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/7 August 1999

WWF Shotgun


Guest columnist: Jeremy Poursine


Hey hey...two weeks in a row! I'm becoming dependable!

Your announcers are, as usual, Kevin Kelly and Terry Taylor.

We begin this Shotgun with a vignette entitled "The End of An Era." Of course, it's the trouncing of Vince....and is it just me, or doesn't showing these vignettes violate that SEC (not the athletic conference) rule that I've heard is the reason why Winnie Mac is off TV? Maybe if they don't show him talking....and there's some odd bed music for this piece too. Also, "A New Era Begins," and we look at the beatdowns now being given regularly by the Undertaker and The Big Show. Gee, sure looks familiar....

Anyways, onto the calvalcade of recaps!

HEAT recap from last Sunday: 'Taker and Big Show interview....when Taker mentions that "the days of scary music and flashing lights are over", I think, didn't you just walk out to that? Also, we are treated to actual footage (no still photos here!) of the Acolytes/ TBS-Taker match from said HEAT.

Now we go to the RAW recap from last Monday: 'T & TBS vs. Road Dogg/Kane. TBS spits a lot when he talks, I've noticed. And seeing Kane go from the top turnbuckle like that looked damn nice.

WWF Live Event: Summerslam. You've may've heard about it in passing.

Commericals. Still to come: More of the Twin Towers Term of Terror, and maybe...just maybe....a wrestling match!

Shotgun is underwritten by Castrol GTX, 10-10-321, and Fram Extraguard.

Behind the scenes look at Shawn Michaels on Pacific Blue. With all this exposure, he'll be as well-known as DDP is!

Jesse "Da Body" Ventura will be on RAW LIVE! Monday Night. Where will you be?

US Coast Guard Rescue of the Week: D'Lo Brown heroically saves Ben Stiller from Jeff Jarrett.

RAW recap of the Title vs. Title match, which I missed because I was attending a Soul Coughing show for free. I'm quite happy D'Lo has two titles. I just wonder how long that's going to last.


RAW recap (another!) of Shane-o interview on how he feels about his poor ol' dad no longer able to be part of the legacy he created...yadda yadda yadda. Then Test meanders out to warn Shane to stay out of his and Stephanie's business. Shane makes a great scared pussycat face during this. Also shown: Test vs. Rodney. Guess who won.

What the arena shot? A match? JOY!!!!

VENOM...err, I mean JOEY ABS vs. JOHNNY PARADISE (no, really, that what he calls himself)

Couple of armdrag takedowns from Paradise to start. Backdrop from Mr. Abs. Lateral press into a pin attempt by Abs, but only good for a two count. Paradise into the ropes, avoids the blow by Joey, and hits the crossbody for two. Joey then lays Paradise out with a blow to the face. Pin attempt broken up when JP (hey, that's my initals!) grabs the ropes. Now Mr. Abs, in true heel form, is choking JP (whom I'm not rooting for since we share a common bond in initals) in the ropes. Joey Abs will be teaming with Steve Blackman this Monday on RAW to take on Test 'n' Ken Shamrock. Kelly and the Rooster also mention that the Millenium Countdown will finish...Taylor is looking forward to it ending because "That's the most annoying buzzer I've ever heard!" Kicks to the gut by Abs, but JP comes back! (Yeah!) But JA just slams him back down, dammit. Into the corner, JA working over Paradise. Lateral press by Mr. Abs for two, followed by another pin attempt, once again for two. Paradise thrown into the corner, JA goes for the splashm, but Paradise avoids, rollup, ONE, TWO...kickout. That was a win, almost, Paradise. (ba-dum-dump) Paradise with a weak sunset flip for two. Taylor: "What was he thinking? How do you hold a 200-pound man down by his shins?" Abs then hits the Outsiders Edge, but doesn't go for the pin. Instead, he pumphandles JP into Test's finishing move, the name of which I'm unaware of. Abs is mocking Test by doing that, you see. 1,2,3. You'll get him next time, Johnny!

More Summerslam hype I gleefully fast forward through.

Just in case we haven't said it enough, that Ventura guy will be on RAW Monday night! LIVE! Honest! He won't play an instrument!

We now take a special look at HHH. I go get a Pepsi One.

RAW recap: SCSA responds to HHH's interview and while doing that, 'Taker and Show come down and cause Armageddon...numerous times, apparently, if you listen to Jim Ross. The "match" between Austin and Undertaker that became a nice little clusterfuck is also shown. Did I just see Farooq swing at Bradshaw?

Even more Summerslam hype.


..and that's the show.

Man...only one match makes this show a lot harder to sit through. Hopefully we'll have two next week.

Catch you next week.

Jeremy Poursine

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