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Robert Ortega



THE RAW LINES (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

15Oct011RAW(03:35)2vs1 Hcp.502-2-1-2-1BeltShot-Pin(D-Von,1)Match and finish too mundane.
15Oct012RAW(02:25)3vs3 Tag552-2-*2-2-2ClotheslineFromHell-
All too one sided.
15Oct013RAW(08:29)SgWCWWdTitleG1852-1-2-1-1-2-2-*1*DQ(VanDam)Good efforts, iffy finish, advances feud.
15Oct014RAW(01:37)Sg402-1-E-2???Facebuster-Pin(Kidman)Sloppy/awkward, couldn’t get into it.
15Oct015RAW(04:26)Sg701-2-1-1-2-1-2*DQ(Jericho)Post match advances feud, good match and efforts, predictable interference.
15Oct016RAW(04:24)Sg652-1-1-2-2-1-1-2-1BuzzkillerDDT-Pin(Edge)Slighlty above average quality, nothing awful for a non-feud match.
15Oct017RAW(11:00)2vs2 Tag802-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-1-
Int. FiveStar
Good match, Kane/Test run in and interference unnecessary, intriguing finish

Momentum Key: (*)Denotes Interference, (E)Denotes even momentum, Numbers to reflect SUBSTANTIAL MOMENTUM CHANGES OR CONSISTENCIES.
Ratings: Out of 100 (Raw RAW, Smackdown SD) Out of 75 (Heat HT, Jakked JKD, Metal MTL) Out of 150 (Pay Per Views)
Finish: Final Move/ Incident (In favor of) Short Personal Comments
Match Type: Singles, Sg; Handicap, Hcp; Hardcore, Hdc; Tag, Tg; Grade 1, G1(Most Title Matches, Except Lightweight); Grade 2, G2 (#1 Contendership matches, Lightweight Title, etc); Grade 3, G3 (Some non-title Specialty Matches, WWF Hardcore Title)

Competitors Key

1RAW    1. Dudley Boyz w Stacy Keibler                   2. Big Show
2RAW    1. Huuricane, Mighty Molly, Lance Storm w Ivory  2. APA, Jacqueline w Nidia
3RAW    1. Rob Van Dam                                   2. The Rock
4RAW    1. Tazz                                          2. Billy Kidman
5RAW    1. Rhyno                                         2. Chris Jericho
6RAW    1. Egde                                          2. X-Pac
7RAW    1. Booker T and Stone Cold Steve Austin          2. Undertaker and Kurt Angle

    7Matches (35:56) about 29% of showtime AVG. 63.6 OverallShowRating 65
    Interpromotional Matches 5; WCW/ECW Wins (3, 1 by DQ) WWF Wins (2, 1 by DQ) No contests 0
    Best Match of the Night: 3RAW Rock v. Rob Van Dam 85
    Worst Match of the Night: 4RAW Tazz v. Billy Kidman 40
    4 Singles (1 Title Match), 2 Tag, 1 Handicap
    6 instances of interference (2 meaningful, Jericho(3), Rob Van Dam(7))
      2RAW *Ivory
      3RAW *Rhyno *Chris Jericho
      5RAW *Raven and Mike Awesome
      7RAW *Test *Rob Van Dam
    No Title Changes
    Turns: Christian is officially in the WCW/ECW Alliance
    Show Assessment: Fair
Closing Notes: Opening match, though mundane was fair for an opener though I would liked to have seen the Big Show get the victory. Moreover, I just knew that Keibler would try to distract in her usual manner. Does she actually serve any purpose (eye candy aside)? Granted that most wrestling women do not, but what I can say? I would actually have rather seen the superheroes somehow beat the APA, but somehow that just doesn't add up. Jericho's literal take on the Rock's 3stay out of my way,2 well what is to be said, save that Rock brought it on himself. As far as Tazz and Kidman, bad premise, bad match, enough said. I am not totally against the DQ in Jericho's match, although for the charge to have to be led by Stephanie (again) is just absurd. Rock got some measure of retribution, but it didn't actually seem all that worthwhile. The Edge-Xpac contest was fair, nothing awful on either end (X-Pac's general appearance and character not factored in of course). I take issue with this using of family members that the people cannot see (and even those that we can, ie Sara) to further an angle and or feud. Its not believable, its not good scripting, its ridiculous. I do not know why they do it...I do not care why they do it just stop it already. Now for one misguided moment, I actually believed that Rob Van Dam would frog splash Stone Cold, at which point I would have recreated the millennium celebration, but no such luck. No substantial presence of Foley, which can be good or bad. Now if the titles went to those wrestlers chosen by the people (if you safely measure their popularity and believability), then Rob Van Dam would be the easy 2/5 favorite to win (at least by the people I have asked), but if history has been any indication, I might as well set him at 99/1. Smackdown in three, No Mercy in six, if by some miracle DirecTV and the WWF get it together, and we start the cycle all over again for the Survivor Series.

Robert Ortega, Jr.

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