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/4 March 2000
WCW Saturday Night by E.C. Ostermeyer




This is your "WCW Saturday Night" recap for Saturday, 4 March 2000, and I'm your recapper, ol' Extra Cheesy himself!

Calling the action are Turner/Time Warner serfs, Scott Hudson, 2nd runner-up in the "Ban Roll-On Lookalike Contest, and Larry, "Anybody seen my Titleist?" Zybysko.
Hudson says we're only fifteen days away from the "WCW Uncensored PPV", and what a blockbuster it's going to be.
Z agrees with him, and ponders the current thoughts of one Jeff Jarrett. (How's this: "I hope I'm NOT the champ when WCW finally collapses!")

Unlike those other WCW productions that only TALK about action in the ring, we go straight to:

Match #1: Kid Romeo d. Elix Skipper

All RIGHT! We open the show with a Power Plant match! Good booking job, too, as these two are guaranteed to put on a whirlwind of a match.
Romeo opens with his signature blackout martial-arts kata with light-stick garnish. Looks like two mating fireflies on crack.
Elix Skipper arrives, leaps to the top turnbuckle, and does a back-flip into the ring. Collar-and elbow tie-up, waistlock go-behind by kid gets reversed. Elix tries a small package, but Kid reverses it with a roll-up into a sloppy Sunset Flip for a 2-count! Wow, a near fall inside of 10 seconds!
Skipper's complaining to Referee Charles Robinson about Romeo pulling his trunks. Drop toe-hold by Kid, then Elix gets chopped twice in the corner. A whip across the ring gets reversed by Elix, but Kid hits a twisting head-scissors in the opposite corner that spins Elix Skipper through the ropes to the outside. Romeo's going up, Ye GODS, Kid hits a HUGE plancha on Elix some fifteen feet outside the ring! Another two feet, and he'd have hit the steel guardrail!
Both men back in the ring, lateral press and a 2-count. Kid's whip gets reversed by Elix, who telegraphs a Big Right Hand. Kid with the go-behind, waistlock, FACE PLANT stuns Skipper. Romeo hooks the near leg, 2-count, though. Kid with a rear chinlock, and he's really cinching the knee into the neck of Elix Skipper. Robinson's checkiong to make sure the hold's legal. Double boot to the back of Skipper's head stuns him. Short-arm whip gets reversed by Elix into a belly-to-belly suplex. Kid Romeo's tossed across the ring and lands hard. Elkix is still trying to shake off the cobwebs from that earlier double boot to the head. Both are men down, clutching heads and groins, so this must be the first rest interval, and well-deserved it is, too!

Hudson and Z are gabbing about Jimmy Hart's new protégé, who from all accounts is some sort of monster.

Referee Charles Robinson starts the count out, but Skipper's up after only five.
There's a forearm smash to the Kid, and a whip to the corner. A flurry of forearms and elbows, and Skipper whips Kid across the ring. The charge-in eats size-twelve boot leather, and Kid's up top again. Elix sees it, blocks with a fist to the gut and then giant-slammed Kid Romeo to the mat.
H: "Bang! Bang! out go the lights!"
Romeo's draped across the ring ropes trying to recover, but Skipper won't let him, and chokes Kid on the ropes. Robinson's there to break it up. Elix up top now, BIG flying double sledge to Romeo's back drives him back to the canvas. Schoolboy press, but only a 2-count. Skipper's frustrated, and begins banging Kid Romeo's head into the mat. Wrist-lock by Elix, followed by a "leg-hook face-plant" thingie, and Romeo's out of it.
Corkscrew body press, (that's mis-called by Hudson, as Z is so kind to point out!), cover, but a 2-count yet again.
Skipper's complaining about a slow count to Robinson, but "Lil' Naitch" tells him to continue. Lateral press, and again a 2-count.
Elix hooks the far leg, cover, and still Kid kicks out after 2.
Z says that Skipper should lock his hands, that'll keep Kid Romeo down. H says maybe Z. should train these guys. Z says HE couldn't afford it!
Skipper with a boot to the gut, and then a whip across the ring. Uh-oh, Elix telegraphed the back body drop, and Romeo leap-frogs, hits a boot of his own, butterfly double-arm under-hook, PEDIGREE!
Z: "Boy, these guys have taken a beating..." and I couldn't agree more!
Kid's still too hurt to capitalize, allowing Skipper to recover.
Elix with a wild roundhouse right that misses, allowing Kid Romeo to hit his version of the "Showstopper." Lateral press, but Elix kicks out. Both men up, Kid hits two forearm smashes to Skipper's face. A whip across the ring gets reversed, then re-reversed and Elix Skipper eats the turnbuckle.
Kid hits an inverted Death Valley Driver, lateral press, only 2. Kid goes up top again, big frog splash, (H: "...but NO lily pad!"). boot to the back by Skipper, whip to corner, boot to the gut, forearm smash,and a whip across the ring. Elix sets up for a big body slam, but Kid Romeo pulls a go-behind, sets, and hits his "Romeo Relaxer" finisher for the win! (5:59)
Great match! Two young, hungry pros just selling the hell out of every move. And the crowd sure appreciated it, giving both a standing ovation!
A standing "O"?
In WCW??!

Believe it!

H&Z Puppet Show, Take 1:
Our topic today is WCW Uncensored. Fifteen days away. Z is fixated on Jeff Jarrett's mindset, Hudson shills the Dustin Rhodes-Terry Funk strap match. BTW, Larry Zybysko's looking sharp today!


We come back and it's

Match # 2: Shark Boy d. Silver King

Holy cow! Two good matches in a row! "Saturday Night's" firing on all cylinders tonight!
What we have here is an up-and-coming ex-indy (getting a push of sorts) against on of the best workers in WCW's stable.
(That goofy mask of Shark Boy still looks like that Halloween I ate a lot of mescaline, carved my jack'o'lantern, and scared the hell out of myself!)
Hey, the "Shark Pool" cheering section is back!
Boy, you gotta be a REAL fan to wear a Shark Boy mask in public. Silver King almost busts a gut laughing at how ridiculous Shark Boy's mask looks, and this is a LUCAHDOR folks, who's seen some REAL goofy masks where he comes from.
Silver King wastes no time, hitting a back drop on Shark Boy, but misses the charge-in as Shark boy ducks out of the way. Silver King lands a stiff spinning side-kick to Shark Boy's noggin.
Cross-ring action now, with Shark Boy eating a rolling enziguiri from Silver King. King hooks the near leg, 1,2, no.
Crowd: "Shark! Boy! Shark! Boy!")
Silver King, outside the ropes, taunts the "Shark Pool", then gets back in the ring and boots Shark Boy in the left hamstring.
Side headlock by Silver King gets reversed, but Shark Boy gets pushed into the far ropes. Rebounding, he sets for the monkey flip, but Silver King pushes him off, then hits a legsweep. Shark Boy trips up Silver King as well. Running lariat by Shark Boy misses, but a spinning head-scissors takes Silver King to the mat.
Now it's snack time as Shark Boy nibbles on some luchador rump roast!
King's got a great "What the HELL?"-look on his face, as he's rubbing the affected area.
Double boot to the chest sends Shark Boy into the corner. Silver King whips him across the ring then follows with a running clothesline that snaps Shark boy's head back to the turnbuckle. Ouch!
Silver King hooks the far leg, 1,2, not this time.
Silver King's mad at referee Nick Patrick for the slow count, and shoves him. He gets a big surprise when Patrick shoves BACK! Some Anglo-Aztlan sign lingo ensues, and both men patch up their differences, more or less.
Silver King returns to his quarry, just in time to no-sell a boot to the midsection. King slaps Shark Boy across the face. Whip to the rope, sets for the back body drop, Shark Boy tries a Sunset Flip, but Silver King socks him, double leg hook, 2 count only.
Silver Kig whips Shark Boy into the ropes, short body slam, standing figure four leg-lock, shoulders are on the mat, 1,2, but Shark boy kicks out.
Silver King next tries the "Surfboard" submission move, only to break the hold on an "illegal use of opponent's dorsal fin" charge.
Both men out of the ring now. Silver King grosses out the fans at ringside by spitting a loogie high into the air, and catching it in his mouth!
Now it's Silver King whipping Shark Boy at the guardrail, but gets it reversed and gets the guardrail in the back.
Shark Boy doesn't capitalize, and both men are on the ring apron. Silver King's complaining to the ref that Shark Boy pulled his hair getting him up on the apron. Then he and Shark Boy trade blows on the apron, culminating in a Silver King clothesline that rolls Shark Boy over the top rope, and back into the ring.
Silver King's going up, whoops, no he's not, as Shark Boy crotches him on the top turnbuckle.
Snap hurancanrana from Shark Boy brings Silver king back into the ring. Lateral press by Shark Boy, but no pin. Shark Boy's up top, flying cross body press, but Silver King uses Shark boy's momentum to roll through into a pin, but he can't get the leg hooked, and Shark Boy wriggles free.
Silver King sends Shark Boy into the ropes, boot to the gut, then sets up that "Airplane Spin" move of his. Silver King to the top turnbuckle, looking to finish with a double moonsault, but Shark Boy moves at the last second, and King eats canvas.
This time, Shark Boy capitalizes, hooks the far leg, 1,2,3!
What a match, with plenty of action, rating another standing "O" from the fans at ringside. The "Shark Pool, and everybody else for that matter, is doing that "Shark Fin" gesture of his.

Two for two so far, WCW!

Hudson shills for the WCW "Uncensored" PPV promo. Fifteen days and counting.


Nitro footage of (God help me!) Three Count winning the Hardcore title from Brian Knobbs. Why not just TELL us they won, instead of showing every blasted detail. Even Mr. Schiavone seems confused as to how that came about.
This sets up our next match:

Match #3: Brian Knobbs w/ the "Dog" (aka Al Green) and cart o' plunder d. Adrian Byrd and Dave Burkhead. (Hardcore rules)

Well, it was too good to last.

At least WCW's finally got Al Green a gimmick he can work with, a sort of latter-day George Steele without the body hair.
Suffice to say this was your typical Pier Six brawl, with various objects of differing size, shape and hardness being used to deliver head shots. A real shame too, since both Byrd and Burkhead are two of the most promising Power Plant grads in a long while.

Oh, all right, I'll recap this foolishness.

Dog (Al Green) pretty much no-sold every offensive move Byrd and Burkhead made on him, then began to demolish them using the various implements to hand.
Brian Knobbs joined in, first walloping on Burkhead, ( ac crutch?!) then on Adrian Byrd and finally setting up a table.
The Dog, meanwhile, chewed on Dave Burkhead, then clocked him with a trash can lid. One Dog top-rope powerbomb through the table on Burkhead gets the win. (3:35)
Look, WCW, if you want to make these matches interesting, do what All Pro Wrestling and ECW do; have the FANS bring a selection of "weapons" to the match, and let ol' Knobbs and Dog use what the fans brought.

Aw, no, it can't be...

Ron & Don Harris (winner and first runner-up in the Ban Roll-on Lookalike Contest) accost the Armstrongs. Some money changes hands, and the Armstrongs are told to waylay the Mamalukes tonight.
Jeez, does this mean that we have to watch these two humps later on?

WCW at an arena near you:
Mar 4: Fayetteville, NC, Mar 5: Charlotte, NC, Mar 6 for Nitro in Chapel Hill, NC, Mar 7 for Thunder in Winston-Salem, NC, Mar 13 for Nitro in Providence, RI,
I understand that WCW's only sold 1600 tics. at the U. FLA.arena in Gainesville, while WWF had SOLD OUT the Orlando venue.


Hey, there's a "Beyond the Mat" promo.
I want to see lines around the block for this film.
You should see it four or five times.
In different theaters.
What better way to "shoot the bird" to VinnyMac and that Oscars nominating bunch!
Vox populi, vox dei

H&Z (no, it's not a firearms manufacturer!) Take 2:

More on "Uncensored"; this time, the Hogan/Flair match-up.
Footage of Hogan raging about how shabbily he was treated by Flair and Luger, when they took his own weight belt and beat him with it. Hogan appears to lose his place a couple of times, and starts to repeat himself, making the whole rant look like the canned bullshit with gravy that it is.

Match #4: Hugh Morris d. Mike Anderson

We seem to be continuing our retrospective on the "Faces of Fear" this week, as Mr. Morrus makes his first TV appearance in I don't know how long. Morrus has slowed down a bit, which is to be expected. Still, it's good to see the big guy back.
And it's good to see referee Billy Silverman as well.
Morrus outweighs Anderson by about 50+lbs, and basically no-sells Anderson's opening flurry of backhand chops. Morrus then hits a sloppy gorilla slam that lands Anderson on the back of his neck. There's a big body slam, followed by two bionic elbows, and a leg drop. Lateral press, cover, 1,2, Anderson kicks out!
Morrus up top for the flying elbow drop, nobody home. Anderson whips a dazed Morrus into the ropes, slap to the face, whip across the ring, spinning heel kick sends hugh morrus to the mat. Anderson climbs the turnbuckles, top rope double fron kick nails Morrus on the chin. Single leg roll-up, 1,2, no!
Anderson tries a corner-to-corner whip, but Morrus comes out with a running clothesline.
Morrus to the top turnbuckle, and nails Anderson with his "No Laughing Matter" Moonsault for the win. (2:52)


Match #5: Jung Dragons d. the Villanos and Jeremy Lopez

This might be the angle Kaz Hayashi's been looking for. Teaming with Kaz are Yung Yang, and Jaime San (aka Jaime Howard) of the Power Plant.
It looks like Three Count's got some serious competition.

They are facing Jeremy Lopez and the Villanos, so fasten your seat belt; it's gonna be a wild ride.
Referee Charles Robinson calls for the bell, then gets the hell out of the way.

Lopez and Jaime San start off with a series of wristlocks and kip-ups, with neither man getting the advantage. At he break, Lopez does that "Karate Kid' whooping crane martial arts stance, to cheers from the crowd.
A series of shoves between Lopez and Jaime San starts some quick cross-ring action, and ends with Jaime San doing a victory roll into a double leg cradle, but only getting a 2-count on the pin attempt. Drop kick from Jaime San drives Lopez back into his corner where he tags Villano V.
Jaime San tries to keep the momentum, going, but misses a flying double front kick, eating a chop to the throat in the process.
Villano with another slap to the throat, then a whip to Jaime San's corner, but Villano V 's charge-in eats boot leather, as Jaime San tags in Yung Yang.
Yang with a towering frog splash just squashes Villano V. Yang's slow to recover, and gets levelled by a snap clothesline from Villno V. Z: "Wow, he got the Ying knocked out of him!"
Yang recovers, though, and reverses a whip to the turnbuckles, climbs Villano V's frame, hits a big back body drop, boot to the gut, neckbreaker, lateral press, but only a two count.
Yang's up and quickly tags Kaz Hayashi. They double team Villano V into a drop toehold, and Haytashi hits the flying elbow to the back of the head.
Hayashi with a bionic elbow drop of his own. Kaz with a whip, gets reversed, and tripped up by Villano IV, who tags in and vaults the top ring rope for the squash body drop, but eats canvas instead.
Hayashi with a running jump is pushed off and up by Villano IV, but still manages to deliver a double drop-kick to Villano V, knocking him off the ring apron. Villano IV swings a wild right hand, and gets an enziguiri kick to the left shoulder blade for his pains. Kaz tags in Jaime San, and they both land a double-team back elbow to the breadbasket of Villano IV, followed by a running double bulldog.
Jaime San with a lateral press, but Villano IV kicks out. Whip to the ropes by Jaime San gets reversed into a Big Right hand from Villano V on the apron, followed by a mean-looking snap clothesline that sends him to the mat.
Villano IV with a boot to the face, and then tags in Jeremy Lopez. Lopez with a very fast body slam and a cover, but no pin.

Three Count is scoping out the Jung Dragons, while the crowd chants "You Guys SUCK!, etc."
Meanwhile, Lopez tags Villano V who sets Jaime San with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, and Villano IV then double-teams the flying double sledgehammer to send Jaime San to the mat. Lateral press, but Kaz Hayashi breaks it up.
Both Villanos hit the double team gut-buster on Jaime San, and Lopez does the baseball slide to drive him into the mat. Senton drop from Villano V, lateral press, but Yang breaks the count.
Double chop by the Villanos, followed by a double head-butt that staggers Jaime San.
Whip into the ropes, but Jaime San's back with a double flying dropkick.
Jaime San with a crawling tag to yuing Yang, who hits a towering double drop kick of his own. Villano V tags in Lopez, who runs into a flurry of punches in bunches, to the gut, a punch to the throat, and a spinning leg whip that sends him to the mat.
Yang and Jaime San with a double drop kick on the Villanos,, sending them out of the ring. Slingshot to the apron, WOW! Double Asahi moonsault flattens the Villanos at ringside.
Mean time, Kaz nails Lopez with a slingshot DDT for the win. (5:30)
Another great match, and another standing "O" from the fans at ringside.

H: "Three Count had to be very afraid of what they saw!"
Z: "Let that be a lesson to you, grasshopper!"


We come back in time to see footage from Thunder where The Wall chokeslams Crowbar through the announcer's table. Bobby Heenan's hollering, "Am I still on?", while Daffney and David Flair are just shrieking and giggling (respectively) like mad.

Match # 6 The Wall d. Rick Fuller
Believe me, this could have been a much better match than it was. Fuller and The Wall started in on each other outside the ring. Rick sends The Wall into the steel guardrail, and gets the favor returned. Twice.
The Wall rolls Fuller into the ring, but gets a boot to the gut as he climbs through the ropes. No sale here, though, as Fuller gets whipped into the ropes, ducks the clothesline, but gets caught in a BIG chokeslam. The Wall hooks the far leg, and gets the pin. (0:47)
Z: "Boy, THAT woke up the Richter (scale)!"

Ron & Don are at it again, this time buying off JC Ice and Wolfie D of PG-13.


Scott and Larry's Infomercial, Take 3:

This past week's Nitro, where Sid got Tank Abbott to submit by using a crippler cross-face. Sid's woozy during his interview with Mr. Okerlund.


"Uncensored" PPV promo

Lil' Jimmy does the WCW "Road Report", reminding all you fans in Chapel Hill that Nitro's in your house Monday at 8PM.

Match # 7: Lash Leroux d. Rick Cornell

Leroux doin' da Cajun speak; "On les bon temps roulez", which means "let the good times roll".

We get a videotaped plug for the "new" WCW Women's Division. To get things started, Little Jeanie will take on Mona next week on "WCW Saturday Night."

(H: "I may actually go get my hairs done!")
(Z: " Hairs?")

Leroux starts off way too cocky against Cornell, and pays for it when Cornell sidesteps a double boot, and Lash goes shooting through the ropes and onto the floor.
Cornell with a lot of kicks and boots on Lash, then a whip into the steel guardrail. Rolls Leroux back into the ring, WOW! A slingshot Senton over the top rope! Near leg locked, but no pin as Lash kicks out.
Cornell in control, but gets too cocky as Lash sneaks an eye gouge and a couple of chops. Cornell comes back but Lash sets a pumphandle and then a belly-to-back suplex. Leroux stopped momentarily by Cornell's big knee, but hits a vicious clothesline in retaliation.
Leroux missed the "Crawdad Splash" (wha...?), and Cornell powered back with Big Right Hands and kicks to the gut.
Cornell's smelling victory, reverses a go-behind, and hits a schoolboy press, 1,2, no. Big back body drop, Holy cow, there's a cradle suplex! I thought only Jerry Lynn of ECW did those!
Lateral press, but no pin for Rick Cornell. Both men to their feet, but it's Lash with punches in bunches, and the Whiplash 2K for the win. (7:01)
Fair to middling match, with Cornell carrying Leroux pretty much the whole way. When Lash is on his game, he's one sharp talent, but he's too young to be lazy and phone it in.
Like the Big Boys do!


Bert 'n Ernie, Take 4:
The obligatory WCW Hotline shill. Kids get your parents permission to call. Their credit card number would also be a nice touch.
Thunder/Flair/Luger/Vampiro/Liz/Louisville Slugger/Torture Rack/Weight belt flogging/Steelchair arm break/EMT's/Fit Finlay/ambush in the parking lot.

There, THAT angle's fully explained.

Match # 8: Hail d. Chad Hart

Hail is Jimmy Hart's new protégé. Chad Hart is, according to Scott Hudson, is the chum in the water in this match
Let's see if I can finish the recap before the match ends.
Hail withGorillaslam, whiptocorner, bootinthegut, knife-edgechop, piledriver, nightnight time for Chaddie-poos. (0:37).

And we get to see that, yes, even WCW must occasionally use the EMT's when in-ring action gets too rough.


Match #9: The Mamalukes (w/ manager Disco inferno) d. Chuck Palumbo & Sonny Siaki.

Palumbo and Siaki get their tag title shot tonight against the Mamalukes, and they don't disappoint.
Unlike Disco Inferno, who's looking like he just got mugged by the Village People. Jeez, a SILVER cowboy hat??!!
Palumbo and Big Vito start off, but Big vito quicky tags I johnny the Bull, who hits a big legdrop. Quick tag and Big Vito's back in, only to run into, successively, a Palumbo spinning head-scissors, a body slam, and a couple of hip tosses. Vito tags the Bull, and palumbo tags Siaki. Fast back and forth action, and Siaki tags palumbo back in. Likewise Big Vito, who finally gets the measure of Chuck Palumbo, and nails him with a neck-breaker, then an in-seam adjusting elbow, and finished off with a BIG kick.
Double team action with both Mamalukes all over Chuck Palumbo. When the smoke clears, it's the Bull with the rear chinlock on Palumbo.
Johnny the Bull tags in Big Vito, who unfortunately loses momentum when he got clotheslined on the top rope by Palumbo. Finally, Palumbo tags in Siaki, who's a real house afire as he goes to town on the Mamalukes
Siaki with a big back body drop, clothesline on Johnny the Bull. Chuck Palumbo takes the Bull through the ropes, then nails the Tarzan splash from the top turnbuckle to the floor. Siaki's going after Big Vito , leg drop , lateral press 2-count. Siaki with a TenCount Punch Down in the corner. Big Vito hits an Atomic Drop out of the corner, then hits his spinning DDT on Siaki for the win. (7:39)
Whoops, here come the Armstrongs. Whoops, there go the Armstrongs. The Harris Boys watch from backstage, then make their way to ringside, as

Whoops here comes PG-13, and even faster, whoops, there goes PG-13.
The Harris Boys storm the ring, and it's (multiple) H-Bombs for the Mamalukes, and especially for Disco Inferno, who, mistakenly, invokes the old "You can't touch me, I'm a manager!"-clause.


Match # 10: Hacksaw Jim Duggan d. Fidel Sierra for the WCW World Television title.

Duggan's slowly taking on the aspects of the true champion. For instance, this week, he's wearing a new set of Carhartts. Or at least, a less sweat-stained set.
Duggan's also waving Old Glory around, and the crowd's on it's feet hollering "USA! USA!"
Sierra comes out waving the Cuban flag to a chorus of boos and cat-calls. Sheesh, I haven't heard this much free heat since the Iron Sheik was carrying the Iranian flag around!

Wow, and old-fashioned "Freedom & Democracy v. Godless Communism" match, just like Jim Crockett used to promote!

Sierra cold-cocks Duggan from behind, and Duggan has no defense, being hampered by trying to keep Old Glory from touching the ground. Sierra steps on Old Glory. Godless communist!
Finally handing Old Glory to a WCW employee at ringside, Duggan starts whaling away on Sierra, but Fidel puts in the knee,and Duggan goes to the mat, rear chinlock by Sierra, but Duggan powers out, and sends Sierra into the corner. The follow-up charge misses, and Duggan staggers out to the center of the ring and collapses. Sierra unwraps his wrist tape and starts choking Duggan, who's REALLY selling the move, crossing his eyes, drooling out the mouth and all.
Sierra with a series of chops to the neck of Duggan. There's a reverse chinlock, that Fidel tuns into a chokehold by getting extra leverage with his feet on the ropes. Duggan's selling it for all he's worth, as the ref doesn't see Sierra's feet on the ropes. The ref does the arm test, once, twice, th-no! Duggan's still alive.
Duggan back to his feet, shoves Sierra into the corner, clibs up, and it's the "Ten-Count Punch Down" with the fans counting along.
Duggan with a whip to the corner, followed by a scoop slam.
Three point stance, and a groggy Fidel Sierra get nailed by a running clothesline.
One signature "Old Glory" knee-drop finisher coming up! (3:41)
Your winner, and STILL the WCW World Television Champion, Hacksaw Jim Duggan. HUGE crowd pop and ANOTHER standing "O". (That's four!)

All together now....

Closing credits.

Pretty good show, overall.
Top match of the evening was the Jung Dragons/Villanos match, with second place going to Kid Romeo/Elix Skipper, Shark Boy/Silver King taking third place, and the Duggan TV title defense takes fourth.

Worst match was the Hail squash of Chad Hart. Not an auspicious debut for Jimmy Hart's protégé.
Just missing the booby prize was the Wall/Fuller thingie.

I don't time-tick a show that gets four standing ovations. Well done, gentlemen.

And hey, next week's the first Women's Division match-up.

You guys who are always ragging on WCW might want to tune in.

See you next week.
E.C. Ostermeyer
[slash] wrestling

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