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/15 March 1999





I GET LETTERS: Nigel Kay knows what time it is: "When Steve Blackman smiled - all was right with the world"

When I read this in your last report, I was suddenly overcome with fond memories of the first time I saw Steve Blackman smile. It was a few months ago, when he was fueding with Owen Hart during the Blue Blazer run-in angles.

During one of Owen's matches, the Blue Blazer ran-in, beat up Owen, he took off his mask and lo and behold it was Blackman who suddenly gave this bright smile to the crowd.

It that one moment, I saw a man who previously would only wear a mask of stern fury and frowning despair, suddenly find brief solace in this bleak world of sports entertainment, getting the upper hand over the heel, if only for a brief instant. It was then and there that I knew Steve Blackman's courage was only eclipsed by the warmth of his heart. Yes, all was right with the world. It made me feel fuzzy all over.

One World TV-14-V Leader Attitude - WWF!

The lawyers of Corliss Williamson got to the WWF - the Big Nasty is now the Big Show! This is a special video look at the Rock and Paul Wight - they're having problems and stuff. Oh, and the Undertaker lit a teddy bear on fire and it made Mr. McMahon cry.

Closed captioned (eh?) opening credits. I like pointing out Hawk.

The FIREWORKS say WE ARE LIVE from the home of the NHL's Sharks, the San Jose Arena in San Jose, CA 15.3.99 for RAW is WAR - broadcast on the USA Network and maybe on TSN and also en espanol donde sea disponible.

Is it just me, or does THE ROCK still get a pretty damn big pop? He draws the opening interview tonight. The "WILL WORK 4 VICODIN" sign draws a smile from me. I'm thinking this isn't worth transcribing, but the first words are "Stone Cold Steve Austin," showing that the Rock hasn't forgotten his match at WrestleMania - even if the makes of special video looks apparently have. The "Rocky sucks" chant is there but not in good synchronisation. Sign in crowd: "THE ROCK SAYS 2 MUCH" and I agree. After talking about Austin for, what, five minutes? Rock turns to Paul Wight and reminds us that last night Austin confirmed (in Rock's mind, anyway) that he and Wight were in cahoots, so it's up to McMahon to walk out and "sing the song" or something. Rock reminds the crowd that this isn't "sing along with the Champ" which is still funny. Anyway, VINCENT K. makes his way to ringside to the incredibly annoying "No Chance in Hell." McMahon says "monkey crap" about a dozen times in the first minute. "Who the hell do you think you are? I think maybe this 'Rock' stuff has gone to your head. What you need is a reality check, DUANE. After all I've done for you, this is what I get back? After all I've done for you - look at who you are, what you've become, and WHO do you owe? WHO can you thank for that? Think about it, Rock. Let me ask you - what about everything I've done for your family - what about everything I did for your dad, Rocky Johnson, huh? What about - what about everything that my father did for your grandfather, the great high chief Peter Maivia? This is gratitude? Let me tell you something. You may think that's your WWF Championship - it's *miiiine*. And by God, you're not gonna lose it. And I'm not gonna lose it. Not to Stone Cold Steve Austin, no. Let me tell you something. So far all this has just been a bad dream. There's no chance in hell it's gonna turn into a nightmare. That nightmare would be Stone Cold defeating you for the WWF title at WrestleMania. That'd be a nightmare. Rock, you gotta understand somethin'. You have to understand - this is family, okay? I know it's personal, and it's personal with me and it's personal with you. I think of you, just like I think of my son, Shane. Think about it, Rock - through three generations of your family, my family has been looking out for yours through three generations, Rock - think about it. And so, what do I do to protect the family? I reach out - at great expense - and I bring in the Big Show - I bring in Paul Wight to protect the family, that's all. To protect the family. Now he'll never be a family member - but that's all right. He'll provide protection, he'll do his job. And by God, Rock, think about it. He's done his job. Because when you think about what he's done to help you to help me - to help you to become the WWF title - the WWF Champion, and win the title. And by God, he's gonna help make damn well sure it stays around your waist at WrestleMania. ... Now maybe Paul Wight isn't as quick on the update as you or me, but nontheless, he will provide protection, and he will make damn well sure you walk out of WrestleMania the WWF - champion..." some music has started up, and here's THE BIG SHOW PAUL (yeah) WIGHT on his way to the ring. McMahon duly provides an introduction while Rock seems to mouth "Piece of shit." "What do you MEAN, I'm not as quick on the update as you 'n' him? You know something, you know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking I'm gonna take one of those great big cheques that you gave me, remember? That great big cheque? I think I'm gonna cash it in on his punk ass. And if there's anything left, I'm gonna give YOU the change." "Now wait just a moment. I'd like to say this, and I'd like to say it just once. You were brought here at great expense. HUGE expense. You were brought here to do a job. Thus far, you've done your job. But I don't like the tenor in your voice. And I wanna remind you - you keep cashing my cheques, and you'll do exactly what I say because Vince McMahon ALWAYS gets his money's worth." And then he slaps him. This appears to be a mistake because Wight grabs him by both lapels and takes him to the corner, gently asking him never to touch him again. Vince is flustered. "All right...uh...okay, maybe I went a little too far ... for both of you. No no no, this is my fault, and I'm gonna straighten it out right now. Because - THIS IS WHAT AUSTIN WANTS, DAMMIT, don't you both see that? That's what all these people want! And let me tell you, that's NOT what they're gonna get!" Instead, tonight they'll get Rock and Wight functioning as a unit - as a tag team in competition against Mankind and Steve Austin. McMahon demands that they shake hands, and they (grudgingly?) comply. Vince raises both of their arms and appears to breathe a sign of relief...

Your hosts are a pair of kings, Michael King Cole and Jerry "the King" Lawler. That big tag match tonight, THREE titles on the line, Sable reveals her Playboy spread, and Shane McMahon challenges former WWF tag team champions to a handicap match (who?). We see a construction crew carrying some lumber to the commentary booth, but before we learn what's going on with THAT, we cut to

Mmmm - beefy! Mankind loves the Overstuffed Chef-Boyardee!

It's the Cleavage household! Ummm?

Moments ago, they highlight Vince's slap of Wight in case we missed it (and it WAS pretty quick). We also see Vince cowering after Wight took him to the corner...

Lawler tries to ask the construction crew what they're doing - he says they're doing the job they were paid to do but fails to provide specifics.

ROAD DOGG v. VAL VENIS for the Intercontinental Championship of the World - the what? Lawler duly makes fun of the fact that "IC Champ of the World" makes no sense despite the fact that the crowd can chant along with it. This match was set up last night when Val Venis & Hardcore Holly defeated the Outlaws in under a minute on Heat. We see a cage over the ring, 'cause tonight Mideon takes on Bossman in a cage match. Damn, is this thing PACKED tonight or what? Just like Venis' trunks! Venis takes the mic and says he's chum, or something. Venis has apparently told Lawler he'll defeat the Dogg in under three minutes (that's a safe bet - this IS RAW after all). Venis with the kick to start. Right hand. Whip into the corner is reversed but Venis sidesteps a charge and takes it to Dogg. Whip into the opposite corner is AGAIN reversed. Clothesline ducked. Spinebuster by Venis for 2. Off the ropes, back elbow. Cover - 1, 2, no. It's been 1 minute. Dogg with the rights, Venis takes him off the ropes and into a powerslam. Venis to the top rope! Money Shot MISSES, though. Dogg with Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine. And know he's doing that dancing punching shit, and the wiggly wobbly kneedrop shit. Gut wrench into a drop - 1, 2, no. We hear an electric drill over the headsets and the commentators taste sawdust. Whip into the corner - Venis puts up a knee, covers and puts his feet on the top rope. 1, 2, referee "Blind" Tim White actually NOTICES the feet on the rope and stops the count. Venis thinks he's won - an argument ensues. Inside cradle by the Dogg - 1, 2, NO! Gut shot by Venis, nice butterfly suplex but only 2. Dogg ducks a clothesline, gut shot, DDT - 1, 2, 3!!! Well, shut my mouth. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new Intercontinenal Champion. (3:02) BILLY GUNN is out to celebrate with his partner. We take another look at the construction crew - why - they're building A PIECE OF PLYWOOD!

Anybody else wonder what this does to WrestleMania?

Backstage, the Rock and Paul Wight have a gentlemen's disagreement.'s LUCAS attempts to interview the Dogg, who shoves him away. DX celebrates with Dogg - oh, and Billy Gunn casually mentions that he'd like a title shot.

Chef Boyardee overstuffed ravioli, Castrol GTX motor oily, and WWF: The Music (Volume 3 - buy it at Coconuts and Record Town!) bring you RAW is WAR as we examine the saws cutting the wood.

SKIPPY and VINCENT K. come out to "No Chance in Hell".. Shane promises to beat X-Pac at WrestleMania and it'll be easy as "1, 2, 3 - Kid." To show how deserving he is to be WWF Champion, he challenges - who? The LEGION OF DOOM?

SKIPPY v. LEGION OF DOOM - errr, actually, those guys look a lot like PATTERSON & BRISCO in LOD outfits. Vince joins the commentary team as "Hawk" (Gerry) and Shane shake hands. Offering the hand to Animal, instead there's a side headlock and we're underway. Off the ropes, shoulderblock by Patterson. Off the ropes, over, under (LEAPFROG by Shane!), dropkick by Shane! Brisco is in - armdrag takedown. Another armdrag and Hawk is out. After a regrouping, Hawk is back in. Brisco attempts a slam, but Shane scoots out and hits a bodyslam of his own. Animal quickly in - Shane rains down with rights. Hawk whipped into the corner - clothesline. Bronco buster on Animal. Bronco buster on Hawk. Backstage, we see X-Pac and Triple H watching this on a monitor. Vince name drops all of Shane's friends from the tough streets of Greenwich. Hawk grabs Shane from behind for some hard rights from Animal. Shane comes back with a Golotta on Patterson, a right on Hawk, off the ropes, back elbow to take him down. Shane asks for the belt - and there's a belt shot to both men (what, no DQ?) Shane covers both men for the 1, 2, 3. (2:30) I gotta say, Shane's AT LEAST as good as, say, Triple H. Father and son embrace at ringside and walk back up the ramp - where the TitanTron cuts to a shot of a house and a familiar voice is heard over the PA. "McMahon - do you know where I am? You see the lights are on, but nobody's home - yet. But, she's coming home, isn't she Vince? And when she does, guess who'll be waiting..." and we see the Ministry gathering around and laying in wait. We take one stunned shot each of Vince and Shane, and go to a break.

Moments Ago, we saw the Brood and Paul Bearer at McMahon's house.

Now live, we see Vince on the phone talking to his security, who haven't seen anything.

We see plastic covering what it is that's been built - it resembles a third commentary table, really.

Hmm, JIM ROSS & DR. DEATH STEVE WILLIAMS are out...I wonder...

The Krispy M&M's slam of the week is Dr. Death DEMOLISHING a JR-imitatin' fan and also Tiger Ali Singh. From last night's Heat.

JR removes the wraps - it IS a third commentary table - but instead of the WWF logo, it's a "JR" logo. "JR is RAW" is on the side of the table. The crowd cheers. As my Mini Page might say, that's Mighty Funny!

JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET & OWEN HART (with Debra Nolastnameparadox) v. PUBLIC ENEMA (with table) for the WWF Tag Team Championship - Kevin Kelly has a confusing interview with PE played while they enter the ring. If you haven't been paying attention, some people are working (ha) very hard to confuse the smarts about what the deal is with PE in the WWF - for the purposes of THIS match, though, the story is that while Cole & Lawler talk about the executive committee signing the title match for these guys despite the fact that a lot of the locker room have problems with Public Enemy (because they've been in ECW & WCW - hmmm, but Wight is okay), Ross occasionally interrupts to call moves. To FURTHER confuse you with this storyline - we flash to referee "Blind" Mike Ciota dragging Johnny Grunge off of Owen Hart while he's on fire - Jarrett waffles him with a guitar IN PLAIN SIGHT of Ciota, who shrugs. Owen with a splash from the top rope and Ciota counts 3. (1:56) Ciota and the champs pat backs and the conspiracy, as it is, continues... Ross diverts a camera to his own position so we can see him again.

Shane is on the phone with the Greenwich police - he asks them to go over to his house, where the Ministry is trespassing. The sargeant says no dice. Vince: "I need you to go over there right now. - Publicity stunt? - This is no publicity stunt - my family is in trouble. - You're watching me on TV-"

The US Coast Guard Rescue of the Week is Paul Wight rescuing Mr. McMahon from the taste of Socko. That elbowdrop looks DAMN impressive, I'm sorry.

Exterior shot of the Arena - the most BEAUTIFUL arena in the Silicon valley!

Vince tells Shane that the cops won't go because they're CONVINCED it's a publicity stunt - after all, they're watching it on TV! I love this. A call comes in - it's the Undertaker. Vince says he's said "It's almost 10 o'clock - do you know where your family is?"

The cage is lowering - guess what's next? spot

The Corporation huddles up - Vince has a plan for Bossman's match

Mankind is sitting in the Shark's mouth - the entryway that sits on the ice when they - okay. Neat. Mankind promises to wash Socko in Wight's saliva.

MIDIAN v. BIG BOSSMAN in a Hard Time Steel Cage match - Ross and Cole are now talking over each other. I can only wonder if they've FINALLY settled on a spelling for the former "Mideon." I might add, *I* spelled it correctly the first time I heard the name and THEY made me change it. Yeah. Just like all them wacky double letters (you know what I'm talking about). We turn the hour and pop up a TV-14-V box between entrances. Midian attacks while Bossman enters. Whip is reversed, high knee, big boot, right, whip into the opposite corner, big splash, right hand and Bossman poses. Head to the cage. Again the head is driven into the cage. Bossman produces a chaint belt, wraps his fist and catches Midian with a right. Choke. I can't believe Ross and Cole are fighting over Lawler, for crying out loud. Midian is bleeding from the mouth. Bossman stompin' on him. Choke - Midian driven to the cage. Cole: "I have a big cowboy hat in my face and I can't see a damn thing--" Ross: "You're gonna have a cowboy boot in your ass if you don't shut up." Anyway, Bossman has his nightstick and the CORPORATION is out - and in the cage. Suffice it to say between Test, Shamrock, Giant and Bossman, Midian is no match. McMahon takes the mic and says that he'll have Midian destroyed if the Ministry doesn't get away from his home. The reply comes across the TitanTron. "Go ahead. Take him, Vince. The Ministry is more than prepared to give their lives to the Lord of Darkness. You see, it's their mission - they live only to die for me. But then, there are those who are forced to die. Those who never know what it is that hits them. No pain - only pleasure. So Vince, you do what you have to do for now, and I need to go do what I have to do. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..." and the picture fades to white noise. Lawler notes a car was driving up as they faded out...

Oh.... (No contest)

WWF: The Music, Volume 3 ad.

Shane's frantically dialing, and Vince is frantically asking him to dial.

Sable takes Jerry Lawler on a tour of the Playboy Mansion. Hey, there's Hugh Hefner! This isn't wrestling, by the way. It is pretty funny, though, and has lots of ... umm ... scenery.

JERRY LAWLER welcomes (THE LOVELY) SABLE to the ring - we have been told all night that the Playboy spread will be revealed tonight. The TitanTron provides the goods (with the "goods" censored out, of course). "Where's the rest of it?" "Sorry King, no more freebies. If all these people want to see me, they're gonna have to pay from now on." Of course, the crowd fails to boo, which is the point. Out comes TORI. "Oh Sable, they can see ME for FREE. You know what, Sable? It took me a while, but last week you made things perfectly clear. You are just a woman, and there is nothing, and I mean nothing about you that makes you a better person than me. I refuse to stand in your shadow for one moment longer. And, unlike you, I'm willing to show everything I have to these people free of charge. But you know, I didn't just come here to talk the talk, I came here to strut the strut. Word has it on the street that you need an opponent for WrestleMania. I'm ready, willing and able. Do you want some?" "You see honey, that's the difference between us. You, you only want SOME. But Sable - Sable wants it ALL. And I'll see you at WrestleMania. In fact, I'll even put you on the mat. And then, I'll drop the BOMB on you." "Well, honey, that's all well and good - you just drop the bomb on me then. But right now, I got a little bombshell of my own to drop on you." And she removes her dress. Lawler says "bra and panties!" as he is wont to do. This isn't wrestling, by the way.

In the locker room, we see Steve Austin putting on a knee brace, just so we can be reminded that he's in the building. 'cause we haven't seen him all night.

Meanwhile, outside Mr. McMahon's home, a police car has arrived - a policeman looks around and finds nothing. There's always something going down on the mean streets of Greenwich...

Mean streets of Greenwich promo. The enigmatic Willie Green is finally seen speaking - although he's shrouded in shadows unlike Rodney and (not seen this week) Pete Gas. Anybody smell a debut for Willie Green as a wrestler down the road? Anyway, Shane's tough, apparently.

WrestleMania XV is brought to you by CRISPY M&M'S!

BADD ASS BILLY GUNN v. HARDCORE HOLLY for the Hardcore Championship - can you believe they BOO Bob Holly? What's the world come to here. Holly with the early advantage after reversing a whip and hitting a clothesline. Kicks, shirt removed. Holly whips Gunn into the opposite corner and takes him over the top rope. Holly looking under the ring and finding a garbage can. And there's a garbage can to the head. Ross and Cole jockey for position again. Gunn reverses a whip and Holly hits the STEEL steps. 1, 2, no. Piledriver attempt is countered with a back bodydrop. Holly stops to collect a broom on his way into the ring. Gunn punches before the shot, takes the broom and breaks it on Holly's back. Taking half the broomstick, Gunn drives it into the forehead. Lariat with the broomstick. Holly somehow kicks out at 2. Gunn outside and he's got a chair. Back in the ring, right hand - but before Gunn can drive him into the chair, Holly stops him, hits some rights to the body, then comes off the ropes with a faceslam into the chair. Holly slowly covers - 1, 2, shoulder up. Holly with an axehandle to the head. Lariat takes him over the top rope. Holly follows and punches but Gunn manages a Golotta to regain the advantage. Now they're trading rights - Holly with the glass of Kool-Aid, breaking it over Gunn's face - yow. Back in the ring - Gunn with the chairshot - but Gunn kicks out at 2! Gunn and referee "Blind" Mike Ciota have a tet a tet - allowing Gunn enough time to pick up Holly, take him over the top rope and through JR's table, which knocks JR's headset out of action. JR is furious at Holly for ruining his table - heh. Gunn takes Holly back in the ring, hits a Rocker Dropper (now apparently known as a "Fame-Asser") on the chair. Well. 1, 2, 3. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new Hardcore Champion. (6:59) You wanna bet Dogg and Gunn will swap titles pretty soon? Meanwhile, Ross is still pretty unhappy about his table.

Vince is on the phone with the cops again - they found nothing. Vince wants them to go back and check again.

The countdown to WMXV is down to TWO WEEKS!

Patterson & Brisco attempt to convince McMahon that if the cops saw nothing, that it must be over. McMahon's not buying it - now the Undertaker's voice comes over the monitor. "Listen up McMahon. Law enforcement's finest - I could see where we couldn't be found - it's not like we stand out or anything, is it Vince. And now that that annoying little interruption is done with, it's time to get back to business. I know what time she's expected home, Vince, and I WILL be here to greet her. Maybe I can be that father figure she never had - or, maybe I can just torture her. But, no worries. In due time, you will be witness to my madness." We pull back on the shot of Vince's home to see a flaming Undertaker symbol on the lawn. Wow, it's a good thing that ISN'T a cross!

I wonder if those cops are still watching TV...

Moments Ago footage shows what you just seen. I guess we can finally settle on Stephanie and not Linda, yes? OK.

TRIPLE H walks to the ring as we Take You Back to Last Week, where Kane shot Chyna with a fireball - report is a partially burned right retina for Chyna. Kane and Triple H will meet at WrestleMania. H calls out Kane, he's gonna "burn, bitch, burn." They're not gonna wait for WrestleMania! THROUGH HELLFIRE AND BRIMSTONE IT'S KANE and H meet on the ramp - it's all H to start but Kane quickly comes right back, taking H to the STEEL steps and continuing to punch away. VINCENT K. is out and in the ring. He says that he needs Kane's help to talk to the Undertaker. Kane keeps turning his back to Triple H just long enough to get him a flurry. Kane keeps taking over, though and taking him out. "Dammit, I don't ever ask much from you - I'm asking now - no, I'm demanding - I need help! I need help now, dammit! The Undertaker's got my family and I need help!" Kane removes his mask - holy shit - it's THE UNDERTAKER! I didn't see THAT coming. Undertaker grabs McMahon and the lights go out. "It's just that simple - anytime, anywhere." The ringposts light on fire, the lights come up and Undertaker's already left the ring - McMahon holding his face in his hands. Why is Kane's music playing? Just to confuse me.

Moments Ago, Kane unmasked.

Backstage, McMahon is in shock. "I can't believe it..."

THE ROCK & PAUL (if loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be) WIGHT v. MANKIND & STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN - Rock hits about six buzzwords and catchphrases during his entrance. Wight enters to "No Chance in Hell" despite the fact that we heard music for him at the top of the show. He's got trunks and no shirt and this is his WWF debut, don'cha know. Rock still wrestling in the warmup suit, apparently. These are the important details that the readers CRAVE. Maybe... Mankind, apparently not knowing better, immediately starts in on Wight before the bell. Rock and Wight have little problem with him when suddenly I hear glass and Austin makes his entrance. Austin and Rock are toe to toe, back and forth with punches, Rock with a big boot, Austin with a lariat. It's LOUD in here. Off the ropes, reverse, duck, Thesz press by Austin! Punches, elbowdrop off the ropes. 1, 2, no. Austin to the face, tag to Mankind. Rock gets the momentum with rights. Mankind turns it around and pummels Rock with some rights of his own. While Rock sits in the corner, Mankind charges and smashes his face with his knee. Austin holds up his knee brace, Mankind takes Rock to the brace and tags in Austin. Arm wringer, but Rock punches away. Off the ropes, sleeper by the Rock. Austin turns into it, and hits a sleeper of his own. Rock backs him in to the corner. Rock with rights. Austin trades places with him and hits some rights of his own. Whip into the opposite corner is reversed - Austin puts up the boot, though - gut shot, Stunner attempt misses and Rock slides outside and walks up the ramp. Austin follows and hits a clothesline on the ramp. Right hand. Back to the ring we go. Rock with a kick as Austin comes in. More stompin'. Rock distracts Mankind to tie up the ref - but nothing happens as Austin hits a double leg takedown and covers. 1, 2, no. Tag to Mankind. Austin with a stomp, Mankind with a slam. What? What? Maknind is going to hit the People's Elbow! Except Paul Wight kicks Mankind as he comes off the rope. Rock with a DDT for 2. BIG-TIME "Rocky sucks" chant. Rock stays on Mankind, runs him into the big boot and tags in Wight. Boot to the midsection, repeat, repeat. Big clubbing blow. Again. Wight with the boot to the throat. Choke on the second rope. Crowd chants "Socko." Headbutt. SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP. Unbelievable. Tag to Rock. Rock puts the boots to Mankind. Right hand, again. Whip into the opposite corner, but Mankind puts up an elbow. Right hands from Mankind, off the ropes, Rock throws up an elbow. Bodyslam. Now it's time for the most electrifying Corporate elbow. 1, 2, Austin pulls Rock off him. Rock turns to Austin, who get shte double bird. Mankind makes Rock moon us (ugh), and hits the inside cradle for 2. Rock with a lariat. He makes the "drinky-drinky" motion to Austin, which pisses him off, I guess. Anyway, tag to Wight. Knee on the face. Wight stands on the bottom rope, which is on Mankind's neck. Rock in to distract referee "Blind" Earl Hebner, and there's a blatant low blow while his back is turned. We haven't seen Wight and Austin lock up yet, so we COULD still play with the conspiracy theory... Rock continues to choke Mankind on the rope. Off the ropes, Mankind ducks a clothesline and hits his double underhook DDT. Both men down. Tag to Austin! Repeated clothesline from Austin, he's stompin' a mudhole in him now. Off the ropes, clothesline ducked - Austin caught - Rock bottom attempt is somehow countered with a series of elbows - gut shot, Stunner attempt shrugged off, Austin off the ropes with a swinging neckbreaker. 1, 2, NO! Off the ropes, Rock ducks and Wight is there to catch him by the neck - before anything can happen, Mankind is in and on Wight. They trade blows and Wight wins while Rock and Austin continue on each other. All four men outside now. Rock and Austin take care of JR's table while Wight slams Mankind on the floor. Cable choke of Mankind as Austin and Rock brawl outinto the crowd. Now back and on the Spanish commentary table - an elbowdrop breaks THAT table. One table left! Oh, shit, we're out of time. Well, hell, who WON? (11:46 before signoff)

AFTER THE FACT: I have been told that Dave Tobener's "CRZ RULES" sign DID make it on camera tonight. I'm too tired to go back and look for it, but thanks VERY much, Dave. You're the wind beneath my wings, or something. Ha! Also, a big thank you to Wendy Wyatt and her sister for reprazentin' (as my "homeyz" would say) the CRZ posse at Heat last night, even if I didn't see THAT sign either - I know SOMEBODY did if it was there. I take back everything I ever said about Bakersfield, even if most of it IS true.

See you next--

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