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/25 March 2000
WCW Saturday Night by E.C. Ostermeyer




This is the WCW Saturday Night recap for Saturday, 25 March 2000, and I'm your recapper, E.C. Ostermeyer.

Coming to you live on tape(15 March 2K) from Salem, VA, your on-air talent this week are Scott "My head does NOT look like that pod thing from 'Alien'" Hudson, and wrestling's Living Legend and "Shatterer of Worlds", Larry Zybysko.

Of course, the BIG news is the imminent return of (God help us!) ol' "Cracka Eazy E." ([c] 1998 CRZ) himself, Eric Bischoff as head of WCW.

That tinkling sound you hear is hell freezing over.

How this momentous event will affect the little "meat puppet passion play" that is "WCW Saturday Night" is yet to be seen. One hopes that Jimmy Hart will still retain his position as creative consultant, because the show has really grown under his guidance.

With that in mind let's go to the ring, and kick things off with...

Aw shoot!

Match #1: The Maestro (w/Symphony) d. Frankie Lancaster (2:57)

Frankie Lancaster, "Jobber to the mid-carders" v. the Maestro in a very slow, deliberate match between these two. Jeez, you'd think Curt Hennig was choreographing this. The Maestro is capable of better than this; I know, I've seen him put on an outstanding match the last time WCW was in town.
Typically, Scott and LarryZ ignore the action (?) in the ring, and instead prattle on about the return of the Dark Lord himself, and Zybysko's has all the enthusiasm of one of Darth Vader's admirals.
You all do remember that during Larry's last run-in with Eric Bischoff, he had Bischoff in a headlock?
Anyhoo, Lancaster nearly gets the pin on the Maestro, but the lovely Symphony mounts the ring apron and distracts Frankie, allowing the Maestro to get the pin.
Ah well, it can only get better, right?


Hudson/Zybysko Talking Heads, Segment 1:
Scott and LarryZ recount Sid Vicious' heel turn on Hulk Hogan. Footage shows Sid's chokeslam on Hogan, and the still-inexplicable three count from the ref. Also, the Harris Boyz win the WCW Tag title belts from the Mamalukes at "Uncensored".

Match #2: The Demon d. Rick Fuller (4:28)
One good thing that may come out of the return of Eric Bischoff is that Glen Torborg will still have a job.
A bad thing is that Hacksaw Jim Duggan may NOT!

Fuller opens with a stiff upper cut that drops the Demon to the mat.
Whip to the ropes by Fuller, but he eats a boot on the run-in. Suplex by the Demon, cover and a two count as Fuller kicks out. Fuller with a rake to the eyes, then a toss through the ropes to the ringside floor.
Demon tries to fend off Fuller, but Fuller rams the Demon's back into the ring apron, motions for Mr. Cameraman to come in and get a better shot, then wallops the Demon across the throat. There's another, and Fuller takes the Demon over to the steel guardrail. Demon blocks, and bounces Fuller's rght wrist off the guardrail instead.
Both men back in the ring, where the Demon stomps on Rick as he's climbing back in. Fuller's still shaking the bees out of that wrist blow, as he stomps on the Demon. Fuller with a choke that the ref breaks up after a three count. Another choke using the ring-ropes, and the ref breaks that one up as well. Chop to the throat, then a scoopslam followed by a Big Leg Drop. Sloppy pin attempt by Fuller gets a 2-count as the Demon kicks out. Fuller with a whip to the ropes, and a big spinning heel kick levels the Demon once again. Stomp from Fuller, but he gets a punch in the gut from the Demon in return. There's another shot from the Demon, but Fuller rakes the eyes, and back down he goes. Stiff forearm to the jaw by Fuller, then an Irish Whip, and the setup for the back body drop. Fuller's slow in setting up, and the Demon boots him in the face. Demon with a whip to the ropes, and a boot to the gut, doubling up Fuller. There's a running knee shot to the side of Fuller's head, followed by a standing drop kick, and Fuller's down. Demon picks Fuller up, but Fuller counters with a chop across the throat, then sets the Demon on the top turnbuckle for more chops, and a Beal Throw that lands the Demon in the center of the ring. Irish Whip by Fuller gets reversed, and the Demon applies his "Demon Destroyer" finishing move for the win.

Lash LeRoux is out, actin' Cajun, and calling himself the "Ayatollah of Shrimp Creole-ah", and taking credit for the good ratings WCW Saturday Night has been getting. Lash is in action later tonight against Tommy Rogers.


We see footage from Thunder of Ernest "The Cat" Miller along with his new valet (?) Mike (Vincent/Virgil/Curly Bill/Shane) Jones. Mr. Miller is in action against "The Dog" (aka Al Green).

Cat vs. Dog, get it?
Yeah like a sledgehammer blow to the head.

Miller wins the match with a hook kick to the Dog's noggin.
Brian Knobbs collects the Dog and is whipping him with the chain as they head to the back.
Can't somebody call the ASPCA, please?

All this is a set-up for

Match #3: Ernest "The Cat" Miller d. "Bad" Barry Horowitz (1:55)
The Cat comes to the ring, bad-mouthing the fans at ringside the whole, long way. Hudson makes a big deal about Mike Jones being absent. Once in the ring, "The Cat" harangues the locals about needing a new diet plan, and that he didn't come to Salem , VA to wrestle...
(Hudson:"Great! Coming up next, folks...")

...but that he would dance, or maybe not, if the crowd doesn't settle down.
The Cat gets disgusted with the folks at ringside, and is about to leave when "Bad" Barry Horowitz comes out. Horowitz makes a couple of gestures indicating that he's there to "put out The Cat" (Hudson's baaad pun!), when Alan Funk blindsides Horowitz, then starts in with Punches in Bunches on him.
The Cat comes out to the ring floor, (bell rings from Mr. Timekeeper, who seems to have a casual attitude this week.),and side-kicks Funk off of Horowitz, then whips Funk into the steel guardrail, then chases him up the runway. Funk's glad to go, as he wants no part of the Cat.
Horowitz is in the ring, and starts stomping on the Cat. Two forearm shots to the side of the head, and a European uppercut snaps the Cat's head back.
Snap-mare by Horowitz, hooks the far leg,1,2,no!
Headbutt by Horowitz, followed by a chin-breaker rocks the Cat. Elbow to the back of the neck, then an Irish Whip, but the Cat reverses, telegraphs the back body drop, float-over by Horowitz, but he can't complete the roll-up, as the Cat regains his balance and a Big Right Hand nails the prone Bad Barry right in the forehead. The cat does some James Brown moves, then lands a big elbow on Barry's chest. No pin attempt, as the Cat's still jawing with the crowd at ringside. Horowitz with a rake to the eyes, followed by a knee-lift, stagers the Cat.
Whip to the ropes gets reversed, FLAP JACK,

inexplicable shots of the crowd by Mr. Cameraman,

and we come back to the action in time to see the Cat pinning Bad Barry for the win. Jeez, nice one, guys!

Oh, and NOW we get to watch the Cat dance!

Get your wrist bands for WCW Spring Break-Out 2000 at the South Padre Island Visitors Center on 27 March, The WCW Spring Break-Out registration tent on 26 march, and at the FREE "Better Than Ezra" concert at Charlie's on 26 March.


Hudson/Zybysko Talking Heads Segment #2:
LarryZ thinks that the big news involves the words "Okerlund" and "high speed chase." Hudson says the BIG news is, of course, the wholesale changeover in the corner offices of WCW. LarryZ snorts "Great, another 'Brain of the Week'! Let's start a pool to see how long THESE guys last!" Hudson shills the WCW Hotline, 1-900-909-9900, and kids please get your parents' permission and credit card numbers before you call. He also cautions LarryZ not to dig himself too deep a hole with the new regime. Zybysko retorts that he'd be safer riding around with Okerlund. Hudson gives him a look, then recounts Brian Knobbs winning the WCW Hardcore Title back from Three Count at "Uncensored". Footage is shown of the "Gauntlet Match."

Match #4: Jung Dragons d. PG-13 and The Frog (4:22)


This is why I watch WCW Saturday Night!

JC Ice, Wolfie D, and what the HECK is THAT?

Green hair?!
I detect the subtle hand of Jimmy Hart, here.

The Jung Dragons come out as the fog machine goes crazy.
They storm the ring, driving PG-13 and their amphibious friend to the apron.
LarryZ stumbles on the word "Jung" and suffers a recurrence of his old pronunciation/syntax usage injury. Hudson rushes to his assistance.
LarryZ wants to see the Frog wrestle.
Kaz Hayashi looks like somebody you definitely don't want mad at you. At the moment, he's somewhat nonplussed by the antics of the Frog at ringside. Wolfie D's got a new look, and he and Kaz start things off.
Wolfie D kicks Hayashi in the gut, doubling him over. Headlock by Wolfie D is countered by a footsweep from Kaz that takes Wolfie D face first to the mat. Kaz tramples Wolfie D, then hits a spinning heel kick that drops him once again.
Big karate chop to Wolfie D's neck by Kaz, followed by a whip into the corner. Kaz' run-in meets a Wolfie D drop-front head scissors that levers Kaz head first into the middle turnbuckle. Ouch!
Kaz reverses an Irish Whip, sets for a side body drop, but Wolfie D counters with a gut-wrench into a powerslam. Cover, 1,2,no!
Wolfie D whips Kaz to the ropes again, but fails to notice Kaz tagging Yun Yang. Kaz reverses the whip, and as Wolfie D rebounds off the far ropes, he's tripped up by Yun, and then nailed by Kaz' flying elbow.
Wolfie D tags JC Ice while Mr. Cameraman has found a cutie in the crowd. JC Ice comes in to a devastating spinning heel kick from Yang, followed by a standing double dropkick and a powerslam. JC Ice gets up, and starts a St. Vitus Dance kata that Yang takes a swing at, and misses. Yang and JC Ice in a stare-down, then Yang bows. JC Ice returns the bow, and gets slapped on the back of the head. Yang with Fists of Fire to the gut, there's a whip, followed by a double-edged chop. JC Ice runs over and jumps in Wolfie D's arms. Yang tags Jaime San, and JC Ice tags in the Frog.

LarryZ: "Here we go!"

Frog misses with a right hand, but Jaime San doesn't. There's another forearm shot, and a whip to the ropes that the Frog reverses, but Jaime San hits a flying head scissors take down that sends the Frog out of the rig. Jaime San with a baseball slide knocks the Frog to the floor. Jaime San with a flying hurancanrana over the top rope nails the Frog to the ringside floor. Jaime San rolls the Frog back into the ring, then goes up to the top turnbuckle. But the Frog staggers back-first into the same corner, crotching Jaime San on the top turnbuckle. Ouch!
There's four Big Right Hands from the Frog, who then nails Jaime San to the canvas with a top rope bulldog. Lateral press, 1,2, and Kaz breaks it up. This brings PG-13 into the ring, and we've got a Tong War breaking out in the ring. High point of the action is a spinning powerbomb from Wolfie D onto Jaime San. Double standing side-kick by Kaz and Yang puts both members of PG-13 through the ropes, and catapulted Jaime San onto both of them. Big powerbomb by the Frog on Kaz is shaken off. Kaz levels the Frog, then sets him up for Yun Yang's flying pescado from the top turnbuckle. Cover by Yang, 1,2,3!

Tommy Rogers says that, as a former member of The Fantastics, he's on the prowl for some WCW gold. Looks like Lash LeRoux is first on the list.


Footage of the "Wall" pounding the stuffing out of the "Badlanders."
Now, I wouldn't call him "sadistic", just "misunderstood."

Match #5: Kid Romeo d. Jeremy Lopez (4:09)

We're firing on all cylinders as these two WCW Power Plant grads go at it.

The Kid's got quite a following among the ladies at ringside. I haven't heard shrieks like that outside of a Tom Jones concert. Kid Romeo climbs into the ring, then does that blackout kata with the light sticks thing.
Looks like he's waving in a Piper Cub out at the airport.

Lopez comes out, wearing some new wrestling togs. He's moving up in the company!

(Hudson and LarryZ are still nattering on about the imminent return of Eric Bischoff, and what questions this creates. Will Bischoff be able to work with Vince Russo? Will Mr. Siegel still have time to grab his McBagel, and get to WCW on time, before he has to scoot on over to his afternoon job at Turner? Will LarryZ be getting another pink slip in his pay envelope?
Hudson then gives a short history lesson on the Monday Night Ratings wars, Bischoff's and Russo's respective roles therein, and the possible ramifications of their team-up. Hudson actually mentions Vince McMahon and the WWF during this, and how a lot of the success that the WWF currently enjoys is, in large part, due to the efforts of Vince Russo.
LarryZ says that there a lot of "armchair champions" who speak their peace without a clue as to what they are talking about. Good point, LarryZ!)

Meanwhile, Romeo and Lopez are putting on a pretty good match. Romeo takes control early, tying Lopez up with an arm-bar, and a knee on the face. Romeo with a body slam, then a top turnbuckle plancha and a cover, but only gets a two count.

(Hudson continues with his history lesson, saying that, when Bischoff was running WCW, we saw more of the "Old Guard", Hogan, Savage, Flair, etc. But when Russo arrived on the scene as one of the "Powers That Be", we started seeing more of the younger talent getting the push.)

Kid Romeo has Lopez in a rear chinlock, and has his right knee grinding onto Lopez's neck. Lopez escapes from the hold, whips Romeo into the ropes, and knees him in the gut. Face stomp by Lopez, and a cover, 1,2,no!

(Hudson says that Vince Russo was giving the younger generation a shot at the gold, when he was cut short. So now, it appears that Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo are going to have to work together, and you will know on Monday (27 March) if things can be worked out.)

Romeo blocks a suplex attempt by Lopez, does a go-behind, Lopez blocks Romeo's suplex attempt with a reversal, and then hits the suplex on the Kid, cover, but only gets 2.
Whip by Lopez gets reversed, and Romeo with a side body drop on Lopez, and a near fall. Lopez back up with a running clothesline that levels Romeo. Lopez whips the Kid into the ropes, then boots him in the stomach. Double-arm underhook by Lopez into a powerbomb, but Romeo kicks out of the pin attempt.

(Hudson says that we should know after Monday where the focus of the company will be; whether on the older, established talent, or on the younger up-and -comers. LarryZ says that the fans don't realize what a monumental change this is going to be for the company. "You may not have liked Bischoff, but when he was here, it was mega-business. When Russo was here, there wasn't as much business." Hudson rejoins that yes, Bischoff took us to the mountain top, but when Russo arrived "we were coming back down, and Vince Russo was gonna save us!"
LarryZ: "'Excuse me while I bow my head for silent laughter!")

Lopez and Romeo get untangled from that last pin attempt. There's a whip into the ropes by Lopez, but kid reads the back body drop, boots Lopez in the gut, then double-underhooks the arms for the Pedigree on Lopez. Both wrestlers are staggering around the ring; Lopez swings at Romeo and misses, Romeo swings and connects. There's another one. Kick to the gut is blocked, but Romeo nails the standing Enziguiri kick, flattening Lopez. Cover, but Lopez kicks out at 2 again. Whip to the ropes by kid Romeo is countered by Lopez's attempt at a belly-to-belly suplex, but kid Romeo rolls through the lift, hooks Lopez around the neck and hits his "Romeo Relaxer" finishing move for the win.
Hudson apologized to the fans and the two outstanding athletes for he and LarryZ getting sidetracked on speculation about WCW.

(NB: Hudson and Zybysko needed to do an extended "Talking Heads" spot to impart their little shoot there.)


Footage of Chris "Hard Knox" Candido calling TAFKAPI's valet "trashy"!
Also shown is Paisley's debut as a ringside commentator, and what a good job SHE does!
Better get your resumes updated, gentlemen.

(Post hoc: according to Don ("Cyrus the Virus") Callis' "Winnepeg Sun" column of 25 March 2K, Mr. Candido is no longer with WCW, owing to contractual differences.)

Match #6: Lash LeRoux d. Tommy Rogers (4:06)

Lash starts the match off by breaking Rogers' hammerlock with a couple of elbows, then whomping Tommy with a big face-plant, followed by a double drop kick to the left knee, and finishing with a picture-perfect Big Leg Drop. Great hang time! Hogan himself couldn't have done it better.
Rogers bounces up, LeRoux tries a whip to the ropes, but Rogers reverses, misses with a big elbow. LeRoux counters with a sloppy German suplex that Rogers rolls through, losing his footing on the landing and ending up against the ropes. Rogers with a boot to the gut, pump-handle overhead release, and Lash is kissing canvas. Rogers with a couple of stomps drives LeRoux into the corner. After a stiff whip into the corner, Rogers tries a double axe-handle from the top turnbuckle, but Lash catches him, cinches up, and drives Rogers into the mat with a modified Northern Lights suplex. Rogers recovers first, and boots LeRoux in the gut. A cross-body block attempt gets side-stepped by Lash, who uses Rogers' momentum to catapult him over the top rope, and out to the floor.
LeRoux dares Rogers to climb back in the ring, but misses the baseball slide as Rogers vaults over the ring-ropes and hits a baseball slide of his own on LeRoux's ankles, and gets a bonus chin-breaker when Lash lands hard on the ring apron. Both men out of the ring, and Rogers bounces LeRoux's head off the steel guardrail. Punch to the chin, then a whip to the railings, but Lash reverses it. Tommy stops short of contact, then elbows LeRoux in the gut when he charges in. HOT SHOT by Tommy Rogers dropping Lash LeRoux's chin on the top of the steel guardrail.
Rogers and LeRoux trade blows getting back into the ring. The beginnings of a punch series by Rogers gets blocked by LeRoux, who does "Punches in Bunches", Bourbon Street-style.
Lash's payoff move gets reversed into a suplex. Cover and a two-count by Rogers.
Fast back and forth action, as Rogers and LeRoux do some quick catch-as-can wrestling moves, which end when LeRoux tries a go-behind off the top turnbuckle. Rogers grabs him in mid-air like a sack of potatoes.
LeRoux's frantically grabbing for the top rope, but Rogers pulls him just out of reach, then sets for a running bodyslam against the far side turnbuckles.
Lash slithers out, shoving Rogers into the corner instead. As Tommy Rogers staggers out, Lash is there with the "Whiplash 2000" and gets the win.
Great match, guys!


Footage of the brawl between Tank Abbott, Fit Finlay and Meng on WCW "Thunder."

This sets up

Match #7: Tank Abbott d. Dave Burkhead (1:14)
Dave Burkhead comes out in "street fighter" duds.
Abbott comes out climbs in the ring, and just pounds away at Dave Burkhead. Abbott picks Burkhead up and gorilla slams him to the mat. Burkhead back up, and trying to mount some offense, pounding on Abbott's head and neck. He backs Abbott into the far corner, but Abbott hits that "Fist of Stone" finisher from about waist high, and Dave Burkhead is done. For the day.


Hudson/Zybysko Talking Heads Segment #3:

LarryZ says he knows what the scopp is about the "New Regime" at WCW, and that the rest of us can find out by calling the WCW Hotline.
Hudson speaks of the new alliance between Vampiro and Sting.
Footage of the Vampiro/Disco Inferno match on Thunder, including the run-in by Team Package, and the save by Sting.

Match #8: Vampiro d. Steve Armstrong (4:07)

Armstrong's out first, and stops to compare biceps with a fan at ringside.

Hey, there's Robert Merritt, the guy who held up the "Lucha Libre Rulz!" sign on last week's show!
Robert was kind enough to send along some info about the "WCW Saturday Night" taping at Salem, VA, and that makes this "labor of love" a WHOLE lot easier.
Thanks a lot, Mr. Merritt. You rock!

Your fifteen minutes of fame starrrrrts....NOW!


Vampiro's out, and still wearing the cast on the left arm. Back and forth action, with numerous arm-hooks reversed as each man tries to flip the other over the ropes. Vampiro wins the exchange, and Steve gets some frequent flyer miles tacked on, as he flies out of the ring. Vampiro flies right after him, but misses the plancha as Steve slithers back into the ring. Vampiro on the apron, now, as Armstrong does three shoulder blocks into Vampiro's breadbasket through the ropes. Whoops, that last one hurt Armstrong more than Vampiro! Vampiro goes up, and there's a top-rope lariat on Armstrong that drives him to the mat. Cover by Vampiro, 1,2,not this time!
Vampiro with a whip to the corner on Armstrong. A cross-ring repeat gets reversed, and Armstrong monkey-flips Vampiro out to the canter of the ring. Vampiro rebounds, SPINNING HEEL KICK levels Armstrong! Lateral press, 1,2,no!
Armstrong's over jawing with some fans, and Vampiro's over with a shove to bring Steve back to the business at hand. There's a shoving match, and Vampiro's side headlock gets countered into a belly-to-back suplex by Armstrong. Armstrong with a scoop slam, followed by some "putting the boot in" on Vampiro. Armstrong with a rollover salto, hooks the leg, bnut only gets two.
Armstrong with a surfboard submission hold, but Vampiro's not giving up, and, after a bit, reverses the surfboard. Vampiro can't hold it, and Armstrong powers out. There's a couple of punches by Armstrong, then Vampiro gets hot, and dares Armstrong to take his best shot! Armstrong does, but Vampiro's no-selling every shot Steve takes. Whip to the ropes, and Vampiro submarines under Armstrong's knock-out punch, then hooks his heels around Armstrong's upper arms. Ooops, Armstrong grabs on, and it looks like Vampiro's managed to pin his own self, 1,2, just gets the left shoulder up. Armstrong breaks the hold with a punch to the noggin, and a shove to the referee for good measure. Armstrong's jawing with the crowd as he climbs to the top turnbuckle. He's not paying attention to his opponent, and the flying double axe-handle meets a sidekick boot to the face from Vampiro, who gets the cover and the win.

The WCW Spring Break Wrist Band thingie again.

Footage of Miss Hancock introducing "Los Fabulosos" on Thunder, and highlights of their match with Lane and Rave.
The "Power Rangers" chant is a hoot!

Match #9: Hail (with Jimmy Hart d. Chuck Coates (0:57)

Coates comes out wearing what looks like Dave Burkhead's lucky wrestling togs that served him so well in the earlier match against Tank Abbott.
Looks like he should have worn a red shirt (to hide the blood),and BROWN trunks (to hide the...!)
Hail comes out, glares at some fans at ringside, then climbs into the ring. Coates climbs out at the same time, and looks for a way out of the building.
The match starts with Hail driving a knee into Chuck Coates' chin. Hail throws Coates into the corner, then elbows/splashes him into the turnbuckles. There's three stomps and a grinding of boot on throat. High vertical suplex on Coates, but Hail just throws him upside down against the turnbuckles. Coates collapses in a heap. Hail tries for some cheap crowd heat by stalking around the ring.
Piledriver, lateral press, and a hand on chest pin,1,2, 3. Gurney time for Mr. Coates.

WCW arena schedule:

25 Mar Abilene, TX
26 Mar Waco, TX
28 Mar Houston, TX (Thunder)
29 Mar Beaumont, TX
30 Mar, Baltimore, MD.


Hudson/Zybysko Talking Heads Segment #4:

The Hogan/Sid angle is discussed, with accompanying visual aids.

Match #10: Mona & Fantasy d. Little Jeannie & Dee Dee Venturi (WCW Women's Division Tag-team match.) (5:04)

All the scuttlebutt on the 'Net said Mona's partner was going to be Madusa, but I'm glad they brought out somebody new.
And some BODY is the right term, as Ms. Fantasy looks like she dressed out over at "Intimate Treasures!"
Hudson's drool bib overflows, and LarryZ's making percolator noises again.
Mona and Fantasy do some posing, and get some VERY appreciative hoots from the males at ringside. Jeannie and Dee Dee decide to break up the fashion show with a double team blindside on Mona and Fantasy. Double whip to the ropes gets reversed by Mona and fantasy, who both hit boot in the gut, then a double stuff suplex on Jeannie and Dee Dee.
Referee Billy Silverman's there to restore order, as Mona goes outside. Dee Dee and Jeannie are having an argument over who should lead off. Dee Dee settles the argument by throwing Jeannie through the ropes and into the ring.
Fantasy with an arm-wringer, but Jeannie counters with a cartwheel, then a wristlock of her own. Jeannie with a springboard off the ropes while still holding onto the wristlock, and Fantasy lands sloppily. Jeannie with a snap mare takedown, two hand lateral press (with one hand on Fantasy's throat) cover,1, Billy Silverman breaks the blatant choke hold. Jeannie with a chop to Fantasy's throat and a whip to the ropes and a snap suplex. Cover, 1,2, no!
Snap mare takeover by Jeannie, this time using Fantasy's hair as a handle. There's another. Jeannie stuffs Fantasy into the corner, then goes to argue with Billy Silverman, while Dee Dee Venturi works on Fantasy's throat. Mona's trying to help her partner, but the ref won't let her in, especially with Jeannie providing the extra eyes.
Jeannie with a splash on Fantasy in the corner, then rolls her into the center of the ring, back press,1,2, not this time.
Whip to the ropes, and Jeannie nails Fantasy with a clothesline, then applies the Figure Four leg-lock. Jeannie's got it locked in, and has Dee Dee drag her over to the ropes so Jeannie can get some extra leverage. Mona tries to interfere, but Silverman sends her back. Fantasy won't submit, and, with a supreme effort, inverts the hold, and now Jeannie's feelin' the pain. Silverman untangles the hold, and Fantasy wanders to her corner but doesn't make the tag!
LarryZ: "She doesn't know where she is!"
Jeannie stops her with another snap-mare, and a double boot to the chest. Jeannie gets in a couple more stomps, then tosses Fantasy into the corner, where Dee Dee's waiting to supply more choke holds.
Fantasy takes a couple of boots in the gut, then scuttles between Jeannie's legs across the ring, and makes the tag.
Mona's a house afire. Clothesline for Jeannie. Clothesline for Dee Dee. Gut kick for Jeannie followed by a flying double dropkick, and another for Dee Dee.
Mona slams Jeannie into the corner, and it's "Kicks in Bunches" time. Mona's whip gets reversed, and Jeannie charges in, but Mona does the float-over into the Victory Roll, with a bridge chaser! WOWZEE!
Dee Dee tries to interfere, but Mona gets the pin and the win.


Footage of the first Sierra/Duggan match from two weeks ago.

Match #11: Hacksaw Jim Duggan d. Fidel Sierra (WCW World Television Title Defense: "Flag Match" rules) (4:10)

Hacksaw arrives with "Old Glory", World TV Title belt, and I believe he got the Carharrts washed this week.
Fidel Sierra comes out resplendent in his spangled ring robe, and waving the Cuban flag.
As was set down last week, the winner of this match not only gets the WCW World TV Title for his very own, but the loser can never wave his country's flag in the ring, ever again!

Well, Duggan goes right after Sierra, and the two men brawl all around the ring. Hacksaw's just going to town on Sierra, stomping and grinding the boot in Sierra's throat. Action in the ring, as Duggan's bouncing Sierra's noggin off the turnbuckles, then tosses him out of the ring. Back outside now, and Duggan's bouncing Sierra's head off the ring apron. Sierra crawls back in the ring, and, while Duggan's mugging to the crowd, Sierra clocks him with the Cuban flag. Back out to the floor again, and Sierra's pounding on Duggan a couple more times, then rolls him back into the ring. Sierra with a left, and another left that puts Duggan on the mat.
Lateral press by Sierra, but Duggan pushes out. Sierra locks the reverse chinlock on Duggan, who gradually collapses to the canvas. Sierra's hanging on, and using the ring ropes for leverage. Duggan's hollering for the referee, and while the ref is questioning Sierra, Duggan pulls on Sierra's hair! What a card!
Sierra's back down from the ropes, and still hanging onto the chinlock.
The referee checks Hacksaw for signs of life.
Thr-whoops! There's the thumb!
He's still with us!
Duggan powers back up, and there's two elbows to Sierra's gut. Sierra counters with a rake to the eyes, followed by three right hands to the jaw of Hacksaw. Sierra whips Duggan to the ropes, but Duggan reverses and hits a BIG scoop slam on Sierra.

LarryZ: "Man, THAT woke up the Richter!"

Duggan backs the staggering Sierra into the corner, and does the "Ten-Count Punch Down" with the crowd counting along.
Sierra collapses into the corner, then grabs for the Cuban flag, intending injury to Hacksaw.
Referee Mickey Jay sees this and takes this REALLY "foreign object" from Sierra, who starts arguing with the ref.
Meantime, Duggan's in the three-point stance. Sierra turns back, and Duggan nails Sierra with a clothesline.
"Old Glory" knee-drop. Cover,1,2,3!
Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, and still WCW World Television Champion, Hacksaw Jim Duggan!

Duggan's dancing around the ring like a big kid.
A big HAIRY kid.
He grabs the US flag and waves it, then (oh joy!) he takes the Cuban flag from referee Mickey Jay, and

Scott Hudson: "Something tells me he's not going to salute it..." Duggan snorfs back a BIG ol' "load" and

BLOWS HIS NOSE in the Cuban flag!

Duggan cracks the flagstaff and makes to toss the flag to the crowd.

(Ack! People are scattering out of the way!)

Then he stuffs it down his Carharrts, and appears to be scratching an itch in the armpit area. (Yeep!)
Sierra's livid, and hollering that Duggan's gong to PAY for that insult to his flag and his country, so you just KNOW that this angle is far from over.

Duggan's got "Old Glory" and the TV Title belt now, and parading around the ring.

Hudson says for us fans to check the WCW Hotline for further developments as they happen, and don't forget to watch the WCW Nitro's Spring Break-Out from South Padre Island on Monday.

Good show, all in all. I am a bit concerned that, with the new regime coming in, less and less attention will be paid to WCW Saturday Night as Bischoff and Russo try to salvage WCW Monday Nitro.
Oh well, guess I'll have to tune in with the rest of y'all Monday, and see what happens.

Best match of the night, hands down was the Jung Dragons/PG-13 and Frog match, with the ladies tag match a close second. Honorable Mention to the Kid Romeo/Jeremy Lopez match that was mostly ignored by the on-air talent!
Grappling for the booby prize, we have a tie between Maestro/Lancaster, and that Cat/Horowitz travesty. The Maestro should not be phoning in matches this early in his career, and both Ernest "The Cat" Miller and "Bad" Barry Horowitz should know better!

Eleven matches with a total of 38 minutes and 29 seconds of actual in-ring action.
Better than some weeks, but still not as good as it could be.
And all this in a two hour time slot!

You do the math!

See you next week.
E.C. Ostermeyer
[slash] wrestling

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