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Steel Domain Wrestling 4.6.02

This week's particular response: I'm unoriginal?! Why, that's just the sort of blinkered Philistine pig-ignorance I've come to expect from...oh, wait, no, you're right. Unfortunately, though, in this age of analogy it's damn near impossible to come up with anything that won't be considered at least a little derivative, you know?=20


Tonight's turgid bits of wrestling are brought straight to you by Chipotle(home of the Choke-a-goddamn-horse-to-death™ Burrito, as well as being the only quasi-fast-food joint where you can drink Negro Modelo Especial while you eat. You, sirs, are good people), Lucky Strike cigarettes(none of the tobacconistries I frequent had Springy-dingies, so it's back to regular ol' coffin nails this week. Blah), Aqua Teen Hunger Force being the spokesperishables for 1-800-CALL-ATT, and making fun of that new Paxil-esque drug for men concerned about their wang size.

PLA-DOW! Bringing the wrestling recapitation with greater alacrity than the bisexual references fly in an episode of Pilot Candidate, they call me Kandriasin, kiss my bender and how ya doin'. We've got precious little time to get this bidness taken care of, so take a deep breath and jump right in with all your clothes on, won't you?

Opening Montage: we only get :24 of the opening montage this time, opting to go straight into coverage of last week's happenings during the title match, a brief rundown of the pseudo-screwjob, and a quick-cut to...

A PORTION OF CYCLONE FENCE NOT QUITE AS HARDCORE AS THE OTHER ONE, BUT STILL PRETTY HARD-MOTHEREFFING-CORE(Sign in crowd: OR NOT!) indicates that once again, the time has come for yet another ridiculously engrossing Mick Karch(with that damned graphic) interview segment! I'd keep sarcastically twirling my index fingers, but it prevents me from typing with any sort of acumen whatsoever, not to mention the fact that spinny shit makes me dizzy. Anyway, the interview took place at the end of last week's show, and it pertains to one Jerry"New F'n Show" Lynn. Damn, even I forgot that they used to call him that...hey, anyone out there have one of his "Victory Through Self-Destruction" t-shirts...? JL's background is addressed, the fact that he is old is made fun of, he appreciates the fact that the fans haven't forgotten about him, Mortimer Plumtree, Magnus Maximus, et al. will soon be made privy to what paying your dues is all aboat, and other things. That's about it, but JL does favor us with one last heavy metal growl before departing. Quick "SDW" logo transition shot, and Mick Karch has magically appeared in this week's show wearing the exact same clothes he had on last week! Ed "Sausagecase" Hellier stands next to him, looking for all the world like he'd mixed some household cleansers in with his perfunctory pre-show shots of Jagermeister. Seriously, the man is looking bad this week. Not Tom Pritchard bad, but bad enough. Horace the Psychopath(with graphic) is brought out to discuss his upcoming match with "The Hardcore Luchador" Dino Bambino, whose style is immediately praised/buried by Horace. Uh, okay, do all heels in SDW have to be from Wisconsin? Before Horace can mangle the names of various types of planchas, pescados, topes con hilos and other flippy-floppy what-have-you any further, Adrian Lynch(w/-Rain and no graphic) is out to chew gum and run down Horace, St. Paul, his valet and the audience in general, which he punctuates with a shove. Horace takes it, takes it all, and doesn't do a damn thing about it. Actually, no, that was a lie, but before Horace can get his hands on Lynch, Mr. Greasy is quick to hide behind Rain, distracting Horace long enough for Dino Bambino to sail in from the entrance area and kick his ass but good. Hmm, apparently Dino's going for the Hardcore Luchador/Pirate look this week. Horace is rolled into the ring, Dino's got a chair, slides it into the ring, delays his weird into-the-ring move(he puts his left leg onto the bottom rope and does a twirly slingshot-type spin looks like too much work for too little result, if ya ask me) to yell at the fans, yakuza-like boot to Horace's face, right, right, right, right, Horace with a right, another, four more and a spinning flourish, and a final right keeps Dino tangled up in the ropes. Horace has the chair, but before he can get to the whackin', Dino's scrambling out of the ring, and we're scrambling into a commercial break.

SDW Fan Fest will be happening...eight days ago. CALL FOR DETAILS!

Morrie's DeNuccioveractingplex.

Morrie's DeNuccibomb. Yay.

Channel 45 can't seem to get anything more recent to plug Friends than that godawful Rembrandts video, so that's what you get. Like it.

Okay, we're back, and straight into the 1st Match: "Divine Wind" Ken Anderson(w/graphic, sans entrance) vs. Derryck St. Holmes(already in the ring w/Mortimer "Manager of damn near everybody" Plumtree), and have you ever met someone with a "Y" where their "I" should be? What is that? Anyway, brief conferral with Plumtree, the bells rings, and here we go: lockup, hiptoss by Holmes(and we get a peek at his Descartesian butt-slogan) accompanied by much posturing, another lockup, deep armdrag by Holmes and while Anderson's recovering, Holmes goes into the corner and reads a book! Ok, that was cool. The two men circle for a bit, back to the collar-and-elbow tieup, Anderson is outmaneuvered into a Holmes scoop slam, and Holmes drops to one knee and hits the double-guns pose. Hmm. He then proceeds to pointedly ignore Anderson until he wants another lockup, gets it, muscles Anderson down into a headlock, Anderson is feeling for a way out, Holmes is put into the ropes, shoulderblock puts Anderson on his back, Holmes with a brief back-and-forth right into an Anderson hiptoss, Anderson with an arm-flail, a clumsy armdrag, and a scoopslam of his own. Holmes bails and gets stomped on the way out, almost ends up in a fan's lap, and confers with Plumtree for a bit. Anderson poses some more, encourages a clap-along, here we are, back to the lockup. Anderson snatches a side headlock on Holmes, Holmes with some, um, inverted forearms to gut gut to break, Anderson put into the ropes, shouderblock puts Holmes down, criss-cross by Anderson into a Holmes scoop slam. Wow, deja vu! Holmes looks to keep Anderson grounded, eats a double boot, and Anderson is up with a bodyslam, picking him up into a side headlock, chain-wrestles into a hammerlock, reversed by Holmes, side headlock by Holmes into an arm-wringer, reversed by Anderson, controlling the arm with a series of twists and pulls, back to the side headlock. Holmes with the Irish whip to escape, wants the clothesline but Anderson is underneath, laces the arm, front waistlock, Northern Lights Suplex! 1, 2, no. Anderson keeps on Holmes with a side headlock, takes him over and grounds the headlock. Commercial time!

If you're old, get Golden Care.

If you're an inept fat guy, watch Kung-Fu Theatre at 4.

If you like watching white trash under pressure, watch this show about cops.

If you're in denial about the Contraction, watch the Twins games on 45!

If you're a smarmy bastard with too much time on his hands, watch this awful Indy wrestling show...oh, we're back! Holmes has the abdominal stretch and uses Plumtree for leverage a couple of times. Unfortunately for him, however, the referee spots it, kicks Plumtree's hand away and Anderson reverses into a hiptoss for 2. Before Anderson can capitalize, Holmes is up and spears him in the groin. Holmes puts him into the corner with a European uppercut, goes into the opposite corner and charges in with a headbutt to the stomach. Cross-corner whip on Anderson and he charges in but Anderson steps aside and Holmes goes headfirst into the second turnbuckle, where he does a neat little handstand sell on the second rope before crumpling to the ground. Anderson encourages another clap, ducks a clothesline and spins Holmes around, left, left, left, shuck, jive, right flattens Holmes and he begs off into the corner. Anderson doesn't let up on him, though, and comes in with a right, and another, and another, cross-corner whip and Holmes staggers into a high back body drop. Holmes put into the corner again, right, chop, cross-corner whip and Holmes walks into a fireman's carry, Finlay Slam! Anderson is up and slowly(?) vaults up top, BRILLIANT CAMERA WORK focuses on Plumtree while Anderson hits whatever maneuver he was going for and the announcers go nuts over it. #2 Promotion in North America, babayyyy!*ahem* anyway, Plumtree puts Holmes' foot on the ropes to stop the count, and just to make sure we don't miss anything*facetiously points to temple*, Holmes points to his foot. Anderson is on him right away, though, gives him a right while he's down, right, right, hard cross-corner whip and Holmes graces us with a Flair Flip! Anderson meets him with a right, two more, looks to suplex him in but Plumtree grabs the feet and Holmes lands on top of him, 1, 2, 3(9:23 shown). Well, aside from being about 7 minutes too long, that seemed about right for RAW, huh? And, well, considering the fact that both these guys have worked dark matches for the WWF, I'm not surprised. Holmes and Plumtree celebrate on the apron, and a pissed-off Anderson grabs Plumtree from behind, looks at his fist for about a minute while Plumtree pleads, and makes a stupid face when Holmes knocks his ass out with a vicious shot from that fat book he was sporting earlier. Ow! Call the scientists and activate the radio collar, because this young man got TAGGED. Plumtree lays the badmouth, Holmes lays the stomps, Anderson just lays there. Is that a commercial break I smell?

SDW Fan Fest! If you're a manipulator of Temporal Physics, don't waste your time going to this sad-sack crackajack convention, figure out a way to get me back to 1996, goddammit!

Ooh, Minnesota's Mortgage Real Estate Hotline! Speaking as a one-time loan officer, I feel I can say in all honesty that anyone who's gonna base their plans for debt consolidation on what some free-hotline hack tells 'em deserves the Ankle-Grab Special.

Golden Care! Just tie a cinderblock to the gas pedal, already.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World and The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. Watch them!

......I'm actually typing out a recap of local news? Um...

...2nd Match? Sure, why not: Kujo(already in the ring)vs. Adrian Lynch(w/Rain(very attractive despite the jean skirt, no entrance either). The fans show their appreciation of Rick Steiner with much woofing, but since he was probably in Australia at the time(not to mention the fact that he SUCKS), Kujo's who you're gonna have to settle for. Woof woof woof! Lynch stalls, Kujo reacts with...confusion, and aims a kick at Rain, who just happened to be passing by. Not the luckiest girl, she. First she gets pinned by freakin' Lacey, and then...*cough* anyway, here's the action(w/ graphic): a bit of circling to start, something resembling a feeling-out process(not a pleasant thought when oily men with low centers of gravity are concerned, I assure you) ensues, and Kujo's stomping and jumping up and down, presumably to get the crowd behind him, but I think the woofing took it all out of 'em. They wouldn't think twice about accepting another heaping helping of cheese curds, though, thangyuhvermuch. Kujo aims another kick at Rain, and finally we get to the lockup. Lynch shoves Kujo off and claims a hair-pull, so the commentators make some sort of "pot calling the kettle black" analogy that's far too asinine for me to repeat. Or not. Wha--? The referee actually checks with the crowd to see if anyone saw Kujo pull Lynch's hair? What the hell was that? Ah, at about 1:30 into the goddamn match we actually see some action, as Lynch gets a standing armbar on Kujo, and drops down to give him a fireman's carry takeover. Lynch gets all smug and stuff, and I'm wondering how much of his annual budget goes towards baby oil. Back to the lockup, Kujo gets an ARM-bar of his own, twists it again, reversal and hammerlock by Lynch, who then proceeds to shove Kujo into the corner and act all heelish. Lynch turns away from Kujo, who turns him right back around gives him one of those "patented" short-arm clotheslines. And another. Will he go for 3? Yup, but Lynch ducks under it and points to his head...facetiously, I guess, because Kujo just waits for him to turn around and barrels him over with a lariat. Lynch quickly bails, and abusively refuses help from Rain. Eww, Lynch's fat hangs out over the sides of his singlet! That's not supposed to happen! Kujo swipes at Rain again, and she apparently decides she's had enough of this shit and leaves. Well, she takes the hint faster than a lot of girls do, yes? Lynch is back in and spits in Kujo's face, gauges his reaction and quickly flees. Kujo, being stupid, accommodates him, and they do a quick once-around, with Lynch stomping Kujo like the schmuck he is when he tries to follow him back into the ring.Lynch picks him up and measures him for a right, Irish whip is reversed and Kujo looks like he's going for a powerslam, but that might just be a little too fast-paced, so he goes for the much lower-impact scoopslam. Ahh, restful. Kujo's going up top, but Rain appears out of nowhere and makes herself useful by crotching him on the top rope! Lynch is up and hits the super snapmare on Kujo(almost dropping him on his head in the process, which might hurt less), following up with a stomp to the back, and another, and another. Kujo up, right puts him down. Measured for another, Irish whip, Lynch puts him down with a back elbow. It gets 1. Lynch goes to pick him up, Kujo with a shot to the body, right, right, right to the head, another, and Lynch scissor-sweeps him down for 2. Kujo gets dumped and Rain is on him on the outside with kicks that seem only to irritate him. Kujo doesn't seem to learn, though, and he gives chase to Rain just long enough for Lynch to get behind him and pummel him senseless. Kujo sent into the ring, covered for 1, foot on the rope. Lynch contests the count while Kujo sneaks up from behind and schoolboys him! 1, 2, no. Lynch pops up and clotheslines him down, 1, 2, no, and heeeeeeeeeeere's the chinlock! Minor heat sequence sees Kujo fight his way to his feet, elbow to Lynch's gut, elbow, elbow, Lynch grabs his head and throws him down, 1, 2, umm, no. Lynch covers him again, 1, 2, ain't happening. Lynch goes to the grounded headlock, keeps it on for a while, puts Kujo flat, 1, 2, kickout. Kujo manages to get to his feet while still in the headlock, elbows his way out, off the ropes, Lynch's clothesline is ducked, double KO. The referee starts a ten-count, both men are up, Lynch with a right, Kujo, Lynch, Kujo, Lynch's right is ducked, Kujo puts him on his back with a headbutt. Lynch is up, misses another clothesline, OH MAN did that kick ever not hit, but Lynch sold it like Spike Dudley taking an unprotected Test spot. Scoop and a slam by Kujo, he's going up, diving headbutt! 1, 2, he's not Benoit, hell, he's not even Bigelow! Kujo up, Irish whip is reversed by Lynch, Kujo with a sunset flip, Lynch is reaching, makes the ropes and sits down on Kujo, Rain's holding his hands for leverage, 1, 2, 3(8:44, and no commercials!). WESTURN replay shows Rain with the useful hand-work. Hey, on their way out, Rain took more money from fans and stuck it down her top! Their celebration is interrupted, however, by a Kujo-hurled chair that I don't think was supposed to hit Lynch, but did, and Kujo chases the 2 of them to the back and straight into the waiting arms of...Horace the Psychopath? Oh, no, it's just a commercial break.

DeNucciplex commercial, moving on...

Hey, that was the only Morrie's commercial in this spot! Unfortunately, it was followed up with a Creflo Dollar Ministries commercial...QUICK! WHERE'S THE FAST-FORWARD BUTTON?! AAAAAAAARRRRGH I CAN FEEL MY SOUL BEING SAVED AS WE SPEAK NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO(note: The heretical views expressed herein have little or nothing to do with the views of the fine people at, their spouses, family, pets, lawn furniture, sentient machinery or anything shrubbery-based pertaining thereto. All rights reserved, sucka).

Watch...Port Charles? What's that?

Watch the Big Bad Movie. Mondays. 7. Or not.

Watch The 5th Wheel. I don't know what the hell that is, either. 3rd Match: Brad Bradley(already in the ring, w/[unmentioned]Mortimer Plumtree)vs. El Grande Marco(with green mask and happy Lucha Libre-style entrance, and graphic). The Big Mark...? Hmm...well, he does a cool top-rope backflip into the ring, but Bradley doesn't take kindly to that shit and takes him down straightaway with a lariat. Bradley with an elbow to the top of the head, forearm to the face, overhand right, clubbing the back, Irish whip is reversed and Marco gives him a Japanese armdrag! Bradley is up and takes another armdrag, Irish whip, leg lariat/Nelson Frazier kick takes Bradley down. Marco is into the corner and hits a rolling necksnap(!) on Bradley, followed by a seated dropkick to the face! Bradley's already in trouble, 1, no. Bradley picked up, forearmed down, again, and Marco comes off the ropes with a slingshot cradle pin(almost landing on Bradley's head in the process), 1, 2, no, and the commentators play up Bradley's role as a police officer on RAW? Huh, I didn't hear about that, does anyone else know anything about it? Bradley takes his time to reverse Marco's pin, but reverse it he does, 1, 2, reversed by Marco, 1, 2, reversed by Bradley who immediately relinquishes the hold and opts for a backslide, but Marco gets the better of it, 1, no, Bradley bails. Hey, Mick Karch can roll his R's properly when pronouncing Marco's name! Yo Megusta. Bradley confers with Plumtree a little, turns around and takes a TOPE CON FUCKING HILO! The crowd's nutty over that one, and I honestly never expected to see a move like that in this organization. Both men eventually get to their feet, Marco jumps onto the top rope, SPLIT LEGGED QUEBRADA hits cement(me/crowd: OOOOOHHHHHH!) as Bradley either smartly stepped aside or has no regard for the safety of his fellow performers. Christ, that looked painful. Bradley picks Marco up, forearms him down, confers with Plumtree and tosses Marco into the ring. Despite the fact that Marco's a mess, Bradley's cover only gets a 1. Snapmare by Bradley, who then stands with his back to a seated Marco and mule-kicks him in the face, which he then follows with a positively bizarre submission hold I've never seen before, but looks like an inverted standing STF. Just weird. Well, perhaps if I can ever meet the guy, I'll ask him what the hell that was. Bradley eventually releases the hold, puts Marco into a standing headscissors, thumbs his throat, hangs Marco across his right shoulder(hanging body vise-style), and rolls him off counterclockwise into a DDT! Nice move, but it's only good for a 2 count. Marco picked up and his head is bounced off the turnbuckle, cross-corner whip and Bradley charges in, but Marco vaults over him and gets a bodyscissors into a sunset flip for 2. Bradley is up and on him with stomps right away, picks him up into a standing headscissors, flips him up into a Gory Guerrero Special, but Marco tries to adjust his mask and falls out of the hold. Bradley seems upset with this and stomps him some more, and puts him into the corner for a few rights to the head. They seem to discuss it for a little bit, and I think the guy's got legitimate mask problems, so Bradley backs off while he tries to adjust his mask into a more breathable configuration, and Bradley comes out of the corner with a big boot, sending him outside. Damn, he clocked him good with that one. Various cameras look at various things, i.e. Plumtree, a soda machine, the fat guy with the Dudley Boyz t-shirt, et cetera until Marco finally gets that damned mask on straight so Bradley can put him back into the ring. Pin gets 2. Marco is up with a right, right, right, Irish whip is reversed, Bradley with a gutshot, front chancery, leg is grapevined, Flatliner-modified DDT, 1, 2, 3(5:47 and I'm liking this trend of no commercials interrupting the matches). Bradley and Plumtree celebrate on their way out.



Are you of the opinion that stupid/freakish things are the height of entertainment? Watch Max-X!

4th Match: Horace the Psychopath(w/ entrance) vs. "The Hardcore Porn Pirate" Dino Bambino(already in the ring) in an SDW Twin Cities Television Championship Match. Wow, I didn't expect to see another match, but here it is. Aww, man, I outweigh Dino by a pound! Horace starts a clap, Dino goes for the Hand of Sporting Cheatery, but Horace gives him a right, Dino answers with a right of his own, Horace, Dino, Horace, Dino, Horace, Dino, Horace, Dino with yet another right, and Horace drops down and nutshots him. Horace poses for a bit, and Dino comes off the ropes with an outside crescent kick which Horace dodges, naturally allowing Dino to hang himself out to dry on the top rope. Horace then delivers the always crowd-pleasing "top-rope nut jostler" to Dino until he practically flies off of the top rope and lands in the center of the ring. Horace doesn't give him any time to recover, however, immediately grabbing a side headlock, dancing around, and hitting a bulldog. Dino bails at this point, and gives the commentary team a little grief while Horace postures maniacally. OR NOT! Dino gradually makes his way back into the ring, and goes for the classic Arn Anderson Time Out. He gets a universally derisive response for this, badmouths the fans, badmouths Horace, and asks for the test of strength. As soon as Horace attempts to accommodate him, he takes a side headlock for his troubles. Dino chain-wrestles into a hammerlock, reversed and chain-wrestled by Horace into a side headlock of his own, Irish whip by Dino, Horace grounds him with a shoulderblock. Horace goes for a criss-cross, Dino attempts a leapfrog, but Horace pulls up short and Rochambeaus him. Dino rolls out, is pulled back in by Horace and gets a scoop slam. Horace comes off the ropes with a FAT GUY SPLASH, and it gets 2. Dino staggers into the corner, takes a few of those awful chops from Horace, and falls victim to the stomach bite. Cross-corner whip on Dino and he performs a rather interesting variant of the Flair Flip where he rolls across the turnbuckle on his shoulders and goes all the way outside to the floor. Ecch, Dino's codpiece has come agape! He has little time to reflect on the potential ramifications of this problem, however, as Horace is up from behind with a lariat. Horace loads up the fan-assisted Sprite Spew, and Dino's flailing. Horace corrals him to the back and washes Dino's face at the water fountain, and some utterly dipshitty fans follow them the whole way, jumping and pointing. UH! YEAH! 14 YEARS OLD! Morons. Horace sets up a palette-mover, pounds Dino's back and IMMEDIATELY BECOMES MY FAVORITE WRESTLER OF THE NIGHT BY KNOCKING THE SHIT OUT OF A FAN WITH A GARBAGE CAN!!! That'll learn 'em, Horace, you wonderful inept hardcore bastard, you. Ooh, we don't get to see what happened there, as we immediately go to commercials. These shows are filmed live, too, aren't they? That was awesome.

Fan Fest?

Golden Care?


Watch I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched. You'll be doing yourself a favor.

Okay, we're back to the action inside the ring this time, and Horace has mysteriously grown a hockey mask! Huh. Whoa, I wonder what happened out there, as most of the seats are now empty. Well, I suppose I'll find out soon enough...okay, some of the fans are coming back. Odd. Horace with a mask-assisted headbutt, takes the mask off and tosses it, gives Dino three slaps to the chest and a double-choke. Horace calmly walks to the other corner, sticks his index fingers up his nose, and wipes them on the turnbuckle. His subsequent cross-corner whip attempt results in Dino stairstepping up to the top turnbuckle, backflipping over Horace's charge and dropkicking him in the back of the head into the snot-covered turnbuckle! Yuck. Horace gets monkeyflipped out, and stomped in the head for good measure. Dino with a right, chokes Horace on the top rope, ties him up on the top rope and chops him, Irish whip, jumping axe kick is ducked(?), spin wheel kick is ducked, Horace comes off the ropes and somersaults over Dino, who does the splits! Another Horace charge is ducked by Dino, who pulls the top rope down, sending Horace outside. Dino stands on the apron and kicks Horace in the head a few times, then slingshots backwards off the top rope with what looked like it was going to be a quebrada, but Dino lands with both feet on Horace's head! Dino stands on Horace's throat and yells at the fans, until the ref forces a break. Horace staggers towards the commentary position, but Dino runs him back into the ring and grabs a chair. Dino does his spinny ring entrance, wedges the chair between the second and third turnbuckles, attempts to send Horace into the chair, Horace blocks, right, right, Dino with a right, another right and a huracan rana pin! 1, 2, Horace kicks out with such authority that Dino lands on the referee and gets hung up on the second rope. Ow. Horace is up and nails Dino with a seated dropkick to the ass? Uh...anyway, Horace goes to the ring apron, presumably for more ass-abuse on the Hardcore Porn Pirate, but Dino gets of of the second rope and gives Horace a round kick to the ribs, front chancery, suplexes him back in, no, he hits a brainbuster! Dino's attempt at a twisting Lionsault misses, however, and Horace comes off the ropes, Cannonball somersault senton, 1, 2, Dino kicks out! Horace is shocked, but keeps on him with a right, Dino with a right, Horace, Dino, Horace, Dino's right spins Horace around, Dino vaults onto his shoulders, Victory Roll is reversed, Horace has both legs, 1, 2, 3(10:10 shown). WESTURN brings you the replay, and in the meantime Adrian Lynch has used this moment to catch Horace unawares, decks him with two rights, tells Rain to get a chair, stomp, he's got the chair, WHACK with the chair, picks Horace up for another right, positions the chair, Rude Awakening on the chair! And another! Horace is dead in the middle of the ring, and Lynch and Rain make their exit WOW WHAT A MULLET ON THAT GUY HA HA HAAAAAA! HE LOOKS LIKE A HICK IKE TURNER! *Ahem* As it is, Horace is still your Television Champion, and we close with a shot of Horace writhing on the ground while the commentary team scream themselves hoarse.

©MMII Steel Domain Championship Wrestling, LLC.

Oh, wait, I almost forgot: because he asked me so nicely, give my homie Scotsman's Site of Rampant Heterosexuality a visit, won't you? Thanks for reading, and BRING THE FEEDBACK!

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