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FleetCenter; Boston, Massachusetts

12Nov011RAW(06:33)SinglesWCWUSTitle-G2701-22-12-E-2-1-2Spear-Pin; A good and active opener, some nice countering, good finish
12Nov012RAW(03:15)2v2TagWWFTagTitles-G160[:02]12-E-22-1-2RollUp-Pin; Balanced tag match with good execution and little lag
12Nov013RAW(00:42)Singles05[:02]1-2StoneColdStunner-Pin; Short and ineffective; more time badly needed
12Nov01ARAW(00:00)2v2TagWWFTagTitles-G1(Premise)--[1:10]NoContest/NonMatchNoOfficialStart; Non match piece, no rating; no real purpose served
12Nov014RAW(06:35)HCSinglesWWFHardcoreTitle-G3552-1-2-1*2-1*2FiveStarFrogSplash-Pin; A fair HC match with a nice RVD highspot
12Nov015RAW(01:16)Singles10[:12]22PunchChairIntoFace-Pin; No depth to this; mismatched;too light
12Nov016RAW(02:17)SinglesWCWChampionship-G130[:22]12-2-1*2Sharpshooter-Submission; Better with more time possibly;little value

MOMENTUM KEY: (*) Denotes Interference; (E) Denotes Even Momentum ; Numbers to reflect substantial momentum changes or consistencies; [0:00] Denotes pre-bell action (not counted in official times), if any; Subscripts in lieu of continued momentum (i.e. 13 is same as 1-1-1).
FINISH: Final move/ incident (in favor of) brief comment.
RATINGS: The problem with most ratings is that despite efforts to be objective, they are all too arbitrary in the end. I can best explain by ratings system as a mix of the following; most of the weight falls on the substance of the match itself (including mechanics, basic ring psychology, the story it advances to an extent, the placement and execution of high spots). The other main component is the finish and sometimes the immediate aftermath. This tries to account for the questions: did it seem feasible? was it unexpected? did it in and of itself move along a story line? do the wrestler's execute well enough that regardless of who wins, the finish is enjoyable. Based on that it is apparent, perhaps painfully so that some wrestler mixes are bound for higher numbers while others will barely break mediocre numbers. This seems insufficient, so if I think of a better way to explain it, I will gladly do so.


1RAW 1. Kurt Angle 2. Edge
2RAW 1. Booker T (PINNED) and Test      2. Hardy Boyz (JEFF PINS) with Lita
3RAW 1. Tazz                            2. Stone Cold Steve Austin
ARAW 1. Dudley Boyz with Stacy Keibler  2. Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert
4RAW 1. Undertaker                      2. Rob Van Dam
5RAW 1. Christian                       2. Big Show
6RAW 1. William Regal                   2. The Rock


    6 Matches and 1 NoContest/Non Match (20:38) about 16.5 % of showtime; AverageMatchRating (6 Matches) 38.3 Overall show rating: approximately 45
    Interpromotional Matches, 5; WCW/ECW wins (1, 0 by DQ); WWF wins (4, 0 by DQ); Intrapromotional Matches (1 WCW); NoContests/NonMatches (1).
    Personal Best Match of the night: 1 RAW Kurt Angle v. Edge (70)
    Personal Worst Match of the night: 3 RAW Tazz v. Stone Cold Steve Austin (05)
    4 Singles (2 Title Matches), 1 Tag (1 Title Match); 1 Hardcore Singles (1 Title Match)
    3 instances of interference (2 meaningful , Booker T-2nd (4), Tajiri (6))
      4 RAW *Booker T *Booker T
      6 RAW *Tajiri
    Title Changes: 2
      Edge (New WCW US Champion)
      Hardy Boyz (New WWF Tag Team Champions)
    Turns: None official, but two "firings" (Morrus and Guerrero Jr.) and more intrapromotional conflict.
    Show assessment: Certifiably iffy showing (some matches/segments exempted).


First Match: For the seeming impromptu setup, this was still an enjoyable contest. This match had its share of good counters and the moves were generally well executed. The finish, while somewhat predictable at the point of distraction, was still a good terminus as a sort of reprisal for the WWF (reference to the pre-match dialogue). Quite good.

Second Match: The finish was relatively unexpected then (not so considering Foley's later speech, but then hindsight is 20/20). Action seemed sufficiently paced and the momentum exchanges were well placed. Post match celebration continues to tease split. The question of whether it will be executed this time still remains to be seen.

Third Match: The premise for this match seemed a considerable time in coming which made this all the more disappointing. This match had so much potential to it that one could not help but be destroyed by this measly sub-minute speck. The only light was the Tazzmission on Stone Cold with the slight glimmer of hope that he would somehow tap out.

Non-Match (ARAW): Stacy seems to be build one of those "you brought this on yourself" streaks that Stasiak had earlier on. The double-worm, while possibly doubly-ridiculous, carried some humor in it. Despite odd tag team of Scotty and Albert, would have at least liked something, however short, to work with as a baseline for future reference.

Fourth Match: Rob Van Dam always seems to, by default, raise the match a couple of points. Booker T's interference was unwelcome and worth a slight devaluation but nothing glaring, if only for the possibility that Booker T might exact retribution on Rob Van Dam for the Five Star Frog Splash on Smackdown. RVD's leap off the Titantron was a fine touch.

Fifth Match: It isn't exactly like anyone really matches up with the Big Show, but with the great chasm in size between himself and Christian, the potential seemed all the much lesser beforehand, and the match confirmed it. Planned interference was unmistakably foreseeable even though the interference was never effective. Low grade.

Sixth Match: Much more was envisionable between these two yet none of the like really came to fruition. Tajiri's interference was not completely foreseeable offhand and the green mist is always a welcome entry into the fray. Still not much light in this match otherwise. More entertainment found earlier on (namely opening two matches).

1. I am actually beginning to wonder if WWF writers are flocking to SlashWrestling for ideas (which is not a bad idea), referring to Foley's title unification speech.
2. Stone Cold's actions are getting certifiably close to that of the "Old Stone Cold" that Vince referred to in July. Indicative or worthless?
3. It never bodes well when a show's actual wrestling quality peaks at the beginning then goes mostly downhill; IMHO, it served to detract from later verbal segments.
4. That closing Rock-Austin exchange was quite the drawing segment to look at however oddball-ish the singing was (duet album on shelves next year? I think not.).
5. It just seems painfully obvious that this Winner Take All elimination match makes the rest of the card under it at Survivor Series worthless. Thoughts anyone?

Robert Ortega, Jr.
[slash] wrestling

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