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/14 August 1999
WCW Saturday Night


Guest columnist: Greg Conley


1) Disco Inferno pinned Adrian Byrd with the Last Dance...Sorry, I missed this match and right when I popped in the tape he hit the Last Dance.

2) Lash LeRoux (w/glasses and chains) vs. Mike Enos (w/blond hair coloring)- As the match starts Lash starts posing which brings a laugh from me and everyone else. He then gets a chair, stands on it, and poses. Mike then proceeds to powerslam the Ragun Cajun off the chair and to the mat. Mike sits on the chair and puts Lash and puts Lash on his lap and tries to slap in on his rump but Lash escapes. Lash runs around the ring and gets back in to stop and the count and leaves again. Enos goes to get him but Lash drops which causes Enos's throat to hit the top rope. Lash slingshots himself in but Mike once again catches him and slams him down to the mat. Enos beats on him then nails him with an overhead release slam. Mike throws him hard into the other corner and misses a run into the corner. Lash slides under Mike and punches him, does his great split, then punches him again making the big man fall. Mike goes for a hiptoss but Lash lands on his feet and Mike nails him with a big clothesline. Mike nails him with another powerslam but picks Lash up at the 2 count. Mike drops Lash on the top rope and nails him with a headbutt. Mike nails him with another clothesline. Lash escapes another powerslam attempt and dropkicks Enos in the knee. He nails him with a double sledge and turns around to showboat but Mike no-sells the move. Mike beats on him for a little bit then nails him with a Dominator type move for the win (Around 6 1/2 minutes, * 3/4). Lash showed a lot of charisma in this match. Hopefully Lash, like Lenny Lane will get put into an angle.

3) Bobby Blaze (w/a beard) vs. Mikey Whipwreck(w/clothes he got from a goodwill store)- They exchange submission moves for a minute until Blaze goes to the outside and Mikey Whipwreck nails him with a pescado(You grab the ropes and slingshot yourself to the outside). They chase each other on the outside and Bobby gets in first and attacks Mike once he gets back in. He puts Mikey's head under the bottom rope and sets Mikey in a slingshot position and does it (No clue what the name is). Bobby executes a legdrop on the back on Mikey. Snap mare, elbowdrop by Blaze and he gets a 2 count. Mikey nails a sunset flip. Kick out. Blaze throws him into the corner, kick to the the gut, but misses throwing Mikey into the corner. Neckbreaker, dropkick, and a Hur-can-rana (In the words of Kid Rock) from Mikey. 2 count. He goes up to the top but Blaze catches him and Mikey flips out of it and nails a sunset flip for a 2 count. Bobby goes up top and Mikey stops him and nails a sloppy looking Whippersnapper for the win (About 6 minutes, * 1/4). Only for the nice finish. The rest of it was all sloppy.

4) Al Greene (w/white hair) vs. "Mr Dropkick" Erik Watts- Watts pushes Greene in the corner and slams him. Al Greene has the ref look at his back. Erik pounds of his arm and throws him off the ropes and executes a hiptoss. Greene knocks Erik down with 2 shoulderblocks. Slams him and Watts backtracks to the outside. He calls for a timeout. Greene pounds on Watts when he comes back in the ring and nails him with a corner splash. A gutwrench floatover type move for a near fall. Erik reverses a corner whip and nails him with a jumping elbow. Greene misses another corner splash but nails a Urinage suplex for the win (About 4 1/2 minutes, 1/2*). I like Al Greene, but Watts sucks, plain and simple.

5) Barry Darsow and Bobby Eaton (w/a big ? on why they're teaming) vs. Steven Regal and Dave Taylor (w/British flag)- Incase your an idiot Bobby Eaton used to be a member of The Blue Bloods. Regal starts off with Bobby and it turns into an early 4 way brawl. They throw Regal and Taylor together. They leave the ring and hug each other. Darsow and Taylor are in the ring once the Blue Bloods gets back in the ring. They exchange headlocks until Darsow leg trips Taylor and executes an arm lock on him. Tags out to Bobby and Bobby works on the arm for a few seconds and tags back out. Barry throws him into the corner and nails him with a clothesline. Taylor executes some European Uppercuts on Darsow and tags out to Regal. Regal struts a little bit and uppercuts him. He taunts Bobby Eaton and Taylor chokes Barry in the corner. Regal kneedrops Darsow and goes to work on his arm. Tag out. Regal holds his arm and Taylor jumps off the top rope and axehandles it. Some more uppercuts. Regal and Dave work on Barry for a period of time until Darsow made the hot tag to Bobby Eaton. Eaton beats on both of them until Taylor surprises him with the Butterfly Suplex Floatover but Darsow makes the save and executes Barely Legal on Regal and Taylor hits him with the flag behind the ref's back allowing Regal to execute the Regal Stretch for the win (About 7 minutes, * 3/4). Not all that bad of a match.

5) Disciple (w/a haircut that makes him look 12) vs. The Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart)- Kill me it's the Disciple. Kill me again it's the Barbarian. Scott names all of Disciples name's and he makes his way down to the ring excluding Brutus Beefcake. Just a nothing match. The punch, they kick for a minute and a half then Barbarian executes a nice Nodowa (Chokeslam) on The Man With No Name. They fight for a little bit then go to the outside where Barbarian hits The Booty Man with a chair. Back in the ring Jimmy distracts Disciple, Barbarian nails Jimmy, Brutus rolls Barbarian up for the win and I don't pull the trigger on my gun (Didn't time it. I was looking for something to bury my face in. DUD).

6) "Bad" Barry Horowitz (w/a Bad added to his name this week) vs. Bobby Walker (w/o Teddy Long)- Wasn't Bobby Walker sueing WCW 2 years ago because they were "racist" to him? Ahh.... I guess that was just thrown in the box of forgotten ang...I mean lawsuits. The match starts off with them exchanging holds. Barry gets out of an armbar by getting in the ropes. Executes a roll through cradle on him. Nails him with an inveted DDT dropping him on his knee. Match carries on as I doze off until Bobby Walker walks the ropes and clotheslines Barry for the win (About 4 minutes, 1/2*). Simply a bad match. You know WCW, instead of bringing back goofs like Bobby Walker, bring back Julio Sanchez, Doc Dean, or Ace Darling?

7) Steve Armstrong vs. Billy Kidman- Steve pounds on Kidman to start and Kidman fights back with a dropkick which sends Steve to the outside. He baseballl slides Steve and they go back in the ring. Steve ends up throwing Kidman out of the ring and he throws Kidman into the guardrail and into a chair. Back in the ring Kidman surprised Steve with a sunset flip for a 2 count. Surfboard by Steve Armstrong. Nails him with a clubbing forearm and gets a 2 count. Steve puts a chinlock on Kidman and he gets out of it. Steve pulls Billy's hair making Kidman fall to the mat. Steve throws Kidman in the corner and gives him a clothesline. Steve chokes Kidman. Steve nails him with a Rock Bottom for a 2 count. Misses a move and Kidman nails him with the Acid Drop for a 2 count. Steve nails him with a Flying Clothesline but he goes for a Powerbomb and guess what happens? He then goes up to the top rope and once again f--ks up the Shooting Star Press. Kidman then rolls him up to end the match (About 5 1/2 minutes, ** 1/2). Great match for Saturday Night. Kidman really has to do something so he doesen't keep on screwing the move up.

8) El Vampiro vs. Rey Misterio Jr.- Vampiro comes out to ICP music and slaps the fans hands. Vampiro shoves Rey, clotheslines him, and nails him with a huge powerslam. He misses a top rope legdrop. Rey nails Vampiro with a bulldog and a dropkick that sends Vampiro the outside. Rey goes to dive through the ropes but does his little thing where he tolds onto the ropes and swings back in. Vampiro gets back in the ring and they exchange blows. Eddie Guerrero has arrived. Camel Clutch type move by Vampiro. Big backbreaker by Vampiro and chops Rey. Dusty about Hollywood Hogan- "I call him Wood.". In the words of Beavis- "Heh, heh, you said wood." Rey goes for a springboard moonsault but Vamp throws him against the ropes. Rey gets Vampiro in the corner and gives him the Bronco Buster. Vampiro nails him with the Nail In The Coffin and goes for the top rope poweromb but Eddie holds onto Rey and Rey nails him with a Frankenmikey (Oops, wrong match) and gets the win. Eddie and Vamp brawl but Rey gets involved and he backtracks (And about 5 1/2 minutes, ** 3/4). Very competitive match.

They replay the six-man tag from Nitro and we go off the air.

The Good- Lash LeRoux vs. Mike Enos, Kidman vs. Steve, Vampiro vs. Kidman, and it's always nice to see Regal and Al Greene.
The Bad- Bobby Walker, Erik Watts, and Bobby Blaze suck. Plain as that.
The Ugly- Disciple should be shot.

Greg Conley

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