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/10 July 1999

WWF Shotgun




HOLY LIVING FUCK! SHOTGUN on my TV! I don't know when it started, but apparently WWF syndication RETURNS to the Bay Area as KICU-TV 36 in San Jose airs Shotgun Saturday Night. So, just for you...

One World Leader Attitude - WWF!

This show is apparently rated TV-14. Because it's SATURDAY NIGHT! EDGY!

RAW-opening highlight package

Shotgun Saturday Night openingn features scantily clad babes and an old WWF logo - aha, THAT'S where that rating comes from.

TONIGHT: A look at First Blood, the Brood's Christian, Road Dogg & X-Pac get busted, and a whole lot more!

WE ARE TAPED from the Unnamed Arena in Fayetteville, NC for the weekend of 10.7.99 (taped 29.6) and your unseen commentators are MICHAEL KING COLE & VINCE RUSSO. As a commentator, Russo is a poor man's Cornette - taking care to relate the stories that be happenin' but without any sort of, you know, personality.

CHRISTIAN (with Edge and a burning ring o' far) v. CHUCK COATES - Let Us Take You Back to RAW and show you that Gangrel didn't come out to save his Brood mates when the Bossman had Christian and Edge in the cuffs. As Russo says "damn him, Michael, damn him!" Apparently, Gangrel is having a problem with Edge & Christian's popularity. Coates is wrestling in a dog collar, which subjects him to derision from the commentators - probably not a jab at Rick Steiner but conspiracy theorists will have fun with it. Here's a lockup, go behind by Christian. Reversal by Coates into a full nelson, reversal by Christian into a full nelson, into a wristlock by Christian, side headlock - chain wrestling - ONLY ON SHOTGUN! Coates powers out off the ropes, leapfrog, dueling hiptosses and Christian wins. Dropkick by Christian! Back to the side headlock - grinding it in. To the corner - clean break is NOT as Coates strikes with an elbow and knees. To the opposite corner but Christian isn't there as he tries for - what, rana? - and split-legs the top turnbuckle. BOot to the head, stomp, stomp - Christian takes him to the corner - knife-edge chop (woooo!), vertical suplex - holding on - a second - now a front suplex and a near fall. Snaprmares him over. Christian goes to the rear chinlock. Commentators are talking about Mr. McMahon's plan (or lack thereof). Coates elbows to break the hold, but Christian is still in command. Coates to the corner, but he puts up a back elbow and hits a clothesline coming out. Coates to the top rope! But the guillotine legdrop finds only mat. Christian turning him around - there's the Tomokaze DDT. "What a victory for Christian!" (3:10)

Still to come: Chaz & Marianna, Road Dogg & X-Pac Get Busted, First Blood

WWF Video spot - Austin, Rock, women, Best of RAW

Tonight, Shotgun is brought to you by SKITTLES! And Castrol Motor Oily, where you can get WWF Superstar posters if you buy a case! And WWF: The Music, Volume 3 - by it at CIRCUIT CITY!

Last week on RAW, Austin strode to the ring to accept the Undertaker's challenge - but Mr. McMahon had some stipulations to propose

Also last week on RAW, Kane pinned Hardcore Holly while his tag team partner the Big Show stared at the Undertaker walking down the aisle. Following the match, Kane and Undertaker appeared to work together to do damage on the Big Show. It ended with Undertaker using a chair to bust open Big Show.

YOUR Main Event for WWF Fully Loaded is a WWF Championship First Blood Match! Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Undertaker! If Austin wins, we won't see Mr. McMahon again - if Undertaker wins, Austin agrees to never again vie for the title. This Monday on RAW - the contract will be signed! Austin and McMahon are pictured, but I'd think maybe the Undertaker would be around to... Tomorrow Night on Heat, the Big Show is in the house! Also, Bradshaw takes on Kane in a "No Holds Barred" match!

Still to come: New Tag Team Champions, Chaz & Marianna, Road Dogg & X-Pac busted

"WWF Austin 3:16" collectors' magazine ad

Starburst Hard Candies brings you the WWF Slam of the Week - from RAW two weeks ago, Billy Gunn hits the Fame'Asser on X-Pac to prevent him from winning the Intercontinental title - boy, that guy thinks he's Brad Pitt with an attitude - give it some juice!

Let Us Take You Back to RAW where Chyna found her car vandalised and urged the local constabulary to arrest Road Dogg & X-Pac - so they did! But later in the show, Billy Gunn and Chyna used some suspicious looking spray paint to tag Jackie & Meat...

Still to come: New Tag Team Champions, Rock & Triple H in a cage, and Chaz & Marianna - always sniffing out the hottest gossip and news in the World Wrestling Federation!

Boy, recapping this show sure is HARD. All this ACTION. I'm starting to think this show's been overrated on the Mod. ;-)

YOUR United States Coast Guard brings you the RESCUE OF THE WEEK! Jeff Jarrett is ready to strike mit der geetar, but Chaz is rescued by a surprise reappearance of his former tag team partner!

CHAZ (with [the lovely] Marianna) v. DONNIE PARKER (ready for action) - Cole lets us know Thrasher's named Glenn Ruth. Chaz is a kid from Jersey, you know. Parker has a Rad Radford kinda look to him. Armdrag, yankin' on the arm from Chaz to start. Side headlock, Parker powers off, shoulderblock by Chaz. Off the ropes, dueling hiptosses and Chaz hits it. Arm drag, dropkick. Chaz stops to hit on his "girlfriend." Back to neutral positions, lockup, to the ropes, referee "Blind" Teddy Long urges a break, but Parker tries to strike - Chaz ducks and wails away - opposite corner whip, butt to the gut (?). Parker pokes the eyes. Punch, scoop and a slam - Parker going to the top (?!!?) - MOONSAULT! But it misses because Parker has no hot babe at ringside. Chaz with a very slow snap suplex. Off the ropes, elbowdrop. Chaz lookin' around. Chaz lays him on the second rope and runs the ropes, hitting a Bossman straddle. Not that he needs the help, but Marianna slaps him for good measure. Chaz with a fairly awful backdrop suplex, then a fairly awful top rope splash (probably should have turned him about 45 degrees before attempting that) and here's the 1, 2, 3. (2:45)

Still to come: Rock & Triple H in a cage, New Tag Team Champions

They don't yodel - they SWEAT! And WHY would you pay for a WWF Maximum Sweat Action figure? Search me.

Time now for the WWF Rewind - brought to you by Hasbro Interactive's CENTIPEDE! Kane tombstones Bradshaw on the steel steps from last week's Heat. That HAD to hurt SOMETHING - even if it was probably just Kane's knees.

Let Us Take You Back to RAW and show you that despite that terrible concussion, Bradshaw showed up for the Acolytes' tag team title defense against #1 Contenders the Hardy Boyz. They may have even won, except the Hardyz cheated by snapping Hayes' "Wrestler B. Cool" stick over Bradshaw's head to score the pinfall. And I'll be shocked if ANYWAY saw the FWF reference I just snuck in there.

Starburst Hard Candy brings you WWF FULLY LOADED! A tag team remath as the Acolytes get the return bout in an ACOLYTES RULES match - no DQ! To counter that stipulation, it's also a HANDICAP MATCH - Hayes joins the Hardyz in competition. YOU tell ME who's got the sweeter stip. Ha! Also, Austin and Undertaker for the WWF title.

Still to Come: Rock & Triple H in a cage

Let Us Take You Back to RAW and a cage match between Triple H & Rock - a "Top Contenders" match - that saw Rock overcome incredible odds to win. Afterwards, Billy Gunn came fully loaded and joined Triple H in administering a AAA minor league beatdown

Still to Come: A Preview of HEAT!

Tonight's Shotgun was brought to you by Castrol, 1-800-COLLECT, and Western Union Money Xfer!

Tomorrow Night on Heat - BIG SHOW in the house! What does he have to say about Kane and the Undertaker? Speaking of KANE, he takes on BRADSHAW in a NO HOLDS BARRED match! Also KEN SHAMROCK speaks - about Steve Blackman!

Monday on RAW - the CONTRACT SIGNING! Austin and McMahon will appear, don't worry

Hope this was just a slow week, or else I'm not taping this show anymore...however, if recapping it's only gonna take about 20 minutes, maybe I'll keep doing it.

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