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UPN Thursday! Are you ready? I'm not!

LAST THURSDAY: Tell 'em, Tracy

Closed captioned logo - opening credits are beautiful, people

ZIPPYRO! Coming atcher from Le Centre Aire Canade en Toronte, Ontarie 17.10.2e (enregistre 15.10e), cela est WWe SMACKDOWN!e - yet SAP *still* means transmitido en *espanol*

TONIGHT: Jamie Noble vs. Nidia - hold onto your hats and/or privates

TONIGHT: Tag team tourney semi-final match - Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit vs. Los Dos Guerreros! Speaking of which...

WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT SEMI-FINAL: EDGE (Toronto, Ontario - 241 pounds) and REY MYSTERIO (San Diego, California - 175 pounds) v. D-VON & RON SIMMONS (525 pounds)
We check the graphics - yep, this match and the one previously announced, yep. Simmons and Edge tie up as we start - to the corner with Simmons in control - clean break, nope, back kick by Simmons, right hand, Edge ducks, Edge right, right, side headlock, powered out, Edge tries the shoulderblock and no. Off the ropes, Edge ducks, flying jalapeno gets him off his feet. Into the corner is reversed by Simmons, elbow up by Edge on the charge, second rope - missile dropkick! But Simmons comes right back with a jawbreaker and tags out. D-Von runs into a flapjack - tag to Mysterio - springboard cannonball, free shot for Simmons, ducks a shot from D-Von, gutshot, snapmare, seated dropkick off the ropes - Simmons in and has him on his shoulder, but Mysterio lands on his feet and hits a flying headscissors (why does Cole call it a "leg scissors") but Simmons *does* manage to shove Edge off the apron - Mysterio gutshot, into the corner, reversed by D-Von, but he runs into a drop toehold into the ropes - in position for the 619 but D-Von has it scouted and ducks out - Mysterio walks into the BIG spinebuster from Simmons to put him down. D-Von goes to work - stomp, stomp, picks him up, right hand puts him down again. Open-handed slap. Into the ropes, Mysterio ducks, but D-Von presses him HIGH...and drops him to the mat. D-Von going to the second rope - this never works - sure enough, the elbowdrop MISSES. Mysterio crawling for the tag but D-Von grabs the ankle...reverse enzuigiri, and there IS the tag. Edge on top - flying clothesline for D-Von, clothesline for Simmons, dropkicks for both men, D-Von into the ropes, big back body drop, half nelson faceplant for Simmons, Edge-o-matic for D-Von but Simmons makes the save at 1. Mysterio comes back in and takes out Simmons with a springboard dropkick that takes him outside - and adds a pescado! D-Von with a right on Edge, whip is reversed, Edge with a shoulder in the corner - sets him up top, then boosts a running Mysterio into a Frankensteiner (or, if you're Cole, a "leg scissors") - Edge covers, 1, 2, Simmons saves! Big boot by Simmons to Mysterio...and Edge runs into a powerslam. Mysterio dumps Simmons over the top to the floor, 619 on D-Von, goes outside and calls for the West Coast Pop...but Simmons catches him on the way in and POWERBOMBS him down. Edge back up - SPEAR on Simmons! D-Von with a kidney shot, wants the Saving Grace but Edge lands on his feet - gutshot, Edgecution!, 1, 2, 3! (4:40) Let's update the graphic. But no sooner are we done looking at that than LOS DOS GUERREROS hit the ring and punk out Edge & Mysterio! Looks like they're trying to get a jump on their potential opponents in the finals. Mysterio dumped to the outside, and Edge eats a brainbuster from Chavo, and a frog splash from Eddie. A couple more stomps on Mysterio on their way out.

FUNAKI is backstage with Tajiri, who is apparently your special guest referee for the Nidia/Noble bout. He speaks about fifteen languages before Nidia shows up, Noble shows up, some foreplay ensues and then Nidia slaps Noble one forcing the men from Japan to engage in pullapart - Tajiri gets the better of the deal, holding onto Nidia for dear life. I get the feeling that this match is NEXT!

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Geez, Forest, TRY to crack a smile, buddy

And now, the WWE Rewind, brought to you by Atari's "Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee" - from last week's SmackDown!, Nidia (spurned by Mysterio) has a tiff with Noble

JAMIE NOBLE (already in the ring) v. NIDIA
Special Guest Referee: TAJIRI
"C'mon out here, girl - it's time to get nekkid and wrestle!" Words are exchanged, shove by Nidia, shove, Noble shoves her HARD to the mat - Tajiri seems resigned to his fate, but manages to turn his back long enough for Nidia to kick Noble in the nuts. She's up and pounding away on the back - to the ropes, Tajiri tries to separate and fails. Noble finally shoves her away...but she climbs on his back. There's the throw over the shoulder. Noble says that's enough and let's get out of here - he offers the hand to help her up, and instead she pulls him into a cover - 1, 2, nope. Noble's good and pissed now, removing his shirt and saying okay, here we go. Takedown! They roll a bit, back and forth...but Noble can't bring himself to punch her. "Would you please just stop" - of course, Nidia reverses back for another near fall instead. Drop toehold by Nidia - dropkick - dropkick swatted away. "Stop it, Nidia! Quit it!" Noble picks her up...and she rakes his face. More poundin'. Whip is reversed, head down, Nidia kicks, gutshot, into the ropes is reversed - he has her over his shoulder...there's your money shot of Nidia's ass, thank you - to the ropes, where Nidia kicks against the ropes - but Noble counters the sunset flip, hooks the leg, and gets the 1, 2, 3. (2:00) Nidia's unhappy. Tajiri helps her up, so she pops HIM one. Tajiri seems...displeased. Noble: "Hey! Whaddaya think you're doin'?" And now here's a doubleteam on Tajiri...culminating in the tigerbomb on Tajiri. "NOBODY touches my woman...except me!" Tazz: "...unless he gives instructions to touch his woman!" Staredown...I think Nidia's getting hot...yep, let the dry humping commence. Tazz: "Anything Nidia hurt on Noble, she's gotta kiss later."

Backstage, Taker gets fitted up with a mic. He'll speak soon, I bet!

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Tough Enough III - we premiere *tonight* with the casting special!

Take a peak at the ... big radio tower! SmackDown! is brought to you by "The Ring," JVC's Tower of Power and Taco Bell!

Your hosts are MICHAEL KING COLE & TAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. They throw it backstage to a few words from

THE AWESOME UNDERTAKER: "Of all the things that I've been in my life, I've never been a liar, so I've requested this time so I can get a few things off my chest and set the record straight. When I was accused by this woman of being a cheater...well I lied. I *do* know her. But I mean, look...I knew a lotta women like her back then. But see that was years ago. That was a long time ago - YEARS before I ever met my wife Sara. So to say I was surprised last week when I got to SmackDown! and hear this woman accusing me of being a cheater....surprise would be an understatement. But man, I had to make a judgement call. Because all I could see was my pregnant wife sittin' at home, watchin' this woman accuse me of being a cheater. Truth is, I haven't seen this woman in about seven years. I don't know what she wants - I don't know if she's been paid off by Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman - I don't know...all I know is, the last week of my life has been a living hell due to Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. But let me guarantee you two something: the hell that I've been through is nothing - is NOTHING compared to the hell that I'm gonna put you two through this the cell."

The Guerreros - WALKING! - are rather proud of themselves. They find the lights off in their dressing room...and when Eddie turns them on, they're met by Chris Benoit. Chavo: "Whoa, I thought it was Kurt Angle there for a second!" and makes a face. Benoit seems...suspicious. "What? What is it? What - what's the look for, holmes? Ese...why you looking at me like that, ese vato. Oh, oh OH OH I get it - oh I get it - yeah - you think I'm the one that jumped you? You think I did? I can't believe it! Ese - I can't believe you're THINKING that, holmes. I can't just believe that you think that you I mean - wow - wow, that is - wow." Chavo: "You need to check yourself, bro." "I - I'm outta words. Ese - I mean, c'mon, Chris. Man, you ese, somes familia - we're family, man. Look, okay. Who jumped - who was with you when we came from WCW here to the WWE?" "He was!" "That's right, ese! Me Eddie Guerrero! Who was with you when we went from RAW to SmackDown!?" "He was!" "That's right, ese! Ese I'm on the road with you, I travel with you ese, we know each other's personal stuff, holmes! Ese - I mean, come on...when I was going through all personal issues..." Eddie "breaks down" at this point - Chavo tries to reassuringly stroke his mullet. "You're the one who lent me your shoulder, ese, to cry on." Benoit pulls away when Guerrero tries it again "Hey vato ...ese you're hurting my FEEEELINGS!" "Look at him, man! He's hurtin'!" "What's the matter with you, ese? Oh. OH! I - I know that look - don't look at me like that ese! Oh I know what you're trying to do - oh, what, what what - (Spanish) - you wanna hit me, ese? Well come on, man. Come on, come on, go ahead, come on, come on - COME ON! HIT ME! Go ahead, come on! Oh - oh - you know what, man? If you're gonna accuse me of doing the damage to you and beating you up, I might as well do it!" Now fully ranting and raving, Chavo holds him back. "Come on, come on, come on. Don't bring yourself down to his level! Come on, let's go. SHAME on you, Chris Benoit! He's like a brother to you!" "Yeah!" "Come on..." It should be noted that Benoit hasn't said a DAMN thing this whole bit. This was *unbelievably* great.

No Mercy promo - Hell in the Cell hyped

And now, the WWE Smack of the Night! brought to you by Subway - eat Jared! From last week, Angle & Benoit advance in the tag team tournament when Benoit punks out Cena AND his partner...then makes Kidiman tap

Lesnar, Heyman and Tracy are WALKING! "OH! That lying son of a (beep)! In his past? He WISHES I was still in his past!" Lesnar (struggling to remember the line): "I think Stephanie McMahon is gonna be VERY interested in hearing this."

BILLY KIDMAN (Allentown, Pennsylvania - 215 pounds - with Earlier Tonight) v. JOHN CENA (West Newbury, Massachusetts - 249 pounds - Leafs?)
referee: MIKE SPARKS
Earlier tonight, Cena had this to say to the invisible man holding the mic: "Just for the record, last week when Billy Kidman and I lost to Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, you know who tapped out to lose that match? Billy Kidman, not me. Billy Kidman better get used to losing." Lockup, arm wringer by Cena, Kidman rolls out and reverses - to the corner, hiptoss out blocked and Kidman hits one of his own. Cena nods knowingly. Kidman grabs a waistlock, Cena reverses to a hammerlock, Kidman reaches back and manages to drop down for the snapmare. Onsale crawl here. Huracanrana by Kidman (or "leg scissors") Cena shakes it off. Gutshot by Cena, into the ropes, Kidman slides under, go behind, waistlock, to the ropes, Cena shakes him off and Kidman rolls back - hiptoss by Kidman blocked, gutshot, wants the leg over the head but Cena counters to a single leg trip, drops down and puts him in the WOW Catapult, sending Kidman out to the floor! Cena decides to go out after him - and throws him back in - leg is hooked - 1, 2, no. Subway Replay of the catapult. Cena sends Kidman hard into the corner - Tazz says he's targeting the back, okay. Big forearm shot to the small of the back by Cena. Into the ropes, back elbow, quick cover, just 2. Cena stomps on the back, stomp, forearm across the back, picks him up and sends him back with a death suplex - 1, 2, kickout. Cena is grr. Kidman breaks it up - right, right, right, right, eyepoke by Cena to shift the momentum back. Half hour suplex coming up - make it 45 minutes instead. 1, 2, no! Cena is OHH? Knee in the back for the surfboard - Cena's still working on the back. "Cena sux" chant coming up - did he turn heel before our very eyes? Just as Kidman is set to reverse, Cena kicks him in the gut - off the ropes but meets up with a dropkick from Kidman - Kidman with a second dropkick - Cena sent into the ropes, but it's reversed - but Kidman gets the boot up - second rope jumpin' back elbow from Kidman - HE hooks the leg - 1, 2, Cena kicks out! Side headlock, Cena reverses and quickly uncorks a DDT. Lateral press - 2 for Cena once again. Powerbomb coming up...but why anybody would try to powerbomb Kidman is beyond me - at least he doesn't do the faceplant reversal, opting instead to roll down the back for a rollup and 2. Subway replay gives us an impressive slow-mo of Kidman getting planted by the DDT. Kidman ducks the clothesline, kick caught, enzuigiri!! Kidman rolls him and places him - then climbs up, but Cena is up before he can even THINK shooting star press - right hand - throws him off but Kidman reverses and THERE'S that faceplant - and Kidman gets 2. Cena put into the corner sternum first, Kidman off the ropes but Cena ducks him, hooks the arm and turns into a backslide, feet on the ropes for good measure, 1, 2, 3! Cena turns out to be prophetic...Kidman's lost again. (5:37)

Wow, that must have been a long, long walk - Tracy, Heyman and Lesnar have FINALLY made it to Stephanie's office. Tracy continues to accuse Taker of lying, offering that they slept together ten days ago. Stephanie says it's clear Tracy has no respect for Taker, her, or anybody else in the building, so she's no longer welcome on SmackDown! Heyman tells her it's okay, just wait in the car. Lesnar starts to shout, but Heyman stops him and butters her up...on his way to asking Stephanie to ensure the future of SmackDown! - and keep men like Matt Hardy and his client healthy - by ordering Taker to lose the cast before Hell in the Cell. Stephanie says she appreciates his appeal, albeit not the patronization...she takes it under advisement and will make her decision later. As for Lesnar, he should probably take out some of his pent-up aggression against Chuck Palumbo - NEXT!

TONIGHT: Torrie and Rikishi team up to take on Matt Hardy & Dawn Marie! Lord have mercy

Booker T shills chicken 'n' ribs

Catch the WWE live Saturday in Texarkana, Sunday for No Mercy in Little Rock, Monday in Jackson and Tuesday in Memphis!

Back to the office, where Taker tells Stephanie Tracy is a lying (beep). Stephanie appeals for calm, but Taker is a little unhappy that she's actually considering Heyman's request, seeing as how Lesnar broke his hand in the first place. Stephanie says she has to consider all sides, and he HAS been using it as a weapon. "Is that what this is all about? Because this is an offensive weapon? You think the things I've done have been offensive? Well let me show you how offensive I can be!" and he breaks her lamp with his cast. Yeah, SURELY that'll help her see *his* side of it

KING BROCK LESNAR (WWE Champion - Minneapolis, Minnesota - 295 pounds - with Paul Heyman - AND Subway presents No Mercy in just three days!) v. CHUCK PALUMBO (San Diego, California - 276 pounds) in a nontitle match
We're told that Billy was injured at the London, Ontario show on Monday and is in Alabama seeing specialists. That don't sound too good for him...but it's not like they had any PLANS for him anyway, right? I mean, that gay wedding was FIVE WHOLE WEEKS AGO, I doubt *anybody* remembers it NOW. Chuck hits the ring, duck, right, right, right, right, Lesnar barrels him into the corner, shoulder, shoulder, shoulder, elbow, whip is reversed, right hand as Lesnar comes out, running kick, Lesnar blocks the next one, back leg sweep/lariat combo. Stomp. Back up, into the corner hard and Palumbo goes down. Lesnar outside, grabs an arm and a leg and pulls his ribs into the post. Adds a kick before coming back in. Kicks the ribs, forearm, stomp, stomp, stomp. Stands on the neck for 4. Forearm in the back, Chuck tries to fire back, right, Lesnar with a knee. Lesnar dares Palumbo pull himself up - then puts him down with another clothesline. Palumbo pulls himself up - and eats ANOTHER big clothesline from the champ. Palumbo tries a right, right, right, right - Lesnar with a knee. Palumbo's lip is split. Second rope choke with a knee in the back for 4. Lesnar with a right hand. Vertical suplex. Cover, 1, 2, Palumbo kicks out. 1, 2, kickout. 1, 2, kickout. Knee in the back by Lesnar. Palumbo tries to come back, forearmed down, Palumbo tries again, another forearm, stomp, stomp. Lesnar helps him up, hard into the corner, and a big belly-to-belly overhead release suplex on the way back. Lesnar waits for him to get up...goes behind - big bearhug (Tazz: "Brocklock") and Palumbo goes down. "That's what you did to Hogan! SQUEEZUM!" Shoulders down - 1, no. Palumbo on his stomach but fading fast. Arm falls once, arm falls twice...Palumbo grabs the bottom rope and Korderas forces the break. Forearm in the back by Lesnar. Palumbo tries the elbow, elbow, elbow and actually reels Lesnar enough to make it back to his feet - only to be caught coming off the ropes...and Lesnar puts him in the Tree of Woe after ramming his back into the corner. Kick, kick, kick. Lesnar gets a head of steam and rams the shoulder. Palumbo STILL hung up...but frees himself just in time, conneting with a mule kick as Lesnar comes in. Palumbo getting a second wind - sidesteps Lesnar and puts his shoulder into the post, shoulder, shoulder, shoulder, right, right, right, belly-to-belly overhead throw (!), discus punch is ducked, but he hits the JUNGLE KICK! And then he hits it AGAIN!! Cover - 1, 2, ohhhh Lesnar grabs the bottom rope! Palumbo stays on him - stomp, stomp, right, wants the throw but Lesnar reverses and HE hits the belly-to-belly throw. Palumbo puts up a boot but Lesnar catches it...and connects on the quick clothesline. Scooped up - backbreaker down - STILL holding him - simply flipping him over onto his shoulders - Key on My Keyboard - 1, 2, 3. Total SNME match and that's a good thing. (6:30) THE AWESOME UNDERTAKER is out - big boot puts the champ down - stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, chasing off Korderas, CAST SOUPBONE! That hurts him, but probably not as much as it hurts Lesnar. Sparks is out - down he goes - down goes Korderas - down goes a security guy - one more for Lesnar. Stomp, stomp, chasing off the next wave of refs and security...Lesnar manages to roll out and Heyman helps him up the ramp. Taker raises his arm...but not all the way up 'cause it hurts, man. Ohhhh Lesnar's been busted wide open. Let's take a break!

MOMENTS AGO! See previous paragraph - could this be the last time Taker uses that cast as a weapon? A few angles of the shot that busted Lesnar wide open

Backstage, Torrie stretches seductively...then catches sight of her father. He seems kinda anxious, though - looking over his shoulder while talking to his daughter. She saw the show last week and wants to know what's up with Dawn Marie. He produces a bouquet of flowers. "I got these for you." She drops everything and hugs him. She says she'll see him after her match, then drops the flowers off with Jan the Makeup Girl on her way to the let's all watch her ass while she walks

DAWN MARIE (with TV-PG-DLV - and Let Us Take You Back to Last Week) and MATT HARDY (Cameron, North Carolina - 234 pounds) v. RIKISHI (American Samoa - 350 pounds - with SmackDown! in Nashville hype) and TORRIE SAMUDA (with "Extra" hype - see the divas in a swimsuit sneak preview!) in a mixed tag
referee: Hebner
Hardy has a brand new entrance, which involves dropping the framerate to make it look like you're trying to run QuickTime 6 on an old Quadra while conneting with a USR Robotics....okay, I'm getting too tech-y. Cole does a little on the spot post-production by correcting the "has beaten Undertaker *2* straight times" graphic (it's actually two, nonconsecutively, out of three) before any of us get a chance to complain publicly, ha ha. Man, you think THIS is the point where we'd get a nice tight closeup of Daryl but instead we have to settle for spotting his choice seats by the sneaky way he gets his "Mattitude" sign on camera. Looks like the women will start. Check that, Matt tags, as if they'll suddenly suspend the mixed tag rules. They don't so Keesh comes Hardy tags Dawn again. Dawn thinks she'll give Keesh a piece of her mind. He disgusts her! Then she slaps him...well, that woke him up. Dawn goes pie-eyed and tries to make a getaway, but Keesh presses her off the ropes...then throws her into Hardy when he comes in - right hand for Hardy to put him outside, and a tag to Wilson...ugliest neckbreaker I've seen all week gets her 2. Chop! Chop! These two go one on one at No Mercy. Into the corner, boot up by Dawn, cover, foot on the ropes, 1, 2, no. Dawn stays on her - stomp, stomp, hairpull up, into the ropes, head down, kick by Torrie, kick, scoop...and a slam - and a tag to Keesh. Again ignoring the mixed tag rules, Keesh stands o'er her - but misses on the butt drop when Dawn slides out of the way and tags out. Keesh with "Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine," right, off the ropes, Hardy tries the sunset flip and fails, but at least gets outta there before Keesh can try another sitdown, runs into a clothesline, Keesh right, right, whip is reversed into a side effect clothesline by Hardy (!), 1, 2, no. Second rope ahhhhhhhhhhhhdrop - MISSES. Keesh up - clothesline ducked, gutshot by Hardy, Twist of Fate attempt shoved out - caught in a chokeslam by Keesh. KEESHKICK! Dawn Marie comes in and jumps on his back...Keesh looks annoyed...then does a fat ass splash with Dawn on his back, squishing her into Matt. Now Torrie is tagged in, splashes the pile, sends Keesh into ANOTHER splash on the pile. Double flump! Torrie invites Keesh back in...Hardy astutely uses Dawn as a shield to evade the stinky face. Torrie pulls Dawn out - small package - Hardy gets a bit o' grabass on his way to reversing the small package, pops Keesh on the apron as Hebner looks back - 1, 2, 3! Wow, Torrie had to stay in that FOREVER. (4:02) Hardy isn't done, though, grabbing Wilson by the hair...but before we find out his plans, Torrie uppernuts him...then moves over to slap Dawn Marie. Keesh is back up - fat ass splash on Hardy! Flump! Keesh raises the roof...but Torrie stops him, saying SHE wants to do it. Matt seems agreeable. Torrie wedgies herself...then when Matt has his eyes closed, she motions over Keesh to give him the stinkyface instead. Play his music! Yuks all around - or, in Hardy's case, yucks.

While the doctor and trainer look at a stitched up Lesnar, Heyman rants and raves. "She's such a McMahon--" "Paul - I'll be fine! Do me one favour - go to Stephanie, and tell her to make Undertaker take that cast off before Hell in the Cell. Get outta here, go tell her!"

TONIGHT: The other tag team championship tournament semi-final!

No Mercy spot - hi Pete

Jakks Pacific ad #2

Hey fellas, not getting enough? DYE YOUR HAIR Ha ha ha that'll work

Commentators shill "Buffy" - and I don't mean St. Marie

Heyman does some more raving to Stephanie about Undertaker and his cast. He offers the lamp. "Look at this! This could have been, this WAS Brock Lesnar's head." Stephanie says she'll make her decision later. Paul does some MORE shouting...and Stephanie...repeats herself! WOW!

Commentators smoothly move into the hype - seven big matches have been announced and it'll all happen in just three days! Right now, Triple H and Kane each have a belt but come Sunday, the Winner Takes All! The WWE tag team championship tourney final will yield a new champ! Trish Stratus puts her title on the line against Victoria! Rob van Dam meets Ric Flair! New world tag team champions Chris Jericho & Christian do battle with Booker T & Goldust! One on one - Torrie Wilson clashes with Dawn Marie! And within the confines of the Hell in the Cell, Brock Lesnar will put the WWE Championship on the line when he meets The Undertaker!

Benoit and Angle engage in a staring contest (KISS HIM!) until Angle breaks the silence. "What - what's that look for? Wait a minute - I know what that look's for! You're lookin' at my gold medals! You're jealous of 'em, aren't you? You've ALWAYS been jealous of my gold medals. Well you know what, Ben-- wait a minute. It's not my gold medals, is it? No, I know that look. You actually think I had something to do with the Guerreros attacking you last week? Gimme a freakin' break! You're gonna BUY that load o' crap? How gullible are you? Listen, Benoit - I'm gonna smarten you up - if I were gonna go after you...I'd do it to your face. And besdies, we're gonna go out there next, we're facin' the Guerrerors - and not only is a shot at the WWE tag team titles on the line...but a one year suspension if SOMEBODY here screws up! And I don't know what I'll do with myself for a full year. Train for the Olympics? Gimme a break! Look at me! I sure as heck don't need a full year to train for the's true. It's damn true." Again, no words from Benoit...

Here's my imitation of that ad for "The Tuxedo." "I am very popular." ...hmm, maybe you have to hear me say it to really appreciate it

"Please don't try this at home." PSA

Focus them peepers on The World! Without having a better opening, might I take this time to note than what's becoming a typically lucky break for the WWE, ABC Family has opted to schedule their heavily-promoted special featuring on-the-WWE-payroll "illusionist" Criss Angel up against...No Mercy. Yep.

Again, Torrie Wilson is WALKING! In that outfit, I can forgive her. Jan's been busy butting in, it appears - she shows Torrie the card from the flowers and reveals that the bouquet was actually meant for Dawn Marie. Torrie goes in search nipple nipple nipple nipple and finally goes into the Women's Locker Room...where she finds Al's shoes and jacket on a chair. Heading into the shower (!), she gives us "shock" as the camera moves over to find a nekkid Dawn and a pretty-much-fully-clothed Al in an embrace. Camera zooms in just quick enough for me to not be able to figure out if she was covering her ass at all or not (surely she was wearing a flesh thong, right? Believe me, I tried and tried and tried to figure it out - man, I'm lonely) Anyway, Torrie storms off and Al....well, he pretty much looks like he always looks. C'mon, he's a DAD, not an ACTOR

WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT SEMI-FINALS: KURT ANGLE (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 237 pounds) and CHRIS BENOIT (Edmonton, Alberta - 229 pounds - with SmackDown! in Memphis hype) v. EDDIE & CHAVO GUERRERO (El Paso, Tejas - 441 pounds)
referee: MIKE CHIODA
You know, given all the times that "CRIPPLER" shows up in his entrance video, you'd think someone would actually CALL him that now and again. Before the Guerreros his the ring, EDGE & REY MYSTERIO come out to extract a little revenge for earlier in the night. Benoit and Angle are content to watch at first, but after the Guerreros go down, they leave the ring to take it to Edge & Mysterio. All four men in the ring - Edge turns the tide, giving Angle the SPEAR, then Benoit gets a whip reversed, into a drop toehold by Edge...putting him in perfect position for the 619 from Mysterio. Edge and Mysterio leaving two men down in the ring, and two men down on the floor. This match MAY get started right after this short break!

Stacker 2 ad #2 - isn't trying to sell ephedra-free Stacker 2 a bit like trying to sell caffeine-free Jolt Cola?

Geez, I have a feeling that before I die, I'll see yet another ad for "The Ring"

When we come back, the bell has apparently already rung - Eddie is stomping away on Angle in the corner and giving him a few words as well. Elbow, elbow, elbow, punches the back of the neck, right, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. Chioda actually has to POINT TO HIS PATCH to get a little recognition of the rules! Eddie back on him - Angle reverses the whip, though, and lands the back elbow - Chavo in and he gets a hiptoss and goes out. Right to Eddie, right, right, right, right, kick, kick, right, right, right. Whip into the opposite corner, bowls him over with a lariat, cover, 2. Free shot takes Chavo to the floor. Back to Eddie - snaps off the suplex - 1, 2, no. Grabs Eddie by the hair and makes the tag ot Benoit - open kick, elbow, elbow, chop, headbutt, kick, into the ropes, back elbow, cover, 2. Backbreaker. 1, 2, no. "Benoit (clapclap)" chant. Tag to Angle, kick by Angle, by Benoit, by Angle. Angle right, into the ropes is reversed, Eddie connects with a back elbow and quickly makes the tag. Chavo in just as quick and stays on Angle with a boot to the head, a stomp, a stomp, a stomp, arm wringer into a short-arm clothesline, 1, 2, Angle kicks out. European uppercut. Gutshot - forearm to the back of the head. Into the ropes is reversed...and Angle catches him with a belly-to-belly over head suplex! Angle mouths off to Eddie, then applies the side headlock to Chavo and backs into his corner for the tag - Benoit in, free kick to the abdomen, into the ropes, buries the knee. Death suplex on Chavo gets Benoit 2. Benoit brings him up...and puts him down with a short clothesline. 1, 2, no. Chavo ducks the next short clothesline and HE connects with a death suplex. Chavo grabs a headlock and tags Eddie. Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. Elbow, Euro uppercut, has some indecision about the next move and Benoit clamps on the crossface (!) but Chavo wastes no time breaking *that* up. Roll and tag to Chavo after he heads back to the corner - kick, kick, Benoit kick, chop, chop, kick by Chavo, Euro uppercut, chop, chop, pulls Benoit out of the corner, snapmares him over and applies the headlock once again. Crowd chants "we want Angle!" Benoit struggles back to his feet - elbow, elbow breaks it up, chop, chop, off the ropes but Eddie puts a knee in the back...and Benoit walks into a dropkick from Chavo. Cover - 2! Tag to Eddie - trademark slingshot senton in. Eddie's ashufflin'. Kick to the head. Kick to the ribs. Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. BIG "Angle" chant. Chavo with some punishment while Eddie pops Angle to keep Chioda occupied. Big doubleteam behind the ref's back here. When he turns back, Chavo has him in the headlock one more time. "We want Angle!" Benoit to his feet - shoves Chavo to the corner, elbow, into the oppostie corner, but Chavo gets the elbow up and connects with the face. Chavo outside and going up - but Benoit is up, crotches him and climbs up after him - TOP ROPE SUPERPLEX just like that - both men are down and Angle *really* wants that tag - and so does the house! TAG TO ANGLE!! Lariat for Eddie, lariat for Chavo, lariat for Eddie, Eddie into the ropes, biiig back body drop, ducks the swing from Chavo, German release suplex! Eddie sneaks in a shot, but Angle reverses the whip, then catches him in a belly-to-belly overhead - leg is hooked, 1, 2, Chavo breaks it up! Whip reversal is reversed back, and Chavo lands a dropkick - all four men in the ring now, Benoit puts Chavo in the corner, and gives HIM a German suplex on his way backing out - wants two but Eddie is up from behind - Benoit reverses on Eddie and gives HIM a German suplex. Benoit outside - Benoit up - Benoit DOWN with the SWANDIVE HEADBUTT!! Angle over to hook the leg - 1, 2, Chavo saves it AGAIN! Chavo with the brainbuster on Angle (!), then clothesline Benoit AND himself out of the ring...meanwhile, Eddie is over to hook the leg - 1, 2, NO!!!!! Eddie thinks it's time to go for it all - climbing to the top...but Angle pops up BUT Eddie shoves him off - FROG SPLASH! 1, 2, Benoit breaks it up! CROSSFACE!! One man yet to be heard from, and sure enough Chavo comes in and breaks up the hold with an axehandle to the back of Benoit's neck. Suplex coming up - no, Benoit goes behind - and it's *Benoit* tossing Chavo over the top to the floor!! Olympic slam, no, Eddie to his feet, shoving Angle into Benoit and Chioda, and Chioda (oh no) loses all consciousness on his way to the floor - chop block by Eddie on Angle...and now tying up Angle for the Lasso from El Paso! Eddie's eye is looking NASTY...Angle manages to roll out of the hold and apply the ANGLELOCK! Guerrero taps (!) but there's still no referee...Chavo brings a chair into the ring with him - Benoit right behind him and pulling the chair away. Chavo begs off...but Benoit offers the Hand of Friendship! Ohhhhhh Angle quickly releases the ankelock as he realises what's coming...but Benoit turns back, braining Chavo! WHACK in the back for Eddie. OLYMPIC SLAM!! Benoit rousts Chioda as Angle hooks the leg - 1, 2, 3!!! (10:45) It's Edge & Mysterio against Benoit & Angle this Sunday and either way, two fine singles competitors are gonna be stuck in tag team competition for a while - I mean, that match will RULE! Replays yep. Brackets yep. Cole has NEVER looked forward to seeing a pay-per-view matchup like he's looking forward to seeing this, he shouldn't let stuff like that slip out.

Backstage, MARC LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOYD paces nervously outside Stephanie's door. When she emerges, he asks if she's made her decision about Taker's cast. "It's been a tough decision, but yes, I have made up my mind, Marc. However, I'm going to make my announcement the ring." And now she's WALKING! away - no, we don't really need that shot, but I'm sure lots of people who aren't me track the movements of her hips and correlate them to the health of the economy - wait, what?

Tough Enough III is NEXT!

The Stacker 2 Burn of the Night still features that Stacker 2 car...which probably has very little to do with the mob...well, you'd think, anyway. From last week, Taker BURNS swinging his cast.

STEFFO walks out for our main event...interview, trying her damnedest to make everything wiggle the way she wants in the process. Give her credit, she's managed to keep her hands from being surgically attached to her hips most of the night, so at least there's that. "Before I make my decision public, I'd like to bring out...accompanied by his agent, PAUL HEYMAN...the WWE Champion BROCK LESNAR." While we wait for the to get to the ring, let's take an EARLIER TONIGHT! of Taker's earlier rampage. Lesnar looks smart in bandaged forehead. "Paul, you've given me a very interesting decision to make tonight. Do I allow The Undertaker to compete in Hell in the Cell with a cast on his hand? Now on the one hand, Brock Lesnar did break The Undertaker's hand to begin with...and the Hell in the Cell is an anything goes match. However, in examining The Undertaker's behaviour both last week and this week, The Undertaker has been using that cast as an offensive weapon. Last week, The Undertaker bloodied Matt Hardy. This week, The Undertaker bloodied Brock Lesnar. Therefore, this Sunday, in the Hell in the Cell match for the WWE Championship between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker...The allowed to wear his cast!" Play her music! Lesnar is LIVID. Stephanie goes to leave but Brock blocks her way...then slowly backs her into a corner. Then he gets REAL he smelling her hair or what? Before we figure out just *what* his intentions are (I think he was gonna smear blood on her! What a sicko!), THE AWESOME UNDERTAKER hits the ring...but Lesnar catches him with a spinebuster! Stephanie's made her escape here, so with no one else to attack, Lesnar turns back to Taker, stomping on the cast. Heyman back in the ring. "You want Hell? Sunday, YOU GOT HELLLLLL" and he slaps him. *Heyman* shuffling! They go to leave...but Heyman can't help himself and goes back...but Taker catches the kick, mounts Heyman (his dream has come true!), soupbone left soupbone owwwww his hand hurts. Lesnar to the apron, cast soupbone owwwww his hand hurts. But back over to a (now bloodied) Heyman - soupbone soupbone soupbone, kick, kick, kick. Soupbone to take Lesnar off the apron. One for Heyman. Forearm to Lesnar's back. Here's a hint: if those punches CONNECTED, Taker would actually have some blood on his CAST. Ah well - play his music! Lesnar's up on the stage...but still has enough in him to show off his belt. Taker now shows off some blood on his cast...credits are up and we're out.

See you Sunday!

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