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18Oct011SD(03:59)3vs3 Tag602-1-1-1-E-2*1EyeOfTheHurricane-Pinnice opener, good efforts, nice to see superheroes win.
18Oct012SD(02:21)Singles401-1-1*2Roll up-PinWin seems unfeasible/ forced especially when requiring interference
18Oct013SD(09:08)2vs2 Tag702-1-1-2-1-1-
(BigBoot) -Pinquite sound for a match with 3 big guys, nice to see WCW win it.
18Oct014SD(03:38)Singles601-2-1-2*1*2Int. Chokeslam-Pininterference begets interference in otherwise enjoyable match.
18Oct015SD(00:00)2vs2Tag---NO CONTESTSee notes below for evaluation of this little spectacle.
18Oct016SD(06:20)Singles852-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-2*DQ(Rob Van Dam)another Van Dam target bleeds; effortful and entertaining.

Momentum Key: (*)Denotes Interference, (E)Denotes even momentum, Numbers to reflect SUBSTANTIAL MOMENTUM CHANGES OR CONSISTENCIES.

Ratings: The problem with most ratings is that despite efforts to be objective, they are all too arbitrary in the end. I can best explain by ratings system as a mix of the following; most of the weight falls on the substance of the match itself (including mechanics, basic ring psychology, the story it advances to an extent, the placement and execution of high spots). The other main component is the finish and sometimes the immediate aftermath. This tries to account for the questions: did it seem feasible? was it unexpected? did it in and of itself move along a story line? do the wrestler's execute well enough that regardless of who wins, the finish is enjoyable. Based on that it is apparent, perhaps painfully so, that some wrestler mixes are bound for higher numbers while others will barely break mediocre numbers. This seems insufficient, so if I think of a better way to explain it, I will gladly do so.

Finish: Final Move/ Incident (In favor of) Brief comment.

Competitors Key

1SD  1. Hurricane (PIN), Mighty Molly, Lance Storm w Ivory   2. Hardy Boyz and Lita
2SD  1. Tazz                                                 2. Maven w Nidia
3SD  1. Booker T (PIN) and Test                              2. Kane and Undertaker
4SD  1. D-Von Dudley w BuhBuhRay Dudley, Stacy Keibler       2. Tajiri w Big Show
5SD  1. Chris Jericho and The Rock                           2. Raven, Justin Credible w Terri
6SD  1. Rob Van Dam                                          2. Kurt Angle

    5 Matches with 1 no contest (25:24) about 21.2% of showtime AVG. (Out of 5) 63.0 OverallShowRating 70 (better explained below)
    Interpromotional Matches 5 (if include Tazz v. Maven); WCW/ECW Wins (3, 1 by DQ) WWF Wins (2) No contests 1
    Personal Best Match of the Night: 6 SD Rob Van Dam v. Kurt Angle 85
    Personal Worst Match of the Night: 2 SD Tazz v. Maven w Nidia 40
    3 Singles, 3 Tag (1 no contest)
    5 instances of interference (3 meaningful, Nidia (2,questionable), Big Show (4), Stone Cold Steve Austin (6))
      1SD *Ivory
      2SD *Nidia
      4SD *Buh Buh Ray Dudley *Big Show
      6SD *Stone Cold Steve Austin
    No Title Changes
    Turns: Rob Van Dam seemingly turns to WWF side, but such is said with a cautious tone (esp. when the Vince factor is present).
    Show Assessment: Good

Match by Match:

First Match: The efforts were there and there was fair crowd reaction, a lot of it for Lita though. The superhero poses are a nice touch that usually gets a laugh out of me, giving this some entertainment value; nothing too sloppy or skewed.

Second Match: To need Nidia's interference to win makes it forced. To have no real momentum makes it unbelievable. The only real value was to watch Tazz display a nice basic set of suplexes. Maven may get there one day, but he definitely needs to earn that sense of legitimacy before anything else.

Third Match: WCW winning this was enough for me, but surprisingly, all four men gave suitable efforts, nothing seemed too lazy if anything did. Of course, one slip by Undertaker and its arm amputation time for his hapless foe. Well timed big boot was a fine touch and Undertaker taking the pin was welcome. Fourth Match: Fair enough for what it was, which is a cross between a revenge and filler match. Double unseen interference didn't kill the match for me because of timing, but dropped it a tad. Still not nearly enough to set up this weekend's WWF Tag Title match. Spike better fits the role as Big Show's partner, no doubt.

Fifth Match: The confrontation between Y2J and the Rock was easily seen but did its job. Jericho's imitation of the People's Elbow wasn't too flattering but served its purpose of worthwhile retribution, especially when paired with a mainstay chairshot. Its a tough call for match of the PPV this Sunday (which I wont be seeing, thank you very much DirecTV).

Sixth Match: The closer before the PPV saw Van Dam drawing yet more blood (is Austin's next to hit the floor by the mass? I think so). This was a fine contest demonstrating (at least IMHO) how a run in finish could be much more suited and enjoyable than a clean pin finish. Five Star Frog Splash to Stone Cold. gets a Homer Simpson woo-hoo from me. Good build, now the WWF really needs a follow through.


1. Vince is back. Could be interesting if his presence is used sparingly
2. Another setup by Christian, another beating of Edge. His retribution better come Sunday.
3. Stone Cold, that talking watch of yours? Is its bell tolling for thee?
4. I favor Jericho, probably misguidedly, to beat the Rock.
5. To repeat or rather rehash, DirecTV will pay for this.

Robert Ortega, Jr.
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