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/14 August 1999
WCW Saturday Night


Guest columnist: Usenet's mdb


A note to any and all of my RSPWM friends and enemies, I'll be back soon enough.

A note to the efitor. You should do the ****s in something other than black as they don't show up good on the blue background.

For now, it's Saturday Night! WCWSN is to my knowledge the longest continuos running wrestling show in the US if not the world. That's got to be worth something, right? It's a bastard child of WCW programming these days, and when you think of how bad Nitro and Thunder are...

Adrian Byrd v. Disco Inferno. Disco proclaims it's Saturday Night Fever time, he's in the house and he's going to burn it down. Not to smart to burn down the house you're in. Unless you're trying to kill your parents in which case you might wind up a World Heavyweight Champ. The match features nothing better than Disco's mediocre mini-moves of doom set of atomic drop, Russian leg sweep, turnbuckle forearm drop. No swinging neckbreaker or Macerana piledriver this night. Byrd gets a few token moves, none of which look good. Anticlimactic and sloppy Last Dance gets Disco the win about 4 minutes in. Disco's best dance move seems to be the WCW Shuffle which he's hopelessly lost in. Once a Thunder! main eventer and Wolfpack member, Glen's just another nobody these days. Zero points.

Lash Lerouix v. Mike Enos. Does Lash still post to RSPW? Mike Enos has talent. He could be a contender. Lash starts the match mocking Enos's muscularity. He brings a chair into the match to stand on, the better to pose to the crowd with. Enos pressslams Lash from off the chair, then sits down on the chair to spank Lash. A spanking! A spanking! And then the- er, never mind. Enos with a overhead release slam of the middle turnbuckle. Lash uses his quickness to get some punches in. If there were a cruiser division in WCW, I might think something might come of Lash in a year or two. Enos does what is called by Hudson a face first slam on Lash, sort of like Farooq's Dominator I guess for the win at about 6 minutes. I'm going to need to get a stopwatch if I keep doing this. A nice competitive match with back and forth action, but almost no psychology. Half point.

Bobby Blaze v. Mickey Whipwreck. Dusty mentions Ric Flair. I don't get how WCW can treat the legend the way they do. Then again, when the WWF did it to Bruno and Backlund and Hogan and Bret and they prosper more than ever. Oh yeah, there's a match. Having never seen ECW, I know nothing of Mickey. Blaze was a Worldwide regular. Some quick action to start with leapfrogs and armdrags and the like leads to a Whipwreck pescado outside he ring. Blaze controls back in the ring with an elbow drop that looks quite good, a few kicks, shoulders to the gut. Whipwreck turns the tide, getting a dropkick and hurricarana, leading to a sunset flip of the top turnbuckle. Blaze kicks out, gets caught on the top turnbuckle and Whipwreck does a top rope Stunner for the win at about 5 1/2. Half a point.

Road Wild is tonight. Everyone complains about the career vs. career stip. When the WWF had the end of the era match it was some kind of game, Let's guess how they'll get out of it. Chyna wins the #1 contendership last week and everyone knows she'll drop it the next week, but it's a great surprise. I wonder what people would think of Chyna going over if Nitro was beating Raw in the ratings. They'd blast it completely. Anyway, I guess I should mention that my biggest complaint about the Hogan v. Nash career v. career match is that they can't both win.

Al Green v. Erik Watts. Watts does a weak slam. A half minute of stall follows. Arm bar reversed by Green, etc. etc. This match is so sad. Hudson miscalls the finish, it's a reverse urinage suplex for the win after 4 torturous minutes. Zero points.

Hey mdb, you misspelled "uranage" again. You learn that from Scott Keith? - CRZ

The Road Wild undercard is actually not bad. Vamp gets to match up with three of the best today, Eddy, Kidman and Rey. Page v. Benoit will no doubt be good until the three count, Kanyon and Bam Bam against Booker T. Even the Revolution v. Rednecks can be a **1/2 affair and Sting and Goldberg have it in them to make Sid and Steiner respectively watchable.

WCWSN recaps Benoit's US title win. WCW could give Benoit the win tonight and go on to do a 4 month feud against Eddy ending in a 2 out of 3 falls ***** match of the decade at Starrcade or they can let Page win and go on to doing nothing anyone really cares about. Which do you think it'll be?

Eaton/Darsow v. Regal/Taylor. Eaton and Darsow are a team now? They go up against Regal and Taylor. This won't necessarily be bad. It's even odds that Hudson will remember that Eaton and Regal were once partners. Aha! He just said it! Way to go! Dusty goes smart on us by mentioning that Darsow's been a tag champ, but not as Darsow. The Brits are de facto heels and those lose the opening exchange as they get punched out of the ring. Dusty goes unsmart by talking about Darsow's moves being "American" when he should be calling them "Russian." Taylor and Regal hit some Euro uppercuts on Darsow. The Brits dominate Darsow in their half of the ring. Eaton makes the room temperature tag. Darsow has the Barely Legal on Taylor when Regal hits him with the Union Jack flagpole and gets the win with the Regal stretch at about 7 minutes. Third of a point.

Disciple v. Barbarian. Scott Hudson runs down what I think might have been the entire non-WWF character history of Brutus the Disciple. Disciple vs. Barbarian. Odds are 3 to 1 that Hudson will mention these two are former stable mates. Or were they? Anyone remember the Dungeon lineup back then? I suppose someone somewhere found something worthwhile in this match. I didn't. Brutus hits a high knee that's just as bad as Triple H's and a clothesline of the top rope that's as bas as Kane's. Disciple gets the win with a roll-up and the four minutes this took killed any spirit I might have used to conjure up a good joke about the O.W.N. or anything like that. Zero points.

Barry Horowitz's evil twin, Bad Barry Horowitz v Hardwork Walker. Walker wins in about 5 minutes with a clothesline or something. My apologies to you, the loyal reader. I just couldn't follow this match. Zero points.

Steve Armstrong v. Kidman. Kidman can be one of the top 10 guys in WCW when he wants to be, but all too often falls into a rut, doing the same match time and again. Armstrong dominates early, whipping Kidman into the safety rail, hitting a shoulderbreaker, applying a surfboard variant. Facefirst suplex and a two count. Punch to the face and chinlock. Whip to the corner, clothesline follow-up. Kidman finally gets a move in with a short powerbomb, but Armstrong comes back with a urinage. Kidman rallies with the tornado bulldog and a two count. Kidman takes a clothesline from the top turnbuckle and kiks out at 2.9. Kidman almost doesn't pull off the 'you can't powerbomb Kidman' then messes up the SSP. He gets the small package for the win at about 4 minutes. Third of a point.

Vamp v. Rey. This should be good. Vampiro uses size to dominate early with a shove and a clothesline. A toss powerbomb. Rey takes the advantage, dropkick to the leg followed by a bulldog and another dropkick puts Vamp outside. Vamp tkes it to the mat with a chinlock. Eddy comes out to watch as Vamp applies a camel clutch. Backbreaker on Rey. Chop. Whooo! Vamp tosses Rey to the ropes, Rey goes for a Lionsault that Vamp is suppose to catch, but botches it and ends up tossing Rey into the ropes, luckily not breaking his neck. Rey hits a broncobuster, Vamp comes back with the Spike. Then goes for a top rope powerbomb, but Eddy stops it and Rey hits a hurricarana for the pin. This was only 5 minutes a big disappointment. Third of a point.

A pretty weak show, even by WCwSN standards. 2 points out of 9 for a miserable .222. But it was better than Thunder!


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