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/11 October 1999





I GET LETTERS: It's time to play spot the errors! Read along with Name Withheld:

I think you (like many recappers) have an over-exaggerated sense of self-importance. You do a rundown of what happened on a wrestling program. Aside from that, you are not the least bit consistent. If you're going to make an off color, and tasteless Owen Hart comment, at least say something sick and fucked about about the Droz..

I saw your pic over at TOA.. Wrestleline is pretty smart, they don't run that dorky, zit-faced, oily-aired photo of you, and there's a reason or two for that.

Now that I know what you look like, and being on the West Coast myself (NorCal, just like you, except I don't listen to KSJO metal bullshit stations like YOU do, or any stations here, they ALL SUCK), so I think what I may do is look for you at the next Oakland Colesseum (sp.?) or Cow Palace, or San Jose Arena events, and do many people a favor and kick your fucking scrawny ass up and down the coast, drag you around by your long stringy hair and give you something flippant to write about it.

You have a necktie with the WWF logo on it? Just like your sweaty, fat, out of shape idol, Mick Foley? Really!? How about you wear that to the next house show (I'm sure you already have) and I FUCKING HANG YOU WITH IT?

Try to have a nice day.

Hell, I've already had a nice WEEK - your letter is the CHERRY ON TOP!!

In case YOU can't make your way over to tOA (home of the BEST wrestling discussion on the planet - oh, except for the fine forums here at WrestleLine *cough cough*), I'm happy to provide a glamourous QuickCam exposure. I'll encourage the editors to crop it up and stick it in the right hand photo slot in place of whatever they had planned, but if they're not so inclined, then here's a hyperlink instead.

But I think we can best say that my sense of self-importance, if anything, is vastly UNDERrated. Oh, AND I have to add that if you ever met me in person, you would quickly be relieved of the notion that kicking my ass would prove ANYTHING.

But I'm not here to put myself over! I have people who do that for me! Just not this week.

YEAR-END AWARDS: In my other life on Usenet, I run the Year-End Achievement Awards. If you've never heard of Usenet, you're a loser who doesn't deserve 'Net access. Sorry, but it's true. Anyway, if you'd like to be part of the most prestigious, oldest 'Net tradition of ... whatever, stop by later this week, when I'll drop all the skinny.

COACHELLA: It was awesome - well, the parts that weren't 120 degrees and 100% humidity (damn tents). Outside it was a cool 104 - because it was a DRY heat and it was breezy. If you ever get a chance to see Banco de Gaia live, DO IT. I got a strong vibe that Amanda Flohr was somewhere out there that weekend, but it may have only been a false reading as I'm not even sure she lives on this coast anymore. Anyway, she would have really enjoyed it. That seems the most confusing, shortest way of wrapping up the weekend. If I get some free time (ha), I'll write up a detailed description of who I saw, who I DIDN'T see, and the whole general "been there, done that, bought the knockoff T-shirt for $5" spiel and put it up on some site that handles pieces that have nothing to do with wrestling. Hint: IT'S THE URL WHOSE DOMAIN NAME HAS MY INTIALS IN IT. If nothing else, I think we've all learned that there can be no doubt at all that of all the things a woman can wear there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING sexier than the glossy sheen of her own perspiration. That, and I definitely don't get out enough....

TONIGHT: I don't know - I missed the preview! Damn you, Walker, for your irregularly timed commercial breaks!




Gorilla Monsoon tribute is played one more time - some people deserve to be remembered more than once. Rest in peace.

One World Leader Attitude - WWF!

Opening credits - Closed captioned - rated TV-14-DLV - RAW IS WAR'S A-BLOWIN' IN THE WIND

Remember those fireworks they didn't shoot off LAST Monday? Well to make up for it there's twice as many FIREWORKS! this week - just possibly because RAW IS WAR is on the home turf of the competition - LIVE from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA 11.10.99 for the great big Columbus Day (observed) holiday!

VINCENT K. walks out to open the show - for the sole purpose of getting a standing O in Atlanta. And who among us can say he doesn't deserve it? Well, that guy, probably. And maybe that guy over there. Just ignore them. "On behalf-- on behalf of the World Wrestling Federation, I would just like to say it feels GOOD to be with you here tonight in Atlanta! Allow me to introduce to you now the man whom this Sunday, at No Mercy, could very well once again become the World Wrestling Federation champion - he is...STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!" Hey, how about that growl and finger waggle? Vince apparently leaves while Austin poses at all four corners, which saves me some annoying continuity checks, thank you. Triple H is here tonight, we hear. "For the last two wee--for the last two months, Stone Cold Steve Austin has been on the sidelines because of one particular asshole...and that asshole's name just happens to be Triple H!" Is the censor dead? "I got a little message for ya Triple H - tonight, here in Atlanta, Georgia, Stone Cold Steve Austin is BACK, you dumb son of a bitch! You know ever since I been gone, you come out here, and hell, every week it seems like you beat up good ol' JR - all due respect to JR, the sumbitch ain't no wrestler. Then you come out here, and you put your little rattlesnake in a burlap sack and you beat that sumbitch up too. Big deal, 'cause you ain't scarin' Stone Cold Steve Austin none! When I get your ass in this very ring at No Mercy, you can rest assured that that WWF title is coming back to Stone Cold Steve Austin, and that's all I got to say about that! But it's like I said, I am a little pissed off and I really don't feel like waitin' 'til No Mercy so why don't you bring your little scraggly carcass down to this ring because I got something for ya! You can sit back there all you want, but I know your long-haired ass is here, so bring your ass out here...punk!" The sound of a strangled goose brings TREBLE H out, underneath the EntertainmentTron. After the requisite spit takes and "asshole" chant from the crowd, H speaks. "Austin - you know I hear you out here running your mouth..." pause for the chant again. Time for Austin to tell H what the crowd's saying (again no censor). "What I got is forty thousand people that I don't give a crap if they live or die! This is between me and you - now you can come out here and you can run your mouth about 'you want me tonight' - now I could walk down to that ring and there is not a retard in this crowd out of fourty thousand people that doesn't think I would walk into that ring and rip your ass from one end of Atlanta to the other, but - but - seeing as I'm in the driver's seat Jack, I'm not doing that. Because Sunday is gonna come soon enough - Austin, you wanna tell everybody that I'm not scaring you - I don't need to scare you anymore - 'cause I've looked in your eyes, and I've seen it. You are scared, because YOU know - you know deep down inside, you know without a shadow of a doubt that Sunday, at No Mercy, YOU CAN NOT BEAT ME. The censor finally wakes up and mutes out a long passage, which I believe involves something about an asshole and that he's The Game. "And you know what?" H stews until the chant fires up again. "You want an ass(muted - I'm guessing 'hole, you're gonna get one. I've got no problem with') that - you and me right now." He puts the mic down and removes the jacket. But instead of entering the ring, he walks around - around - to the other side - I'm waiting for someone to jump him from behind now but the ramp isn't in the shot. H turns around - and knocks JIM ROSS' hat off his head, then gives him a shove after he stands up. Ross almost knocks over JERRY LAWLER in the process. Ross throws down his pencil, then grabs an electric fan and gives H a sledge with it. H turns around - and Austin strikes from the apron to the floor. The brawl is on - over the commentary table, to the barricade, to the STEEL steps. Austin drags Triple H into the ring and calls to Ross to get in the ring. Austin stomping a mudhole into H in the corner, then holding him for Ross. Ross calls to the crowd, then buries a right into H's gut. Lawler is so excited he almost calls Jim Ross "Jimmy Hart" (turning it into "Jimmy R." instead) Austin hits a right, flooring the champ. Now THAT SLUT CHYNA is out and there's a spear on Ross. Chyna wailing away with rights. Austin over to pick her up by the hair, then deck HER with a right cross. Well, I'm just offended by such BLATANT violence to women! The horror! I hear glass which means this segment is almost over. Helmsley disappearing while Chyna was under attack, now they're both up on the ramp. Something's muted, something else is muted, and Triple H challenges Austin and Ross to a tag match against himself and Chyna. Austin asks the



crowd for a "Hell Yeah," then says that's all he got to say about that. Damn, he forgot to tell us that was the bottom line and all that! Ross looks uneasy. Lawler asks him if he's lost his mind.

We look backstage to a pen of bulldogs - and bulldog manure. This'll surely lead to an exciting quarter hour down the road!

Triple H vs. Steve Austin is the subject of this PPV promo - and that PPV, WWF No Mercy, is presented by Eidos Interactive's Soul Reaver and takes place SUNDAY!!

Mankind will appear on GvsE following the show! Just in case you missed it last night.

Speaking of ol' Mick, he's anxiously pacing up and down waiting for the Rock. Hey, there's that tie again!

Let Us Take You Back to SmackDown! last Thursday where Mankind failed to help the Rock by mistiming a chair shot in his match against Val Venis.

KING ASS (with Road Dogg and the same ol' Outlaw spiel) v. CRASH HOLLY (with Hardcore & Scale Holly) - Attendance is announced as 35,721, which is a pretty damn big number, ah reckon. Mike will tell us later this week how many of them actually paid. "You see, I say whatever I want - you say 'Why?' - I say "'Coz" - right now I'm sending our prayers out to our homeboy Droz." How long you think it take him to come out with THAT rhyme? Censor is too late to mute "dizzope," so gimme a farkin' break. Gunn is rooting for the Atlanta Braves, apparently. Crash hands the scale to Hardcore, then rushes the ring - just before we would FINALLY get to hear his weight announced on RAW. Oh well. Of course, the first attack REALLY goes to Ass with the stomping and the stomping. Head run into the buckle. Right, right, right, right, whip into the opposite corner - press - and overhead slam. Vertical suplex - well, actually it's more of a jackhammer (or as Ross calls it, jackknife) for 1, 2, - Gunn up as Hardcore is up on the apron - but Dogg takes care of HIM. Back in the ring, there's the Fame'Asser. Looks like Crash was just made Fame-ass with this DAMN short match. (:49) Hardcore is in wielding the scale and both men are taken down - referee "Blind" Mike Chioda narrowly escaping as well. Clothesline with the metal on Dogg. They're left laying.

MICHAEL KING COLE is backstage with Mankind. First we take care of the GvsE encore presentation, then we get to the meat. "I'm here to say that we all make mistakes, and I realise that by bashing the Rock with a STEEL chair maybe I made a little mistake...or maybe I didn't. Maybe subconsciously I've picked up on Rock's snide little remarks and maybe there was a part of me that wanted to wrap a metal chair around his skull. You see, one of us is not being a team player and there sure as hell is no 'i' in 'team,' there's no 'i' in 'r-o-c-k', and there's no 'i' in 's-o-c-k.' So what I'm telling you, what I'm telling the Rock, and what I'm telling his millions and millions of little fans is before I can commit to making some very lucrative Rock & Sock Connection endorsement deals, I need a commitment from the Rock. So tonight in the Georgia Dome, I'm ready to say that it's put up or shut up time, and Rock it's up to you because I truly do not give a damn - I could go either way."

And now, the WWF Boot of the Week - brought to you by LUGZ! It's Chyna's boot into Jarrett's back - causing him to flip into the ring of mud. From last week's SmackDown!

Another look at the bulldogs - and their by-products

No Mercy, you may have heard, comes to you with the kind sponsorship of Eidos Interactive, who produce "Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver!"

IVORY (with That Damn Scarf) v. MAE YOUNG in a nontitle match - "Ladies and gentlemen, in a few seconds, I am going to beat the Metamucil out of that old sea hag Mae Young - and this match will serve as a demonstration to the Fabulous(ly Old) Moolah at No Mercy this Sunday!


Now listen, I will not hold back. I don't care if it makes you feel uncomfortable watching me clobber a bunch of old ladies - you don't know what they've been putting me through! Every waking moment, I have to live in anxiety and stress - I don't know what corner they're hiding behind - ready to rip my clothes off my back, or pull my hair out in clumps! I wake up from my sleep in nightmares, seeing their old wrinkled faces and their hunched backs! I don't care - justice will be served at No Mercy! So Mae Young, you strap on your Depends, 'cause you're gonna need 'em when I knock every bit of your regularity outta you tonight!" Wow, Ivory gets me kinda hot. Young confidently powerwalks to the ring in robe and crown. She fails to remove the crown and while referee "Blind" Chad Patten (thanks, Kevin Kelly) keeps them separated while the crown can be removed - Ivory CLOCKS her in the back with the title. (DQ 0:00) Before we can get further along with this, FABULOUS MOOLAH *is* out - Ivory manages a second belt shot, then holds the belt behind her back a REALLY long time while Moolah gets in the ring - and fails to stop her, going for the hair instead (which, I guess, works just as well) There's some hairpull takeovers. Right hand. Ivory crawling to the corner - Moolah mounting her and yanking on the hair. Yee-haw! Ivory slides out of the ring - grabbing her precious scarf but leaving the title. Moolah poses with it - then figures out Young is still out cold on the mat, so she goes to tend to her.

Backstage, Mankind paces anxiously some more. It's kind like - WALKING! Jim Ross claims to get the Rock on the phone - only Rock starts talking before the "ringing phone" noise is faded down - oops. Anyway, the Rock's in his limo and he'll be there soon.

Here's an exterior of the Georgia Dome.

TERRY TAYLOR is backstage with BRITISH BULLDOG. After Lawler is done talking over the beginning of the interview, we learn that Bulldog is NOT responsible for the "mutts" backstage, and if it's someone's idea of a joke, it's gonna backfire. On Sunday, he's going to destroy the Rock and get one step closer to the WWF title.

Let Us Take You Back 9 Days to WWF Rebellion in the UK, where Bulldog tossed a metal dustbin right across the noggin of Stephanie, causing...snicker...amnesia. I'll bet what REALLY happened was her EVIL TWIN took over!

MICHAEL HAYES provides an "Earlier Today" interview with SKIPPY & STEPHANIE. She's got post-concussion syndrome - physically she's a lot better except for the headaches, but mentally, she has problems with short-term memory. "I have to write every single thing I do down - I don't even remember what I did last night! And I understand that tonight was supposed to be my wedding night. You know, of course I want to get married someday - and Andrew's so sweet and so nice, and I just can't remember any of the feelings that I have for him - I can't remember him at all..." She ends up breaking down, while Shane plays the understand, comforting big brother. Where's Test all this time? Anyway, seems a little sad that they went to all this trouble to set up a special site for it...

Mankind paces some more - then gets attacked by Val Venis, British Bulldog, and a plastic trashcan top. The truckload of referees and officials deigns to separate them, with varying degrees of luck...

Yo, the limo's arrived - finally the Rock has come to Atlanta - whoops, it's Mark Henry and a woman - is that his therapist? I can't remember...

EDGE & CHRISTIAN (2) v. BROOD (1) (with a burning ring o' far) in Match 4 of the Terri Invitational, in a "non tag team match" - or at least that's what Lilian Garcia called it.


Backstage, we see Terri checking out the action. I'm too busy to stare at her protruding nipples to notice her licking her lips...the (no longer New) Brood rush the ring and it's on. Edge & Christian seem to really enjoy the "one guy on all fours and the other guy springs off his back" moves these days. Commentators are pretty busy talking about Ross' involvement in the main event tonight. Jeff gets the first near fall following a springboard split-legged moonsault from outside on the apron. Matt tries a cover on Christian as well, but also only gets 2. There's a hot shot, now choking him on the second rope. Jeff with a kneedrop on the back of the neck from the apron to the floor. "Did you see me?" Ummm, yes? There's a slam. Matt with the top-rope guillotine and it misses - Jeff tries one as well but Christian rolls out of the way again. Tag to Edge! Knockdown! Knockdown! Knockdown! Knockdown! Dropkick! A charge to Matt fails - cover, feet on the ropes, but Edge manages to kick out at 2. Double spear (ugh) by Edge to turn the tide. Matt puts a foot on the bottom rope. Edge ready for the Downward Spiral, but Jeff breaks it up - Christian come to and it's broken down again. Jeff takes him out while Edge DOES hit the Downward Spiral on Matt. Cover - 1, 2, Jeff off the top rope with the senton bomb - Christian manages a save at 2. Again all four men in - Christian with the Tomikaze on Jeff - but Matt breaks it. Matt takes Edge from the apron to the floor. Top rope moonsault from Matt (DAMN!) onto Edge. Christian springs off the second rope to the floor, landing on Matt. Jeff from the top turnbuckle onto Christian AND Matt! Remember when JR called planchas "planchas?" Edge with his tope con hilo to complete the lucha trainwreck portion of the match. All four men outside. Referee "Blind" Tim White gives up and calls for the bell (DDQ 4:43) - does this mean Edge & Christian have clinched a tie?

X-Pac has a DeForest Kelly moment: "Ahhhh - dammit Kane! Man you're hard headed. You didn't listen to me last time, but TONIGHT you're gonna listen to me. No matter what happens in my match man, you've got to stay out of there. You can not come down to the ring - no matter what. DAMN you gotta let me do this by myself..."

Hey! Another limo! THERE'S your Rock! He's WALKING!

During this ad break, why not visit

KEVIN "NAILZ" KELLY is backstage with LA ROCA, who apparently wipes his ass with how Mankind feels about the Rock & Sock Connection. Those of you who expect Rock transcripts from me should know better by now. I get a laugh out of Kelly gazing outward as the crowd chants the Rock's name. Rock says he's brought some Georgia Bulldogs here tonight. Rock reprises his "parody" bit of Flair's, Savage's, and Hogan's taglines before hitting his own. Right afterward, Mankind asks for his answer. Rock suggests taking a variety of objects, rolling 'em up, turning 'em sideways, and....but VINCENT K. appears and announces that this team can't break up for another 24 hours because tonight they'll take on Venis & Bulldog. Rock says tonight instead of winning one for the Micker, he'll win it for "the Scooper."

X-PAC (with a can of Hansen's Energy Drink)


v. ACOLYTE FAAROOQ (with Acolyte Bradshaw) - Ross encourages all of us to hit to read a Special Note from Darren Drozdov and family. He's doing much better now - thank goodness. X-Pac ducks a lariat, and punches away. There's the trademark Triple Kick. Into the corner, but Faarooq comes out with a lariat. Stomping away, into the corner, and X-Pac collapses. Stomp, into the corner, coming out with the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Faarooq throws him out to Bradshaw while Kane watches backstage on a monitor. Back to the STEEL ringpost. Referee "Blind" Jim Korderas talking about his healed forearm with Faarooq while this is going on. Dumped back into the ring, off the ropes, powerslam for 2. X-Pac ALWAYS does that thing with shaking his hands when he kicks out. Bearhug in full effect. Kane still watching. Commentators talking about Ross wrestling later tonight. Arm fails to fall enough times - X-Pac claps the bell to get out but runs into a spinebuster off the ropes. Kane's watching, okay, gotcha. Off the ropes, X-Pac hits his flippy lariat. Both men up after a fashion - X-Pac with "Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine" twice, there's a spinning heel kick. Lawler says Kane's a "sissy" for the sole reason that it's a verboten word over at WCW. Whip into the corner is reversed, but the charge misses - X-Pac beats him down and administers the broncobuster. Bradshaw on the apron, X-Pac distracted, Faarooq from behind. The Dominator attempt is shaken off, X-Pac hits another kick, Faarooq backs up into his partner, runs into the X Factor and there's your winner. (3:24) Bradshaw is quickly back in and the doubleteam is on. THROUGH HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE IT'S KANE appears - well, at the top of the ramp. He watches while the Acolytes double powerbomb X-Pac and taunt him. Kane pacing, the crowd shouting for Kane to do it. X-Pac set up for the superplex - but Kane rushes the ring, knocks out Faarooq and chokeslams Bradshaw. Kane tends to X-Pac who SHOVES HIM AWAY. Ingrate. Just like the first time, Kane waited for the match to be over, but X-Pac can never be happy unless he totally gets his ass kicked, I guess...

Let Us Take You Back to Earlier Tonight where Triple H and Jim Ross had a confrontation at ringside - Austin, of course, making sure Ross doesn't get attacked. 'cause we all know that Steve Williams was ROSS' BOY.

Ross leaves the commentary position to get ready for his big match. Lawler: "Dead man walkin' - dead man walkin'!"

The WWF returns LIVE to the Shark Tank Friday 26 November! Tix on sale SATURDAY!

The United States Coast Guard presents the Rescue of the Week! From last night's Heat, Glenn Ruth supplied the rescue with the timely intervention of a GTV clip preventing another night in the pokey for former partner Chaz Warrington

Oh boy! It's "Mark Henry's 2nd Sex Therapy Session!" I guess that WAS his therapist. She cross and uncrosses her legs a bit, and says that tonight Henry's going to undergo "drastic overstimulation." in the hopes that that'll help him wtih his problems.

MICHAEL KING COLE is out to make it a pair of kings at the commentary area. Cole suggests it's a different therapist, so I'll believe him.

CHRIS MONDAY JERICHO & CURTIS HUGHES (with TV-14-DLV logo) v. HEAD BANGERS - Looks like we have an admission that they never should have bothered taking these guys apart - Chaz & Glen are gone and Mosh & Thrasher are back. Each guy has a lock of blonde hair in the center of the tops of their head by way of mocking Jericho. Jericho and Mosh start. Jericho on him - Mosh powers out,


but Jericho knocks him down. Off the ropes, leapfrog, Mosh dumps him on the top rope. Punches in the corner, whip out is reversed, Jericho with knife-edge chops and an X-Pac like jumping back kick. Mosh takes Jericho to the corner, and he flips and ends up tied in the tree of woe. Mosh with a butt splash on him and tag to Thrasher. Mosh has him held up against the rope, Thrasher with the leapfrog over his partner onto Jericho (sorta). Off the ropes, Jericho slides through - gutshot - double underhook into a backbreaker. Jericho steps on the face, and tags Hughes. Running lariat. Cole says Ross is not a "sports entertainer." BLEAH. What is he, then? Side headlock, blind tag, off the ropes, flying clothesline off the top from Mosh. Quick tag - doubleteam kicks. Thrasher takes Hughes off the rope, Hughes ducks, there's a double clothesline. Hughes up, tag to Jericho, hot tag to Mosh - whip is reversed, Mosh tries - a rana? Anyway, Jericho holds on and turns it into the Walls of Jericho! Thrasher from behind to break it up - off the ropes with a double flapjack for 2. 1, 2, Hughes in - and hits his own man! Jericho shoves Hughes "You son of a bitch!" Hughes shoves back - Jericho KO's him with a right cross and takes off. Mosh with the gutshot, awkward powerbomb while Thrasher completely misses the top-rope guillotine - oh well. It's still a (sorta) Stage Dive and it's a pinfall victory for the reunited (and it feels so good) Bangers. (3:24) Jericho doesn't look back. This is the second time in two nights for Hughes to be left behind...

Backstage, D'LO BROWN catches up with WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW. Show says something about " father's gonna die - it's just a matter of time." Brown says if there's anything he can do, to let him know. Then he keeps calling him "dog."

It's October and I'm ALREDY tired of that army man saying "nutcracker." I hope they don't run that ad through Christmas.

Mankind's GvsE promo again.

Backstage, Rock hands a pooper scooper, shovel, and tray to Mankind and barks some orders.

GODFATHER (with a damn lot of ho's) v. SEXUAL CHOCOLATE MIZARK HENRY in a ho-jack match - Godfather is just a fun loving guy who loves to have fun - and he smokes a lot of weed, too. Backstage, Terry Taylor is with Henry's therapist, who is named - get ready - DR. ANDREA EARLY. Supposedly, this is the just what the doctor orders for Henry. This is the kinda of lumberjack match that'll keep people entertained...apparently. I think there were some wrestling manoeuvres in here somewhere but actually I didn't see any except for the Ho Train and schoolboy for the pin (1:26). We cut backstage a few times to see that Dr. Early is unhappy with the results. Apparently the women are supposed to be all over Henry, except they're not. Oh well.

Kevin Kelly is backstage with Triple H & Chyna. Austin should be worried - all the time - as far as Triple H is concerned. Triple H promises to Jim Ross that it'll be a good ol' slobberknocker - a nice little piece of business - coming right up.



BIG BOSSMAN v. WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW - so did Undertaker whisper in the Show's ear that his father had terminal cancer? Wait, is the Show still a heel? Bossman's a heel, right. So that makes Show...well, let's listen in. "Listen up, Big Show. I don't give a damn about any problems you may have, because you've got a bigger problem in the form of the Big Bossman standing right here, so get your fat ass down here and deal with me!" Big Show is....distracted...coming to the ring - but still manages a thrust kick as Bossman tries to rush him on the outside. Well it's a big elbow to the back of the neck. Off the ropes, duck, well it's a big flying jalapeno. Into the corner, well it's a big kick, another, another, manhandled to the apron out of the corner. Bossman crawls over to the nightstick, hmm, didn't I see this last Thursday? (DQ :35) Nightstick! Nightstick! Golota with the nightstick! AL SNOW is out to wail away on the Bossman. Big back body drop. Snow laces up the arms and headbutts away. Standing dropkick. This was almost longer than that match but Bossman's got the nightstick again. Stick, stick, stick, FINALLY referee "Blind" Teddy Long brandishes the suddenly almighty WWF referee's patch and Bossman walks off.

Mankind is done shoveling shit...well, in a literal sense at least

Ross and Austin - discuss strategy?

Mankind GvsE promo ... again

RAW is WAR is brought to you by Hansen's Energy Drink, Burger King, and Milky Way!

TREBLE H & THAT SLUT CHYNA v. GOOD OL' JR & STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN - Ross comes out to the Oklahoma State fight song and with his wrists taped - also, he comes out alone, because he's an idiot. H promptly leaves the ring and decks him. Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, I hear glass - Austin runs down the ramp and meets Helmsley halfway while Chyna continues the beating Helmsley started. Austin and H brawling on the ramp - dueling suplex attempts finally work for Austin. Cole: "Those STEEL stage - right into the back of Triple H" - yeah, you gotta watch those STAGE. Umm....well...anyway, brawling on the outside come more. Hey, kinda weird this wasn't the main event, huh? Guess we know where the Rock and Austin land on the card. Anyway, Chyna just choking Ross 'cause the camera isn't really on them too much. Austin and H into the ring, out of the ring, over the barricade, and off we go. Quick look in the ring, and Chyna is kicking a defenseless Ross. Austin and H have made their way to ... somewhere outside. H hits a barricade, then a wall.


Now they're brawling through some doors - referee "Blind" Jim Korderas follows as we go back into the ring, where Chyna is pretty much destroying Ross - as she should, I suppose. Referee "Blind" Teddy Long has joined the festivities at ringside. Chyna standing on the neck. Axehandle blow to the back, another, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, Chyna's calling spots? Setting up for the Pedigree - yup. Lawler evokes a memory of "A Christmas Story." JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET is out with a toaster to waffle Chyna and prevent her from putting Ross in a figure four. MIDOUBLES KIDOUBLETY is out with a laundry hamper - Jarrett with a fireman's carry and he dumps her in the bin - then he and Kitty push her up the ramp and backstage. Just in time, Austin and H re-emerge from behind those doors and back into the crowd - now to a Tostitos Nachos stand - popcorn everywhere. Now to the Icehouse beer stand. "Icehouse! Icehouse!" (Slogan: "Out here, all we know is beer - and to make fun of the short, dumpy bald guy") Austin opening beers, and alternately drinking and smashing them on H. Austin tells H he's got somebody he wants him to meet. Apparently he said he had a friend he wanted him to meet, because Lawler and Cole parrot it for our benefit. No idea what the outcome of this contest was...or if it even started...? Anyway, it took (over 8:00) when it was all said and done

Cut backstage to Jarrett who shoves the hamper off a ... loading dock? For some reason, that doesn't look terribly lethal - guess they could have done a better camera angle to, you know, not show me the floor off the dock...

Poor Keshia - from "the cutest Cosby kid" to "no-name bit part on anti-smoking commercial" in only a few short years...but at least she "knows what's goin' on!"

Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago Where Jarrett shoved the laundry cart, where it plummetted a good - hmmm - FOUR feet.

Somehow, Chyna apparently landed in such a way to bring about a great deal of fake blood in the head and neck area. EMTs are quick to bring out the collar...

BRITISH BULLDOG & BALD VENIS (with closing credits) v. ROCK & SOCK CONNECTION (with a tray containing a steaming pile of ... are you SURE Russo isn't still churning out this stuff?) - that "doo-doo" looks a lot like hot dogs. "Mmmm...beefy" sign reminds me that I failed to write down the earlier "Today is actually Tuesday" sign that appeals to me because it's SUCH a mind trip to try to get away with that to the more gullible amongst us. Pier Four Brawl to start -Mankind on Bulldog and Rock on Venis. Heels are cleared from the ring and Rock shoves Mankind away when he tries to embrace him. Venis pulls Mankind out of the ring - Venis punching away - Mankind closer and closer to the tray - Mankind clothesline Venis to stop that tease. Venis thrown back in the ring - Rock and Bulldog in their corners so I guess it's a real tag match now. Quick tag and Bulldog continues the attack. Another quick tag, more kicking and punching. Whip is reversed, Mankind off the ropes with a bulldog for 2. Rock fails to put the knee out but Mankind tries to drive Venis into it anyway. Tag to the Rock. Right, right, right, right, head to the buckle, whip into the opposite corner is reversed, Venis follows with a lariat.


Venis does his Rock impersonation offense-wise with a right, right, right, right, right, right, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, stand on the neck. Referee "Blind" Earl Hebner pulls him off. Rock comes right back with a clothesline. Gutshot, DDT, cover, Bulldog saves. Rock taking Venis to Mankind's boot, then tagging him. Mankind with rights - Venis pushes him to his corner, then fails to tag his partner (oops) - Mankind with a kick and a running kneelift off the ropes. Tag to the Rock. Rock with a couple of rights - whip is reversed, back elbow from Venis, cover, 1. Tag to Bulldog who is on him, until Rock turns it around for no apparent reason. Whip into the corner is reversed, but Rock catches him for the uranage - until Venis comes in. Mankind tries to help out Rock but Hebner throws him out while the doubleteam goes on behind his back. Venis with the fisherman suplex on Rock - 1, 2, no. That move never works! Rock with "Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine", some more punches - whip is reversed, that reversal is reversed, and Rock hits a Samoan Drop. Both men are down. Mankind waving his "Rock & Sock" jacket to incite the crowd. Both men make the tag. Mankind is all over Bulldog - Venis from behind, Mankind's trick knee acts up. Double noggin knocker - DDT on Venis - Rock in and Bulldog taken over the top rope. Mankind motions for the sock - but goes Val's trunks to produce Mr. Rocko - but Bulldog is back in from behind. Now all four men are outside - Mankind's head hits the STEEL steps, while Venis grabs a STEEL chair to use on the Rock. Doubleteam on the Rock - but Mankind comes to and goes for his *own* Mr. Socko - Venis spies Mankind and takes off - the chase is on - up the ramp and outta there. Rock, meanwhile, reverses a whip and Bulldog goes hard into the STEEL steps. Rock grabs the tray and slides it into the ring. Hebner holding his nose to let us know that's poop on the tray. Let's let Cole call it from here. "Rock's got that tray of dog poop into the ring - what's he gonna do now? No, he, he, he-no. Bulldog now is up - oh no - Rock Bottom - Rock - NO! not - not in the dog poop - ROCK BOTTOM! Into the dog - into the dog poop! The dog poop! The dog poop! A Rock Bottom in - into the dog poop!" Rock removes the elbowpad - it's time - but Bulldog rolls over onto his stomach. His back is ...dirty. Rock doubleclutches and decides not to soil his elbow. Rock's music plays and he walks off. I hope Hebner counts him out of the ring and awards the match to the Bulldog! Here's a replay of the Rock Bottom. I think Bret Hart just got something to talk about in his Calgary Sun column Friday...

Backstage, Austin is WALKING! Oh, look, Austin closes the show - Triple H with the sneak attack - they brawl - Austin getting the upper hand - head to the door. Austin throws Helmsley into the coaches' locker room - where there's a rattlesnake (behind a pane of glass - oops) - Austin turns out the lights on a screaming Triple H - and we're out.

Hey, I watched this here GvsE, it wasn't bad. Probably won't watch it again, but hey.

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