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LAST MONDAY: TV-PG-DLV Go read the RAW Report to recollect the big tag team match between Angle & Jericho and Austin & van Dam - or watch these clips

Closed captioned - Opening Credits

PYRO AWAY - we are on tape 20.9.1 (taped 18.9) from the Pyramid in Memphis, TN and also SAP transmitido en espanol on UPN and the Score! We're just three days away from Unforgiven which can only mean one thing...THIS is SMACKDOWN!

TONIGHT: Six man elimination match! Test & Rhyno & Booker T vs. APA & the Rock!

But's STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN out to show the world that he still carries the WWF Championship belt. Sure, sure, Angle pinned him on Monday - but he don't have that BELT, do he? Austin lovingly sets the belt on a top turnbuckle, and turns to the crowd. "I will not be disrespected by fifteen thousand jackasses! This belt is MINE - it's all mine! This Sunday, this Unforgiven....and it is a damn good name for the pay-per-view event, because there is one...single...sorry (beep) punk that I will never forgive, and his name happens to be Kurt Angle! You gotta put yourself in my shoes - which you can never do because I'm the greatest superstar to ever step foot in this ring....the past few weeks, Kurt Angle has made my life a living hell....he has humiliated me, he has embarrassed me - I ain't gonna put up with that crap tonight. Kurt Angle threatened to throw me off a bridge...he made me beg, he made me cry...last Monday night, he pinned my shoulders to the mat in the middle of this very ring! And that's something that will never, ever happen again, thank you very much. What? Kurt, this Sunday, right there in your hometown, Stone Cold Steve Austin is gonna make an example out of you, what? I said I'm gonna make an example outta you. Because this belt was designed to rest on the shoulder of Stone Cold Steve Austin. It has been balanced and blueprinted to rest on the shoulder of Stone Cold Steve Austin. What? So what's gonna happen, Kurt, this Sunday when your stupid little family buys their tickets to sit on the first row...I'm gonna whip your (beep) in this ring. And your little brothers are gonna beg for me to stop beatin' your (beep), they're gonna cry for me to stop beatin' your (beep)....and your little mommy's gonna be sittin' out there, BEGGIN' Ol' Stone Cold to stop whippin' the hell out of ya! But I ain't gonna wait 'til this Sunday to address my problems. If Stone Cold Steve Austin has a problem, he looks that person right in the eyes and he settles that problem, because I'm a man's man, I'm the World Wrestling Federation champion and I am the leader of the Alliance, what? So since I ain't gonna wait 'til this Sunday, I got one person to call out to this ring. ... Torrie Wilson, get your ragged carcass out here! Torrie Wilson, I know yer back there...get out here to Stone Cold Steve Austin's ring! Everybody's scared of Stone Cold Steve Austin, I can understand that, all you people are scared...lookitchya I see the fear in your eyes, yer scared of me, ain'cha? TORRIE WILSON GET OUT HERE!" TORRIE SAMUDA heads out - she's got some new music that the viewing audience can actually hear. "Yeaaaaah yeah yeah, come on down." Torrie is trying to affect a "deer in the headlights" face...I guess. "You want me to hold the ropes for ya? Huh? You want me to hold the ropes open for ya?" and he walks away from her. "Get over here - come on! Look at ya. Look at ya! Are you proud of yourself? What kinda woman are you, Torrie? Huh? You're pathetic! Look at ya!" Torrie..."cries," I guess. Golly, what a horrendous acting performance. Hey, Austin's right - she IS pathetic! "You don't deserve to be in the same right with Stone Cold Steve Austin! Look at ya! You don't deserve to breathe the same oxygen as Stone Cold Steve Austin? Aren't you supposed to be in the Alliance? Oh did you say something? Aren't you supposed to be in the Alliance?" "Yes--" "Then what the hell are you doin' hanging out with Taijiri for? Why did you help that man become the US Champion? You got something to say? SHUT UP!! Look atcha - the way you're dressed. Is that supposed to be sexy? I say NO. I say it's TRASH. I say YOU'RE TRASH. Oh am I spitting on ya? Does that bother you? Huh? Does it bother you that I'm spitting? Huh? Read my lips, Torrie - look at me - you make me SICK. Oh you're sorry. You want me to stop? You want me to stop, oh it'd be NICE if I stopped wouldn't it. Ha ha, yeah, huh? Huh? Why don't you BEG me to stop? Beg me to stop! SHUT UP! I can't STAND it when a person begs. Go ahead, cry for me to stop you - go ahead, cry - cry - cry - cry. I can't stand to see someone cry. It makes me sick." Austin does some mock sobbing in Torrie's face. "Ohhhh, it's so pathetic, isn't it. Huh? You know what? Stand in the centre of this ring - stand right here - COME'ERE! How STUPID are you?! I'm gonna give you something you ain't never gonna forget..." But before he can give her a big ol' hug, TAJIRI runs out - they trade for a while, but only Austin's punches are doing damage - Austin punches away, then throws him out - repeated kicks in the head and taped ribs - into the post - into the post again. And now Austin is back in as Torrie cowers in a corner. "So that's what this is? This was a setup. You tried to set me up, didn't ya?" Crowd chants "Angle..." or maybe "Regal." "You wanted your little boyfriend to come down here and save ya, didn't you? He's gonna stop Stone Cold Steve Austin? STAND UP! STAND UP, WITCH! Ain't nobody back there..." but he's wrong - KURT ANGLE is out and baring down fast. Austin leaves the ring to meet him on the floor - THEY trade punches - now it's only Angle - right, right, right, right, Austin fires back but Angle's punches are having more sting - Austin is down and Angle is stomping - now TAZZZZZZZZZZZZ has left the commentary table and clamps on the Tazzmission from behind - Angle manages to grab one of Tazz' arms, break the hold and give Tazz the Olympic Slam on the floor! Also, he loses his right shoe - now THAT's a hold! No sooner is Tazz put down than Austin pops up with a clothesline. Angle is run into the post - and run into the post a second time. Austin drives Angle into the post a THIRD time. Austin grabs a chair - WHACK! WHACK! Austin stands on the back of Angle's neck...then pulls him out - he's gonna piledrive him? No, he drops him...and kicks him in the ribs. Austin grabs a SECOND chair - WHACK. Austin's PULLING BACK THE MATS! Austin has exposed the concrete - NOOOOOO THE PILEDRIVER!!!!! Austin stands over Angle's body - Angle ain't movin'. CHRIS THE TRAINER is immediately out to check on Angle. JIM ROSS is out to give Austin a "the hell are you doing" look - Cole drops his headset and runs around the table to check - SERGEANT SLAUGHTER calls for the EMTs. COMMISSIONER REGAL is out. The REFS are out, trying to get Austin to back off...all he is doing is staring a hole through Angle. TONY GAREA is out. Angle is shouting "I can't move my arms!" and the horsecollar is out. Austin continues to have a blank look...even as we take an ad break.

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Two minutes and thirty seconds of ads later, Angle is still saying "I can't feel anything!" as the EMTs roll him onto the back board. The trainer and Ross both try to reassure Angle. Angle is loaded onto the gurney and strapped in. Slowly they roll the stretcher around the ring - poor Kurt never DID get his right shoe back on. Angle's arm flops to one side - Slaughter positions it back over him. We follow the stretcher backstage - right behind the curtain, several superstars are waiting to see if he's okay - Jericho, the Hardyz, Lita, the APA. Angle is loaded into the ambulance.

Moments Ago, we watch Angle take out Austin...Tazz provide just enough of a distraction...Angle hit the post...and Austin pull back the mats...and deliver the piledriver. All replays are without commentary.

The ambulance drives off.

YEAH that was good stuff. I haven't enjoyed a segment this much since Austin whupped on Cole....hmm, I'm all about Austin grievously injuring people, it seems...

When we come back, MICHAEL KING COLE is joined by LARRY KING. The mood is somber - neither man can believe Austin would go so far as to do what he did to Kurt Angle. Angle is off to a medical facility and we'll get the updates as soon as they do..

HURACAN & LANCE STORM (with Ivory) v. WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW & SPIKE DAMN DUDLEY (with Molly Holly) - just announced for Unforgiven - a Fatal Four-way Elimination for the WWF tag team championship: Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz vs. these two teams. It's Dudley and Hurricane to start. Pose away, Hand of Friendship, Spike decides to throw the elbow instead of shake. Gutshot, neckbreaker. Another neckbreaker. Going for a third - got it! Storm in - Spike ducks, elbow, elbow, into the ropes is reversed - Storm pulls him up on his shoulders - into a doubleteam neckbreaker by Hurricane...and pose. Tag out to Storm - open kick. Head to the buckle by Storm - into the opposite corner - boot up by Spike - 'rana out of the corner. Both men tag - well it's a big right, well it's a big right for Storm. Hurricane ducks a clothesline - and tries a scoop slam...Show ain't budgin', surprisingly enough. Storm gets another clothesline. Hurricane tossed through the ropes. Well it's a big boot for Storm. Ivory on the apron...this brings *Molly* onto the apron...Show chops Storm backwards into the ropes, and both women tumble to the floor - only, Hurricane catches Molly...and gives her thumbs up. Golly! Storm put in the corner - well it's a big splash. Storm's in the choke...Hurricane hits the pose and tries a choke of his own (!) - Show back elbows him away, but this gives Storm just enough time to sneak in a big ol' kick in the nuts. Show backs into his corner, where Spike tags himself in (probably a mistake). Dudley ducks a Storm clothesline and forearms Hurricane, forearms Storm, ducks a super(hero)kick which unfortunately finds Storm as a result...Dudley with a gutshot but Storm shakes off the 'dog attempt and shoves Spike to the ropes, where Ivory grabs the ankle...distracting Spike long enough for Hurricane to land a high knee in the back, then connect with the Eye of the Hurricane - 1, 2, 3. (2:22) Post-match, Ivory and Molly want the catfight but Hurricane stands between them - fortunately for us, they throw him off and go at it. Show is distracted long enough to take a double belt shot from the surprise arrival of THOSE DAMN DUDLEYZ. Spike is tossed outside as a table is introduced to the ring. Show *almost* puts on a double choke...but the Dudleyz wrest control - and hit a DOUBLE SUPLEX of Show through the table! Wow!

In the Alliance locker room, everybody's grave faced and whispering. "All right guys..." Austin is ready to address them, but they all look rather...unhappy with him. "The reason I rounded you guys up is I because I want to make sure we're clear. I wanted to make sure that we're clear on the direction that Stone Cold Steve-- *coughs* I wanted to make sure that we're clear on the direction that the Alliance is taking. Do you understand what I just said? I wanna make sure we're all on the same page on the direction the Alliance is taking. You saw what I just did out there. What are you guys all sad about? You're either with me or against me. Do you think I piledrived Kurt Angle for my own good - because I'm afraid of him? No, that's not what happened. I saw what Kurt Angle was gonna do to the Alliance - he was a threat! He's not a threat to Stone Cold Steve Austin, he's a threat to your careers. So what you think I mighta done was, in my eyes it wasn't strong enough because I'm trying to protect you! I'm trying to protect Stevie Richards, Tommy Dreamer...Mike Awesome. Chuck Palumbo! I gave that man a piledriver for you, kid, so you've got a future here. If that man tries to threaten the Alliance, I will stand up and fight for everybody here because that's what I do! You mighta thought it might have been...too much, fine. I'm proud of myself for what I did because I stand up for what I believe in, I believe in Stone Cold Steve Austin. What? I believe in the Alliance, so I am proud of myself, no matter what you think. (to Dreamer) What about Tajiri, what? Do you think you're funny? What about Tajiri? Look at me when you ask me a question. He stuck his nose in my business. So he's gonna pay. That man is gonna get his (beep) whipped. And he will pay the price - when you stick your nose in Stone Cold Steve Austin's business, you stick your nose in the Alliance's business, and that's something you just don't do." "Yeah!" "What?" "Yeah!" "What?" "YEAH!" "What?" "YEAH!" "What?" "YEAH!" "DAMN right, he's gonna get his ass whipped!"

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Only 6 days to Enterprise!

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And now, the Stacker 2 Burn of the Week! From RAW, Kronik put Kane through a table...then distract Taker into a 3D - causing them to lose the WWF tag team championships.

KRONIK (with Steven Richards ... and Kroni>| vs. Kane/Taker Unforgiven graphic) v. KAI EN TAI - Hey! Kronik still have their crappy music! Cole mentions that DirecTV WILL carry Unforgiven, but doesn't go into the gory details. Unfortunately, THIS is as definitive a Wrestling Challenge match as it gets these days. Adams displays a nice Argentinian neckbreaker on Michinoku and Uncle Slam on Funaki; Clarke demonstrates a nifty wheelbarrow into a chokeslam and also shows that he still throws a mean Meltdown. High Times on Funaki, double shoulderblock on Michinoku, High Times on Michinoku, Clarke covers Michinoku (I'm pretty sure Taka wasn't the man) for the pin. (2:47) Not that it matters - the commentators spent the whole match talking about how Austin knew the pain of the piledriver despite completely failing to mention the verboten name of Owen Hart. Besides, "Kaientai are no Undertaker and Kane." Sigh.

Earl Hebner asks Comissioner Regal about Kurt Angle's condition. Regal says his vital signs are stable, but that's all they know at the moment. Steve Austin breaks in and upends the tea service. "I want that sum(beep), outside, I'm gonna whip his (beep), I'm gonna whip his (beep) in my ring! Get your hands off me!" Regal stands between Austin and Tajiri, and Austin starts to shove him away...but Regal shoves back. "NOW YOU BLOODY CALM DOWN SUNSHINE, DON'T come into my office and raise your voice to me and especially to him! Because he'd be more than happy to knock the bloody life out of you! Now, I'm gonna give you a can either fight him...or you can fight ME, because *I* would be quite happy to knock the bloody hell right out of you! Do you understand me? So you have your choice - you wanna take liberties, I'm more than happy to take them with you." "I got no PROBLEM with you! ...I got no problem with you. I want that little karate sum(beep) right there. In my ring. I got no problem with you!" "You want him, you've got him. But it's going to be for the WWF Championship, tonight, here...on SmackDown!" "You think you're something don'cha..... fine." And Austin walks out.

Nothing beats the experience of the WWF live! Saturday it's Reading! Sunday is Unforgiven in Pittsburge! RAW is WAR heads to Columbus, and the following night it's Nutts in the Nutter Center!

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And now, the WWF Boot of the Week, brought to you by Lugz. WORD UP! From RAW, Raven and Terri ensure Moppy meets an untimely demise.

CHRIS THURSDAY JERICHO (with TV-PG-DLV ratings box and SmackDown! is brought to you by Clearasil, Stacker 2, and the WWF Tough Enough soundtrack - a whole new you!) joins the commentators to provide analysis for the next match...

ROB VAN DAM (with SAP transmitido en espanol and Unforgiven graphic: Rob van Dam vs. Chris Jericho) v. CAW CAW CAW (with Nipples) in a hardcore, nontitle match - Wow, remember when this was ALMOST a feud? Raven from behind - side Russian legsweep onto the ramp. Into the ring we go...Irish whip into the corner by Raven, off the ropes with a clothesline. Kneelift. 1, 2, van Dam kicks out. Into the ropes, head down, kick by van Dam. van Dam catches a kick, then jumps over it into a spin kick. Scoop...and a slam. van Dam off the ropes, tumbling run backflip press gets 2. Spin kick. Raven manages a drop toehold into the ropes - Raven in the mount, punching way, now just ramming his head into the match instead. Into the corner...but van Dam gets the foot up. Raven ducks the swing - wow, Million Dollar Dream! "RVD" chant continues. Jericho isn't having much luck with Stephanie jokes. van Dam fights out of the they are trading it's van Dam with the front kicks, alternating legs, into the ropes, Viscera kick takes Raven down. Dropkick. Off the ropes, front flip splash gets 2. Raven rolls outside. van Dam out after him...boot to the head, hung up on the barricade...oops, I think Jericho just said "Owen Hart" because there's a big muted spot in the commentary. van Dam points to himself...then hits the spinning guillotine off the apron. van Dam rolls back in...and points to himself again. Then Raven gets him square in the face with a garbage can. Oh no, Rob WET himself!! 1, 2, kickout. Terri puts a chair in the ring - Raven sets it up - there's the drop toehold into the chair...but Raven ain't gonna win tonight. That only gets 2. Raven folds up the chair and gets ready to swing...but van Dam surprises him with a van Daminator! Both men are down and referee "Blind" Teddy Long puts on the count. At 6, Terri gets on the apron...keeping Long from noticing van Dam making the cover. van Dam walks over to see what's up, y'all, but Raven is up behind him...van Dam steps aside and Raven collides with Terri, knocking her to the floor! van Dam with a spinning heel kick, spinning legdrop, bounding up for the Fivestar frog splash - the Object of My Desire - 1, 2, 3. (4:46) Post-match, PERRY SATURN runs out and puts the big-time choke on Raven - Terri in from behind with some pounding on the back - she manages to stop Saturn, but she hadn't planned out beyond that. Terri doesn't get completely out of the ring (or her top) before Saturn grabs her..but Raven breaks THAT up from behind. Saturn gets the Raven Effect, and they leave him laying. Play his crows! Jericho....does nothing. Thanks for coming out!

Booker T/Shane McMahon vs. The Rock is the feature of this Unforgiven ad!

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Clearasil presents the hardcore smack of the night! From RAW, Edge makes his *shocking* return!

KING EDGE (with Unforgiven graphic: Edge/Christian for the intercontinental championship) v. KANYON - Edge has a new (old) video and a new Rob Zombie track accompanying his entrance. Also, he doesn't wanna wait - baseball slide dropkick to the outside to start. Right, right, right, right, right, right. Thrown into the steps. Hard into the barricade. Edge rams his head into the barricade three more times. Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. Into the ring. Ducks a swing, flapjack. Back in the mount - four more punches. Head to the mat, again, grinding his face into the going for referee "Blind" Jimmy Korderas for his constant rule enforcery (or attempts anyway). Kanyon with a gutshot - into the ropes, reversed but Kanyon slides under...and manages to chrun out a pumphandle powerbomb (I guess)...for 2! Right by Kanyon, right, right, in the corner, kick, right, Edge fires back, right, right, right, switch in the corner, right, Kanyon gets a knee up. Into the ropes, Edge ducks the back elbow, they both duck, Kanyon eats a Viscera kick from Edge. Both men are down...Korderas up to four as they get up. Edge with "Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine," right, tossed hard into the corner, back to the opposite turnbuckle, shoulderblock off the ropes. Into the corner - reversal - Edge springs off with a crossbody for 2. Whip into the corner is reversed again - Edge gets the boot up. Edge shoves Kanyon hard into the corner - right, right, right, Korderas trying to stop the fisticuffs but when Edge next rares back, the ref catches an elbow and goes down. CHRISTIAN runs out at this point - tries a spear, but Edge leapfrogs him and he ends up taking down Kanyon instead. Edge tries going for Christian but Kanyon grabs Edge's ankle...wotta dummy. Edge gives Kanyon the Buzziller and hooks a leg - 1, 2, 3. (3:31) I would rather have had Kanyon win by countout when an enraged Edge goes after him - a win he didn't deserve would do wonders for the "Alliance MVP" character, but we all know I'm not much of a booker. Replays.

Team Xtreme is WALKING!

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HARDY BOYZ v. THOSE DAMN DUDLEYZ (with Earlier Tonight) in a nontitle match - HOWARD FINKEL doesn't mention the titles, we don't get a pretty graphic saying it's a title match, the implication is the titles won't be defended until I'll just assume. D-Von and Matt start - kick by D-Von, right, head to the buckle is blocked - and Matt knocks HIS head instead - clothesline by Jeff, right by Matt, tag, into the ropes, double shoulderblock, fistdrop/senton combo. Stomp by Jeff - cover - 2. Kick, into the ropes, reversed, drops down, up and over - Bubba Ray grabs the ponytail out of the back of Jeff's cap and pulls him over the top to the outside. Then he slams his head into the commentary table. Thrown back in to D-Von...Bubba Ray finds ANOTHER table under the ring and gets to setting it up. Man, every twenty seconds it seems like Ross is saying "folks, I just got another update on Kurt Angle," but you just KNOW he'll be back for the pay-per-view...if not at the end of the show. Right, right, right, right, right, right - D-Von is taking it to Jeff. Tag to Bubba Ray - into the ropes, double flapjack. Right by Bubba Ray - stomp. Why doesn't Lita just pull the table out of the ring? Clearasil replay of the high double flapjack. Into the ropes, big back body drop. D-Von gets the tag. Got him by the hair again - big scoop and slam. D-Von on the second rope - headbutt MISSES! Lita leads the cheers - tag to Bubba Ray...grabs his ankle ("folks, just another quick update"), Jeff back on his other foot...enzuigiri lands and Bubba Ray lets go - there's the tag to Matt! Matt onto the top rope - flying clotheslint to Bubba Ray! Right for D-Von, right, neckbreaker for Bubba Ray, D-Von clotheslined out, Bubba Ray whipped into the corner, follow clothesline, down for Poetry in Motion, sitout clothesline, to the second rope for the ahhhhhh drop. 1, 2, D-Von just manages to sneak in and pull Matt off him - right by D-Von on the outside, right, right, head into the steps. Meanwhile, Jeff is climbing to the top to try the swantonbomb on Bubba Ray - but he moves out of the way and there's no water in the pool for Jeff. D-Von shoves him through the ropes to the outside - Lita comes in and gives D-Von the scary 'rana, but comes up lame. Bubba Ray immediately gets a good look at this...but Matt is back in before anything dastardly can happen. Right, right, whip is reversed, but Matt reverses back - so Bubba Ray clotheslines him. Scoop slam - headbutt in the graun coming up, but NO - SPIKE DAMN DUDLEY shoves D-Von off - Bubba Ray turns to watch Spike run off...and Matt takes advantage, sneaking from behind with a schoolboy - 1, 2, 3! The Hardyz win! (4:23) But before any celebration can be done, HURRICANE & STORM come out to give X Marks the Spot to Spike up at the top of the stage. Meanwhile, the Dudleyz are back and they're angry - Matt is beat down, culminating in 3D (Dudley Death Drop) through that omnipresent table. Play their music! (I *think* they're still the champs) Give it a replay!

"Debra...Tiejiri is gonna learn that you do not stick your nose in Alliance business. That's what he's gonna learn from Stone Cold Steve Austin WHAT" It's Rob van Dam knocking at the door. "Steve! My God, have you heard?" "Have I heard what?" "You haven't...hey, Debra!. "Why's everything gotta be such a big production with you? What?" "Have you heard the news?" "No!" "I might not be the one that should tell you. You seem a little worked up right now." "Is it good news or bad news?" "'s gonna be bad news for you, I think." "Never mind. I don't wanna hear it." "Understood!" "RVD! What?" "You ready. Okay. Kurt Angle has checked himself outta the hospital." "Well good, I'm glad to hear he's okay. Thanks." "AND the rumour is he's headed right back here to the I just thought you should know." "I'm glad you told me, I hope he's wearin' his seat belt for his own safety. Thank you, RVD. You're a good man." "See ya later." Austin and Debra react. "Can you believe he's comin' back here?"

Trish Stratus shills Stacker 2...again

Commentators shill the two hour Enterprise season premiere - THIS WEDNESDAY!

WWF CHAMPIONSHIP: STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN (with Clearasil presents Unforgiven!) v. TAJIRI - Austin takes a few looks behind him as he heads to the ring. Have I mentioned the permanent American flag lighting at the head of the stage tonight? Well, I just did. Tajiri heads to the ring with a purpose - and Austin is ready to meet him. They roll around but Austin ends up on top, punches in bunches. Knee, knee, knee, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. Through the ropes to the outside. Head to the post. It's all Austin thus far...back into the post (or "injured ribs," if you like). Austin removes the bandages and kicks the ribs again. Back into the STEEL ringpost one more time. Back in the ring. Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. Referee "Blind" Tim White isn't having much luck enforcing the rules tonight. Big stomp in the lower abdomen by Austin. Scoop...and drops him across the knee with a backbreaker. Knee in the small of the back - again - and again with the knee. KICK WHAM STUNNER. Good night, Gracie. (2:20) "Prime Time Wrestling" match. Austin continues to bring the pain after the bell, grabbing his bell and showing it to Tajiri. He wants ANOTHER piledriver, but he's stopped in his tracks by music - yes - the music of KURT ANGLE. He's still got the neck brace on...and he has a mic in hand. "USA!" "You know, Austin...when you threw my gold medals over that bridge a few weeks ago, you threw a piece of Americana into the water and I will NEVER forgive you for that. Nor will I forgive you for what you TRIED to do to me tonight. Now I see you for who you truly're a desperate man, Austin. You don't want to face me for the WWF title this Sunday at Unforgiven, because when you look at me - when you look into my eyes - LOOK IN MY EYES - you know that I am the one man that, in your mind, in your heart, and deep down in your SOUL, can BEAT you. And this Sunday at Unforgiven, I will walk out of my home town the World Wrestling Federation champion! Oh it's true, it's damn true! And I promise you...that I will have NO forgiveness for you." Angle removes the collar - and hurls it into the air. The music hits. Angle is quaking. Austin looks like he's seen a ghost...then goes hazy on us.

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Here's a look at the exterior of the Pyramid. I'll give you one guess what it's shaped like.

At Unforgiven, the graphic don't lie: The Rock takes on TWO men in defending the WCW Championship!

Let Us Take You Back to RAW when Rock had another handicap match...against Test and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. This is as good a time as any to say FUHFUHWID except maybe to bring it back to watch Stephanie pin him one more time - err, maybe not.

JONATHAN COACHMAN stands in the mighty presence of the Rock. Have Shane McMahon's odds of bringing the title back to the Alliance gone up since Monday's, controversial, uh..... "...ASS KICKIN'! Ass kickin' Coach, go ahead and say it. And if you ask the Rock any more stupid questions, the Rock'll be glad to show you what one is like personally. You see, last Monday night on RAW, the Rock got his ass whupped plain and simple. Wasn't the first time, and it probably won't be the last. And the Rock'll admit it - the Rock was down, especially after being pinned by Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Now Stephanie, the Rock realises that you've probably been on top of a lotta guys...and it doesn't bother you, BUT it bothers the Rock. The Rock was down, the Rock was depressed...and the Rock got a serious case...of the Rock Bottom blues. So the Rock did the only logical thing he could do, and that was get in his car and drive 220 miles to the home of the blue, right here, to Memphis, Tennessee!" "He said Memphis!" "And last night, 3:30 in the morning, the Rock didn't go to his hotel, nonononono no, the Rock went to Beale Street...the Rock went to his favourite diner, the Rock ordered the biggest piece of piece he could find, and who - WHO did the Rock run into...but Memphis' own, the Killa, JERRY LEE LEWIS. Now Memphis knows, Memphis KNOWS that Jerry Lee LOVES the pie, but Jerry Lee didn't wanna talk about pie, nonono, no, Jerry Lee saw what happened to the Rock on Monday night, and Jerry LEE wanted to do something special for the Rock. Jerry LEE played a song for the Rock - a song for the Rock, in which lifted the Rock's spirits, a song in which the Rock is gonna sing, right here right now LIVE on SmackDown! Jerry Lee said 'Rock, they kicked your ass and they rattled your brain / Too much of that'll drive a man insane / You got the blues, but you won't lose / 'cause goodness gracious great balls of fire!' And the simple fact is this! Is 'Shane and Booker won't be useing their noodle, noooo, / they're probably thinking of the People's Strudel / they wanna pin, but they won't win / 'cause Rock, brotha, YOU...have got great...balls...of FIYAAA!'" "Rock E!" "And having said that to the Rock, Jerry Lee jumped up on the table, started playing the piana, TICKALIN' the ivories, it got the Rock to thinkin'...first and foremost, indeed, the Rock does have [does his new crotch move which is now all the rage on the playgrounds of America]...great balls of fiah! But even more so than that, it made the Rock even more determined...that there is no way - and the Rock means NO WAY - that the WCW title will leave the Rock's waist and go to the Alliance, ya see, Booker T, Shane McMahon, this Sunday night at Unforgiven, as the Killa would say, 'Come on ovah, 'cause there's a whole lotta shakin',' and layin' the smacketh down on both your candyasses goin' on IF YA SMELLLLLLALALALALALOOOOOW - WHAT THE ROCK - IS - COOKIN'!"

THE BOOK (with Shane Can't Dance) v. UP NEXT GRAPHIC & AD BREAK

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THE BOOK & TEST TEST THIS IS A TEST & RHYNO THE MAN BEAST (already in the ring, with Shane Can't Dance) v. A.P.A. and THE ROCK in an elimination match - we've got about twelve minutes left in the show as Rock hits the ring...and Ross goes off on that "Rock is Ric Flair, Rock is Ricky Steamboat, Rock is not Booker T" riff. Rock will be on ByTe ThiS! tomorrow, by the way. Here we go. Rock and Rhyno start - Rock right, right, right, into the ropes, clothesline. Ross: "Rock's got a score to settle!" 'cause Rhyno pinned him a few weeks back. Rock immediately tags out to Bradshaw. Oops, he didn't get the Ross/Heyman memo about how much he hates Rhyno, I guess. Right by Bradshaw, right, into the ropes, big boot. Elbowdrop. Right hand, chop, knee, right, overhand right, swinging neckbreaker. 1, 2, no. Into the ropes, head down, kick by Rhyno, arm wringer, short clothesline. Tag to Booker - open kick. Right hand, right. Booker looks at his hand - and chops Bradshaw. Right. Into the ropes is reversed, T ducks - but is caught - must be time for the fallaway slam. Well, we got it out of the way - 1, 2, Test breaks it up - well now it's ALL falling apart. We got us a Pier Six brawl, Katie, would you mind barring the door? Test and Faarooq spill out, Rock and Rhyno spill out. Bradshaw's corner whip is reversed, Bradshaw ducks the charge and comes off the ropes, but Shane WHACKS him with a chair on his way. Booker with an axe kick - and a 1, 2, 3. Bradshaw is out. (2:08) Bradshaw figures out what went down...and goes after Shane - Shane vaults the barricade and hotfoots it out through the crowd with Bradshaw in hot pursuit. Back to the ring - Rhyno tosses Rock in to T - stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. Snapmares him over. T off the ropes with a great flourish - big kneedrop. T stares at his hands...and tags Test. Open shot. Right, right, into the ropes is reversed, Test with the belly-to-belly throw! Both men are down. Faarooq gets the tag! Clothesline for Test, one for Rhyno, spinebuster for Test, clothesline for Booker T, but Rhyno gets the GORE! GORE! GORE! Then Test hits the Wotsitolla Boot, and just like that it's down to three on one. (4:03) Test tags Booker - he wants it bad. Right, right, kick, elbow, right, into the ropes, but Rock flies off with the clothesline! T crawls to the corner and brings in Rhyno. But it's *Rock* landing with "Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine," Test in and HE gives Rock a right hand. Referee "Blind" Earl Hebner is less than pleased about this. As Test turns to argue with him, Rock sidesteps a GORE! GORE! GORE! and Test takes it! Rock with a DDT on Rhyno - 1, 2, 3! (5:01) That gets a Clearsil Replay. T back in with Rock - back heel kick - 1, 2, kickout. Into the ropes, reversed, T ducks a clothesline, gutshot by T, off the ropes, axe kick MISSES! Rock right, right, right, right, off the ropes...OHHHH into a Harlem sidekick. 1, 2, KICKS OUT! T is apoplectic. Tag to Test - STILL feeling it from that gore. Open right hand. Head to the buckle. Right, back elbow, right, back elbow. Into the opposite corner, follow clothesline. Into the ropes, Rock ducks the lariat - Rock with a right, right, right, off the ropes...but T puts a boot in the back of the head. Gutshot by Test - Meltdown (his last one?) lands - 1, 2, NO! T can't believe it...but wants the tag. Clearasil Replay. Both men up slowly...Rock blocks, right. Right, right, but Test with a knee. Off the ropes - Rock catches him with the spinebuster! T REALLY wants that tag...but Test is on the wrong side of the ring. In fact, Rock is closer - and pops him one to show it. Rock laying in wait to deliver the finale on Test...but just as he catches him in the Rock Bottom, Booker is back in and forearming him in the back to break it up. Is this how it'll happen when it's Booker and Shane? Now it's TEST sizing up his opposition and waiting for just the right moment - running in with the boot...but the Rock DUCKS! Double leg takedown...Sharpshooter!! It doesn't last long as T comes in without a tag - Rock releases the hold - right, right, right, right, right, Rock looks at his hand...NOW KISS THAT RIGHT and T hits the floor! Rock out after him - right, whip, pulled back in - spinebuster onto the ramp! Right, right, right, Test runs up and takes out Rock from behind. Back to the ring we go - Test with a right, rolled into the ring, right, right, into the corner is reversed, but Test gets the elbow up. Test runs...RUNS INTO ROCK BOTTOM! 1, 2, 3! (9:58) Rock looks around...and sees T still out on the ramp. That's the cue for the international sign of "just bring it" from the Rock. T to his feet...looks to the ring...and turns around and walks away. Hebner apparently counts from one to ten faster than a video editor can work...and raises the Rock's hand. (COR? 10:49) Tough Enough on MTV! We'll see ya at Unforgiven!

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