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/23 September 1999

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Look! It's the Shasta McNasty cast! And they're NOT wrestling! Oh, look, there's Chyna. She's not wrestling either. Is there REALLY a "win a date with Chyna" contest? I shall hold my jokes for the next segment...

One World TV-14-DLV Leader Attitude - WWF!


Boom boom boom fireworks go boom WE ARE ON TAPE 23.9.99 from the Reunion Arena in Dallas, Tejas (taped 21.9 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!) for WWF SmackDown!! We are three days away from the big pay-per-view that has all the bees buzzing...

"No Chance in Hell" brings VINCENT K. to the ring to open our cavalcade of interviews and flashback. Last Monday on RAW, Vince vacated the title, waffled Triple H with a chair, and stated that the title would go to the winner of the Great Big Main Event at Unforgiven. "I would like to introduce you to a man who claims to be the next World Wrestling Federation champion. He claims that he will be the man who wins the first-ever Six Pack Challenge at Unforgiven this Sunday. He claims to be 'The Game.' He is TRIPLE H." And here he comes, accompanied as always by THAT SLUT CHYNA, making his first of twelve mandatory entrances per show. "If I'm not mistaken, Triple H, they're calling your name." Actually, they're chanting "asshole," but let's not split hairs. "You see, now that I'm back in control of the World Wrestling Federation, that's not good for you. You see, the headache I gave you last Monday night on RAW is NOTHING compared to the full-blown migraine I'm gonna give you here tonight. You see, I don't want you to think - I don't want you to think I'm the kind of man who holds a grudge - no - just becuase you attempted and threatened bodily harm on every one of my family members - just because you attempted to manhandle my son, my soon-to-be son-inlaw, and my wife, *just because you busted me open, I'm gonna hold a grudge?* No. I'm not gonna hold a grudge - I'm gonna get even. And that's why I've decided that, rather than waiting for this Sunday's Unforgiven, this Sunday's Six Pack challenge, I've decided that here tonight you will face all of those opponents. N-n-n-no no no, no no, no no, not collectively, that wouldn't be fair until this Sunday - if you make it - I'm talking about individually. For instnace, I can see it right now, in this very ring - for the first time ever, Triple H versus, in a Brahma Bullrope Match .. the Rock! Well, if you don't like that, maybe you'll like this one - what about - what about Triple H in a Casket Match against the Undertaker?" Cole: "OH MY GOD!" "What about...way back in the bowels of the building - what about tonight, Triple H in a Boiler Room Brawl against Mankind? Oh and this one may be my favourite one tonight, because not only are you likely to burn in hell, you could very well be burned to a crisp here tonight in Dallas...what about Triple H in an Inferno match against Kane? Oh, and least I forget the special Chokeslam Challenge match against the man whom you bashed in the back of the head with a sledgehammer, the Big Show. fairness, you don't have to win all five of these matches in order to keep your place at Unforgiven this Sunday - three out of five should do it. Oh, I'd hold that adrenaline if I were you...I'd hold that adrenaline for your first opponent - and here he comes..." Weeeeelllll...

WELL IT'S A BIG SHOW v. TRIPLE H (with That Slut Chyna) - Now if Triple H is a heel, that would make Big Show....? Referee is Harvey Wippleman. Triple H gets some licks in, but Big Show...well, he's a Big Show. H can't pull him out of the corner, well it's a big reversal. Well it's some big kicks. Well it's a big clubbing blow. Well it's a big amount of trash talking. Well it's a big beal. Well it's a big forearm across the back. Well it's a big knee in the gut. Well it's a big repeat. Well it's a big whip into the opposite corner. Well it's a big elbow missing in the corner. Triple H trying to sneak in a chokeslam - no go - ahhhhhhtheCHOKESLAAAAM - Triple H is 0 for 1. (1:51) Show with another ahhhhhhtheCHOKESLAAAAAM for good measure. He's motioning for a third! Chyna is in to stop it - Show lets go, turns around - Chyna takes her leave, Triple H having snuck out. Play that music again!

Your hosts are a pair of Michaels - MICHAEL KING COLE & MICHAEL HAYES. Tonight, four more Triple H matches! Oh boy! Also, the First Blood match between Ken Shamrock and Chris Jericho that we should have had Monday is tonight.

"Earlier Today" footage shows the picketing referees - and the Dudley Boyz punking out Teddy Long in order to send a message to Faarooq. Whoa, pulling THAT kinda continuity outta yer ass sends my head spinning - please, some ads - please!

WWF Attitude from Acclaim for N64 and PlayStation spot

Oh boy! An ad for "Shasta McNasty!" I never seen THAT before!

Here's an exterior of the Reunion Arena

Here's BRETT HULL and his son in the front row

LILIAN GARCIA is backstage with CHRIS JERICHO, who says that week after week he has proven that he IS the World's Most Dangerous Man. He also promises we won't see any of HIS blood tonight...

X-PAC (with a refreshing can of Hansen's Energy Drink) v. SEXUAL CHOCKLIT MIZARK HENRY for the European Championship - I just noticed the big OvalTron is back to the left of the ramp - it just kinda jumps between left and right at will. I may have to start obsessing about this. Tonight, SmackDown! brought to you by Championship Motocross for the PlayStation, M&M's and, the official somethingorother of! Before the match begins, D'LO BROWN is out to join the commentators at ringside. Henry with a clubbing blow, taking X-Pac down. There's another. Right hand in the gut. Off the ropes, X-Pac ducks, right, right, right, chop, Henry takes him off the ropes, presses him - and lets him drop. Into the corner, bearhug when he comes out. Henry talking smack to Brown. Dr. Tom Pritchard checks - but the hand doesn't fall a third time. Right hands to the cranium. Hold broken, but Henry reverses to take him into the corner. they take turns missing charges - X-Pac stuck in the corner - splash to the back. X-Pac on the ropes - Bossman straddle that takes Henry in a slide outside the ring. Elbowdrop misses! Clothesline ducked, X-Pac punches back. Henry reverses off the ropes, X-Pac ducks and hits a flying clothesline. Standard set of kicks leading to the broncobuster. Pritchard pulls him off - Henry comes to and hits a clothesline. Again Henry turns to Brown - not noticing a spinning heel kick from X-Pac that takes him out to the floor. Pritchard somehow misses a few numbers between 1 and 10 in counting the champion out. (COR 3:23) Brown gets off headset - and Henry clocks him. Then he takes his belt and walks off.

Backstage, Lilian Garcia interviews LUNA TUNES. Good God, she's gonna fall COMPLETELY out of that top! I'm totally distracted - I kinda missed what she was saying, but I believe the word "hardcore" was involved.

JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET and MISS KITTY make their way to the ring. Debra's hanging out with Austin, but for purposes of the story, we'll say she's unhappy that Jeff put her in a figure four back on RAW. "Let me introduce myself - my name is Jeff Jarrett, and I'm a man's man...and this is a man's world. The reality is this - men are dominant and women are weak. And when I b(beep)chslap Chyna at Unforgiven, she will understand reality. Just look at Debra! Where are the puppies now? Well those malnourished puppies are at home licking their wounds, you see, Debra (a woman) entered MY world (a man) and you saw what happened to her. What are you doing, skank? Are you a woman trying to tell a man what to do?" Jarrett goes outside to berate the (female) stage manager, who was giving the wrap-up sign. Jarrett takes her papers and scatters them in the ring. "Now get up in that ring and do what women are designed to do, and that's clean crap up." He forces her in the ring, then pushes her down... And sure enough, Jarrett puts her in the figure four. Who should appear but THAT SLUT CHYNA, who WHACKS Jarrett with a frying pan - in fact, she's got the soup ladle AND the apron, and returns the favour from last week's show - stopping to pull off Jarrett's Aztec tights, and put them on herself. She grabs the mic. "You see Jeff, at Unforgiven this Sunday, you're gonna see who's wearing the pants ... and then you're gonna see who's gonna be wearing the Intercontinental title!" As Jarrett slowly comes to, we get to hear Triple H's theme again (thank GOD). SOMEHOW Miss Kitty avoided getting placed in the figure four...

There's Kane! And he's.....W--ell, you know.

Magic: the Gathering presents Unforgiven - THIS Sunday, LIVE on PPV!

There's those three Shasta McNasty guys and Chyna and it looks like the "win a date with Chyna" contest is a fake, since they flashed a 555 number for two frames (1/12 second - not subliminal, but close). "You do realise I could kick all your asses, right - at the same time?" Boy, it's a real testament to all that surgery they gave her over the past couple years that they could toss around the word "beautiful" so freely, right? I mean, considering all the things they called her when she first appeared in the WWF...oh me and my long memory, always getting in trouble...

That's one disturbing soda ad there. Total oral fixation there. Unhealthy. Disturbing. And she's gotta be, what, twelve? No sir, I ain't drinkin' THAT soda anymore!

The Lugz "Boot of the week" is Mankind and Rock winning the tag team titles with a little help from Kane...from RAW. Decide and conquer! ONE BILLION TWENTY-THREE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND!

THROUGH HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE IT'S KANE v. TRIPLE H (with That Slut Chyna) in an Inferno Match - When Cole says that this match is Kane's "specialty," is he talking about the fact that Kane has LOST EVERY INFERNO MATCH HE'S EVER BEEN IN? Triple H ducks and punches away. Off the ropes, big boot from Kane. Head to the buckle. Right hand. Goofy flaming jets. You've seen it before. Steve Lombardi patrols the oustide o the ring. Triple H manages a facebuster - then the high knee. Triple H rolling Kane to the ropes - but Kane blocks. Got him in a choke - back to the centre of the ring. Low blow from Triple H. Pedigree - countered with a flip. Choke from Kane - CHOKESLAM! Thumb crosses the throat - but up at the top of the ramp we see X-PAC, lying and bleeding. UNDERTAKER, MIDEIAON and VISCERA appear at the top of the ramp. A slo-mo'd reaction shot from Kane masks something gross from the Undertaker involving X-Pac's blood that UPN wouldn't show. Kane climbs to the top turnbuckle and flies OVER the inferno apparatus to land on Viscera and Mideon! However, it's still two on one - Viscera ends up giving a shove... and Kane ends up with his hand in the flames. Triple H gets the duke. (3:35) Kane runs up the ramp, still burning, and stands over the bloodied X-Pac. Somebody finally lets loose with an extinguisher but Kane is oblivious. Kane drags X-Pac back behind the curtain. Meanwhile, the "Triple H challenge" has its own graphic - and he's 1-1. Chyna's presumably standing nearby somewhere.

Oh boy! Tia Carrere has a new TV series! Can she act yet? Does it matter?

Hey, how many kidneys did Martin Lawrence lose again? Oh sorry

Hey! An ad for the Golden State Warriors! They're still worse than the Kings, right? Oh man, I wish you had MY local ads - they're SO funny.

By the way, I DID try to watch the premiere of "BattleDome" last Sunday - I saw Scott Ferral and gave up. Ferral was a major-league asskicker for about six weeks on KNBR, then he became a parody of himself, went national, fell from grace - and now he's gonna try to put the Atlanta Thrashers over.

Kane pounds some random metallic objects and throws a tantrum while X-Pac bleeds.

In another shot, Undertaker congratulates his troops on a job well done. They've shown Kane that it pays not to cross the Reaper. Lilian Garcia asks Undertaker how he can leave when he's scheduled in a Casket Match. Undertaker says nobody tells him what to do, and he won't participate - it's party time. Vince McMahon steps into the shot, telling Undertaker that if he doesn't participate tonight, he won't be participating in the Six Pack Challenge Sunday. Undertaker coolly responds, "You know what? Maybe I won't be participating in ANYTHING around here. Now you deal with that..."

LA ROCA is out to spoonfeed the masses. "Finally the Rock has come back to Phyllis!" Wait, he didn't say that just now, did he? Rock recognises Mike Modano and Brett Hull, who apparently are big stars in another sport. Man, you can't BELIEVE what the Rock said he'd do with the Stanley Cup! It was HILARIOUS! Oh my. I'm still laughing. Right up his....BWAAAAAhahahahahaha. Rock's a COMIC GENIUS. Praise the Great Spirit above, MANKIND is out to put a stop to this nonsense (I hope). "Hey, Rock I gotta be honest with ya, I don't know a lot about this guy Stanley, but when Mankind heard that the Great One, the most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment today, needed a cup...well I ran out and I got ya one right here, because I think I speak for everybody here in Dallas today when I say we gotta protect the People's Jewels, so that one day, in this very ring, we can have a Rocky Jr. running around. But, keeping that in mind Rock, I gotta disagree with you on one thing, and that is...I know a lot of people here wanna see the Brahma Bull match, but I think even more people want to see Mankind step into that Boiler Room with Triple H. And ya gotta understand, Rock, I know every inch of that Boiler Room - what I have there is a special metal pipe, and Triple H, what Mankind is gonna do, is he's gonna take that metal pipe, he's gonna shine it up real nice...he's gonna turn that sum(beep) sideways..." Rock gives him a look - "...and...he's gonna hit Hunter right over the head with it!" Before THIS continues, who should appear at the top of the ramp but ROAD DOGG. Well MY ass better call somebody. "Gentlemen, you seem to be overlooking one small detail - you see, you two are the World Wrestling Federation tag team champions. Believe it or not, that means a little something to me. So Rock, if you check the registry, I think you'll find that I've got reservations at the SmackDown hotel. But no no no, I'm not sleeping single, you see nobody wants to see a Brahma bullrope match - and nobody damn sure wants to see a Boiler Room match - but let me, let me, the D O double G, tell you what match they DO want to see!" The music fires up and ... it's KING ASS? And they embrace - so looks like we're stuck with THEM again. "Wait just a second - now I happen to be a big fan of the New Age Outlaws, but are you challenging us to a match for these tag team belts right here in this very ring? Well I can guarantee you this - the Rock and Sock connection back down from nobody - we'll put these belts on the line!

ROCK & SOCK CONNECTION v. NEW AGE OUTLAWS for the tag team titles - Ass and Mankind start - lockup, to the corner. Gunn punches away. Into the opposite corner, reversal, boot to the face, hangman's neckbreaker. Gunn punches away - head into the gut from Mankind. Off the ropes, kneelife, cover, 1, 2. Did "Blind" Jim Korderas cross the picket line? At least he lost the goatee. Tag to Dogg - breakdancin' right. Mankind manages to take Dogg to the corner and tag in the Rock. Right hand, another right, stomp, stomp... still stomping away. He smells it. Off the ropes, elbow misses, Dogg gets jiggy with it, but the last punch misses - there's a Samoan Drop from the Rock - 1, 2, no. Stomp, stomp, Dogbut not close enough. Tag to Mankind. Headbutts, I think - what an awful caerma angle. Running knee in the corner. Mankind drags him into the centre and drops a leg - into the extreme lower abs. 1, 2, no. Face rake while choking on the second rope. tag to the Rock, kidney punch. Stomping away. Dogg falls outside and Mankind whips him into the barricade. Mankind throws him back in to the ring - 1, 2, foot on the rope. Head to the buckle. Whip into the corner, but Dogg steps aside and the charge misses. Several rights, but Rock catches him with a back elbow off the ropes. There's a punch to the jimmy. Cole asks a third time how these guys got back together. Tag to Mankind, punching and kicking about the head and shoulders. Dogg manages a desperation back suplex. Tag to Rock - hot tag to Gunn! Off the ropes, back elbow, head to the buckle, Whip into the opposite corner - Big Ass Splash. Rock with a clothesline, though. Tag to Mankind. Double whip, double back elbow. All four men in the ring now. Double whip - reversal - Dogg and Rock meet in the ring and he's set up for Rock Bottom... Gunn breaks it up, and Mankind doesn't notice, as he's playing to the crowd. HE is attacked from behind. Dogg out to brawl with Rock while Gunn and Mankind stay in the ring. Rock up on the apron, Ass whips Mankind into the ropes - his knee buckles and he falls onto Rock, knocking him to the floor! When he turns around, Mankind finds himself on the wrong end of the Fame'Asser! 1, 2, 3! (6:28) - Rock upset at Mankind..and walking up the ramp alone. Replay shows the whip into the ropes, Mankind's knee blowing out, hitting Rock on the apron - then turning into a Fame-Ass-Er for the pinfall. Road Dogg does the "Ladies and gentlemen..." shtick (so I don't have to), and Ass tells us to suck it. I've not missed that at all, by the way. Are Christian & Edge still the #1 Contenders?

Backstage, Vince tells Mideon & Viscera that they'll take Undertaker's place in the Casket Match - and like it - they seem to, actually

Somewhere else backstage, Chyna asks H to just give up. Triple H says no way - with every last breath in his body he'll make it to Unforgiven and win back his WWF title. And he is The Game. Is this on? The Game!

Another Shasta McNasty bit - boy oh boy, if this show ends up just HALF as funny as these'll last about as long as "the Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer!" Woooo!

You're watching UPN! After U drink 2 much, UPN!

Holy cow! It's a LATINA girl falling for that fizz in the nose trick! I put her between the underage chick and the Soul Train chick - I know she's Latina because the logo said "Siempre Coca Cola"

TV-14-DLV ratings back shows Al Snow pacing back and forth, wondering where "they" are. I wonder WHO "they" are.

MIDEON & VISCERA v. TRIPLE H (with That Slut Chyna) in a Casket Match - How tired can he be, anyway? He's only wrestled about six minutes so far...didn't he go thirty in a draw with what's-his-name that one time...don't tell me who it was, I don't care. And by the way, does anybody think he WON'T go 2-2 in the first four so he can do all five matches? AND by the way, if Triple H is a heel, that would make Viscera and Mideon...? Triple H tries to strike first, but he's one and they're two and you get the idea. Commentators try to sell us on "fatigue" but I don't think all those walks down the ramp are tuckering him out THAT badly. I have yet to comment on Mideon's spiffy new tights - well, maybe later. Triple H manages to exchange places with Mideon and a Viscera splash lands on HIM instead. Chyna Golotas Viscera. Triple H manages a Pedigree on each man and rolls Mideon into the casket. (1:46) But "No Chance in Hell" plays and at the top of the entryway appears SKIPPY, who tells us that he can't win this match unless BOTH men are in the casket at the same time. Viscera promptly destroys Triple H, then lets Mideon out of the coffin. Viscera with the Samoan Drop - and don't tell me that STILL doesn't look impressive. THREE Viscera splashes are enough to do in Triple H. Rolled in - door closed. (1:17 for this fall, 3:46 match total) Triple H is 1-2.

Lilian Garcia interviews IVORY, who agrees to the stipulation that the Women's Title match be a Hardcore match. She promises she won't let Luna embarrass her belt.

Split screen of Rock and Mankind, preparing for their respective matches later tonight.

You know when they say "It's Thinking?" It isn't, really

HARDCORE & CRASH & SCALE HOLLY make their way to the ring. Let Us Take You Back to Last Monday and RAW, where Bossman had a bad experience with a pitcher of Kool-Aid. "Al Snow, this past Monday night, I did that dead dog of yours a favour - and not only did I do Pepper a favour, but I did you a favour too. You see, I beat the hell out of the Bossman, I left him blind and senseless - so the way I see it, is you need to return MY favour. What you need to do is bring your stupid self down to this ring.--" He is interrupted as AL SNOW comes out, looking deranged. I guess a match is on?

HARDCORE HOLLY (with Crash & Scale) v. AL SNOW - Holly attacks before the bell - Snow slides out of a whip and clotheslines back. Stomp, gutwrench overhead suplex. Stomping again - Holly rolls outside, where Crash shouts encouragement. Snow pulls him in - Holly punches away. Off the ropes, there's one of the best dropkicks in the business. To the headlock. On the Ovaltron, Big bossman is seen KO'ing the dog trainers, and then egging on the Rottweilers, who are in a car backstage. Crash in the ring, arguing with Korderas - the cookie sheet was passed to the wrong guy, though. WHACK on Crash! But, turning around... There's the Hollycaust - err, Falcon Arrow for the pin. (1:40) I guess the match was nontitle... BIG BOSSMAN is out, his fist wrapped in a dog chain. He's also got a can of dog food. And there's a stuff for Snow. Man, his eye looks NASTY.

Backstage, Triple H runs down the rules with Dr. Tom Pritchard - all he has to do is be the first man out. Problem is, he's not alone in there...

MANKIND v. TRIPLE H in a Boiler Room Brawl - Mankind charges before H opens the door (at least he was smart enough to try). Helmsley's head run into various objects. There's the chair - but Triple H uses a trashcan to stop that onslaught. Head to the wall of an office. Up a small staircase - H throats him with a metal pole, then wraps it across his back. There's a camera cut - there's a ... is that a pool cue? Just a stick? Mankind drags Triple H ... reversal, no, whip into a transformer. Triple H strikes back with a bag of ...something else. Ahhh, it's a bag o' bolts. They're now spilled on the floor. Right, right, right. Vertical suplex onto the floor! Well, supposedly onto the nails and screws, although it kinda missed. Triple H making his way back to the door - Mankind crawling after him. It's an exciting crawl race! Triple H grabs a convenient pipe - but misses. Mankind whips H into a roller ramp. There's the Mandible Socko! There's a bit of Cactus Jack coming out there. Mankind waves, throws the sock onto Triple H - and starts to walk back to the door - here's a replay of the suplex on the floor. When we come back, Mankind is set to drop an elbow on Triple H from atop the roof of the office - but he's pushed off with a metal pipe and through a table! triple H crawls to the door..and makes it out. (4:57) Replay shows the pole in a spot shadow. Who shoved him off with the pole? Did they raise the briefcase?

Six men - One epic battle - Magic: the Gathering sponsors

Shasta McNasty guys try to take out Chyna on a date - to their apartment. Chyna gives a "What-EVER" look and walks away. What a GIRL she is. Next week, Shasta McNasty in this time slot! And a half hour less for me to recap! The REAL winners are THE FANS!

Notice how on WWF shows it's NEVER Goldberg eating the Spree? That's just good business!

British Bulldog looks for Vince - by WALKING!

Magic: the Gathering presents WWF Unforgiven - LIVE - Sunday! It's in Charlotte - and if you're going, may I suggest the NWA 51st Anniversay show Saturday night? You mean you HAVEN'T read about it on WrestleLine? Oh, that's right...that indies page hasn't been updated since July. Hey, go check out the Japan page, too! It's a RIOT!

KEN SHAMROCK v. CHRIS THURSDAY JERICHO (with Curtis Hughes...I think) in a First Blood match - How can Shamrock have abs of steel AND love handles? Jericho is dressed in hockey paraphernalia (Buffalo Sabres! In Dallas! Jericho's AWESOME!) and swinging a hockey stick, which misses. In fact, it comes closer to Harvey Wippleman that Shamrock. Anyway, kicks from Shamrock quickly take Jericho down. Whip into the corner, whip into the opposite corner - Jericho puts up a boot, but Shamrock ducks the clothesline and hits one of his own. Here's a beal by the facemask. There's a ONE-HANDED beal by the mask. Clothesline takes Jericho to the outside. Head to the post, head to the STEEL steps, but, like, he's got a helmet on, dude. Did I mention the "Y2J" on the back of his jersey? Okay. How about the ponytail sticking out the top of the helmet? Okay. Oh, THERE'S Mr. Hughes, apparently only arriving just now, and through the crowd at that. Shamrock quickly knocks him down, but this gives Jericho enough time to grab his stick and work over Shamrock with it. TOP ROPE SPLASH! This is apparently legal in this match - okay. Shamrock is now "bleeding internally" so Wippleman calls for the bell. (2:23) Can I tell you that once again, these "scab" refs aren't exactly *underperforming* compared to the real refs?

British Bulldog, back in a locker room and having found Vince, reminds him that he told him back in January (January?) that he promised him a title shot. At his suggestion, Vince puts him into the Undertaker's slot as he asks. One more thing, says Smith - I'll do YOU a favour by being the Special Guest Referee in the Brahma Bull match. Vince tells him to knock himself out - and then, under his breath, says "by freefalling onto the top turnbuckle head first" - hey, that was TOTALLY unnecessary.

Here are Triple H and Chyna - she's still unhappy and he's still tired - together they are WALKING

The Rock, elsewhere, is also WALKING

"Shasta McNasty" SUCKS! But still, I haven't had to see Jaleel White all night...

Whoa, did I just say what I thought I said up there? Now I'll NEVER work in this town. I am INCREDIBLY offended! And my Q rating just dropped five points! Oops...

Duke Nukem Zero Hour presents the SMACK of the NIGHT! It was the smack of a pole onto Mick Foley causing him to fall onto some pipe insulators on a table.

LA ROCA v. TRIPLE H (with That Slut Chyna) in a Brahma Bullrope match - BRITISH BULLDOG makes his way to the ring as the Special Guest Referee and this LATEST version of his music is kinda growing on me. We'll never see that Jim Ross interview with British Bulldog, will we. It's right next to the Blonde Bytch project on the Cutting Room Floor. Oh, broken promises. Well at least this'll be the LAST Triple H entrance of the night - I think. Falls count in this match, we're told. Amazingly, the strap is fastened without incident! H runs at him but Rock slaps away. Pulling him towards the clothesline. Stomping, stomp, H outside, Rock follows. Rock takes H's head to the commentary table. Clothesline over the barricade. Now ROCK over the barricade. Here's a brawl into the hockey wall. Now back to the barricade - trading punches. H back over the barricade, Rock following again. To the inferno controls - H blocks and takes Rock's head to the panel. Head to the STEEL ringpost. Right hand. They say "Austin" a lot but we ain't seein' him tonight. Whip into the STEEL stairs is reversed and Triple H eats it. Cover on the floor, 1, 2, no. So falls count anywhere, I suppose. Back in the ring - Triple H comes back with a double sledge. Rock with "Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine." Into the ropes, reversal, high knee. Knee to the EXTREME lower abs. Bulldog protests and they're shoving each other now. Bulldog backs Triple H into the corner. H backs into the centre, Rock strikes from behind. Now both men outside again. Gutshot, DDT on the floor. 1, 2, no. Now they're walking up the ramp. H's head taken an oval. JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET comes into the ring, outside, and WHACKS Chyna with the frying pan, despite the fact that she should have seen him on the OvalTron. Pan in hand, figure four! meanwhile, Rock and Triple H are back in the ring. There's the facebuster. Triple H pulling Rock into a clothesline, but Rock ducks it and hits Rock Bottom. But...Bulldog hits a lariat on the Rock! Got him on his shoulder - RUNNING POWERSLAM! What the hell's up with THAT? Bulldog tells H to take it. Pedigree. 1, 2, 3. (6:09) Triple H wins the match to go 3-2, and apparently Bulldog is working on his side. Here's a doubleteam. Replay of the clothseline and running powerslam, and the Pedigree and pin count. Bulldog, H and Chyna raise their arms at the top of the ramp - and we're out. And so am I! See you at Unforgiven!

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