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I GET LETTERS: I've never e-mailed you before, so this is a first. Last night while I was working out in the gym, Ahmed Johnson was working out. Harlem Heat work out at the gym down the street when in town. By the way, I'm from Houston. Anyway, back to my story. He is very out of shape. His arms are huge. However, his waist is more huge. Damn, he has an enormous gut. He's just plain fat. He doesn't exactly look he used to. Anyway, my story has no real point besides telling you that Ahmed Johnson, Tony something or other, is really fat.

Steve Martin

THIS is the hard hitting news that the fans DEMAND! Thanks, Steve!

This just in: Tony Norris is really fat. HA! Scooped Mike for once! YUH GUHN DUHN! YUH GUHN DUHN! C'mon, everybody chant with me! YUH GUHN DUHN!

Todd Sirois offers: I figure that someone should have pointed out the sheer unbelievability of the Ministry waiting to jump McMahon's family. Mainly because I don't think the family ever would have fallen for it, simply because on a dark night you can see Edge's face full o' teeth from 3 blocks away. They should've had him just sitting there grinning instead of the burning symbol imho, a lot more creepy... probably even scares the Undertaker.

BLATANT PLUG: Bill Iddings shot me this URL - - which has more Steve Blackman stuff than anywhere I've ever seen. It's truly staggering that someone can like the man more than me! Be sure and check out that longhair picture. And tell her CRZ sent ya! Thanks for the tip, Bill! And Steve Blackman would probably thank you as well, if only he KNEW of his growing cult...

One World Leader Attitude - WWF! You think this time next week we'll have a new opening bit for the WWF? They used to change them around WrestleMania time...

Here's a TV-14-V clip of Steve Austin - WALKING! outside the building - he walks by a Coors Light truck (I walk all the way to the arena and you give me LIGHT beer?) where the driver steps out to ask for an autograph. Austin says he's a little busy, but he'll do one better - he'll hook him up with a seat for tonight.

Opening credits and closed captioning symbol. I just noticed that Wight's in there (and not in Hawk's spot, either!)

FIREWORKS MAKE LIVE FUN - it's 22.3.99 and we are SIX days away from WrestleMania XV! RAW is WAR emanates from the sold out Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY for what some not named Schiavone are calling the BIGGEST RAW EVER NOT HELD IN TORONTO! Wight/Austin is your main event tonight on the USA Network and (maybe) TSN in Canada, but as you know, we ALWAYS start with an interview...

VINCENT K. & SKIPPY accompany THE ROCK to the ring for the opening salvo. Shane is sporting the European title beneath his sports coat - which is a little funny so I'll let it go. Shane ALMOST catches a thrown tennis ball at the ring in an impressive feat. Vince says it's a privlige to stand between two great WWF Champions - two men who will hold the titles long past WrestleMania. Shane gets on the mic and challenges X-Pac to a Greenwich Street Fight tonight (in Albany). Vince says his family is very secure, and tonight Undertaker will be very busy with the Corporation. Vince says that Undertaker & Austin are conspiring to divide his attention, keeping him from maintaining a laser-like focus on keeping Austin from winning the WWF title. Vince goes on to indirectly compare himself to the USPS and then it's the Rock's turn to talk awhile. Rock talks about Austin for what seems like the first time in forever - nice of them to get around to hyping the main event just in time, huh? We see Austin watching a monitor backstage, then walking off. Rock's got nice sideburns, don't he? Rock gives a "smellllllll what the Rock is cooking," adding a little tongue waggle action to his "L." McMahon turns to tonight's big, widely hyped on main event tonight, stating that he's appointing a special guest referee, and it should come as a surprise to NO ONE that that special ref is going to be The Rock. And, in another complete non-surprise, MANKIND's music fires up and he makes an appearance. He likes the idea of a special referee, and suggests that he and the Rock tie it up tonight, with the winner becoming the special ref in the Austin/Wight match. McMahon suggests that Mick's been having one too many brews with Austin in the back. Mankind appeals to Rock, who thinks about it and says "you can kiss his ass." Mankind says he gave that up for Lent, and produces a contract - apparently, Shawn Michaels and Mankind found all this as predictable as I did, so Mankind went ahead and secured a contract tonight from Comissioner Michaels for a match with the Rock for the special guest ref slot "if you smellllalalalala what the sock" and you know the rest. After Mankind leaves, McMahon asks the Rock if he'd mind taking Mankind apart one more time. Rock promises to lay some smack down. Before too long, I hear glass - and Stone Cold is DRIVING THE SILVER BULLET TRUCK INTO THE ARENA - tipping the TitanTron in the process and running over the WWF logo in the entranceway. So THAT'S why the ramp isn't up this week! I gotta give the WWF credit here, after about fifteen minutes of by the numbers non-surprises, this is a great sight. Austin says he's been jerked around long enough and he's gonna get the belt at WrestleMania and he's Forrest Gump 'cause that's all he got to say about that. He's going to the Smackdown Hotel, Route 3:16, burn the bastard to the ground, and that's the bottom line 'cause this quarter hour is OVER! No, no, it's not. Austin says they're going to share a pre-match beer. Austin's got a hose - a hose full of beer? He douses the ring, Rock, Shane, and especially Vince (and apparently himself, too!) Vince does the humourous pratfalls we all know and love, and if it IS a toupee I can't tell. Eh.

Tonight, Wight vs. Austin! Rock vs. Mankind to ref that match! The Greenwich street fight! Title for title - Dogg vs. Gunn (eww), tonight! Tonight, Ivory vs. Sable!

Backstage, we see Debra fluffing up her cleavage - or something

I saw Sable in that USA "Happy Hour" ad - but I still won't watch it, no sir, nope

Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago so you can see the beer truck drive in, and Austin deliver the beer bath. Would you rather have a beer bath or a blood bath anyway?

WMXV - the sound of tomorrow, the music of today - comes to you courtesy KRISPY M&M'S!

JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET & NUGGET HART (with De-bra) v. GANGREL & EDGE (with Christian) for the tag team championship - Let Us Take You Back to Last Week and show that there's a conspiracy against Public Enemy as the ref ignores a DQ-able offense. We cut to a "JR is RAW" frat party, Jim Ross and Dr. Death hangin' with the Tekes, and I throw out a "Whatever." They sure cleaned up that beer pretty quick. Hart & Gangrel start - Hart with the spinning heel kick off the ropes. Staying on him with punches in bunches. Whip out, reversal, belly-to-belly suplex from Gangrel. Tag to Edge. Off the ropes, neat powerslam, hook the leg but only 2. Hart reverses off the ropes, and Hart hits the same suplex. Tag to Jarrett. Hart takes him off the rope - spinebuster, Jarrett with an awkward guillotine. Off the ropes, Edge goes behind, scoops him up and hits a - something. Jarrett manages to fight out of the wrong corner, though, giving shots to both men. But Gangrel distracts referee "Blind" Tim White, so Christian comes in and there's a doubleteam hangman's neckbreaker/sidewalk slam. CHRISTIAN covers and White counts two, not noticing that the guy in the ring has a white shirt on and Edge is on the oustide, NOT wearing one. Right hand by Christian - Jarrett comes back with a gutshot and that thing he does with the arm. Into the corner - Christian ducks out, Edge comes in with a plancha. White counts 2 and Hart breaks it up. Hey White...oh never mind. Gangrel in now, all four men working - Hart puts Edge in the Sharpshooter - now PUBLIC ENEMA are out. NOW all five mean cheerfully team up to dump Public Enemy to the outside. Now the lights are out. Now they're back up and Debra is covered in red stuff. Ahhh, I'm suffering from storyline overload!!! Somebody help me! (No contest? Under 3:00)'s LUCAS gets in about three words before the New Age Outlaws interrupt him - each man says THEY'LL walk out with both titles. I'll be REALLY disappointed if they find some way to swap titles here because it's SOOOOO damn predictable.

Crispy M&M's present the WWF Slam of the Week - Road Dogg's DDT on Val Venis to win the Intercontinetal title - from last week's RAW.

In the locker room, Vince asks Shane to take out his frustrations on X-Pac in the Greenwich Street Fight. Vince says that the Big Show will take care of Austin. Then he sends off Patterson & Brisco to get a cup of coffee - thus ensuring another wacky escapade from the Stooges, no doubt!

ROAD DOGG JESSE JAMES v. BADD ASS BILLY GUNN in a Title vs. Title match - it still hasn't gotten to the Dogg that "Intercontinental Champion of the World" makes no sense. Let Us Take You Back to Last Week to show you how Gunn defeated Hardcore Holly to win HIS title. "It ain't personal," says Gunn. We learn that X-Pac's accepted the challenge. Lockup, arm wringer by Gunn, headlock, Dogg powers out, Gunn off the ropes with the shoulderblock. Off the ropes again, over, leapfrog - Dogg tries a hiptoss but Gunn sells a drop toehold - oops. Dogg with a hiptoss. Deep armdrag, another armdrag. Gunn in the corner, Dogg with a jiggy move. Dogg apologises, Gunn laughs. Everybody up in the centre. Lockup, Headlock by Dogg, this is the BIGGEST RAW IN HISTORY accoring to Michael Schiavone. Off the ropes, shoulderblock by Gunn, who thiniks about dancing and thinks better. Hard whip into the corner, Dogg tries to punch coming out but Gunn blocks it. Right, right, right, wind up - and he doesn't out of friendship. So Dogg punches GUNN, and he DOES hit after he winds up. Wiggly wobbly wuzzly kneedrop for 2. Dogg stands over him and lets him get up. Off the ropes, clothesline ducked, duck again, flying headscissors looks WEIRD but it hits. There's three armdrags (or if you're Cole, "hiptosses") - Gunn stands over Dogg and waits for HIM to get up. Whip into the corner - Gunn charges but the splash finds nothing but turnbuckle. Gunn manages to hit a gutshot kick, though, and there's the Fame-ass'er - but before he can pin his partner, VAL VENIS, GOLDUST and AL SNOW are all out to muck things up seriously (No contest 3:16 - hmmm) - it looks like they ARE ready to trade the titles - but before we see that...

Backstage, Patterson & Brisco discuss the finer points of getting Mr. McMahon coffee - Brisco looks like he's seen a ghost "No, no, they MADE us do it", and backs up - Patterson turns "Oh, no, come on guys, no, please..."

WrestleMania XV is SUNDAY! Don't WAIT! Order NOW! This is the bleeped version of the ad - I counted three bleeps...

When we come back, the Stooges have fallen, and so has a ref. "During the Break" footage shows that it was Hawk & Animal (and then Paul Ellering!) beating up the Stooges, no doubt for their little stunt of last week. So they're not gone, you know.

BLUE MEANIE is out. "Hey Shamrock! Shamrock, I am SICK and TIRED of you sticking your nose in our business! Now it's become pretty obvious to me that the World Wrestling Federation is not big enough for the both of us. So tonight, is where the Blue Meanie takes a stand. That's right Shamrock, I'm callin' you out! So if you got the guts Shamrock, come down the aisle, step through those ropes and get the spanking you deserve!" The music fires up - and it's RYAN SHAMROCK walking to the ring. Meanie dutifully grabs her for her spanking, but before that can happen, KING KEN SHAMROCK is out - before anything happens THERE, GOLDUST is out. Shamrock has his way with Goldust but when the anklelock is applied, Meanie chairs him, then talks a little trash. Ryan and Meanie help Goldust out - Meanie still yelling at Ryan the whole time.

Back at the "JR is WAR" Frat Party, Ross says they're having a great time - he'd rather be at ringside, but it's all Hardcore Holly's fault that he's not tonight - now where're the girls?

What a segueway! It's Sable getting made up backstage! And there's some extensions hanging on the shelf behind her!

Mankind eats Chef Boyardee Overstuffed Beef Ravioli because it's "mmmm - beefy!"

Another shot of the Cleavage household and must still wonder what that is.

Backstage we catch up with the Ministry of Darkness - and they're WALKING!

Vince gives Shane another pep talk, then turns to the Stooges and asks where his coffee is. This is apparently to tell us that Vince isn't watching the show backstage, and therefore doesn't know that the Undertaker has arrived backstage.

(THE LOVELY) SABLE v. IVORY (with a really familiar looking guy - geez, he looks so - who IS that? Oh yeah! That's D'Lo Brown!) in a nontitle match - we learn that the Playboy featuring Sable is the hottest selling Playboy in 15 years - hmmm, 1984...I admit it, I was too young to be into Playboy then so I don't know who it was (don't write and tell me, I promise I don't care). "This is for the women who want to be me, and the men who come to see me!" Ivory's carrying that scarf with her because God knows she'd just DIE if she were ever more than twenty feet from it. Cole Freudian hypes the post-WrestleMania "Rack-up - err, wrap-up!" following the big PPV on the Home Shopping Network. Cole announces that the triple threat matchup and the four corners matchup will now feature the Outlaws trading places - Gunn in the Hardcore match and Dogg in the IC matchup. PMS have come out meanwhile to make sure we don't pay attention to this matchup. Ivory's getting a lot of near falls anyway - and now while referee "Blind" Mike Chioda is distracted by Terri (who had gotten away with a slap earlier) and D'Lo, Jacqueline trips up Ivory to help Sable hit the Sablebomb for the pin. (2:18) Here's TORI come out to continue to make sure my brain explodes. Sable has her way with Tori, tying her up in the ropes (now THERE'S a fantasy) but Tori puts a boot up and gets several punches in before Sable escapes. My head hurts. How many storylines can the WWF pack into a match? What do you mean I ain't seen nothin' yet?

Rock and Mankind in split screens - are - WALKING!

Backstage, we see Austin putting on his boots.

Castrol GTX, 10-10-345, and WWF: The Music (Volume 3) [Goody got it!] bring you tonight's extravaganza!

MANKIND v. THE ROCK in a nontitle match for the guest ref slot in the main - Mankind enters as we see the credits, the TV-14-V ratings box and the turnover of the hour. I hate it when they tell me WrestleMania is on at 5 when I KNOW Heat won't be on until 7 on this coast. Fuckin' USA Network! Well anyway. Rock starts with the punching and soon Mankind is outside the ring. Rock follows and he's still punching. Head to the apron. Right hand, right, whip into the STEEL steps is reversed and Mankind takes the big mo' away. Rock pops up with a clothesline, though. Kick, kick, right, these moves are ELECTRIFYING and this IS the biggest RAW in history! Referee "Blind" Tim White takes the chair from the Rock before he can use it. Mankind comes back with a right, then takes Rock's head to the commentary table. More punching. Suplex attempt is blocked, Rock reverses to a suplex of his own. ON THE FLOOR! Stomp, right, Mankind rolls into the ring, narrowly averting the countout I'm sure. Rock with rights at "Rocky sucks" chant pipes up. Whip into the corner, elbow up, scoop and a slam by Mankind. Looks like he's going for Mr. Elbow, but Rock pops up and it misses. Kick, choke on the second rope by the Rock. Right hand. Head to the turnbuckle repeatedly but Mankind's trick knee acts up and Rock takes a shot in the 'nads. Mankind with a high knee and a punch. Rock manages a double leg takedown and then a BLATANT low blow. Rock picks him up by the hair and then throws him through the ropes to the commentary table - head to the table and oh boy, he's gonna take Cole's headset and provide commentary. Fortunately, Mankind takes control and puts a stop to that. Rolled back in, off the ropes, head down, there's a kick and a clothesline. Stomp, stomp, stomp, right, right, right, off the ropes, Rock puts HIS head down so Mankind hits a swinging neckbreaker. Mankind with repeated rights. Whip is reversed, clothesline ducked and Mankind NAILS Tim White. Rock hits a DDT but there's no ref to make the count. Off the ropes, duck, duck, Mankind with HIS DDT but there's STILL no ref. Oh oh - we see Socko - now we see THE BIG SHOW PAUL (no relation) WIGHT - up on the apron - Mankind clocks Wight, Rock clocks *Mankind*, there's aahhhhhtheCHOKESLAM but White had come to and disqualifies Rock (DQ 6:36) so Mankind will be the special referee in tonight's main event. Mankind gets a chair and Rock heads for the hills. Wight is visibly upset, but really he has no one to blame but himself... promo

Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago - say, that's a pretty chokeslam - too bad it caused the Rock's disqualification.

Backstage, Wight wreaks havoc on random props. He's so unhappy. Aww, c'mere ya big lug. Give us a hug.

Steve Austin paces in his dressing room - just to remind us he's coming up later and please don't change the channel.

THROUGH HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE IT'S KANE v. GOLDUST - Let Us Take You Back Two Weeks and see Chyna get hit with that fireball, then see the tender side of Kane as he carried Chyna away. Did I just see Kane warn Teddy Long to get the hell out of the corner where the flames are? A beach ball hits the ring but we hardly notice. Goldust isn't limping from that anklelock anymore - why isn't the Blue Meanie with him anyway? Holy shit! There's a - a FLAMETHROWER shot on Kane - the coat is off and that's really TRIPLE H wearing the gold paint - he stomps away on Kane, then takes out the two refs that try to separate him from Kane. Kane took another faceful of fire, it seems. The replay confirms this. It looks neat, too.

The WWF on the Home Shopping Network! LIVE after WrestleMania XV! Bring your piggy bank!

The Countdown to WrestleMania stands at *6 DAYS*! I sure am hungry for some KRISPY M&M'S!

Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago where Triple H threw the big flamethrower fireball at Kane - that second angle isn't as impressive.

One more time at the "JR is WAR" frat party - Ross asks a random fan who's gonna win the main event, and the teke taps the Big Show as the winner - probably to Ross' surprise - And now we see HARDCORE HOLLY come to screw up Ross' party just like last week he screwed up his title defense. Dr. Death tosses his drink in Holly's face, they start to fight. The camera cuts out - and comes back just in time to see them demolish a fishtank (hey, that light will ELECTROCUTE them!) They fight down the hall - something glass is broken on Holly - Williams has a shower curtain, Holly has a paddle. They're in the kitchen now - punching away - Holly puts a door up and Williams runs throuhg it - the camera cuts out again and oops, now we know it was taped as we see an edit not covered up by static. Williams takes Holly with a bag of frozen vegetables (oh no! That's as bad as FRESH FRUIT!) Holly runs Williams into the fridge, then the cameraman is knocked out as the stove is dismantled - and that's that. Humm.

Mankind sees Austin and promises to call it right down the middle. Austin reminds us that he and Mankind aren't friends and he's really after that big dumb sunuvabitch so stay out of the way.

We see Shane going outside to be ready for his street fight.

The United States Coast Guard Rescue of the Week is Shane McMahon rescuing the European Title from being put around X-Pac's waist one more day, from last month's RAW.

Available NOW! - four special TV Guides with, respectively, the Rock, Steve Austin, Sable and Mankind on the cover! WrestleMania collector's editions - get 'em now!

SKIPPY v. X-PAC in an Albany Greenwich Street Fight - Shane's outside and waiting - X-Pac is flaring his lats again - har har. X-Pac kicks the exit door and meets him outside. Shane swings but X-Pac ducks it and hits a spinning heel kick - but two cars pull up and there's RODNEY, PETE "GAS," WILLIE GREENE and BILLY P. - the Greenwich posse. Hey, I guess X-Pac should have asked what a Greenwich street fight before agreeing to one. The posse runs X-Pac into the garage door and Shane get in the badmouth and a Golotta before they pile into their cars and drive off - Shane standing through a sun roof and taunting the whole time. (? - under :45)

We take a good look into the eyes of the Undertaker - the whites of his eyes - mmm boy. You think he practices that for like ten minutes a day or somethin'?

Let Us Take You Back To Moments Ago where we see Shane's Trap Work to Perfection. We don't get a good look at the guy formerly in shadows OR the guy we haven't seen yet.

BIG BOSSMAN & KING KEN SHAMROCK & TEST v. UNDERTAKER & ACOLYTES (with Paul Bearer) - "No Chance in Hell" accompanies the Corporation members to ringside as Mr. McMahon is announced but doesn't show. Undertaker and Bossman at Hell in the Cell Sunday! Undertaker brings the lights up and the Acolytes strike - Test with Bradshaw and Shamrock with Faarooq - finally Undertaker gets in the ring - nightstick shot with Bossman - Undertaker does the zombie situp. Undertaker ducks another and there's the flying clothesline. Well this is a pier six brawl - STEEL steps being used, ringposts, barricades - everybody on the outside now and referee "Blind" Mike Chioda just never got control here. Bossman and Undertaker over the barricade now as Bradshaw and Test bother the commentators. We see a shot of the crowd - now the lights are out...ummm? (No contest? - under 2:00)

WrestleMania XV ad.

The WrestleMania RAGE Party is the night before WrestleMania! 10pm Saturday! I will NOT write a recap of it! I WON'T! (Maybe I will... I dunno - I'll be so lonely that night. Sniff. Whimper. Sob...)

VINCENT K. walks to the ring sans shirt and still wearing a previously soaked jacket. Another tennis ball thrown, another near miss. "Having a good time tonight? I bet you like the way I look, don't you? I bet you appreciate what Stone Cold Steve Austin did to me earlier, right? You appreciate it so much I'm gonna show it to you again. Take a look at it, come on, GET IT UP ON THE TITANTRON! GET IT UP NOW!" And we are taken back to earlier tonight where Austin drives that truck into the arena, getting the truck driver the best seat in the house. And we once again see a beer hose - something I've never seen before in my life but I've been clearly missing out on knowing about. Cut to McMahon - he looks less than happy. "Austin, I hope you've enjoyed that. Because Austin I promise you - no no, I GUARANTEE you Austin, you're not gonna enjoy what you're about to experience. No. Uh uh. And let me tell you something Austin. There is NO CHANCE IN HELL of you becoming the WWF Champion at WrestleMania - NOT A CHANCE IN HELL! So, with that in mind, allow me to introduce the Champion now, and the man who will be the Champion after WrestleMania is over - the guest commentator who's gonna sit right down the - THE ROCK - the Corporate Champion!" And there he is in one of those $500 shirts we've all heard so much about. "This is the man who's going to defeat Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania. And allow me now to introduce you to the man whom I thoroughly believe will be the guest referee at WrestleMania, and a man who's going to teach Steve Austin a lesson here tonight - here, ladies and gentlemen - THE BIG SHOW, PAUL WIGHT!" Hey, he's sucking in his gut! "Seven feet, FIVE hundred pounds of the Big Show!" HE DID THE COOL AHHHHTHECHOKESLAM HAND SIGNAL!!! Anyway. MANKIND is next out and finally to bring it on...

STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN v. PAUL (got a) WIGHT - Rock takes his seat at the commentary table while Mr. McMahon sits nearby. This is the biggest match in the history of RAW, I've heard. Staredown - Wight's some big guy next to Austin, I suddenly notice. Double bird by Austin - Wight punches, but Austin ducks it and rains down with a series of rights. Austin tries to whip him out, Wight manhandles Austin into a reversal - Austin ducks again and lets loose with some more rights. Another whip attempt is reversed again. Wight with a slap that sounds like a gunshot. Again. Austin hits the mat. Wight with measured blows. Kick to the gut. Wight poses to the crowd while Rock runs through his million ways to incorporate the phrase "monkey crap" into the commentary. Crowd chants "Austin" while Rock says the crowd is chanting HIS name. Wight stands on the throat until Austin hits the great equaliser - a kick in the 'nads. Austin to the outside, grabbing the leg to crotch him on the post, but Wight just kicks him away and he goes over the barricade from the force of the kick. Wight stalks him - but Austin pops up with a finger in the eye. But the momentum changes when Wight grabs him with a double choke. Mankind, meanwhile jumps off the apron with a double sledge - I guess he wants this match to take place in the ring. Wight walks in the ring - and gets hit with a PERFECT popcorn shot - the box just EXPLODES on his back sending popcorn everywhere. Good ol' NY fans. Austin is in and taking a turnbuckle cover off behind Wight's back as he's turned to Mankind. Austin spins him around, right, right, right, head to the - blocked, Austin with elbows right hands, kick, Stunner attempt - Wight shoves him off into the exposed STEEL. Towering elbowdrop from Wight. Cover - 1, 2, kickout! Mankind's cadence was okay by my view. Wight takes umbrage, however, and there's a shove. Mankind throws a right in retaliation. Austin with a right, another, another, kick in the gut - Stunner attempt doesn't work AGAIN as Wight picks him up and tosses him across the ring. Wight takes him off the ropes - big boot takes him down. Austin rolls outside. Wight fires up the crowd and waits for Austin to try to get back in. Headbutt prevents Austin from entering the ring. Now Wight is outside and just pushing him with his foot. Forearm across the back. Mankind is out and again recommending the match take place in the ring. Maybe he DOESN'T know how to count up to 10. Wight press slams Austin and drops him to the floor. Mankind is out again, kindly asking Wight to take it back into the ring. Austin trying to get up, Wight kneeing him back down to the ground again. Austin tries to punch, there's a headbutt. M&M's Krispy Double Feature shows the press slam again. Wight picks up Austin to run him into the post - Austin manages to squirm out and WIGHT hits the post. Wight turns around and smiles like it didn't faze him. Wight takes Austin to the post and it looks like it has a bit more of an effect on him. Mankind has a chair now and he's AGAIN imploring Wight to take it back into the ring. Wight gives another gunshot slap to the chest of Austin and finally they're back in the ring. Rock again mishears an "Austin" chant as "Rock-ee." Another towering elbowdrop misses this time. Austin lets loose with blows to the back of the head and neck. Whip is reversed, however, and the big bearhug is applied. Austin with punches to get out. Lotsa rights. Austin off the ropes - back into the bearhug. Mankind raises the hand, it falls once - twice - thr--no! Austin punches away again. Off the ropes, duck, duck, Thesz press!! Cover - 1, 2, Wight presses him about five feet away. Austin has the chair which was left on the apron - chair to the hip! Back of the knee! Head! Head again! Head a third time! Rock on the apron but Austin scares him off! Kick to the gut - STUNNER! 1, 2, 3! (9:30) Wight pops up and attacks Mankind - then dumps him outside and follows. Meanwhile, Rock is in to attack Austin - they trade punches, now Rock's getting the better of it - ROCK BOTTOM! Mankind and Wight continue to fight outside the ring as Rock poses on the turnbuckle with his Corporate eyebrow....

Oops, we're gone. See you at WRESTLEMANIA XV!

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