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/21 October 1999

WWF SmackDown!




Sean Shannon keeps goading me in email. I think that's a bit much, considering *I* try to keep my goading of *him* PUBLIC!

MAD PROPS: Steve Kelly at Palm Springs' Power Radio 100.5 sent me some T-shirts, so this week he is the COOLEST MAN ALIVE. Honourable mention to John Iuro, who I was supposed to hook up with but for too late a night the day time, I hope!

DELAYED REACTION: To dbidwa, it took me three months, but I just wanted to let you know I DID get the tape - even if I put it on a shelf and forgot about it until now! Thanks!

Report starts down there - bear with me while I get through THIS first:

Last night in Palo Alto, I saw a rather great set by ABC. Martin Fry said it had been fifteen years since the band had toured America - wow, don't I feel old? Fry barely had a voice and was having rather a lot of tea in an attempt to keep functioning - but the five hundred or so of us in the crowd ably assisted the background singers and the guitarist (who didn't normally sing, I believe - but he did fine) and - well, I guess you had to be there.

I managed to haul off both a setlist AND an autograph from Fry, so my buzz was amplified that much more. When I got home, I just couldn't bring myself to get back to this wrestling game - I took a hot bath instead and a simultaneous nap.

However, there were times early in the concert that my thoughts went to wrestling. ABC was HUGE in 1985. Phenomenally large and popular and all that. And they are at the Edge in Palo Alto playing to a crowd of a few hundred diehard fans, and here's Martin Fry giving some brief facetime to the yokels that camped outside the back door - a great experience! My POINT (and I do have one - thanks Ellen) is that there's a small part of me that wishes wrestling would undergo the same transformation. With the popularity of wrestling at an all-time high, how much fun is it to be part of an audience of thirty thousand when you remember being in the high school gym as part of an audience of a thousand? Don't get me wrong - the huge events have a charm all their own, but the INTIMACY of the thing is gone. You know?

Of course, I've lost a whole heap of you already. Quite a few of you are saying to yourselves "Didn't ABC do 'At the Playground?'" to which I reply, har har. Still others are in the front office at APW and wondering why I'm such a hypocrite for bemoaning the big-time-edness of it all when I could support my local indy and recapture that magic already, so hopefully I've saved YOU a few mails. Ha!

Back to the Edge - the Orange Peels are quite good - any band that performs in suits pretty much automatically gets the benefit of a doubt anyway, but the local quartet rocked it out. I spent most of the set trying to decide if the bassist was cute or not - then I realised, hey, it's a chick up onstage in a jacket and skirt playing a bass - does it MATTER?

As for Ten in the Swear Jar, they were less good - still GOOD, but unremarkably so. They did use some interesting instruments which I shan't bother to describe, lest you provide me with NAMES and stuff, and I don't need to know. The lead singer DID make the Another Bad Creation joke, though, which rubbed me the wrong way a bit. See, where *I* come from, if the Opening Act disses the Headliner, they tend to not become Headliners themselves down the road. They could also be the hottest shit in town - like I'D know. Still, I'd estimate the amount of the crowd come in to see them at something like 1%. I liked the sax guy, though.

You ARE watching UPN!!

TV-14-DLV One World Leader Attitude - WWF!

You look here at these clips from the main event at No Mercy - including an errant sledgehammer blow from the Rock to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Here are some clips from the next night's episode of "RAW is WAR" opening interviewfest, setting up the Survivor Series main event - a Triple Threat match between Triple H, the Rock, and Steve Austin. Here's a look at the final staredown...which leads nicely into TONIGHT'S show, one hopes! Opening credits

FIREWORKS MAKE NOISE and the OvalTron is on the right this week. It's 21.10.99 and SmackDown! is en espanol donde sea disponible! This show was taped 19.10 from the historic Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY and your chronicler is once again SPOILER FREE! Watch it with me and be surprised...

MANKIND draws the long straw and opens the show - he is maskless. "When I began to sit down on May 7th of this past year to write my memoirs, I only had one small problem - which is, I never learned how to use a computer. So I hope everyone can appreciate that when they take a look at 'Have a Nice Day,' what they're looking at is a pen and 17 notebooks worth of my heart, my soul and my emotions. Now, wrestling fans can talk about the Hell in the Cell as the greatest thing that Mick Foley ever did. Some can talk about the Japanese Death Match as the greatest thing that Mick Foley ever did. Or they could talk about winning the WWF Championship as being the greatest thing that Mick Foley ever did. I'm here to tell you tonight in Louisville, Kentucky [cheap heat] that 'Have a Nice Day,' my book, is the best damn thing I've ever done in my life - I can't tell you how proud I am - the way I've written it BY MYSELF, no ghost writer, no 'as told to,' it's just Mrs. Foley's little boy, and his pen and paper. So, maybe you can kinda feel how I felt when I presented my pride and joy to the Rock and he - well, he - he threw it out. So kinda what I'm saying is, when the Rock threw out my pride and joy, he may just as well have taken down his pants and taken a big ol' dump on Mick Foley himself." Crowd apparently chants "Rocky" here - although I wouldn't discount some editing. Foley gives a "thumbs up" here. "And I went out here and I said something I didn't really mean, I guess I've had a few days to think about it, I said I didn't want anything further to do with the Rock. Well I've had a couple days to think about it, and I think I do know EXACTLY what I want, and that's - I want exactly what the Rock has. And Vince McMahon himself is the only man who can give it to me, so cameraman if you don't mind, the Rock used to always make mention of my big fat ass - so why don't you get a little camera shot of that, 'cause what I'm about to do is take that big fat ass of mine, I'm gonna sit it down in this ring, and I'm not gonna move until Vince McMahon comes down and gives me exactly what the Rock has got. And I am willing to sit down here, on SmackDown!, for the ENTIRE two hour period." Well, "No Chance in Hell" fires up and with great irony I note the successful WWFE initial public offering and hereby rechristen the chairman BILLIONAIRE VINCE. I'll mention here that I did order my copy of "Have a Nice Day" but I probably won't get to it until late next week. "What's the meaning of this?" "Well, I just wanna bring out a little momento see if you remember this." "Yeah, 'Rock 'n' Sock...' your jacket. You called me out here for that?" "Well I just wanted to make mention of the fact that the whole time I wore this jacket - did you realise that I KNEW that I'd look like a horse's ass in this jacket? You know why I continued to wear it? Because I knew that it was fun. And I wanted to provide fun on your television show. But it seems that somewhere along the line, somebody forgot that underneath the Rock 'n' Sock Connection jacket, that I was the same man who won the WWF belt THREE times. That I was the same man who wrestled with his tooth stuck up his damn nose. And that I was the same man who wrestled with his ear clean up his skull. And I want you to remember that underneath it all, that maybe I don't have the little five hundred dollar shirts - maybe I can't raise my stupid eyebrow - and maybe I don't have 329 catchphrases. But I'm here to say that I am every bit as good as, if not better than, an ingrateful son of a (beep) like the Rock. So, I don't want the Rock to just waltz in and take what I feel is rightfully mine. I'm saying I want what he's got - a title shot - and I'm willing to go here in this very ring tonight on SmackDown!, beat the Rock's candy ass, and show the entire world that *I* oughta be headlining pay-per-views from now on." "No denying your denying that. I just don't think that tonight is the time or the place for you and the Great One to hook it up." "Waitwaitwait, you don't think tonight's the time or the place? I think that Louisville, Kentucky knows damn well [cheap heat] that this is the EXACT time and the EXACT place for the Rock and Mankind to go toe to toe! I think the problem is very simple: I think you've got a little guy, a little insecure little man back there suffering from a sudden and acute attack of non-testicular fortitude." "I don't think THAT'S the case, but..." "If ya smelllllll...." and here's LA ROCA come out while Mankind brandishes the jacket in his direction - then putting the jacket on. Crowd chants "Rocky" as he walks to the ring. "You come out here and you run your mouth. You run your mouth like you're a big shot, just like you're the Rock, you come out here and you cry, p[beep]s and moan, 'oh, I'm the man who won the WWF title three times! Oh, I'm the man who had his tooth knocked in his nose! I'm the man who wrestled without an ear!' Well the Rock says this - you run your mouth and you referred to the Rock and his testicles? Well make something very clear, jabrone - these are not any testicles - these are the People's testicles. Having said that, the Rock says - you want the Rock tonight? You've got the Rock tonight - so open your beady little eyes and read the Rock's lips, because tonight, the Rock is gonna whup your fat ass." "I gotta make a little judgement call on you - I say, underneath it all, I see a very insecure little boy. So remember this: in case you're wondering, yes I do mean every damn word I say about you in my book." Mankind's music plays and he removes his jacket - then walks out on the floor next to the ramp, leaving Rock and McMahon in the ring. "The Rock says cut that crappy music!" Is that like "Simon Says?" "So let the Rock - don't go anywhere. Let the Rock understand this correctly. The Rock is the ONLY #1 Contender competing in the People's Ring tonight?" "Ah--ah, now I understand what you mean by that, and it's a very fair question, but ... that was up to you - you came out and accepted Mankind's challenge to see who was gonna be the #1 Contender. No one has challenged Stone Cold Steve Austin. If that were the case, we might see action tonight, but--" and BALD VENIS' music fires up - and there he is! Damn, they REALLY wanna elevate this guy, don't they? "You know somethin' - unlike the Rock, I heard what you said perfectly clear - that no one has come forward to challenge Stone Cold Steve Austin. So Vince what I want you to do right now is I want you to look deep into the eyes of THE single fastest up-and-coming athlete in the history of the World Wrestling Federation, and consider the World Wrestling Federation's toughest SOB challenged, here tonight on SmackDown!" Almost immediately, the sound of breaking glass brings STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN to the ring. Huzzah for the World Entrance Federation! To Austin's credit, instead of talking, he just lets loose with a right on Venis - there's another - and one more. Rock and McMahon take off while Venis rolls out of the ring to the floor. "That means, you stupid son of a b(beep), 'oh, hell yeah.' I accept your little challenge, and that's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold said so." Thus ends your stenography for the night, I think. My hands HURT. Rock and Austin manage a staredown - he from the top of the ramp, and he in the ring.

LILIAN GARCIA is backstage with Triple H - his reaction to all this is that this must surely be the greatest SmackDown! of all time! All the #1 Contenders scratching and clawing while he sits back with the belt. Al Snow interrupts things to ask if HE is wrestling tonight. Triple H harangues Snow until he suggests that H have some of the medication that they've got HIM on. Of course, I think can ALL see where this is heading. Umm, right? Right?

Hey! An hour of Dilbert Tuesday! I wonder if I'll be awake that night.

Triple H catches up with Vince and asks him why the hell he just gave Al Snow a title shot (Aha!) Vince asks him if he's worried that he can't beat him - then wishes him luck. H says he not only DOESN'T need his good luck, he doesn't need ANYTHING from him...

TEST v. BRITISH BULLDOG, again - Let Us Take You Back to RAW is WAR, where Test and Bulldog and the Mean Street Posse - well, go read that report if you missed it. Bulldog stops at the top of the ramp and calls out the MEAN STREET POSSE. "Well, well, well - if it isn't the neutered dog and his three b(beep)es - Davy, I know you didn't have the ba(beep)s to show up and fight me by yourself - so I got a little surprise for you..." "You think you know me..." But before EDGE & CHRISTIAN can get in the ring, a nice quadruple-team beatdown is taking place in the ring. Well, now it's a Pier Seven brawl - now everybody cleared out by the faces except Joey Abs - Edge stays in with him as the bell rings. Looks like a six man - Pete not on the apron. Abs pulled down by his ponytail. There's a double hiptoss by Edge & Christian - Rodney in - flapjacked onto Abs. Here's a Double Feature of an Edge missile dropkick I just missed. Christian over the top rope when Pete "Gas" pulls it down. He and Rodney work over Christian as referee "Blind" Tim White is busy keeping Edge & Test in their corner. Abs on Christian back in the ring. Whip into the corner, boots up - charge meets an elbow - clothesline ducked - nice belly-to-back into a slam by Joey Abs. Rodney "tags" - tries a moonsault (?) but misses. Tag to Test. Clothesline! Clothesline! Off the ropes, reversed, head down - waistlock into a slam - Abs makes the save. Now it all breaks down with everybody in the ring - Pete grabs Test's foot, and then gets a hot shot on - Rodney to the top - but crotched by Edge. Christian with something on Abs - Christian and Edge with the double cringe piggyback superplex, followed by Test's Savage top-rope elbow. White counts to 3 as Edge spears Abs for good measure. (2:44) Hmm, did Bulldog do ANYTHING in that match?

Well it's the Big Show arriving in the arena - and WALKING!

Hoo boy there's a lotta ads here

Here's a nice exterior shot of HISTORIC Freedom Hall!

Kevin Kelly narrates a Special Video Look at the Big Show's turbulent past few weeks - and Big Bossman's failure to empathize. On Monday, GTV showed us Bossman paying off an actor to deliver fake news about his father's death.

Lilian Garcia interviews Big Show - who tells us his father watched on Monday. He's gonna dismember Bossman tonight.

KEVIN "NAILZ" KELLY stands with Al Snow - after 17 years, he's finally gotten his chance. He's gonna pull out every stop--oops, Triple H just jumped him. Bye.

TREBLE H v. AL SNOW for the WWF Championship - hmm, strange not to see Chyna with him, isn't it? Lawler says with Moolah, Chyna, and the Hollys holding belts, how weird WOULD it be if Snow took the title tonight? Snow fails to enter through the usual means, popping up from out of nowhere and getting first attack. Punches in bunches, off the ropes with a dropkick. Right, right, right, right, right, rifgh,t right, right, right, right, right, Snow's been watching the film on Triple H I see. There's a stomp - whip out of the corner is reversed, Snow slides to a stop, gets up, H ducks a clothesline and hits his reverse neckbreaker that he tries to do once a match these days. Separate shots show Austin and the Rock watching the match on monitors. Meanwhile, H has taken Snow outside the ring and had his way - pretty much. Back in the ring we go, whip into the corner - Snow ducks a clothesline and hits an enzuigiri. Both men up slowly - punches traded, more for Snow now - Helmsley laces the arms and does his headbutts - count 'em - 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20!! Crowd doesn't know any numbers past ten, of course, and is very confused. H passes out. I smell the patented Sting headbutt to the crotch spot - thank you. Both men up at the same time. Snow ducks a clothesline and hits a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge (or, if you're Michael Cole, "a tremendous manoeuvre) for 2. Backslide from Snow for another 2. There's a small package - 2. Sunset flip - for 2. Snow kicks, right, off the ropes, head down so H comes back with his facebuster. H to the top rope - Snow off the ropes to crotch him. Right. Snow to the second rope - SUPERPLEX! Snow slow to cover - hooks the leg - only 2. Snow signalling for the Snowplow - H slips away, however - gutshot, Pedigree, 1, 2, 3. (4:22)

Hey look! It's Mankind! And....good God....he's WALKING!

After several ads - the Rock - the Rock - the Rock is WALKING!

Here's a Special Video Look at Rock & Mankind with special emphasis on last Monday's events

LA ROCA v. MANKIND in a #1 Contender's Match - What I want to know is when will the Rock FINALLY come back to Louisville? Rock promises a piece of pie for Mankind - the People's Pie. I know everybody loves EVERY word this guy says but this whole "pie" bit is LAME to me. Rock promises that the slice of pie will come with three scoops of vanilla and be shoved straight up his candyass after being shined up real nice - or words to that effect. Mankind DOES have his mask on. Before the match begins, BALD VENIS comes out to ... get a better look? Take a headset and join the commentators? Maybe a little of both. Lockup, they spin around against the ropes, and hit the counter. Mankind punches the head, then the taped area of the ribs. Tape removed, and Mankind punches a bit more. Rock manages a faceplant to turn the tide. Punches from Rock, punches from Mankind. I guess this is a "controlled brawl." But now we're outside and the "controlled" part is over. Venis reading random quotes about the Rock from Foley's book. Over the barricade, and back - hit the steps, hit the ramp - am I glossing? Perhaps. Mankind with a suplex on the ramp. Rock's ribs hit the apron hard. Now they're outside the ring again. Mankind with his patented running elbow off the apron to the floor - we haven't seen that in a while! Mankind back in the ring and encouraging referee "Blind" Mike Chioda to put on a count - I forgot we HAD a countout rule here in the World Wrestling Federation! Chioda to 7 - Rock walking around the ring to make sure Chioda says 9 before he gets in - Mankind on him as he enters. Off the ropes, head down, swinging neckbreaker for 2. Rock coming back with his crappy punches. Mankind ties himself up in the ropes, Rock kicks and punches. Mankind manages to come back. Scoop - and a slam. Don't tell me he's gonna do the People's Elbow! Nope, he just stomps on the ribs. Man, Foley's the coolest mofo on EARTH. Of course, in the time that he posed to the crowd, Rock manages to come back with a gutshot and a DDT. When did Mankind's mask come off? Oh well. 2 count for the Rock. Mankind gets a gutshot and DDT of his own for 2. I wish Lawler would say "pie" one more time. Mankind with Socko - Mandible Claw! Rock punches away and breaks the hold - then runs into the Claw again. There's a kick to the 'nads by Rock to break it a second time. Mankind clotheslines Rock over the top and both men tumble to the floor - in front of the commentary table. Venis proclaims "this book SUCKS!" and pastes Mankind with it. Oops. Chioda rings the bell. (DQ? 6:59) Wait a miute - if this is a DQ, does that mean Mankind became the #1 Contender? Rock's back in the ring - there's Rock Bottom on Venis. Rock stomping away on Venis - now a clothesline for Mankind. Before Rock can put Mankind in Rock Bottom, TREBLE H is out and there's a Pedigree for the Rock. H stands over Rock as his music plays. STILL no announcement of the winner of this match. Cole says Rock is stll #1 Contender. Well that makes NO sense. I mean, it does, but it doesn't. You know? Sounds like they're short a couple writers over there!

Woof that's a lotta ads

TV-14-DLV box accompanies Earlier Today footage of Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah doing some stretching to prepare for their title match tonight. It's TV-14 because these sights could KILL puberty if you're under 14! Later, both of them had to take a nap.

Lugz brings you the Boot of the Week - WHEN SENIORS COLLIDE! From RAW is WAR Monday.

FABULOUS MOOLAH v. MAE YOUNG for the Women's Championship - this can only end in tears. The challenger enters first, anyway. Young drags Moolah into the ring to start. VERRRRY SLOWLY. There's a - well it's a left of some sort, says Cole. Extremely ugly slingshot. Young with CROTCH CHOPS! Unfortunately, that's not an offensive move - rather, it's an OFFENSIVE move, but there's no offense in it. Moolah with both boots up. Right hand. Hairpull takeover. Moolah with the choke. Lawler accuses the match of being in slow motion. Young through the ropes to the outside. The...very is on. Young on the commentary table - and pushed over! Moolah grabs her hair and pulls her back. Back in the ring we go. Young somehow gains control - it's not important how, I reckon. Young climbs the ropes - verrry slowly. One Punch Count Along. Young *inexplicably* reaches down the shirt of referee "Blind" Jimmy Korderas and gets tangled up with him. Moolah whips Young, who takes Korderas with him. Moolah with - another one, I guess. Moolah with crotch chops of her own. Finally we're rescued by IVORY who attacks Moolah (DQ 2:57) - man, that three minutes felt like fifteen. Young tries to stop Ivory, but goes down with one blow. Ivory poses with the title - now TORI is back in our lives with a spear. Here's JACQUELINE. I'm guessing that - there's LUNA. The standard complement of referees and officials break things up to a hearty chorus of boos. It all ends with Moolah posing in the ring with the title. Yeeha?

"Mark Henry's 5th Sex Therapy Session" is with...the Godfather. I think they just put the kibosh on this storyline. So...what happens to the bit about him sleeping with his sister?

Hey, there's an ad for the WWF Slam Cam! It appears to be not Mac compatible, so I can't be bothered. I haven't seen a WWF toy ad this late for.....well, a REALLY long time. I expect a note from Bob about this tomorrow.

And now, the Bat Ass of the Week, brought to you by BATS! The...what? Anyway, it's Howard Finkel mistiming a chair introduction into the ring.

Here's a look at the Big Show backstage - waiting for Bossman...

SmackDown! is brought to you tonight by Road Rash 64, Milk (got milk?) and WWF: The Music (Volume 4) - coming 2 November to Sam Goody!

HARDYS (with Terri) v. HOLLYS (with Scale) for the tag team championship - They're not the Brood anymore and they walk out like they were normal - although they're still wearing the same stuff. Crash and Jeff start. Lockup, arm wringer from Crash, kick, off the ropes, up and over, shoulderblock from Jeff for 1. Kick, stomp, standing on the neck, Jeff takes him off the rope but it's reversed, Jeff with a baseball slide to go outside. Daring Crash to come after him, then flying up and over as HE slides out - then hits a baseball slide dropkick on Crash. Hardcore rushes and gets dumped. Matt with a double clothesline off the apron to the floor. Matt holds up the Hollys for the somersault tope from Jeff. Crash thrown back in the ring as we examine the Double Feature. There's a 2 on Crash. Blind tag, Hardcore in with a surprise clothesline on Matt. On the shoulders, punching away - but landing in a hot shot on the top rope. Hardcore with - was that an edit? Clubbing blow. Tag to Crash - off the top rope with a fistdrop. Jeff distracted into the ring where referee "Blind" Teddy Long turns his back. Sneaky doubleteam. But Matt manages a double neckbreaker - and there's the hot tag to Jeff. Double missile dropkick! Clothesline for Crash! Make-a-wish and a double legdrop on the middle on Hardcore. Kick, scoop, drop, Matt with a top rope legdrop for 2. Both men on Hardcore now - vertical suplex from Matt, sentonbomb from Jeff, Crash makes the save. Crash into the corner - all fours assisted leg lariat. They try the same doubleteam on Hardcore - but he dropkicks Jeff as he's in the air. 1, 2, 3. (3:55) Boy, Terri sure made a difference!! The replay shows that Jeff sold Hardcore's dropkick like it was an Edge spear. On the entranceway, the NEW AGE OUTLAWS attack from behind to remind us that they're still around and that this IS the World Entrance Federation.

Backstage, Big Show is getting impatient - and ruining furniture

BIG BOSSMAN (with the Phony Cop) v. WELL IT'S A BIG SHOW for the Hardcore Championship and the first name "Big" - Bossman enters through the crowd and once again congratulates the actor on a job well done - then says that hearing the Big Show cry is FUNNY! Anyway, Show comes out and even though, it's two on one, they present little trouble. The actor tastes THREE ahhhhtheCHOKESLAAAAMs while Bossman hightails it back through the crowd. This isn't a match, I guess - it's under a minute anyway.

Road Dogg and Steve Austin share a moment backstage. Austin says Rock must be calling the shots if he's got Venis - Dogg says there goes the neighbourhood. Hey Dogg, you weren't exactly living in MainEventLand yourself, there...

WWF Attitude for the Dreamcast? Hmmm....

GODFATHER (with ten - no, five ho's) v. VISCERA (with Mide-i-e-i-on) - the Godfather's just a fun loving guy who loves to have fun. Before this match starts, SEXUAL CHOCKLIT MIZARK HENRY is out and I guess with Venis' heel turn, Godfather needs a new partner. If you think I'm doing play-by-play on THIS match....although I must say everything Viscera does is pretty damn impressive. And that Mideon does a pretty nice spit take following the Ho Train. Henry scores the pin on Mideon following a ... swimmin' splash? (1:29) Now THIS team is "Supply & Demand!"

Backstage, Venis paces around - rather like WALKING!

Meanwhile, Mankind is being checked by Dr. Francois Pettit

Meanwhile, the Rock is also pacing around

Meanwhile, Triple H is ALSO pacing around

Whew, too much - overload - must - sit through five minutes or so of ads

That Brut ad is kinda funny, ain't it

The Smack of the Night is brought to you by 1-800-COLLECT! And it is from Earlier Tonight - Austin accepting Venis' challenge.

BALD VENIS v. STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN in a #1 Contender's Match - Lockup, to the corner, reversal, reversal, reversal, easy on that hair Austin! There's a break and a double bird. Lockup, side headlock, Cole says something that gets excised from the broadcast ("King, guess what........................................") Venis with a right, right, right, right, right, Austin reverses and lays in with rights of his own. Off the ropes, shoulderblock from Venis. Off the ropes, Austin buries the knee and Venis flips. Austin wearing two knee braces, what a sissy. Austin stomping on the fingers. Into the corner, right hand, knee, yanking on the arm, again, again, Venis reverses, Austin pokes the eye. Into the corner they go - referee "Blind" Earl Hebner trying to force a break but unsuccessful. Venis all over Austin with punches, then the choke. Into the corner - Venis up and over - but Austin was just waiting for the leap to finish. There's a double bird and several rights. Into the opposite corner, reversal, clothesline. Right hand, clothesline to take Austin over the top rope to the floor. Venis follows and takes Austin to the barricade. Suplex on the floor. Head to the barricade, right hand blocked and Austin punches back. But Venis manages a whip over the barricade and then follows him out into the crowd. Now back over the barricade. Head to the STEEL steps. FINALLY we're back in the ring. Venis covers - but only 2. To the rear chinlock while sitting on the back - there's a buttdrop for good measure. But Austin comes right back. Venis to the eyes, elbow this way, elbow that way, off the ropes with the knee but only 2. Venis goes for the headlock but Austin is coming back - again a rake of the eyes from Venis. Off the ropes, reversal, sleeper from Austin! Venis manages to reverse it into a sleeper of his own. Austin repeatedly backs him into the corner until the hold is broken. Off the ropes we go, Thesz press! Austin with rights. Off the ropes, there's an elbow for 2. Off the ropes, reversal, Venis holds on and delivers the knee immediarely afterward. Going for the side Russian legsweep, Austin punches out. Off the ropes, Austin puts his head down and gets a boot for his troubles. Austin manages a Stun gun and covers for 2. Austin places Venis on the top turnbuckle. Austin going for a superplex - Venis punching away - now shoving Austin off - double axehandle from the top, to the head - 1, 2, no!! Right, out of the corner, reversal, big boot up, Venis with a - reversal, though - Austin takes Venis over the top to the floor. Austin comes out after and it's time to say hello to the commentary table. Austin punching away. Head taken back to the commentary table again. Camera cable around the neck. Hebner pulling Austin off, then missing Venis taking a STEEL chair to the bad knee. (Which one's bad again?) In the ring - Venis going for a figure four? But Austin punches him and it doesn't happen. Now they're trading blows - now Austin is hitting more blows - now there's the double bird, clothesline ducked, gutshot, Stunner, 1, 2, 3. (9:57) Huh. TREBLE H is out and on Austin - PEDIGREE! Now LA ROCA is out and there's Rock Bottom on the Champ. We follow Rock up the ramp - I bet Mankind is up from behind... Hmm, I guess I'm wrong. Austin clears the ring of Helmsley. As the Rock's music plays, Rock stands at the top of the ramp, Austin in the ring. Their eyes are locked. And so it stands until Monday. SEE YA!

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