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/13 September 1999





TONIGHT: Jeff Jarrett makes a challenge to any female in the building, Chris Jericho wreaks havoc, and what will happen if Triple H and Steve Austin's paths cross tonight?




One World Leader Attitude - TV-14-DLV - WWF!

Triple H has waged a vicious campaign for respect, we're told - making more enemies, faster, than anybody in quite a while. Last Thursday, his first victim (Stone Cold Steve Austin) returned, trying to crush him in an ambulance with a semi. What will happen tonight to the WWF's Most Wanted Man? And who thought Triple H would ever be named "Most Wanted" anything?

Opening credits - closed captioned symbol

Yo, check out them fireworks - WE ARE LIVE from the Arrowhead Pond at Anaheim, CA 13.9.99 and

Let's look backstage at Undertaker and Big Show (and behind THEM, Viscera and Mideon), waiting for the arrival of ... who?

In another spot, Kane paces...he's waiting for ... who?

Mankind roams the halls looking for ... who? "I forgot all about that burying thing! I just want an autograph for my nephew!"

And here's the Rock ... he's looking for ... who?

In another shot, Pat Patterson and Gerry Brisco urge Linda McMahon not to go out's too explosive. Linda says she's got family business to take care of...

Outside, a motorcade arrives - well, here's the guy everyone's looking for - YES! Triple H! He and Chyna get out, making sure to be surrounded with police...

LINDA McMAHON, flanked by PAT PATTERSON & GERRY BRISCO, arrive in the ring. Linda holds the mic straight old as if she were a ring announcer. "Tonight... Triple H - last Thursday on SmackDown!, you dug your own grave, and tonight, you're going to have to sleep in it! You see there's no question that Kane, Undertaker, Big Show, Mankind, and the Rick all deserve a title shot at Triple H, but only one man can do that. So tonight, we have a special match in which all five of these men will compete in this ring in a special No Holds Barred match - and the first man to win a pinfall will be the contender who will face the WWF Champion at Unforgiven. But doesn't that beg another question - who will be the WWF Champion come Unforgiven time? I think that there is a man who's going to arrive here tonight - a man who may not be 100% - but a man who has the contractual right to demand a rematch with Triple H - and should he demand that right tonight when he arrives - then Triple H, I am letting you know that you will be in this ring defending your title against none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin." Backstage, Triple H proclaims that Linda's "flipped her lid." And now, why, he simply MUST come out to let us all know about it. Let's start off the count of how many times Triple H's theme is played tonight as TRIPLE H, THAT SLUT CHYNA and ANAHEIM'S FINEST come out to the ring. Triple H takes out Brisco while Chyna uses the low blow on Patterson - leaving Linda alone. The cops, meanwhile, keep their backs to the ring, preventing them from finding any potential assault charges, and causing a couple Canadians to experience throbbing veins in their heads. "I don't know what you're thinking about, lady. Have you flipped your lid? Let me tell you this...this is a game that you don't want to be in, so what you need to do, is you need to pack it up and go back to Stamford. You need to go back to your little office before you make me do something I'm gonna regret." Words are exchanged off mic - and Linda leaves the ring. Outside the barricade, UNDERTAKER & WELL IT'S A BIG SHOW are stymied from getting to Triple H. From another angle, LA ROCA y MANKIND are held back. At the top of the ramp, THROUGH HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE IT'S KANE enters to music and pyro - and this gives the other four men a chance to slip by the cops into the ring. Next thing you know, Triple H has made his egress, leaving the other five to brawl. Hey, hey, save it for later! Rock and Mankind are left in the ring and Rock's music plays.

Your hosts are JIM ROSS & JERRY "PI KAPPA PHI?" LAWLER. A five man free-for-all, tonight! Also, a cage hangs ominously above the ring. Also again, Jarrett lays an open challenge to any woman in the building...

MICHAEL KING COLE is backstage with Jeff Jarrett - after showing clips from SmackDown! of Jarrett beating up Moolah and putting Mae Young in the figure four, Cole asks is he's lost it. Jarrett says these broads are always bitching about equality in the workplace, so he's just giving it to them. He invites Chyna down to the ring to get an idea of what's in store for her at Unforgiven...hmm, remember the LAST time a Champion made an open challenge? Bossman does...




Here's an exterior look at the Pond - where it's still nice and sunny on the left coast

A camera is poised in the back, waiting for Austin's entrance - but catches Shane McMahon arriving instead.

Michael King Cole attempts to interview the Rock & Mankind - Rock gets censored, no doubt talking about monkey piss or something. Mankind riffs on the Rock by saying "IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW I FEEL!" then sings "Feelings" and promises that when it's all said and done and he and Rock stand alone in the ring, it'll be time for Rock to lay the smack down on his candyass! Mankind's taking this hero worship a little far, one might say. One might ALSO say it's pretty funny and one looks forward to the inevitable stab in the back.

Magic: the Gathering brings you WWF Unforgiven on the 26th!

JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET (with De-Bra & Miss Kitty & a gee-tar) make their way to the ring as we take a standard weekly look at LILIAN GARCIA. Jarrett reiterates that women don't belong in the ring, then invites one to the ring. Of course, LUNA TUNES is a big fan of irony and comes down to answer the call - promptly getting demolished. She maybe gets two punches in - it's all Jarrett here. Say, when Gangrel and Luna french, do their tongue studs...oh, never mind. THEN, for no apparent reason, IVORY runs out, takes the gee-tar from Kitty and cracks Luna over the head with it (DQ 1:29) - following the announcement of the DQ win for Luna, Jarrett storms Garcia demanding she recant and declare HIM the winner - when she refuses (because, for once, she makes the correct pronouncement), he backs her into the ring - then locks her in the figure four! WICKED! Of course, this is supposed to make Jarrett "evil" - but we all wanted Garcia to get hers anyway, so... Ha! Debra and Kitty are less than thrilled with these actions, of course - 'cause they're WOMEN, you know...

Backstage, Austin - ARRIVES! Hey, what's that grey Hummer doing back there? Eh, probably just coincidence.

At WrestleMania 2000, the WWF Fanfest is BACK! 31 March to 2 April at the Arrowhead pond! Details FORTHCOMING!

Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago as Jarrett redefines "heinous." Garcia can't even sell the figure four right! Nah, I'm kidding.

TERRY TAYLOR is backstage with Chyna, who isn't impressed by Jarrett's actions - since they're on old women and a lowly ring announcer - she's gonna take the title at Unforgiven. Also, later tonight, she and Hunter are going to "hammer down a message to Steve Austin."

D-VON DUDLEY (with Bah Bah Ray Dudley) v. ACOLYTE FAAROOQ (with Acolyte Bradshaw) in a Strap Match - HOWARD FINKEL steps in to handle ring announcing. "Bah Bah Ray?" Whatever. Dudleyz have new muzak - it's a little better. "For those of you m-m--m-m-m-m-m-...morons in Anaheim who don't know by now ... we are the ............. D....D....D......Dudley Boys." "Boys, playtime is over - Faarooq - I challenge you to a Dudleyville Strap match - so boy, bring your black ass down to our ring!" Man, why the bruthas gotta beat each utha? Faarooq rushes the ring, kick, right, right, off the ropes, powerslam, Faarooq puts on the strap, whip, whip, whip, whip, whip, whip. Now choking him with the strap. Now outside the ring, doing the ol' hangman spot. Coming back in the ring, Faarooq continues to have his way. Scoop - and a slam. Faarooq on the second rope - but runs into a knee. DDT from D-Von. Choking


him with the strap. It's whuppin' time. D-Von taking him off the ropes - but caught in a spinebuster coming off the ropes. Bah Bah up wth a chair - WHACK! Unfortunately, Bradshaw had the eye of referee "Blind" Tim White, who turns around to count the pinfall. 1, 2, 3. (2:21) Bah Bah takes out Bradshaw with the STEEL steps (yow!) and a doubleteam commences in the ring on Faarooq. Bradshaw makes the save with a chairshot of his own. These four men fight at Unforgiven...and I'm starting to look forward to it!

In the locker room, Austin prepares for his title match - later tonight!

Michael King Cole attempts to interview Undertaker and Big Show - Undertaker says "Michael Cole..." and Cole riffs on "Pulp Fiction," ("I know, I know, I've lost my LA privliges - be gone and stay gone") then leaves. Undetaker says something about...leopard pants? Big Show stares.

Milky Way presents the WWF Rewind - from last Thursday, British Bulldog made his return, won the Hardcore title - then handed it to Leif Cassidy. MILK IT!

Jim Ross relieves Finkel in the centre of the ring and calls out BRITISH BULLDOG, who has yet another new theme - kinda like they ran the LAST one through the flanger and sampler (and maybe not in that order). Say, are they ever going to show that sitdown interview or did the lawyers put the kibosh on THAT as well? That's quite a suit he's wearing. Ross asks Bulldog why he's back in the WWF and how it relates to giving Snow the Hardcore title. Bulldog says that Snow deserved that belt. He's here to show all the doubters that he COULD come back. "I've been the European champion, I've been the Intercontinental champion, and I was one half of the World Wrestling Federation tag team champions..." but there's one belt he hasn't gotten his grip on yet - and before he retires (and that's not for a long, long time, he promises), he WILL win the WWF Championship. BIG BOSSMAN interrupts things, appearing at the top of the ramp and says that after last week's SmackDown!, he's gonna prove that you don't mess with his business. Before he can make it to the ring to make chow out of "dumbass" Bulldog, AL SNOW appears at the top of the ramp and asks Bossman (or "Ray," to Snow) if he received his very special love letter last week - we learn that it was a challenge to a cage match - not only will a cage surround the ring, but the "Hell in a Cell" cage will surround THAT. Oh, and there will be a few of Pepper's friends between the cages. He brings out TWO ROTTWEILERS with their handlers. Something is muted about revenge being a bitch, and them bitches being in heat. Then Snow barks like Rick Steiner...hey, didn't Steiner and a Rottweiler..I'm confused. Anyway, Bulldog attacks Bossman from behind, they brawl a bit, then Snow and the dogs chase Bossman away - he leaves through the crowd. Amazingly, the dogs do NOT attack Bulldog.

Michael King Cole attempts to interview the Posse and Terri - but Joey Abs takes the mic and dismisses him. He's gonna have to disagree with Shane about Test. Tonight he's gonna kick some major ass - if Test won't do it for him, maybe he should do it for that "tramp fiancee" of his. He asks Terri to wait in the truck, 'cause this could get ugly. Man, Rodney's hair is just - well, that's not a choice *I* would have made

Triple H fumes and paces! spot - say no to crack!



Hey! DENNIS MILLER is in the front row! And he looks embarrassed to have been spotted at a WWF event! After all, he's no Ben Stiller!

"Journey to the Center of the Earth" spot - ewww, what's THAT got to do with tonight's show? NOTHING!

Backstage, YOU ARE THERE as we and the WWF camera follow some EMT's backstage to see Shane McMahon lying in a heap.

TONY CHIMEL hits the ring - "Fink, I'LL take it from here. Go on." Finkel shrugs and walks off.

JOEY ABS (with Rodney & Pete "Gas") v. TEST - "This is your one shot - c'mon, I'm gonna finish this tonight." Shot for Rodney, and Abs hits a pescado (yow!) - tripleteam is pretty brief, and he's rolled back in. Suplex for 2. Whip is reversed, duck, gutshot from Abs, "fisherman suplex" for 2. Man, that was one UGLY fisherman suplex if that's what it was. Out of the corner, whip into the opposite corner, again, Test with a surprise side Russian legsweep and both men are down. Both men up - Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine, again, "full nelson bomb," Test on him but Pete and Rodney pull him out of the ring and lay the boots to him. Into the STEEL steps we go. Referee "Blind" Mike Chioda finally sees what's going on and tells them to stop that nonsense. Back in the ring for 2. Off the ropes, duck, clothesline from Test. Rodney on the apron, elbowed off, same for Pete. Test turns around and gets a gutshot - sliding out of the drop attempt and hitting a powerbomb. 1, 2, 3! (2:32) The tripleteam is back on, however - who should make the save but SKIPPY! Super Shane Spear on Abs! And now the posse is tripleteaming SHANE! Test clears the ring of Abs and Pete while Shane busts out one more Super Shane Spear - this one on Rodney. The Posse scatters - Well, I guess we're working pretty hard to sell a face turn here as Test and Shane take off - together - in hot pursuit.

Let's look backstage at the chase. The Posse runs - Shane calls for his keys and fails to catch them (ha) - then he and Test ... drive off! WOW! Now THAT'S excitement!

Speaking of excitement - Backstage, Austin is WALKING!

FRAM brings you the Sure Grip of the Week - Austin's sure grip around the steering wheel of a semi as it runs through an ambulance.

STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN (with the RAW credits & TV-14-DLV ratings box) v. TRIPLE H (with That Slut Chyna & a dozen cops) for the WWF Championship - my jaw drops in SHOCK as Austin is (properly) introduced first. Seems a little early in the show to have a match this big...ahh, I see - Helmsley has an angle in mind.


"You know Austin, there's nothing I'd like more than to walk to that ring and kick your ass one more time. But the problem is, you blew it! You ruined the whole thing! Because if you remember four days ago - remember that little incident with the semi and the ambulance? Well I believe that's called aggravated assault, Austin! Don't blame me, I'm the victim here, people - it's him you want to blame. So what I did, is I just got done in the back personally signing a warrant for your arrest. So boys, do your job - there he is." The police advance - I guess we'll ignore the jurisdictional problems (or are these Albany cops? Har har) and watch Austin reluctantly submit to a cuffin'. Triple H, in the ring, gets in a free shot on Austin before they finish Mirandizing him - good work, men! I think Austin gives a double bird behind his back but our cameras miss it.

When we come back, Austin is loaded into the car - and Triple H is being held at bay. Linda McMahon looks unhappy - apparently, Triple H grabbed her cel phone and tossed it. Good thing Ross is there to help us with what we're supposed to see, but don't. Why don't they do that on the other show?

GODFATHER (with ten - no, five ho's) v. CHAZ - What does "roll a fattie for Pimp Daddy" mean? It's a battle between a fun-loving guy who loves to have fun and a kid from Jersey trying to make it on his own. Let's take you back to Heat in case you missed Chaz' interview - he and Marianna are unfortunately through. "Hey, you know what man, I don't know if I should offer you the ho's or not, man, because you haven't had real good luck with women lately - so you now what, I say since this is my first day back in a while, let's say me and you just have an old fashioned wrestling match, whatchoo say?" One more loving look at the ho's as they leave the ring. Lockup, side headlock by the Godfather. Powers out, shoulderblock by the Godfather. Drop toehold by Chaz, arm wringer, to a wristlock, reversal into a rollup for 2. Drop toehold from the Godfather, elbowdrop misses. Chaz pounding on him. Armwringer. Godfather takes him to the corner and whips him out. Charge misses. Gutshot, right, whip into the corner, reverse splash. Let's see MARIANNA walking down to ringside - she looks a bit different this week. She's crying, and removes her sunglasses to reveal a black eye. She's saying over and over "just tell me why." Godfather takes a look at the shiner, make an assumption, comes to a conclusion, and waylays on Chaz - because as we all know, the LAST thing a pimp likes to see is unnecessary violence against women. Into the corner, it's time once again for the Ho Train! Here's the Pimp Drop and THERE'S the 1, 2, 3. (2:23)

Backstage, Patterson & Brisco try to encourage Linda that maybe they should take her back to the hotel.


Linda says once again that this is family business, she won't be pushed around, and she's staying. Does anyone else think by the end of the show Linda's gonna be forced to take a big-time bump?

Let Us Take You Back over the past few SmackDown! airings and show you how Kane and X-Pac done split up

Meanwhile, the cage has been lowered...

The Y2J countdown starts, the music starts and CHRIS MONDAY JERICHO appears. At Unforgiven, he draws Ken Shamrock. But tonight, a steel cage match!

CHRIS MONDAY JERICHO v. ? in a steel cage match - "Welcome to RAW is JERICHO! And Shamrock, well, let's discuss the name Shamrock, first and foremost - SHAM, you are most definitely a fake, a sham, a liar, a scam... I mean, the World's Most Dangerous Man, give me a break. And 'rock?' You don't rock - Jericho rocks! But last week, Scamrock, I embarrassed you once again, and I destroyed your reputation in front of all your friends and family, and in front of all your so-called fans, but because I'm a heck of a nice guy, I decided to give you one more less - one more chance to realise that *I* am the World's Most Dangerous Man. You see, this is not a steel cage - no, this is a prison. THIS is a cell. THIS is the Y2Jail, and THIS is my specialty. So what I did is I scoured the world, to find the most technically proficient submission shootfighter that I could - I am gonna bring him in here, and I am gonna rip him limb from limb, and prove to you once again that I am one bad mamma jamma. So ladies and gentlemen, let me bring him out - the legendary Master of Disaster - the Sultan of shootfighting, you all know him - the legendary GOTCH GRACIE!" A guy in black, and mask, with "GOTCH" on his shirt, walks out as Jericho remind us all of Gracie's classic match against (mumbles). He found him training in a dojo in Taiwan. Jericho finally lets go of the mic. Lockup, side headlock, chain wrestling into a waistlock, to the mat, grabbing an ankle, and now Jericho with a bow and arrow - but he lets up and takes the mic. "That one could have broke his back but I decided I haven't proven enough yet - yaaaaah!" Back to the stomping. "I learned this one in the mountains of Nepal! Aahhhhh!" It's kind of a weak abdominal stretch. Jericho tells the fans that they KNOW he's the World's Most Dangerous Man. Stomping away - Vertical suplex by Jericho. "C'mon baby" for 2 but he pulls up. "I think this idiot's had enough." Off the ropes, Gracie hits a clothesline. Off the ropes, Jericho slides through, double leg takedown and into the (still-unnamed) Liontamer for the tapout. (2:40) "Gracie tapped out to Jericho! Jericho has beaten Gotch." Jericho then proves he has mastered Shamrock's move by "snapping" and putting on an anklelock. Well, KEN SHAMROCK is out and Jericho's stuck in a cage. Before he gets to him, though, Gracie pulls Shamrock down and a doubleteam is on. They try to throw him into the cage but it kinda stops with Shamrock over the top rope. Finally, Jericho takes the mask off his accomplice - and it's ... SOME BLACK GUY! No, wait! You know who that is? No way! Ross tells us that that's MR. HUGHES and damned if he wasn't RIGHT back when he said I wouldn't recognise him when I saw him. He's lost about sixty or seventy pounds - but you KNOW it's him 'cause he can still do that cool "upside-down smile" frown.


Mankind is also WALKING!

The Rock, knowing what's all the rage backstage, is WALKING!



Backstage, D'Lo Brown is seen forking over some cash to Godfather...

Michael King Cole attempts to interview Chris Jericho, who says that he's hired "Curtis Huge" not to protect himself from Shamrock, but to protect Shamrock from HIM. I've just got it! This is the first time in a great while (ever?) that I've seen Hughes without some wraparound shades!

UNDERTAKER v. WELL IT'S A BIG SHOW v. MANKIND v. LA ROCA v. THROUGH HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE IT'S KANE in a five man free-for-all for the #1 Contendership - Undertaker and Big Show continue to show solidarity by arriving together. Mankind is next, and because he's not too brainy, he goes ahead and enters the ring. Undertaker is quickly on him - whip into the corner - Mankind puts up an elbow but it's Big Show - well it's a big superkick. Off the ropes, well it's a big elbowdrop - 1, 2, Undertaker pulls him off. Now the Rock FINALLY comes out and they pair up - then the lights go out and finally everybody's in the ring. Kane and Mankind meet - whip is reversed, big boot for Mankind. Top-rope clothesline. Show and Undertaker teaming against Rock - let's spy VISCERA & MIDIEOAN outside the ring, looking on. Mankind and Kane in one corner, Rock and Big Show in another. Outside, Viscera & Midian are taking out Mankind. Undertaker, near the commentators, says that more people are under the Learning Tree. Actually, it's pretty wise of them to take advantage of NHB rules to bring out some friends to help you out. Rock coming back against Big Show and Rock while Mankind hits a double-underhook DDT on Kane - 1, 2, Undertaker pulls off referee "Blind" Mike Chioda - then decks him. Kane outside the ring - Big Show working over Mankind in the corner. Well it's a big butt thrust. Rock and Undertaker in the whip - Rock with a DDT. Setting him up for the People's Elbow while Mankind has the Mandible Claw on the Big Show. Rock covering ... Tim White in - Kane taking White out. Two more refs in - two more refs out. Now the officials are out - Dave Hebner, Tony Garea and Sergeant Slaughter all bite the dust. Senior official Earl Hebner walks out - looks at what's happening - throws his hands up and walks back. GODFATHER is out to try to stop this - and no luck for him. CRASH HOLLY goes for the Big Show - bad idea. ahhhhhtheCHOKESLAAAM! Here's PRINCE ALBERT. See ya. CHAZ tastes Rock Bottom. Kane chokeslams STEVIE RICHARDS. The REST OF THE LOCKER ROOM empties out and now it's more of a 20-man free-for-all. Crowd chants "Rocky" with nothing better to do. Too much action! MUST TAKE BREAK!

SmackDown! promo

Hmm...(no contest? 7+ minutes) but I have a feeling we'll get some clarification before the show's over. Geez, there's twenty minutes left, what's left to do - bring Austin back and deliver the title match we didn't get earlier? Naah, they wouldn't do THAT.



Backstage, all the refs beg to Earl to do something about all this abuse. THAT'S funny. Anybody want to come through for me and provide the name of the new ref? All *I* can say is Jim Korderas is lucky he got the night off!

Tonight, RAW is WAR is brought to you by Castrol Motor Oily, Burger King, and Propecia!

BALD VENIS & D'LO BROWN v. STEVE BLACKMAN & SEXUAL CHOCKLIT MIZARK HENRY - didn't I just see this match last night on Heat? Earl Hebner, the last able-bodied official on earth, makes his way down to officiate this match. Meanwhile, Henry has failed to come out on his cue. Blackman says "hell with this" and gets in the ring. Off the ropes, there's the missile shoulderblock on Venis. You go, Blackman! Stomp, Whip into the opposite corner, but Venis puts up a boot, then hits a bulldog. Tag to Brown, off the ropes, into a scoop slam, and a splash by Venis, and a trademark legdrop by Brown. Off the ropes, duck, kicks by Blackman, kick, backbreaker, stomp. Off the ropes, head down, D'Lo knocks him down with a kick. Tag to Venis. Spinebuster for 2. Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmyenziguiri for 2. Blackman still on him with right, whip, duck, gutshot from Venis - fisherman suplex and Brown comes off the top with the 'Lo-down for the pinfall. (2:14) Where's Henry? Well GTV appears on the EntertainmentTron and shows Mark Henry admiring a lap dance from a couple of ladies as Godfather looks on. Blackman expresses some disapproval...

There's Triple H and Chyna backstage - OH MY GOD! THEY'RE *WALKING!*

Here's a cop car - and here's a ... limousine ?

And HERE is TRIPLE H & THAT SLUT CHYNA because I need to hear that music just one more time tonight. Chimel announces that this is a WWF title match. "Now Linda, I know that you need to take care of family business, 'cause this is personal, but right now, you and I have some business to take care of - and Linda, don't bring any other innocent people into this. Don't make Chyna and I beat up Patterson and Brisco again - you come out here, you walk in the ring, you stand face to face with me - right now. Linda, get out here." LINDA McMAHON, probably showing more guts that brains, walks out to the ring. "Linda, I'm gonna be very nice about this, because deep down inside I really like you. Now what I want you to do is I want you to tell the world what happened here tonight, because what happened here is that villian Steve Austin went to jail where he belongs. And he forfeited his shot at the WWF title, so now what happens is he goes to the bottom of that long line of contenders - he starts at ground zero, working his way back up to get a shot at me, and at this. So I want you to tell the world that he blew his chance...tell 'em." "No...I won't do that--" "I am not asking you now, I am telling you. TELL - THEM - NOW." "No - NO." Triple H spins her around. "Linda, I am telling you..." - but "No Chance in Hell" fires up - and out walks - VINCENT K.?!? Vince YANKS the mic out of Helmsley's hand. "Hey listen! I gave my word I wouldn't interfere in WWF business, but this is not business - this is personal!


Listen up, you son of a bitch! Who the hell do you think you are!? Yeah, you're the WWF Champion all right - maybe you need a little reminder as to who gave you that break - who gave you the opportunity, huh?" McMahon removes his coat, asks Linda to leave the ring - and throws his coat at Triple H. Well before this happens, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN hits the ring and clotheslines Helmsley. Vince and Linda take off. Quickly it goes outside, right hand from Austin, now Triple H over the commenatry table, knocking over a couple cans of Hansen's Energy Drink in the process! Back over the barricade we go - Austin choking Helmsley with a camera cable. Referee "Blind" Earl Hebner trying to get them back in the ring but failing. Triple H coming back now - Austin on the commentary table. Whip into the STEEL steps is reversed. Austin takes Triple H over the opposite barricade and back. Suplex on the floor? Yes! Triple H rolled into the ring. Right hand. Off the ropes, duck, Thesz press. Where's Chyna all this time? Elbowdrop off the ropes. Austin going outside for a chair. Whack! Hebner telling him to stop. Austin going to the legs. Hebner trying to wrest the chair from Austin - and there's a right cross for his troubles. Triple H walking up the ramp - Austin now following. Right hand. Hebner, having come to, rings the bell (DQ 3:14 - whoops) while Austin and Triple H fight on the ramp - well, mostly Austin. Meanwhile, the cage is slowly lowering. Austin choking Triple H. Now taken headfirst into the cyclone fencing. And now they're in the cage! Hebner attempting to stop this but it's not happening. H taking him off the ropes, but Austin ducks, hits the gutshot and the Stunner. Austin's music hits - and we're outta here!

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