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The Lines

Robert Ortega



Firstar Center; Cincinnati, Ohio

1Nov011SD(09:09)2v2TagWWFTagTeamTitlesG1902-1-2-1-2-2-2-1-E-2-2-1BigBoot-PinA nice headlining opener, action and multi-confrontation
1Nov012SD(05:45)3v3TagIntergender602-1-2-1-1-2-2-E-1-1-2DudleyDeathDrop-PinSeen the combo before, still a drawing contest.
1Nov013SD(08:51)SinglesWCWUSTitle-G2802-1-2-2-2*1-1-E-2-2-2-1-1Anklelock-SubmissionFine efforts, execution, and finish. Well done.
1Nov014SD(04:08)HCSinglesWWFHardcoreTitle-G370E-1-2-1-2-1-2-1*2FiveStarFrogSplash-PinWell paced and effortful; good action.
1Nov015SD(01:49)Singles101-2-2-1-2UnionJack-PinPremise had some potential; none shown in the match.
1Nov016SD(09:18)SinglesWWFChampionship-G175#1-1-1-1-2-2-1-1-2-1*DQ(Undertaker)Interference was inevitable; still a good job from both.

MOMENTUM KEY: (*) Denotes Interference (E) Denotes Even Momentum ; numbers to reflect substantial momentum changes or consistencies.
Note for 6SD #4:45 of pre-match action not counted in match time.
FINISH: Final move/ incident (in favor of); brief comment
RATINGS: The problem with most ratings is that despite efforts to be objective, they are all too arbitrary in the end. I can best explain by ratings system as a mix of the following; most of the weight falls on the substance of the match itself (including mechanics, basic ring psychology, the story it advances to an extent, the placement and execution of high spots). The other main component is the finish and sometimes the immediate aftermath. This tries to account for the questions: did it seem feasible? was it unexpected? did it in and of itself move along a story line? do the wrestler's execute well enough that regardless of who wins, the finish is enjoyable. Based on that it is apparent, perhaps painfully so that some wrestler mixes are bound for higher numbers while others will barely break mediocre numbers. This seems insufficient, so if I think of a better way to explain it, I will gladly do so.


1SD 1. Rock (PINNED) and Chris Jericho  2. Test (PINS) and Booker T
2SD 1. Hardy Boyz (MATT PINNED)and Lita 2. Dudley Boyz (DVON PINS) and Stacy Keibler
3SD 1. Kurt Angle                       2. Kane
4SD 1. Edge                             2. Rob Van Dam
5SD 1. William Regal                    2. Tajiri with Torrie Wilson
6SD 1. Undertaker                       2. Stone Cold Steve Austin

BREAKDOWNS: 6 Matches with 0 No contest and 1 DQ (39:00) 32.5 % of showtime; Average Match Rating (6 Matches) 64.2 Overall show rating: approximately 70

    Interpromotional Matches, 6; WCW/ECW wins (5, 0 by DQ); WWF wins (1, 1 by DQ); no contests (0).
    Personal Best Match of the night: 1 SD Rock and Chris Jericho v. Test and Booker T (90)
    Personal Worst Match of the night: 5 SD William Regal v. Tajiri with Torrie Wilson (10)
    3 Singles (2 Title Matches), 2 Tag (1 Title Match); 1 HardcoreSingles (1 Title Match)
    3 instances of interference (2 meaningful , Test (4) Kurt Angle (6))
      3 SD *StoneColdSteveAustin
      4 SD *Test
      6 SD *StoneColdSteveAustin
    Title Changes: 1
      Test and Booker T (New WWF Tag Team Champions)
    Turns: None
    Show assessment: Good


First Match: The confrontation explodes and its mass gets bigger; it defies physics, but the Y2J/Rock feud does just that, and that is very welcome IMHO. This match, while more suited for a more main event like slot, was a good mix of action and extended pace. The tension between The Rock and Y2J was enough to watch, and the match quality itself was undoubtedly a plus. Match of the night, here.

Second Match: Even though the Matt-Lita affair is getting somewhat cliche, and even though this combo has become constant among the shows, this match was not disappointing. No superb shines or extra, but solid enough to draw interest. The expected trademark spots were hit well and the finish was not set in stone from the beginning, which is always a plus. Good overall.

Third Match: Stone Cold's interference was a toss up from the start so that was forgivable. Counters from both men were well executed as was the general pace of the match, which never seemed to lack. Efforts were very apparent throughout the match. The extended anklelock was a fine touch to this contest as you could not really be sure if Kane would even tap at all. Quite drawing.

Fourth Match: I think the finest merit of this match was that there was no really set premise (interpromotional aside) except for having a good competition for a prize (however devalued), which means that Test's interference sort of took away from the overall class of it all. Aside from that, this was still a good contest with significant effort. Nothing to curse at, except the interference.

Fifth Match: I could see, without nudging, why they might want to set a match between former associates. Not an original premise, but workable. So it is reasonable to expect some sizeable intensity in the actual match. Still, there was no sizeable intensity, if you could even say there was any real intensity at all. Repelling. Worst match of the night.

Sixth Match: A good lengthy contest here, even though the finish was quite set, especially considering earlier interference. The overall momentum seemed a little too one-sided for such a seemingly important contest, but that is ignorable. This still served as and overall momentum builder and carrier for the Alliance, which is necessary if Survivor Series is to have any hope at all.

1. Why did the McMahons have to inject themselves into the match at Survivor Series? Well I guess its time to dig in and look for a bright spot (and it will take a while).
2. Kurt Angle, your explanation did not quite suffice with me, though that photographic presentation was quite hilarious.
3. That was one nice anklelock Angle applied to Kane, probably one of the more exciting finishes I have seen in quite a while.
4. Like Ian said, it is a Hardcore match, USE MORE WEAPONS!
5. The shaping of Survivor Series thus far is fair; nothing extremely glaring (maybe except Angle's turn); 4 more big shows until the payoff; start turning it up WWF.

Robert Ortega, Jr.
[slash] wrestling

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