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The Lines

Robert Ortega



Nassau Coliseum; Uniondale, Long Island, New York

5Nov011RAW(04:04)Singles451-2-12-E-22*1Facebuster-Pin; No real bright spots, some errors, still somewhat fair
5Nov012RAW(05:27)SinglesWWFICTitle-G26023-E-1-E-1-2PinUsingRopes; Nothing with flare, some effort; slightly above average
5Nov013RAW(03:11)SinglesWWFEuropeanTitle-G2501-2-1-22-1Unprettier-Pin; Succinct and simple, quite basic in quality
5Nov014RAW(08:38)SinglesWCWUSTitle-G27013-23-1-2-1*DQ(Undertaker);Good efforts and performances, marred by interference
5Nov015RAW(04:29)3v3IntergenderTagTableMatch551-2-12-2-1-22-1SpinebusterThroughTable; A fair match with some quite heavy hitting
5Nov016RAW(02:29)HCSinglesWWFHardcoreTitle-G3102-1-2*Int. Chokeslams(Neutral)-NoContest; Potential destroyed by convolution
5Nov017RAW(15:05)SinglesWCWChampionship-G1902-1-22-13-E-22-12-24-1RollUp-Pin; An excellent contest relatively, the feud keeps entertaining

MOMENTUM KEY: (*) Denotes Interference (E) Denotes Even Momentum ; numbers to reflect substantial momentum changes or consistencies.
FINISH: Final move/ incident (in favor of) brief comment.
RATINGS: The problem with most ratings is that despite efforts to be objective, they are all too arbitrary in the end. I can best explain by ratings system as a mix of the following; most of the weight falls on the substance of the match itself (including mechanics, basic ring psychology, the story it advances to an extent, the placement and execution of high spots). The other main component is the finish and sometimes the immediate aftermath. This tries to account for the questions: did it seem feasible? was it unexpected? did it in and of itself move along a story line? do the wrestler's execute well enough that regardless of who wins, the finish is enjoyable. Based on that it is apparent, perhaps painfully so that some wrestler mixes are bound for higher numbers while others will barely break mediocre numbers. This seems insufficient, so if I think of a better way to explain it, I will gladly do so.


1RAW 1. Ivory                         2. Lita
2RAW 1. Edge                          2. Test
3RAW 1. Christian                     2. The Hurricane
4RAW 1. Undertaker                    2. Kurt Angle
5RAW 1. APA and Jacqueline (Faarooq)  2. Dudley Boyz and Stacy Keibler (Buh Buh Ray)
6RAW 1. Rob Van Dam                   2. Booker T
7RAW 1. The Rock                      2. Chris Jericho


    7 Matches with 1 No contest (43:23) about 34.7 % of showtime; Average Match Rating (7 Matches) 54.3 Overall show rating: approximately 50
    Interpromotional Matches, 4; WCW/ECW wins (2, 0 by DQ); WWF wins (2, 1 by DQ); no contests (0).
    Personal Best Match of the night: 7 RAW The Rock v. Chris Jericho (90)
    Personal Worst Match of the night: 6 RAW Rob Van Dam v. Booker T (10)
    5 Singles (4 Title Matches), 1 Tag (0 Title Matches); 1 HardcoreSingles (1 Title Match)(1 No contest)
    3 instances of interference (3 meaningful , LanceStorm (1), StoneColdSteveAustin(4), BigShow(6))
      1 RAW *LanceStorm
      4 RAW *StoneColdSteveAustin
      6 RAW *Big Show
    Title Changes: 2
      Test (New WWF Intercontinental Champion)
      The Rock (New WCW Champion)
    Turns: Chuck Palumbo's teaming with Billy Gunn solidifies his ties to WWF.
    Show assessment: Considerably iffy show. Borderline (last match exempted).

First Match: Not really anything of great value here, but a fair women's match. The match seemed a little unsound in the actual grappling but was survivable for the length it went. Not the best by any stretch but certainly not the worst. Still looking elsewhere.

Second Match: This was an OK contest with suitable varied paces depending on who controlled the match. For a title match I would have liked to have a finish with a little more impact and class. Lack of interference was a good point and there was some visible effort from the competitors.

Third Match: This was not a match lined with any real extras. Very basic and hard to say it served an extra purpose by any means. Hard to draw interest here but still was a watchable match. Will hopefully find better among these two in the future.

Fourth Match: For the second straight show Angle gave another good performance opposite a big man; more so, the Undertaker gave a suitable counterpart effort. The interference was seen from before and blemished a potentially good finish between these two. Some good and sound counters in the match were good points. Good overall.

Fifth Match: Perhaps one of the higher points of this match was the heavy hitting, of which Jacqueline took a good share. Nothing extraordinary about this match. Still looking for more improvements from Keibler (which is not to say she is not improving already) but easily overlooked as the match focus was around the four men overall. Quite fair.

Sixth Match: I did see some potential for this Alliance based match before the match which was cut down by Regal's presence, but not yet demolished. Some good starting offense from both competitors but then Tajiri's entrance and Big Show's presence made the showing very convoluted and pretty much destroyed any remaining hope.

Seventh Match: This front-running feud continues to provide and fuel programming in a very strong fashion. Match mechanics were very good and there was still a very compelling story told by the match with some pages still to come. Finish came somewhat abruptly and surprisingly but was intriguing. Post match revenge was a necessary and fine touch. Match of the night here.

1. Anybody notice the grinning DDP as the Alliance confronted Austin?
2. Is it just me, or did that last match save the show from sub-mediocrity altogether?
3. Edge plus no extended title run equals major problem and pretty much destroys a purpose of the Edge-Christian split.
4. I know that the announcers (J.R.) mentioned the match as a Hardcore Title match, so why a no contest call? What did I miss here?
5. Tonight's show marked where the WWF really had to start turning it up. They failed. The burden is now that much greater for Smackdown. Can it be done?

Robert Ortega, Jr.
[slash] wrestling

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