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UPN HYPE OF THE WEEK: "Twilight Zone" - Forrest is BORED, yo

TV-PG-DLV - Attitude - Entertainment - WW!

UNFORGIVEN - THIS PAST SUNDAY: Hildegard is not the world's biggest lesbian! Hildegard is Rikishi! Stephanie has outsmarted Bischoff again! WHAT A SHOCK! Funny how they DON'T replay Stephanie's ... ahem ... "dancing"

Closed captioned logo - opening credits are beautiful, people

PIRO! Coming atcher from the San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, CA and SAP transmitido en espanol, this is "sports entertainment's most watched show - SmackDown!" Let's waste no time...

RIKISHI (American Samoa - 350 pounds - with Let Us Take You Back to Last Thursday) v. CHAVO GUERRERO (El Paso, Tejas - 213 pounds)
Still to come tonight, Eddie Guerrero will take on Edge...again, but this time no DQs - also, there'll be a bikini contest! Guerrero doesn't quite make it in before heading outside and demanding Keesh back off - intead, Keesh comes outside and the chase is on - Chavo in, Keesh in and Chavo meets him with a kick to the head, kick, forearm, forearm, right, into the ropes but Keesh hooks the rope and goes nowhere - Chavo tries again - Keesh pulls him over and outside. Keesh pulls him back in before he gets too far...but Guerrero lands a forearm. Climbs to the top...but caught in a chokeslam! Keesh puts him into the corner, "Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine," right, into the ropes, clothesline, slaps his butt but on the Fat Ass Splash, Guerrero puts up a knee and connects with the shoulder! Modified bulldog out of the corner - kick to the back of the head. Chavo is a "wily ring veteran." Kick, forearm in the back, again, kicks the gut, right, Euro uppercut, kick, but Keesh switches places, right, right, right, into the opposite corner, goes for the spear but Chavo's out and Keesh shoulders the post. Chavo with a great dropkick! Keesh flumps and Chavo stomps...then gets an idea. He raises the roof! He pulls down his pants! He...wedgies himself! He slaps his ass! Valbowski swivel...but Keesh grabs two handfuls of cheek (umm) and shoves him into a forward roll - Chavo pulls up his pants but not quite, Keesh with a back body drop, clothesline, clothesline, uranage-alike, pats his rump and THERE'S a fat ass splash that works. Everybody waits for the flump - and there it is. Keesh looks in, raises the roof and ...Chavo heads between the legs and out. Keesh ducks the clothesline - call it a belly-to-belly chokeslam, sure. Rump Shaker (Banzai Drop) coming up - but Chavo gets the knees up! Chavo tries a cover, hooks the leg - 2! Wow, that's like the first pin attempt this match (four minutes). Chavo goes for a ringside cameraman - he's reluctant to give up the hardware but Chavo insists. There's a tumble. Chavo ready but there's a RIKISHIKICK to the camera, into Chavo! Keesh drags the dead weight to the corner and this Rump Shaker's gonna land. 1, 2, Keesh gets up early but who cares, 3. (4:34) Here's a replay of the finish - hey, how'd that hat get up there on the stage. FAT MAN DANCING yet Chavo *still* hasn't taken a stinky face...

Backstage, it's Torrie Wilson! And she's got LOTION!

TONIGHT: No disqualification! Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero!

Stacker 2 ad (Bubba Ray Dudley)

TAZZZZZZ is in the ring when we return to introduce the bikini competition - the judges are BILLY & CHUCK AREN'T GAY, REALLY, REALLY.

TORRIE SAMUDA v. NIDIA - Nidia (in sneakers) makes a special effort to suck up to the judges at the commentary table. Sample commentary for you - Billy: "Golly, I'm really, really not gay" Chuck: "I also am not gay." Nidia shows off the bikini, loses her gum trying to "dance," loses her breath, does the "Rock-N-Bowl spare dance" and gets a 6 from Chuck...and a 9 from Billy. Because they're not gay. Tazz: "Six and nine - what's that, fourteen?" Wilson reveals her pink.........bikini. Natch, they get two tens and there's your winner. Billy & Chuck hit the ring to pose in a heterosexual fashion with Torrie as Nidia storms meet JAMIE NOBLE & TAJIRI coming out to make an entrance. "No no no no no no no no no, you hold on just one minute fellas - there ain't no way in hell you gonna rank my Needia lower than Torrie Wilson! You guys are *prejudiced*, you ain't got no taste, you're tryin' to screw my girlfriend, and nobody screws my girlfriend...well, at least not like that any ol' way! If you boys got any guts, you'll accept mine and Tiejiri's challenge right here and right now and we'll show you what some real competition is all about!" They seem game...

BILLY & CHUCK (with Torrie Samuda) v. JAMIE NOBLE & TAJIRI (with Nidia) - they hit the ring and it's on - Chuck has no problems with Tajiri until getting the low bridge - referee "Blind" Mike Sparks hits the ring and rings the bell. Tajiri with an overhead kick to the back of Billy's head to turn it round for he and Noble - into the ropes, double gutshot, double kick to the back of the leg to bring him to his knees - double dropkick sandwich to the head coming up but Chuck ankles Tajiri, and Billy manages a tilt-a-whirl slam on Noble - then removes his shirt in a ruggedly heterosexually manly way! Noble dropkicks the knee, though. Tag to Tajiri - free kick on the leg. Onsale crawl. Kick by Tajiri. Another big kick. Torrie is STILL up on the apron, looking like a lost lamb. Into the ropes is reversed, but Tajiri manages a handspring elbow out of the whip. Billy's swing is ducked, Tajiri with a superkick - 1, 2, no! Torrie is FINALLY down to the floor - cameraman must have told her. Tajiri stomp, tag. Pulling him by the leg - Subway Replay as Noble dropkicks the back of the bad leg. Leg across the bottom rope - and Noble springs into the buttdrop. Wants a second, but Billy puts up his good leg, then launches him over the top to the floor! Chuck really wants the (straight) tag...but Tajiri's going to come in as we watch the Subway Replay - Tajiri stomps away as Noble wraps the bad leg around the ringpost - twice! Noble back in - stomp, stomp, stomp. Pulls him away from the corner, grabs the leg and sits on it, Potsie - here comes a modified figure four - Billy reaches for the ropes but Noble won't let him. Torrie leads some synchronised clapping from ringside - shoulders are down - 1, 2, shoulder up! Noble with a slap - that woke him up - Billy with a right, right and breaks the hold. Noble up, Billy up, right, right, into the ropes is reversed and Billy collapses when his leg fails him. Noble plays to the crowd. Stomp, stomp, stomp on the knee every time. Sparks distracted so Tajiri does a little work of his own on that knee. Noble elbowdrops the knee. Again. Noble cranks the knee - shoulders down - 1, 2, no. "We want Chuck!" chant. Billy manages to use his good knee across Noble's head a few times to break the hold - back to his feet - reverses the whip but Noble reverses back, kicking the knee. Off the ropes - Billy counters into a flapjack! Crowd claps again...Billy crawls to the corner...or tries, anyway - tag to Tajiri - hot tag to Chuck! Chuck clothesline, right hand, Noble in and ducks - but gets caught in a belly-to-belly off the double underhook! Jungle Kick for Tajiri, kick for Noble to take him outside, Chuck removes HIS shirt (he's straight!), hoists up Tajiri - looks like Code Red coming up as Billy struggles to the top - and there it is! 1, 2, 3! (6:24) Do Billy & Chuck have new music? Did you notice the OMG TAG ROPES weren't there tonight? Nidia's not done, spitting at Torrie - Torrie's out - chop, chop, Nidia rolled in the ring - duck sa swing, gutshot, Nidia falls over the bottom rope...Billy holds her hands so Torrie can...spank her. Later, others will be spanking, themselves!

TONIGHT: The Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy!

And now, the WWE Rewind, presented by Atari's "The Ternimatior: Dawn of Fate!" From Unforgiven, Taker gets his heat back...wait

Backstage, Funaki is a little anxious to knock on the exciting door, but eventually does so...and Brock Lesnar emerges. "Brock Lesnar. I, Funaki - Smack - Down! - Number 1 Announcer - have - hard-hitting question for you." Funaki seems mesmerised by Lesnar's pec flex - and really, who wouldn't be? Those NIPPLES! "Hard-hitting question, huh?" Lesnar ruffles his hair. "Go ahead." "OK - OK - thank you, OK - is it - is it true that - you will not give - The Undertaker - a rematch for - WWE Championship?" "Pardon?" "Is it--" "I, I heard you, Funaki. That seems to be the question everybody wants to know since Sunday. But you're the only one with enough guts to ask me to my face. Tell you what, Funaki - I'll answer your question. Yeah, I'll answer it...but not here. In public. In the ring." "In the ring!" "In the ring." "Yeah! Ah yes, great, great, got scoop, yeah, thank you - thank you. See you in the ring! Thank you!" He goes off - Lesnar can't believe he's so stupid...

Meanwhile, Stephanie's on the phone... "It's definitely final, then - so the - so the women's title is on RAW, Randy Orton, Hurricane, all on RAW. Look, look into the rest of the contracts - come in! - okay, thanks, I'll call you back." "Steph, oh my gosh, that was SO funny! What you did to Eric Bischoff at Unforgiven." "Thanks, Kurt! I, it was so much fun. Seeing Rikishi's ass all up in Bischoff's face.." "Oh, I know - the stinkface, it was beautiful - and smart, too! I mean, you set him up perfectly - hook, line and sinker - whoomp, there it is!" "Yeah - whoomp - it was pretty great - thanks, Kurt." "It sure was." "And you know what else would be great? A rematch of me vs. Chris Benoit tonight. I mean, he didn't beat me at Unforgiven." "No, you're right, he didn't--" "His feet were on the ropes! "Right, which is why--" "Which means he cheated!" "Okay, so--" "And cheaters never win!" "But I really want--" "Which means Benoit never beat me." "KURT!" "Well, he didn't." "Okay! Listen. Would you just listen to me for a second?" "Shoot." "I figured you would come out here and ask for a rematch tonight...but um, I've got a little something different in mind for the main event." "What could you possibly have in m--" Rey Mysterio comes in and waves. "What the heck is he doin' here? Hey Mysterio...don't child labour laws state that you can't be here more than five hours a day? Hahahaha - get it? Ho ho, get it? ...'cause he' know, short." "Yeah. I get it, Kurt. Okay, so...get this. Okay? Because tonight's main event, in the spirit of competition, is going to be Kurt Angle... vs. Chris Benoit... vs. Rey Mysterio. That's right, it's going to be a triple threat match...tonight." "You've gotta be kidding me! Why in the heck would you want to involve Mysterio? Because this - this is his hometown? Because he was born here like eight years ago? Hey, Mysterio...this may your big 'homecoming,' but make no mistake about it - I'm gonna be the one to get the 1, 2, 3." "Oh yeah, Kurt? You plan on getting the 1, 2, 3?" "Oh yeah." "Well not if I hit you first - with the 6-1-9."

FUNAKI, #1 SMACKDOWN ANNOUNCER walks to the ring with the very chair Undertaker used on Brock Lesnar last week. How the heck did HE get a hold of it? Ponder this during the ad break...

Hey how about some live events? Saturday, West Palm Beach! Sunday, Beaumont! Monday is RAW in Houston, and Tuesday is Lafayette!

"This is Funaki! SmackDown! number one announcer! Now, WWE Champion BUROCK LESNAR!" Brock, as usual, is accompanied by his pokemon WEEZING. It's a slow, slow walk to the ring. Happy Dance on the apron! Finally, Lesnar parts the ropes and enters the ring. "Mr. Lesnar...Undertaker hit you with this here." Lesnar takes the chair and inspects it...then throws it to the mat. Funaki drops his mic and starts to...wet his pants, I think. Lesnar kicks the mic out of the ring after handing his belt to Heyman, who also leaves the ring. Backed to the corner, Funaki tries a right, right, right, off the ropes...caught into the clothesline/leg trip combo. Pump handle into the backdrop. Pulled back to the centre with ease - knee, knee, in the corner, and rammed into another corner. Belly-to-belly overhead suplex and Funaki SAILS across the ring. Lesnar nudges him back over onto his back. Picks him up - Key on My Keyboard will finish it. Play his music again! Heyman in to kneel over the corpse...then offer the belt back to the champ. Lesnar decides to help Funaki slide out of the ring first. Replay of the pumphandle and F-5.

Backstage, Dawn Marie catches up to Torrie, then congratulates her on her "win" - "I mean, it is such an accomplishment to be able to win a bikini contest over than nothing of a hillbilly, Nidia! Maybe, just maybe, one day you'll decide to have a contest against someone who has a whole lot...more to offer. Maybe someone" "Excuse me." And off she goes...

Edge - is - WALKING! Hey, next time you see one of these, start playing "Stayin' Alive." IT'S A RIOT, DEAN

Lugz presents the WWE Boot of the Week! From last week, Edge spears Chavo but takes a chairshot from Eddie - busting himself black and white in the process...

EDDIE GUERRERO (El Paso, Tejas - 228 pounds - and SmackDown! is brought to you by Clearasil, Lugz, and PlayStation 2!) v. EDGE (Toronto, Ontario - 241 pounds - with Forceable Entry CD cover) with No Disqualification
referee: MIKE SPARKS
Cole promises this match will be the conclusion to the long-running rivalry....hmm. We are told Guerrero won Sunday through nefarious means, and also people who buy pay-per-views are suckers. HERE WE GO: Lockup, to the corner, right by Guerrero, right, elbow, elbow to the back of the head, elbow, into the corner, back elbow, stomp, headlock applied - Edge shoves him off but (no way!) Guerrero shoulderblocks him. Off the ropes, up and over, leapfrog by Edge, drops down for a monkey flip and Guerrero ALMOST lands RIGHT on his head. Edge right, forearm, wraps his left arm around the rope, Guerrero grabs the hair and goes for the eyes but Edge stays in control. That one woman FINALLY stops screaming, thank God. Hammerlock by Edge, steps on the knee to put Guerrero down - keys the lock and holds it, but Guerrero's back to his feet - Edge rammed into the buckle, shoulder, shoulder, shoulder, forearm. Eddie up and over to the floor, throating Edge on his way down. Back in, feet on the ropes, Edge gets the shoulder up. STOP SCREAMING, WOMAN. Guerrero plays to the crowd and gets the boos he deserves. Whip is reveresed, big back body drop by Edge! Guerrero up slowly, Edge with a nice dropkick. Scoop...and a slam by Edge. Off the ropes, drops the elbow, cover, 2. Edge applies the armbar. A little hairpull from Edge as well - bad blood!! Cole reminds Tazz there's no DQ, and I'd forgotten too - damn he's good! Guerrero with a knee, kick, standing enzuigiri (!) and turns it around - Guerrero stomp, stomp, stomp. Big handful of hair - winds up for the elbow. And there's a big right hand. Guerrero continues shuffling - NICE suplex - 1, 2, Edge kicks out! Guerrero clamps on the headlock and says something to rile up the Latino contingent. Edge finally makes his way back to a knee - crowd responds - back to two feet - elbow to the gut, elbow, breaks it up, but Guerrero stil has the hair - forearm by Guerrero - into the ropes is reversed, and Edge hits a powerslam! Both men are down...Edge pulls himself up by the ropes to make it out first. Edge climbing up...but Guerrero meets him there with a right hand. Guerrero climbs to the top rope as well - will he? YES! TOP ROPE SUPERPLEX!! That took a lot out of both men, but Eddie manages a press - 1, 2, NO!! Guerrero up first. Elbow, elbow to the back of the head, elbow. Another big elbow across the temple. Eddie helps him up - and again connects with the elbow. Into the ropes is reversed, Guerrero up on the shoulders...but Edge stops him, then throws him off into a hot shot, then clotheslines him out to the floor! Edge is out of the ring in a hurry - but comes up with a ladder from underneath the ring! Up on his shoulder - running at Guerrero but he ducks - AND SPARKS DOES NOT! Guerrero takes advantage of the distraction to give Edge a forearm in the back - produces a chair and WHACKS him in the back. Two men down, one mullet up. Subway Replay shows Sparks get pasted again. Guerrero rolls Edge in the ring and brings the chair in with him - stands on the back and WHACKS the ribs. Guerrero again beats his chest and the crowd responds. Guerrero's feeling froggy and continues to egg on the crowd...frog splash coming up - NO!! Edge rolls out just in time but can't move any further! Three men are down and we've GOT to take a break!!

TV-PG-DLV - Nobody's getting nachos and the bathrooms are empty - when we return, MIKE CHIODA has joined the mix as Guerrero stands over Edge with a right, right, right, right, right, right, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. Sparks is still a slug at ringside. Guerrero dares Edge to get to his feet - into the ropes, climbs on the back for the sleeper!! Edge rapidly fades down to a sitdown. KORDERAS & HEBNER arrive to help Sparks to the back. We take the entire screen to possibly cover an edit and also replay the ladder shot again. DURING THE BREAK! Guerrero's clothesline ducked - Edge with a SPEAR! and hooks the leg - crowd counts but nobody's there...finally Chioda comes rushing in and counts 1, 2, but no. Coming back live on tape, Edge punches to get out, off the ropes, Guerrero ducks, but Edge slips under and hits the half nelson faceplant! Cover by Edge - 1, 2, NO! Edge pulls himself up in the corner - to the second rope, but took too long. Guerrero with a right hand - climbs up for a FRANKENSTEINER - press - 1, 2, NO!! Guerrero laces the fingers and attacks the elbow - elbow, elbow, elbow, right to the face, right, right, runs the ropes, goes for ANOTHER Frankensteiner off the springboard but Edge stops him and POWERBOMBS him down! That'll definitely get a Subway Replay. Edge crawls to the ropes and, fed on by the crowd, rolls outside and looks for his friend the ladder. Ladder in, Edge in. But Guerrero dropkicks the ladder into Edge! Guerrero rolls outside and produces a SECOND ladder. Guerrero back inside - Cole notes that everybody in the Arena is either standing or on the edge of their seat. Edge brought to his feet - elbow to the back of the head, forearm, snap back elbow and Edge falls across a ladder. Guerrero sandwiches him by putting the second ladder on top - outside - trademark springboard senton back in and onto the pile! That may have hurt Guerrero as much as Edge - well, okay, maybe Edge a TINY bit more. Eddie covers Edge, still on the ladder - 1, 2, no rope for his leg but he DOES get the shoulder off the ladder! Another replay fills the entire screen. When we come back, Guerrero has a ladder set up in a corner - Eddie on the top rope and now climbing the ladder...but Edge is up and climbing the other side of the ladder! Guerrero right, Edge right, right, Guerrero teetering, Edge right, Guerrero right, EDGE teetering...Guerrero grabs Edge's head and RAMS it into the top of the ladder - four times! Eddie wants a sunset flip OVER the ladder - and it turns into a SUPERBOMB! Guerrero crawls over to Edge and drapes an arm over him - 1, 2, SHOULDER UP!! Subway Replay, two angles - owch. Guerrero folds the ladder and places it against the corner - and rams Edge into it. Edge laying against the ladder and Guerrero winds up...but runs into a back body drop INTO and almost THROUGH the ladder!! The ladder narrowly misses Guerrero on the way down, and Chioda moves it aside. Another replay fills the screen. Edge has his own ladder when we come back - now THAT one stands in a corner. Edge climbs do what? I guess to get a kidney shot from behind - Guerrero outside, back in, climbing the opposite side of the ladder, right, right, Edge to the body, right, right - head to the top of the ladder four times...Guerrero now dragged off the ladder and standing on the top rope - Edge pulls him up - EDGECUTION from the ladder!! Cover - 1, 2, 3! (8:00 + 8:41?) Guerrero's forehead shows the effects. Tazz: "This sure as hell ain't no Survivor!" Replay of the Edgecution. Edge limps up the ramp - he'll be feeling this one a while. Cole: "Tonight stopped being about who is right and who is wrong - it became about two men wanting to prove who the better man is - for YOUR entertainment. And that, my friends, is the credo of SmackDown!" After Edge is gone, they play Guerrero's music - and he gets a Standing O from the San Diego faithful as well! One more Replay of the Edgecution! Wow, they usually don't show the loser's exit as part of the show - but I'm glad they did. Great match.

TONIGHT: Triple Threat Match! Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit vs. Rey Mysterio!

No Mercy ad - "Hi Pete."

It's the Sports Arena that STILL can't afford a name! Here's some hype for next week in Lafayette - tix still available...

MARC LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOYD catches up with Chris Benoit as he warms up. "You what the people chant whenever Kurt Angle walks to the ring. But I'll admit, when it comes to Kurt Angle, The Wrestler...nothing could be further from the truth. See, he's not the only Olympic Gold Medalist in WWE history for nothin' - he's one of the toughest, technically sound SOBs I've ever been in the ring with. And I'm lookin' forward to competing agaynst - and beating him again tonight - as well as San Diego's own Rey Mysterio! Mysterio's born in San Diego, hometown boy, well that's really cool...well, Chris Benoit was BORN to HURT."

Meanwhile, Matt Hardy shows off a videotape of his match to Shannon Moore! "You see what I did there, Shannon? I mean, I really hope you're pickin' all this u, 'cause these are invaluable lessons that I'm teachin' you. You saw what I did to the Hurricane, I mean I beat him so bad that he had to run away to a completely different show! But what else is new, right? I mean that seems to be the current 'trend' with all my opponents - whether it be the Hurricane - or whether it be my opponent tonight, The Undertaker. Who else but Matt Hardy (version 1), founder of Mattitude, could make The Undertaker run away the last *two* times I was in the ring with him?" "Yeah, but Matt, I think it had a little more to do with Brock Lesnar than it had to do with you." "Brock Lesnar? You think Brock Lesnar had something to do with that? Ha! Well I'll tell you what - you sit right there, Mr. Fancy Pants, in this chair and you watch this monitor - and you watch what I do to The Undertaker in my match up next - and we'll see if Brock Lesnar has anything to do with Matt Hardy defeating The Undertaker...AGAIN." He walks off - and we spy Brock Lesnar emerge into the hallway immediately, I bet that monitor doesn't even GET the feed.

"Forceable Entry" ad - hey Pinfield, Farm Club isn't on anymore


It was announced Tuesday that WrestleMania XIX would take place at Safeco Field in Seattle, WA - mark down 30 March 2003 NOW - and I think we have one question - just what the HELL was THE GODFATHER doing there?

THE AWESOME UNDERTAKER (Houston, Tejas - 305 pounds - on His Beautiful Bourget Python Bike - with Subway presents No Mercy live on 20 October!) v. MATT HARDY (Cameron, North Carolina - 234 pounds)
Cole: "Think about this: in Brock Lesnar's first match with Hollywood Hulk Hogan, he ended Hogan's career - in his first match with the Rock he took the title from the People's Champ - and in Lesnar's first match with The Undertaker, The Undertaker took the fight to Brock Lesnar." Hardy offers the Hand of Friendship...Taker ain't going for, wait he does. Except he doesn't give the hand back - Matt's a little unnerved by this - there's a whip into the corner, back elbow, back elbow. Soupbone! Taker makes Hebner flinch. Runs in but eats two boots from Hardy - Hardy with a chop block - mounths, right, right, right, right, stomp, stomp, ahhhh drop (with no ahhh), then dares Taker to get up - gutshot, Twist of Fate shoved off - head down, kick by Hardy - off the ropes but caught - CHOKESLAM! Taker over Hardy and giving him what for. And here IS what for - the Last Ride powerbomb. 1, 2, 3. (1:50) KING BROCK LESNAR is immediately out and BRAINING Taker with the championship belt. Taker wastes no time bleeding in profuse style. Crowd chants "You suck!" as HEY, MAN directs Lesnar into one more belt shot before Taker gets all the way back up. Korderas joins Hebner in the ring. Heyman: "Look at that - Dead Man Bleeding." Lesnar gives us that dazzling smile before leaving the ring and backing up the ramp. Crowd brings up the "Asshole" chant. Heyman piles it on just in mic-shot. "You're the man. Nobody like you! Nobody survives you! Not Hogan, not The Rock, not The Undertaker! You are the man! You are the best! You are the Champion! YES! YES!"

See the WWE LIVE when it comes to YOUR AREA - Sunday, Bossier City! Monday, Monroe! And Tuesday, Lafayette!

MOMENTS AGO! Easy pin for Taker, free shot from Lesnar - make it double

DURING THE BREAK! Taker had trouble getting to his feet, pulling himself up by his bike and then walking/crawling back up the ramp.

DURING THE BREAK! We went black and white as Taker refused treatment...but ended up falling backwards into the corner of the room and leaving some dark spots on the white door next to him

KURT ANGLE (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 237 pounds) v. AD BREAK - First, a few words from Angle: "Tonight, for reasons well beyond my comprehension, Your Olympic Hero has a triple threat match with Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio....who claims to be from San that's somethin' to brag about! Oh, wait a minute - you people are ALSO from San Diego? I think the INS would have a little somethin' to say about that!" HA! "Rey Mysterio, you may think you're impressive with the '619' ... but tonight, you're gonna be needing another number - and that number is 9-1-1! Comprende? And Chris Benoit, you may be feeling really comfortable in San Diego - I mean, you illegally win our match at Unforgiven, and half the people here illegally sneakin' into this country! But make no mistake about it 'cause there's only one true threat in this Triple Threat match tonight...and no, it's not the toothless cheater - and it's DEFINITELY not that sawed-off lost member of Menudo! Oh no! It's the man standing in the middle of this ring right here tonight - yours truly - a REAL American - Kurt Angle - oh it's true, it's DAMN true!"

Stacker 2 ad #2 (Bubba again)

KURT ANGLE (already in the ring) v. CHRIS BENOIT (Edmonton, Alberta - 229 pounds - with Forceable Entry CD cover - meet Kevin Nash at the Alltel Arena this weekend when No Mercy tix go on sale!) v. REY MYSTERIO (San Diego, California - 175 pounds) in a triple threat match
referee: Korderas
Benoit and Angle go nose to nose and it looks like they might not want to wait for Mysterio....but they manage. Mysterio walks up and gets ignore - finally he tries to part them and get in a word himself, but Angle piefaces him and throws a right on Benoit - HERE WE GO - Mysterio off the rope with a headscissors on Angle! Mysterio to Benoit - right, right, whip is reversed and Mysterio tries a 'rana on Angle, but Angle throws him off - forearm in the back by Benoit - lifts him up for a suplex but Mysterio manages to get both boots up as Angle comes in, then rides Benoit down with a bulldog. Covers Benoit, 1, 2, shoulder up AND Angle breaks it up. Angle slides Mysterio to the outside, then grabs a double leg on Benoit - they tussle on the mat, back and forth, neither man managing a definite advantage - finally, both men up - Mysterio on the apron, Angle knocks him down again - BENOIT with a double leg - some more rolling on the mat - Angle finally grabs a waistlock, but Benoit slips out - both men back to their feet - Benoit shoves Mysterio off the apron to the floor again (poor Mysterio) - Angle with a double leg - going for the ankle, but Benoit rolls and gets back up - Angle grabs a single leg - now manages a cover with two feet on the ropes - 1, 2, Benoit's out. Cole mentions that that's how *Benoit* won on Sunday. Mysterio back on the apron - shoudler through the ropes to meet Angle, up and over back to back and into Benoit with a viscera - drop toe hold as Angle comes in - shoved into the corner, leapfrog over Benoit, who avoids the collision with Angle - Mysterio takes advantage with a schoolboy - 1, 2, Angle breaks it up. Mysterio whipped into the corner - up and over and Angle shoulders the post, but Benoit puts a forearm in the back - then hits the death suplex. Angle's outside and Benoit puts Mysterio into the ropes, back elbow, 1, 2, shoulder up by Mysterio. Benoit still in command - atomic drop. Chop! Snap suplex - NICE - 1, 2, not yet. Benoit grabs the headlock - Mysterio with a gutshot to break it up - off the ropes - ducks - but Benoit presses him up and just throws him to the outside - and suddenly, a fresh Angle is in with a right for Benoit, right, chop, right, right, stomp, stomp, stomp. Tazz praises Angle's strategy, just watching Mysterio take out Benoit. Clotheslines him down for 2. Subway Replay of Mysterio's splat. Chop by Angle, shoved into the corner, Benoit chops back, chop, chop, chop, chop, into the ropes, reversed, caught into the belly-to-belly - Angle starts to fall backwards but STILL throws him overhead. Wow. 1, 2, Benoit puts his foot on the rope. Right hand by Angle - into the ropes is reversed, another vicious back elbow by Benoit. Benoit picks him up for the right hand. Head to the buckle. Mysterio still MIA. Benoit grabs the waistlock and hoists him over for what I'm sure is only the first German suplex - there's two - Angle blocks, back elbow, back elbow, standing switch - ANGLE with a German suplex - holding on for TWO - still has it, but *Benoit* blocks, back elbow, standing switch, Angle elbow, elbow, ducks a clothesline, gutshot, OLYMPIC SLAM!! DOWN COME THE STRAPS but his back is to Mysterio - springboard dropkick to the back puts him outside - Mysterio covers and hooks the leg - 1, 2, NO!! Forearm by Mysterio - into the ropes is reversed and Angle hits a shot in the back of Mysterio...then pulls him outside and goes back in...where Benoit ducks then hits an OVERHEAD German suplex! Thumb crosses throat and the crowd roars...but it's because Mysterio is climbing the corner and connects on a missile dropkick! Mysterio up - Angle ducks, then upends Mysterio over his head and out of the ring - but he lands on Benoit cannonball-style! Shouldn't have played to the crowd, though - Angle is out and THROWS Mysterio into the barricade. Angle moves back to Benoit - back in the ring - and there's a chop block. ANGLELOCK!! Benoit grabs the rope but Angle isn't ready to let go - Angle tries to pull him off the ropes - leaving both men in perfect postition for a DOUBLE 619 (a 1238?) Mysterio out - ready to spring for the West Coast Pop - Angle forearms Benoit into the ropes but too late, Mysterio's already in the air - but Angle STOPS his momentum - but Mysterio goes over and down the back - 1, 2, NO!! Angle flips Mysterio with a big clothesline. But Benoit locks in the crossface!! Angle crawls to the rope...can't quite reach it - tries to roll through but only ends up finding himself in the CENTRE and still in the crossface! But it looks like Mysterio will save him - springboard guillotine to Benoit! Leg is hooked - 1, 2, NO! Angle up with a gutshot, Olympic Slam evaded - gutshot by Mysterio - off the ropes, but Angle tries to shove him off - and eats a dropkick from Mysterio, then gets tossed over and out by Benoit - Mysterio boosted by Benoit - but springs off the middle rope, twists and hits the Frankensteiner - 1, 2, 3!! Mysterio pins Benoit!!! (8:43) Give a Replay to the springboard legdrop, and the springboard huracanrana for the 1, 2, 3. Angle is unhappy that Mysterio won - but not as unhappy as Benoit! Credits are up... "Fierce competition tonight - and believe it or not, ladies and gentlemen, we ARE determined to top it next week, right here on SMACKDOWN!"

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