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LOCAL HYPE: Just before the show, UPN 44 reminds you that RAW comes to Oakland on the 17th! Then on the 18th, you can meet Rob van Dam at Paramount's Great America! WOW!

UPN HYPE OF THE WEEK: "Haunted" - Tuesdays this fall on UPN!

TV-PG-DLV - Attitude - Entertainment - WW!

The Cox Convention Center (huh huh COX) in Oklahoma City, OK is all abuzz 6.6.2 (taped 4.6) because there's a giant Close Captioned logo and SAP transmitido en espanol but NO Opening Credits, NO expensive PYRO, NO witty noises from me as we move right to descriptions...

Sixteen men are already in the ring with no indications of what's up. With the music of TRIPLE H RETURNS! firing up, we still are left without clue...but the picture may slowly be coming into focus. But the picture muddies again when CHRIS ONLY ON THURSDAY JERICHO gets the next entrance treatment. Coming up later, he'll take on Edge in a King of a Ring Qualifier - the commentators know THAT much, at least. Here comes KURT ANGLE to the usual reaction. And now, YOU KNOW WHO - that makes twenty. If I didn't know better, I'd guess a twenty-man over-the-top-rope battle royale, but surely they wouldn't provide us with...wrestling? BILLIONAIRE VINCE swaggers out with hopefully all the answers we need. "All right, cut the music - I'm sure you're all wondering why all these superstars are in the ring ready to compete here tonight...well I'll tell you why. Because right here in good ol' Oklahoma City ["he said Oklahoma City!"] we're gonna have ourselves an old-fashioned, twenty man, over-the-top-rope battle royal!" Holy SHIT "And the winner of tonight's battle royal will be declared the #1 Contender for the Undisputed WWE Championship! All those superstars in the ring, one by one, will be eliminated by being thrown over the top rope, with both feet hitting the floor until there's one man left standing. And that one man will then go on to this year's King of the Ring...and face the Undisputed WWE Champion, The Undertaker. Oh, and uh...the battle royal begins - NOW.


As the bell rings, Vince rushes out TEDDY LONG & BRIAN HEBNER to patrol the outside. GODFATHER is out first, eliminated by Triple H. REVEREND D-VON puts out FAAROOQ. Cole notes Edge isn't out there tonight. H puts out D-Von next. THE NARCISSIteST boots out BILLY KIDMAN after he spends too much time standing outside on the apron. THE BIG VALBOWSKI is upended by CHRISTIAN, who celebrates in demonstrable fashion. Unfortunately, he's next out, tossed by Hogan. Cue the tantrum! H is out through the ropes but not over the top - LANCE STORM and Test follow him out to add punishment. RANDY ORTON lands a nice dropkick on Angle, but Angle ducks the clothesline over the top and puts *him* out instead. AL SNOW eventually falls at the hands of Jericho. THEWORLD'SSTRONGESTMANMARK HENRY clotheslines out Storm, who didn't break the four-Storm time mark tonight. CHAVO GUERRERO tries to take it to Henry, only to find himself pressed and dropped on Storm. Angle puts out EL HURACAN when he fails to deliver the Hurrichokeslam. Next man to try Angle is HUGH MORRUS; and he's quickly taken out. We're down to eight - Jericho and Hogan pair off, Henry with Test, Angle with H, and now Angle is over to YAAAAAAAAALBERT, tossing him out - KOOL MOE DEE also goes out, but through the ropes and not over the top. Angle turns to Henry, who takes every punch - NO SALE - blocks the next one - BIG press - toss - but Angle grabs the top rope, dangles, and pulls himself back on the apron! Henry spies too late, runs at Angle but he ducks and lowers the bridge - out he goes! H and Angle going at it - Angle into the ropes - H with the high knee! Hardcore grabs him and runs him over the top to the floor! Too bad he turned his back too long - Test gives him Wotsitolla Boot and HE'S gone. Your final four are Test, Jericho, Triple H and Hogan. Jericho and Test go to work stomping on Hogan. When H is back up, the doubleteam turns to H - Hogan hears the crowd and starts working his invisible jackhammer - here they come - block, right for Jericho; block, right for Test, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, Jericho into the ropes, big boot - H whips Test into Hogan's big boot - Hogan tosses Jericho while H tosses Test...oh oh, we have a situation. Hogan slowly turns back to lock eyes with Triple H - crowd is going strong (so far as we know with two days of post-production) - nose to nose, words are exchanged and H backs up to request that he bring it. Hogan rips off his shirt for dramatic effect - and H strikes in mid-flourish! Gutshot, right, right, right, reversed - Hogan with a clothesline! Right, right, right, into the ropes, big boot IS DUCKED - Hogan's clothesline is ducked, H runs at Hogan with a clothesline and they both tumble over the top rope...but who hit first? (8:15) Of course, Long and Hebner each raise the arm of a different man. The discussion continues...and we move into the first ad break without resolution.

Hey, that was fun! Also, they gave me a reason to sit through these terrible, terrible commercials! Somebody must have learned it was my birthday!

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When we come back, the ring has filled with Triple H, the other Triple H, some more REFEREES & OFFICIALS - hey that's Dean Malenko! I thought he was dead!

MOMENTS AGO! Yes, it *is* Hart/Luger all over again - we take three camera angles, none of which are terribly conclusive...I'd have to say Hogan's the winner, but it ain't up to me. Before the pushing and shoving escalates further, McMahon appears on the big screens. "Well well well...may I have your attention please. Hogan, Triple H, listen up! I mean, it seems to me we have quite a dilemma here, now don't we? I mean, Hogan and Triple H going over the top rope at the very same time, with apparently no conclusive proof as to who actually won. So...I ask all of you, then. Who should face The Undertaker at the King of the Ring - should it be, should it be Hulk Hogan? Should it be Triple H? Well I can tell you this - I'm not about to allow some hokey Okies influencing my decision. But I will allow one individual to influence me, as a matter of fact - his name is The Undertaker. You see, during the commerical break, I called The Undertaker at home, but quite frankly, he doesn't give a damn which individual he faces either, because The Undertaker looked at both Hogan and Triple H, both of you gentlemen, as losers. And why shouldn't he? I mean, let's face it: at Judgment Day, The Undertaker defeated you for the Undisputed title - and uh, Triple H, last week on SmackDown!, The Undertaker beat the holy living hell outta you. So then...who should face The Undertaker for the Undisputed title at the King of the Ring? I'll tell you who it's gonna be - the winner of tonight's one-on-one encounter between Triple H and Hulk Hogan. Thank you very much!" H manages to sneak in a cheap shot before they get them good and separated...

MARC LLLLLLLLOYD catches up with Kurt Angle backstage for post-match reaction. "What just happened? I'll tell ya what just happened. A WWE icon - a legend just got screwed. That's what just happened! It's a travesty!" Asked whether he thought Triple H or Hogan won, he responds, "Triple H or Hogan? What the heck are you talkin' about? I'm talkin' about ME, you idiot! I mean, what is this anyway - Screw Kurt Angle Month? Last week on SmackDown!, I beat Edge straight up in a cage match - and Hogan comes down and attacks me from behind, and throws me in a cage, and I get screwed. And then tonight, same thing happens - Hardcore Holly attacks me from behind and throws me over the top rope and I get screwed again! And it ruined my chance at becoming Undisputed Champion at King of the Ring. I mean, what does Hardcore Holly teach these kids at Tough Enough, anyway - how to cheat and use underminded tricks? I mean, PLEASE!" Holly walks in. "Wah wah wah. Are you through yet? Kurt, if you don't quit stressin', you're gonna wind up losin' your hair!" "That's real funny. But I'll tell you something that's NOT so funny - me kickin' your butt tonight in a match. How's that?" "Umm, Kurt - I didn't get the name Hardcore Holly by backing out of a fight. So...I'll see you out there." "Fine." "Oh by the way - how do ya like me now?"

Meanwhile, in the locker room, Billy & Chuck examine the videotape of Rikishi & Rico keep the tag team titles against them with disgust. Rico walks in - "Hey guys! can't even say hello to me now? Tell me you're still not bummed after what happened last week - you wasn't my fault! Look at you guys - look at you! Look at your complexion! And look at this robe! You guys have just let yourselves go! And told me that thing on your right cheek wasn't a zit - I think it is!" "Is not." "Not that cheek..." - pulls down his trunks - "...THAT cheek! And THERE it is!" "No no no, he told me that was a birthmark!" Rico and Chuck play "Zit"/"Birthmark" until Billy pulls up his pants. "All right, knock it off! ... You know, Rico, we might not be such a mess if our stylist wasn't runnin' around here being tag team champion!" "Well you know--" "Shut up! Chuck and I have one last shot at gettin' our tag team title back tonight in an elimination match next. And I think if we're not successful, I think Chuck and I'll be lookin' for a new stylist. Come on, Chuck!"

Lita shills Stacker 2

Heeeey live events listed here! Tomorrow, Lexington! Saturday, Knoxville! Sunday, Columbus! And Monday is RAW in Atlanta!

TONIGHT: Edge takes on Chris Jericho in a King of the Ring Qualifier! But is Edge physically able able to compete?

WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: RIKISHI (co-champion - Isle of Samoa - 350 pounds - with SmackDown! is brought to you by Subway, trust: the anti-drug and Xbox!) v. BILLY & CHUCK (challengers - 534 pounds) v. RICO (co-champion - Las Vegas, Nevada - 246 pounds) in an elimination match
referee: MIKE CHIODA
Rico elects to start against Chuck. Rikishi protests but Rico has the witty rejoinder - "shoooosh." Chuck with a drop toehold, arm wringer and Rico quickly taps to the dreaded knucklelock (0:24). Rico holds his injured arm in such a manner to prompt Tazz to remark, "looks like Rico's got a limp wrist!" 'kishi goes in - block, right, Chuck falls backwards into a tag - doubleteam quickly takes over. Into the ropes, 'kishi ducks, double clothesline puts 'em down! Billy tossed to the outside, Samoan Drop for Chuck - RIKISHIKICK for Billy when he comes back in - Chuck up slowly - 'kishi with the Fat Ass Splash - Chuck with the flump - Billy's still the legal man, right? Raise the roof yo, 'kishi's gonna back it up once again - nope, Billy back in to try to save but runs into a press/Cutter combo for the 1, 2, 3. (1:58) Chuck with a right, right, right, and 'kishi falls outside - Billy rams him into the steps behind Chioda's back. Chuck out after him, right hand, put back in the ring, right, right, kick, right, kick, right, kick, right, Chioda finally pulls him off. Chuck signals to Rico, who climbs up and disassembles the turnbuckle cover while Chuck continues with closed fists to grab Chioda's full attention - 'kishi fights back, finally - right hand, right, runs at him but Chuck drops down and 'kishi's sternum hits the exposed eyebolt. CHuck hooks the leg - 1, 2, NO!! Chuck puts him in the ropes, reversed, head down, sunset flip attempt - no - fat ass splash - MISSES! Rico climbs to the apron to pull over Chioda once again - Billy in but only gets a Samoan Drop for his troubles - CHUCK gets a Samoan Drop - Chioda trying to put Billy out so Rico is in and FINALLY his heel kick finds an intended victim! Chuck waits for him to get up - JUNGLE KICK!! That's gotta be it - 1, 2, foot on the rope, Rico shoves it away, 3! Ladies and gentlemen, we have new tag team champions! (4:05) 'kishi does manage to land a Fat Ass Splash AND Banzai Drawwwwwwwp on Rico post-match, but that can't be much consolation for losing the belt...

Backstage, Hurricane flies in, then spies a note taped to the cooler holding the drinks. "'You think I'm a witch / I flew in on my broom / If you're looking to find me / I'm in your locker room.' Of course she is...where else would she be?"

King of the Ring promo

Take a gander at the Cox Convention Center! IT'S RAINING MEN! (Or maybe that's just rain. Who can say.)

Hurricane's made it to his dressing room to find...Nidia. She's rather sprawled and I don't think that top fits very well, either! She chomps on a beef jerky, then spits it on the floor. "Stand back, there's a Hurricane comin' through! Hahahahaha!" "Nidia. Nidia, Nidia. The last person I need to see here." "Now - now is that any way to greet me? Now - 'Nidia, thanks for all the lovely letters.' Or 'Nidia, FIRST EVER female Tough Enough champion.' Or 'Nidia, I've been wanting to thank ya for the BEST sex I ever had.'" Wow, and we were worried this would be a letdown, HAH? "Looks like, uh, *somebody's* got a very HIGH opinion of themselves! Now listen, I don't know what your play is here, to be honest I don't care, but the Helms/Nidia relationship...that's way over. Dead over! I'm the Hurricane now - and I don't need that messed up by some Hurri(bitch)!" "Hurri(bitch)! Is that what I am now, huh? The Hurri(bitch)!" "Yeah!" "Listen here, Mr. Superhero. Your days as cruiserweight champion are about to end." "Yeah?" "Yeah. I'm here to let you know, face to face, that I'm never gonna forgive you for dumping me. But more importantly, my boyfriend is comin' over here and he is gonna take that title away from you." "Oh really. Boyfriend. Singular, I hear. So you're limiting yourself to just one now. Well tell your 'boy' to take his best shot - and as for you, Nidia, I suggest you get out of this locker room before I THROW you out." Before he can advance on her, he's punked out from behind, by.... "Oh, Hurricane, let me introduce you to my boyfriend and future cruiserweight champion - Jamie Knoble!" "Jamie Knoble, boy!" They engage in...well I *guess* it's kissing. "Remember that..." "Jamie Knoble, boy, you better remember it!"

KING OF THE RING QUALIFYING MATCH: CHRISTIAN (Tampa, Florida - 224 pounds) v. THE BIG VALBOWSKI (Las Vegas, Nevada - 244 pounds - with RAW in Atlanta hype)
Christian punks him out from behind in mid-entrance pose and we're on. Into the ropes is revesred - Valbowski with a hot shot. Gutshot - neckbreaker - 1, 2, Christian kicks out. To the corner, right, right, right, right, kick, Korderas pulls him off - walks back in and Christian pulls him into the turnbuckle. Opposite corner whip and Valbowski's back hits hard. Christian goes to work - stomp, stomp. Chop, whip into the opposite corner, nice dropkick, hooks the leg, 1, 2, no. Later on, Edge takes on Chris Jericho - or will he? Valbowski right, right, right, fails on the suplex and Christian reverses into his backbreaker - 1, 2, no! Valbowski right, right, right, right, right, off the ropes, but into a forearm from Christian - into the ropes, Valbowski manages a shoulderblock - here he comes - clothesline, clothesline, scoop - Christian goes behind, but Valbowski punches out of the Slop Drop attempt - Valbowski with the fishermanplex - 1, 2, Christian kicks out! Valbowski still in control - into the ropes, head down, Christian kicks - Christian runs the ropes - no, Valbowski with a spinebuster! Valbowski sets up the inverted figure four - will Christian tap? I'm guessing no. I'm right. Grabs the bottom rope, Korderas forces the break. Valbowski grabs the injured leg but Christian slips the attempt to hit the Slop Drop - leg is hooked - 1, 2, NO! Christian's got a limp - Valbowski ducks the swing, goes for the backdrop but Christian lands on his feet, clutches his knee again - Val runs in and Christian gives him a knee to the face (bad idea) - Unprettier - NO - Valbowski counters into the Blue Thunder powerbomb (Cole: "swingout powerbomb") - 1, 2, 3!! Valbowski moves on! (3:23) Cole: "Could we be looking at the Big Valbowski, the next winner of the King of the Ring tournament?" ME: "NO CHANCE IN HELL."

In the Room of Fun, Vince is on the phone with Taker, but cuts his phone call short when Tough Enough's Linda & Jackie pay a visit. "Hey girls! How are ya?" "We're doing pretty well, we'd just like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. I'm Jackie." "Jackie! Yeah!" "Hi, I'm Linda." "Linda, all right, I know who you girls are, you're my Tough Enough winners, right? Lookin' good--" "What the hell is going on in here?" That's Ivory. "I turn my back for one minute, you guys help yourselves into Mr. McMahon's-- Mr. McMahon, I really have got to apologise, they just don't really get it yet. You know, lookit, you don't just help yourselves into THIS office. There are rules around here, okay? And what you guys have just done is disrespectful and STUPID." "Sorry, Mr. McMahon--" "Are you talkin' back to me?! You guys are lucky Tough Enough is over, because I wouldn't stand for this CRAP if you were training under me." "You know what, Ivory? Tough Enough IS over. I'm sorry, Mr. McMahon, if we've done anything to show any disrespect to you today." "Well, see, I don't see this as disespect - cool your jets for a moment, Ivory. You see, what I see here is some tension, I feel the tension between the three of you, so therefore, this being World Wrestling Entertainment and all about opportunity, we have a brand new show on TNN on Saturday nights, it's called Velocity - so why don't we find out how much Velocity YOU have, Linda - when you go one on one with your former instructor, Ivory. Well, what about it?" "Sure, Vince, whatever." "I'M for it." "I'm for it too!" "Good - then officially, welcome to WWE - now if you'll excuse me." "Thank you, Mr. McMahon. Come on..."


And now, the Burn of the Night, brought to you by Stacker 2! From RAW last Monday, Shawn Michaels....walks out and poses.

KURT ANGLE (Pittsburgh, Pennsyvania - 237 pounds) v. HARDCORE HOLLY (Mobile, Alabama - 234 pounds)
referee: Long
Let's see if he can make it without breaking his arm this time - WHOA they mentioned it! Here we go! Lockup, side headlock by Angle, wrenching it in - Holly powers out, shoulderblock by Angle. Up and over, but Holly is up with the Best Dropkick in the Business! Ducks a punch, right, right, chop, chop, chop, Angle to the face to stop it. Into the ropes goes Angle - up and over, lands on his feet, to the ropes, Angle shakes him off - runs at Holly but Holly gives him a hot shot! Big clotheslines puts Angle down - leg is hooked - 1, 2, no. Holly with a chop - into the ropes is reversed, head down, kick by Holly. Angle snaps off a belly-to-belly throw and both men stay down. "Angle sux!" chant greets Angle. Angle with a clothesline for 2. Head to the buckle. Right, right by Holly, right, right, right, chop, into the ropes, Angle ducks the clothesline, slips on a waistlock and hits the German suplex! Angle poses to the crowd but they're not buying him. Angle back on Holly - Holly right, right, to the corner - Holly comes in but Angle steps aside and clamps on a sleeper in mid-stride! Holly's fading fast...Long checks the hold, then checks the arm - arm falls once, arm falls twice...arm doesn't fall thrice. Holly back to his feet - right to the gut, right, finally shoves him into the ropes, and grabs a sleeper of his own! Angle flails a bit but manages a death suplex. Both men stay down again and Long puts on the count. At 3, Angle rolls to his back. At 5, Holly gets to his knees. Both men up at 7 - Angle runs in, and runs into a big boot. Angle tries again - Holly is outta there and Angles crashes into the post. Holly ducks a swing and throws the right - into the ropes, big back body drop - clothesline - clothesline - into the ropes, reversed by Angle, Holly ducks, Angle runs into a powerslam - 1, 2, no! Holly going out and going up - high sign to the crowd, who responds - up on the top rope...but took too long as Angle leaps onto the ropes and throws off Holly with the belly-to-belly SUPERPLEX!! Oh man that terrifies me EVERY time - hooks the leg - 1, 2, NO!! Angle is feeling it - DOWN COME THE STRAPS! Angle stomps twice - wants the Olympic Slam but Holly's back to his feet - Angle gutshot, Holly ducks, Holly with a belly-to-belly (!) - 1, 2, Angle kicks out!! Angle leans against the ropes - this gives Holly the chance for the Best Crotch Kick in the Business - gutshot - POWERBOMB - hooks the leg - 1, 2, NO!!! Holly makes the "what I gotta do" face. Holly stokes the crowd while waiting for Angle to get back up - Alabama Slam coming up - NO, Angle down the back, grabs the ankle and puts on the Anglelock!! Holly reaches for the ropes - Angle pulls him back to the centre! Holly makes the slow crawl once close to the ropes - reaches - MAKES IT!! Angle won't let go, but Holly is back on his feet - enzuigiri DUCKED, Angle STILL has it - waistlock - Holly drops down and rolls forward - Angle continues forward, grabs the ropes and sits back - 1, 2, 3! (7:00) Cole says "damn" more than a few times. Holly attacks post-match but Angle fights back - Olympic Slam NO, Alabama Slam YES - Holly makes the international "I'm taking off the piece" sign...but Angle comes to and counters with the uppernut. Angle outside - got the chair, but Long takes it away - so Angle grabs the bell and heads back in - Holly ducks, right hand, grabs the bell and CLOCKS Angle! Holly strikes a pose as his music plays. Did this bring Holly to the next level? Time may tell...

The cameras of the WWE are everywhere! We focus on - well, it says "Emergency"

Inside is Maven - wow, I hope they didn't take him all the way to Oklahoma City before working on his leg! There's a knock at the door - it's Torrie! "What are you doin' here? You're supposed to be at SmackDown!" "Yeah, well I felt so bad about you breaking your leg last week, and I thought you could use a little cheering up." "Well, I'm listening. What did you have in mind?" "Oh, I dunno" then she gives a blowjob to a banana. Maven makes a face. "Excuse me - hi, Maven. Just checking up - is there anything that I can get you?" "YeahI'mfinerightnowthanksyerdoinagreatjob." "Now remember, it's really important - you have to keep this leg of yours elevated." "Oh, don't worry - I'm REAL elevated right now." "Excuse me, nurse - if you don't mind, could we maybe have a little time alone please?" "Okay, Maven - I'll be back to check on you later." "Hey nurse...take your time. Take your time." Torrie shows us her pink bra...then pulls back a curtain? Damn, how come they only remember the cameramen are right in front of them when they get to the GOOD bits...

Meanwhile, Tajiri is roaming the halls with *another* cameraman. To a desk. "Hello." "Hi." "Can I help you?" "Where's Maven?" "I'm sorry, who?" "Maven." "I don't understand - is there a last name?" "NOLASTNAME! JUST MAVEN!" "Ohhh - Maven?" "Yes - Maven." "The guy from the WWE. Real good looking, real great smile, real nice? He won Tough Enough? His girlfriend arrived just a few minutes ago." "GIRLFRIEND?!" "Yeah, a real pretty blond girl." "She just went up to Room 600." "Sir...sir, are you okay?" "I'm okay - okay - thank you very much - thank you." And then he makes another face. This is probably funnier when you imagine Tajiri's accent - hey, maybe you did that already. Ah well.

Again, KBHK reminds us that RAW hits Oakland on Monday the 17th! Then on the 18th, Rob van Dam will be at Paramount's Great America for an autograph signing! Visit,, and listen to KSJO for more details!

Time once again for the WWE Slam of the Week, presented by Subway - Subway: eat Jared! From SmackDown!, Edge hits the super spear in the cage match to defeat Kurt Angle

Your commentators are MICHAEL KING COLE & TAZZZZZZZZZZZZ. The second King of the Ring Qualifying Match is coming soon - also

TONIGHT: #1 Contenders Match - Triple H vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan!

EARLIER TONIGHT! The TV-PG-DLV ratings box oversees six H's going over the top rope to the floor.

Tazz predicts Triple H will win tonight, but Cole thinks Hogan's got the "Mr. McMahon wants him to win" factor.

Back to "Emergency" ...

Tajiri has craftily disguised himself as a doctor, but is foiled when a sudden medical emergency brings other doctors just short of Room 600 to escort him immediately to the E/R. A big tractor trailer accident! "No!" "No?" "They'll be fine!" Amid great protest, he's walked away from the room......oh man I can't WAIT to see how THIS turns out

"Confidential" ad - featuring the Rock! (Who?)

KING EDGE is in street clothes and a big sling - looks like no match for MIKE SPARKS to oversee tonight. "You know, I've been in this business for about nine years now...and in those nine years, when it comes to injuries, I've been pretty lucky...up until now. You see, last week in a cage match with Kurt Angle, I did a spear off the top rope, and....I tore up my shoulder pretty bad - bad enough that the doctors say I'm gonna need surgery, and...I'm not gonna be around for a little while. You know, I've been replaying this match in my head over and over since last week, and I've been thinking about it, and I've probably been thinking about it way too much. But I'm pissed off! I'm mad at myself, I'm mad at my body for giving out on me. I'm mad because now this company has finally put the ball in my hands, and now I can't hold onto it. But if you ask me if I'd take that risk again - would I do that spear off the top rope again? - I'd tell you you're damn right I would. Because that risk helped me beat Kurt Angle's ass 1, 2, 3, right in the middle of the ring. And I'd take that risk again because I love this business. I love everything about this business, and you know what, that's what kills me the most. It kills me to come out here and tell you that I can't do this for a while. It kills me to come out here and say that I can't defend my King of the Ring throne this year. But what kills me most of all is to come out here and forfeit my first round match tonight against Chris Jericho. I don't blame ya, I feel the same way you do, but if you're asking yourself 'Is Edge gonna come back?' ... I'd tell you 'you're damn right I will!' And when I come back, I have one goal in mind - and that goal is to win the Undisputed WWE Championship." Well, CHRIS JERICHO has decided this has gone on long enough - he makes his entrance here. Wow I never realised how much shorter than Edge he was! "YOU make me SICK! As a matter of fact, ALL you jackasses here make me sick! You're all out there thinking, 'ohhhhh poor widdle Edge I'm so sad that Edge hurt his widdle shoulder!' You're sayin 'ohhhh I'm so sad that Edge can't defend his cwown at the King of the Ring!' You know what makes ME said? It makes me said that you forfeited this match tonight 'cause I was gettin' ready to beat the living HELL out of you, junior! And since I'm already the KING of THE WORLD! Now, I'm gonna be the King of the Ring. You know, you could make me happy though, you wanna make me happy? Why don't you raise my hand in victory? Yeah, that's right, you forfeited this match tonight, that makes ME the WINNER and YOU the LYOOSER. So come on, loser! Raise my hand! C'mon, jackass! Raise my hand right now! You better raise my hand, you stupid son of a--" Edge with a left, kick, kick, kick is caught - Jericho wastest no time going to the right arm, right, right, Edge shoves him off and clutches his sling - Jericho rams Edge into the turnbuckle. Sparks is powerless to prevent this - Jericho outside and ripping the padding off the barricade - and then puts Edge shoulder-first into the exposed metal. Jericho removes the sling and chokes Edge with it! Edge shoved into the post! Jericho undoes the STEEL steps, removes his jacket and tosses it at Edge. "Does your shoulder hurt? Your shoulder hurt?" Edge tries to fight back but Jericho is too strong. Edge goes into the steps. Jericho gives MARK YEATON his usual beating, grabs his chair - and sandwiches Edge's shoulder between the steps and his chair. "I'm the king of the world!" Play his music! But here comes BIG VALBOWSKI - right hand! Right! Into the ropes, reversed, shoulderblock by Valbowski! Clotheslines him out! Play HIS music! Jericho is left asking "Who the hell are you?" out on the ramp while Valbowski checks on his brother-in-law. He's his brother-in-law, right? Replay of the vile, vicious, damn, damn, damn chairshot. And we're out...

Lita shills Stacker 2...again

Have you heard? RAW is LIVE at the Oakland Arena on the 17th! Then, go to Great America to meet Rob van Dam! WOW I'm really tired of typing this now!

Commentators shill tomorrow's UPN movie, "Striptease." Whee

Dawn Marie checks her cleavage, then fondles the "MR. McMAHON" placard on that EXCITING! door - but unfortunately for her, Stacy Keibler is behind it. "Well, well, well - if it isn't Dawn Marie. Listen, if you have papers for Mr. McMahon, they go through ME." "Well, Mr. McMahon told me to bring them to him personally." "Well, that's changed. And...why don't you go button up your blouse - because you look...desperate." "Stacy - is it because maybe you're jealous that I have something you don't?" "Ooh!" She slams the door. We are left to stare at Dawn looking...I dunno.

Meanwhile, in the locker room Lance Storm catches up to Billy Kidman. "Billy - not trying to rattle you, throw you off before a match or anything, but...I've been here longer than you, you know, I've got contact, I've kept my ears out there - the word I'm hearin' - office thinks you're dull. You're boring, you know, you lack charisma. Quite frankly, they...think you're way too serious out there." "Really." "Don't think it's gonna work for ya." "Huh. Well thanks for the heads up. You know, coming from you, especially, because it's not everybody that can be as...exciting, and charismatic and captivating as you out there. And aside from all that energy you're oozin' out there, can I just say that you DO have the greatest haircut in all the WWE - see ya out there." Storm is left to wonder if Kidman was still being serious for a minute.

Meanwhile, inside Emergency, Maven has a big smile on his face. "So Maven, you feeling any better?" "Believe me, I'm feeling a lot better now. Oh no, we're fine, thanks - come back later. Excuse me, what do you think you're doin' in here? Excuse me--" "Tajiri!" Tajiri gives Torrie the GREEN MIST, then dumps Maven off his bed, stomps a bit, then slams a door on his cast. Tajiri has the last word - whatever it was - then leaves everybody screaming. Wow, I think he actually saved this bit!

The WWE Smack of the Night is brought to you by Atari - the makers of "Air-Sea Battle!" From last week, Test defeats Triple H - thanks to The Damn Undertaker

LANCE STORM (Calgary, Alberta - 230 pounds - with Greenville SmackDown! hype) v. BILLY KIDMAN (Allentown, Pennsylvania - 215 pounds)
referee: Long
Kidman strikes first - Storm with a knee. Knee, into the ropes, Kidman ducks, Kidman with a Frankensteiner. Right, right, into the corner is reversed, Kidman up and over, head to the buckle, climbing up...but not quick enough as Storm dropkicks him to the floor! Storm out, Kidman back in, Storm with a springboard clothesline for 2! Storm in control - nope, Kidman going behind, standing switch, Kidman drops down, Kidman rolls him up for 2, Storm rolls back for 2. Into the ropes, rydeenbomb (Cole: "Deep powerbomb") gets Kidman 2. Storm manages a gutshot and DDT - Kidman does the headstand plant - very impressive - Storm gets 2. Storm wants the death suplex but Kidman backflips out - Kidman with an acid drop - wants to go up but Storm reaches back for a handful of tights, pulls him to the mat and rolls him up into the Straight Shooter half crab! Kidman grabs the bottom rope as quick as he can. Storm tries to pull him to the centre, but Kidman connects with an enzuigiri! Kidman going up top for the shooting star press - but Storm is up in time with a right hand - back elbow - climbing up after him - Kidman fighting back - super sunset flip - 1, 2, Storm kicks out! Storm right back with a jawbreaker - Kidman catches the superkick, shoves Storm into the corner, clothesline out is ducked, Storm DOES land the superkick, cover, 1, 2, 3! (2:44 - or 2.12 Storms)

Loyd stands backstage with Triple H. He's got some footage to show him - and us!

LAST THURSDAY: That Damn Undertaker! The Damn Chokeslam! That Damn STEEL Chair!

Loyd reveals that the doctors have said that he only has 30% range in his arm. And now to take on Hogan? What are his thoughts? H leans in...and says nothing before walking off.

Hey more live events listed HERE! Saturday, Albany! Sunday, Augusta! Monday, Florence! And Tuesday is Greenville!

Don't forget that it's been signed for Velocity - Tough Enough 2 Champion Linda Miles takes on Ivory!

EARLIER TONIGHT! Jericho picked apart Edge's shoulder and Cole is still DAMN pissed about it

HOLLYWOOD HULK HOGAN (Hollywood, California - 285 pounds - with EARLIER TONIGHT! - and Mr. McMahon on "ByTe ThiS!" hype) v. TRIPLE H (Greenwich, Connecticut - 272 pounds - and the cover of FLEX magazine) in a #1 Contenders match
referee: Hebner
Tazz says this is the first time he can remember a non-bodybuilder being on the cover of FLEX - wait, so H is NOT a bodybuilder? Then just *what* the hell IS he, pray tell? Man, these entrances sure eat up a lot of time, don't they? Wow, a rematch of Backlash - I wonder why people pay for PPVs anymore. HERE WE GO! Lockup, jockeying for position - H takes him to the corner - Hogan rolls out and they head for the adjacent corner. Neither man will let go and Hebner isn't having much luck separating them. H with a right hand over Hebner - right, right. Into the opposite corner, but Hogan pops out with a clothesline. HOGAN with a right - right - into the ropes, axehandle puts H down. Hogan with a right - riles up the crowd and winds up the right - H through the ropes and sure to land on his injured elbow on the way to the floor. Hogan's out after him, but H strikes first with the kick in the gut. Tries to take him to the steps but Hogan blocks - elbow - *H* into the steps. Hogan takes H into the barricade - right, chop, right and H goes over and into the crowd. Hogan brings him back over the hard way. Right hand. Hogan with another right. Into the post - reversed - Hogan hits the post and goes down! H rolls into the ring - but only long enough to bring Hebner back in - he's back out again. Hogan rolled in, H in by 4. Crowd chanting for Hogan - maybe. H with a right - chop - right hand. Kick in the gut - standing on the neck. Now straight to the blatant chokehold. Right hand, and daring him to get up. Another right. Into the ropes, back elbow. H off the ropes with an elbowdrop. Leg is hooked - 1, 2, Hogan kicks out. Hogan slowly back to his feet - blocks the punch - right hand! Right, right, into the ropes, reversed, H clamps on the sleeper and Hogan starts to falter. Hogan down to a knee - now down to his back. H lifts his legs and adds some torque. One more time, H puts his body into it. Hebner grabs the arm - that's once. Arm falls twice. Could this match be over? Not while he still has a pointer! Hogan back to his feet - back elbow, back elbow, shoves H into the ropes - Hogan with the sleeper! H wastes no time rocking back into the suplex to break it up. Hooks the leg - 1, 2, NO! Hogan starts to shake his head - H with a right - no sale. Right hand, no no. Right hand, he's back up and he's working his invisible jackhammer one more time. H really should stop throwing the right hand - HOGAN POINTS TO HIM!! WAG THAT FINGER! Block, right, right, right, into the ropes, big boot, off the ropes and the legdrop MISSES!! H back to his feet - gutshot - Pedigree? NO! Hogan with a backdrop! Off the ropes - LEGDROP HITS!! 1, 2, H KICKS OUT!! But Hogan thinks he's won! Hebner tries to let him now - Hogan is in SHOCK - H from behind - gutshot - Pedigree!! Leg is hooked - 1, 2, 3!! Triple H is the #1 Contender - also improving his record to .500 against "the REAL Triple H." (6:44) H gets a bit of posing in but decides to help up Hogan - but Hogan shoves him away! H says "hell with this" and takes off. Hogan is beside himself, I guess - wait, he's got the stick. "Triple H, get your ass back in here! Get your ass back in here! No, I'm not done with you, get back in here!" Here he is. Hogan looks to and fro. "You know something, Triple H - I don't have a problem shakin' the better man's hand, brother!" Handshake and hug. Hogan raises H's hand - oh man, when we all hoped he was gonna put over the younger superstars, was *Triple Freakin' H* who we had in mind for that? (Maybe Triple H did.) Hogan goes to leave, but H pulls him back. "Seems to me like you and I still have some unfinished business..." and Triple H cups his ear to the crowd. They play the Hendrix one more time so everybody can cup their ears all four walls - Triple H matching Hogan pose for pose - well hold on just a minute - KURT ANGLE is out and maybe things will get interesting - even better, THE AWESOME UNDERTAKER punks out Triple H from behind! Hogan right, right, but Angle gets HIM from behind and now the heel beatdown is on with Undertaker working over Triple H while Angle puts the boots to Hogan. Taker gives H the damn chokeslam! Angle with an Olympic Slam on Hogan! Taker has a look for H, who is trying to pull himself back up - Taker with a gutshot...and the Last Ride powerbomb! Play Taker's music! Credits are up - this show... and my thirty-first year on earth... are OVER!

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