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/26 August 1999

WWF Smack Down!




Look! A UPN promo! And one more! The evolution begins now! The WHA..? Out with EVOLUTION, in with REVOLUTION! REH-VOH-LOO-SHUN-REH-VOH-LOO-SHUN-REH-VOH oh well on with it already

TV-14-DLV - One World Leader Attitude - WWF! TV-14? Hey, I thought this was FAMILY entertainment

We open with a Special Video Look at Triple H's road to the title - from Fully Loaded, through SummerSlam, and the next night on RAW. Left in his wake - the Rock, Steve Austin, Jim Ross, and Mankind.

Closed Captioned logo, and Opening Credits

IT IS TIME TO LAY THE SMACK DOWN! WWF Smack Down! airing 26.8.99 from the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, MO (but taped 24.8) on the United Paramount Network - dig them crazy ovals, Pookie!

Unlike that other federation, the WWF wastes no time trotting out its standardbearer as new WWF Champion TRIPLE H, along with THAT SLUT CHYNA make their way down to the ring. I hear the dulcet tones of ring announcer Tony Chimel and say a silent prayer of thanks. "You know normally I would come out here, and I would have just two words for all of ya - but tonight I've got about four..." and the "asshole" chant starts up. "Maybe so, but the fact of the matter is, I AM - THE - WORLD - WRESTLING - FEDERATION - CHAAAMPIOOOOON!" Backstage, we see the Rock looking on. "And for each and every one of you, right down to every corporate honcho in the back that said 'oh you can't do it, you'll never make it...' - who held me back - well, Monday night, I DID IT. I turned it around, and I crammed it down all your throats, like it or not, I am THE WWF Champion. I proved to the world what I said I was, and that is - *I AM the game*. NOT Stone Cold Steve Austin - not Mankind - no, because after I got done with Austin at SummerSlam, I came the next time and I beat Mankind right in the middle, so the fact of the matter is you can line 'em up and I'll roll 'em down, from the very bottom all the way up - it doesn't matter who it is, whether it's the People's Ass or anybody else ['Rocky' chant]..." Nice to see a champion wearing the know, as a BELT, too. "Do You Smell what the Rock's cookin'?" There he is - LA ROCA. Crowd chants appropriately. "Finally, the Rock has come BACK to Kansas City! How DARE you, little jabrone, come on to the Rock's show, come on to the People's show, come on to the premiere show, Smack Down!, and ... and run your mouth about how you're the WWF Champion, and run your mouth about how you're 'the game.' Well the Rock says if you are the game, then quite frankly you need to go back to the drawing board, because your game ABSOLUTELY SUCKS! The Rock's got a little plan in mind - tonight, in the middle of that ring, surrounded by the millions...of the Rock's fans, the Rock is gonna beat your monkey ass, become the WWF Champ...and there's two things you can do about it - absolutely nothing, and like it." "Rock, if you even want to play in this game, you gotta be in my league, and listen you little jabrone, you are nowhere near my league. So what you can do, is you can get on your little ass in the back, go back to whatever it is you were doing, and get lost." "Obviously, there's a lack of communication, you've left the Rock with just three choices. The first choice is the Rock can go in the back, take off his electrifying $800 shirt, come back out here and start this promo all over again. The second..." well, it involves the title belt, some Icy Hot, and Triple H's candyass. "The fact of the matter is, Rock, not only are you not in my league - hell, you can't even hold my jock!" "Seeing as how the Rock was not done speaking, you should know your role...AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH! The Rock's third he can walk down the People's Ramp, just like he's doin' now, have you take a listen because they are chanting his name [cue chant - inhale], then the Rock figured he'd take his $600 shoe off, just like this, turn it sideways, just like this..." and you can finish THAT sentence on your own. Well, listen here, it's MR. WHYSPYR come out to no doubt make the match - lest we forget that he's the WWF Commissioner and all (see, they remind us because this might be our first time watching the WWF, network TV and all, right.) Michaels says if we're gonna do this, we need to make it official, "and there's only one cat in the World Wrestling Federation that can do that, and that's HBK. So, if the people WANT...the people shall RECEIVE. Tonight, right there in that very ring, the Rock will take on, in one-on-one competition, Triple H - and the World Wrestling Federation championship WILL BE on the line. And just to make sure that there are no shenanigans, no crooked referees, I figure there's only one man in the World Wrestling Federation that we can trust to be the law and order in that ring, and that ALSO is yours truly, the Heartbreak Kid. So if you two don't mind, in your WWF Championship match, *I* will be the Special Guest Referee." From nowhere, as HBK's theme plays, SKIPPY appears in the ring. Shane reminds us that he IS the owner of the WWF - so he'll appoint HIMSELF the SECOND special guest referee. Michaels says we may have a problem with that, as Shane'll be busy tonight. "Let me give you a little lesson in stroke, McMahon. Seeing as that I can book any WWF wrestler in any match at any time, and coming off a stellar, **** performance at SummerSlam, you yourself are now a WWF superstar. So, with that in mind, you're not gonna be able to help me referee, because you're gonna be busy taking on a man in one-on-one competition that you SCREWED last Monday night." Why, yes, it *is* MANKIND's theme playing over the PA and there HE is, taking Michaels' place at the top of the ramp. "All this talk about stroking and screwing has got Mankind a little excited, so I figure why put off until today what we can do tomorrow? So what Mankind is gonna do, is he's gonna unbutton his three dollar Salvation Army special, he's gonna loosen up his tie that was given to him free by the WWF, he's gonna begin walking down the People's Aisle, and he's going to listen while the dozens ... and dozens of Mankind's fans all chant his name ..." "The Rock says (bleep) all this talk, he's gonna lay the Smack Down!" and he rushes the ring. There's the MEAN STREET POSSE come to join the fray. Both Pete "Gas" and Joey Abs taste Rock Bottom, while Pete "Gas" gets his arm worked over in the corner by Mankind - somewhere in all this, Triple H, Chyna, and Shane beat a hasty retreat.

Your hosts are JIM ROSS & JERRY LAWLER - Ross sports a cast. Tonight, in addition to the above, there's a Triple Threat tag team title match, the ring debut of Chris Jericho against the Road Dogg, Stephanie responds to Test's proposal, and

Yow! It's Jeff Jarrett, Debra and Stacy - and they're WALKING!!!

And here's Mr. Ass, somewhere else in the building - he too is WALKING!!!!!

WWF Smack Down! is brought to you by 10-10-220 and M&M's! ONLY ON UPN!!

Whew, I was SO worried they wouldn't open with a twenty minute entrance-and-interviewfest.

Take a drink everytime someone says "UPN"

JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET (with Debra & Miss Kitty) v. KING ASS in a nontitle match - Let Us Take You Back to Monday and show you how Chyna nicked the Intercontinental title shot from Mr. Ass, who was too dim to take the contract with him when he went to look for a pen. Jarrett attacks before the bell and stays on him. Off the (blue) ropes, duck, leapfrog, dropkick. Off the ropes, Gunn hits a powerslam for 2. Debra's ALREADY up on the apron. Jarrett tries to get the distracted Ass, but he's not THAT distracted - catching Jeff with a punch. But Jarrett manages a tornado armbreaker out of the corner to regain the momentum. The match moves outside after Gunn misses a crossbody and follows through, out the ropes. Jarrett takes Gunn to the STEEL ringpost. Thrown back in - Ass' head to the top turnbuckle. Jarrett with a four punch non-countalong - Gunn hits snake eyes. THAT SLUT CHYNA is out as Gunn misses a Stinger splash. Miss Kitty has the guitar for Jarrett - but Chyna takes the guitar away - swings - and hits DEBRA after Kitty ducks. We go back to the ring, where Gunn has Jarrett rolled up with a tights pull - 1, 2, 3. Cameras totally missed it?? (2:55) Chyna gets in the ring, words are exchanged, but before Gunn can moon Chyna, she drops and delivers the Golota. Geez, these two seemed so close, so recently...

Backstage, LILIAN GARCIA interviews AL SNOW - apparently revealed earlier today that Bossman will be here tonight with Pepper - Snow has some words for the dognapper, mainly involving begging that nothing bad happens to his chihuahua.

Howard Finkel shines Chris Jericho's boots - sounds like they're coming up NEXT!

Backstage, Test nervously paces - is somebody giving birth? Oh, wait...I remember now

THROUGH HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE IT'S KANE & X-PAC (with a can of Hansen's Energy Drink) v. ACOLYTES v. WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW & UNDERTAKER (with Paul Bearer) in a Triple Threat match for the tag team titles - Let Us Take You Back to the past two title changes amongst these three teams, as well as all six men having fun Monday on RAW. By the way, Monday's RAW will air at 11 Eastern, 10 Central, and 9 Pacific. Undertaker joins the commentary team in a bit of a surprise. Big Show, Faarooq and Kane start as Undertaker says that he's showing some tough love to his tag team partner by having him go it alone tonight. Kane hits a DDT (I guess) on Big Show for 2. "When Big Show realises he's a killer, there'll be nobody left in that ring. Until then, he goes it alone." Big Show is dumped out of the ring, inspiring to deliver a pep talk - and an open-handed slap. Show, enraged, goes back in the ring, takes Faarooq out of the ring, picks up X-Pac, who punches away while both Acolytes clip Show until he's back on his knees. Acolyte doubleteaming - double whip, Show with a double clothesline. X-Pac tags Kane - flying clothesline - uranage for Bradshaw - oh, maybe that was a chokeslam, there's one for Faarooq. Big Show has come to and he and Kane trade blows - Now X-Pac AND Kane both in and doubleteaming - Acolytes, from the outside, drag Kane out - Show whips X-Pac, who tries a dropkick through the ropes - it hits, but he bounces back into the waiting arms of the Big Show, who hits ahhhhhhtheCHOKESLAAAAM on X-Pac for the pinfall. (3:46) "No mercy," says the Undertaker

Test paces some more. Hey, you know - pacing - it's kinda like WALKING! Stephanie arrives - "This is driving me nuts - you got an answer for me?" Beaming, Stephanie says "Yep!" and merrily skips away.

BIG BOSSMAN enters the ring - alone. "I hear Al Snow's looking for me. Well, the Big Bossman is 6'7" and 310 pounds, and I'm not hard to find. So Al Snow, get your butt out here, because everybody in this building knows I got something of yours." AL SNOW comes out - "please, just tell me where Pepper is, please." Bossman says Pepper is safe - for now. "Everybody knows I'm not a patient man, but one thing's for sure, if that little SOB bites me he's going straight to hell." Bossman says he'll give back Pepper - in exchange for a shot at the Hardcore title. "Whatever, just don't hurt the dog. Give me ... my friend back, please." Bossman says if he doesn't show for the title match, he'll put Pepper in a cold hard place and show him what hard time means. Ummm...I wonder what he means by that.

You're watching WWF SMACK DOWN - UPN THURSDAY! Well, all right - *I* am - and you're living vicariously through me. That's ALMOST as good. I think that bumper means we're in the middle of an extended ad break. I'm gonna get a drink. You stay here until I get back.

Okay, I'm back. I've got WATER! I checked my fridge, but there wasn't any

BATTLEDOME comes this fall to KHBK! Interesting choice of local promo

Magic: the Gathering presents WWF UNFORGIVEN! 26 September IS only one short month away!

AL SNOW v. BIG BOSSMAN (with Pepper) for the Hardcore title - Bossman has Pepper muzzled and with the baton on the neck. Bossman's my hero! Bossman deposits Pepper with Lawler, and sure enough, he pees on him - off camera, of course. Snow is all over Bossman to start - off the ropes, reversal, Snow puts on the brakes and goes outside. Bossman heads him off before he gets to Pepper, though. Man, it sure turns me around with the commentary tables to the left of the ring. The ladder is out, yup. Pepper is shivering like a crackhead. Cookie sheet shot! Snow places the ladder against the ropes and climbs to the top - Bossman hits the top rope, taking Snow outside, but hitting HIMSELF with the ladder as Snow bounces off the top rope. Snow again goes outside, but Bossman is outside again, between Pepper and Snow - nightstick shot! Cover on the floor - 1, 2, 3. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new Hardcore champion. (2:21) For an encore, Bossman goes ahead and takes the belt, AND Pepper, off with him.

X-Pac is throwing a tantrum in the back, near the exit. "You're better off on your own! I'm sick of being the weak link!!" He walks off, leaving Kane alone. "Seaaaaaaaaaaan," cries Kane. But it's for naught.

Chris Jericho is WALKING! And he's ready to save this show! Well, that's what he told me just now.

Snow's come to - and sprints to the back to see if he can find Bossman.

You're watching UPN - here's another block of ads

TV-14-DLV - split screen shows Triple H & the Rock preparing for their title match

Backstage, Snow frantically searches for Bossman - and does not find

ROAD DOGG v. CHRIS THURSDAY JERICHO - Let Us Take You Back to Monday's RAW, where Jericho made Finkel ALWAYS BELIEVE he was a Waryr and act as bait for a punkin' from Jericho. It's he, it's he, it's the Dee-oh-dubba-jee. Crowd says "Suck it" to give Phil Mushnick column fodder. This IS Jericho's televised WWF debut, thank you for asking. How many weeks before they just call him "Y2J," anyway? Ask Paul Wight about that. Well, let's see what he can do in the WWF. Lockup - no, hip thrusts from the Dogg. Now a lockup, hairlpull to the corner, Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine from Dogg. Off the ropes, shoulderblock from Jericho. Off the ropes, leapfrog, catapult from Road Dogg, right hand, right that takes Jericho outside. Head to the barricade. Whip - reversed - Dogg hits the STEEL steps. Jericho puts him back in the ring - top rope - well, crotchin' as Dogg hits the top rope - superplex? YES! Overhead superplex from Road Dogg and Jericho is reeling. HOWARD FINKEL is out with a refreshing Hansen's Energy Drink, which he throws in Dogg's eyes to blind him. Backbreaker from Jericho. "C'mon baby!" Off the ropes, Dogg hits a knee, but Jericho counters a clothesline into a double underhook, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker - yow. Jericho outside - hey it's a table! But this isn't a hardcore match! Table in the ring. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Jericho sets the table up in the centre of the ring. Jericho settting him up for a vertical suplex into the table - but Dogg counters into a DDT. Jericho up first, kick, chop, off the ropes, duck, Dogg with a left, left, left, get jiggy with it but hold the back, right. Reverse Bossman straddle on the second rope, but Dogg holds his back again. This is, like, SELLING and stuff. Still, there's the Wiggly Wobbly Wooqly elbowdrop. Holding his back, Dogg can't hold him down and he kicks out at 2. ... Jericho ducks a boot, hits a gutshot, there's a powerbomb - now holding on for the DOUBLE powerbomb - and through the table! Referee "Blind" Tim White has no choice but to call for the bell (DQ 4:31) and now Jericho's putting him in the "modified Boston Crab (nee Liontamer)!" A busload of referees and officials just manage to get Jericho off him - Jericho blows a kiss to the camera as HIS music plays - umm, he LOST. Not that I'm complaining...

"The WWF would like to remind you that these are trained athletes, and THIS should only take place here..." [shot of the WWF ring] "...not here" [shot of a playground] "A public service message from UPN." My GOD! Phil Mushnick was RIGHT! I've seen the LIGHT! Ha.

I don't CARE if Syndra's animated - I wanna DO her!

Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago -

"You see how easy it is for Y2J to be dominant in this ridiculous company?" Jericho and Finkel exchange congratulations, but Jericho soon casts a wary eye to the monitor, where Tony Chimel is in the shot. "Look at this idiot! What has he ever done to deserve to be in the ring? He doesn't have the charisma you have - he doesn't have the hair that you have - he doesn't have the looks - he doesn't have the fashion sense...why is he in the ring and you're here? You're a WARRIOR - I think you should go out there and prove to me that you are the best, that you're a machine, that's you're a Y2J WARRIOR - now GO! GO LITTLE TROOPER! GO!" Jericho gives a knowing look into the camera - and breaks up.

Back to ring announcer TONY CHIMEL. "The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL--" well, "Theme From Ultimate Warrior" plays and Howard runs out, climbs the ropes, runs around, shakes the ropes, points to Chimel. "I am the best at what I do! Make no mistake about it! You are no good - I want my job back - and I'm gonna take it back RIGHT NOW - you're outta here - hit the bricks, man - hit the bricks!" And then he SHOVES Chimel across the mat. "Ladies and gentlemen, the----" and Chimel WAYLAYS Finkel. Holy shit! Totally throttling him. Jericho, in the back, grimaces. "That's gonna leave a mark." Fucking hilarious. Chimel boots Finkel out of the ring. While he dusts himself off, CHRIS THURSDAY JERICHO comes back out to pick up his protege. In the meantime, KEN SHAMROCK is introduced. As he walks down the ramp, he and Jericho bump - a brief look is exchanged, but nothing comes of it. As Shamrock walks on, Jericho sends the Fink after him. Fink taps on Shamrock's shoulder, and Fink points and talks. Shamrock pulls his finger, and he farts. No, not really. While Shamrock has Finkel's finger, Jericho manages a swift chairshot from behind, then a super loogie. Finkel and Jericho walk off. Shamrock, recovered, sprints after them.

Our awesome twosome discuss Finkel and Jericho, then...

STEPHANIE McMAHON sidles over to the ring, wiggling everything that can be wiggled along the way. She takes the mic. "Andrew, would you please come out here?" Damn, he's whipped already. TEST walks down to the ring as we see Stephanie smirk in the ring - now Test is smirking. That's a contagious smirk. Not to ME, mind you. How much blush should they put on Stephanie to convey the appropriate emotion here? Stephanie said that she wanted everything to be right - that's why she waited on Monday - and now she has an answer for him. Test holds up the proceedings so he can get on one knee (AGAIN), and propose (AGAIN), and she says "YesIwillyesIwill!" You know, he first asked her out on 7 June. They haven't even gone out three months - yeah. Anywho, before they can get to some serious neckin', the MEAN STREET POSSE advances on Test from behind, while SKIPPY holds his sister back in a corner. The save is made by ... MANKIND! Chair! Chair! Chair! Shane and Stephanie shout back and forth on the outside as Stephanie brandishes a ring. "Why don't you just leave those two alone? You know, it's my second time out here tonight, and I'm not walking down that ramp again. You and I are going to have our match RIGHT NOW!"

SKIPPY v. MANKIND - Shane says he's not ready. Mankind says he's gonna leave the chair in the ring, and he wants Shane to find the testicular fortitude to walk into the ring - Mankind will let him have one free shot. Shane is wearing a "Mr. Sucko" shirt, totally ignored by the commentators - Shane is the KING of parody T-shirts. Shane comes in with his one shot and FLATTERNS Mankind - oh, wait, no he didn't. Mankind is up. Mic to the head! Headbutt. Clothesline to take Shane over the top rope to the floor. Posse removed. Meanwhile, Shane's draped on the commentary table - Mankind is out to join him. Quite a tussle going on - SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR! Mankind brings Shane back into the ring - side Russian legsweep. Off the ropes, no, Posse holds the foot. There's a cast shot from Rodney. Triple team is on - but Test is finally up, and delivering a Diesel-esque big boot to various posse members. Well now BRISCO & PATTERSON are out to join the fray. Did Stephanie just put a Million Dollar Dream on Pete "Gas?" While all this is going on, Shane managed a second rope something on Mankind. Mankind with a double arm DDT! There's the Big Sock. There's THAT SLUT CHYNA come out to talk about "Shasta McNasty" (premiering this fall, ONLY ON UPN!) with referee "Blind" Earl Hebner so TRIPLE H can ALSO come out and smite Mankind most verily withe yon steele chaire, allowing Shane to cover Mankind - 1, 2, 3. Man, Shane NEVER JOBS. Well, he jobbed to Test Sunday, but I'll just IGNORE THAT because it WRECKS MY POINT. Ha! No opening bell, but it's under (5:00)

Backstage, Chris Jericho and Howard Finkel sprint to their rent-a-car - Jericho fails to unlock the door for the Fink, and drives off, leaving the Fink to be found by Ken Shamrock. "Don't you ever - EVER - touch me again - what the hell's that smell? Did you just crap on yourself?" And he decides to leave the Fink wallowing in his own filth - ah hell, I just missed the "Family Guy" rerun, didn't I? Why'd they have to remind me of THAT?

MICHAEL KING COLE works tonight! He tries to interview Tori as she WALKS!!! She removes her evening gown (!) and, clad only in a thong, keeps walkin'. Ivory won't humiliate her TONIGHT! She can do that HERSELF! Notice how the ONLY time we see somebody walking in the direction AWAY from the camera is when it's a fairly attractive and topless woman. On the plus side, Cole FINALLY interviewed someone back there without getting his ass handed to him on a platter.

Dig that CRAAAAZY Kansas City skyline - Smack Down! is brought to you by Hansen's Energy Drink, 10-10-220, and the JVCKaboom!box!

Let us take you back to last Sunday, where Triple H injured Steve Austin's knee.

Earlier this week, Michael King Cole had a sitdown with Steve Austin. He's got a torn ligament - had it BEFORE the match, but it was SummerSlam and he wasn't gonna sit home and WISH he could wrestle. It'll be about a month of rehab, but he'll be back and there'll be hell to pay for Triple H. Does Austin blame himself for Triple H's mean streak, as he took a page out of his book? There's no problem with that - but he hasn't read the WHOLE book...

IVORY (with that FUCKING scarf) v. TORI in a nontitle Evening Gown Match - The thinking is that an already naked Tori can't lose this match. Before Tori comes out, the cadres of refs and officials blocks her way. TONY GAREA gallantly offers his own shirt. Tori comes out in the proffered shirt. Tori spears Ivory - there's a hairpull faceslam, a hairpull snapmare, snother, Tori mounts her and rips at the gown. Hairpull head to the buckle. Right hands from Tori, but Ivory claws the face and rips at the shirt. Nope. Another spear from Tori and the dress is off. Tori wins. (:57) Tori's still...well, let's call it "fighting..." - LUNA TUNES comes out to stop her.

Lilian Garcia is backstage with Triple H & Chyna. Chyna tells Garcia to show the champ some respect. Triple H ... has done enough talking tonight. If Commissioner Michaels doesn't call it down the middle, he will make sure that he NEVER WALKS AGAIN.

Speaking of which...the Rock - is - WALKING!

Shawn Michaels - is - WALKING! (and advertising his school) Hey, if Triple H makes sure he never walks again, does that mean less walkin' shots on my WWF television programs? Ha!

Jaleel White will ALWAYS have them bugged out eyes, that's all I'm saying

Snow is STILL out there ... looking for Pepper, that is.

Cole, Hebner and Korderas catch up to Test and Stephanie for congratulations - they just WON'T let them leave together, will they.

TRIPLE H (with That Slut Chyna) v. LA ROCA for the WWF Championship - Don't forget, a "special time" on the East Coast if you want to watch RAW. I'M still stuck watching it at 9, supposedly. About eleven to the hour and they probably end on time on network TV - ha! Blows traded - Rock getting the better of it - to the corner - Helmsley whips him out. Rock Bottom attempt - nope - Pedigree attempt - nope - Rock with a lariat. Right, right, right, off the ropes, reversed by Triple H, but head down, kick from the Rock, clotheslinen from Triple H to counter. Kick, right, right, right, right, choke on the second rope, C...Michaels have a chat with Chyna. Off the ropes, reversed, Rock takes Helmsley over the top rope to the floor - now he's following. Right hand. Up the ramp we go. Blows traded, back and forth with rights, knee from Helmsley, side headlock, walking up the ramp, vertical suplex attempt is blocked, again, Rock with a suplex of his own - on the STEEL! Stomp from the Rock. Rock taking TripleH in front of the big screen. Right, right. Side Russian legsweep on the STEEL! How come that doesn't hurt the Rock, too? Well, we're getting back to the ramp, right from the Rock, H staggers down the ramp and manages a kick of his own as the Rock follows. Head to the STEEL steps. H throws Rock back in and follows. Right, Rock ducks another right and clotheslines H out of the ring. Rock follows. Head to the commentary table. Right, right, openhanded slap - but Chyna manages a low blow from behind - Michaels is out and, inspired by the Body Sunday, ejects Chyna just like Ventura did. While this is going on and they stroll up the ramp, Helmsley deposits Rock in the ring, then follows up from behind to yell at Michaels. The argument continues, but the Commissioner's gonna win it. Triple H back in the ring - Rock with a gutshot and a DDT, but Chyna's still got Michaels' attention - Michaels somehow manages to catch it on the big screen and sprints back to the ring, but only makes a 1 count. Now SKIPPY is out to bitch at Michaels and vice versa. Can't Shane be the second ref now? H driving his shoulder into Rock's gut in the corner. Whip into the opposite corner, and the Rock hits hard. Right from Helmsley, whip into the opposite corner, and again the Rock's back hits the corner turnbuckle hard. Helmsley with a vertical suplex. Running kneedrop. 1, 2, kickout. That count seemed a little reluctant... Helmsley to the chinlock while the crowd chants "Rocky." Helmsley wrenching it in. Arm falls once, arm falls twice...arm doesn't fall thrice. Rock on his feet - right, right, hold broken, right, knee to the gut from Helmsley. Triple H runs into a hot shot, though. Shane is on the apron, distracting Michaels, who only manages a 1 once he's figured out what's going on. Off the ropes, Rock with a swinging neckbreaker. There's a shot for Shane as well. ROCK BOTTOM! You'd think with the title on the line he wouldn't stall and bother with the People's Elbow - MICHAELS JUST SUPERKICKED THE ROCK!! As Rock was coming off the ropes, he ran SMACK DOWN! into Michaels' show. There's a Pedigree. 1, 2, 3. Michaels, Helmsley..then Shane embrace. Well, I suppose that we can consider that a swerve. (9:41) Here's some replays. That UPN logo infringes on the lower right hand corner, you know. Chyna is also out to join the celebration - Ross can't believe what we've just seen. Well then, me neither.

Say, what happened to the Blonde Bytch project, anyway? GOOD NIGHT!

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