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Pepsi Center; Albany, New York

15Nov011SD(05:12)Singles502-1-22-1-2-E*1ThrustKickofTurnbuckle-Pin;Moderately paced and basic, fair opener
15Nov012SD(07:15)3v3Tag651-22-E-1-22-E-12Spear-Pin;Quite active and focused for six man match, good postmatch
15Nov013SD(00:29)Singles051Chokeslam-Pin;No match value; some prematch entertainment value
15Nov014SD(01:06)Singles30[1:37]1-2DQ(Booker T);Not enough balance; would take run in and pin over DQ
15Nov015SD(03:08)2v2IntergenderTag15[:02]22-12-2DQ(Tajiri and Torrie Wilson);SS match buildup not really achieved here
15Nov016SD(12:52)2v2Tag90[:02]2-1-2-1-2-12-23-E-1-2DQ(The Rock and Chris Jericho); Fine last prelude to SS despite finish

MOMENTUM KEY: (*) Denotes Interference; (E) Denotes Even Momentum ; Numbers to reflect substantial momentum changes or consistencies; [0:00] Denotes pre-bell action (not counted in official times), if any; Subscripts in lieu of continued momentum (i.e. 13 is same as 1-1-1).
FINISH: Final move/ incident (in favor of) brief comment.
RATINGS: I still continue with the system of using pre-match action and post-match to value a contest while giving the primary emphasis to the match itself which includes basic ring psychology, pace, mechanics and execution of move sets and high spots, the finish and its enjoyability, and how much the match advances a storyline, if there is one to advance. But another element that I must convey is that I let the opening match or two set a baseline and then perform some degree of comparison of later contests to the baseline.


1RAW 1. Rob Van Dam                           2. Kane
2RAW 1. Edge (PINS) and Hardy Boyz with Lita  2. Dudley Boyz (D-VON PINNED) and Test with Stacy Keibler
3RAW 1. Big Show                              2. Diamond Dallas Page
4RAW 1. Booker T                              2. Undertaker
5RAW 1. Tajiri and Torrie Wilson              2. William Regal and Ivory
6RAW 1. Chris Jericho and The Rock            2. Kurt Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin
    6 Matches and 0 NoContest/Non Match (30:02) about 25.0 % of showtime; AverageMatchRating (6 Matches) 42.5 Overall show rating: approximately 65 Interpromotional Matches, 6; WCW/ECW wins (2, 1 by DQ); WWF wins (4, 2 by DQ); Intrapromotional Matches (0); NoContests/NonMatches (0).
    Personal Best Match of the night: 6 SD Chris Jericho and The Rock v. Kurt Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin (90)
    Personal Worst Match of the night: 3 SD Big Show v. Diamond Dallas Page (05) 3 Singles (0 Title Matches), 3 Tag (1 2v2, 1 3v3, 1 2v2Intergender)(0 Title Matches)
    1 instance of interference (1 meaningful , Booker T(1))
      1 SD *Booker T
    Title Changes: 0
    Turns: None official, though Tazz did choke out one of his Alliance superiors.
    Show assessment: Good, quite watchable (especially Rock-Jericho, Heyman-McMahon, 6 SD Post Match)


First Match: Maybe it was because Kane's generally slower pace was a factor, but RVD seemed a little off in this match. Still this match was nothing at all bad to open the show. Interference from Booker T was easily omitable especially considering this was the second straight show of interference for the same person. That aside, this match was certifiably fair.

Second Match: Amazingly this match did not get as convoluted as normal for six people involved. Most glaring error in this match was Edge on that triple-team suplex but that was easily forgivable. Good paced action was to be found here along with a good yet becoming (if not already so) cliched type of finish. A step up from the first; good.

Third Match: Big Show and his imitations still managed to get a good laugh out of me in the past and Positively Show was no different. Unfortunately, this was the only real value as there was none to be found in the match. I understand that they want to build show as a force to be reckoned with, but without a balance in matches, there is no believability.

Fourth Match: It is already established that Undertaker bleeds WWF, hence this "sending a message" finish was not only unnecessary, but it in and of itself did not do a very good job of portraying this fact further. If the action was continued for a few minutes and then given a DQ or a run-in and finish, then it would have ranked in better.

Fifth Match: Torrie may be improving in her in-ring ability but she is not yet up to competitive par. I still look forward to better later on from her, but as far as this match goes, there was no real light aside from the light action given. The Regal-Torrie finish was non-advancing for the Regal-Tajiri Survivor Series match. Much better found elsewhere tonight.

Sixth Match: Pre-match, match, and post-match synchronization all found here for the most part. Despite claims that teams were "on the same page," one could not help but look for one to turn on his teammate. That alone bears merit. Clean or non DQ finish would have added but the given finish did nothing to detract from this either. Best of the night here.

1. Average match rating above is misleading in the overall picture. The dialogues were quite the boost today where in recent previous shows they were detractors.
2. The Foley and Heyman combination of speeches this week was a fine touch to raise view value. Could not really ask for anything with more reality in it.
3. I am actually wondering if Big Show will prove as relevant a factor as these previous shows are conveying; I will be disappointed if not, but might be the same if so.
4. Unlike my previous thoughts that the Survivor Series undercard was relatively pointless, the stipulation that most match winners will get to keep their jobs is with sensible and bears some potential for post-Survivor Series situations/tensions.
5. It is go time, nothing more needs to be said.

Robert Ortega, Jr.
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