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/5 February 2000
WCW Saturday Night by E.C. Ostermeyer




Hello, again, and welcome to the "WCW Saturday Night" recap for Saturday , 2 February 2000. I'm your recapper, E.C. Ostermeyer and we are going straight to your ring announcers, Mike Tenay and Scott Hudson.

Tenay and Hudson spend the first couple of minutes or so, recounting the activities from the past week's "Thunder and "Nitro"; specifically the Jeff Jarrett tenure as "Acting Commissioner of WCW", replacing the injured Kevin Nash.

All that will have to wait, as we go right into the first match of the evening.

Match #1: Lash LeRoux d. Silver King

Lash seems to be on his game at the outset, as he and Silver King go through a fast series of moves, punctuated by a LeRoux hurancanrana on Silver King, followed by a snap-mare takedown and a knee to the forehead.
Silver King seizes the momentum with a double drop-kick to LeRoux's head, and a standing side-kick to the teeth that staggers LeRoux.
A vicious-looking DDT by Silver King puts LeRoux through the ropes. Whip to the steel steps, and Lash is in trouble.
Lash LeRoux attempts to crawl back into the ring, and gets another double drop-kick from Silver King.
The luchadore's doing a lot of heel-mugging to the crowd.
Holy cow, he's BITING LeRoux on the arm! And now he's gnawing on LeRoux's FOREHEAD! Silver King digging at the eyes of Lash LeRoux, but the referee breaks it up.
Now both men are on their feet and trading blows. LeRoux goes for a cross-body block, Silver King side-steps it, but misses one of his own, and goes down.
LeRoux with the "in-seam adjustment" headbutt to Silver King's groin. He's too slow to capitalize on it, and gets a Golotta from Silver King, who follows it up with a slingshot off-the-rope elbow to Lash LeRoux's head.
Silver King places the steel steps on LeRoux's head, then clouts the steps with a Big Elbow Drop.
Silver King's rubbing his elbow, trying to get the sting out. He must still be feeling it during his next move, a double spring moonsault that's well wide of the target.
The match momentum shifts back to Lash LeRoux, who hits a cross-body slam from the top turnbuckle on Silver King. Arm-drag, lateral press, cover, but only a two-count, as Silver King kicks out.
Both men back on their feet. A crucifix attempt by Silver King is blocked by Lash LeRoux, who then misses a frog splash.
Silver King ties on a lateral press, two count, no!
He then tries a cradle powerbomb, but only gets a one-count.
Lash hits a corkscrew senton bomb on Silver King, Both men trade blows in the center of the ring, a "regular Pier Six brawl", says Scott Hudson.
LeRoux tries a fireman's carry into a scoopslam and misses, but hits his "Whiplash 2000" finisher out of nowhere for the win. (6:30)


Tenay/Hudson Talking Heads Segment 1:

They cover just a bare few of the noteworthy occurrences last week in WCW:

1) Nash phones in the promotion to Jeff Jarrett, to the considerable discomfort of Scott Hall, who keeps asking Jarrett to "put it on the speakerphone, Jeff!"
2) As "Acting Commissioner", Jarrett makes WCW champ Sid Vicious' life a "living hell!"
3) Ric Flair returns to WCW on Monday Nitro. He tries to get over as a heel, but the crowd's not buying it. Start of the Flair-Funk feud.
4) Nothing is mentioned of Messr's Benoit, Malenko, Saturn, or Guerrero moving to the WWF, nor of Guerrero's subsequent injury on "Smackdown".
5) the Snickers-sponsored "Superbrawl 2000" PPV is on Feb 20th in San Francisco.

More commercials.

Match #2: Hacksaw Jim Duggan (with "Father" Duggan) d. Dave Burkhart.

Hacksaw brings his Dad and his wheelchair to ringside.
What's this? Duggan's got the microphone!

"Stop the music! HOOOOOO! It's great to be back on "Saturday Night" because Hacksaw Duggan loves "Saturday Night!" I love the USA!"
(Crowd: " USA! USA! USA!")
"But I'm gonna let you all in on a big surprise! In four week's time, something's gonna happen! And I can do it, tough guy, because I may be the janitor of WCW, but I am the King of Saturday Night! HOOOOOO!"

Hudson (to Tenay): "Did you hear about this?"
Tenay: "Nope, nothing at all...."
Hudson: "Why am I always the last to know?"
Tenay: "...although I did overhear a conversation between Hacksaw and his father in the back earlier tonight that, wellll..."
Hudson: "You gonna tell me?"
Tenay: "I'll let Hacksaw have THAT honor."

While all this blather is going on, Duggan is taking Power Plant grad Dave Burkhart back to school, both inside and outside the ring. Tenay and Hudson are now commenting on the return of Hulk Hogan to WCW, and almost fail to call the last few seconds of the match, as Hacksaw hits a shoulder block from his three-point-stance, followed by his "Old Glory" knee-drop finisher on the hapless Burkhart for the win. (2:35)

Tenay/Hudson Talking Heads segment 2:

WCW Hotline shill.
Tenay says: "Mark Madden of Monday Nitro". Jeez, who'd a thunk it?

Match #3: "Hardwork" Bobby Walker d. Jaime Howard

This is the WCW Power Plant match of the evening.

Walker outweighs Howard by about 50 pounds, most of it upper body muscle.

As they get started, Mike Tenay talks about the upcoming "Uncensored" PPV in Miami, and that Goldberg will be making an appearance in Miami for the "on-sale' at the arena ticket office. Tenay also mentions that it is great to see Goldberg "being seen at a WCW event, anywhere!"

"Hardwork" is showing his mastery of balance and aerial moves as he tightrope-walks the top ring rope to land a huge double sledgehammer blow on Jaime Howard. There's a flying elbow drop on Howard that sends him out of the ring.
Walker follows him outside, and Howard eats the ring post.
Walker to the top turnbuckle, big plancha on Howard nails him to the concrete floor.
Both men back in the ring. There is a brief attempt at some offense by Jaime Howard with a cross-body block, but Walker reverses it into a powerslam. "Hardwork" Walker to the top rope, diving lariat, cover, and a 3-count. (4:20)

Commercials. Yet again.

Match # 4: Lord Steven Regal (without Dave Taylor for once) d. Fidel Sierra

Hudson: "Regal always looks like he smells something!"
Tenay: "It's a look of contempt."
Hudson: "He has nothing BUT contempt for the fans. He is an 'equal-opportunity' offender!"
Then Hudson announces that "Three Count" is not only in the building, but that they are scheduled to wrestle tonight.
Tenay: "WHAT?!"
Hudson: "They get to sing, too!"
Tenay: "NO!"
Hudson: "It says so right here..."
Tenay: "Well, at least I got a personality!"
Hudson:" Yeah, courtesy of Kevin Nash!"

A ho-hum match, with Lord Steven Regal finally hitting an interesting chicken-wing neckbreaker on Sierra for the win. (4:16)

Tenay/Hudson Talking Heads Segment 3:

Our Heroes recap the events surrounding Jeff Jarrett's tormenting of WCW World Champion Sid Vicious, with examples drawn from footage shot on Nitro
And Thunder.
A "living hell", indeed!

Match #5: Kid Romeo d. The Texas Outlaws (yup, plural.)

Hudson and Tenay continue to wax poetic on the Jarrett/Sid Vicious feud, even though there's some pretty good action going on in the ring.

After throwing Outlaw 1 through the ropes, Kid Romeo does a big plancha off the top turnbuckle to the outside, nailing both Texas Outlaws.
He rolls Outlaw 1 back in the ring. There's a bulldog, lateral press, but the Kid only gets a two-count.
Kid Romeo with a hurancanrana, but a second try gets him crotched on the turnbuckle by Outlaw 1, then thrown out of the ring.
Outlaw 2 slams Kid Romeo into the steel steps, then rolls him back inside.
A Kid Romeo bodyslam attempt comes up short, and gets reversed by Outlaw 1 with a uranage, followed by a sidewalk slam. Cover, 1,2, nope.

The Kid begins to mount some offense now.
A spinning heel kick by the Kid gets a two count.
There's a front kick/enziguiri combination by the Kid, and that gets a two count as well.
Tornado DDT from the Kid looks like it will do the job, but the Texas Outlaws switch men while the referee's back is turned, and now it's Outlaw 2 in the ring.
That's no problem for Kid Romeo, though, as he reverses an Outlaw 2 powerbomb attempt into a Sunset Flip for the win. (4:43)

Lenny and Lodi are seen talking backstage. They've come up with a new name for their tag team: "2XS" ("To Excess". Or maybe "Two Excess". "Too Excess"?) Lenny asks what their costumes will be. Lodi says well with a name like "2XS", you never know...

Match #6: David Flair and Devon "Crowbar" Storm (with Daffney) d. Disorderly Conduct

David wants to start the match, so he throws Crowbar through the ropes.
Ah, Daffney's in excellent voice, I see.

Now Flair's doing "Woooo's" to the fans at ringside and laughing.

Hudson: "David Flair's a couple of neurons short of a synapse!"
Tenay: "Whaa...(?)"
Hudson: "Didn't you take physiology in school?"

Flair's getting clobbered by Mean Mike and Tough Tom, so he tags in Crowbar.
Crowbar ups the tempo of the match by hitting a flying elbow on Tough Tom, gets a cover, and a two count.

Crowbar tags Flair back in.
Flair throws Crowbar through the ropes, and then hits a back body-drop on Tough Tom. Tough Tom tags Mean Mike in.
Flair tags Crowbar. Crowbar with a frog splash on Mean Mike. Cover, but Crowbar only gets 2.
Crowbar with a "somersault-guillotine-leg-drop-thingie" on mean Mike, and a cover. Another two count, as Mean Mike slithers away. Crowbar tags in David Flair.

Disorderly Conduct lives up to its name and reputation by double-teaming on Flair, then tying him to the Tree of Woe. Mean Mike with an "In-seam adjustment" to David Flair. Flair just hangs there, laughing crazily.
Tough Tom throttles Flair on the top rope. Goes for the Missile Launcher, but Flair ducks away and tags Crowbar in.
Crowbar hits a mean-looking release-German suplex on Tough Tom, but gets clobbered by Mean Mike.
Double-team by Disorderly Conduct sends Crowbar to the mat. As the referee is sending Mean Mike back to his corner, David Flair is stalking Tough Tom, pry-bar in hand.
In a quick double-team with Crowbar, Flair wallops Tough Tom using the pry-bar as a clothesline. Crowbar gets the cover on Tough Tom, 1,2,3, and it's over. (5:28)
After the match, Crowbar does repeated headers into the mat, and David Flair has an attack of St. Vitus' Dance. Daffney is laughing maniacally throughout.

Commercials. Ya know 'em, ya love 'em...

Match #7 TAFKAPI (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea)( with Paisley) d. Jerry Lopez.

TAFKAPI styles and profiles for the crowd, but mostly for the lovely Ms. Paisley! (Say what you want about his wrestling and musical skills, the man has SOME taste in women!)
Lopez opens with a whirlwind assault on TAFKAPI, culminating in a mean-looking "in-seam adjustment" that worries Ms. Paisley!

But it doesn't last long, as

Samoan drop.
Belly-to-belly suplex.
BIG reverse suplex.

Cover, three-count, thanks for stopping by, Mr. Lopez. (4:40)

Tenay/Hudson Talking Heads, Segment 4:
A repeat of the WCW Hotline shill from earlier this evening.

Match # 8: Three Count d. PG-13

Mike Tenay is ill.

Evan Karagias, along with Shane and Shannon, do their best to imitate In Synch, but the crowd's not buying it.
After about three minutes, out comes Wolfie D. and JC Ice of "PG-13" with a rap and an attitude that bodes ill for Three Count.

Shane's not having any of that, however, and Wolfie D gets tossed over the top rope to start things off.
Shane gets maximum air on the follow-up frog splash outside the ring.

(Tenay is still griping about Three Count to Hudson.)

Wolfie D hits a nasty-looking suplex on Shane outside the ring. Tag to JC Ice.
Shane tags Shannon.
JC Ice nails Shannon with a tilt-a-whirl bodyslam. Tag to Wolfie D, who hits a spinning powerbomb on Shannon Moore.
Shannon tags Shane, who gets double-teamed by PG-13.
Now all four men are in the ring. Shannon misses a moonsault. Wolfie D misses a senton bomb, but kayoes Shannon with a Big Right Hand, and Shannon's out of it.
Evan Karagias is up on the ring apron with a "Green Circle of Doom" in hand.

While the befuddled referee is involved with the Shannon/Wolfie D fracas, Shane whips JC Ice hard into the ropes, where Evan Karagias clobbers the rapper with the "Green Circle of Doom."
Small package by Shane, Evan hollers at the ref. to pay attention, and Three Count gets the 3-count. Sorry, couldn't resist! (4:06)


Snickers SuperBrawl 2000 ad.
(If it's anything like the last WCW pay-per-view, there won't be any "snickers", just a lot of bellows by disgruntled fans wanting their money back!)

Match #9: The Demon (aka Dale Torborg, aka N.W.O Sting, remember?) d. Yun Yang.
(Yup, my mistake for mis-identifying this "Demon" guy as Bryan Adams in last week's column. Sorry, faithful readers, and thanks, CRZ!)

This looks to be a squash in the making.
Yun Yang, a recent WCW Power Plant grad, is looking to make a name for himself by signing matches against the big guys of WCW, but he's apparently got more than he bargained for tonight.
Still, he goes right at The Demon, swarming the big wrestler and locking on a sleeper hold.
The Demon almost casually breaks the hold, then does a military press has Yun Yang way up, and drops him over the ring ropes to the outside!
Boy, that's a LONG way down!
The Demon follows Yun Yang outside, nails him with a clothesline, then tosses him back into the ring.
Yun Yang ducks out of one running lariat from The Demon, but can't avoid the next one, and down he goes.
Demon with a whip to the turnbuckle, followed by a right forearm to the jaw of Yun Yang.
But, The Demon gets careless, and gets a head-butt Golotta that raises him up on tiptoe. (Ouch!) Yun Yang with a lateral press! Do we have an upset? No, just a two-count.
Yun Yang with a big leg drop on The Demon, and a whip to the corner.
Yang rushes in to finish off the big guy, but gets a boot in the face, followed by a uranage slam.
The Demon wins (3:51)

Tenay/Hudson Talking Heads Segment #5:

Video footage from last week's "Thunder" showing the return of Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea to WCW.

Match #10: The WCW World tag-Team Champions, the "Mamalu-" the "Paisans" (with "manager" Disco Inferno) d. Scott and Steve Armstrong.

The Main Event is billed as a defense of the Tag-team belts. However...

Disco has the microphone:
"(reading important-looking document) Henceforth, the "Mamalukes" are to be known as the "Paisans". (Hoots and cat-calls from the crowd)
"In addition, as manager of the "Paisans" I am declaring this to be a non-title match!" (Boos from the crowd.)

We are underway, finally, with Johnny the Bull facing Scott Armstrong. Scott quickly gets the upper hand.

Hudson and Tenay complain about how Disco Inferno has the say-so to determine just when the "Paisans" will defend the belts. Meanwhile, back in the ring....

Thanks to some crafty double-teaming by Steve Armstrong, Johnny the Bull gets hit with a double knife-edge chop, and a double sledgehammer across the back.
Big Vito in to save his partner, but Scott hits him with a forearm shot, while Steve Armstrong nails Johnny the Bull with a straight chop to the ribs. Tag to Scott Armstrong.

And here's "2XS" (remember Lenny and Lodi from earlier in the program?) out to "scout the competition".
Lodi:" If the 'Paisans' were REAL tag-team champs, they'd put the titles up!"

Back to the action, as Scott Armstrong nails Johnny the Bull with a running elbow.
Big Vito in to break that up, and the "Paisans" double-team Scott with a double hip-toss followed by a double body slam.
Big Vito with an "In-seam adjusting" Big Boot on Scott Armstrong, followed by a Johnny the Bull-applied cheap shot.
A groggy Scott just makes the tag.
Steve Armstrong goes to work on Big Vito with "Fists of Fire".
But Steve's attempt at a hurancanrana out of the corner is blocked by Lenny of "2XS", who wallops Steve from behind. Lenny then rolls Vito on top of Steve for the pin, (6:05) and the "Armstrong Curse" continues.

After the match, Lenny and Lodi throw down a Tag title match challenge on the "Paisans" for next week's "WCW Saturday Night."

Well, ten matches this week, with 42:34 actual in-ring action over the course of two hours. This is a marked improvement over last week.
No need to do the math.

See you next time.

E.C. Ostermeyer
[slash] wrestling

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