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/27 September 1999





FOR SMACKDOWN! COMPLAINTS: You have to wait until the next SmackDown! report, silly rabbit!

CHARACTER REFERENCE: ...let me just say that while I have a lot of respect for CRZ the Writer, I have no respect whatsoever for CRZ the Person. - Sean Shannon, 24.9.99, answering the rhetorical question "Why keep something to yourself when you can say PUBLICLY?"

SONG LYRICS: Don't think 'cos I understand, I care / Don't think 'cos I'm talking, we're friends - Sneaker Pimps, "6 Underground"

WHAT COLOUR IS THE SKY IN YOUR WORLD: ...maybe he'd like my Nitro recaps for WrestleLine as well. It's not like they've got anyone with any real talent doing them now, right? Right? Relax. That was a joke. Maybe. - Sean Shannon, in the WrestleLine Heat report (aka CRZ's table scraps)

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Me, I think...Zimmerman is a screaming bore depite the legions of soulless copycats floating through the recapping ranks. That's me. - The first WrestleManiacs Heat recapper...his name escapes me...Fresh something or other (where is he now? Is he still trying too damn hard to be JUST LIKE ME?)

REALIZATION: Apparently, I've been spending too much time of late doing silly things like "transcribing interviews," "taking down play by play," and in general "reporting show results" as opposed to "getting myself over" and "dissing other online columnists" and for that, I apologise. I'll try to get back on the ball as the weeks roll by.

REALIZATION 2: By the way...

I may be spiteful, bitter, bizarre, crusty, annoying and overly expressive at times...


CRZ ON THE ROAD: I'm going to the big Coachella thing weekend after next - if you're going, let me know, but only if you're going to see Art of Noise, BT, Banco de Gaia, Gus Gus, DJ Shadow, Chemical Brothers, Beck and About Fifty Other Artists That Are Not Named Morrissey. You're a Morrissey fan...back of the line, poser. (Fortunately for me, my ex-roommate's wife does not read this column so I can get away with stuff like that.)

I'll also be slumming around San Diego and LA next week, but those are big places and I think I've already filled out my schedule. Still, if you want to buy me stuff or sleep with me or whatever...well, you'll probably scare the hell out of me, to be frank, if you actually cop to ANY of that,

BRIBES: Oh shit, that reminds me, Martin Zacks is double cool for mailing a SECOND time a copy of IEEE Internet Computing magazine, where he is a contributing editor. I have managed to completely forget to thank him publicly for like three or four weeks now. And that's not fair, 'cause he actually gets PAID to write all professional and stuff! Thanks again!

MORE SHIT THAT ISN'T THE RAW REPORT: I have a problem - the WWF thinks that KICU airs Metal at noon, while KICU thinks they air Jakked at midnight - they're BOTH wrong - I get Metal at midnight. Now, Kevin Kelly and Terry Taylor are pretty damn funny and preferable to the pair of Michaels as far as commentary goes, but my big problem is I'm getting TV-PG action in a TV-14 slot! Reading the Jakked report (you mean there ISN'T a Jakked report on WrestleLine?), I KNOW I missed some hot ho action 'cause I had to watch Metal. Also, they take all the blood out of the flashbacks! (Well, most of it anyway). All of this begs the important question and perhaps the ultimate REAL problem out of all this: namely, what the hell am I doing watching WWF syndicated programming during the weekend, anyway?

AND FINALLY: Anybody that gives Unforgiven a "thumbs up" needs to send a little of whatever they're on my way, I think. Jericho and X-Pac had better matches in WCW, the main event was good but hardly great, and everything else was textbook mediocre, save the abysmal, should-be-universally-selected-as-Worst-Match-of-the-Year, Kennel from Hell match, which was so bad as to GUARANTEE that the main event could NOT come CLOSE to saving the card.

But let's try to move on, shall we?

TONIGHT: From the historic Greensboro Colesium, the new WWF Champion Triple H will be here, Chris Jericho takes on his biggest challenge - the Big Show, and that Austin character will be running around.

The best thing about this Roddy Piper "match" on "Walker: Tejas Ranger" is that that isn't really slow-motion - that's Piper's REAL wrestling speed these days. Ha! Didn't I just recap this match a few short months ago? Weird how it always seems to come around and show up on Mondays, isn't it? Har har har...




TV-14-DLV - One World Leader Attitude - WWF!

Still shots from last night's 6 Pack Challenge, along with a few slo-mo'd MOVING shots show the clusterfuck - albeit an *entertaining* clusterfuck - that was the main event resulting in Triple H regaining the title in a move that should have surprised no one - with the WWF, it's not WHAT happens, it's HOW it happens.

"Earlier Today" footage shows the good and just (and gentle!) Vince McMahon resolving the referee's dispute - just like that? Well, that's a bit of a letdown. Vince goes on to give a pep talk, telling the zebras that they have the authority, and now it's up to them to take command in the ring. Jim Korderas, we will note, is wearing a sling and stands just a bit away from the rest of his comrades...

Opening Credits - RAW IS WAR'S A IS THIS ON?

FIREWORKS mean WE ARE LIVE from the Greensboro Colesium in Greensboro, NC 27.9.99 for WWF RAW is WAR! Let's waste no time introducing the new champ (or is it the old champ? Well let's at least give him a new moniker...)

TREBLE H (along with THAT SLUT CHYNA) makes his way to the ring and this is no doubt the first of at least 57 times we hear that wonderful theme music tonight. Will he be over before THIS title reign is over? You know, they don't boo HIM, they boo that MUSIC. One weak "asshole" chant won't cut it as far as heel heat goes, I'm thinking. Well, let's listen in. "Like I give a crap what you think! Each and every one of you can rest assured that EVERY SINGLE TIME I hold THIS in the air, you can kiss my ass! Last night, I proved it again to the worrrrld, that Triple H is beyond the Man - that Triple H is stronger than all - that Triple H is indeed The Game. And as a matter of fact, is the best damn Game there has ever been in this business! Because last night I got into the ring - six of the best professional athletes in this game today, and when it was said and done...when it was all finished, I proved to the world that they weren't even in my league! But the sweet justice of it all, the best thing of the night was that none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin...that Steve Austin had to get down on his hands and knees and he was forced - he had no choice - it was that dominant - he had no choice but to kneel and count 1, 2, 3 - counting me to the victory. And in the other sweet justice, over none other than the People's Champ. But Austin, it will not stop there. Because Jack, it goes like this. You are next. You are going to be the last notch on my belt of success. Because Austin, I will not sleep - I will not rest - until I beat your ass right in the middle of this ring." BRITISH BULLDOG is out, and he's wet. I consider the new theme a step back, by the way - thanks for asking. I'm STILL humming the one from SmackDown! Pretend I'm typing with an accent: "Cut it. First of all, let's forget about Stone Cold Steve Austin right now. Because YOU and I made a deal last night - and correct me if I'm wrong, Triple H - Mr. Game Boy - and the deal was that if either one of us became the World Wrestling Federation champion at Unforgiven, the other one would get the very first title shot the next night on RAW, and guess what, Hunter - I think tonight - RAW is WAR." Crowd is...apathetic. I bet they're all waiting for him to say that he's BIZARRE! "Hey! I didn't tell you to speak! Third of all, I bailed your ass out last Thursday on SmackDown! AND I did not come back to the World Wrestling Federation for nothing, I came back to the World Wrestling Federation for one thing and one thing only, and that is to become the World Wrestling Federation champion - and tonight, that belt is going around the British Bulldog's waist." "Now easy here, Davey just calm down before that bucket-sized head of yours pops off. Relax, all right? This is plan and simple. And I'm gonna explain it to you nice and easy so you can understand it. The fact of the matter is - *I lied to your ass.* You ain't gettin' nothin'." "You know what? We can do it any way you want, Game Boy. Because tonight, I'm gonna take your ass out - I can take your ass out right now, or I can take it out later on RAW for the WWF title. Triple H, Game Boy, it's plain and simple - the choice is yours." I hope he says "Game Boy" one more time! "The choice is mine, huh? Yes, plain and simple - screw you." "You know what? Being the arrogant son of a barrogant son of - I knew, I KNEW you'd say that..." and he jumps him. The USA censor has been replaced with some kind of weird echo instead...that's what that was up there. Anywho, Bulldog wailing away - but he's forgotten that they are not alone in the ring. Chyna from behind, Smith spins around and there's a Golota from the champ. Now the doubleteam is on - three refs come out and manage to break it up ('cause they're not scabs!) - a familiar theme fires up and VINCENT K. comes out. Whew, I missed him. "Triple H, first of all - congratulations Triple H on once again becoming the World Wrestling Federation champion. I hope the British Bulldog caused you no bodily harm. I'm disappointed, however, to hear that you are reluctant to defend the WWF Championship in Greensboro, North Carolina. Because tonight, YOU WILL. And Triple H, you won't be defending the title, however, against the British Bulldog, no, not tonight. You'll be defending the title against the man whom the British Bulldog SCREWED out of his championship opportunity at Unforgiven with a foling metal chair. That's right, Triple H, you defend the World Wrestling Federation championship...and you



defend the title tonight in Greensboro against the Rock." Ross says he thought it was Austin's opportunity, and *I* was gonna say that too, but Ross is a big Austin mark so I just lost the will to say it myself.

Your hosts are in fact the aforementioned JIM ROSS & JERRY LAWLER. How will Austin react to this disappointment? Also tonight: Chris Jericho and the Big Show hook 'em up! The New Age Outlaws throw down an open challenge - who will pick it up? And ... Ivory takes on Moolah and Mae Young in a handicap match? Let us take you back last night on Heat where Ivory had fun at the expense of the two elders, only to suffer from a punch from Moolah - and here's a clip from Unforgiven where Ivory had the misfortune of selling some more offense from said seniors. Woo boy that'll be...interesting.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett talks to Dr. Tom Pritchard while Miss Kitty looks on.

Mankind holds balloons and presents...and leads a mysterious figure under a black hood...together, they're WALKING! The Rock is gonna go banana when he sees what's under the blanket!

We take one more look at Jarrett, Kitty and Pritchard - because this time, they're WALKING!

"Earlier Today" footage shows Stephanie and Test picking out a tux. Listen to the ladies scream when Test walks out dressed like a penguin. Man, don't watch RAW with your girlfriend...God knows WHAT ideas'll pop into her head!

JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET, MIDOUBLES KIDOUBLETY and DR. TOM PRITCHARD walk to the ring. Let Us Take You Back to Last Night, where Chyna won the Intercontinental Title, but suffered a reveresed decision at the hands of "Head Scab Referee" Pritchard. As a result, Pritchard suffered a pedigree. Now let's listen to Jarrett: "Now Chyna, Debra, I don't want any women out here tonight getting hurt on your behalf, so tonight I'm gonna make this real simple. Accept our challenge and there won't be a skank in the house tonight to get hurt. Last night at Unforgiven, you two women were completely out of hand, and tonight us men are gonna put you back in your place. That's right, tonight on RAW, the battle of the sexes - Dr. Tom and myself against you Chyna, and you Debra. Let's see if you two women have the..." and then the wacky USA echo takes over to cover up the word "balls." You know, I sure prefer the "fake crowd mute" to the USA echo.

FRAM! brings you RAW is WAR - along with WWF: the Music (Volume 3 - Goody Got it!) and WWF SmackDown! trading cards

WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW v. CHRIS MONDAY JERICHO (with Curtis Hughes) - "Welcome to RAW is JERICHO. And I know that a lot of you people expect me to brag and gloat about the fact that I ended Ken Shamrock's career, but to be quite honest, that's EXACTLY what I'm gonna do! Scamrock, you should be absolutely thrilled that you survived your encounter with Y2J with only a body cast and traction to worry about - I mean, I am one bad mammajamma - look at my track record. Road Dogg - career ending injury. Scamrock - incapacitated indefinitely. And now tonight, the World Wrestling Federation's newest Most Dangerous Man is going to end the career of the World Wrestling Federation's biggest waste of sperm in YOU Big Show because when I'm finished you will never, EEEEEEVER bore these Jerichoholics agayne!" Jericho in quick, sticking and moving, whip reversed, duck, Show catches him, presses him - and drops him. PRINCE ALBERT is out to take a good look at "the Big Slow." When he knocks off Show, HE'LL be the WWF's "skyscraper." Well it's a big clubbing forearm. Well it's a big boot on the neck. Hughes up on the apron - well it's a big headbutt to take HIM to the floor. Jericho dropkicks the knees from behind to take him down. Jericho on the knees. Eidos Interactive's "Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver" brings you the Double Feature. Show picks him up, Jericho holding onto a short arm scissors, and drops him again. Jericho holding the top rope to stop the chokeslam. Jericho manages a kick in the nards as referee "Blind" Teddy Long stops to warn Hughes, Show catches him anyway and there's - well, there's no chokeslam as Long rings the bell (DQ? 2:03) because Albert is on the top turnbuckle and there's a dropkick off the top rope! Hmm, usually we don't ring the bell until AFTER the interference...oh well, must be a little rusty. Anyway, as Jericho and Hughes try to leave, who should appear at the top of the ramp but the ROAD DOGG, who gets a few licks in before they disappear off the ramp and out to the back.

Again, Mankind talks to the guy underneath the hood.


If you're like me, you had a feeling it might have been Stevie who should walk into the picture but Stevie Richards, decked out in Dude Love regalia. Richards asks Mankind if he could borrow his gimmick - he wants to be Dude Love. Foley does a spit take. "Why?" "'Cause he's a chick magnet!" After he walks off, Foley confides to his hood "The chicks HATED Dude Love, that was part of the gimmick!"

Steve Austin is WALKING! Whoops, there's Pat Patterson - get out of the shot! Whew, that was close - you were almost spotted!

The all-new - it's ROCK-TASTIC!

You wanna talk Attitude? You better be talking Acclaim Sports!

MICHAEL KING COLE has caught up with Chyna - she's more than happy to take part in the challenge, but Debra might want to just stay out of the way...

I hear glass, time for a drunk ass STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN to wobble to the ring and stagger to four corners. He's a little surprised and a lot pissed off that Vince McMahon isn't living up to his promises by giving HIS title shot to the Rock. Austin calls out Vince as he has some 'splainin' to do. "No Chance in Hell" brings out VINCENT K. to the ring. "You want an explanation?" "Oh you're damn right, I want an explanataion, because I reinstated you so I could get my title shot, so you're damn right Einstein, I want an explanation." "You're entitled to one, and first of all, even though I've said it privately, I'd like to publicly thank you for reinstating me in the position of power here in the World Wrestling Federation. Secondly, Stone Cold, I did say - the agreement was, you reinstate me, you get the title shot. That was the agreement. The only thing is, I didn't say to you WHEN you'd get the title shot. Wait a minute...those looks are unnecessary. I've seen that look before, and that's not called for and I'll tell you why - because I AM gonna live up to my word - man to man, just like was promised Stone Cold, just like was promised - you WILL get your title shot. You'll get it in less than three weeks time. You'll get it at No Mercy no matter WHO the WWF Champion will be. No matter." Austin gets confirmation (title shot at No Mercy - absolutely), and promises that if he DOESN'T get the title shot, he'll stomp a mudhole like never before in Vince's ass and walk it dry - and that is the bottom line, because he is saying so.

GTV shows Joey Abs and Rodney kicking Terri to the curb following a playful romp in the shower ("That train's left the station!") - before Pete "Gas" got his chance! "Why do I always have to be the caboose?"

WWF Unforgiven encore presentation is TUESDAY!

I always boggle at a Hardee's ad in California.

I always boggle at that chick's REALLY short skirt in the SMINT ad

Now I'm boggling at the Designer Republic making a contribution to Wipeout 3 - can another killer soundtrack be far behind?

Triple H prepares for his big title match tonight

Rock paces because preparing is for suckers

STEVE BLACKMAN (with Riggs & Murtaugh - and a bag of FUNK) v. D'LO BROWN for the European Championship - Let Us Take You Back


to Last Night's match between Blackman and Venis - and the aftermath including a Jim Dotson spear. Brown's Sky-Hi and 'Lo-Down on Mark Henry last night is the Lugz Boot of the Week. Blackman on him to start. Hey there's DROZ come out to get some commentary time, since Prince Albert already did it tonight. These two don't seem to be getting along as well, do they? Atomic drop from Brown, there's a clothesline. Blackman ducks a clothesline, kick, kick, dropkick. Off the ropes, duck, 'rana from Brown! There's a kick - flourished legdrop for 2. Up and over - hot shot from Brown, then pulling him out to the floor. Whip is reversed into the STEEL steps. Blackman's got a kendo stick - whack! Jim Korderas rings the bell with his good arm (DQ 1:46) - Blackman walking away - no, wait! WHACK on JIM DOTSON! WHACK! Blackman NEVER NEVER forgets. Too bad this can only end with Blackman jobbing out to the "Security Guy" in a probable pay-per-view opener. Poor Blackman - he'll just never get over that hump. Meanwhile, Droz calmly walks over, beats up Brown - then pukes on him. Here's ...SEXUAL CHOCKLIT MIZARK HENRY? Yup, he's checking on Brown - who wants nothing to do with him. What's up with all THAT?

For the third time, we see Mankind and his special guest - and for the third time, Mankind promises that the Rock will be incredibly surprised (and, presumably, so will we). They're WALKING! Could they be...NEXT! ?

"During the Break" footage shows a disappointed Austin politely declining an invite to the party from Mankind. He'd MUCH rather lean against a wall and sulk! Probably just 'cause he's sober...

MANKIND is out with balloons, presents, and a "THIS IS YOUR LIFE" book. Whose birthday is it? It ain't Mick's...his is the same as mine, 7 June! "Hello Greensboro...I guess probably a lot of you watched the show last night - maybe some of you saw that I stuck Mr. Socko in the Rock's mouth - hey, I know what I did and I've got to live with it - so I stayed up all last night thinking of a way to make it up to the Rock and I've got it right here. So after a lot of soul searching I'd like to say that at least in my heart the Rock and Sock Connection lives on. So what I'm gonna do, now Rock I hope you're back there listening - I'm gonna ask the People to play your music - and if you come out, well, that'll be the first step toward forgiveness, and if you don't, I guess I'll have to accept the Rock and Sock connection is dead ... hit the music! Go ahead, hit the music!" The new music plays - and LA ROCA *does* appear at the top of the ramp, looking. ever-so-slightly amused. There's the RAW credits, the TV-14-DLV ratings box, and also a logo for THEROCK.COM. The crowd chants his name for a while. Rock wants to know what Mankind wants - Mankind says that "this IS your life!" There's a bit of pyro and a jaunty theme - confetti and balloons fall from the sky. "Rock, let me ask you this - does Mankind know how to throw a little pardukey or what? While all these people pop these balloons, I want you to listen real close and tell we look into the pages of yesteryear, do you remember this voice?" "Duane? Would you like to answer that important question?"


"That's right, Rock, Mankind has pulled out all the stops and he has brought to you your sixth grade home economics teacher MRS. BETTY GRIFFITH...largely acknowledged as the women who taught the Rock his wit and wisdom, as your home economics teacher Mrs. Griffith may have very well been the first one who truly smelled what the Rock was cooking!" Is that Dean Douglass' old theme? She wants a hug, but the Rock holds her off. "Sure the Rock remembers you, sixth grade, home ec class, right. Do you remember how all year long the only thing the Rock wanted to do in your class was make pancakes? And you never let the Rock make his pancakes, did you. You wanted the Rock to make chocolate chip cookies, blueberry muffins! But never pancakes. And then right before summer vacation you said 'hey Rock, tomorrow I got a nice surprise, because I'm gonna let you FINALLY make your pancakes.' And then the next day you came to the Rock, and you said 'Rock, unfortunately I'm all out of Aunt Jemima.' Well, that's ok, the Rock says this - you still like to cook? You still like to bake bread? You *know your rolls*, right? Well then the Rock says this - you should know your role and shut your mouth - take a little walk down Know-Your-Role Blvd., hang that right on Jabrone Drive, and then proceed to check your Aunt Jemima, no-pancake-havin' ass...direckely into the Smack Down hotel!" Much to the fans' apparent delight, Griffith is escorted out of the ring. Well, Mankind will try again. "All right, Johnson, hit the ground and let me see ya do me twenty!" The second guest is COACH EVERETT HART from the Freedom High School Warriors, coming out to Lex Luger's "I'll Be Your Hero." Lawler: "This is television at its best!" I'm turning on this segment, myself. Of course, Rock has a tale of woe for THIS guy as well - apparently the Coach made him run sprints when Rock decided to hot dog it instead of show good sportsmanship. Rock says he'd like to take his whistle, shine it up real nice, turn that sumbitch sideways, and ... God this segment is taking FOREVER. That's Strike Two, says Rock. Mankind has another guest - coming out to the Narcissist's theme (is this Lex Luger night?) is Rock's high school sweetheart JOANNE EMBRIANNE (YOU figure out the spelling). Of course, Rock has a sad story to tell for her too - apparently she cut him off at second base. Rock says something about "poontang pie" - I sure wish I spoke whatever language that was! Then Rock tells her to "poontang your ass outta here." Can we GET TO THE PUNCHLINE already? Mankind tries to apologise - he didn't think things would turn out this way. "I didn't know your home economics teacher was going to be a bitch - I had no way of knowing that your football coach would be such a jerk - and I had no way of knowing your old girlfriend was such a complete skank. I just wanna make this night special, and dammit, it's gonna be, because we are going to open up the People's presents!" Drum roll highlights Rock opening the box - it's a jacket with "Rock" on the front and "Rock and Sock Connection" on the back. Mankind has one for himself, which apparently was in the other box. Mankind has an envelope for the Rock as well - IT contains a sock with the Rock's face on it - *Mr. Rocko!* Of course, Rock is nonplussed. FINALLY Mankind turns our attention to just outside the ring where that figure is under the black hood - I snapped to and figured out about three seconds beforehand that it was YURPLE - undoubtedly the cherry on this whole steaming pile of...hey! Doink's "good guy" theme for Yurple! 1.6


Yurple places an "IYQ" on Rock and a streamer. Ross: "I'm beggin' for a Rock Bottom." Rock smiles and asks the clown what her name is, then tells her it doesn't matter what her name is. Mankind finally takes some umbrage, telling Rock he's a very ungrateful little man - but more importantly, Yurple is going to lead the crowd in "Happy Birthday." Very badly. Somebody brings out a cake, decorated for the Rock - and we all know where this is headed. The Rock is appreciative to all his fans, but he reminds Mankind that his birthday is in fact 2 May. Mankind says he knows, but every day he spends with him FEELS like somebody's birthday...oh, please shoot me. And now TRIPLE H is out, swinging the sledgehammer, and missing, but FINALLY helping signal an end to this segment from hell. Everybody scatters. H sqaushes some balloons and chews gum meancingly. Hey Triple H, come out about fifteen minutes earlier and you'd be my new favourite wrestler. This segment DESERVES to lose if there's anything resembling wrestling at ALL on Nitro. Of course, it'll probably just double up on the competition. Sigh.

It bears noticing that the cake somehow managed to escape getting pushed into somebody's mush. I believe that's the first time that has failed to happen in professional wrestling in approximately 32 years.

Tonight after RAW, Emmanuel Lewis gets...well I won't spoil it for you

NEW AGE OUTLAWS v. ? for the tag team championship - if you didn't watch SmackDown!, you didn't see the Outlaws reform AND win the tag straps much to everyone's confusion. The USA echo seems to have been repaired, with a proper muting out of "beyoooootch." Backstage, we see the Hollys discuss whether or not they're super heavyweights. They decide to go get the scale. We'll have that match - NEXT!

While I have you here, what happened to that Hollys/Hardyz matchup hyped for Heat? Couldn't have a match as it'd break up the flow of PPV shillin'? Oh well. Serves me right for watching Metal!

The lights are out - and ... Kane's theme? The DX theme? HAH?

NEW AGE OUTLAWS v. X-PAC & THROUGH HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE IT'S KANE for the tag team championship - well, the *pyro guys* knew, anyway. Makes you wonder where the Hollys are. Just like Thursday, a tag team reformation I have no clue why it done happened. As X-Pac and the Dogg lock up, HARDCORE, CRASH & SCALE HOLLY walk down to the ring, take headsets and ask what is up with Kane & X-Pac taking THEIR tag team title shot. We look back at the ring as Gunn and Kane lock it up. You wonder what exactly the Hollys are waiting for, since they don't seem to have anything important to say on headset except "what's goin' on here JR?" about a MILLION times. All four men in the ring now.


I'm just WAITING for the Hollys - ah, there they are. (DQ 2:23) Hardcore Holly tastes a Kane chokeslam and Crash Holly has fun with the broncobuster. Everybody shakes hands - I guess Mr. Ass and X-Pac have no issue no more. Waah.

TERRY TAYLOR is hanging backstage with MAE YOUNG & FABULOUS MOOLAH - Moolah does the "aunt pinch" on Taylor, then says they're going to teach Miss Ivory a lesson - she should respect her elders. Young pipes up with an Admiral Stockdale-esque "She's a tramp!" Moolah says you're never too old to kick some ass. Both these ladies are into their eighth decade of life, and they're absolutely KILLING my ability to make fun of Hogan over on the other channel. I hope they're happy.

The US Coast Guard (Slogan: Not On My Coast) presents the Rescue of the Week - Steve Austin coming to the rescue of picket crosser Jim Korderas who was suffering at the hands of the striking zebras. This marks the only time EVER that referees were actually *causing* damage instead of *suffering* it.

IVORY (with feather boa instead of scarf - I'll let that go) v. FABULOUS MOOLAH & MAE YOUNG in a nontitle Handicap evening gown match - see, it's called a Handicap match because *that's the Zone where Moolah & Mae are parked.* I bet at least ten guys come up with that line tonight (or steal it from me, at least). It's an EVENING GOWN MATCH? Let's HOPE not. Oh, there's your exterior shot of the building. Ivory knocks Moolah down with a shoe. Mae Young with a takedown. Ross reiterates: "You're never too old to kick ass in the WWF!" Oh God. It's like they're TRYING to prove to me that they don't have to show wrestling. DAMN! Feather boa takeover and I SWEAR she landed on her head. There's another bump right on Young's head - maybe she just doesn't notice at her age. Semi-bodylam by Young to turn the tide, but only briefly. Ivory ducks a clothesline from Young but not one from Moolah. Young with a headlock - Ivory with a rake of the face - and now she's relieving Young of her gown (umm...err...) and takes her over the top rope to the floor (yowch) - this is, frankly, quite disturbing to watch. We can only shudder to think of who in the upper echelon of the WWF braintrust got a major woody thinking of how this match would play on television and subsequently approving the booking. Well, Moolah is in and thankfully, she's slightly more frisky. Hairpull takedowns - now riding her back and bashing her head into the canvas. Now Ivory loses her gown, to everyone's delight (2:53) and relief! Ivory with a dropkick in the back of Moolah - Young holding onto the hair. Ivory escapes up the ramp - then Young s-l-o-o-o-o-w-l-y chases her up the ramp while Moolah works the crowd.

There's Chyna - she's WALKING! Her matchup with Jarrett is NEXT!

GTV presents Val Venis picking Mr. Rocko out of a garbage can - then rolling it up and stuffing it in his pants.

When was the last time you heard me say that RAW has pretty much blown chunks? Stick around...

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver brings you WWF No Mercy Sunday 17 October!

JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET & DR. TOM PRITCHARD (with Midoubles Kidoublety) are out. "Let's go Chyna - what's it gonna be? Are you gonna run and hide like every women would and should do? Or are you gonna have a brass set and step into MY


world - a MAN'S world. Let's go! This is the last time! Just what I thought - women are only good for three things - cookin', cleanin' and--" THAT SLUT CHYNA appears at the top of the ramp. She'll agree to the match, but only if, should she pin Jarrett, she gets a rematch for the IC title at No Mercy. Jarrett says no problem, since there's no way she'll pin him. That matchup is NEXT!

JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET & DR. TOM PRITCHARD (with Midoubles Kidoublety) v. THAT SLUT CHYNA & DE-BRA - Debra isn't wearing her ring attire - and comes out to Jarrett's theme. Ah, she's here to remove her top and distract Pritchard. There's a Golota from Chyna to take Mr. X out. Clipping - 15 yard penalty for Jarrett! "This is gonna be easy work!" Elbowdrops on the knee - Figure four is applied - Debra in and pulling on the ears. Miss Kitty in and on Debra - oh boy I HOPE they catfight! Why, Kitty's wearing a white thong! Chyna manages a Golota on Jarrett while he watches this - meanwhile, Pritchard is in with the gee-tar - there's the Kabong on Chyna - but she falls with one arm draped over Jarrett! Referee "Blind" Teddy Long turns around and counts the fall - 1, 2, 3. (1:11) Oh boy, another month of Jarrett and Chyna! Debra checks on Chyna...

Triple H is pissed - and he's WALKING!

The Rock is also WALKING! Their big match is NEXT!

It's NOT thinking, God dammit!! It's just a videogame!

STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN is out - but he's not part of this match! Looks like we just picked up a drunk colour commentator.

TREBLE H v. LA ROCA for the WWF Championship - Triple H's music starts off midway through, and he starts attacking before the bell - must be tight on time. Rock reverses and punches away as well. Whip into the opposite corner - FLAIR FLIP! Rock outside. Helmsley over the barricade, Rock follows - they're out to the rink wall - now back over the barricade. Head to the STEEL steps. I *dare* Earl Hebner to DQ this match over. Vertical suplex - blocked - Helmsley hits one instead. Helmsley takes Rock's head to the commentary table. Over another barricade. Punch, punch, right blocked, Rock back with rights. Where are they going now? Well, out of camera range, I suppose. That's not a good idea. Looks like they're in the benches. Helmsley taken into ...a sign? Surely a staggering array of punches and kicks is the sort of thing that will earn - nay, DEMAND - Rock a berth in the WWF Hall of Fame.


Coming back over the barricade now. Back to the commentary table again. Back...IN THE RING? NO WAY!! Right, right, off the ropes, Rock reverses, head down, facebuster. Rock catches him - but before he can hit the uranage, Helmsley busts out - Pedigree attempt, no there's a counter - there's a catapult into the turbuckle. 1, 2, no. Right, off the ropes, duck, Samoan drop by the Rock - 2 count. Clothesline takes him over the top to the floor. Helmsley blocks the punch and drops the Rock on the commentary table. There's another clothesline. Rolled back in, H grabs a chair before HE comes back in. Hebner trying to wrest it from Helmsley - Triple H decks him. Chair to the Rock! H says he's got one left for Austin - Austin rushes the ring, firing away with rights, off the ropes, duck, gutshot, Stunner, Rock up, Rock Bottom. STILL no ref. Aren't there like five other refs? Apparently they've all missed the buffet they didn't get have while they were striking. Finally, the Rock stirs. Hebner with the trademark slow count. 1.................2.............BRITISH BULLDOG is out to make the save. Hebner calls for the bell. (7:15) Bulldog stomping away on Rock - now stomping away on the CHAMP - running powerslam for Triple H as the WarZone credits are up - and we're out.

Ugh, a bad night. A bad, bad night. Couple that with the PPV and you have to wonder when exactly the meltdown took place over the last month. Okay - onward! Commence complaining about my terrible, terrible bias!

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