by Patterson and Brisco beating up Snow until Scorpio can make the save. Lockup, Vader shoves him down. Lockup, Snow with a go behind, Vader with a back elbow, and headbutts, and punches. Too bad we know Vader's in the doghouse and will NEVER win. Vader continues to run roughshod over Snow. Snow punches back. Vader with the whip and a big shoulderblock, and a suplex for 2. Snow pokes the eyes, runs the ropes and hits a lariat, then another. Snow clips the knee and a third clothesline takes Vader off his feet. Kick to the gut. Suplex attempt - no, he's so FAT, you see. Vader ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own. Snow ducks, hits an enziguiri, but at 2, Slaughter pulls Snow away. Snow grabs the Head, swings it at Slaughter, but Vader hits him in the head from behind. To the corner, Snow comes back and gives Vader Head for 3. (2:37) Ross says the Head is made out of "wood." Hmmm. The ref was talking to Slaughter, in case you were wondering how he got away with that.

Back near the cops, we see Billy Gunn walking away with his luggage. Coming up next, a 6-man four corners elimination match to determine the #1 Contender to the European title!

The WWF Rewind is Gangrel saving Edge from Kaientai, then saying "Edge, you will come home."

EDGE (you think you know him, but really you don't) v. DARREN "DROZ" DROZDOV v. MARVY MARC MERO v. JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOULBET v. GANGREL v. D'LO BROWN in a Four Corners Elimination #1 European Contender's Match - five men in the ring coming out of the ad break, we see Edge's walk through the crowd (why's he gotta wanna be Diamond Dallas Page). Edge immediately goes for Gangrel, so they start. Whip, reverse, Gangrel puts his head down, kneelift, powerslam, 1, 2, kickout. Whip, reverse, Edge tries a crossbody block but Gangrel ducks. Gangrel with a dragonscrew legwhip. Side Russian leg sweep. He tells D'Lo to get out of the way so he can try a second rope leg drop, which misses. Is that La Majistral? 1, 2, 3, Gangrel is out. D'Lo comes in and quiets the "D'Lo sucks" chants with a big kick and a legdrop. You better recognise! Whip, Edge with the go-behind, kick to the gut, and the DDT! Edge tags Droz, who hits a flying clothesline from a three point stance. Big powerslam after a whip. Dropkick. Man, Droz is lookin' good! D'Lo desperately tags Jarrett, so Droz suplexes him into the ring. Flying elbow from Droz following a whip. Here's another whip. Jarrett catches him and does a Side Russian faceslam (I just made that up.) Jarrett with that famous dropkick. "Oh, how 'bout it, D'Lo?" Whip, reverse, Droz with the sleeper, Jarrett powers out but Droz hits him hard, then clotheslines him out of the ring. They're both out. You can hear the ref's lightning fast count so you know they're both going to be counted out, and sure enough, he hits 10. Edge and Mero are in and Mero is in control. Whip into the corner. Samoan drop by Mero, then he pulls up his boxing trunks for no apparent reason. As Mero climbs to the top for the Marvelosity, Brown shakes the ropes and crotches Mero. Edge climbs the ropes and hits the huracanrana. As he covers, Brown climbs and frog splashes - but Edge moves away and Mero takes the brunt. Brown showboats and Edge dropkicks him in the back. Brown is out of the ring and Mero is covered for 3. Edge with a cross body over the top rope to the floor! Back in the ring, Gangrel is back with that unknown guy, which distracts Edge - Brown hits the Sky-Hi and gets the pinfall to win the match (5:11). Good match - we all KNEW Brown was going to win (after all, he got those nice "EUROPEAN CHAMPION" tights just yesterday) but it was a good fast match with lots of action and it just might set up some more matches between Jarrett and Droz, plus it moves along Gangrel and Edge (not that I have ANY idea whether I'll even like that or not, oh well).

One more shot of the coppas outside the arena.

VINCENT K. is out again and once again with all the Usual Suspects - this is apparently the big belt presentation ceremony. The case containing the WWF Title Belt is back out, along with the red carpeting in the ring. "And now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment we have been awaiting! We are about to present the most coveted prize in the whole game to a worthy WWF Superstar. This ceremony is a solemn one, to be conducted with dignity and respect. As these dignitaries stand before you tonight, it is indeed our honor and our privilige to bestow the World Wrestling Federation title to the worthy superstar. With that in mind, let me firstly introduce to you, THE PHENOM, THE UNDERTAKER!" And out he comes. "And now, ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you...KANE!" And out *he* comes. Since I haven't mentioned it yet, let me note that the ramp appears to be gone for good. Oh yeah, somewhere in here we made the switch to the War Zone. Anything else? Oh yeah, I have a screaming headache. "There's no question, Undertaker, that both you and Kane deserve to be the WWF Champion. The two of you, singlehandedly (pun?) covered Stone Cold Steve Austin for the Championship. The two of you, who have had tremendous battles between the two of you - " we cut backstage where STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN is driving a Zamboni of all things. Through a fence, somebody must be swearing because we're muted - no the sound is OUT. The second audio kicks in as Austin drives into the ring (actually MOVING the entire ring). This Zamboni is brought to you by Miller Lite. Austin with a flying clothesline from the Zamboni, over the cops, to McMahon! Punches aplenty until the cops get him and slap on the cuffs. McMahon manages to lunge at Austin once but the police separate Austin and McMahon. Kane and Undertaker have wisely exited the ring while this is going on. Austin tries to kick down the podium with the belt, but a cop catches it in time. Apparently, Austin took out some cables with the Zamboni - nice cover, folks. Austin has a smile on his face as the cops escort him out. The second audio channel has the seven second delay removed, which makes it out of sync with the video. Austin says something but I miss it. It's something about Vince. Austin is put in the car "ok, ok, I've done this before." Vince is screaming assorted obscenities and yelling "YOU GO TO JAIL!" repeatedly. Vince does another bird, not as funny as last night's, but still amusing. Vince tells the cops to let him go, 'cause it's go time, but the cops are too smart for that. Vince appears to be limping. Let's take a break!


WWF War Zone for the Nintendo ad.

Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago - Austin took out a light, a couple cords, and the ring literally moved two feet. That flying clothesline was AWESOME. But what's the deal with the punching bag?

"Before we were so rudely interrupted, I was about to present the WWF Championship; however, if you recall, the deal was, Undertaker and Kane, you would get the title shot as long as you kept Stone Cold Steve Austin away from me." McMahon is shaking. "But three times - three times in less than a week - Austin has brutally attacked me! So let me say this: You didn't live up to your end of the deal - I'm not gonna LIVE UP TO MIIINE. [Undertaker has "whachoo talkin'bout Willis" look] You're gonna have to fight for it! On our next pay-per-view, October 18, you two are gonna battle it out for the WWF Championship! Whether you like it or not! And by the way, since you can't seem to keep Stone Cold out of your business and mine, good, I'm gonna put him in it! Austin is gonna be the guest referee! And Stone Cold, Austin I just hope that somewhere your cellmate is telling you all this right abotu now, because I'm gonna be there to watch him suffer the indignity of having to count one of you two monsters to the WWF Championship. However, so that everyone here in this arena is not cheated, so that everyone at home watching RAW gets their money's worth, then in this ring tonight, you will see Undertaker and Kane in a handicap tag team match against three individuals: Ken Shamrock, Mankind, and the Rock. [How long's Undertaker had a pierced eyebrow?] And maybe, just maybe, you can get it right. I'd like to wish you the best of luck, you know why? Because I think the two of you are gonna need it, becuase as far as I'm concerned, it's like dealing with the handicapped, one's physical (looking at Kane) and one's mental (looking at Undertaker). Good luck to you both." Undertaker grabs McMahon. "You need to watch your ass, because the next time you get out of line with either one of us, *you're* gonna be the one handicapped, and that I will promise." Undertaker turns his back, and Vince flips a double bird, but Undertaker turns and sees it. The punches in bunches follows, as the crowd roars. Then Kane joins in with kicks. Double stomps! Undertaker drops an elbow on the knee. Now there's a legbar, while Kane runs outside the ring to fend off the Musketeers, who are trying to come to their boss' aid. Ross is screaming that Vince's knee might be destroyed, his leg broken. But it's NOT OVER. They drag McMahon to the STEEL steps, hold the knee across the steps, Undertaker takes the top of the steps and SLAMS it down on the bottom of the steps. McMahon sells this like a 16 ton weight has hit his shin. Damn, that's some good stuff. Patterson does some loud overacting as we go to an ad break.

Let Us Take You Back to Earlier Tonight as Austin is piled into his transportation for the evening. Going to the live shot, we see the Musketeers, referees, officials, and a trainer standing around McMahon - since the ambulance left earlier with Dan Severn, they're waiting for another one. Also nearby is Mankind, who offers a refreshing drink, much to McMahon's consternation. Replay of the steps shot.

MIZARK HENRY v. FAAROOQ with CHYNA as Special Guest Referee - Let's Take You Back to Heat last night, where Chyna threw some kicks to Mark Henry, who says "You couldn't wait to get your hands on me again, couldja." Chyna grabs a lead pipe and makes a big mark on Henry's back with it. Then makes him kiss her ass - or something. Henry walks the aisle, blowing kisses to Chyna all the way. Faarooq pounds away as Henry enters the ring, but Henry quickly takes him down with a block. To the outside we go, here's a bodyslam to the floor. Legdrop from Henry. Back in the ring, Henry with a whip and a powerslam, and a cover. Chyna's not counting, in fact she turns her back and ignores the match. Henry picks up Faarooq for a Samoan drop - but Chyna hits a Golotta on Henry. Faarooq falls on Henry and Chyna fastcounts a pinfall for Faarooq (1:15) - who apparently is just happy to be on TV. A process server drops off an Airborne Express letter to Chyna, who reads the contents, looks at Henry, then rips 'em up. What's this about? Stay tuned.

Backstage, the ambulance has arrived and McMahon is screaming all the way. Patterson and Brisco accompany McMahon in the ambulance. Mankind is still funny with the drink here.

Coming up: European title match! Handicap tag match! Michael King Cole talks to KING KEN SHAMROCK, who just happens to mention that he doesn't like Detroit much (ladies and gentlemen, we have a heel turn), and he owes something to EVERYONE in the ring tonight - both his opponents AND his tag team partners. He fails to say "knuckle up" or "in the zone" but DOES end his interview with "Let's get it on" as part of his ongoing tribute to the late, great Marvin Gaye.

Steven Regal: A Real Man's Man vignette. He knows how to work a Caterpillar! He's a lumberjack, and by God, he's ok!

GOLGA & KURRGAN (with Luna, Giant Silva, and Insane Clown Posse) v. HEAD BANGERS - is it just me or does that skirt make Luna look REALLY hot? Golga gets a present - it's a brand new, humongous Cartman doll. Awww. Let me do a quick ICP imitation for you. "Handslikethis! Handslikethis! Handslikethis! Handslikethis!" The Bangers waste no team taking it to Golga doubleteam style. Tag to Thrasher, kick to the gut, poundin' away. We hear yet again that Marilyn Manson band members is in the audience, tho' I don't think they've actually shown them yet. Bangers do the Beverly Brothers spot where one guy lays him across the ropes and the other leapfrogs and lands on his back. Mosh slams Thrasher onto Golga. Golga makes Thrasher miss and there's the tag to Kurrgan. Big boot, punch. Doubleteam by the Bangers. One of the posse trips Thrasher, allowing Kurrgan to hit a splash for the pin (2:00). Waste of time but it was ONLY two. Bangers have words for ICP - could this *possibly* be moving to a Head Bangers/ICP match? Let's hope not.

Michael King Cole gets three words in before THE ROCK pushes him away and takes the mic. The Rock is the #1 Contender, you know. He does another one of those interviews we all like so much and calls himself "the People's Champ."

Coming up next - the European title match! No, REALLY! We mean it this time! Backstage, we see Venis inhaling a lot while Terri Runnells "looks for the earrings she dropped." Hey, you don't think they want us to think she's BLOWING him, do ya? Oh, did that word offend you?

RAW is brought to you by Starburst Fruit Chews, Castrol Syntec (the Active Lubricant - make your own joke), and WWF: The Music (Volume 2), available at Camelot and the Wall.

X-PAC v. VAL VENIS (with Terri Runnels and her headlights) for the WWF European Championship - Venis makes a headlights joke for the Detroit crowd, so I guess I'm not the only one noticing Terri's - never mind. X-Pac is still wearing that eye gauze as a result of his vicious splinter encounter. Venis gets in the first shot, then a headlock - power out, shoulderblock. Back and forth they go, leapfrog, clothesline by Venis. Bodyslam by Venis. Headbutt misses. Chop (woooo!) by X-Pac. Clothesline ducked, X-Pac hits the kick. Venis with a big boot and a lot of punches. Venis rips away the eye gauze. Venis chokes X-Pac on the second rope. Whip into the rope, follow knee to the gut, repeat. Side Russian leg sweep by Venis. Bump'n'grind - Terri does the same. X-Pac comes back with punches, whip into the corner but Venis puts a knee up. Running out, he eats a spinning heel kick and X-Pac gets a 2 count. Whip, reverse, duck, flying clothesline by X-Pac, nip up. To the corner, lotsa savat kicks and before the bronco buster can happen, Terri trips up X-Pac. Venis with a Perfectplex but X-Pac kicks out at 2 - that move NEVER works! Venis with the bodyslam and the elbowdrop, but CHYNA is out - hey, didn't these two have history once? Well anyway, big shove of Terri. Venis stops his pinfall attempt to confront Chyna. Before anything happens, X-Pac hits a baseball slide and the doubleteam is on. (DQ 3:14) The bevy of referees is out - even Tony Garea and Dave Hebner are out, since we're desperately short of WWF officials at this point in the show. Terri and Val have a public display of affection - until the TitanTron shows "A Shattered Dreams Production" and some familiar music plays..."Hey Val, I told you He was coming back (inhale, snap)..." Gold dust falls from the ceiling...what's going on here? Stay tuned!

Michael King Cole interviews MANKIND. "Well, two things became very apparent after Break Down. #1, Mankind swings a mighty chair, and you can just ask Ken Shamrock about that, and #2 in the 100+ years of professional wrestling's existence, last night's People's Elbow was the worst move I've ever seen. But I'm not about to let the fact that I did a Mark McGwire impression with Ken Shamrock's head, OR the fact that I split the People's Eyebrow worse than Bill and Hillary Clinton's marriage Inauguration Day January 2001 stand in the way of tonight's match with Undertaker and Kane. I'm looking for our friendship and mutual respect to more than overcome Kane and Undertaker's prowess and geometric knowledge and it will be A Nice Day!"

We see the Fun Brothers walking, and that match is NEXT!

KING KEN SHAMROCK & MANKIND & THE ROCK v. UNDERTAKER & KANE in a Handicap match - Ken "is receiving a less than warm welcome," sayeth Ross, nudge nudge, you HATE Shamrock now, you HATE Shamrock...oh sorry, got mesmerized for a sec there. Mankind enters and immediately Shamrock is pummeling him. Can't quickly ID Mankind's T-shirt this week (it's not the Dude Love one, anyway). By the time Shamrock has punched Mankind out of the ring, the Rock's music starts up and the crowd just MIGHT be near their loudest of the night. After posing in the corner, HE rushes Shamrock and now THEY'RE at it. Mankind is now back in and Shamrock is being doubleteamed. A second ref is in but they're not stopping. Undertaker's music starts and the Fun Brothers come out together. Fluroescent posters look COOL in black light on my TV, don't they? Just before they enter the ring, Shamrock is hitting Mankind and the Rock turns to hit Shamrock, so Undertaker and Kane pretty much have no problem getting the upper hand on their feuding opponents. After Mankind and Shamrock brawl a bit on the outside, Mankind points to the center of the ring and it appears that a temporary truce may have been established. Meantime, Undertaker is doing his tightrope bit with the Rock. The Rock meets Kane's boot and there's a tag. Kane kicks the exposed ribs. Choke in the corner. Uppercut. Whip into the corner, Rocky puts up an elbow as Kane rushes him. The Rock with a flurry culminating in a clothesline. Kick, tag to Mankind. Mankind has his way until Kane remembers that he's Kane and overpowers Mankind. To the friendly corner with the head, tag to Undertaker. Doubleteam. Punch to the head. Whip into the ropes, duck, tag to Shamrock, eyepoke by Undertaker. Shamrock punches Undertaker, which staggers him long enough for Shamrock to turn his attention to Mankind. The Rock comes in, gives Undertaker a shot, then hits a lariat on Shamrock. Undertaker covers for 2 but Shamrock kicks out. Weird kick by 'taker for 2. Armdrag, tag to Kane. Kick to the ribs. Shamrock whipped into the ropes, lariat coming out, cover for 2. Right hand by Kane. Shamrock tries to come back but Kane's shots pack a bigger punch. Shamrock with a dropkick but Kane doesn't go anywhere. Shamrock with the 'rana and it works! Desperation tag to Mankind, who wails away and clotheslines Kane - both men out of the ring. Mankind with a somersault from the apron to the floor! But Undertaker attacks from behind. Mankind meets the STEEL steps. Referee "Blind" Earl Hebner comes out to try to restore order, but thinks better of it and runs away. Undertaker continues working on Mankind from the outside while Kane works on him from the inside. Kane with a hairpull and a boot to the head. Back up - bodyslam by Kane. Kane climbs the ropes and hits the goofy flying clothesline - Ross calls him "the big red missile" which is also goofy. 1, 2, no. Tag to Undertaker. Pound on the back by both men. Head to the turnbuckle. Choke. Haymaker. Undertaker with a kick to the gut and another right. Whip into the opposite corner but Mankind puts up an elbow as Undertaker comes in. Flurry by Mankind, Undertaker ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own. 1, 2, kickout. Headbutt by Undertaker and Mankind falls out of the ring, where Kane is waiting. Whip into the steps, and Mankind goes over the steps. Undertaker grabs a cable and chokes Mankind, hangman style. Meanwhile, Kane's got a chair. Anybody else thinking Rock and Shamrock might want to DO something here? Chairshot on Mankind. Everybody's back in. 1, 2, foot on the rope. Tag to Kane, stomping continues. Chop to the throat. Whip into the ropes, Kane puts his head down and Mankind hits a swinging neckbreaker. Mankind crawls to his corner but there's been a zombie sit up and Mankind doesn't make it. While Shamrock distracts Hebner, Undertaker does the illegal switch. Whip into the ropes, duck, kick to the gut, double underhook DDT by Mankind and both men are down. Mankind up at 6. Tag to Undertaker, tag to the Rock! He's a house afire! DDT! 1, 2, no. Bodyslam by the Rock - don't tell me it's time for the People's Elbow - it hits! 1, 2, Kane interferes. Shamrock is in and on Kane while the Rock continues on the Undertaker. Mankind is in. Shamrock clotheslines Kane out of the ring and he's out as well. The Rock takes Undertaker to the corner and tags Mankind. Punch - Undertaker meets the Rock's knee - tag to Shamrock, punching away but he runs into the big boot - as Undertaker tries to run over him, Shamrock catches the leg and puts on the anklelock but Kane interferes. It's all broken down now. Rock and Undertaker left in the ring, while Shamrock and the Rock doubleteam Kane - Rock hits the Rock Bottom! 1, 2, 3!!!!! (12:51) Rocky has now pinned the Undertaker AND Kane on separate occasions - well shoot, I guess he IS the #1 Contender. As Kane and Undertaker have a difference of opinion about how they lost that match, we fade out.

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